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"A great port of the best game ever made"

First off let me start by saying that this is simply an amazing game. It is not as good in some ways as its xbox counterpart, but it is also better in some ways. The single player is a straight up port and is very solid, and the multiplayer has been improved tremendously over the xbox version with new maps, options, vehicles, and weapons.
So on to the scores:

Gameplay - 10/10
Everything about the way this game plays is simply brilliant. To say anything less is just a bold faced lie. The control is flawless, the weapon design is the most balanced and well designed of any shooter to date, and the A.I. is still the best ever seen. The two weapon system is amazingly ingenuitive and ands an unexpected strategic element to the game. The vehicles are absolutely amazing to use, especially in multiplayer. Everything the gameplay in halo is flawless and is nothing less than perfect.

Graphics - 8.5/10
The graphics are theoretically some of the best ever seen - if you can get them to run at their highest settings. Let me just say that you need a very good comp to make this game look nice. While there are framerate problems, these have been very overexagurated. Any good computer can run this game at 800*600 resolution and all details high without any problems at all. Dont get me wrong, the graphics look very good at that level of detail, as good as the xbox version for the most part, it is just sad the higher resolutions cant be used without frustrating framerate issues. As soon as the release a patch for this it will be fine though.

Sound - 10/10
The sound is amazing. There is nothing else to say. Every gunshot is unique, and the soundtrack is the best for any shooter out there. Overall, a perfect 10.

Multiplayer - 10/10
This is why those like me who are veterans of the xbox version will buy this game, and it doesnt disappoint. The more vehicle custimazation options are amazing, as you can have up to 4 of any or all vehicles and turretts in multiplayer. The new levels are all very well designed and well implemented. The servers dont have very much lag either. Overall i dont know what more you could ask for in multiplayer.

Replay Value - 10/10
You will be playing this game for a loooooong time. It takes a long time to beat every single player level on legendary, and after you do that, you have an infinate amount of replayability in the multiplayer.

Buy or Rent - Buy
Everyone must have this game. Those without an xbox need to see what the hype is about, and thos with an xbox should definately consider picking this up for the multiplayer mayhem. This is just an outstanding game.

Overall(not an average) - 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/04/03

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