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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by JChamberlin

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                       ##############        MASTER OF OLYMPUS
                             Zeus: Master of Olympus (PC) &
                             Poseidon: Zeus Expansion (PC)
                                Version: 0.3 - 01/01/05
                                   By Jim Chamberlin
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      << Online References >>
      Zeus' Official Site                 http://zeus.impressionsgames.com **
      Zeus @ Heaven Games                 http://zeus.heavengames.com
      The Citadel of Poseidon             http://www.strategyplanet.com/poseidon/
      Which Way To Troy?   http://www.topcities.com/Resume/irvdon/Zeus/index.html **
                ** - Since the original publication of this guide, these
                     websites have gone offline.
                                     Contacting Me
      I am NOT hiding any information, however if your question has not been
      properly answered in this FAQ, email me.  Be sure to read through the FAQ
      (Frequently Asked Questions) section, as that is where I answer questions
      that either will or have made me answer multiple times.  When emailing me,
      put "Zeus" in the Subject.  Doing that will get you a faster reply...hint,
      If you don't want to use email, an alternative is a message board.  Below
      is an address for the Zeus and Poseidon message boards on GameFAQs.
                                    Revision History
      Version 0.3  -  Jan 01, 2005  - 479 KB
        I've made several changes, just trying to update things to reflect the
        expansion pack, Poseidon.  I apologize for the large delay in between
                                   Table of Contents
      The Enhancement Pack
      Poseidon Expansion Pack
      Building a City
        Basics of City Building
        Population and Housing
        Husbandry (Food and Farming)
        Distribution (Locally, Importing, Exporting)
        Hygiene and Safety
        City Administration
        Hippodrome And Crosswalk
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
        Non-Housing Model Data
        Housing Model Data
        Figure Data Model Sheets
        Poseidon Pyramids
        Hippodrome Data
        Zeus Manual Updates/Game Issues
        Technical Issues
      Final Words...
        Zeus is similar to Pharaoh, but it's not the same.  In Pharaoh, you had
        a list of Scenarios that you had to go through one at a time.  Zeus
        has a slightly different method.  Zeus has Adventures.  Inside each
        Adventure are Episodes.
        The first Episode of an Adventure may go a little bit like the following:
        Your goal is to have a population of 1500, and 250 of them must be living
        in homesteads.
        The second episode would involve you making the city a little more
        developed.  Usually, this will require you to either build a
        Sanctuary for a god or set aside an amount of goods for an upcoming
        The next episode will let you build that "upcoming" colony.  You get to
        start a new city from scratch.  You'll still have to meet goals here.
        You may have to build a Sanctuary, slay a monster, or fulfill a Quest.
        The next episode may involve you expanding your city's borders.  This may
        involve you attacking a rival, and taking the city.
        One major difference between Pharaoh and Zeus is the amount of money you
        have for each episode.  In Pharaoh, there was a fixed amount.  In Zeus,
        you get whatever you have left from the previous episode.  This can be
        a great thing if the previous city allowed you to export a ton of
        profitable goods and allowed you to get a lot of money.  Then again, this
        could be bad if it's the complete opposite, where nothing will turn a
                                  The Enhancement Pack
      On Friday, February 16th, Impressions released the downloadable Enhancement
      Pack.  Below are a list of its features:
      - Agora vendors no longer use twice as many employees as they should.
      - Improved herding and harvesting logic makes resource gathering more 
      - Player is no longer charged Drachma for trying to place single 
        avenue/boulevard tiles.
      - Foundries no longer occasionally display negative numbers.
      - Improved Sanctuary construction materials delivery.
      - Artisan animations no longer get temporarily stuck during work on statues.
      - Resource tiles on unfinished sanctuaries can no longer be built upon.
      - Oracle prediction discrepancies have been resolved.
      - Trade feedback corrected to reflect cities that have turned rival.
      - Favor decrease due to failure to respond to unannounced troop request is 
      - Military standards can no longer get stuck in lava.
      - Game no longer freezes when trying to band-select troops on loan that are 
        leaving the city.
      - Rare instances of heroes/armies getting stuck in world level have been 
      - If your military strength is great enough, rivals will give in to your 
      - Problems with triremes not repairing have been fixed.
      - An Adventure Editor!  Take advantage of Zeus' powerful new editor to 
        create full, rich adventures of your own!  Once installed, the editor 
        can be accessed by starting Zeus and clicking 'Adventure Editor' in the 
        start screen.  Please refer to the manual (ZeusEditor.txt or ZeusEditor.pdf)
        for instructions.  You can view the Zeus Editor manual by opening the Help
        menu within the Editor, and selecting 'Help.'
      - One full new adventure: The Odyssey, plus three new open play adventures.
      - Disasters are now displayed in the overview map.
      - It is now easier to build bridges over earthquake cracks, and earthquake 
        bridges can now be deleted.
      - Sculpture studios accept a maximum of 4 loads of bronze instead of 5.
      - Sanctuary construction feedback has been improved.
      - Horse and armor vendors no longer wait until they are out of stock to buy 
        more goods.
      - Improved Auto Defend for sea invasions.
      - Bribery calculations have been adjusted.
      -- Info taken from Version 1.1 Readme file
      You may download this Enhancement Pack on the official Zeus site.  Go to
      http://www.sierra.com/file_list.do?gamePlatformId=71 for the file.  Please
      note that the file is approximately 11.2 MegaBytes, so please be patient 
      while downloading it.
                                Poseidon Expansion Pack
      On June 26th, 2001, Impressions Games released its first and only expansion
      pack, Poseidon.  Below is a list of the game's features.
      * Rule the fabled island continent of Atlantis across 46 episodes in 6
        new epic Adventures.
      * Command the Atlantean army of archers, spearman, and charioteers.
      * Build and command the powerful Atlantean navy.
      * Trade with new civilizations such as the Mayans, Egyptians, 
        Phoenicians, and Oceanids, or do battle with their armies and conquer 
      * Worship… or fear new Greek gods: Hera and Atlas.
      * Fight terrible new monsters: Chimera, Echidna, Harpies and the Sphinx.
      * Summon the Greek heroes Bellerophon and Atalanta.
      * Exploit new resources: herd cattle, cultivate fruit, quarry exotic 
        stones, and craft items of orichalc, the peculiar metal manufactured 
        by the smiths of Atlantis.
      * Build new Sanctuaries to the gods
      * Erect unique pyramidal monuments to the glory of Atlantis.
      * Custom build horse Hippodromes to entertain your citizens and enhance 
        your city.
      * Build Observatories, Laboratories, Bibliothekes, and Museums to promote 
        science and technology.
      * Multiple World maps, extending from Central America to Asia Minor.
      * Create your own adventures in ancient Greece or Atlantis, with 
        Poseidon's powerful Adventure Editor
                                    Building a City
        This section goes pretty much in order walking you through the entire 
        process of building a successful city.  It should be mentioned that 
        building a great city is a complicated process that involves all sorts of 
        things, religion, trade, entertainment, and employment.  There are many 
        problems that a city faces, and those are also addresses in the FAQ.
                                Basics of City Building
        Building a city is fairly easy.  This section is devoted to the VERY
        basics of doing just that.
          There are several features in the vast landscape of Zeus.  They haven't
          changed too much from Pharaoh (the previous City-Building game).
              Grassland is the very basic type of land.  Everyone can cross over
              it, and you can build most structures on it.
              Just like the Grassland, everyone can cross it, and it's able to
              withstand most structures.  The difference is the fact that it can
              support Farms.  Meadows are very important, and building anything
              other than Farms there is just a waste of meadow space, esecially
              as you reach Episodes that require a high population, since you'll
              need to feed the people.
              This is quite the opposite of Grassland.  You can't really pass
              through it, and you certainly can't build there.  A Timber Mill
              will be required to harvest the vast amounts of lumber here.
              If you find it nexessary, you can use the "Clear Land" button to
              remove some of the trees.  I must warn you that they do NOT grow
              People can walk through the marsh if necessary, although the soft
              ground just isn't good enough to support structures.
              The sands of the beach shift far too much to support any kind of
              There are several different types of rocky formations in Zeus.
              You can cross rocks, although only in the areas where the rocks
              aren't.  There are occasionally narrow paths between the rocks,
              and that is the only route of passing.  You can't build on rocks
              Ore-Bearing Rock:
                Rock with copper nuggets protruding contains vast amounts of
                copper ore, which can be smelted into bronze at a local Foundry.
                Rock with silver nuggets protruding contains vast amounts of
                silver ore, which could be  converted into drachmas at a local
                Mint.  Drachmas are your unit of currency, by the way.
                Rocks also formed a 'pit'.  You can quarry for Marble by a
                Masonry Shop.
              Water has a slightly different prupose in Zeus when compared to
              'Pharaoh'.  In Pharaoh, the Nile River was used as a place for
              fishing as well as flooding the river coastline, which would make
              the soil fertile.  This was called inundation (I think was the term).
              In Zeus, it only has one purpose, a place for fish and sea urchins,
              both a food supply.
        Building Things
          If you're new to the City- Building series, I recommend that you read
          this section.  Instead of me copying the section, read your manual
          (pages 24-27).
        Housing/Building Blocks
          Everyone has their own way of forming their city, but it can be
          helpful to see housing blocks from other gamers.  This allows you
          to better-plan your city.  I would recommend this resource for 
          looking at several high-quality housing blocks:
                                 Population and Housing
        Populating your city is very important.  After all, you really can't
        have a city without people, can you?  Well, these people aren't going to
        live on the roads, so you'll have to provide them with a form of housing.
        The housing aspect of Zeus is different than 'Pharaoh'.  In 'Pharaoh',
        all you had to click on the Housing Tab, and then the House icon to
        place a lot, which was available to immigrants.  You'd continuoulsy
        provide that house with more and better services, which would increase
        the housing level as well as the population limit for that house.  Well,
        Zeus is the same way, sorta.  The main difference is that there are two
        housing types you have to choose from when placing a lot.  There's the
        Common Housing and the Elite Housing.  You can't start out with the
        Elite Housing, so you would have to build up from the Common Housing.
        Depending on the Episode you're in, the Elite Housing would become
        available at one point.
        Common Housing
          This is the basis for your housing in your city.  You can't just jump
          right into the Elite Housing.  Common Housing comes in verious shapes
          and names.  You'll find names such as "Hovel," "Homestead," and
          "Apartment" in this class of Housing.
          As the Housing Level increases, more and better services must be
          provided.  Water and Food are the first two concerns of Common
          Housing.  Fleece and Oil follow.  Fleece is used for clothing, just
          so you know.  Oil (Olive Oil) can be used on someone's body to relax
          them.  It just sooths people's bodies.  If your housing hasn't been
          improving in a while, right-click on the house and you'll get a pop-up
          menu.  The menu provides you with the information on that house.
          Things like the number of residents, how many more people the house
          can hold, the amount of food and other goods currently on hand, and
          what (if anything) is holding that house back from evolving is all
          included in that pop-up menu.
        Elite Housing
          For your city to have Elite Housing, you need the basics.  The Elite
          Greeks won't even consider living there if you don't have Water, Food,
          Fleece, Olive Oil, plenty of culture, and good scenery.  You can't
          even build a house if the area is in bad shape (undesirable).
          As with Common Housing, you are required to have more and better
          services if you intend to have higher (in class) housing.  Things
          like Armor and Wine will be required.  Armor brings up yet another
          topic, an army.  I'll discuss this in a minute.
            FAQ: What happens when a house runs out of something?
                 Well, it all depends on which item it runs out of.  The
                 closer that item is on the "necessity" chart, the lower (in
                 class) the house will drop.  Say, you've got a "Residence"
                 that has just run out of food.  Well, that house will drop
                 ALL the way down.  It's missing one of the VERY first things
                 that are required for housing.
          Your army is made up of your citizens.  This is bad in a way.  In
          Pharaoh, for example, you had warriors trained specifically for war.
          However, in Zeus, your citizens are given the responsibility of
          fending off invaders.  When you are forced to call your army to get
          ready to fend off invaders, you lose workers.  It depends on your
          current rate of unemployment of whether or not this will create
          havoc for your Industry and Food supplies.  This is the main thing
          I don't like about the game.  I thought that a separate army was much
          easier for the user, and you wouldn't have to worry about unemployment
          and how much food you've got for your citizens.  I hope Impressions
          Games changes this back to the way it was with both Caesar and Pharaoh.
          In your Common Housing, people cannot afford weapons/armor.  So, they
          use the next best thing: rocks.  Yeah, not quite what you hoped for,
          but that's all they have.  They pelt the invaders with rocks, simple
          as that.
          In Elite Housing, people can afford weapons/armor.  So, you will get
          Hoplites from these folks.  For those citizens who are able to afford
          their own horse, they become Horsemen.
                              Husbandry (Food and Farming)
        It may just be me, but I find that feeding your people is rather 
        important.  This is why I've dedicated a section for just that.  In
        Zeus, there are a lot of different foods to provide for your citizens.
        Each needs something to be produced, whether it's Goats for Cheese, or
        Onion Farms for Onions.
        There's one huge difference in 'Pharaoh' farming and 'Zeus' farming.
        In 'Pharaoh', there was both a meadow, which required an irrigation
        ditch, and areas along the Nile River to farm.  In 'Zeus', all you get
        is the meadow.  The good thing is the meadow areas are a little larger
        than those in Pharaoh, so it shouldn't be too hard to farm.
          FAQ: Where are the meadows?
               Meadows are the purple-spotted areas.  They look like the purple
               spots that forms along with mold on old bread.  I'm sure you've
               seen a piece of moldy bread, right?  Well, that's exactly what
               the ground looks like, honestly.
          FAQ: I've built farms, and I have a lot of unemployed people.  Why
               aren't my farms up and running?
               Well, you are obviously new to the City-Building series, so
               I'd like to suggest that you purchase the previous games in the
               series.  To answer your question, you MUST have roads leading
               to the farms.  Farms are supposed to be treated just like
               most any other building.
        There are several ways to produce food your citizens.  Each scenario
        (episode) is different, so they vary as to what food is made available.
        Here's a quick run-down of food available, and how it is produced.
            Yum.  Crunchy carrots are always something people like eating.  The
            people of Greece were no different.  Carrots require a Carrot Farm
            to be produced.  Carrots can be stored at a Granary, Trading Post,
            or Pier.
            Onions require an Onion Farm to be produced.  Onions can be stored at
            a Granary, Trading Post, or Pier.
            Wheat is harvested in July.  Wheat has two purposes.  One is as food
            for your citizens, and the second is for fodder for your horses.
            Wheat can be stored at a Granary, Trading Post, Storehouse, and Pier.
            Technically, it can be stored at a Horse Ranch, but it's only for
            them to use there, and not to store it for trading and human
            consumption.  Wheat stored in a Storehouse will NOT be used for
            food for your citizens.  Food venders at an Agora will NOT go there
            to pick up food.  Any and all food that you wish to be picked up
            by Food Venders should be brought to a local Granary.  Food that you
            want to be sold (exported) should be brought to either a Pier,
            Trading Post, or Storehouse.
            Grapes are a wonderful thing.  Dionysus has to be my favorite god
            simply because he's funny to watch.  I mean, they (Impressions Games)
            basically included a drunk God.  Hey, it's true, it's true.  It's
            comical to watch him walk around town.  Heh.  Well, back to the
            Grapes are made from Grapevines, and you'll need a Growers Lodge
            to prune and harvest the grapes.  Grapes are used to make wine,
            which is something that will improve housing levels.  The workers
            at the Workers' Lodge know how to care for both Grapevines and Olive
            Trees.  Every month, the Growers' Lodge sends out one pruner who can
            care for Grapevines and Olive Trees.
            The more frequently a Grapevine or Olive Tree is pruned, the faster
            it will grow.  If a plant goes a very long time without a pruner, it
            won't grow at all.  This is easily solved with the building of
            multiple Growers' Lodges.  When it's time to harvest, the Growers'
            Lodge will send out a small crew of pruners to gather all of the
            fresh fruit.
            Once a Winery has received a bunch of Grapes, and has a full staff,
            it will begin making Wine, which is another comodity.
            I've already brought up Olives in the above section for Grapes.
            To harvest Olives, Olive Trees are needed.  You must build/plant
            Olive Trees in the meadow.  Olive Trees and Grapevines do have
            one thing in common, once the harvest is done, any unharvested
            produce is lost.  You can't come back and claim it next time.
            Once an Olive Press has received a bunch of Olives, and has a
            full staff, it will make Olive Oil, which is another commodity.
              FAQ: Why isn't my Olive Press receiving olives?
                   Well, this could be a number of things.  It could be due
                   to a lack of labor at either the Olive Press or the
                   Growers' Lodge.  It could also be due to the lack of a
                   road.  The Growers' Lodge must have a road connected to it.
                   The same holds true for the Olive Press.
                   This same problem can also occur at the Winery, which
                   takes Grapes and makes wine out of them.
            Ahh, the power of cheese.  Yeah, being from the Wisconsin/Illinois
            area I hear that phrase quite a bit.  Heck, it's even a sound used
            on the local radio station.
            Cheese is a wonderful food.  To make cheese, you need Goats.  Well,
            you could also use Cows, but we don't have any in Zeus.  :-(
            You'll need to build a Dairy if you want to collect the milk from
            the goats.  You, of course, need milk to make cheese.  A Dairy
            needs to be placed next to a road.  It's also suggested that you
            place the Dairy close to the meadow area where the Goats are present.
            This, of course, saves walking time.  Each Dairy employs enough
            Goat Herders to keep track o several goats.  If you want more goats,
            you'll need to build more Dairies.
            When a supply of milk is brought into the Dairy, it is processed into
            cheese, which is then brought into a Granary, which can be picked
            up by a Food Vendor at a local Agora.  The cheese can also be
            send to a trading facility if you wish for it to be exported to
            another city.
            The only land animal hunted is the Wild Boar.  To hunt Wild Boar,
            a Boar Hunter's Lodge is required.  When a Boar has been killed,
            the hunter will carry the carcass back to the Boar Hunter's Lodge,
            wher it will be dressed and prepared for human consumption.  When
            a side of pork is ready for eating, a deliveryman will bring it to
            a Granary.  It can also be taken to a trading facility if you wish
            for it to be exported.  The Boar Hunter's Lodge MUST have road
            This one food type that was the same as in 'Pharaoh'.  You need
            to locate a flat piece of land on the coast.  It (Fishery) must
            also have road access.  The Fishery provides it's own boat, so
            give it a minute for the crew to build a boat, and then they'll
            send it out to sea.  Just remember that one Fishery can only
            support one Fishing Boat, so if you need more boats, you must
            build more Fisheries.
            Once a boat has caught its limit, the boat will return, where
            the deliveryman will bring it to a Granary.  Again, it can also
            be taken to a trading facility if you intend to export it.
            Well, this is certainly new.  Fish used to be the only food harvested
            from the sea.  Getting (Sea) Urchins is the same process as that
            of Fishing.  Find a flat piece of coast, build the Urchin Quay,
            provide road access, and you're off and running.
              FAQ: Why won't my Urchin gatherers gather Urchins?
                   Well, this is a number of things.  Be sure you have road
                   access to your Urchin Quay.  Be sure you have a full staff
                   on-hand.  Also, be sure there is no deep water between
                   the Urchin Quay and the Urchins.  The gatherers cannot
                   pass deep water!
        NOTE: The items listed below were added in the Poseidon Expansion Pack.
            Cattle are raised for the tasty meat that they provide.  To place
            cattle in a meadow, you must first build a Corral.  Once the Corral 
            is in place, put some cattle in a meadow.  Some of the cattle are 
            bulls, which watch over the herd to make sure that no wolves 
            attack it.  The rest of the cattle are used for food.  All cattle 
            can be taken by priests for sacrifices.
            Once cattle are fully grown, a rancher brings them back to the Corral
            to butcher them for meat.  When enough mear is ready, a deliveryman 
            brings it to a Granary, or to a Pier or Trading Post if you are 
            exporting the food.
            You don't need to worry about replacing slaughtered animals yourself.
            Calves are born at the Corral and put out to pasture with the other
            cattle once they are old enough.  You will, however, have to replace
            any cattle that is sacrificed to a god.
            In some lands, deer frolic in the fields.  To use these deer for food,
            build a Hunting Lodge along a road.  Once the Hunting Lodge has 
            employees, hunters seek out the deer and bring them back to the 
            Lodge where they are prepared for consumption.  When some meat 
            is ready, a deliveryman brings it to a Granary, or to a 
            Pier or Trading Post if you are exporting the item.
            The Hunting Lodge will automatically send out the right kind of
            hunters for the prey in your city.  If both deer and boar live in
            the city, the same Hunting Lodge will send out both deer hunters and
            boar hunters.
            Tenders from an Orange Tenders' Lodge see to it that oranges grow
            to be big, juicy, and succulent.  Then, plant some Orange Trees.
            Orange Trees must be placed in a meadow, which is denoted by 
            purple tufts.  After the Orange Tenders' Lodge has employees, 
            the tenders cultivate the fruit until it is ripe.  Then, they 
            pick the oranges, bring them back to the Orange Tenders' Lodge 
            and prepare them for storage in a Granary.  Once enough oranges
            are ready, a deliveryman brings them to a Granary, or to a Pier or
            Trading Post if you are exporting the food.
        If you are to have a large, thriving city, you must have a strong
        industry.  Industry can make products that you need locally, as well
        as products you can export to other cities.
