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"One Of The Best PC Games Yet! A Must Have For High End Gamers!!!"

Ok, let me start off by first saying that I fell in love with this game from the moment I started the installation. I liked the X-box version but things were missing that I really wanted in this game. The PC version of this game did everything perfectly. The only thing missing is that they took away co-op with was great fun with friends. There is talk about a large patch that will add co-op for online, and LAN (Local Area Network). This game will keep you playing if it’s your first time playing or you have loved it all along. New Weapons, Online Capabilities, New Maps, Fast Servers, Multiple Video Enhancer Options, and more make this game one of a kind. The New weapons included things like Flamethrowers, an Alien Artillery Hand Weapon, and A Rocket Warthog.

Game Play - There was no change in the one player mode in maps, but there were the new weapons. That added a lot to the game play because it gave you a more flexible way of killing. If you have a nice video card then it just adds to the experience because the detail they go into is just amazing. You see water splash up from warthog treads, you see glowing alien grenades, you can see the sun’s glare in your rifle scope, and smoke from your rocket launchers explosion. The detail of the images is just unbelievable.

Sound - Ok … This game has some of the best music in a PC game I have ever seen. The opening track that plays is just breathtaking. It is even better when it and other songs are played at key points in the game. I have already ordered the soundtrack because I must have the music. The sound effects in general for the weapons, and the vehicles, are very good.

Intensity - There is not one place in this game where it gets dull. There is always something around the next corner. Even if you chose “Easy” mode it’s not really that easy if you don’t know what you are getting into. There are parts where the odds are 6 or 8 to 1 if you are in a group of soldiers. It is a big challenge. If you do the hardest level difficulty then when you get near the end of the game it is nearly suicide. I am not saying this lightly, it very hard. I had to beat it with a friend 12 times in co-op mode on X-box before I could even have a chance.

Enemies - There is a wide range of enemies that you will encounter. They all have different attacks and movements to keep you busy. I really cant say much about the enemies in this section because it would spoil part of the plot. But I can say that they put up a fight that will keep you firing your gun for along time.

Graphics - Like I said above the graphics are amazing if you have a very powerful machine. I fortunately have a very good gaming machine and I still can not run it on near full settings without a major slowdown. So for many people expect to run on low settings for a non-lag experience. But if you want to crank $2,000 into a new gaming machine that’s fine, but don’t do it just for halo because there isn’t that much of a difference.

Control - The control is great if you have a working mouse. That’s how good it is. You can a just the sensitivity a lot. If you are sniping, driving, or just unloading some rounds from your shotgun its got great control for aiming.

Fun Level - This game is fun but you can't just go playing single player over and over again because it does get boring. The main attraction is multiplayer. There is over 500 servers that you can join and be in instant access without getting full servers and other problems. There are many different modes of play such as Slayer, King Of The Hill, CTF, Team CTF, Team Slayer, and more. You will be very busy with online if you have internet because it rarely gets old.

This game will leave you speechless. It is worth the money period. I would pay double and still get my moneys worth. I rate this 10/10 hands down. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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