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"The Best PC game of all time!"

Here, we have an outstanding game that is more than just simply amazing. Very rarely I see games with great weapon visuals and much originality, the game will more than please you when you buy it. This is one of the best FPS of all time, next to Halo 2. But now on PC it makes almost as good as it features a sixteen player Multi player.

STORY: The story takes place in the year 2552, in the distant future, an alien force called the Covenant are on their way for destruction of Earth. And you, as the last surviving SPARTAN, Master Chief, have the job to annihilate the Covenant. You and a team of Marines go out to do the job.

GRAPHIC: Graphics in this game... well, that actually depends on what video card you're using. If you're using a very decent one, the graphics are awesome yet brutal. If you're using a not so good graphic card, then everything is just weird, but that doesn't change the game play any little bit. When you fire a gun, they sure make good after firing effects. I myself have a good graphic card, and when I played everything looked so real. And the amount of blood the game has sure can be brutal.

SOUND: What can I say? Without amazing sound the game would be just crappy. It features amount of gun firing sounds, as well as voices from other enemies. They don't necessarily talk English (except the little Covenants called Grunts). And the voices you hear from your Marines sound like you're really talking to a real person. Nonetheless, the sound makes this game pretty good.

GAME PLAY: Now this little gem makes the game awesome. The levels have a lot of variety and you fight different kinds of enemies in each part of the levels. The A.I depends on what difficulty you play in. If you play easy, the A.I really stinks and you can just beat the enemies barely lifting a finger. But on Legendary, the hardest difficulty, the A.I is outstanding. They can kill you in no time if you don't think properly, so be extremely careful. At times you have a group of Marines that help you, but as you go to harder difficulties they become completely useless when they were nothing but killing machines on Easy. And the crazy gunfights you have while playing Legendary can sure make this game awesome. But the best part is the feature where you can ride vehicles, such as a jeep called Warthog, a Tank called Scorpion, a hover bike called Ghost, and a flying vehicle called the Banshee. These vehicles have lots of uses, and they are very useful in Multi player, as you can clobber people down with these vehicles that get in your way. You can even do this in Single Player. This is another reason what makes the game so good.

MULTI PLAYER: The Multi player in this game is awesome, but if you're one of those that are easily offended, I don't really suggest playing it. If you decide to play Multi player, expect lots and lots of profanity and all kinds of racial remarks from other people, as well as lots of team killers out there. But don't worry about those bad people who use profanity, they're just bunch of losers whose lives are miserable and just wants to have people feel bad to make themselves feel better. Or they're simply nerds who thinks they can be cool after playing Multi player online. But seriously, people just do this for fun. But if you're not easily offended, well, then I won't stop you.

The Multi player game is pretty good like I said. This is the fifty percent of the reason why this game for the PC is so good. You'll get lots of kills but die a lot as well. The game features Death match (called Slayer in Halo) and Team Death match, CTF (Capture the Flag), Assault (alternate version of Capture the Flag), Oddball (a game where you have to hold the "oddball" until the timer ends), and King of the Hill (stand on top of the hill until the timer runs out, the one who stands the longest wins). The best way to win the game is try to look around the maps by yourself before you go online and play, so you can find out where each weapons are and strategy to beat them. Otherwise you'll probably go "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT ROCKET LAUNCHER??" to a player who wields an ultra powerful Rocket Launcher.

CE: CE stands for Custom Edition, and this is probably a good way to make Machinima like Red VS Blue by yourself. You can download this in the Internet and it's free, but it also requires a CD Key. This does NOT feature Single Player, but the best part is you can use the maps other people made by themselves and play them here. You can even download HEK (Halo Editing Kit) to customize your own maps.

OVERALL: This game is the thing of beauty, and when you get hands on this game for the PC you'll surely get addicted. It's that fun. The game is much better than the XBOX version in my opinion, but that's just me. Whichever version you pick, help yourself.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/18/06

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