          Raw Materials
            Raw Materials are items that can be taken straight from the earth.
            Two examples would include lumber and limestone.  Below are some
            descriptions of the various raw materials that are available in
                Marble isn't the easiesy resource to visually locate, unless
                someone has told you where to look.  You have to look for a
                "flat,whitish-gray rock among the grassland."
                To obtain Marble, a Masonry Shop is required.  Once one is
                running, you'll see a Stonecutter come out and proceed to
                the marble quarry.  He'll then begin cutting some marble from
                the quarry.  Once he's cut a chunk out, you'll see a team of
                oxen drag out a huge chunk of marble.  The marble will be
                taken to the Masonry Shop, where another stonecutter will
                cut it into 8 smaller blocks, which get taken via a team
                of oxen to either a Storeyard or trading facility.  Marble
                CANNOT be taken straight from the Masonry Shop to a
                construction site.  It must first be taken to a Storeyard.
              Black Marble (Poseidon Expansion Pack Only:
                Black marble is a sturdy construction material that is harvested
                from a black marble quarry.  A black marble quarry looks like
                a flat, dark gray rock lying just underneath some grass.
                To remove black marble from the ground, build a Black Marble
                Workshop.  Once the Workshop has some workers, it sends out
                a stonecutter to chisel out a large block of black marble.
                It it brought back to the Workshop, where more stonecutters
                break the block down into usable slabs.  Once a slab is ready,
                a deliveryman brings it to a Storehouse, or to a Pier or Trading
                Post if you are exploring the good.  If artisans need black
                marble for a construction project, they will get the supply
                from a Storehouse or trade facility.  Artisans never receive
                black marble directly from a Black Marble Workshop.
              Orichalc (Poseidon Expansion Pack Only:
                Orichalc is a rare metal generally found only on Atlantis.
                If you see red metallic nuggets strewn in some rock, you
                can probably harvest orichalc.
                To retrieve this metal from the earth, first build a Refinery.
                Once some of your citizens start working at the Refinery,
                metallurgists emerge from the building and make their way to
                the orichalc deposit.  After they have collected enough ore,
                they bring it back to the Refinery, where it is processed
                for use.  When a load of orichalc is ready, a deliveryman
                looks for a place to bring the metal.  He'll first look for
                a Tower or Firgate Wharf that needs it.  If he can't find one
                of these buildings, he'll bring the good to a Trading Post or
                Pier if you are exporting the item, or to a Storehouse.
                Keep in mind that artisans at a construction site can never
                receive orichalc directly from a Refinery.  Artisans must
                receive their supply of the metal from a Storehouse or trade
              Silver Ore:
                Silver Ore is fairly easy to locate.  Look for silver nuggets
                lying amongst rocky outcroppings.
                To obtain the Silver Ore, a Mint is required.  Once a Mint
                received a delivery of the silver, they will begin smelting
                it.  Once that is complete, they will strike the silver.
                The product they have now is called drachma.  They are
                essentially the coins (currency) for the city.  The drachmas
                are then deposited in your city treasury.
              Copper Ore:
                Copper Ore is fairly easy to locate as well.  Look for copper
                nuggets lying amongst rocky outcroppings.
                To obtain Copper, a Foundry is required.  Once a Foundry has
                received a delivery of copper, they will alloy the copper with
                the tin they have on hand.  Alloying Copper and Tin will produce
                a product known as Bronze.  The bronze can be used in the
                prodution of either Sculptures or Armor.
                Timber is VERY easy to locate.  If you don't know what a tree
                looks like, you're in trouble, to put it simply.
                To obtain wood, a Timber Mill is required.  Once a Timber Mill
                has a full staff, they will send out a few lumberjacks, who
                will cut down a tree.  Once a tree is down, they will drag the
                lumber back to the Timber Mill with a rope.  Once the Mill has
                a supply of wood, a team of oxen will take it to either a
                Storehouse or trading facility.  Lumber CANNOT be taken directly
                to a construction site.
            If you are going to make a product you can actually use, a workshop
            of some kind will be in order.
              Olive Oil:
                Producing Olive Oil requires a supply of Olives, which are
                grown on Olive Trees and collected by a Growers' Lodge.
                Once an Olive Press has a full staff and a supply of olives, it
                will begin producing Olive Oil.  You'll see the workers busy
                at the press, filling amphorae with the golden liquid.  After
                an amphora is full, it is loaded to a cart and a deliveryman
                takes it to either a Storehouse or trading facility.
                Producing wine requires a supply of Grapes, which are grown
                on Grapevines and collected by a Growers' Lodge.
                Once a Winery has a full staff and a supply of grapes, they will
                crush and forment the grapes.  Once the jugs are full, they'll be
                taken to either a Storehouse or trading facility.
                Producing sculptures requires a supply of bronze and a Sculpture
                Once a Sculpture Studio has a supply of bronze and a full staff,
                they will begin sculpting the sculpture.  Once the workers at
                the Sculpture Studio have made a scultpure, you'll see a team
                of oxen drag the scultpure to either a Storehouse or a
                trading facility.
          Industrial Management
            Your city cannot have a solid industry if you don't have workers.  Your
            industry won't have workers if you don't pay them.  Paying your
            workers is just one facet of running an industry.
                You won't get workers if you don't pay them.  Click on the Industry
                Tab.  You'll see the current wage rate and projected payroll for
                that year.  Unlike previous ciy-building games, you cannot choose
                a specific amount for wages.  Instead, there are things like
                "Normal", "Low", "Very High", etc.
                Unemployment is an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly.  When
                you have an insufficient number of job openings, your citizens
                tend to get upset with you.  If the unemployment rate gets too
                high, you'll see citizens leaving for the closest city in search
                of work.
                Luckily, unemployment is easy to fix, well, if you have money.
                Unemployment can open up the option of expanding your city.  By
                expanding, you will create more homes, more jobs, and more goods.
                Fisheries or Farms are usually a favorite for solving the problem
                of unemployment, mainly because very few cities produce too much
                food, so a little more won't hurt.  Also, depending on the scenario,
                you may be able to export some of that food.  As I brought up
                earlier, expanding your city will take money, and plenty of it,
                depending on your definition of the magnitude of "expanding".
                Whatever route you decide to take for your city, be sure that you
                supply the city with the proper goods needed to complete the task.
                For example, say you wanted to create a ton of sculptures, which
                could then be exported for a profit.  Without bronze, you cannot
                produce a sculpture, so either you'll have to go make the bronze
                or you'll have to import it from another city.
                Fortunately, I rarelt have this problem.  Unfortunately, it's just
                the opposite of Unemployment.
              Worker Shortage:
                The Zeus manual states "Worker shortages can cripple a city."
                Unfortunately, this is so VERY true.  Say you're right at or near
                0-5% Unemployment, and you've got a relatively small city in
                terms of population.  Now, there's a threat of war.  If you've
                got your military set to "Auto Defend", the troops will be called
                into action one month from the arrival of the invaders.  The
                number of people in your army will be subtracted from the city
                workforce.  You'll get warnings of worker shortages almost
                immediately.  Once this happens, it's safe to say you're pretty
                much screwed, unless you've got a lot of unoccupied housing prior
                to the troops being called into action.
                If you've got extra husing, pray that new people will come into
                the city and move into one of them before they begin fighting.
                'Threat of War' will basically shut down all immigration.
                If you don't have extra housing, you're screwed.  It will start
                a huge chain reaction throughout the entire city.  No food or
                other supplies delivered means no people.  Also, no food means
                that that house's level of evoultion will drop to the very
                Worker shortages indeed can cripple one's city.
            There's one more aspect of Industry that is important.  In fact, it
            can be used to avoid worker problems.  Well, it can't really 'solve'
            them, but it can help things along a little bit.
            This aspect is called Worker Allocation.  Basically, it's a concept
            and game function that allows you to assign a certain number of
            workers to certain types of jobs.  If you are a previous City- Builder
            owner, you already know what I mean.
            The City-Building series has set up jobs in different categories.  On
            page 61 of the manual, there is a picture of what I'm talking about.
            You can set a 'priority' for each job type.  If you feel Husbandry is
            the most important job, set its priority to 'Very High'.  The game
            will recognize this, and make sure to shift workers accordingly.  If
            the city has no worker shortages, this won't change anything really.
            However if you have shortages, the game will shift workers so that the
            job type with the highest priority gets a full staff, and it spreads
            the remainder of the workers accordingly.
            For more information on Industry, view page 63 in the manual.  The
            page features some information on problems in the Industry and shows
            you how to quickly see them and take care of them.
                      Distribution (Locally, Importing, Exporting)
        Husbandry has brought you food.  Food is now collecting with nowhere to
        go.  Distribution is the next thing that must be done if you intend to
        feed your citizens.  You could make all the food you wanted to, but
        without distribution, there is no way for your citizens to consume the
          Distribution Buildings
            You can't distribute food or any other good without a building.  That
            building also needs workers.  So, how many buildings are there?  Not
            very many, but they are essential!
                The first deposit of food is usually to a local Granary.  Food
                stored in a Granary will be picked up by Food Vendors, which will
                sell them to the citizens of your great city.
                  FAQ: Why won't food be delivered to my Granary?
                       This could be one of many things to be honest.  Be sure
                       your Granary has road access and a full staff.  Be sure
                       that the place making the food has road access and a
                       full staff as well.  Check your settings for your Granary.
                       You may have them set to 'Don't Accept', which will disable
                       the Granary's ability to accept that type of food.
                  FAQ: Why don't the roads and houses near the Granary improve?
                       A Granary has a Negative (-) desirability level.  People
                       don't enjoy living near one, so don't build a Granary too
                       close to your housing.
                  FAQ: Why does my Granary keep collapsing?
                       Poor maintenance is the reason.  Granaries are fairly
                       large structures, and they have a tendency to collapse.
                       Build a Maintenance Office nearby to prevent damage in
                       the future.
                Granary Orders:
                  You can assign a Granary specific orders as to what types of
                  food it will accept and how much of that food it will accept.
                  For more information, read pages 66-68 in the manual.
                A Storehouse is used for finished goods.  It can also be used for
                things like food.  Keep in mind that food that is placed in a
                Storehouse is not used to feed the citizens of your city.
                A Storehouse has orders similar to that of a Granary.
              Agoras & Vendors:
                Vendors are built on Agoras.  Vendors buy goods from the Granary
                and Storehouse to sell to the citizens.  There are several types
                of Vendors, each with a specific job.
            Your city can't produce everything.  You will eventually come into
            money problems, so trade is the only answer to both of these problems.
            The problem with trading is not every city wants to trade with you.
            Sure, every city wants your goods, but they don't necessarily want
            to pay you for them.
            Trading in 'Pharaoh' is slightly different from trading here in 
            'Zeus'.  In 'Pharaoh', you had a Dock to import/receive goods from
            the sea.  You also used Storage Yards to import/receive goods from
            the ground.  Well, in 'Zeus', you have a special Pier.  The Pier
            is designed to accept goods from only one specific city.  The
            Trading Post in 'Zeus' is set up the same way.
              Trading Post & Pier:
                Items that are bought from another city are brought to either
                your Trading Post or your Pier.  Things in your Pier have come
                from a city trading via water route.  Things in your Trading
                Post have come from a city trading via land route.
                Once you've built either a Pier or a Trading Post, that city's
                traders will show up in your city.  They are unable to trade
                anything until you give your Trading Post or Pier orders for
                either importing or exporting goods.
                                   Hygiene and Satefy
        City health and safety are critical.  If you have poor health, your
        population will all die, and you'll soon find that you have basically
        no city left.  To be healthy, you need a supply of food and a healer
        of some kind.
            An Infirmary has a negative Desirability Level, so keep that in
            mind when building one.  An Infirmary employs healers who walk
            around the city and act as a door-to-door doctor, sort of speak.
            Keep in mind that your Infirmary needs to have road access!
            The plague is a horrible ailment.  If a house becomes infected, it
            will be quarantined for a few months to ensure that no one else
            catches it.  No one can move into the house until the quarantine
            is lifted.
            There is a Hygiene Overview tab that you can view.  This will enable
            you to see how everything looks house to house.
            Unrest will be part of your city, and it's not something you really
            look forward to.  However, it can be prevented to an extent.  If
            you provide the citizens with the things they want, you shouldn't
            run into unrest.
            If you fail to make them happy, they become upset, and some become
            "Disgruntled Citizens", while others can become "Outlaws".
            Disgruntled citizens aren't there to cause trouble usually, but it's
            a bad sign if you do have them.  Outlaws, on the other hand, are
            a little more dangerous and a threat to the city.  They will mug
            your citizens, and even kill a few of them.  Some of the outlaws
            become thieves, so they will end up stealing food and other things
            from the elite housing.  If a peddler does not replenish those stolen
            goods, the elite house will deteriorate.  Unfortunately, this isn't
            the end of the road for these upset people.  There are also people,
            who will completely raze the elite housing, and the former residents
            will have to move to the next city on the map.
            Building Watchposts is the key to fending off this problem.  A
            Watchpost employs a guard, who will try to fight off any criminals.
            Providing your people with what they want and need is the main thing
            to do.  This will prevent unrest.  There is also an Unrest Overview
            tab for your viewing pleasure.
            Fire and Collapsing buildings are the two main hazards in the City-
            Building series.  In previos games, there was a building to control
            each one separately.  Zeus, however, combines both of them in one
            building, the Maintenance Office.
            A Maintenance Office employs people to make sure there are no fires
            and buildings remain strong.    If there is a fire, they will put it
            out as soon as they can.  If there are structural cracks or flaws
            in buildings, the superintendent will fix them, although you can't
            actually see them doing it.
            As with the previous things mentioned in this section, there is an
            Overview tab as well.  Keep in mind that the Maintenance Office
            requires road access to function.
            Water is essential to life.  Building a Fountain will be the way to
            get water to everyone.  Once the Fountain has road access and a full
            staff, it will send out water bearers to bring water to nearby
            As with the previous things mentioned in this section, there is an
            Overview tab as well.
                                  City Administration
        Every city needs some sort of administration.  Without it, it would be
        total chaos and the city wouldn't be a city for too much longer.  You
        need administration to collect taxes as well.
            The Palace is the essential part of the city.  You cannot collect
            taxes without it.  As you would expect, people love living near
            the Palace, so place it in an area where it could affect a lot of
            homes, if possible.  You'll see the companies' standards surrounding
            the Palace.
            Taxes are extremely important for a city.  Taxes help pay for things
            you have bought through trading.  They will also allow you to make
            an income.  You need to build a Tax Office to collect taxes, however.
            A Tax Office needs road access, and a full staff.  Once those two
            things are met, it will send out clerks to collect taxes from each
            of the houses.
              Tax Rates:
                Setting the tax rates will determine how much your city will
                make.  Just remember that a high tax rate will upset people,
                so don't make it high, unless you want to create pure chaos.
                                Hippodrome And Crosswalk
                   Note: This is in the Poseidon Expansion Pack Only
        The people of Atlantis do indulge themselves in more idle entertainment.
        They love to watch horses race at a Hippodrome.  Each city can have
        only one Hippodrome, and it can be as large or as small as you want.
        To begin Hippodrome construction, select the Administration Tab and
        click "Hippodrome" button.  Hold the red block that appears over a clear
        piece of land.  As you hold the block over the land, your choices
        for the type of segment cycle through.  When you see the section you
        want to build, click to place the segment.  When you are ready to add
        to the track, click the "Hippodrome" button again.  Move the block that
        appears so that it is adjacent to one of the ends of the existing
        Hippodrome onto the ends of sections aleady built.  As you hold the
        cursor in place, your choices will again cycle through.  When the segment
        you want to build appears, click to build it.  A Hippodrome is complete
        when it is a closed loop.
        If you are placing striaght sections of Hippodrome, you can click the mouse
        button and drag the cursor until you have all the stright sections
        you want.
        A Hippodrome does not necessarily have to be an oval.  As long as the
        Hippodrome is a complete citcuit, it can be any shape you want.
        After the Hippodrome is complete, a handler from the Hippodrome must
        receive some horses from a Horse Ranch before races can begin.  He
        must be able to walk on a road from the Hippodrome to the Horse
        Ranch.  Once the handler returns to the track with enough horses,
        the races will start.  To find out how many horses the Hippodrome
        needs, right-click on it.
        The larger a Hippodrome is, the more horses race upon it, and the more
        horses the handler will have to retrieve.  If the Hippodrome is large
        enough, your citizens will attend the races and spend money making
        wagers and ordering snacks.  If you continue to make the Hippodrome
        larger, you'll become more popular with the residents of your city,
        and word of the fantastic races will spread around the world.  Soon,
        people from all over the world will come to your Hippodrome and spend
        money.  The Hippodrome will generate revenue, and you'll become more
        popular with your own citizens and other leaders of the world.
        As fun as building a Hippodrome is, be careful not to crowd out
        your city.  Remember, horses don't work.
        A Hippodrome provides exciting action for the citizens of Atlantis
        and the world, but it can also provide a lot of city design questions.
        Luckily, you can use Crosswalks to bridge over large Hippodrome.
        Crosswalks can be built over straight sections of Hippodrome only.
        To build a Crosswalk, select the Administration Tab and click the
        "Hippodrome" button.  Select "Crosswalk," then find a straight
        section of track that has empty land or a road on both sides of it.
        When you've picked a suitable spot, you'll see a green ghost of the
        Crosswalk.  Click the mouse button to set the Crosswalk in place.
        Any citizen can use the Crosswalk to get across the Hippodrome.
        Because of structural considerations, Crosswalks cannot be built
        adjacent to each other.
        Hippodromes and Crosswalks may only be built on Atlantis or its
        Every city needs needs culture.  A city lacking culture isn't really
        a city at all, in my opinion.  There are several things associated
        with culture, so let's see what's involved...
            Philosophy is probably one of the most important things.  You need
            yout citizens to be smart.  You need to stimulate their minds, so
            this is the answer.
            A Collage is required for this job.  A College will teach philosophers
            the latest modes of thinking.  Philosophers need a place to spew their
            words to the masses.  You need to build a Podium for this.  There
            is a Philosophers Overview tab, which will allow you to see how well
            they are doing.  Now that you have intelligent people, you need to
            get them in shape.
            To get your citizens in shape, build a Gymnasium.  The Athletes will
            then train your citizens, and this will make them more healthy.  If
            a Stadium is built in the city, a Gymnasium will produce competitors
            as well, which will perform in the Stadium.
            Drama is the only thing available that will make people laugh and cry.
            To produce an Actor, you need a Drama School.  Once you have an Actor,
            you will need to build a Theater, which will give that person a place
            to show off his/her acting abilities.
            Competition is usually a good thing, whether you're talking about
            companies or physican competition.  If you want competition, you
            will need to build a Stadium.  Once a Stadium is constructed, a
            Gymnasium will produce competitors, which will compete in the
            Stadium.  If you have a Stadium, you will be able to host the Pan-
            Hellenic Games.
        There is a Culture Overview tab, which will enable you to see how spread
        Culture is in your city.
        Pan-Hellenic Games
          This is the Olympic Games.  For more information, read pages 110-113
          in the game manual.
                   Note: This is in the Poseidon Expansion Pack Only
        Atlanteans value science above all other pursuits.  Rather than entertain
        themselves with dramas, philosophical ideas and athletics, they thrill to
        uncover previously unknown facts and to study the world around them.
        In fact, Atlanteans will not improve their homes until they receive
        scientific instruction.  They learn the sciences from scholars,
        astronomers, inventors, and curators.
            Scholars become wise by studying the books in a Bibliotheke.  Once
            they have learned some fascinating facts, the scholars wander the
            city, sharing their knowledge with the population.  Scholars
            begin their studies when the Bibliotheke has workers.
            Scholars are roaming walkers and turn around if they run into a
            Astronomers look to the skies to learn more about life on earth.
            But, before they can track the stars from an Observatory, they
            must first receive instruction at a University.
            After the astronomer completes his studies at the University,
            he makes his way to an Observatory to watch the skies.  When an
            astronomer spots something new in the heavens, he'll leave the
            Observatory to tell people in the surrounding neighborhood of his
            latest discovery.
            Make sure that you can trace a road from the Observatory to the
            University; if the Astronomer can't get from the University to
            the Observatory by a road, he'll never leave the University.
            Astronomers are roaming walkers sometimes and destination walkers
            at other times.  When an astronomer is going from a University to
            an Observatory, he is a destination walker and ignores Roadblocks.
            If an astronomer leaves from an Observatory, he is a roaming walker
            and turns around when he runs into a Roadblock.
            Inventors keep Atlantis on the cutting edge of new technology.  They
            receive their training at an Inventors' Workshop.  Once an inventor
            understands how to turn his ideas into products, he leaves the
            Inventors' Workshop and goes to work at a Laboratory, and when he
            invents something unique, he wanders the city's streets telling the
            citizens in the housing he passes all about his new gadget.
            make sure that the inventor can walk on a road from the Inventors'
            Workshop to the Laboratory.  Otherwise, the inventor will be trapped
            in the Workshop.
            When an inventor leaves the Laboratory to tell the world about his
            latest invention, he is a roaming walker and turns around when he
            meets a Roadblock.
            When an inventor is making his way from the Inventors' Workshop to
            the Laboratory, he is a destination walker and ignores Roadblocks.
            Curators receive training at a University and then work at a
            Museum.  Each city can have only one Museum.
