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"Finally ported from the Xbox; is it worth it?"

Halo was one of the most hyped games ever. It revolutionized the Xbox. It made the Xbox a worthy buy, if only for this one game. Without Halo, who knows where the Xbox would be right now. And here we are, two years later. Halo has finally arrived on the PC. What’s the verdict? Is it worth shelling out $50 for what some people say is a near-identical port? Near-identical port is a completely wrong statement. This game is similar to its Xbox counterpart only in that of the single player mode.

The year is 2552. Thirty-two years ago, contact was lost with the outer colony Harvest. A complete militia was sent to investigate, and the whole group was almost completely destroyed; only one damaged ship returned. The only living crew told of a nearly impossible alien warship that had annihilated their forces effortlessly. This group of aliens was to become known as the Covenant.

The single player is not too different from the original. You go around and you kill aliens. Not to mention, fight up against incredible A.I., have the ability to command some awesome vehicles, and have Marines fight along side you. The A.I. is one of the most realistic in a FPS that I’ve seen in a long time. The Covenant does not appear to be programmed to move; they appear to react differently to different situations. The Marines bark out funny phrases sometimes in the midst of combat, so listen and you will get a good laugh. They say things such as, “Stop shooting at him, I saw him first!” Just occasional one line phrases. The vehicles that you can command are a Warthog, which is a four-wheeler type car and that has a gunner seat in the back and a side seat which allows someone to fire whatever their current weapon is. Another vehicle is the Ghost, which is a Covenant vehicle. It is similar to a hover craft in that it hovers along the ground and moves quickly. Another vehicle is the Scorpion. It is a human vehicle, and is similar to a tank.

You can only hold two guns at a time. This makes for a more strategic game, and makes you use your brain a little bit in deciding which weapons to hold at any given time. It also forces you to adjust with different enemies what you carry.

The controls are fully customizable, which is always a plus. The default seems a little crowded on the left side of your keyboard making it easy to hit the wrong key. You turn and fire with the mouse, and move with the keyboard. You can change what you like.

The graphics in PC games are only as good as the PC that plays them, but man, the graphics are beautiful just as they were in the original. With six, massive new multiplayer levels, things are quite pretty. I will discuss multiplayer more in a bit. The voice acting is good, and the things they say are comical, like I already said. Sometimes the sound comes out without the mouth moving, but that’s a common glitch in games and isn’t a big deal. The music is dramatic and fits well with the overall atmosphere of the game.

Bullets fly overhead. Warthogs destroy the unlucky people who have to walk to the other side in CTF. Snipers annihilate unknowing vehicle drivers. Yes, I’m talking about multiplayer. And what a multiplayer it is. This is the kind of multiplayer where you play for hours and think of it as only a couple of minutes. With new additions such as two new weapons, the RL Warthog, and the Banshee to multiplayer, this multiplayer will keep you busy for a while. There’s always hundreds of games going on, so don’t worry about not being able to find a game to play in. There’s nothing like 16 Player CTF of Online Halo. The teamwork necessary to accomplish getting the enemies flag is a joy to watch when it happens. There are also 6 new multiplayer levels. Some are better than others, but they all are very fun. The multiplayer is what makes this game worth the money. If you don’t have the Internet, do not buy this game. People have complained about lag, but I experience minor lag very rarely. And of course, there are the hackers. There are hackers in every FPS game, and they can be ignored.

The only thing that I wish could have been in this game are some more new features. That is why some people are not buying this game, just because they think it is too much like the original. Everything is except the multiplayer.

Gameplay – No new content, which gives the gameplay an 8/10.
Graphics/Sound – The graphics and sound are both great. 10/10
Multiplayer – Unbelievable. This is what the developers spent their time on the most. 11/10
Final Score - 9/10 (Not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/21/03

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