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Reviewed: 01/02/04

A Big Dissapointment for Such a Good Game

I wanted Halo on PC for the sole purposes of modding and multiplayer. I had it for XBox, and figured it wasn't such a bad buy for PC, but damn was I wrong. We will start with singleplayer. As normal, bad first, good last.

Graphics- 6/10 Spectacular, but if only the game could process them maybe 30 FPS faster. I have a brand new card, and still have to turn down the graphics to the bare minimum. When you do that, things like energy shields start to become simple green glows, killing what this game had going for it. Simple horrible. And the graphics come into to play later in the review, too, because they are that bad.

Controls- 7/10 There are a ton of screens to go through to customize these, and that's really not any fun. At least having only ONE screen would have been nice. I don't enjoy navigating to find ONE control.

Sounds and Music- 7/10 The exact same as before, but this time, worse. Why? Well, half the time I don't HEAR the sounds. No joke. I'll get sniped out of no where, and not have a clue what on earth happened until I respawned. I feel like this is connected to the graphics and framerate. The two just can't stay on par with each other, mostly the graphics' fault.

Story- 10/10 Great story. The same as the Xbox one. It's just so good that 3 books have been written for prequels and sequels, plus the game itself. Very nice.

Basically, the humans are fighting a losing war against an alien race called the Covenant, who have declared them an affront to the God's. The war had been raging for decades, with few victories on the human side. Their stronghold, the planet Reach, has been taken, and few ships managed to flee. One carried the Master Chief, a trooper from a secret group of soldiers, biologically altered to be one of the best soldiers there is. The ship jumps out of slipspace (Halo's hyperspace) into a system with a strange artificial construct/planet. Halo.

Not bad, eh? And that's only what you get in the first TWO minutes of gameplay plus the instruction manual.


Here we are where I plan to actually cover gameplay and multiplayer.

Gameplay- 7/10 Much worse than the Xbox version. Why? Because quite simply, you can barely PLAY the game without going at 10 fps, unless you RUIN the game by toning down the graphics. It's the FPS with the same missions as Xbox, nothing new. But it's just worse.

The missions are very unique, and fun. One involves a beach invasion much like WW2. Another involves you raiding an enemy ship. A nice wide variety, and each one let's you improve different skills. The ship raiding one is leaned towards sniping, the beach one towards using cover, and for me, aiming grenades.

It's an fps, so you get a lot of enemies, but the game of course has its reasons for you to be strong and powerful, just like any other. It might be the best story based FPS out there, and not just some random go shoot things game.

But like I said, all of the game's GOOD aspects have been ruined by the BAD aspects. Who cares how fun invading a beach is if it's all choppy, or if the graphics are toned down so much that things look like they were made in Microsoft Paint? I certaintly don't.

Multiplayer- 4/10 This is just sad. This is pathetic. What on Earth were Bungie and Gearbox thinking!? I'm serious.

I don't think I have ever experienced as much lag on this multiplayer as any other game in my life, save X-Wing Alliance, a space sim from the 90's. Your first thought when playing this is ''well that's fine, I can turn the graphics down.'' WRONG. That is only part of the problem. And that means this lags a LOT. Even with the graphics at the worst resolution possible, the lag persists. I myself can't seem to do so much as get in a vehicle without going at literally 5 FPS. Outside a vehicle, 15 fps.

Bungie also had the nifty idea of adding banshees to the level. Another horrible idea. The banshee flyers are pretty much invincible, and they get hordes of kill. And worse of all, banshees, even when not in one, create lag as bad as the graphics.

To counter the banshees, some levels have turrets. However, no turret can fight a banshee user who is near invincible, fast, and has a one hit kill gun. Not to mention, the guns might look nice where they were placed, but don't do squat in that position.

To make up for all of that, we now get the privilege of more maps. However, this is rather idiotic, because half the maps look horrible. One has a ground texture that I could make (and yes, I do have experience in these fields). The one's that look nice are poorly designed and have high fps.

The one thing I do have to commend is the amount of teamwork in this game. Communication is rare, but the teamwork is still there. If you get in a partner vehicle, usually you just somehow know to wait for the next person to get in. If you can't see that person, expect a poorly aimed shot going your way to let you know they are trying to come. I've also placed a vehicle so its turret could aim at a flag in ctf. Well, you'd think someone would be dense and move it, but instead, someone got in the second gunner seat and helped me. I get out, someone replaces me. The people here are great, with only a few being the snotty racist people. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about that.

Overall Not the worst, but close to it, as far as the game itself goes. Multiplayer might save it for you, it might not.

Buy or Rent? I'd suggest renting it first. If you are a hardcore fan, buy it. If you want it just for multiplayer, rent it. The teammates won't fail you, but the horrible framerate might. However, if that doesn't bug you, then by all means, buy it.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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