            After the curator completes his studies, he goes from the University
            to the Museum.  Make sure that the curator can walk on a road
            from the University to the Museum.  After the curator arrives
            at the Museum and prepares an exhibit, he'll leave the Museum and
            tell the people in the nearby houses of the latest displays.
            When a curator is going from a University to the Museum, he is
            a destination walker and ignores Roadblicks.  The curators that leave
            from the Museum are roaming walkers and turn around when they
            encounter a Roadblock.
        You have several means at your disposal to keep track of scientific 
        activity.  When you click the Science Tab, a brief report appears.
        Each scientific pursuit is listed, along with an estimate of how much
        instruction your citizens have received in each of the types of science.
        For more information, click the small magnifying glass.  Specific
        information regarding the number of science facilities in your city
        To keep track of scientific activity in the neighborhoods, use
        the science reports.  You can keep track of a single type of
        scientist, or all scientist.  To check a particular type of
        scientist, click the appropriate button ("Show Scholars",
        "Show Astronomers", "Show Inventors", or "Show Curators").  When
        you click one of these buttons, msot of the city's buildings
        temporarily flatten, and most of the city's residents disappear.
        For example, if you choose "Show Scholars," only the scholars,
        bibliothekes, houses and, if you have one in your city, Hercules'
        Hall show how recently a scholar has passed by to educate the
        residents.  The taller the column, the more recently the
        scientist has passed.
        You can see all your scientists and science buildings at one time
        by clicking the "Show All Science" button.
        Growing up, you were probably introduced to a few Mythological creatures.
        There were a TON of them, however, and fortunately, Zeus has a few as
          The Gods
            This game features twelve gods.  As you learned in school, there was
            a hierarchy, and Zeus is no different.  Here is a list of the gods
            in order of hierarchy:
            When you are going through your travels, some of these gods will turn
            up.  Some will support you and desire your worship, while others may
            oppose you and set up obstacles for you to overcome.
          Friendly Gods
            When friendly gods make appearances in your city, they are after one
            thing, workship.  If you worship the god, they will give you something
            in return.  To worship a god, you need to build a Sanctuary.  If you
            look at the above list of gods, you'll see the rank they have.  The
            higher up on the list the gods are, the more expensive and larger
            the Sanctuary will be for that god.
              Sanctuary Construction
                If you're going to worship a god, you will need to build a
                Sanctuary.  In 'Pharaoh', we had to build Pyramids and several
                other structures.  Well, in 'Zeus', we have to build these
                rather large Sanctuaries.
                Every Sanctuary has a different size.  Due to that fact, each
                Sanctuary will require a different amount of marble to place
                the base and steps.
                When you have enough money and marble, you can start construction
                on the Sanctuary.  The process is very similar to building the
                buildings in 'Pharaoh'.
                For the largest Sanctuaries, you cannot see the entire footprint
                of the building when trying to find a spot for it's construction.
                In this situation, find a place for the building, and press the
                [m] key.  This will freeze the footprint and you can view the
                surrounding area.  You can also press the [r] key to rotate the
                building.  Sanctuaries require road access to function.
                Placing the base and steps of a Sanctuary is only the beginning.
                To complete the whole project, you'll need the services of some
                artisans from an Artisans' Guild and supplies of marble, wood,
                and scultpures.  An Artisans' Guild needs road access to operate.
                Be aware that the Guilds have a negative effect on Desirability.
                Now it's just a matter of time before the project is complete.
            Each Sanctuary brings about the god and benefits.  Below is a little
            more information on this.  This comes straight from the manual.
              * Zeus' Stronghold
                When you build Zeus' Stronghold, Zeus, Ruler of Heaven provides
                you with an Oracle hat can predict the future.  For more
                information on how to use the Oracle, see page 124.  Zeus himself
                will also defend you against any god that dares to set foot in
                your city.  Other leaders of Greece will take notice of Zeus'
                affection for you, and they will think more highly of you.
                Sometimes, Zeus will wander around your city, taking in the sites.
                In his travels, he will occasionally sanctify a building.
                Because he is the most powerful god, he can perform any god's
                sanctification.  You can also pray to Zeus (page 124).  If he
                grants your prayer, he will defeat the next army that attacks your
                city.  If you are in great danger, Zeus might grant you this
                blessing of his own accord.
              * Promontory Of Poseidon
                Poseidon, Ruler of the Sea, will be so pleased when you build him
                his Sanctuary, he will send his Kraken to patrol your city's
                waters, killing any enemies that enter them.  He'll also convince
                urchins and fish to allow themselves to be caught faster.  Poseidon
                will also stroll ...er, swim... around the city and will sanctify
                Fisheries and Urchin Quays.  While they are sanctified, Fisheries
                and Urchin Quays will be more productive.  The ever-versatile
                Poseidon is also patron of horses and will also sanctify Horse
                Ranches.  While sanctified, more horses will magically appear in
                Horse Ranches.  Poseidon will give you seafood if your city is low
                on food, and you can also pray to him for this blessing.
              * Gates Of Hades
                Build Hades' Sanctuary, and the Ruler of the Underworld will loan
                you his favorite pet, Cerberus, wanders the city on his own and
                attacks any enemies.  The Gates also have some deposits of silver
                ore that miners from a Mint can gather.  Hades can sanctify Tax
                Offices, Mints, and Foundries.  While the Tax Office is sanctified,
                houses in the vicinity will pay more taxes.  While the Mint or
                Foundry is sanctified, it becomes more productive.  Finally, you
                can pray to Hades for Money.  If Hades notices on his own that
                you are low on money, he might give you money or he'll see to it
                that one of your allies provides you with funds.
              * Garden Of Demeter
                Fertile meadow surrounds the Garden of Demeter, Goddess of
                Fertility.  You can use land for farms, livestock, and orchards.
                On her walks around your city, Demeter will sanctify your farms,
                making them yield more food.  If Demeter notices that you are
                low on food, she will bring food from her own harvest to the
                Granaries.  You can also pray to Demeter to receive this blessing.
              * Arbor of Athena
                When you build the Arbor of Athena, Goddess of Warriors, Crafts,
                and Wisdom, she provides you with an arbor of sacred Olive Trees
                that growers from a Growers' Lodge can tend and harvest.  She
                also endows the soldiers in your city with more strength, and she
                herself will defend your city if it is threatened.  When Athena
                makes a foray into your city, she might sanctify your Carding Sheds
                and Olive Presses.  While they are sanctified, these buildings
                will become more productive.  You can pray to Athena for olives
                and olive oil, and she might grant you this blessing on her own
                if she notices that you are running low on the items.
              * Artemis' Menagerie
                Artemis, Goddess of Hunters, loans you two companies of fierce
                Amazon warriors.  She will also stroll around your city and hunt
                down any predators she sees killing another animal or person.  The
                building that she sanctifies is the Boar Hunter's Lodge.  While
                sanctified, the hunters from the Lodge find that their spears can't
                miss, and they are much more productive.  Pray to Artemis if you
                want her to bring you some pork.  She'll grant this blessing
                voluntarily if she notices that you are particularly low on food.
              * Oracle Of Apollo
                Apollo is the God of Prophecy.  If you build his Sanctuary, he
                will grant you use of his Oracle with which you can redict the
                future.  The god will also endow your city's philosophers,
                athletes, actors, and competitors with more skills, giving them
                a better chance of winning the Pan-Hellenic Games.  Apollo will
                also kill any monsters that attack your city.  When the god takes
                a walk, he might sanctify your Podiums, Gymnasiums, Theaters, and
                Stadium.  While these buildings are sanctified, more walkers will
                emerge from them to entertain the neighborhood.  If Apollo answers
                your prayer, he will cure the city of plague and improve citizens'
                health.  He might also grant this blessing on his own if he notices
                that a plague has broken out.
              * Ares' Fortress
                Ares, God of War, grants you the use of two companies of his fierce
                warriors, the Sparti, when you build his Fortress.  He will also
                take his Dragon for an occasional walk and allow his pet to feast
                on an invader, wolf, or vicious boar.  Pray to Ares if you would
                like him to accompany your soldiers into battle at another city.
                Ares loves a good fight, so sometimes he will go with your soldiers
              * Forge of Hephaestus
                Honor Hephaestus, Smith of Heaven, with a Sanctuary, and he gives
                you the gifts of the Forge.  Copper ore lies outside the Sanctuary,
                and miners from a Foundry can extract the ore.  Hephaestus also
                prevents your city's buildings from burning down.  As Hephaestus 
                walks around your city, he sanctifies some of your Armories and
                Sculpture Studios.  While the buildings are sanctified, the workers
                find that bronze is much easier to work with, and they produce
                more armor and sculpture than they usually do.  Pray to Hephaestus,
                and he will answer your prayer by granting you the use of Talos,
                his man of bronze.  Talos will defend your city from attack for
                a few months.  If Hephaestus senses that you are in trouble, he
                might send Talos to you on his own.
              * Aphrodite's Haven
                Aphrodite, Goddess of the Tender Passions, makes your city so
                attractive that people refuse to leave.  No one will emigrate as
                long as Aphrodite's Haven is working in the city.  She will also
                make your city seem more appealing to its residents.  And, if Ares,
                Hephaestus, Hermes, or Dionysus come into your city to cause
                trouble, Aphrodite will send them packing.  On her strolls, she
                sanctifies some of your houses, and they will gain more residents
                if they have room.  If Aphrodite answers your prayer, she will
                bless all of your city's houses with more residents.  She might
                even perform this blessing for you voluntarily if she notices
                that your city's housing is mostly vacant.
              * Hermes' Refuge
                Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, is a friend of traders.  He will
                convince trade caravans and ships to move through your city quicker,
                which means that they drop off and pick up supplies faster.  He
                also convinces more trade caravans and ships to come to your city
                every year.  Deliverymen also move faster when Hermes is in
                residence.  You can also pray to Hermes, and he will fulfill one
                outstanding request on your behalf with no cost to you.  He'll also
                offer this blessing to you of his own accord.
              * Grove of Dionysus
                Dionysus, God of the Vine, hates to see any city go without wine.
                His Sanctuary has a grove of Grapevines that growers from the
                Growers' Lodge can harvest.  Life is a party with Dionysus around,
                and people are having far too much fun for any unrest to develop.
                As he stumbles around your city, Dionysus sanctifies Wineries.
                While sanctified, the vintners are able to ferment more wine than
                they usually can.  You can also pray to Dionysus to give you wine of
                his own accord if he notices that you are low on his favorite
              * Orchard of Hera (Available in Poseidon Expansion Pack ONLY)
                When you complete the Orchard of Hera, two stands of Orange 
                Trees sprout up in front of her Sanctuary.  These Orange Trees 
                can be harvested by a tender from an Orange Tenders' Lodge.  
                When she is out and about in your city, she might sanctify your 
                Corrals and Orange Tenders' Lodges.  While sanctified, these 
                buildings produce more food than usual.
                Hera is also the only deity who can stand up to Zeus and send 
                him packing.  If Zeus attacks a city that worships Hera, she 
                will make sure that Zeus causes no damage.  She also increases 
                your population by making your citizens more fertile.  They 
                give birth to more babies while Hera is in residence.
                A prayer to the goddess helps you keep the city's Agoras 
                stocked.  When Hera answers your prayer, she helps all the 
                vendors in your city uncover some stock that they did not 
                realize they had.  If Hera notices that your Agoras are 
                running low on supplies, she may grant this blessing on her
                own.  Hera only helps those Vendors' Stalls that have employees.
                When she is upset, Hera...well, let's just say that she does 
                some interesting things to your people.  Hera also kills half 
                the cattle being raised in your city and destroys the orange 
                crop.  To top it off, she convinces all the other leaders in 
                the world to think less of you.
              * Pillar of Atlas (Available in Poseidon Expansion Pack ONLY)
                When you complete the Pillar of Atlas, the great god induces 
                your stonecutters to work more quickly.  Artisans' Guilds also 
                send out more artisans to construction sites.  If Atlas 
                sanctifies a Masonry Shop or Black Marble Workshop while 
                wandering around your city, then the sanctified building 
                will produce more marble than usual.
                If Atlas hears your prayer, he will speed up the construction 
                of a Sanctuary or Pyramid.  When he responds to your prayer, 
                he makes his way to a construction site.  Any materials en 
                route to the site magically appear, and the construction 
                materials somehow last longer than they should.  For a short 
                time, the artisans continue to work without needing new 
                When Atlas invades, any unfortunate people who cross his path 
                are turned to stone.  He also curses your Black Marble 
                Workshops and Masonry Shops.  Any marble on the premises is 
                destroyed, and no more is delivered until the curse wears 
                off.  Atlas also curses Artisans' Guilds.  When cursed, any 
                artisan working on a project dies, and other artisans, not 
                wanting the same cruel fate to befall them, stay in the 
                Artisans' Guild until the curse ends.
              * Citadel of Poseidon (Available in Poseidon Expansion Pack ONLY)
                Poseidon is the father of Atlantis, and when Atlanteans 
                worship him they build the Citadel of Poseidon.  The Citadel 
                of Poseidon provides the same benefits as the Promontory of 
                Poseidon, but it is a much more majestic building, befitting 
                of the god's stature in Atlantis.  The central feature of the 
                Citadel of Poseidon is a gorgeous statue of the god is his 
                element, surrounded by leaping dolphins and beautiful Nereids.
            When you hear "Sacrifices", bad things tend to come to mind.  Well,
            I'm not talking about human sacrifices, so don't get worried.
            Priests from a Sanctuary will go around the city looking for either
            a goat or a sheep for this.  If the priest cannot find one, then
            food will be taken away from your Granary.  If you never have a goat
            of sheep in your city for this purpose, the god will think that you
            have turned your back on him/her, and you will lose any benefits that
            the Sanctuary provides.
            Praying to a God will bring you some sort of benefit.  A list of them
            is shown above.  Right-click on the Sanctuary.  A panel will appear
            and give you the option of praying to the god.  If the god grants
            your prayer, he/she will let you know.
            Earlier I mentioned the Oracle.  The Oracle is used to view/predict
            the future.  Zeus' Stronghold and the Oracle of Apollo both have
            Oracles.  To consult the Oracle, it's the same process as praying
            for a god.  If the Oracle responds to your request, it will issue
            a prediction.
          When Gods Attack
            No, this is not another crappy FOX special.
            When a god is upset, he/she will tear up your city.  Each god goes
            after a particular part of the city.  Below is a description of this.
            * Zeus
              Zeus wreaks general havoc.  He'll destroy the city's Palace, then
              look for other buildings to crush.  He can also perform any god's
              curse, and traders won't come to a city cursed by Zeus.
            * Poseidon
              Poseidon focuses his anger on your water-related buildings.  Trireme
              Wharves, Urchin Quays, and Fisheries cannot hope to escape his wrath.
              When he curses these buildings, they become inoperable until the
              curse the curse is lifted.  Trade ships won't risk Poseidon's wrath
              and won't come to your city until they are sure Poseidon has left.
            * Hades
              Hades likes to bring people back to the Underworld with him.  When
              he attacks, every walker in the city goes to the Underworld, and
              your streets will be eerily empty.  Hades also likes to curse
              Foundries and Mints, and they will not work while they are cursed.
            * Demeter
              The Goddess of Fertility spends her time making your city infertile.
              When she's retaliating against you, she likes to destroy crops and
              kill sheep and goats.
            * Athena
              When Athena is exacting revenge, she likes to weaken the city's
              defenses by leaving the city's Walls and Towers unmanned.  She also
              does a number on the city's olive oil industry.
            * Artemis
              When you offend Artemis, she and her Amazons launch a full-scale
              attack on your city.  She'll also kill some of your hunters and make 
              sure that wolf packs in your city are strong.
            * Apollo
              When Apollo is in a snit, he likes to cause plagues.  He'll also 
              prevent the city's cultural institutions from enriching the masses.
            * Ares
              Ares marches into your city with an army of fierce and ugly Sparti
              when he is perturbed with you.
            * Hephaestus
              Spurn the Smith of Heaven, and Hephaestus will become an arsonist,
              setting some of the city's buildings on fire.  He's also fond of
              making the metal at your Sculpture Studios and Armories so brittle 
              that it cannot be used to make anything.
            * Aphrodite
              When you scorn Aphrodite, she responds by making off with some of
              your people.  All of the walkers on the street, completely entranced
              by the goddess, will follow her out of your city, as will a portion
              of your population.
            * Hermes
              Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods, but he is also the God of
              Thieves.  When Hermes attacks, he steals some of your money, and
              makes roads unsafe for travel for trade caravans.
            * Dionysus
              Dionysus comes into your city and whisks the walkers away, leaving
              the streets barren.  He also curses the city's Grapevines.
            * Hera
              When she is upset, Hera...well, let's just say that she does some
              interesting things to your people.  Hera also kills half the cattle
              being raised in the city and destroys the orange crop.  To top
              it off, she convinces all the other leaders in thw world to think
              less of you
            * Atlas
              When Atlas invades, any unfortunate people who cross his path
              are turned to stone.  he also curses your Black Marble Workshops
              and Masonry Shops.  Any marble on the premises is destroyed, and
              no more is delivered until the curse wears off.  Atlas also curses
              Artisans' Guilds.  When cursed, any artisan working on a project
              dies, and other artisans, not wanting the same cruel fate to
              befall them, stay in the Artisans' Guild.
            The gods also have other things they can do.  They always have something
            up their sleeves.
            If a god is too busy to attack your city, he/she may send a monster
            to do so instead.
            Monsters don't always have bad intentions.  No, really.  Monsters are
            sent out by their masters, and do whatever they tell them to do.
            * Cyclops
              This one-eyed brute is the apple of Zeus' eye.
            * Kraken
              Poseidon counts the Kraken, a horrible sea creature, among his
              favorite things.
            * Cerberus
              This three-headed hound of the Underworld is Hades favorite pet.
            * Medusa
              This snake-haired woman, who is frequently a minion of Demeter, turns
              all who look at her into stone.
            * Hydra
              This multi-headed creature likes to bite and sting.  When he's not
              pursuing his own interests, he works for Athena.
            * Caldonian Boar
              This monsterous boar likes to impale people with his tusks.  Artemis
              is his master when he isn't attacking something of his own free will.
            * Scylla
              Another in a long list of multi-headed creatures, Scylla obeys
              Apollo when she isn't pursuing her own agenda.
            * Dragon
              The fire-breathing Dragon is one of Ares' favorite instruments of war.
              When Ares doesn't have anything for the Dragon to do, the Dragon finds
              his own trouble.
            * Talos
              Hephaestus made Talos from bronze.  Though he owes his existence to
              Hephaestus and obeys him, Talos still has a mind of his own.
            * Hector
              A great Trojan warrior, Hector frequently can be found in the service
              of Aphrodite.  Ever an independent spirit, he also follows his own
              battle plan.
            * Minotaur
              Half-man, half-bull, but all trouble, this beats often does Hermes'
            * Maenad
              When whipped into a frenzy, this mad-woman tears people apart with her
              bare hands.  She is a card-carrying member of the cult of Dionysus,
              but she can also act alone.
                        -- Added in "Poseidon" Expansion Pack --
            * Sphinx
              Known for her difficult riddles, th Sphinx is part woman and part 
              lion - a deadly combination to be sure.  When she isn't wreaking 
              havoc of her own volition, she follows Hera's orders.
            * Chimera
              With Typhon as a father and Echidna as her mother, Chimera's 
              pedigree is impeccable.  Her sense of destruction is also 
              well-refined.  She's more than willing to attack on her own, but 
              also does Atlas' bidding.
            * Echidna
              The mother of monsters (Sphinx, Chimera, Cerberus, and Hydra), 
              Echidna has the face of a nymph but the body of a serpent.  
              Headstrong, Echidna reports to no one; she always acts on her own.
            * Harpies
              This foursome of fearsome sisters is bent on destruction.  No 
              one would dare order the Harpies around, not even a god.
            When a monster is turned loose in your city, and the god is angry
            with you, you're in trouble.  Fortunately, there are a few ways to
            go about killing the creature.  If you have a lot of elite soldiers,
            you might be able to get rid of the beast.  The only god that will
            fight off monsters is Apollo.  The other gods don't feel that that
            kind of thing is a wise use of their powers.  The best way is to
            use a Hero that can accomplish the task.
            If there is a quest that needs to be fulfilled, or if there is a
            monster destroying your city, a hero will be needed to be brought into
            the city.
            * Hercules
              One of Zeus' sons, Hercules' feats of strength are well known
              throughout Greece.  If you have a problem with Berberus or Hydra,
              Hercules is your man.
            * Achilles
              this veteran hero has been around the block a time or two.  He can
              match up against Hector and the Maenads.
            * Odysseus
              This famous traveller is cunning and strong.  He knows how to fight
              Scylla and the Cyclops.
            * Jason
              A great leader of men, Jason holds the upper hand in fights with
              Talos and the Dragon.
            * Theseus
              Theseus has had a long, exciting carrier, and he continues to build
              on his legend.  He's the only man who can take on the Minotaur and
              Calydonian Boar.
            * Perseus
              A younger hero, Perseus is just beginning to build his legend.
              Medusa and the Kraken are his enemies.
            * Atalanta
              The famed archer, huntress and athlete does battle with the
              Sphinx and the Harpies.
            * Bellerophon
              The skilled horseman, does battle with Chimera and Echidna.
            To request a Hero, you need to construct a Hero's Hall.  Also, make
            sure that the Hero's Hall is connected by a road.  Right-click on
            the Hall for details on what is required to seek a Hero's presence.
