Review by Irio

"Could have been better...."

Well I think this game could have been better on the PC. The Xbox version was a whole lot better in my opinion because the graphics were better. The PC version is alright but has quite a few flaws unlike the Xbox version.

Graphics 4/10

Now, I have a Pentium 4 Processor 2.6 Gigahertz with 500 RAM, and a GeForceMX. The graphics make the game look like its a game older than the original half life. The master chiefs visor is completely black when it should be gold and be reflective.
The bodies were very crooked and the guns look nothing like the Xbox version guns do. The structures of the levels are very shaded and also look hugely strange.

Gameplay 10/10

Ahh gameplay, something that makes a game what it is. In this case, halo is same as Xbox version except they added multiplayer which is a lot of fun. They also added a flamethrower and an acid shooter which i thought was a nice touch. In addition to the new guns there are also new vehicles too. I really like using the banshee in some multiplayer levels. There are some new vehicles like the warthog with a missle shooter on the back. Other than that there are no other vehicles. Another thing that I missed was that you cannot do co - op mode. That made me mad, not to mention that this game online plays like unreal tournament ( the loading screens look exactly like it ).

Sound 10/10

Same as Xbox version also. The marines sound cool and say funny stuff and also the shooting of weapons sounds good too. Flying a banshee sounds very very realistic because when your flying you feel like your flying yourself in the sky. Overall the sound in this game is very awesome.

Replay Value / Multiplayer 8/10

Come on people THIS IS HALO!!!!!This game will keep you playing for a while. Once you beat all the levels on easy, normal, hard, and legendary and once you play a lot of multiplayer you will find yourself playing another game like Jedi Academy or Knights of the old Republic.

Overall 7/10

In the PC version of halo i think that the Xbox version is better because the graphics are horrible in this game. All the other things are still the same because you can play halo online on Xbox and sound, replay value, and gameplay are pretty much the same. Just a messed up port from Xbox to PC.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/28/03

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