"Very rarely do games match their hype, but Halo is one of those games."

Halo. The Xbox's flagship title, and the recipient of much hype. Is the hype well founded? Yes. Yes it is. Halo is a wild ride that will have you sitting in your chair with chills down your spine.

Graphics - 10 - I'm running it on a 2.26GHZ Pentium 4 with 512MB of DDR RAM and a Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB. It looks great, I can run it on all the highest settings on 1024x768. The only thing is that I can't turn on the AA or AF. I have it locked at 30fps so the framerate doesn't stutter as much. You need a heavy piece of machinery to run this beast. It looks beautiful, from the grass textures, to the smooth waterfalls.

Sound - 10 - The sound is awesome to say the least. The sound effects are believable and realistic. The music will send chills down your spine. Everything here is of the topmost quality.

Gameplay - 9 - It's almost perfect here. Blasting through the aliens with your machine guns, stopping once in a while to lob a grenade at them feels great, and is easily controlled. The vehicles control just as easily, with your up and down keys going foward and reverse, and your mouse turning the vehicle. There are some parts where you don't quite know what to do, but they are easily overlooked, as there are just so many great qualities to the gameplay experience.

Multiplayer - 10 - The multiplayer is fast paced, crazy, and most of all, fun. There is nothing like driving a Warthog while your buddy shoots at other people. It's priceless watching someone in their Warthog get blown into the sky when you throw grenades under them. The weapons are well thought out and creative. It's hard to describe the multiplayer, you need to play it to believe it.

Replay - 10 - You're going to be playing this one for a while. Between the single-player that should last you a while, there is the multiplayer, which should last even longer.

Halo has been hyped like no other game in recent history. However, it manages to live up to it in every way. There are rumours that mods could be in the works for this game, so that would add even more value to this great game. With that said, thank Bungie for making this great game, thank Gearbox for making a great port, and thank Microsoft for allowing it to make it to the PC.

Total score - 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/28/03

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