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"Still One of the Best"

It was announced years ago as a PC/MAC title but after Microsoft Bought out the developer it went to the XBOX first and dissapointed many PC gamers. Now it's here and you either have it, want it, and you are waiting to see if it is any good.

Graphics: 8/10
Still looks better than alot of other tiles out there. I have a 3.2ghz P4, ATI Radeon 9800 pro 256MB DDR, 1024 DDR PC3300. I can run the game at 1024x768 with all settings maxed with out a stutter in the framerate. I know those Nvidiots don't run the game well because GeForce cards perform better with OpenGL games and Radeons perform better with DirectX games. The graphics are just a little dated to me because they look they same as they did on XBOX, only at a higher resolution if your monitor can handle it.

Sound: 9/10
Enjoyable no matter what you have, whether it's just basic speakers or Dolby Surround 7.1. The sound is still the same as the XBOX version so don't expect any massive overhauls, but just because it is the same as the XBOX version doesn't make it a bad thing, in fact it's still just as good.

Gameplay: 10/10
I don't care what you say about it, it's still one of the best games around. No matter how many glitches, freezes, or slowdowns you have the game is still enjoyable, as long as your computer can handle it that is. The gameplay is just as tight as the XBOX version, but those that enjoy the keyboard/mouse combo, you'll feel right at home with this game, especially on legendary mode. The additional multi-player mode will satisfy most peoples taste for a good CTF or Death-match. Basically you travel around HUGE levels wasting anything that isn't you or another marine, as with any other FPS you just kill the enemy and complete your objective in the process.

Story: 5/10
It ain't the most original story for a game as it has been done many times, this game actually does it well but it has been done so many time before it so nothing is really new here. Alien race want's to destroy the human race and you are one of the few that can stop it. How many times have you heard this one before eh?

Regardless of whether you've played it on XBOX it is still worth the pick up if not for the story, at least for the multi-player which is pretty good if you have a fast internet connection. I recommend it for any PC gamer's collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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