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"Halo at its best!"

After many years of waiting Halo has finally come to the PC! Microsoft gave Gearbox the rights to make Halo PC and they worked on the project with a little help from Bungie as well! New features have now been added to improve the game as well! So lets see if this long waited game is really worth it!

I ran this game on a 1.3ghz machine with 400 mb ddr ram and a Geforce 2 100/200 MX! On lowest quality settings at 640x480 it ran smooth which was the most important thing! Many of the outdoor and indoor envirornment looked nicely done! While fellow Marines and Master Chief didn't look as good as the Xbox version on my computer it still looks nice! So if you have a computer like mine you can still experience some nice graphics but for those of you who have very good computers you should be able to experience the game better than on the Xbox!

The music, sound effects, and voices have been left untouched for the Xbox version! The music is excellent and lets you experience the game much better! A great job on keeping it the same! The sound effects are another nice feature along with the voice acting which is pretty good!

This is a huge improvement on the Xbox, you can now play with the Mouse and Keyboard like all First Person Shooters should be like. The M/KB really lets you enjoy the game much better now and you can aim instantly and control vehicle much better! This is clearly one of the best features Gearbox has added! And for those of you who still prefer a controller, you can actually hook up a Xbox controller so nobody can complain about the awesome controls you get for this game!

Single Player has been left untouched from the Xbox version which made it so great! You will also find it much more fun going through repetitive levels now that you have a M/KB so it's also a small improvement in Single Player! Like the Xbox version the story of the game is really well done and you'll find a few surprises and fun battles that will blow you away!

Unlike Single Player Multiplayer has been changed and improved a lot! You can now play online or on a LAN with up to 16 people in a server! It may not seem like a lot of people but having 16 people fight in Blood Gulch for example is total mayhem! Six news map have also been added which are all huge like Blood Gulch! They all have many cool features which I don't want to spoil but they are all great maps which everyone will enjoy! Many of them are like some of the Single Player missions! And that's not it yet! Two new weapons have been added, the human Flamethrower and the Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon which was previously only available for enemies use in the Single Player missions! The Flamethrower can burn people almost instantly if you can get up close while the Fuel Rod Cannon is like a Covenant Rocket Launcher! And there's more, a new Rocket Warthog has been added which fire Rockets instead of the normal Machine gun, and Banshees are now available in Multiplayer which can allow dog fights and add totally new strategies and feelings to the game! The only downside to Multiplayer is that you can no longer have co-op because Gearbox wasn't able to figure out how to do it in time but hopefully it will be added into a future patch because it truly is great thing! And lastly about Multiplayer, you can now Mod the game so in a bit of time you should be seeing some very cool modes out hopefully!

Replay Value-10
With its great Single Player and improved Multiplayer this game can last everyone a good time and with Mod's on the way you'll be able to experience even more things!

Halo PC has never been better than this. It is a huge improvement on the Xbox version and this game has the chances of becoming Game of the Year! It can easily compare to any other games out and future games to come! So if want to experience Halo at its best than this is a game that you should get for sure!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/04/03

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