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"Halo....the game that put Xbox on the map. Does it do justice for the PC owner?"

Now don't get me wrong, when I saw Xbox owners laughing at all the other platforms owners saying ''Halo is the best game ever made!'' and putting other owners down, it got me pissed. WELL LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics 7/10

For some reason, even on high end computers, the graphics do fall short of what Halo's predecessor was. Some games can't even function on some peoples' computers because first, their computer cant handle the graphics, two, graphics fall short EVEN WITH THE HIGHEST CARDS! And three, not as stylish and shiny as Xbox has. Armor and vehicles do look developed and no faults or rigged areas found on them but the level design is bland and there are MANY repeating textures. You almost feel like you've already walked to a certain room before when you actually haven't. Go blame the developers on that one. Now don't start saying ''Oh man, Xbox owners have the best version'' because they don't. Even so that the graphical power does fall short, it doesn't make for a terrible game! It's the game that counts!

Sound 9/10

Sound is simplistic in this game and even the engines on the futuristic planes sound eerily real. The shots of gunfire is all fake because most of these weapons really don't exist. But the engines on buggies and tanks sound authentic and real. Also, in single player mode, there is some of the BEST voice acting in video games. They sound serious, authentic and straight to the point. No goofy voice acting to be found here. You'll even hear cries for help from fellow soldiers, shouts of ''SORRY! MY BAD!'' and so on. So sound is solid in this game. It fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Controls 9/10

Controls, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, are the standards of what you'd expect from a PC First Person Shooter. W is forward, S is Backwards, A and D are left and right, Left click is fire and so on. There IS a change however in changing weapons, it isn't the usual scroll bar or number keys. You press Tab to switch from your primary weapon and Tab again to your secondary weapon. You can only carry 2 guns at once, since it would be way unfair because you'd overpower the opposition easily in this game. Also F is for a melee attack. These controls are easy, pickup and play and simple to learn. But how does the game hold out?

Fun Factor 7/10

Well I can say this is one of the most over-hyped games in history, but not one of the worst. Campaign Mode (Single player) consists of an original story. You play a soldier who was put into cryogenic sleep for hundreds of years and is re-awaken only to find he is in the middle of an Alien invasion! You play Master Chief, an elite soldier who is nearly unstoppable to beat(unless he's shot =P). Single player has MANY of the same textures in levels so level design feels bland. Gameplay in single player also feels repetitive, boring, and just not fun! Luckily, PC owners of the game get a special treat. Online play! The games consist of Slayer(Deathmatch), Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Race(grab as many flags as you can for points) and Much more. There are plenty of servers to choose from at the moment (and MANY more soon) and a wide variety of people to play with. Games can hold up to 16 people and online mode offers hours of fun. There are also vehicles, From buggies, to aircraft, to tanks, but there is a limited amount of resources for attack so use them carefully! They do respawn though. This game is the result of lots of planning, and it shows. It's enjoyable for the casual gamer and for the hardcore FPS fans, but it might not appeal to everyone.

Buy or Rent
Like I've said before, IF you can find a place that lets you rent PC games(if ANY) rent it first or try it at a friend's house. I would also recommend upgrading your computers video cards to the latest ones available. This game is POWERFUL and won't play on old cards.

I give Halo for the PC a 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/03/03

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