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"Fresh but lacks something."

Halo is a Sci-Fi FPS (Science Fiction first person shooter). Probably rated mature or teen because it's full of violence. Sci-fi fps games are starting to grow in numbers over the years. Games like Quake, Doom, and half-life made their own foundation in this genre. Will halo survive to claim a spot between these titles?

Graphics:7/10 The games visual effects and surroundings aren't bad or great. My only compliments are the designs for weapon sprites and skins and vehicles. The rest of the visuals just pass as an average game today. People don't look that impressive in terms of graphics. The soldiers look average and the aliens don't look like blocks.

Gameplay:6.5/10 Fun factor? Not a very strong point for this game. The game starts out a little exciting when you gotta leave the ship and avoid the hazards and incoming aliens. However after the first 3 missions you tend to lose the attention for this game and end up not playing it at all in single player. The reason for this is the game is a bit easy for an FPS. If you're playing multiplayer the life of the game may last a bit longer especially when the coop mode patch comes out.

Sound:8/10 Sound is decent and never annoys you. Voice acting is great, music is average, and sound effects aren't static. One of my most memorable moments for sound is when use the secondary attack with your weapon to hit someone. Truly humourous when you hit an alien behind his back killing him in one hit.

Controls: 8/10 Default layout is good enough for an average counter-strike player to get used to. However you'll probably won't get used to right clicking for tossing grenades (just a warning for those who like sniping). Adjustable like any other FPS! The only thing to complain about is the controls for the ''Gummer''. Truly challenging to maneuver this vehicle through cracks and hills.

The verdict 6/10: I've enjoyed this game but never really wanted to play it to the end. Halo is a solid title for those who really like a sci-fi shooter with an average story and some slight innovations. The game is only worth your while if you enjoyed the xbox version. Or if you are really looking forward for multiplayer coop.

I guess Halo ain't my cup of tea. I should go back to Ghost Recon, Raven shield, and counter-strike.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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