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"MP makes it worth it $50!!!!"

Its been awhile but finally the best game of all time has reached the PC. After playing the demo I finally went out and bought this game. But all is not well in Perfect land.....

For XBOX halo owners or players...
Don't get this game if you have beat the game before and are sick of it. I don't even play SP much with the Pc version simply because i'm sick of playing the story. Buy it for the MP or download the MP demo to see why. Its very addictive and amazing!

ITS HALO PEOPLE.....nuff said. But in case you dont know the story your a marine, a super marine of sorts and your going to save a place called Halo that's shaped like a ring in space and is being attacked by the Armada(ALiens). The story is so great and makes you feel like everything is depending on you (Which it is).

I have everything turned up in the game except for the RESOLUTION which is at 800x600 and sometimes in SP it lags out and I have a high class pc. But that's not what gives it a 6. Its the horrid looking graphics. Everything looks big, bulky and bad. On my pc at least everything had ''Jaggy'' syndrome. Only thing I can compare it to was a very badly pixelated Half Life(low settings).

Everything is detailed and way better then the XBOX version but it just doesnt look right for some reason. I hate to say it but I think its because its a port.

Audio still rocks. Some sounds are improved and sound much better where as a few rare sounds sound kinda weird. But all in all the sounds are great. As always the music is just as people say....''The Bomb''....I cant get enough Halo music!

SP-Offline play with controls may take a few hours to get use to seeing as how you keep learning through out the game you'll get us to it but dont worry the game only has like 12 buttons.

MP-Now online you'll have to be good to survive. Which means you'll have to handle the controls really well. Because a lot of the vehicles require some pretty good tricks to kill people with them.

SP-The Sp end of it has great game play that will keep you wanting more not to mention you have infinite lives so there's no worry about game over's.

MP-Mp gameplay is beyond words. I cant get enough online play. This is why I bought Halo for pc. The only bad thing is its more of a ''Whoever controls vehicles, controls the kills'' kinda deal in Slayer games(aka DM). But other then that its very addictive!

Even if the game only had MP and no SP or even if I had never played Halo before i'd get this game just because of the MP. YOU WILL BE ADDICTED. There are so many modes to play and so many options it boggles the mind! Not to mention the infinite downloads for the game! When I ahd the demo there were like 300 servers at time's like 3AM. Then i got the online version and there is even more!!!!

Replay-10(Unless youve played the game)
Replay is a 10 for people that have'nt played this game. Beat the game then try it on the next diffuculty. As for people that beat Halo before or are just sick of the SP end of it there is no replay value. However unless you've beat it on Legendary and seen the secret ending there is still alot of replay!

Even with its graphics issues Halo was the best thing for XBOX and is the best thing for PC. Whether your new to Halo or not at least get it for the MP you wont be sorry! So stop reading this review and go play buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/18/03

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