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"A great game dragged down by constant lag and bad coding."

Halo was a turning point in FPS games. It was one of the first games to ever let you get back into the action and not have you worrying about dieing and having to redo a 2 hour level. Many PC users were devastated when they heard this game was going to be for X-box only. But when news of its arrival to the PC with new maps and the ability to mod multiplayer games they were overjoyed.

Was it a disappointment or a revolution? Read on to find out....

Much like it's X-box counter part but with somethings dubbed down. The sad thing is that Gearbox did an awful job coding it so many players will find them turning the video setting WAY down just to be able to play smoothly. Over all besides the bad coding it's visually well done. Although in later levels the makers got rid of all sense of creativeness and originality buy just placing the same hallway and rooms over and over and over and over. The level "The Library." Pretty much is the same corridors though out the whole thing, the only thing that changes is the locations of enemies. The guns look unique and unlike any other game I have ever played. The assault rifle has a built in compass and ammo counter while the Needler has pink spikes coming out from its back.

STORY~ 8/10
Now a lot of people will tell you that Halo's story is a cliché sc-fi shooter with no originality. This couldn't be further from the truth. Now the beginning sounds a bit like a run of the mill shooter- Your a super soldier on a ship trying to lure the Covenant (Highly advanced alien race bent on killing everything) away from earth. Your ship is destroyed and you and many marines crash land on this ring shaped world called Halo. You fight through endless hordes of aliens and discover a huge secret about the ring and unleash a new-more-devastating foe.

Gameplay ~ 9/10
Fast ,easy to learn, and incredibly fun. This was actually my first PC shooter, not my first PC game however. The game features comfortable smooth WASD controls with all the commands within a fingers reach so no reaching across the keyboard to duck down or something like that. The game consists mainly of moving from enemy infested area to enemy infested area. Seriously the Covenant out number you 2000 to 1 literally. The missions you get are mainly get to spot A to spot B to C and up to G. Every now and then they will mix it up with defend this guy while getting to spot A to B and Hold-Your-Location-While-Enemies-Endlessly-Come-At-You which generally aren't a bucket of fun. But what FPS would be complete with out lots and lots of guns? Well Halo gives you a wide variety of killing tools to use, you can only carry two at a time but ammo is so plentiful it's not a problem. Although many guns are available the ones you'll most likely stick with will be your trusty shotgun, and assault rifle with the occasional swap for a Sniper Rifle or rocket launcher. To accompany you in these mission are marines, now these marines are in no way helpful. In fact they die a lot, when I mean a lot I mean a lot. Their strategies are terrible and short controlled bursts get them no where.

Multi-Player~ 6/10
The multi-player is very entertaining if you can find a good game. The problem is finding a good game is hard. Lag is a major problem, you have to aim ahead of an opponent to actually hit them if they're moving. In one game I stuck an opponent with a plasma grenade and get the kill and while walking away my body does a spin signifying a head shot I see that the person killed me...6 seconds ago? The lag is so bad that sometimes you'll spend more time looking for a game with low ping then actually playing. If you find a lag free game it doesn't mean it's good, I've played countless games where a player positions a tank in front of my base just to kill us as we respawn, and after 13 die respawn get killed respawn get killed cycles I finally kill the person and get booted for killing him. The hosts hold absolute power. Now IF you do find a good game look forward to 6 new maps and two new weapons.

This game could have been so much better if they had just coded it better. Rent or buy? It's only 20 bucks and the online play is a great time killer.

Final score- 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/25/07

Game Release: Halo: Combat Evolved (US, 09/30/03)

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