            As you meet each requirement, it will be "checked" off the list.
            If there is a monster that needs slaying, the Hero will know what
            to do.
            If you're sending the Hero to fulfill a request, just let the Hero
            know when you want him to go off and complete the quest.  To send
            him on his way, select the Summary Tab, and then click on the small
            green button.  Or, you can click on the Magnifying Glass button on
            the Summary Tab.  You'll see the Quest listed in the panel that appears.
            Click on the quest to send the Hero off.
          Keeping Track Of Everyone
            The Mythology Tab will list all of the gods, monsters, and heroes,
            so you can keep a tab on everyone.  For more information on this,
            read pages 131-132 in the manual.
        Military action is something that cannot always be prevented.  If you
        want your city to continue on, you will need to build an army.  Invaders
        will approach your city, looking for more land or other things, so you'll
        just have to defeat them before they are able to take over your city.
        Before you can build a military, you'll need a Palace.  The Palace is
        where everything starts from.
        This aspect of the game isn't really worth repeating, so I suggest that
        you read the entire chapter on Military.  You'll learn about the different
        types of military, the formations, the buildings, and much, much more.
        It is, however, important that you read this section.
        For people to live and love the city, it has to look nice.  No one wants
        to live in a city of nothing but Industrial buildings and workshops.
        So, this is where you have to use the Aesthetics to make the city look
        The game manual gives a small description of each of the many things you
        can use to make the city look better.  So, I will suggest that you read
        them for yourself.  In fact, I suggest that you read the whole section,
        pages 152-157.
        Getting through Zeus is a long process.  I'll do my best trying to lead
        you through it.  If you've got any tips or strategies for any part of
        the game, email me at red_phoenix_1@hotmail.com, and your subject line
        should read "Zeus".
        Note: Most of the walkthroughs were done in "Beginner" for difficulty,
        which allowed me to go through things a little faster in the game,
        so there will be slightly different things happening depending on what
        difficulty you have your game set on, such as some numbers I may use
        in the walkthroughs.
                                    Zeus and Europa
                                   Founding of Thebes
          Goals:  Population of 1000
          Follow a cow?  The priestess from the oracle said to follow a cow?
          A peculiar command to be sure, but then the priestess is never wrong.
          She promised that great things would come to the person who follows
          her cow until it lays down to sleep, and then builds a city on the
          spot.  This person will be able to achieve and finally bring Europa
          back to Greece.  The beautiful Europa was abducted years ago by a
          white bull and has not been seen since.  And thus, the priestess'
          Bovine-centric prophecy came to an end.
          The cow did not choose a very good spot.  She fell asleep a short
          distance from a hideous multi-headed serpent that purportedly,
          belongs to Ares.  The monster is always ravenously hungry and eats
          everything that comes near him!  Building a city here won't be easy,
          but the promised reward is irresistable!
          The monster that the introduction mentions is Hydra.  For me, Hydra
          wasn't near my city, so it never posed a threat.
          This level was an excellent transition from the tutorials to the game.
          This level is relatively simple, yet offers the basic situations that
          you will encounter, such as employment problems, food problems, and
          health problems.
          You have two options here.  Wheat or Cheese.  A single wheat farm
          produces more food than a single Dairy.  So, wheat would be your
          best bet, although I actually went the opposite route, which turned
          into an employment problem if I remember correctly.  For either
          Goats (for Cheese) or Wheat Farms (for Wheat), you'll need to place
          them in a Meadow area.  To the left side of the map, you'll see a
          lovely meadow area.  I don't suggest building here.  In a future
          episode on this map, a lava eruption will destroy nearby buildings
          and cause havoc.
          Unfortunately, your rivals want your city, so you must defend it in
          some way.  I chose the route of bribing them, which worked.
          This was a fairly easy city.  The main thing I did that prolonged my
          stay in the city was planned for a larger city.  I built a lot of
          food-producing structures (Wheat Farms, Dairies) that I really didn't
          need yet.  This caused problems with the employment.
                                      The Serpent
          Goals:  Produce 48 Slabs of Marble in One Year
          The time has come.  Ares' multi-headed serpent will not leave Thebes
          alone, and as the city grows, the monster is bound to cause more
          trouble, plus you could really use some sort of that marble it seems
          to be guarding.  For the good of the city, the serpent must be slain.
          No ordinary human can perform this extraordinary task, however.  You'd
          need the help of a hero!
          Hydra is guarding the marble quarry.  So unless you want buildings
          and people destroyed and killed, you will need to kill Hydra.  To
          kill Hydra, you need to seek Hercules.  Hercules' Hall will need
          certain things to bring Hercules to the city.
          Requirements for Hercules' Hall:
          Hercules Hall Has Excellent Culture Access
          Win any Pan-Hellenic Game
          Excellent City Wide Gymnasium Access
          Population of 1500
          32 Amphorae of wine
          Calydon will send wine and sculptures for fleece.
          Once you have killed Hydra, you can begin quarrying marble.  Building
          a half-dozen Masonry Shops will be enough.  Once you have 48 slabs
          of marble produced in one year, the scenario will come to an end.
                                       Ares' City
          Goals:  Sanctuary to Ares
                  50 People in Residence or better
                  30 Sheaves of Wheat for colony
                  25 Jugs of Olive Oil for colony
          The wine goddess Athena offered this advice: 'Ares is indeed going to
          be upset by the loss of that serpent.  He has this thing for serpents-
          single- headed double- headed, dunder- headed-  It doesn't matter.
          He loves them all.  And, he really liked how the song listened off
          all those heads.  But, do you know what Ares likes almost as much
          as serpents?  Big, big sanctuaries built just for him!  He likes to
          conduct what he calls 'Ambush Practice' in a Sanctuary's twisting
          halls, but to most it seems like he's playing hide and seek.  If you
          build a Sanctuary for Ares, the god will be thrilled to have a new
          place to practice the art of war, and he'll forget all about the 
          serpent.  He'll even take some of the slain serpent's teeth, sow them
          in the earth, transforming them into fiercly powerful soldiers called
          Sparti.  These soldiers will do your building and help to protect
          Thebes.  Heel my advice, mortal, and good luck.
          Ahh, a new sanctuary to construct.  Although Ares' Sanctuary isn't
          huge, it has wondeful benefits.  Two companies of Mythical Warriors
          will join your military forces, and if you pray to Ares, he may
          accompany you on a distant battle.  As you've read before, you'll
          need marble, wood, and sculptures.
          Hopefully, you already have an excess of marble, so this shouldn't
          be a problem.
          You will need to import wood from Libya, which will require a Pier.
          Don't import too much.  For Ares' Sanctuary, only 14 loads of wood
          is required, so importing more won't be necessary.
          Sculptures are the third item you need to finish the Sanctuary.
          To obtain sculptures, you have three options that will all work.
          I would suggest requesting them from your ally Calydon.  They are
          essentially free this way.
          Before you place the Sanctuary, we must talk about placement.  I
          ended up placing it on the right-hand side of the map, which was
          a big mistake, although it still worked.  All of the monsters that
          come in to destroy your city come from the left-hand side of the map,
          so placing the Sanctuary there is the smartest thing to do.
          Finally we get to use Elite Houses.  These are much more demanding
          than 'common' housing.  The first thing an Elite House needs is
          an area of high appeal.  Constructing several Fish Ponds nearby
          can help this out.  Elite Houses require a lot of goods to remain
          occupied and attractive.  Each Elite House needs 1 Skein of Fleece,
          1 Jugs of Olive Oil, and 2 Crates of Food.  Once the house can be
          placed on the map, you must provide it with a constant 'feed' of
          goods and culture.  For providing the goods, Grand Agoras are
          suggested.  They were designed specifically for Elite Housing,
          as they can hold up to six vendors.  Other than the Agoras, you
          will need to have the goods nearby, so the vendors may retrieve the
          goods.  As mentioned above, you must provide the Elite Houses with
          a lot of culture.  If a house isn't evolving, right-click on it
          to see what the problem is.  Most commonly, it is suffering from:
          Not enough appeal, Not enough culture, or it needs Armor.
                                  The Cretan Princess
        Goals:  30 Planks of Wood for Parent City
                30 Amphorae of Wine for Parent City
        The people of Crete are wary of you, and an old beggar man reveals the
        reason: 'Once, a woman was spotted far away from our shores, approaching
        our island on the crest of a giant, foamy wave.  As the woman drew
        closer, it became clear that she wasn'r riding on the sea, but on the
        back of a great white bull!  The bull deposited the woman on our shores,
        and Talos, a bronze man forged by Hephaestus, guards the woman night
        and day.  The bronze man guards our island, too, preventing
        invaders from doing any harm.
        It has been prophesied that a leader from Thebes will come to our island
        and take this woman from us.  We fear that if the leader succeeds, Talos
        will no longer guard our island.  And, since you are from Thebes, you
        might just be the one that will change our world completely!
        This is a different situation.  You get a new map, and you must build
        a successful colony.  It's what you make of it.   This map is extremely 
        You'll notice Talos in the upper-left corner of the map.  There is one
        decision that you must make here.  Should I kill Talos?  I didn't.
        It's not a requirement of the city.  Talos won't venture too close to
        your city if you don't get too close to him.  He just paces back and
        forth up there.  If you do decide to kill Talos, you'll need the aid
        of Jason.
        Jason's Hall Requirements
        - 3 Triremes
        - 2 Horsemen Companies
        - 64 Crates of Food
        - 8 Horses
        - 16 Amphorae of Wine
        As you can see, those requirements would take a LOT of time to produce.
        Also, Trireme Wharves require 100 workers each, so you'd really have to
        have a heck of a city.  My suggestion would be to leave him alone.  He
        ends up appearing later on again anyway, and you're just wasting time
        acquiring those goods, which will in turn produce no real benefits,
        other than allowing you to build in the area Talos was pacing in.
        Start your city as far to the right as possible.  Wood is all over the
        place, so meeting that requirement shouldn't be too hard to complete.
        Wine will take a little longer to produce.  You'll need to plant
        some Grapevines in the meadow area.  You'll also have to build a few
        Growers' Lodges.  Wineries and Storehouses are the next buildings in
        the chain of wine production.
        You will receive requests for both Wine and Food, be sure that you have
        some extra for that purpose.
                                  The Wedding Present
        Goals:  Slay a Monster
                2 Sanctuaries
        The wedding of Harmonia and Cadmus was a splendid affair.  Hephaestus,
        Aphrodite, and Ares were in attendance, along with notable leaders
        from all over the world.  Ares and Aphrodite beamed with pride as they
        each presented Harmonia with a gift.  Aphrodite gave the bride a
        gorgeous necklace that Hephaestus had made, and Ares presented the bride
        with a beautiful and ornate robe.  But the gift that you brought to
        the wedding was the best of all.  You brought Europa, and she finally
        reunited with her brothers Cadmus, Thasus, Phoenix, and Cilix.
        Ecstatic over the return of their sister, Cadmus and Thasus have become
        your stauch allies, while Phoenix anc Cilix opened their distant cities,
        Phoenicia and Cilicia, to trade.  Harmonia and Cadmus even agreed to
        present you with the robe and necklace, though they thought it best to
        send you the gifts later, after the gods had left, so not to offend them.
        Only two things marred the ceremony.  The first was the fear that Talos
        would arrive on the scene at any moment.  The second was the shocking
        lack of wine!  Wine has been difficult to come by in Greece lately,
        except in Mount Cithaeron, which has an abundance of the beverage.  The
        people of Mount Cithaeron are refusing to share their supplies, keeping
        all the wine to themselves.
        As soon as you begin, a Colony Monument will become available.
        The introduction gives you a hint to the monster you'll have to defeat
        (Talos).  Defeating Talos will require the help of Jason.  For the
        requirements of his Hall, view the walkthrough for the previous
        episode, as I've included it there.
        Getting Jason to your city will be no simple task, that's for sure.
        One thing you'll need for sure is Armor.  You need it for the Triremes
        and Horsemen Companies.  You'll also need a supply of Horses.  You
        have to have plenty of food in your city at this time.  Jason's Hall
        will require 64 crates of food, which is equivalent to two full
        granaries.  Getting the triremes is a pain in a way.  One Trireme Wharf
        requires 100 employees, which is a drain on the workforce if you
        are suffering from employment problems.  Fortunately, a Trireme
        Wharf has the option to send people home when the Trireme isn't
        built yet.  In theory, you can turn one of them on at a time, as
        your workforce will allow.
        When you've met all of the goals, you can call for Jason.  Once Jason
        arrives, he'll fight Talos, who is "guarding" the Marble Quarry.
        You need that marble for the Sanctuary you have to build.
                                    The Wine Crisis
        Goals:  Rule Mt. Cithaeron
                3 Sanctuaries
        The situation at Mount Cithaeron has gotten out of control.  Nearly
        all of Greece's supply of wine is hoarded there, and now strange things
        are happening around the city.  There have been reports that bodies of
        sheep, goats, and even, people, gruesomely torn apart, have turned up
        nearby.  The attacks seem much too vicious to be the work of a wandering
        pack of wolves or an angry wild boar.  The frightening deaths have scared
        the people of Mount Pelion into hiding, and they have not had contact
        with anyone for some time.  Adrastrus of Argos has stopped trading,
        choosing not to risk the lives of his merchants for a few measly
        drachmas and supplies.  The only solution of this problem is to invade
        Mount Cithaeron and see what is going on there for yourself.
        The introduction is very helpful, because it gives you some reasoning
        to some of the events that happened (trading and isolation).
        The Elite Housing that you built in the previous episode should provide
        a nice army of troops.  If you didn't do very well with this aspect,
        be sure to do so.
        I chose the Garden of Demeter for this sanctuary.  If you build it
        so that she walks by your wheat farms, she can bless them, and that
        will make the wheat farm turn out 4x the normal amount of wheat,
        which is a great bonus.
        Conquerering Mount Cithaeron is not much of a challenge.  It will turn
        out that the killing of the sheep, goats, and people is due to The
        If I remember correctly, Cydonia will ask for help with Talos, who is
        attacking their city.  Praying to Ares is helpful here, although you
        can probably call for Jason if you want, although I don't suggest it.
        Once the Sanctuary is up, and you have ruled Mount Cithaeron, it's
        on to your next episode.
                                  The Maenads' Rampage
        Goals:  11 Trading Partners
                Slay a Monster
                Yearly Profit of 2000
                Population of 4000
        Fear is crippling nearly all of Greece.  The Maenads are everywhere,
        leaving cities throughout Greece in shambles.  Now, Dionysus has
        rallied his Maenads to attack Thebes to punish you for destroying
        his home.  If things are ever going to return to normal, you will
        have to find a way to kill those horrible monsters and restore a
        feeling of safety to the people of Greece so that trade and diplomatic
        exchanges may be conducted once again.
        The city that I had in the previous episode easily have me the
        population goal already.  You should already have nine of the eleven
        required trading partners.
        Before we get carried away with the trading partner goal, we must
        prepare for the Maenads.  You will need the help of Achilles.  His
        Hero's Hall will not become available until the Maenads are at the
        city, but I'd suggest preparing your city for the requirements for
        the Hall.  Below are the requirements that your city must meet
        for his appearance in your city:
        - 32 Suits of Armor
        - 3 Hoplite Companies or better
        - A Sanctuary to Athena
        - No unrest in the city
        - 16 Amphorae of Wine
        Okay, back to the trading partner goal.  Once I killed the Maenads,
        Elyusis opened a trading route with me.  When I killed another
        Maenad, the 11th city traded with me, and this ended the episode.
                              The Pretender to the Throne
        Goals:  Rule Calydon
                Rule Argos
                Rule Orchomenos
                4 Sanctuaries
                100 People in Estate or better
        The dastardly Polynices of Orchomenos, exiled from Thebes, has stolen
        the robe and necklace of Harmonia!  The double-crosser has claimed the
        throne of Thebes, and promised Adrastus of Argos and Tydeus of Calydon
        these and other spoils if they help him take your city.  You must
        defeat those villains to keep what's rightfully yours.
        Meanwhile, Hephaestus The Lame God, has caught his wife, Aphrodite, in
        a forbidden embrace with Ares.  Slowly, Hephaestus has put two and two
        together and finally understood why Ares and Aphrodite had both been
        so proud of Harmonia at her wedding, and why the gorgeous goddess of the
        tender passions thought it necessary to spend 9 months at a beauty spa
        some twenty years ago.  Hotter than the metals he pounds in his forge,
        Hephaestus has decided to destroy all that she holds dear, whether it be
        a mortal, a monster, or a city!
        The notes as I took while playing this episode were short.  Basically,
        you've got to have a strong military to conquer those three cities and
        defend your own city against invaders.  Bribery is always a smarter
        way of handling things, at least in this episode.
        My notes indicate that Hephaestus invaded several times, and Ares
        was the person who defended the city against him.
        The goal you may find difficult is the 100 people in Estate or better.
        Right-click on an Elite house to see what it needs to evolve.  That's
        the best advice I can offer for that goal.
        Once you have met the goals, it's on to a whole NEW city and adventure!
                                   Perseus and Medusa
                                   A New Way of Life
        Goals:  500 People in Homestead or better
                Produce 20 Skeins of Fleece in One Year
                Yearly Profit of 500
        [can't read my writing] of darkness, discord reigned in Greece and the
        people lived apart from each other.  Now, a new day is dawning, and the
        time has come for a leader to rise up and, for the first time, draw the
        people together, uniting them in a mighty city.  Zeus himself has
        selected you to achieve this remarkable feat and has pointed you to a
        site in the Argolid.  The city's name will be Argos.  People will flock
        to the city in hopes of learning a trade and feeding their families,
        and they will expect you to provide for them.
        Other would-be leaders in Greece are also trying to start new cities.
        Some of them will achieve [can't read my writing] of success, while
        others will fail completely.  You might encounter them in your journeys.
        Finally, a new map!  There are a lot of rocky areas, which will not
        allow for building.  There are a lot of forested areas as well.  This
        map allows for fishing, and you'll have to do a lot of it to support
        the city and its food need.  There is a Marble Quarry on the map,
        which will indicate that we'll probably have to mine marble for either
        building a sanctuary or using it for trading (exports).
        Fleece production is very important on this map, and in this episode.
        To get Homesteads, they require a supply of fleece.  Also, there is the
        Fleece goal that you'll have to meet as well.
        Troezan is the only trading city, and they only want Fleece.  Requesting
        Drachmas is the best and easiest way of getting the profit goal met.
        If you would like to plan for the next episode, I suggest you produce
        an overabundance of food.  You'll run into trouble with your Fisheries
        in the next episode, and will be unable to produce any Fish.  So,
        have a few extra Granaries full would help a great deal.
                                     The City Grows
        Goals:  640 People in Tenement or better
                48 Slabs of Marble for Colony
                12 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony
        Argos is beginning to thrive, and you are learning more about the
        bounties that the land offers.  The time has come to build a Palace
        that will serve as the staff around which the scattered the people of
        Greece will gather.  It is also time to begin collecting taxes from your
        people to help pay for the services that your city provides.
        Up on Mount Olympus, the Tribunal of the River Gods has just come to
        order.  'We have come to a decision in this dispute' the Head of the
        Tribunal announced.  "And, though both parties presented convincing
        cases, we have no choice but to award Argos to Hera, wife of Zeus.
        Sorry, Poseidon.'  As Hera jumped up and down in glee, Poseidon's brow
        furrowed, and his face became stormy.  Under his breath, he vowed that
        if he couldn't have Argos, no one could!  You might have to turn to
        Hera's husband for protection from the ruler of the sea!
        I sure hope that you saved a lot of food away for this episode.
        Before I jump right into the walkthrough, I have to warn you of natural
        disasters.  When I played this level, I encountered two earthquakes
        and two tidal waves.  You may run into more or fewer than that, but it
        all depends on how long you are in this episode.
        You are introduced to the olive oil and marble industries in this
        episode.  Housing will need olive oil if it is to reach the Homestead
        As I mentioned before, you must store food for this level ahead of time.
        Posiedon lurks the waters and will destroy a few fisheries, and curse
        the others, making them useless.
        Due to the fact that Poseidon is on this level, and the Sanctuary for
        Zeus is available, I decided to build it.  You cannot complete it on
        this level, since there is no access to sculptures.  But, you can get
        a good jump on the building of the structure on this level, and finish
        it up on a later episode when you can get sculptures.  If you do decide
        to build Zeus' Stronghold, it is massive in size, and it needs a lot
        of supplies.
                               Calydon - Artemis' Revenge
        Goals:  Slay a Monster
                Sanctuary to Hermes
                Yearly Profit of 500
                8 Pieces of Sculpture for Parent City
        Life has been tough on Artemis lately.  First, her beloved Kernyeian
        Hind, a majestic stag, was wounded by Hercules who was trying to capture
        the animal.  Then, the people in and around the region of Calydon refused
        to worship her properly.  The depressed Artemis turned to her Menagerie
        of animals for solace and, when she saw her mighty boar, snorting and
        snarling in his pen, her eyes lit up, and a small smile played across
        her face...
        Calydon is a fairly small map.  There isn't much in terms of meadow
        areas.  There is a TON of timber here waiting for chopping.
        With the limited amount of meadow, you will be introduced to a new
        supply of food: pork.  You'll have to build Hunting Lodges to hunt
        the wild boar, which will make some tasty pork for your fine citizens.
