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"Good Game? Yes? Best? No."

Before I start this review Id like to say that im reviewing this from a pc gamers point of view since I havent really played halo on the xbox.

Halo is probably one of the most well known first person shooters out right now, and is supposedly the best on a console to date. And, now this game is being ported to the PC...

Gameplay - Halo shines here. The combat is really fun, the basic premise is, you can only hold upto two weapons at once and nades (either plasma or the normal ones). While you are holding a weapon there is a feature to use it as a physical weapon which is pretty strong and when used while sneaking up on an enemy it is a one hit kill. One gripe I have about is that there is practically no recoil at all which makes handling the weapons way too easy. Anyways, all the weapons are pretty balanced and fun to use. There is also an inclusion of vehicles, from flying ones, to tanks, to a hovercraft vehicle to a jeep with either a missile launcher or rail gun. The vehicles add alot of spice to the mix and each has their own set of weaknesses, but I'd have to say the Banshee (flying vehicle) is pretty overpowered compared to the other but its not to say it doesnt have any weaknesses. Also in the game is the inclusion of real time physic's. Have a bunch of people toss nades into a vehicles and see it flying all over the place, get into a warthog (jeep vehicle) and go off a cliff and see it realistically tumble's down. This also add's to Halo's charms.
Now, single player. I was really disappointed with the single player missions in this game, I found them extremely dull and boring. The fighting became really repetitive it was practically the same thing over and over. And, the missions were so dull that it actually affected the story telling which didnt interest me at all. Nothing too good here if you are going to buy this game for single player I suggest you dont or it'll be a waste of your hard earned cash.
Now multiplayer, this is where the game really shines. The multiplayer in this game ROCKS. Its really fun to play, the maps are well done and there are so many different game types. I would say this is probably one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played. Some modes include Capture the Flag, Slayer, Juggernaut, King and Race just to name a few. There is a nice variety and also the ability to edit some of them. Really nice fun. I would recommend this game if you plan to do multiplayer gaming.
Score - 7.5

Graphic's -
To be honest I dont find Halo's graphics to be really impressive. All I see is average textures and below average models with ''shiny'' effect to them, and this effect is applied nearly everywhere you look, even thought it looks nice it cant hide the ugly model's and some of the textures. Also there seems to be an issue with frame rates and performance. Ive seen people have the game run better with their geforce 2 than people that have Radeon 9800's. There is also an issue with the Geforce FX series of cards with this game, especially the fx 5200 and fx 5600. They need to force pixel shader 1.4 from 2.0. Even though this really doesnt make a visual difference in the game, I think its a sloppy job from GearBox. And hopefully a patch addresses these problems soon. But despite these things Halo's graphics get the job done.
Score - 6

Sound - Sound is really great in this game from the title theme music to the sounds the aliens make. All the sounds in the game are really beliveable and they help immerse you into the game world. The aliens sound really believable each with their own sense of personality. And the weapon sounds work wonders. I would have to say that its a really great job.
Score - 10

Controls - Again, Halo has a really nice control interface all the keyboard keys fit in perfectly, very smooth and nice. You also use the mouse the drive vehicles and this is great there's really nice control over them and its actually fun. Good job on GearBox's part.
Score - 10

Lasting Appeal - Halo simply put it is fun. Multiplayer will keep you hooked for a long time and being able to create mod's doesnt hurt it either. Im pretty sure the community will grow and will last for a long time. Even though singleplayer is disappointing hopefully someone will mod it and create different campaigns and let their imagination flow. And, again I hope the frame rate issues will be fixed so it wont turn people off from this fun game. But, with games like Half Life 2 and Doom 3 coming out the Halo PC community might take a severe hit, but hopefully it wont.
Score - 9


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/03/03

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