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"Trading Campaign for Multiplay?.."

Hands down, I think Halo is right up there with the best of the best in FPS. Well, at least on consoles. Being released on the computer with heavy-hitters like Half-Life and Battlefield 19(42?). It seems hard to compare. However, I'll go over point-by-point how I think it looks on PC.


You know, the graphics on this game are really a mixed bag. While I have yet to see how it can really work on maximum appearance, I can tell it can vary a lot. Not much of a score I can give out here, but I played it on a computer that couldn't run it well with textures...but whatever. If I round it out, it comes out with the Halo graphics we know of. I GIVE IT A 6/10.


The game is all here in it's utter simplicity. Basic controls, basic objectives...basic basic basic. What puts the ''HYAH!'' into the game is to story. It's really curvy and well executed in this game, which is probably there is any drive at all to play campaign. You see, on the XBOX, you could have a friend with you for some cooperation missions. However, you are unable to in Halo PC. Crap, there goes any reason to play single-player...unless you haven't played it before. Sorry, the story is real good, but there isn't much of a drive to beat the game on heroic-legendary without a buddy.

Now, here's the real deal. Halo PC traded in it's great story for a better multiplayer. Halo's gameplay is already mentioned, so I'll just go into the features of multiplay. 56K support (THANK YOU GOD) was a nice feature for those that have strangely not switched yet. Some new weapons are in as well. The new Flamethrower, which I have yet to test on living things, and the infamous Fuel-Rod gun. Fuel-Rod gun is cheap though, and they need to fix that in a patch. Moving on to a brighter side though, they popped in two new vehicles just for kicks. The Rocket Puma (REDVSBLUE fan here) is basically an anti-armor jeep to accomodate the balance between Scorpion and Minigun Puma. The Banshee makes it's multiplayer appearance here. (I have a bad habit of calling it the Wraith from Starcraft) It was only in single player in Halo XBOX, and it adds a lot to the gameplay. Overall, I give it a yay. THE GAMEPLAY IS GREAT...IN MULTIPLAYER. 8/10.


Though I have to admit, the music is indeed forgettable...singularly. However, I am a great fan of the tracks that you do hear. The whole thing itself is a masterful in its dramatic tracks, but you don't tend to notice it in-game. The Menu music is surprisingly good though...I mean it's menu music. MUSIC IS GREAT...WHEN YOU HEAR IT. 7/10.


Now I have to say that Halo PC replay value is much higher than Halo XBOX. Though you now lack multiplay missions (I think it was a huge loss), you can play with many people in skirmishes whenever you wish. An undoubted plus. The gameplay is simple as well; learning is a breeze. The campaign can become very difficult though, intensely difficult on the Legendary setting. Without a friend to tag's near dang impossible now. So, this really depends on how much of a hot-shot you are. REPLAY IS ABOVE AVERAGE, SCORING 7/10.


+ Simple learning curve.
+ Vehicles.
+ Intriguing story.
+ Evened-out weapon selection (one problem)...
+ Good music.
+ Easily accessible multiplayer.

- Music only good when you can hear it.
- No Cooperative (runs screaming out the room)
- (Comes back) Performance depends on your PC's power.
- Fuel-Rod gun is over-powered. (automatic rocket launcher?)
- Controls fiddly if you have played Halo XBOX.

Overall, I'd say that this game is a definite buy. Though it loses a big category in it's name (cooperative), you can always go play on the internet. Dang them, I wanted a four-player cooperative...and then I hit crap.


Buy it if you are new to Halo, have a good gaming PC, or just love the crap out of the game. The multiplayer will keep you busy long enough, and the only thing you'll miss is the cooperative. No one shares my anger for that you're good to go. GO GET IT! -Throws stick-

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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