        Try to refrain from building in the upper-left corner of the map.
        That's where the Calydonian Boar will enter your city, and anything
        within reach will be turned to rubble.
        Ok, back to food.  Use that meadow area for goats.  You should be able
        to place a dozen or so (eventually) Dairies along a nearby road, leading
        to a "Cheese Accepting" granary.  Build Hunting Lodges to spear the wild
        boar on the map.  They'll bring their animal back to the lodge, and turn
        it into pork, which is fine eating.  If you are lucky enough to produce
        an overabundance of cheese, you can export it to Mycenae.
        For Hermes' Sanctuary, you will need to import sculptures and marble.
        When you import sculptures, don't import too many.  You only need two.
        You have access to wood, so that won't be a problem.
        According to the Impressions walkthrough, you will be receiving gifts of
        48 marble and 24 olive oil from Argos in this episode.  This wasn't in my
        notes, so I can't verify if this is true.  If anyone can, email me,
        According to my notes, Ethiopia wanted to invade.  I do remember this,
        and it only happened once I believe.  I bribed them so I wouldn't have
        to deal with them.
        Back to the Calydonian Boar.  In order to kill this beast, you'll need
        to seek the help of Theseus.
        Requirements for his presence:
        - Build Hall near the Palace
        - Good appeal around the Hall
        - Hall is protected by walls
        - 32 Slabs of marble
        - 16 Amphorae of wine
        This dude is picky about his requirements.  For the walls, you need a
        Gatehouse to allow roads in and out.  You'll need walls around the Hall
        to protect it.  For appeal, this is hard sometimes.  Depending on how
        much space surrounds the Hall, this could either be easy or difficult.
        The more room, the better.  You'll have to place anything of high appeal
        near the Hall.  Free commemorative monuments work well for this if
        you have a few left over.  Fish Ponds work well as well, since they are
        big, and bigger objects will spread the appeal value over a further
        distance than a small object.
                                    The Hero Perseus
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                48 Slabs of Marble for Colony
                24 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony
        Poseidon continues his onslaught on Argos and is determined to destroy
        the city, and the word around the agora is that the god might also
        enlist the aid of one of his consorts to turn your city to stone!
        Only Perseus, who is off founding the city of MyCenae, will be able to
        help you slay the monster.  But even this worthy hero won't be able to
        defeat the creature by himself.  He will need some magical items to
        vanquish this unsightly foe.
        Some clever herders have discovered how to tame the wild goat.  At a
        Dairy, they goat's rich milk will soon be made into succulent cheese
        that your citizens find quite tasty.
        A Colony Monument will become available once you start the episode.
        Use the Dairies to produce cheese for the city.  Also, the introduction
        didn't mention Elite Houses.  You don't need them for this episode,
        but they oay higher taxes, which is great.
        Ethiopia will demand supplies of olive oil from you.
        When the quest is announced, build the Hero's Hall for Perseus.
        - A Sanctuary to Athena
        - A Sanctuary to Hermes
        - 3000 Drachmas
        - 16 Skeins of Fleece
        - 6 Pieces of Sculpture
        Once you've met the requirements, send Perseus on his way to do the
                             Miletos - The Eastern Frontier
        Goals:  Slay a Monster
                Fulfill a Forthcoming Request
                Rule Ethiopia
                16 Sheaves of Wheat for Parent City
                24 Planks of Wood for Parent City
                8 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
        No Greek has ventured this far east before, across the great sea, and
        you'll have to tread very softly to start a city in this land.  Great
        nations shoulder against each other here, and they'll be suspicious
        of you, a newcomer.  Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, will be particularly
        annoyed that you have come near her territory.  But she has much bigger
        things to worry about.  Ever the proud mother, Cassiopeia boasted that
        her own daughter, Andromeda, is more beautiful than Poseidon's daughters,
        the Nereids.  Now, Andromeda is to be fed to the Kraken, and Casiopeia
        is devastated.  If you can find a way to rescue Andromeda, the powerful
        Cassiopeia will certainly appreciate it, and you may gain a valuable
        The fleet-footed Hermes has also been spotted in the area, looking for
        Perseus.  The god says that he's seen an item in his travels that Perseus
        might find useful.
        While the Kraken roams free, life along the water might be difficult,
        and trade might be prone to disruption.  Look to other cities, even your
        rivals, for the things you need.  Worshipping the gods also can be a boon
        to you, as any of their sanctuaries have valuable resources of their
        Ahh, a new map, and another colony to build.
        Let's see what the map and control panel tell us.  There are three
        breeding areas for Boars, which will serve as a major food resource.
        There is more than enough woodland.  We are given the Timber Mill,
        which will show that we'll have to do some chopping eventually.  Also,
        none of the cities currently buy wood.  We do get access to a Mint,
        which requires silver, which is available at the bottom-lefthand corner
        on the map.  We also get a Sculpture Studio, which needs bronze.
        The introduction warns you of Kraken, which is an ugly dude.
        Unfortunately, your city doesn't produce very much.  One thing that you
        need is fleece.  You have to have that for your housing evolution.
        You should start importing goods before Kraken arrives in the waters.
        Cyprus will soon be discovered by explorers.  Cyprus will sell you
        bronze, which will be needed for building sculptures.  Cyprus will
        buy Wine.
        Argos will give you gifts of fleece.
        Hermes will eventually announce his quest for Perseus.  Perseus needs
        the following:
        - A Sanctuary to Athena
        - A Sanctuary to Hermes
        - 3000 Drachmas
        - 16 Skeins of Fleece
        - 6 Pieces of Sculpture
        To get the marble for the sanctuaries, you'll have to request it from
        Argos.  Sculptures can be made from bronze, which you can import via
        land trade from Cyprus.
        The Impressions walkthrough suggests that you limit your population
        at 1000.  Try doing that!  It's virtually impossible producing
        sufficient amounts of food for populations much larger than that.
        The sooner you are able to defeat Kraken the better.  This will
        allow you to build Piers along the river for trade.  You can also
        use the riverbank for a few fisheries.
        At one point or another, a city will trade wood, which will be great
        for you, since you can produce a ton of it.  My notes say that this
        place is Egypt.  They buy wood and wine, and sell wheat and armor.
        You could always import wheat (hint, hint) if you have a food problem.
        Argos will request food at one point.
        Let's talk money.  Importing wheat isn't a very expensive situation,
        but importing bronze is.  You can also import fleece from Argos,
        which can be an expensive proposition as well.  So, how do you
        compensate for all of this spending?  There are several ways.
        I suggest exporting wood, you can cut down a lot of timber.  Taxes.
        The higher the house has evolved, the more taxes they pay.  Wine.
        A lot of the cities buy wine.  You can open a wine industry.  But,
        you'll need the Grove of Dionysus.  Mints.  You can harvest the silver
        from the nearby silver-ore bearing rocks.  Also, you can build a
        Sanctuary to Hades.  His sanctuary has two large chunks of silver-ore
        bearing rocks, which can be harvested.  If you place the Mints just right,
        Hades can walk by them and bless them, thus turning out 4x the normal
        amount of drachmas.  Hades can also bless Tax Collectors, which will 
        temporary increase the amount of taxes the people pay.  You can pray
        to Hades, and he'll give you something like 4200 Drachmas.  This
        is a problem.  You can only build one or the other, either a sanctuary
        for Dionysus or one for Hades.  I went the route of Hades, but it's your
        decision.  Building more Mints will help out by bringing in more silver
        and Drachmas.
                            The Gorgon, or The Bad Hair Day
        Goals:  4 Sanctuaries
                Population of 4500
                Treasury of 10000
                Support 16 Horsemen
                Produce 32 Jugs of Olive Oil in One Year
                Slay A Monster
        Just as you are about to bring Argos into its full glory, some long-
        period trouble has reared its ugly head.  That ugly head belongs to
        Medusa, a consort of Poseidon, who has taken up the god's cause and
        vows to crush Argos!  If you don't find a way to vanquish the Gorgon,
        she might soon turn your entire city to stone!
        As you find a away to slay the horrible beast, you must continue to
        guide Argos to its destiny.  Diverse people continue to come to your
        city from far and near, and they will want diverse gods to worship.
        You should also take care of your colonies, making sure that they
        both enjoy all the resources available to Argos.  The city will be
        a shining example of what can be achieved when people band together.
        If you built the sanctuary for Hades, now is the time for the one for
        Dionysus.  If you built the one for Dionysus, now is the time for
        the one for Hades.
        This episode will require you to build Elite Housing.  In theory,
        you only need four elite houses to meet the 16 horsemen goal.
        You'll need to import wheat for the Horse Ranches to produce horses.
        You'll need bronze to produce armor.
        You will have to slay Medusa.  To do so, you'll need Perseus.  His
        requirements are:
        - A Sanctuary to Athena
        - A Sanctuary to Hermes
        - 3000 Drachmas
        - 16 Skeins of Fleece
        - 6 Pieces of Sculpture
        At one point, you'll receive a request for help from an ally.  You can
        build the Hero's Hall for Theseus if you want, but it's not necessary.
        I believe I either sent my horsemen or I sent Perseus instead.
                                Athens Through The Ages
                                  Unlikely Beginnings
        Goals:  Produce 12 Skeins of Fleece for colony
                Produce 12 Baskets of Fish for colony
                500 People in Homestead or better
        The land here is desolate and bare, but then so is most land in
        mountainous Greece.  It's a good place as any to establish a city,
        and you hve your good friend Theseus to help you.  He's out and about
        in Attica, visiting other small cities in the region and convincing
        them that they should place themselves under your wing.  Though the
        city of Athens itself might not have the resources to prosper, perhaps
        it can grow into a mighty city once it is banded together with its
        There's only one problem with claiming land in Attica.  Minos, King of
        Knossos and master of the Minotaur, calls this land his own and won't
        take too kindly to someone trying to build a new city upon it.
        Upper left-hand corner has a small stream, some timber, and a fair
        amount of meadow.  Bottom left-hand corner has a lot of timber.  A
        little to the right of the timber is a large amount of rocky 
        outcroppings with timber and a plateau on the top.  The bottom right-
        hand corner has a lot of timber.  The upper right-hand corner has the
        same sort of rocky formation as described earlier, with the exception
        of the plateau.  On this plateau, there is a meadow.
        There really isn't much here.  Cheese is your only source of food.
        There aren't any industries.  Since there wasn't much in the panel,
        I chose to check out the World Map to see what kind of trouble I
        had to deal with.  I was amazed when I saw all the cities.  The
        majority of them haven't blossomed and become a great city yet,
        but I'm sure they will at one point.  You currently have four
        rivals (Delus, Knossos, Sardis, and Hattusas), while you only have
        two allies (Sparta and Corinth).  There is no Palace or Piers in the
        Your housing block should be small, and centered on the western
        half of meadow area in the top left-hand corner.  Before you
        build your city, READ this walkthrough!
        I'm gonna give you the chain of events that I encountered during 
        this episode.
        Thermopylai will blossom.  They will be an Ally.  They buy Import
        Wheat and Olives, and they Export Fish.
        Knossos will want to invade.  Bribing cost me 150 Drachmas.
        Marathon blossoms.  They are an ally.  They Import Fleece and Olive
        Oil, and they Export Wheat and Wine.
        A month after Knossos invaded, the Minotaur entered the city.
        Thermopylai will sell more fleece.
        Marathon will become your vassal, and pay you 400 Drachmas in Tribute.
        Knossos will request Drachmas.
        Knossos will invade again, costing me 150 Drachmas in bribery.
        Thermopylai will become your vassal, and pay you 6 Baskets of Fish in
        Got a gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.
        My entire city had the following:
        - 1 Infirmary
        - 1 Fountain
        - 2 Granaries
        - 13 Dairies
        - 2 Maintenance Offices
        - 1 Trading Post for Thermopylai
        - 1 College
        - 1 Podium
        - 18 Housing Plots, which housed 432 people (Hovel)
                                         576 people (Homestead) **
        ** - This was after I got Fleece.  I needed the Fleece to upgrade
             the housing to meet the goal, plus I needed some Fleece for the
        With my city, I had 66 people (22%) unemployed.  Don't worry about this
        whole unemployment thing, because it will be soaked up in the next
        Remember, cheese is your friend.  My city was a lean, mean, cheese
        producing machine.  If have more than two granaries full of cheese,
        you can always give some of it away as gifts to Thermopylai and
                                   Breaking the Bonds
        Goals:  Rule Knossos
                Support 1 Trireme
                Support 4 Hoplites or Better
                10 People in Mansion or Better
        Minos and his Minotaur, son of Minos' Queen Pasiphae and a bull, still
        plague Athens.  The time has come to cast off these burdens for good
        to prove that Athens can stand on its own two feet.  You must call
        Theseus, who is still traveling around Attica, back to the city, for
        only he can help you vanquish the minotaur.  You'll also need a sleek
        and powerful trireme to sail to Crete to defeat Minos.
        I immediately went to the world map to see if anything had changed.  You
        will gain another Ally, Plataia.  They buy sculpture and sell carrots.
        You will be given the opportunity to build Elite Houses in this episode.
        In addition to the Elite Housing, you can build a Palace, Tax Collector,
        Gymnasium, Hermes' Refuge, Hero's Hall for Theseus, Artisans' Guild, Wall,
        Gatehouse, Trireme Wharf, and you'll get the Aesthetics back.
        Sparta and Corinth will request Olive Oil from you.  Deny them their
        requests.  Neither city does anything good for you.
        Odessos will blossom.  They will be an Ally, who buys Grapes and Olive
        Oil, and sells Wheat and Marble.
        Sparta needs Olive Oil.
        Eretria blossoms.  They will be an Ally, who buys Wheat and Olive Oil,
        and sells Wine.
        Odessos becomes Vassal who will send 8 Slabs of Marble as tribute.
        Olympia will blossom.  They will be an Ally, who doesn't do any trading
        Gift of 16 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Gift of 15 Suite of Armor from Olympia.
        Knossos demands 100 Drachmas.
        Earthquake in Southeast corner of map.
        Gift of 5 Planks of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Gift of 8 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Gift of 5 Planks of Wood from Olympia.
        Knossos invades.  Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.
        Corinth sells more fleece.
        Gift of 10 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        Gift of 9 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Knossos invades.  Bribe costs 175 Drachmas.
        Gift of 5 Planks of Wood from Olympia.
        Knossos invades.  Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.
        It was time to invade Knossos.  I put up with enough of their crap.
        Taking them down wasn't easy.  It took Theseus, all 24 of my Hoplites,
        and a military strike by an Ally to take down Knossos.
        You now get to decide between two colonies.  I will cover them both,
        in the way I went through them.
                              Amphipolis - Land of Plenty
        Goals:  Produce 12 Bars of Bronze in One Year
                16 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
                Produce 16 Planks of Wood in One Year
                24 Planks of Wood for Parent City
                Produce 24 Slabs of Marble in One Year
                32 Slabs of Marble for Parent City
        Theseus' dear friend Pirthous, leader of the Lapiths, happily wed
        Hippodamia in a sumpluous ceremony that featured the best food and wine
        that Greece has to offer.  When the thirsty centaurs heard about the
        ceremony, they couldn't resist the prospect of drinking the delicious
        wine, and attended the ceremony uninvited.  Pirthous and Hippodamia
        graciously greeted the centaurs at first, but centaurs aren't known for
        their self-control, and they were soon completely drunk.  The bespotted
        centaurs then did the unthinkable: They attempted to kidnap the bride!
        Pirthous was so outraged he has declared war on the centaurs, and
        Theseus has beseeched us to provide Pirthous with the raw materials
        he needs to make armor to help him in the war.
        An outpost here in Amphipolis will be perfectly suited to provide the
        raw materials that Pirthous needs the centaurs, however, are well aware
        of the bounty of the land around Amphipolis, and may prove to be
        unwelcome visitors again.
        There is a ton of timber on this map.  The growth of timber follows the
        'kingdom road' on the left-hand side of the map.  A river runs up the
        middle of the map.  The bottom right-hand corner has timber and a large
        Marble Quarry.  There is more timber at the top right-hand corner corner.
        If you look VERY close at the rocks, you'll see some copper-ore deposits.
        This is even easier to see if you are looking at the overview map.
        You can build the following: Fishery, Timber Mill, Masonry Shop, Foundry,
        Palace, Tax Office, and the usual stuff.
        This city has only one purpose: turn out materials.  This is basically
        a factory city.  You just have to continue to churn out wood, marble,
        and copper for the other cities in Greece.
        This is an extremely simple episode to win.  You don't need to worry
        about evolving your housing every high, since you only need a small
        population to get the industries up and running.
        Olympia buys more Marble.
        Corinth buys more Marble.
        Corinth buys more Marble.
        Gift of 12 Amporae of Wine from Eretria.
        Olympia buys more Marble.
        Mt. Pelion Invades.  Bribe costs 150 Drachmas.
        Olympia buys more Marble.
        Mt. Pelion Invades.  Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.
        Mt. Pelion Invades.  Bribe costs 100 Drachmas.
        Mt. Pelion Invades.  Bribe costs 150 Drachmas.
        Invasions will probably keep coming, so get out of there.  I just wanted
        to stick in there a little while so I had more money for the next episode.
                                    Revolt in Ionia
        Goals:  Rule Sardis
                Rule Delos
                Support 3 Triremes
                960 People in Homestead or better
                480 People in Tenement or better
        What wise sage advised to hold your friends close and your enemies even
        closer?  Hippias, coward exiled from Athens long ago, has whispered his
        plans to [can't read my writing] you in the ear of Darius, King of
        Persia.  Hippias has promised Darius eternal servitude if the king agrees
        to help him!  Now, the battle has started, and Delos has entered the fray,
        revolting aainst the Persian city of Sardis.  The clarion call has been 
        sounded throughout Greece, and most city-states have agreed to set aside
        their differences and unite in one Greek front to help Delos and turn
        back Persians!  Only Sparta and Corinth have turned a deaf ear on the
        cry of our Greek brother!
        Colony Monument is available immediately
        This is how the World Map looks:
        Amphipolis (Colony)      - Buys Nothing     Sells Fish   Tribute: 16 Marble
        Odessos (Vassal)         - Buys Grapes      Sells Wheat  Tribute: 8 Marble
                                        Olive Oil         Marble
        Mt. Pelion (Rival)       - Needs Wine       Produces Bronze
        Thermopylai (Vassal)     - Buys Wheat       Sells Fish   Tribute: 6 Fish
                                        Olives            Fleece
        Eretria (Ally)           - Buys Wheat       Sells Wine
                                        Olive Oil
        Plataia (Ally)           - Buys Sculptures  Sells Carrots
        Marathon (Vassal)        - Buys Fleece      Sells Wheat  Tribute: 400 Drach.
                                        Olive Oil         Wine
        Corinth (Ally)           - Buys Marble      Sells Fleece
        Olympia (Ally)           - Buys Marble      Sells Nothing
        Sparta  (Ally)           - Buys Nothing     Sells Nothing
        Delos (Rival)            - Needs Marble     Produces Fish
                                         Olive Oil           Grapes
        Knossos (Vassal)         - Buys Nothing     Sells Wood   Tribute: 6 Wheat
        Hattusas (Rival)         - Needs Nothing    Produces Nothing
        Sardis (Rival)           - Needs Nothing    Produces Nothing
        You should already have the housing goals met by now.
        The Sculpture Studio and Winery are both available now.
        Delos wants to become Ally.
        Eretria sells more Grapes.
        Olympia sells more Olive Oil.
        Sardis will conquer Delos.
        Sparta requests Olive Oil.
        Corinth requests Olive Oil.
        Military decline at Delos.
        Sparts needs Olive Oil.
        Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        Military decline at Sardis.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Corinth requests Olive Oil.
        Gift of 769 Drachmas from Delos.
        Olympia requests Wine.
        Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Corinth.
        Amphipolis sells more Bronze.
        Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        Amphipolis sells more Bronze.
        Corinth becomes Rival.
        Gift of 770 Drachmas from Delos.
        Olympia requests Wine.
        Sparta becomes Rival.
        6 Hoplite Companies and 3 Triremes took Delos.  They are now my Vassal,
        and they will pay a 6 Fish Tribute.
        Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        I conquered Mt. Pelion.  They are now my Vassal, and they will pay a
        6 Bronze Tribute.
        Gift of 556 Drachmas from Delos
        Amphipolis sells less Bronze.
        Amphipolis sells more Bronze.
        Olympia needs Wine.
        Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        Gift of 672 Drachmas from Delos.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Olympia needs Wine.
        Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.
        Amphipolis sells more Bronze.
        Gift of 748 Drachmas from Delos.
        Invasion of Sardis failed.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Gift of 513 Drachmas from Delos.
        Amphipolis sells less Bronze.
        Olympia needs Wine.
        Sardis Invades.  Bribe costs 525 Drachmas.
        Knossos Military Strike on Sardis is unsuccessful.
        Amphipolis sells more bronze.
        Sardis is conquered!!
        Now, you get to go to the Colony that you didn't choose.  So, in my case,
        I'll be heading to Laurion.
        The housing requirements should already be met.  Now is the time to really
        start to work on expanding your city.  Build two more regular housing
        blocks, and one more Elite Housing block.  You will need the extra workers
        (common housing) to man the Triremes, which need 100 employees each.
        Conquering Mt. Pelion would be a good idea here.  You can get a more steady
        supply of armor for your growing army.  You also need to start to produce
        a larger army, which will be needed to conquer all of the other city-states.
