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"Halo returns in a different form!"

I remember this game very well as it was the game that I actually went out and bought an Xbox for. A crazy decision some may say, but the cash i layed out was repayed many times over by the fact that Halo provided me with hours and hours of gaming, and now upon the eve of the release of Halo for the PC worldwide this is my review:


The graphics are a lot sharper than the Xbox version, mainly because you can have resolutions up to 2048x1024, that is to say, if you have the hardware for it, however the game ran quite admirably on my P4 1.9ghz with 512MB RAM and a Geforce 3 Ti 200 even with all the details turned to high and 800x600 resolution, i am sure that it would still run well on lower spec machines, the reflective surfaces and lighting looks more at home on the PC. However im still trying to get a Radeon 9800 Pro so that i can enjoy this game with the highest resolution.


Come on people... This is Halo?? Of course it's to be playable! The same levels from the Xbox version plus some new multiplayer maps and added modes for multiplayer on the PC. The developers Valve really went for the 'mulitplayer' aspect of the game and have polished up the game a treat if theres more than one involved. Very pleasing, but the single player has nothing new if you have played the Xbox release to death. Online is a great way to play this game, and the nuances of the Xbox live version have been polished up, on a plus side the sniper rifle is far easier to use with a mouse than it has ever been with the original clunky Xbox controller.


Sounds are exactly the same as the Xbox version, but you have the choice of hardware acceleration this time, and you get to hook your PC up to 5.1 speakers for a surround sound event. Clean sound, crisp effects and a good soundtrack while playing, great stuff! Although it might sap a lot of CPU power if you have onboard sound.


Halo is as Halo does. The second best FPS in existance (you didnt think i'd forget Half-Life did you?), a sound purchase for those who have seen all of Gordon Freeman's world a hundred times over, or for those who are mad at Valve for their shocking release delays of HL2. Great game, great quality and I can't think of a better way than to pass hours between HL2 release date delays.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/27/03

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