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"Halo, whats so special about it?"

When I heard announcement of Halo, I was so excited. But then later, Bungie was bought out by Microsoft and Halo would be X-Box exclusive. I have NEVER played X-Box version of Halo. So I can not compare console Halo with PC Halo.

Halo was ported to PC by Gearbox software. After their horrible attempt at actually creating a game (James Bond Nightfire), I guess they realized they need to go back to porting and doing expansion works for Valve software. Their port of Tony Hawk 3 was awesome, it was clean and almost bug free. So you would think porting Halo would be even better because x-box is basically toned down computer with Pentium processor? Totally wrong. I don’t know what they were smoking for past 2 years of porting. But it sure turned out to be disaster. It does not matter what kind of machine you have. You WILL lag. When I heard Gearbox released patch, I thought it would fix the slowdown problem. But they released patch without any release notes TWICE. Halo is up to version 1.02 now. Releasing patch without any notes on what it does? That is totally disrespectful to customers who actually spent their hard earned money to buy this piece of garbage. Ok enough with port talk. Let’s move on to the game.

When I saw reviews of Halo on X-Box, I thought it was one of best games ever. I recall reading about A.I. of the game. AI in game is so smart, that marines will actually be smarter than you in terms of playing game. I suppose guy who wrote that is smoking something illegal. Marine AI is so freaking stupid, it pisses me off. They never actually kill anything. I would just kill them myself to get ammo from them. They are totally unnecessary. Enemy AI isn’t any better either. But they are better than stupid Marines. Enemy will actually run for the cover, even though it feels so scripted every time. They would just hide behind rock or wall and do basically nothing but sit there for few seconds and run around shoot, rinse and repeat.

Sound is excellent. Every weapon has unique sound and every sound effect is different. This is ONLY positive thing I found about this game.

I’m not going to talk about graphics because other people already covered it and what you see on the screenshots are what you see in game. EXCEPT with extreme slowdowns.

I loved first few missions of the game. It was very unique and had different feelings to each missions. But after that few missions from beginning. It was getting so repetitive; I eventually gave up on finishing the game. Later in the game, its just copy and paste job from map makers. You turn around corner and you enter exactly same room with few misplaced objects on ground. You finish that room and go through EXACTLY same tunnel and enter another room…. And boom! Its same room again with yet another few misplaced objects on ground. Maybe I expected too much from Halo. If I played it two years ago, I would have felt it was great game. But as of now, halo is total waste of money and time. Multiplayer would be fun if I can actually play with more than 6 people in a server. When there is so much slowdowns going on, multiplayer is unplayable. Gearbox bombed this one. My best guess is Gearbox eventually got tired of doing port job and decided to do half-ass job on purpose.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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