        In order to fatten your bankroll, import Bronze, and turn it into sculpture
        to sell it to Plataia.  Sculptures bring in something like 640 drachmas,
        which is quite a chunk of money.
        Olympia will demand wine, so give it to them, as you need their Olive
        Oil.  Continue to ignore Sparta and Corinth.  They will eventually become
        enemies, and there's no stopping that, so just ignore them.
        With this growing city, you need to watch your food levels.  If you are
        low, I suggest going with cheese.  Instead of just adding a bunch of
        Dairies, put more Goats in the Meadow.  Continue to add more Goats until
        you get a message at the top of the screen that says you need to build
        more Dairies before you can build more Goats.  Doing this will get the
        remaining workers from the Dairies.  If you find that you're producing
        WAY too much cheese, then give gifts of it to other cities.
        As for military, all I can say is build a big one, because you will need
        it now, and especially as you go further in this Adventure.
                               Laurion - The Silver Mines
        Goals:  Treasury of 7500
                Yearly Profit of 1500
                8 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
        Establishing a city here will be a boon to Athens.  There is plenty of
        Silver Ore to be had here, silver that can be minted into the Drachmas
        that Athens will need to thrive.  Living here won't be easy, though,
        because the land is very unkind.
        Sardis is not under our control anymore.
        This map absolutely sucks.  The map is very small, and has only a small
        area to build your colony.  Don't build anything in the valley!!!
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Athens.
        Athens requests 1000 Drachmas.
        Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Athens.
        Earthquake in the valley.
        Gift of 10 Baskets of Fish from Athens.
        Athens requests 862 Drachmas.
        Here is a list of the things I built that allowed me to win:
        - 2 Infirmaries
        - 1 College
        - 1 Podium
        - 1 Granary
        - 2 Storehouses
        - 1 Trading Post for Athens
        - 1 Trading Post for Olympia
        - Food Vendor
        - Fleece Vendor
        - 3 Maintenance Offices
        - 24 Homesteads
        - 3 Hovels
        - 1 Shack
        - 3 Huts
        - 5 Foundries
        - 13 Mints
        - 1 Fountain
        This resulted in a population of 880 with 19 (4%) unemployed.
        - Rule Marathon
        - Rule Hattusas
        - Rule Eretria
        Darius has indeed remembered the Athenians, and now he, his son Xerxes,
        and the entire Persian War Machine are on their way to Greece to
        avange the humiliating defeat we handed the barbarians!  Darius and the
        Persian fleet have set a swath of destruction through the Aegean, and 
        Xerxes with Persian army, having already put down rebellions in Egypt
        and Babylonia, are marching towards us from the north.  Already, Mount
        Pelion and Ithome have submitted to the Persians.
        After a conference on the Isthmus of Corinth, all city-states in Greece
        have agreed to unite to force the latest barbarian threat.  Even
        Corinth and Sparta agreed to go on the alliance, albiet reluctantly.  
        Even with all of Greece united, putting down the Persian military is 
        a daunting task.
        Just after seeing the name of this episode, war immediately jumped in
        my head.  This episode and the next one are full of battles, and it's
        time to sharpen your military knowledge.
        Colony Monument is available immediately.
        New Industry: Olive Press
        New Culture: Stadium
        New Military: Armory
        Sparta becomes Ally.
        Corinth becomes Ally.
        I conquered Ithome!  - Vassal - 5 Cheese Tribute
        Delos needs military aid.
        Knossos buys more Cheese.
        Sardis requests 1500 Drachmas.
        Knossos sells more Olive Oil.
        Sardis conquers Eretria.
        Hattusas demands 1500 Drachmas.
        Hattusas demands 2500 Drachmas.
        Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.
        Thermopylai sells more Fleece.
        I conquered Eretria!  - Vassal - 4 Grapes Tribute
        Hattusas demands 4000 Drachmas.
        Marathon needs military aid.
        Olympia sells more Olive Oil.
        Gift of 679 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Odessos needs military aid.
        Military decline at Hattusas.
        Gift of 726 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Gift of 24 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Ithome becomes Rival.
        Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.
        Mt. Pelion becomes Rival.
        Corinth Attacks Sardis - Needs Troops
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.
        I conquered Ithome! -- Vassal - 5 Cheese Tribute
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos
        With our military aid, we and Corinth were able to conquer Sardis, and
        they are now an Ally who buys Olive Oil.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Knossos.
        Laurion requests 9 crates of food.
        Gift of 617 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.
        I conquered Mt. Pelion!
        Thermopylai being attacked - Needs military aid.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Knossos.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.
        Hattusas Invades.  Bribe costs 3000 Drachmas.
        Gift of 11 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.
        Military decline at Hattusas.
        Plataia under attack - Needs military aid.
        Hattusas is vulnerable.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.
        Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Laurion.
        Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        Gift of 620 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.
        We conquered Hattusas!!
                                   A Bride For a Hero
        Goals:  Rule Sparta
                Rule Eretria
                Rule Corinth
                Slay a Monster
                Sanctuary to Apollo
                960 People in Tenement or better
        Your old friend Theseus has one of the strangest habits.  He's never
        satisfied with his current wife and is always on the lookout for a
        new bride.  Antiope, sister of amazon queen, Hippolyte, is the latest
        woman to catch his eye, and he has abducted her.  The Amazon nation
        is lot likely to stand idly by and just let their queen go.
        Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Sparta and Corinth.  Spies report
        that both cities are mobilizing their military forces in what can only
        be [can't read my writing] purpose.  The Oracle of Apollo will come in
        handy to help you keep a watchful eye on their cities, but ultimately,
        Sparta must be subdued if you are going to fulfill your destiny.
        In the middle of all these troubles is Artemis.  The Amazons and Spartans
        are both her people, and she's bound to do something to help the both of 
        them.  Ares, too, loves these warlike people, so don't be surprised if he 
        gets involved.
        There are only two changes in the panel: Horse Ranch and Oracle of
        World Map
        Corinth and Sparta are Rivals.  Olympia is a Rival.  Elis, Taras, and
        Themiscyra have all blossomed into Rivals.
        I already had Eretria is a Vassal.  Also, my housing goal was met.
        Sparta requests 12 Amphorae of Wine.
        Marathon sells less Wine.
        Themiscyra attacks Athens - Needs Troops
        We conquered Themiscyra - Vassal - 4 Wood Tribute
        Sparta requests 16 Amphorae of Wine.
        Knossos sells more Olive Oil.
        Sparta demands 24 Amphorae of Wine.
        Dragon in City - Northeast Corner
        Eretria under attack
        Gift of 12 or 17? (Can't read my writing) of Fleece from Ithome.
        Eretria under attack.
        Gift of 376 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Eretria under attack.
        Laurion needs 8 Crates of Food.
        Gift of 59 Sheaves of Wheat from Delos.
        Gift of 12 Sheaves of Wheat from Marathon.
        Eretria under attack.
        Knossos under attack.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.
        Gift of 456 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.
        Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Amphipolis.
        Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.
        Thermopylai under attack.
        Marathon and Eretria are both under attack.
        Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Ithome.
        Military decline at Corinth.
        We conquered Taras - Vassal - Buys Armor & Olive Oil - Sells Fleece &
        Sparta Invades - Bribe costs 750 Drachmas.
        Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.
        Marathon under attack.
        Gift of 330 Drachmas from Laurion.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from [My notes don't say]
        Eretria under attack
        Gift of 16 Jars of Olives from Ithome.
        We conquered Sparta!  - Vassal - 3 Previous Strikes by other cities failed
        They will pay 12 Armor for Tribute.
        Military decline at Sparta.
        Gift of 371 Drachmas from Laurion
        We conquered Elis!  - Vassal - Pays 7 Carrots in Tribute.
        Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        We conquered Olympia!  - Vassal -  Pays 4 Fleece in Tribute
        Eretria needs 8 Crates of Food.
        Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.
        Gift of 18 Wheels of Cheese from Ithome.
        Gift of 12 Jugs of Olives from Ithome.
        Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Eretria.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble for Odessos.
        We conquered Corinth!!
                                    The Hero's Habit
        Goals:  3 Sanctuaries
                Population of 5000
                200 People in Estate or better
                2400 People in Apartment or better
                Yearly Profit of 2500
                Fulfill a forthcoming quest
        The time has come to build Athens into the greatest city Greece - The
        World - has ever known.  Athens will be a center of culture and
        learning, and the greatest heros will call the city home.  Only a few,
        monsterous obstacles remain in between you and the glorious destiny.
        Defeating three monsters could open up new possibilities.
        Theseus' womanizing habits [can't read my writing] have to cause
        problems for those associated with him.  He and his best friend,
        Pirthous, havd decided that they must marry daughters of Zeus.  Theseus
        and Pirthous are planning to raid the Underworld and steal Hades'
        wife, Persephone.  If Hades wouldn't let Persephone go back to her own
        mother, he surely won't give her up to Pirithous and Theseus!
        Meanwhile, Hercules has been off in the land of Elis, serving as King
        Augeas' stable boy.  He'll be looking for a new challenge soon, and Demeter
        might just have that for him.  Jealous of Artemis' Menagerie of animals,
        she has been looking for some livestock to call her own.
        The Arbor of Athena is the only new item in this episode.
        The map is all the same as far as I can see.
        Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.
        Gift of 36 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
        Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Elis.
        Ithome sells more Olives.
        Gift of 12 Bars of Bronze from Mt. Pelion.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Oddessos.
        Hades Invades.
        Cerberus is unleashed by Hades.
        Hercules Hall is available.
        Marathon sells more Wheat.
        Cerberus slain.
        Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Laurion.
        Quest for Red Cattle announced.  This will require Hercules.
        Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Taras.
        Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos.
        Marathon sells more Wine.
        Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.
        Minotaur in City.
        Theseus Hall is available.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Evis.
        Gift of 24 Jars of Olives from Ithome.
        Gift of 25 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.
        Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.
        Plataia sells more Carrots.
        Ares Invades.
        Ares releases Dragon.
        Jason's Hall is available.
        Gift of 21 Wheels of Cheese from Ithome.
        Gift of 24 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.
        Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Corinth.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.
        Laurion needs 9 Crates of Food.
        Lava errupts in the Southwest corner of map.
        Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.
        Gift of 12 Bars of Bronze from Mt. Pelion.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.
        Gift of 24 Jars of Olives from Ithome.
        Amphipolis sells more Fish.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Elis.
        Gift of 24 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.
        Gift of 17 Skeins of Fleece from Ithome.
        Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.
        Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.
        Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.
        Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.
        Gift of 36 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.
                                  The Voyages of Jason
                                    Rescuing a Hero
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Slay a Monster
                Treasury of 3,000
        Zeus has put a curse on your family, the house of Aeolus, decreeing that
        it shall never rule an empire.  There is only one way to lift the curse,
        and you will need the help of three of Greece's most famous heroes.
        Theseus purportedly knows more about this curse, but Hades is holding the
        hero captive in the Underworld, and the great god will loose Cerberus
        upon anyone who dares to interfere with his plans for Theseus!
        Meanwhile, all of Greece is talking over the Centaurs' latest antics at
        Pirthous' wedding.  Intoxicated as usual, the Centaurs ruined the ceremony
        when they tried to carry off the bride.  Now, the Centaurs are on a
        drunken rampage through Greece, looking for more wine, and leaders of
        cities everywhere are jealously hoarding their supplies of the beverage.
        You would be wise to do the same should you receive some.
        Start your first housing block in the northwest corner of the map, near
        the immigration point.  This is the best starting point.
        As with all cities, you must concentrate your production on food and
        fleece, as those are the first two essential building blocks for
        upgrading your housing.  For food, you can produce cheese.  Produce
        cheese until it's coming out of your citizens' ears, and when you have
        too much, either export it or send it off as gifts.
        Early in this episode, two important events will take place: a quest, and
        you will be offered a gift of wine.  The quest will require Hercules.
        Hercules' hall needs wine in the city, so be sure to accept that gift.
        Build Hercules' hall, and right-click on it to see what else it needs.
        Hercules' Hall requires lots of cultural access, so that is an important
        Due to the nature of gifts of wine, build a Storehouse that's geared to
        "accepting" only wine.  Due to the lack of Olive Oil here, you can only
        gain "tenement" level for your housing.  These hold 40 people a piece,
        so to gain the 1500 population for Hercules' hall, you'll need 38 full
        Stymphalus will request food and wood on occasion.  They are your rivals,
        so it's up to you whether or not you send them what they want.  If
        they attack because you didn't give them the goods they wanted, try bribing
        Cerberus will make its way into the city north of the eastern meadow.  He
        will kill and people or sheep that get in its path, as well as destroy any
        nearby buildings.
        When your population is large enough, you can begin your wood industry.
        Lemnos is importing it, so sell it to them.
        Then, it's all up to Hercules to do the quest and kill Cerberus.
                                   Return of Theseus
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Slay a Monster
        The immortals are quite busy these days!  Dionysus has become aware that
        you were instrumental in freeing Theseus from the Underworld!  The god
        is quite please by this news because he needs Theseus' help.  Who knows?
        Maybe if you can convince Theseus to help Dionysus, the God of the Vine
        might reward you.
        Unlike Dionysus, Artemis is completely fed up with mortals.  It seems
        that a goddess cannot bathe anywhere any more without some mortal
        peeping at her.  The goddess is so completely disgusted that she's
        decided to release her entire collection of oversized stags, boars, lions,
        and hares into the world to vent a fury on all mortals.
        If you ever find yourself in need of Theseus' help, you should know that
        his Hall must be located close to the city's Palace.  After you build the
        Hall, right-click on it to see if you have it close enough.
        You will get the opportunity for going on yet another quest.  However,
        before that happens, continue to trade wood, cheese, and fleece.
        Theseus will eventually become available for the quest.  You are also
        given the opportunity to build a Palace, which will allow you to make
        a military, and you'll also need the Palace, since Theseus' Hall must
        be built near it.
        You should be receiving plenty of wine and marble in gifts.  You can
        send excess cheese, wood, and fleece away as gifts.  If the Calydonian
        Boar hasn't appeared int he city at this point, send Theseus on the quest.
                                   A New Hero Arrives
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Treasury of 5,000
                24 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony
                24 Skeins of Fleece for Colony
                24 Sheaves of Wheat for Colony
        Before Theseus left your city, he told you a sad story: 'Once, two
        children, Phrixus and Helle, were in grave danger and tried to escape
        across the sea on the back of a golden, winged ram.  Helle lost her grip
        on the animal and plunged into the sea, but Phrixus managed to hold on.
        When he arrived in Colchis, he sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave King
        Aeetus, Colchis' ruler, the fleece.  Retrieve th Golden Fleece, and
        Zeus' curse will be lifted, but returning the fleece to Greece - hee hee,
        that rhymes! - won't be easy.  You'll require the services of a third,
        great hero.
        In other news, Hercules has been busy scaring birds away from Stymphalus.
        These weren't your garden-variety sparrows!  These were huge, ravenous
        birds that weren't picky about what they put in their beaks: animals,
        crops, humans - everything tasted good to them.  Luckily, Hercules
        managed to drive the birds away with Hephaestus' castanets - though
        no one is sure if it as the noise of the castanets that scared the
        birds off, or the flamenco that Hercules performed as an accompaniment.
        Regardless, Agapenon, the leader of Stymphalus, is very thankful for
        Hercules' help.
        When you honor Athena with a sanctuary, she will plant a sacred grove
        of olive trees for your citizens, and you can ask her for gifts of
        olives and olive oil.  You will certainly need her help to suceed here.
        Elite Housing and the Arbor of Athena have to be two missions here.
        Athena will be needed to provide Olive Oil for the Elite Housing.  You
        will have to rely on Naxos for your sculptures.
        Wheat Farms will be required here.  Without wheat, you cannot build the
        horses that are required for Jason to make his appearance.  You also
        have to set aside some wheat for a colony.
        Once Olive Oil becomes available (after you build the sanctuary), be
        sure that your common housing gets some of it.  This will allow them
        to upgrade, and will allow for more people to move in, and you'll get
        a larger workforce.
        Put your Elite Housing block down once you have a supply of Olive Oil.
        Since upgrading the common housing has boosted the workforce, you
        should be able to build Triremes.  Trireme Wharves need 100 employees
        each, so if you don't have 300 employees, build another small common
        housing block.
                         The Way of the Sickle (Corcyra Colony)
        Goals:  Sanctuary to Dionysus
                32 Amphorae of Wine for Parent City
                32 Sheaves of Wheat for Parent City
                16 Pieces of Sculpture for Parent City
        The Island of Corcyra is Dionysus' gift to you for helping him retrieve
        the Horn of Amalthea.  The island is the home of his nurse, Macris, who
        is also one of Demeter's favority nymphs.  As a result, this land is
        doubly blessed - It is perfect for the cultivation of both grapes and 
        wheat.  Dionysus is feeling generious and might reward you even further
        if you build a sacred grove in his honor.
        Combat won't be the focus on this level.  Instead, you have to make
        a working economy.
        Start by building a common housing block.  Iolcus will send you olive
        oil, fleece, and wheat, so have a Storehouse and Granary to accept those
        The faster you evolve your housing, the better.  Do this with culture
        access, the gifts of various goods, and appeal.
        When you've got a fairly large workforce, start your wine industry.
        You will need lots of cash so you can import the sculptures that you need
        to build the sancturay for Dionysus, and the 16 you'll need for your
        Parent city.
        Once the wine industry is thriving, and you're getting plenty of cash
        for exporting it, begin importing marble and wood.  You'll also need that
        to complete the sanctuary for Dionysus.
                         The Way of the Sword (Corinth Colony)
        Goals:  Support 2 Triremes
                Support 12 Hoplites or better
                Produce 36 suits of armor in one year
        Since I didn't choose this level, I don't know the story leading into
        it.  The walkthrough is taken from the Official Zeus site.
        One word: lava! In Corinth you are asked to build a big city replete with
        large-scale industrialization and an Elite Housing district. But if you
        happen to build this city in the wrong place, you are going to seriously
        regret it. Why? Because a few years into the episode there is going to be
        a huge earthquake and volcanic eruption in the northeast corner of the
        playing area, right about where most people decide to do their building.
        You can save yourself a lot of grief by planning your city with this in
        Build your Common Housing block on the lower plateau near the southeast 
        corner of the playing area. Gifts of food, fleece, and olive oil from 
        Iolcus should be enough to get you started. Next build a large wheat 
        industry to supply food to your growing population. You may eventually 
        need to import fleece and olive oil, but for now you can survive off the 
        supplies sent from Iolcus.
        As soon as your employment situation allows, set up a large bronze and 
        armor industry on the plateau containing the copper deposits. You will 
        need armor for your elite housing, for export, and for requests by 
        allies, particularly Iolcus. Also, develop a wine industry for exporting
        and for supplying your Elite Housing.
        You will need to set up a small Elite Housing district to support the 
        twelve hoplites required. You may want to wait until after the lava hits 
        so you can avoid having all your work destroyed. You will need only three 
        Manors to support the twelve hoplites.
        Eventually, a huge earthquake will rip through the meadow. You can build 
        small bridges over the cracks in the ground, but there's not much point, 
        because soon the lava will come and make the ground it burns permanently 
        impassable. Afterwards, you can rebuild anything that was destroyed in 
        the land not eaten up by the lava flow.
        To meet the armor production requirement, you will need nine or ten 
        Armories working full-tilt for a year. You can then harvest the 
        additional wood you need to build the two triremes.
        You will probably be subjected to several invasions from your rivals. At 
        least some of these invasions will probably be by sea. One way to deal 
        with sea invasions is to try to sink the enemy transports before they 
        land. You can do this with triremes or with rabble units stationed along 
        the shoreline. The rabble will unleash a hail of stones and may be able 
        to sink the transport ships before they unload their deadly cargo.
        When you have finished meeting the three goals, you will be sent back to 
        Iolcus to complete the adventure.
                                     Iolcus Thrives
        Goals:  4 Trading Partners
                Sanctuary to Zeus
                Population of 4000
                Treasury of 10000
                72 People in Residence
        Iolcus is on the verge of becoming the pre-eminent power in all of Greece.
        With a colony to call your own, you have begun to build a kingdom.  Now,
        you have begun to build a kingdom.  Now, you must spread your influence
        throughout Greece, making friends with those who treat you with respect
        and putting down those who oppose you.  As you near the end of your journey,
        Iolcus will shine forth, and its power will not be eclipsed.
        It is now time to thank Zeus for lifting the curse on your house and 
        enabling you to become a great leader.  Building a sanctuary in his honor 
        is sure to please him, and he smiles upon you.
        Tax Offices are finally available.  Begin taxing the city as soon as you
        can.  The Elite Housing pays the most for taxes, so be sure that they
        are passed by a clerk.
        Try and get your Elite Housing some horses.  Horsemen are better in combat,
        and you will have a little bit of combat on this level, since you need
        4 trading partners.  Conquer Lemnos when you have a nice army.  You will
        now get them as a trading partner.
        When you have the proper amount of marble, begin building Zeus' sanctuary.
        Getting the goods could be troublesome.  If you have a large army and
        navy, you could raid the cities for large amounts of marble and sculptures.
        Since you have Allies, you could just conquer them, and make them your
        Vassals, thus paying you a tribute.
        Conquer cities until you have your 4 required trading partners.  After that,
        just work on your Elite Housing to match the requirement.
