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Reviewed: 05/09/04

Halo is back and better than ever!

Halo: Combat Evolved (PC)

Overview/History/about the game –

Halo was originally created as a Microsoft X-Box game and was then (two years later) released as a PC game. Halo, the original X-Box version was a smash hit and game of the year for two years! Now, after Halo is calming down a bit, Microsoft decided it was time to release another smash version of Halo and this time with a little taste of what was in store for Halo 2. Halo: Combat Evolved; PC Version is indeed one of the best first person shooters that was ever created on the PC. It is truly one of the many games that every first person fanatic deserves to own. Halo requires that you have a PC with a minimum speed of 733 MHz and 128 Mg’s of RAM, along with a 32 MB 3D hardware-transform-and-lighting-capable video display. With all of this told and you winding up for the actual game information, lets go on.

Gameplay –

Halo is one of the many games that require you to use both the mouse and the keyboard in order to fully play the game; or at least in order for you to get anywhere in the game. After you get your games configurations all set up then you can start playing. Right when you start the first level of the campaign you will be engulfed in tons of action packed footage and you will start out fighting right away. In halo, you will be playing as an unknown commander that is very technologically advanced. In halo you will not be disappointed in having to try to get used to how they have you configure the settings, they allow you to fully customize how everything is controlled.

Story –

Halo is mainly known not only because of its multiplayer abilities but for its one of a kind single player mode. Halo allows you to play in ten different levels all in one campaign to fight off the evil that is plaguing all of halo. Out of everything that you will do in one level, I can tell you right now that you will not be beating the level in a short period of time. Each halo level is huge and will more than likely take you about 2 + hours to beat, (depending on the level of difficulty and your skill level). If you want a game that will keep you jumping off of your feet and feeling like you are in the game; then halo is definitely for you! Halo isn’t one of those games that you can just sit down, play for a while, and then stop playing. When you start playing halo then you will not be able to stop. That is one of the many things that keep people coming back for more.

Graphics –

Out of everything that you can do in halo, the first thing that you will notice is Halo’s graphics. In halo you will be wondering around the levels and trying to figure out if this is a game or not. That is how realistic the game looks. You will come across rivers and water areas and wonder how the creators managed to make such a real life game. After all, even though Halo is based off of a fantasy planet and everything that you do is not real, they did manage to make it look real. There are tons of different creatures that are in the game (enemies) and they are very well detailed. The movements that they can do are completely life like and they can move any part of their body without fail. They have almost perfect movement. When you get a chance to look at this game, take a look at some of the little details that are in the enemies, or as a matter of fact, your own teammates. Some of these details include different textures in the EYES of people… I was even surprised when I saw this. The people have sometimes got wrinkles in their skin, some are smooth. It is very nice to be able to walk around and see this sort of detail. Halo has phenomenal settings when it comes to its graphics.

Features –

There is obviously a ton to do in Halo if you have been reading. In Halo you have the option of playing in single player, or you can just play multiplayer. If you have not got the time to do that and you want to play single player campaigns with two players you can! Yes, the creators of Halo decided that you can play multiplayer campaigns. This is one of the other reasons that Halo is still marked at being number one is game play and features. If you still don’t have enough shooting action then I suggest that you find friends/family that has a computers and Halo. If you do manage to do this then get online and play up to 16 players in Halo! That’s right, the creators also allow you to play Halo over the internet against up to 15 other people for a total maximum play of 16 people. Of course in order to do this, you will need at least a LAN or T1 + line in order to play 16 players; otherwise you can play up to 8 players of Broadband internet and up to 2 players with dialup. Of course this is only hosting. If you aren’t hosting, then you can play with up to 16 players. That is, if you find a host that can support that. Halo also allows its users to create different map types. Yes, you can modify the types of maps that you will be playing online. You can choose or make pretty much whatever types of maps that you want. If you want to just play a rockets level, then yea, make a map type that supports rockets. If you want to just have one type of vehicle, then do it! If you can think it, and it’s in halo, then you can pretty much do it! Have fun with all of the different things that you can do! Enjoy…

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