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Reviewed: 01/05/06

An intense, edge of your seat game

Summery: You play a soldier known only as Master Chief, aboard a spacecraft by the name of the Pillar of Autumn. You are not a human- you are a created AI, and you are armed with weapons and a strong type of armor. Your mission is to help the surviving humans that are the end of their race that exists in space against an alien species known as the Covenant. The Covenant's only purpose is to try to take over all of the planets in the galaxy- or more. Your ship is crashed and you land on the ring planet Halo. You must find your way around Halo, protect surviving humans, fight the evil Covenant, and destroy a race that even Master Chief will be challenged with.

Gameplay (10/10): You must move around different maps on the planet of Halo and fight a small variety of alien creatures. The thing that makes this game so great is that there is not too much variety, therfore letting the players mind be compact enough so the game isn't overwhelming. The pathways are pretty straight forward, so the player has a small chance of getting lost. There are also sometimes arrows on the ground pointing the way on some maps.

Introduction (9.5/10): The gameplay at the beginning of the game is easy enough to understand, but to some it may seem very confusing. First you must make your way to the bridge of the vessel, then back to the lifeboats, and then you must search around the ship for a working lifeboat. A standard gamer of a Sci-Fi freak could get this easily.

Graphics (8/10): I must say, I was a very little bit dissapointed with the graphics of this game, although I am not the least suprised. All of the multiple-game console systems are better on the XBox or the other good graphic consoles, not for the PC. I was impressed somewhat, however, since the game did not lag often. There was also the standing of action, in which the game held up at fast paces. This was the real part that made me have a large sigh of thankfulness, since it's PC graphics are not like the bombing Star Wars Battlefront II's.

Music (10/10): The music in this game was probably the best music that I have heard since Shivers. It has a solumn yet upbeat theme to it, and keeps you moving, even though you sometimes don't hear it. The theme playing at the end of the game really jumpstarted me, yet the music for the Flood scared the living heck out of me. The music in this game is just amazing. It deserves some type of major award.

Story (10/10): See summery above.

Control (6-10/10): To clear up the rating, the controls may scare you at the beginning. You may feel that they are hard to understand. But trust me- once you get used to them, it is a piece of cake. My friend Bryce had no trouble in helping me with the game, even though the controls switched over from XBox to PC. Once you really master the controls, the game takes you in, and you feel like you're there.

Replay (5/10): This is the worst part of the game. You can't really play it again, since you already know all of the suprises that are yet to come. The game really isn't that great again, since you know you're about to help a bad guy, and you're just all, "No way! I know what you're trying to do!" But, you have no choice.

Multiplayer (9/10): This part is pretty cool. It is a great way to interact with other players, and blast the heck out of them at the same time. The only bad parts are one: When you try to shoot someone, and the game accidentally pushes them out of the way, therfore giving them a too good to be true opportunity of getting away, and two: On some systems, if you press a button while the next MP game is starting to load, the whole thing freezes up.

Game Length (8/10): I guess this game is pretty long, if you have long intervals of play time. I beat it in about three days, and it is pretty fun. But after a while the same thing happens over and over again, until you are sick of it and start screaming, "Captain, here is what we do! We get on the ship, blast the heck out of Halo, and get our butts back home!!!" But, alas, he doesn't listen. Of course.

ESRB Rating (M): I really don't think that this game should be rated M, since the only reasons are for blood and gore. First, there is not a lot of blood at all! There may be a little alien blue a bit here and there, but no! Then, there is NO gore what so ever. I hate how they say this. It's not like the Covenant eats human stomachs or anything.

Overall: I give this game a rating of 8/10. It is a great game, and I recommend it to anyone.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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