                                    Hercules' Labors
                                    The Labors Begin
        Goals:  Produce 30 Skeins of Fleece in One Year
                250 People in Tenement or Better
                Treasury of 7,500
        The Seer emerged from the Oracle at Delphi and uttered these words:
        'I see two people walking together towards greatness.  One of these
        people is a hulking man, stronger than anyone else in the world.  The
        other person is incredibly good-looking and extremely smart.  Hercules
        is the muscle-bound man, a son of Zeus who has incurred the wrath of
        Hera, Zeus' wife.  She drove Hercules to madness, and he killed his wife
        and children.  Since that fateful day, he has traveled around Greece,
        doing good deeds to atone for his sins.
        'The incredibly good-looking and smart person is you.  You are destined
        to become the ruler of a great dominion, and some of the immortals
        will call you friend.  But that day is some time from now, and you have
        much to do before that beautiful day dawns.  Along the way, your fate
        and Hercules' fate will be intertwined.  His enemies will become your
        enemies, his friends, your friends.  Your path to glory begins with
        establishing the city of Tiyrns in Argolis and introducing it to the
        You'll have plenty of time to build Tiyrns into a thriving metropolis
        later.  If you try to build a large city now, you will have difficulty
        Start a housing block near the immigrant entrance.  Do not build a huge
        city here.  You can't afford to do it this early in the game.  Instead,
        concentrate on a few dozen houses.  Just meet your requirement, that's
        a good suggestion.
        A thriving fleece industry will be very important.  Fleece is needed for
        the development of housing, thus other cities will want it (via trade).
        To get the housing to the Tenement level, provide food, fleece, culture,
        and some appeal.  Exporting excess fleece would be wise, as it brings in
        a little more money.
                           The Amazon World (Ephasus Colony)
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                18 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
                8 Planks of Wood for Parent City
        Traders from the amazon city of Cyme have told you about this spot, and 
        it is exactly as they described: rich in copper ore.  Certainly no one 
        from Greece has ever ventured into this area, and it is rumored that the 
        Amazon capital is nearby.  If the gods hear that you've discovered the 
        city, one of them just might ask you to find something else...
        This colony is only here to provide wood and bronze, so you will not need
        a large city here....it's more of a "work camp".
        Throw down a housing block near the immigration point, and search for
        urchins, which will provide you with some food.  As I already mentioned,
        a high housing development isn't really necessary.  Tenement level
        will be more than enough.  You will, however, need a population of
        1500 to call for Hercules, so he can take care of the quest.
                                   Gods In The World
        Goals:  Slay a Monster
                Sanctuary to any god
        While you were busy establishing a colony, Hercules was headed for Troy
        where he whisked Hesione, Princess of Troy, out of the jaws of
        Poseidon's gruesome Kraken.  How did Hesione manage to find herself in 
        this scrape?  Her father, King Laomedon, refused to keep his promise to 
        pay Apollo and Poseidon for building the walls of Troy.  So, the gods 
        punished Troy with plagues and floods, and the only way for Laomedon 
        to save his city was to sacrifice his daughter.
        Now, Poseidon and Apollo are enraged that Hercules has meddled in their
        affairs...and they are well aware of your connection to this hero!  And
        the Kraken, whose taste buds were primed for a bite of himan, is very
        hungry.  Elsewhere in the world, The Centaurs, who are always on the
        look out for a new source of wine, have taken notice of you and your
        kingdom.  Trouble might not be far off!
        Hercules seems to be causing more trouble than he's doing good at this
        point in time.  You'll have to think fast in a few situations here,
        so be prepared.
        You can export fleece and import olive oil from Lerna, so build a Trading
        Post with them.  Since you'll need to build a Sanctuary, you will need
        some sculptures.  So, you'll have to get some bronze if you're going to
        make them.  You'll also need wood for the Sanctuary.
        For the remainder of the required goods for the Sanctuary, you'll have
        yo wait for Mount Pelion to blossom.  The Centaurs own Mount Pelion
        and Mount Malea, so they will request wine.
        Get ready for Kraken.  You'll need to get Perseus for this job.  With
        Kraken wandering your waters, it's wise to keep an eye on where he is.
        Keep any Piers somewhat empty, since Kraken will come along and tear it
        to shreads.
        Get your fleece industry going!  A while back (different adventure) I
        said that you should build a big cheese industry.  Do the same with
        fleece.  You'll need to develop a large treasury for the upcoming colonies.
        You should also find plenty of trading partners for the fleece.
                                The Hydra (Lerna Colony)
        Goals:  Slay a monster
                Fulfill a forthcoming quest
        Lerna is a place of great beauty, with fertile land perfect for the
        cultivation of Olive Trees and Grapevines, and a lake filled with
        plentiful fish - A perfect paradise except for creating little multi-headed
        problem.  The hideous Hydra stalks the shores of the lake, destroying
        anything that comes in its path.  Only your friend Hercules is strong
        enough to dispatch this creature, and rumor has it Aphrodite is looking
        for a hero to help her find some vegetable or fruit ot something.  The
        gods can be so hard to understand.
        Hercules will be in demand on this episode.  He's involved in both getting
        the quest done and killing Hydra.
        Lerna can produce olive oil and wine, but you'll need fleece for this
        level.  Fleece and olive oil, of course, are both needed to evolve your
        housing.  Wine will be needed for Hercules.
                                 War with The Centaurs
        Goals:  Support 8 Hoplites or Better
                Population of 2500
        Did you ever hear the one about Hercules and Pholus?  It seems that the
        hero had wandered deep into the Centaur territory of Erymanthus in
        pursuit of a boar when he grew quite thirsty.  The Centaur Pholus was
        willing to share his wine with Hercules, and they were soon raising flagon
        after flagon of the beverage.  It wasn't long before a horde of other
        centaurs decided to join the party!  One thing led to another, as things
        usually do when there's wine involved, and Hercules slew many of them
        in self-defense.  The Centaurs, of course, are none too pleased and are
        plotting their revenge against Hercules and anyone associated with him.
        Increasing your population will be the first objective, if you don't
        already meet the goal, that is.  ^_^  In order to meet the Hoplite
        requirement, you'll need armor and wine, since you have to develop a
        small Elite Housing block.
                             The Fallen God (Lemnos Colony)
        Goals:  Population of 2000
                Sanctuary to Aphrodite
        Poor Lemnos was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Once, Hephaestus
        enraged Zeus by disobeying him.  Zeus cast Hephaestus to the earth from
        high atop Mount Olympus.  Unfortunately for Lemnos, Hephaestus landed
        right on top of it, and the impact stirred up the land so that what 
        once used to lie underneath it was now on top of it.
        When Hephaestus tried to stand up after his fall, he found that he had
        been lamed!  It was useless for Hephaestus to try and retaliate against
        Zeus - afterall, tangling with Zeus was what got him inito this mess 
        in the first place.  So, Hephaestus decided to take his anger out on the
        island that broke his fall, and he has been pounding the land ever since.
        Due to the strange geography of Lemnos, getting food to your people can
        be very time consuming.  If your population grows too large, you'll have
        trouble feeding everybody!
        The way I chose my colonies was a little bit backwards, since in the
        last one, we needed a population of 2500, and this one needs 2000.
        Oh well, it makes this one that much easier I guess.  ^_^
        This is the land of mining.  Silver and Marble will be key here.
        Silver, of course, serves as a source of instant money.  Marble
        can be exported, given away as gifts, requested from Tiryns, and
        used for the Sanctuary.
        Surf's up, dude!  No, really.  Tidal waves will occasionally come to
        shore, so be on the alert.  Building the sanctuary faster is better.
        Hephaestus will invade, and your city can't take punishment from him
        forever.  Get the sanctuary finished, so Aphrodite can deal with the
                                 The Tables Have Turned
        Goals:  Population of 3000
                Rule Mt. Pelion
                Sanctuary to Zeus
                40 People in Mansion or Better
        It seems ages now since you first heard how your fate woule be 
        intertwined with Hercules.  Many of the friends you had then are now
        your enemies, and one of your oldest enemies has become your friend.
        Nemea is now an ally, thanks to the exploits of the great Hercules,
        who has killed a ferocious lion that was attacking the city.  Grateful
        Ronphus, Nemea's ruler, has begun rebuilding his decimated city.
        The Amazons and Centaurs, who were once your friends, continue to cause
        trouble and the time has come to exert your dominance over them.
        Capturing Mount Pelion, a prominent Centaur stronghold, will send them
        a loud and clear message that you are not to be trifled with.
        Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Apollo,
        Poseidon, and Hephaestus still have [can't read my writing] plans to
        extract revenge on you.  His time to call Zeus, Hercules' father, to ensure
        that these warring deities will never be able to harm the city again.
        Get your elite housing as advanced as you can here, as the more Hoplites,
        the better.  You'll need them for overtaking Mount Pelion, since they
        will be a source of marble, which is needed for the sanctuary to Zeus.
        You will probably be attacked several times in this episode, so make sure
        that you have armor to support the army.  Defend your city until you meet
        the rest of the requirements.
                                 The Peloponnesian War
                                    A Kingdom Reborn
        Goals:  800 People in Homestead or Better
        Not so long ago, Sparta was the greatest city in the Peloponnese.
        Menelaus and his beautiful wife Helen ruled over all, and people
        were content.  But then, Paris of Troy abducted Helen, and a great
        war broke out.  Through cunning and strength, our soldiers won the
        war, but things weren't the same when Menelaus returned to Sparta.
        The city sooncrumbled, and only a few ruins remain of what was once
        a glorious city.
        The time has come to establish a new Sparta on new land!  The new
        Sparta will rise in glory and power, and one day eclipse the prestige
        of the old Sparta!
        Throw down a housing block near the immigration point.  Build a Hunting
        Lodge or two to get a little food in the city.  When employment allows,
        start wheat farms.  You can export wheat to turn a profit, which will
        be important.
        Get some fleece into your city.  You'll also need some culture and
        appeal, and soon you'll meet the Homestead housing requirement.
                                   Sparta On The Rise
        Goals:  Sanctuary to Ares
                Rule Olympia
        If we are to build a mighty army, our citizens must have some olive oil.
        We don't seem to have any here in Sparta, but word is that puny city
        Olympia makes it.  We haven't had any fun in so long - let's go take
        over Olympia and get their olive oil!  We could probably get Corinth
        to join us, andmaybe our beloved Ares will come along!  Maybe Olympia
        will get word of our plans and even try and attack us!  Wouldn't that 
        be a gas?
        Meanwhile, the cult of Dionysus is on the rise in Greece.  Wine does have
        its purpose - A drop or two can go a long way to quenching one's thirst.
        But, why anyone would drink to excess is a mystery.  Still, the drunken
        lout seems to hold a strange appeal to others around the country, and
        they would swoon at the mere mention of his name.
        And, what is the rising in the east like the sun?  We hear rumblings
        of a new empire that is gaining some prominence.
        Use all of the wheat that you're making to give as gifts to Thermopylai
        and Athens, since they both produce marble, which you will need for the
        sanctuary to Ares.
        When making the sculptures for the sanctuary, you only need two, but you
        can sell excess ones to Corinth.  This will allow you to make additional
        money, which can be used in the next episode.
        Once you get Ares' Fortress built, conquer Olympia.  It shouldn't take
        much if you send Ares and his Guards.
                                    War With Persia
        Goals:  20 Skeins of Fleece for Colony
                20 Sheaves of Wheat for Colony
                2 Sanctuaries
                80 People in Mansion or Better
        The leader of that upstart empire causing so much trouble for those
        feeble cities has finally reveiled himself.  He calls himself Darius,
        King of Persia, and he is quite a jokester.  He has sent word that he
        claims Sparta, along with the rest of Greece, as a subject!  Maybe a
        mere declaration of supiority is enough for wine-soaked cities like
        Eretria to surrender, but that silly little ploy isn't going to work
        on us!
        I don't know why we've been dragged into this, because this is Athens' 
        problem anyway.  The Athenians started a revolt in Ionia, and now that
        Darius is attacking them in return, they realize that they've bitten
        off more than they can chew.  Gluttony just doesn't get you anywhere!
        Hipponac of Corinth has the right ideas, though.  He's planning on an 
        all-out attack on Sardis, the capital of those barbarian Persians.
        This level will require you to make a large elite housing area.  The
        elite housing is required for the goal, of course, but it is also
        necessary for defending your city as well as conquering other cities.
        Elite housing also allows you to make more money.  This is due to the
        tax increase, which is quite large.
        By now some common sense has come into play.  Importing raw good and
        making them into finished goods is much cheaper than just importing
        the finished goods.  Since acquiring all of the necessary goods for
        an elite housing area can be expensive, try and make what you need by
        importing things.  As I've mentioned, the elite housing area is
        important, and this episode allows you to build up to Estate level,
        which will allow for four horsemen at a single estate.  Horsemen
        are a distinct advantage (2X as powerful as a hoplite), and it would
        aid in your chances in defeating youe enemy.
        If you choose Hephaestus for the sanctuary, he will provide you with
        deposits of copper ore, which could be used for producing armor, which,
        of course, will be used for your army.
                          The First Skirmishes (Taras Colony)
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Rule Odessos
        Taras looks to be the perfect place to station a Spartan army.  Plus,
        our spies have told us that somewhere in the vicinity is the city of
        Odessos, Athens' source of wheat.  If we can crush Odessos and cut off
        Athens' food supply, then Athens' downfall is certain.  And, our great
        god Ares has promised to help us find Odessos if we help him to retrieve
        something he wants!
        Use the wheat and fleece you get from Sparta to get your city started.
        You'll need to get a decent-sized common housing city here, as well as
        an Elite Housing area.  For food, go after the boars and go fishing.
        You will need to grow grapes to produce wine.  The wine will be needed
        for Hercules and his hall.  Once you've summoned him, you can export
        any excess wine for profit.
        You will have to do some importing of wheat, olive oil, and armor.  These
        things will be needed for the elite housing.  Hold off on Hercules' Hall
        until you've gotten your elite housing set up.  Once Hercules returns from
        his request, send everyone after Odessos, and you'll win this episode.
                          The First Skirmishes (Ithaca Colony)
        Goals:  Slay a Monster
                Slay a Monster
                Rule Delos
                Support 2 Triremes
        Since I didn't choose this level, I don't know the story leading into
        it.  The walkthrough is taken from the Official Zeus site.
        Like Taras, Ithaca is made up of a string of islands. However, it has more 
        room on which to build. You're going to need it, since this episode 
        requires a lot of workers.
        The introduction to Ithaca provides some good strategic hints. Two 
        fearsome monsters, both of which require Odysseus to be killed, will 
        terrorize you. Scylla is a particularly nasty monster who will make 
        it hard for you to gather food from the seas around Ithaca. Therefore, 
        make summoning Odysseus your primary goal. The requirements for his 
        Hall include:
        - Excellent popularity
        - Excellent city-wide health
        - 8 elite houses
        - 32 jugs of olive oil
        - 16 amphorae of wine
        As you can see, Odysseus is quite a demanding Hero. Focus on meeting 
        these requirements as quickly as possible.
        Start by building your housing block not too far from the immigrant 
        entrance in the top-right corner of the playing area. Gather urchins 
        along the shore and set up Fisheries for additional food. Hint: you 
        can greatly increase the yield from urchin gatherers and fishermen 
        by following two rules. First, place the Fisheries and Urchin Quays 
        as close as possible to the food source. Second, place an "accepting" 
        granary right next to the buildings. These two steps can more than 
        double rate at which these workers gather and store food. To get food 
        to your housing, build a granary near the agora set to "get" fish and 
        Scylla will occasionally drop in on your coastal food industries and 
        mangle a few buildings. Be quick to replace any that are lost.
        You will receive gifts of food and fleece from Sparta, so build a 
        Granary and Storehouse to store them. These should help you evolve 
        your housing up to Tenement level while you begin expanding your city. 
        You will eventually need to import fleece. To further evolve your 
        housing, import olive oil as well.
        Set up a large marble industry. Marble can be exported to Elis and 
        Olympia. Note that Hermes will continuously harass Elis during the 
        episode, often cutting off trade with them. Still, even when you aren't 
        able to trade with Elis, you can send them gifts of marble to butter them
        up, and then request goods or cash from them in return.
        You will need fleece and olive oil just to place the eight elite houses, 
        in addition to the amount you will need stored to summon Odysseus. You 
        have a choice. You can import and/or request these goods early in the 
        mission, or you can take the time to develop triremes to raid your rivals 
        for the goods, as suggested in the introduction. Triremes require wood, 
        armor, and lots of workers. You can produce wood with Timber Mills. For 
        armor you can import it, request it, or manufacture it with imported 
        bronze. Importing bronze and exporting armor is also a good way to make 
        lots of money in Ithaca.
        Whether you get the goods for Odysseus by guile or by force, move 
        quickly. Already Scylla is harassing your shores, and Cyclops is on the 
        way. To summon Odysseus, you also need to have excellent popularity. 
        Popularity can be seen on the overview control panel tab. Increase 
        popularity by lowering taxes and raising wages. Keep an eye on your 
        employment situation, since tinkering with wages affects the number of 
        workers in your workforce.
        You also need to ensure that you have excellent citywide health. Use the 
        hygiene overlay in the hygiene and safety control panel to see which 
        houses need healer access.
        Once you accomplish all these goals, summon Odysseus. Hopefully, you will
        be able to do this before the Cyclops invades.
        Having killed the monsters, you need only build two triremes (if you 
        haven't already) and conquer Delos. Sending the two triremes and Odysseus 
        should be enough, but if you throw in a few hoplites and maybe the help of
        an ally, you will be sure to triumph. Then it's on the grand finale!
                                      All Out War
        Goals:  Rule Athens
                Rule Amphipolis
                Rule Delos
                Rule Eretria
                50 People in Estate or Better
        Athens has really gotten too big for its britches!  They have attacked
        Melos, killing all of its men and enslaving its women and children, for
        refising to participate in that silly Delian League!  It's up to us to
        put an end to this foolishness!  As soon as we conquer Athens, Amphipolis,
        Delos, and Eretria, we can return the world to normal.
        Just by looking at the name of this episode should give you an inclination
        for what you'll be in for here.  You will have to build up your Elite
        Housing, because you will have a lot of military action to take on, and
        I don't mean just offensive.  You will be attacked from the various other
        nations, so be prepared.  You can use walls and whatnot to aid in the
        defense of your city.
        Some will attack via the sea, so try and sink the boats before they
        land their troops.
                                     The Trojan War
                                        The Oath
        Goals:  Produce 64 Sheaves of Wheat in One Year
                Produce 16 Amphorae of Wine in One Year
                1000 People in Townhouse or Better
                Treasury of 5000
        The conversation at the dinner table tirned from the subject of the
        city you were on the verge of establishing to the fair Helen, beloved
        by everyone in Greece, who was about to choose a husband.  Odysseus
        said, 'Let us all swear an oath to protect Helen and to support the man
        whom she chooses as a husband!  We owe her no less!  We shall name the
        oath after Helen's father and call it to the Oath of Tyndaneus!'  All
        shouted in assent, and Odysseus administered the oath to each person.
        Everyone was too busy celebrating to notice that Odysseus did not take
        the oath himself, but the hero wouldn't have less than noble intentions.
        Now that the festivities are over, you must return to your land to begin
        building the kingdom of Aulis is earned.  Soon, your city will match the
        cities that your friends Agamnemnon, Odysseus, and Ajax lead!  You can
        count on your friends sending you city-warming presents to help you start
        your city.
        Begin the city near the immigration point, of course.  Use the nearby
        meadow to place a half-dozen Wheat Farms.  This will get you plenty of
        food, and it also is required for a goal.  Remember that you'll need
        a full dozen or so to meet the goal, so you will need to gradually add
        more and more farms.
        After you've got the wheat farms up, you'll want to start your fleece
        and olive oil industry.  These products are required for the evolution
        of your housing.  You should also set up a Gymnasium or two, depending
        on how large your city is, as this will evolve your housing.
        Wine is your next priority.  Build a bunch (7-10) wineries to handle
        this chore.  Once you have the wine industry running well, you can
        meet the goal, and you can also export excess wine.
                                   The Beauty Contest
        Goals:  32 Skeins of Fleece for colony
                16 Jugs of Olive Oil for colony
                16 Planks of Wood for colony
                64 Sheaves of Wheat for colony
                12 Suits of Armor for colony
                Treasury of 15000
        At the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, Paris of Troy was asked to award
        a golden apple to the most beautiful goddess.  The contestants were
        Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite.  'Very nice, ladies.  That concludes the
        talent portion of our competition.  Now, the Interview:  If you are
        crowned most beautiful goddess,' Paris asked the women, 'what would
        you do?'  Hera replied, 'If I win, I'll use my title to bring world
        peace and to help all the little animals.'  'If I win,' Athena said,
        'I'll make sure that everyone has olive oil and bake everyone a batch
        of cookies!'  Finally, Aphrodite said, 'If you choose me, I'll arrange
        for you to take Helen, the most beautiful woman in Greece, as your
        wife.  I hope I win, because I just love golden apples!'  Paris
        carefully considered each goddess' answers, but, intrigued by the
        prospect of being married to the most beautiful woman in Greece, chose
        Aphrodite.  It was not long before Paris found Helen, tore her away from
        her husband, and brought her back to Troy.
        Now, Menelaus has declared war on Troy, and everyone bound by the Oath
        of Tyndaneus is rallying to his side, and other leaders have taken up
        Troy's part.  Calchas the Seer had this to say about the impending war:
        'Though rescuing fair Helen may seem simple, be forwarned that many
        pbstacles will stand in your way.  Many will be old and gray by the
        time they return home.'
