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"Great Game!"

10/10 Storyline:
The story for ''Halo: Combat Evolved'' is unusually better than most science fiction games. Not only is it creative and interesting, but it also includes a lot of what most game players want: action. I have read the first Halo book and am starting the second, and there is action and adventure on almost every page. This continues into the video game, making it a very catchy thriller. I recommend reading the books, as they give you the background and even more action to the game of Halo.

10/10 Weapons:
The variety of weapons is absolutely amazing! There are realistic as well as invented sci fi weapons like the plasma gun. The sniper rifle is one of my favorite guns as it allows pinpoint accuracy and two zoom in scope levels. I also like the needler for its inventive design and ammunition. The sticky plasma grenades also add to the humor of the game, seeing a victim run hopelessly around, waiting to explode. The Jackhammer missile launcher is very efficient at stopping vehicles in there tracks and blowing the driver and any riders into the sky.

10/10 Vehicles:
There are a great variety of land and air vehicles, such as the Warthog and Banshee. Also, the Ghost is one of my favorites because of its maneuverability and speed. I also love the Warthog with missiles compared to the Warthog with mounted chain gun. The vehicles are very useful, especially during capture the flag in online multiplayer. They are great for defense, transportation, and cover fire. You also can not harm or destroy them, only flip them over.

9.5/10 Levels:
The levels are all in all well designed and good for multiplayer and single and co-op missions. Bloody Gulch is definitely my favorite, and it is great for playing capture the flag on it. Slayer modes are also a fun option when playing multiplayer on all levels. They should have a few simple levels, instead of all complex and somewhat confusing levels. For this I took off a half of a point, not making much of a difference though in the over all score.

10/10 Difficulty:
This is a great game for all levels of players. You can choose Easy mode if you are a beginner, or Hard mode if you are good and experienced. You can even pick Legendary mode for a real challenge if you start to get bored with the game.

10/10 Enemies:
The enemies in this game (also known as the Covenant) are comprised of various types of aliens. There are Grunts, light armored, big, and easy to kill. There are also Jackals, more challenging than Grunts because of their accuracy and evasion, but mostly because of their hand held shields. Then there are the Elites, equipped with massive armor and a super plasma gun on their right arms. The latter are very hard to kill, unless you snipe or shoot them on the soft spot on their backs when they are turned around. Most of these aliens crafty weapons use plasma to inflict damage upon you.

10/10 Overall:
This game is most definitely worth fifty bucks (U.S.) and I would very much recommend your getting it as soon as you have a decent, working computer and good graphics card. The online multiplayer mode is fantastic and well worth it. I also hope this review will encourage you to join the Halo craze and play online a lot. The tremendous variety of aliens, weapons, levels, game modes, and vehicles will keep you playing this exciting First Person Shooter game for months on end!

I also congratulate Bungie with a fine piece of work they made.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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