Review by Chaos Ferret

Reviewed: 10/27/03

Halo PC, the port of the legendary game Halo is here, and here is what I have to say.

Introduction: Halo, the game that was made into an FPS legend on the Xbox console, has finally arrived for PC. Halo began as a humble FPS, never meant to become the legend that it is today, but it did. It was originally intended for the Mac and PC, but when Microsoft bought out Bungie, it came out for the Xbox instead. Halo is an extraordinary FPS that takes place on an alien world, where one soldier must fight to save the human race from extinction. But when he discovers something horrible on this world, it's a race against the clock to escape with his life.

Gameplay: The thing that made Halo such a legend was its amazingly easy interface, assortment of weapons, strategic elements, and breathtaking campaign. Needless to say, nothing of which has differed from Xbox to PC. This is among the most fun games you'll ever play, whether it be sticking a plasma grenade to an unsuspecting Elite, or sneaking up and bashing in a friend's skull with an Assault Rifle in multiplayer, you'll always walk away smiling and satisfied. The controls were simple on Xbox, and now with the Mouse/Keyboard combo, control options are limitless. Overall the campaign is not hard, compared to other FPS's where it is impossible to get past the first level on easy. The game has four difficulty levels, so whether you're an FPS king, or just starting out, you'll be sure to have a great time playing.
Gameplay Score: 10/10

Story: The Halo universe is a rich one indeed. The story for Halo is marvelous, with twists and turns you'd never expect. It is wonderfully written, acted, and voiced. Overall, it's just one heck of an entertaining game.
Story Score: 10/10

Graphics/Sound: This is the one area where this game is a bit lacking. Though I can run this game perfectly with my new ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, a few weeks ago when I was running it with an old Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440, it was not a satisfactory gaming experience. This game is designed to run with higher end graphics cards, and lower end cards do not run it well at all. In order to run it smoothly with a low-end card, all the detail and special video setting need to be turned off, and it must be run at a low resolution, thusly taking away from the incredible experience that is Halo. On higher-end cards, however, this game runs amazingly. The graphics are magnificent, and comparable to if not surpassing the Xbox's graphics. The texture is amazing, and the specular effects are awe-inspiring. Definitely worth getting if you have a good video card. The sound in the game is perfect, no complaints. From the sound of a sniper round whizzing by your head, or the Elite's signature, ''Wort, wort, wort!'', or even the opening title screen theme, this game has the best sound you'll ever hear.
Graphics/Sound Score: 8/10

Play Time/Replay Value: Halo will have you playing for hours upon hours, and you'll love every second of them. The campaign's 10 incredibly expansive levels take time and effort to complete, and leave nothing to be desired. This game has an incredibly high replay value, I myself have beaten it on every difficulty countless amounts of times, and it just seems to get better. The levels are massive and there's always something new to find.
Play Time/Replay Value Score: 10/10

Final Recommendation: This game is definitely worth the $50 ($40 in some places). It will keep you playing for hours, the graphics and sound can be unmatched, and it's just an easy game to play. You'll have a blast and always walk away from this game fulfilled.
Final Verdict: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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