        Agamnemnon and his soldiers have already left Greece to attack Troy,
        but Troy's walls, built by Apollo and Poseidon, are incredibly strong.
        Only an intense, continual siege will be enough to break through the
        walls, and this type of onslaught will only be possible if the Greeks
        have a camp close to Troy.  But,mayb e Agamnemnon will be lucky...
        On the home front, you must prepare for further attacks on Troy by 
        asking other cities to give what they can to you to support the war 
        The goals here are very easy to meet.  Just use your knowledge of Zeus
        so far to complete this level.  
        One thing you should know is a higher (20,000 - 30,000) treasury will give 
        you a better shot if you choose to go to Tenedos after this episode is 
        over.  -- Rob
                          The Great God Zeus (Pergamum Colony)
        Goals:  Sanctuary to Athena
                Sanctuary to Zeus
                Population of 2000
        The Seer from the Oracle has yet another prophecy: 'This far, Zeus has
        been on the sidelines of this great wat.  Build him a Sanctuary, and he
        will gladly join your side.  The Trojans won't stand a chance.  Build
        a Sanctuary to the great goddess Athena, too, and she will protect the
        city from harm!
        Of course, building a sanctuary to Zeus in the heart of Ionia is bound
        to rile up the gods that have taken Troy's side, and they won't be too 
        thrilled about the sanctuary to Athena, either.  They won't hesitate to
        make your life miserable and do what they can to prevent you from
        constructng the sanctuary.  It would be wise to begin construction on
        the sanctuaries as soon as you can.  The sooner you have both of these
        gods firmly in your corner, the better off you'll be.
        You may need to rely on your allies or even your rivals for the things you
        need to make the city thrive.
        Here's a wonderful level.  It's not very common that you'll have to
        build more than one Sanctuary in a Colony, and this is the exception.
        Start your housing block near the immigration point, ans set up a few
        granaries and trading posts, as you will be receiving a lot of gifts
        from Aulis to start the city off with.
        While you're upgrading your housing with the gifts from Aulis and by
        using culture and aesthetics, work on the permanent aspects of the city.
        Relying on gifts for a city will not get you far, so get the traditional
        industries and trading posts up, so you can make goods, and trade them
        with other cities.  You'll need to import Olive Oil to upgrade your
        I earlier mentioned Sanctuaries.  You'll want to begin importing wood and
        marble amost immediately, since you've got some mighty big sanctuaries
        to construct.  To decrease the amount of olive oil you'll need to import,
        start with Athena's sanctuary.  You can pray to her for olive oil.  :-)
        You'll also want to get the Bronze industry running.  Bronze is required
        in the production of sculptures, which will be required for the sanctuaries,
        and you'll need several of them for the sanctuaries.
                                   The Hero Odysseus
        Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                16 Planks of Wood for colony
                32 Skeins of Fleece for colony
                16 Jugs of Olive Oil for colony
                64 Sheaves of Wheat for colony
                24 Suits of Armor for colony
        Just outside the walls of Troy, the Greek army captured an old man named
        Helenus.  Like most old men in Greece, Helenus was a great seer, and he
        weighed in with his two drachmas: 'Did anyone mention the Palladium yet?
        There is an object held within Troy's walls, an object that Poseidon
        himself gave to the city when he was building its walls.  Troy will never
        fall as long as it has possession of this object.  You'll need to retrieve
        this object if you went to win the war!
        Only Odysseus, grand son of the master thief Autolycus, will be able to
        retrieve this magical object, and the great hero has been acting quite
        strangely lately.  He is the only great leader who has yet to participate
        in the war effort against Troy, pointing out that he never swore the Oath
        of Tyndareus.  Later, he was spotted laughing hysterically, sowing salt
        into earth around his Palace, rendering it infertile.  Crazy or not,
        Odysseus is the only one who can help.  Maybe if you offer him plenty of
        wine and olive oil and a lovely hall to call home, he'll come to Aulis,
        though who knows what will happen to Ithaca if he leaves the city behind...
        Get your trade routes back if possible.  That's one of the first things
        you'll need to do.  You'll be needing to do a lot of requesting/trading
        on this episode, as this is a key episode.  The things you do on this
        level will determine how difficult the next episode is, which is said
        to be extremely difficult, but that's all up to this episode.
        The next step is common housing.  You will need to add a lot more houses
        to the city.  The extra employees will be needed in the new buildings
        that will be used in the elite housing area.  Those buildings require
        a lot of people to operate them.
        Get armor!  You will need lots and lots of armor.  Its purpose will be
        for the elite housing, which needs it for the troops living there,
        and you'll need plenty of it.  You will be making a large army here.
        Unfortunately, Hoplites are as high as you can go for the troops.
        Sooner or later you'll receive the request, which Odysseus is needed.
        His hall needs:
        - Excellent Popularity
        - Excellent City Wide Health
        - 8 Elite Houses
        - 32 Jugs of Olive Oil
        - 16 Amphorae of Wine
        Don't leave this city after you've got the request fulfilled.  Just don't
        leave just yet.  Now's the time to build up your treasury.  Also, it's
        time to attack rivals.  Attacking and conquering rivals now will be helpful
        in future episodes.
                         Achilles The Warrior (Tenedos Colony)
        Goals:  Slay a monster
                Rule Lyrnessus
                Support 32 Hoplites or Better
                Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                Rule Cyme
        Calshas the Seer had this to say: 'To successfully conquer Troy, you'll
        need the help of the hero Achilles.  Achilles was once a willing
        participant in the war, but Agamnemnon managed to offend him somehow...
        heroes can be so touchy.  You'll have to gently convince him to return
        to the fray, and maybe the gods will help you convince Achilles to fight.'
        While you try and convince Achilles to return to the fighting, you should
        build Tenedus into a strong military base that will help you conquer Troy.
        Since it is devoid of natural resources, you'll have to rely on others
        to acquire the goods you need, and you can of course raid your rivals.
        Naturally, Troy won't stand idly by and let you build a military
        stronghold in its backyard.  The Trojans just might turn to their favorite
        son, Hector, to cause you trouble.  Of course, the big, strong Hector is
        a favorite with Aphrodite...
        Remember that Calchas also prophesied that manny men will be old and gray
        before they return home.  Building  military base that can challenge
        Troy will take a long time.
        This is one of the hardest level you'll face in the game according to
        many people.  Instead of writing my own guide for this one, I've included
        the one Impressions made, as it will help you out quite a bit.
        Tenedos is considered one of the, if not the, hardest episodes in Zeus. 
        The land provides no natural resources - not even food! There are very 
        limited opportunities for exporting anything. And finally, you will suffer 
        from countless invasions by powerful rivals, angry gods, mythical warriors, 
        and Trojan super-heroes.
        Success in Tenedos depends in large part on your level of preparation. If 
        you were able to conquer some or all of Miletos, Cyme, and Ethiopia in the 
        prior episode, you will have a much easier time. A massive horde of 
        Drachmas would help as well. Even so, you are probably in for a serious 
        As mentioned, Tenedos is completely devoid of natural resources. However, 
        you will soon receive the goods set aside in the prior episode. You can 
        also request goods from your allies. But the surest way to receive the 
        steady flow of food, fleece, olive oil, armor, and wine you will need is 
        to set up trade routes with your allies who can provide these goods. The 
        lack of any exports provides another problem. How can you make any money 
        if there is nothing to export?
        This is where the preparation part comes in. Cyme and Miletos sell bronze, 
        which can be converted to armor and then exported for a hefty profit. 
        Miletos buys wine and Ethiopia buys wine and olive oil. These can be 
        manufactured with grapes and olives bought from Aulis or your allies. 
        Without the help of at least one of these cities, there are no immediate 
        opportunities for export in Tenedos, making it hard to raise the money 
        needed to buy all the goods your people will demand. Also, building 
        Hephaestus' Forge early in the episode will provide you with a source of 
        bronze, not to mention a man of bronze (Talos) to defend your city.
        Start by building a housing block on the lower plateau near the immigrant 
        entrance on the southern edge of the playing area. Troy will be furious 
        that you are building this colony in its vicinity, and won't hesitate to 
        launch large invasions to try to stop you. These invasions will originate 
        on the highland plateau along the right-hand edge of the playing area, so 
        avoid building your city over there.
        When your houses start to fill with people, set up storage facilities to 
        take in the goods sent from Aulis. Then build trade facilities along the 
        coast. Import the goods you need for your people, as well as raw materials 
        for manufactured goods that you are able to export. Start taxing your 
        people right away. Money is the key to this episode, and you don't want to
        run out before you have set up your exports. Evolve your houses as high as 
        possible. This provides several advantages: it increases tax revenues, 
        provides you with more rabble units for defense, and ensures a more 
        efficient use of space and resources.
        Next, set up an elite housing block to get your elite military up and 
        running. This is especially important if you need to conquer any of the 
        three cities that help you develop trade. Regardless, elite housing will 
        be important for defense, and also for increasing your tax income. The 
        availability of horse ranches means you can evolve your elite houses to 
        their maximum level (estate), creating powerful cavalry units and a 
        wealthy tax base.
        Another potential source of military power and needed materials is a fleet 
        of triremes. Triremes can accompany your troops on overseas invasions, and 
        can be used in raids to cart away enormous quantities of goods. Try 
        raiding Cyme and Miletos for goods you need or can export. When you raid, 
        make sure to specify which goods you want your troops to loot.
        Any gifts of wood or marble can be exported to raise money, but it's wiser 
        to use them to build the Arbor of Athena. With the Arbor, you get much 
        needed help defending the city, and lots of help with olives and olive 
        oil production. You could also get started on the Forge of Hephaestus.
        Don't hope for a quick victory. You will have to wait six or seven years 
        for Hector's invasion and the quest to become available. During this time, 
        survival depends on following a sound strategy. You may wish to build 
        defensive fortifications between your city and the invasion points to the 
        east. Build walls and towers along the ravine. Make sure there are roads 
        connecting your towers to the palace. You can place rabble units behind 
        the walls to pummel your attackers while they try to break through. Rabble
        must be set to "attack" mode to fire through walls.
        When your city is well defended and you are generating enough money to 
        survive, begin preparing for the arrival of the Achilles. The Hero's Hall 
        for Achilles requires the following to attract the moody warrior to your
        - 32 suits of armor
        - 3 hoplite companies or better
        - A sanctuary to Hephaestus
        - No unrest in the city
        - 16 amphorae of wine
        If you can meet these requirements before the quest is announced, you will 
        be able to summon Achilles in no time. This is important, because the 
        vicious Trojan hero Hector will shortly invade your city and he will do 
        major damage until Achilles appears.
        With Hector slain, the military power of Lyrnessus will decline, and you 
        will be able to conquer them. By this point, you should be ready to move 
        onto the final episode.
                                   The Ingenious Plot
        Goals:  Rule Troy
                Rule Cyme
                Rule Miletus
                Rule Ethiopia
                Rule Lyrnessus
                Rule Ascania
        It's just crazy enough to work.  Odysseus' plan to break through the
        walls of Troy is ridiculous, but thus far, more traditional methods
        have failed.  Odysseus' plan is to build a huge wooden animal and fill
        it with the most skilled soldiers in the Greek army.  The Trojans will
        drag the wooden animal into the city themselves, and under the cover
        of night, the soldiers will attack the city within.  Then, you can
        send more soldiers to attack Troy.  This two-pronged attack is sure
        to succeed.  Now the only thing left is to decide which animal to build.
        A badger?  No, too small.  A rabbit?  No, it's been done.  A puppy?
        No, too cute.  What about a horse?
        Wow, the final episode of the final adventure!
        There really isn't much to this one.  This is all military for the most
        part.  Just conquer any cities that you don't have yet, and when you
        receive word that the Trojan Horse idea worked, send a full-out assault on
        the Troy.  Congratulations!
                                  Poseidon Walkthrough
        Getting through Zeus is a long process.  If you've got any tips or
        strategies for any part of the game, email me at
        red_phoenix_1@hotmail.com, and your subject line should read
                                   Birth of Atlantis
                                   The Capital City
          Goals:  Population of 1000
                  500 People in Homestead or better
          Welcome to Atlantis!  The oddly shaped landmass consists of a central
          island, two outer rings and two outer pieces of land with plenty of
          waterways and access to the open sea.
          The main challenge in The Birth of Atlantis adventure is being able
          to effectively manage how you set up your housing and industry so as
          not to paint yourself into a corner with the limited amount of land
          available.  It may look like a huge area - when it's empty.  But start
          to fill it with houses, industry buildings, Sanctuaries and science
          buildings and then the space provided begins to look mighty small.
          Atlantis has access to just about every resource imaginable.  All in
          all you should have more than enough jobs for your people and goods
          to trade with the cities you will discover.
          You will probably want to start your budding city by laying down your
          first housing block on the southern portion of the outermost landmass,
          just below the large swath of fertile ground.  This will allow you to
          have immediate access to food and to the open sea when trade opens
          up.  Try not to build too much on the innermost 'donut' of land.
          You'll probably want to use that land for a large Hippodrome that
          you will build later.
          You start with a decent amount of cash, but you'll probably want
          to keep an eye on spending; you start off with no trading partners
          or tax collectors so there is no way to generate extra cash if you
          run out.  Don't worry - a trade partner will blossom soon enough.
          Right now just concentrate on getting your city up and running.
          Once your initial housing has been inhabited and supplied with
          water, you should have a few hundred citizens - great job!
          Near the end of the first year, the city of Gades will be
          discovered, and they will want to trade with you.  Left-Click on
          the World View to see where Gades is and then Left Click on the
          City itself to see which goods they are selling and which they
          are buying.  Gades buys meat and orichalc.
          Gades requires a Pier to buy and deliver goods, and not far from
          the orichalc deposits you should be able to find a suitable place
          to build one.  Once you have placed it, begin selling orichalc.
          This should start bringing in a tidy profit for your budding
          In order to fulfill the housing requirement you need housing that
          receives food, water and fleece, and has at least one type of
          scientist passing by.  Each Homestead can hold 32 occupants, and
          a Tenement can hold 40.  Simple math will tell you at least 15
          houses at Homestead or Tenement levels of development should net
          you your required Housing goal and 30 houses at the Tenement
          level will easily garner the second goal of 1000 people.
                            All Creatures Great and Greater
          Goals:  Population of 1500
                  1000 people in Apartment or better
                  Slay a Monster
                  Modest Pyramid
          Continue to build your city, keeping in mind your food stores,
          employment levels and industry.  You will be allowed to tax your
          people from now on, so building a Palace and a Tax Office or two
          is a wise decision.  Be careful where you place your Palace,
          however, for it will have to be surrounded by walls in order
          to summon Theseus later in the episode.
          It would also be wise to build a grove of olive trees and
          grapevines to facilitate more trade with neighbors, as well
          as to satisfy your own people's needs.  You may also wish to
          start constructing Aphrodite's Sanctuary as she might be
          useful in keeping your citizens contented and happy.  Keep
          an eye out for jealous gods, whose feelings may have been
          hurt because they did not get the continent of Atlantis for
          their own and so plan to take out their frustrations on you!
          Once you get your olive oil industry going, it shouldn't be
          long before distribution elevates your housing to the
          Apartment level and you will achieve your Population goal.
          If you haven't set up a marble industry, then the Minotaur
          shouldn't give you any trouble when he appears near the
          quarries.  Just make sure to get Theseus's requirements
          filled so that he can kill the beast.  The requirements to
          summon Theseus are:
                - Build the Hall near the Palace
                - Good Appeal around the Hall
                - Hall is protected by Walls
                - 32 slabs of Marble
                - 16 Amphore of Wine
          Once you have these met, summon the hero.  Once he kills the
          Minotaur, your goal is achieved!
          Next collect the materials you need and the pyramid should take
          no time at all to complete.  If you build close to the Storehouses
          that holds the materials it needs, the faster it will get
          built... but then you already knew that, right? Right!
                                    Big Game Hunting
          Goals:  Population of 2000
                  1500 People in Townhouse or better
                  Sanctuary to Artemis
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
          By now you should have a decent industry and distribution network
          that is keeping your city vibrant and productive.  Adding another
          housing block will most likely be necessary to accomplish your
          population and housing goals.  Remember to keep each block supplied
          and happy.
          A good place to construct your second block of housing is North of
          your present housing block, just on the other side of the section
          where you set up your food/fleece/oil and wine block.  This block
          doesn't have to be nearly as large as the first in order to meet
          your goals.  A small block developed to the Townhouse stage should
          put you over the 2000 citizen mark.  And if you've built A
          phrodite's Sanctuary, she'll fill your houses for you.
          It is also a good idea to start thinking about placing down a
          block of Elite Housing, as the armored and trained soldiers they
          will bring will be useful in the near future.  The first, largest
          ring of land is a good spot to do this.  Make sure that the houses
          have great appeal and access to all goods and services.
          In order to ensure you have sufficient resources to armor and
          train your soldiers, you'll need to place down a few Foundries
          and Armories to provide armor and weapons for your soldiers and
          possibly a Horse Ranch to upgrade your Spearmen to Cavalry.  A
          Frigate Wharf or two isn't a bad idea either.
          Of course all of these industries require workers, so lay down
          another block of housing to the North of your second block.
          And with the trade and industry you've set up, funds should be
          no problem at all.
          Fairly early on in the episode you will receive a request from
          Artemis to round up some large animals roaming the landscape.
          To accomplish this you will need to summon Atalanta to help you.
          The requirements for Atalanta's Hall are as follows:
                - A Sanctuary to Artemis
                - A Working Museum
                - 32 sides of meat
                - 32 planks of wood
                - 8 Companies of Soldiers
          Again when building Artemis's Sanctuary make sure it is close
          to the materials it needs.  This will cut down on construction
          time significantly!  Once you have fulfilled the requirements
          for Atalanta's Hall, summon the hero and send her off to fetch
          those over-sized animals!
                                     War and Ethics
          Goals:  Rule Cennia
                  Rule Mt. Geimm
                  Rule Mt. Phaesus
          This is a purely military episode, so make sure your soldiers are
          well- armored and up to the task of accomplishing these tough goals.
          The three cities you are required to rule are inhabited by the
          cruel and ugly Centaurs, who early on in the mission will begin
          sending raiding parties against you and your allies.
          To counter these attacks, it is imperative that you have your
          armies at the ready to defend your city and your allies.  Defending
          your neighbors will increase their favor with you and they will be
          more willing to assist in military strikes against the offending
          Centaur cities.
          By now your city should be booming and your Foundries and Armories
          should be producing enough armor to support the troops housed in
          your Elite Housing.
          During this Episode, the lame god Hephaestus will woo you to build
          a Sanctuary to him in order to boost your bronze and armor
          production.  This may be a wise thing to do considering you may
          have a surplus of workers needing jobs to fill and the god's help
          may come in handy later down the road.
          When you are ready, call upon one or two of your neighbors to
          assist in attacking either Mt. Geimm or Mt. Phaesus as they are
          the weakest of your opponents.
          You should have Artemis's Sanctuary, and the soldiers she provides
          will allow you to take the three rival cities fairly easily, though
          it would be wise to send at least one or two companies of Spearmen
          and two to three companies of Charioteers and a Frigate or two
          along with the Amazons that the goddess provides.
          At least six Elite Houses should garner you the necessary troops
          (either Spearmen or Charioteers) with which to defend yourself or
          attack the Centaur cities.  Hopefully you planned well ahead and
          had the Elite housing set up in the previous episode and so will
          not have to spend too much time in this episode.
          Once you have buttered up your allies to the point where they
          agree to grant you military aid, start taking the rivals down
          one by one.  Before you know it, all of the Centaur cities will
          be your vassals!
                                   Symphonia Ithikos
          Goals:  Population of 3000
                  100 People in Mansion or better
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
          Horrors! Because you attacked and destroyed the Centaurs, the gods
          have decided that in punishment for your crime you must never
          again attack another race of beings that inhabit the surrounding
          territories.  You may defend yourself in times of war, but must
          never initiate an attack on another city.
          To honor this pact, Atlas has vowed to inscribe the words of the
          sacred text onto a tablet.  It will be up to you to find a suitable
          material for this magnificent work.
          Meeting the Housing and Population requirements for this episode
          should be a snap if you followed the guidelines for building the
          housing blocks and elite homes from the previous episodes.  By
          now you should have well over 3000 citizens and the six (or
          more!) elite homes you placed earlier should yield you at least
          120 additional citizens living in luxury.
          Soon, Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, will send you on the Quest for
          the Cornerstone.  In order to find the cornerstone, which will
          be the first building block in the construction of the sea god's
          great Citadel, you must summon Atalanta once more.
          Place down the hero's hall and then busy yourself fulfilling the
          necessary requirements to attract the hero to your city.  The
          requirements for Atalanta's Hall are as follows:
                - A Sanctuary to Artemis
                - A Working Museum
                - 32 sides of meat
                - 32 planks of wood
                - 8 Companies of Soldiers
          Once Atalanta arrives, dispatch her to retrieve the Cornerstone.
          Next comes a Quest from Apollo, The Tablet of the Pact.  You must
          summon Achilles to your city so that the hero can be persuaded to
          mine the orichalc found on the mysterious Crimson Isle in order
          to inscribe upon it the sacred text of the Symphonia Ithikos.  The
          requirements for Achilles' Hall are as follows:
                - 32 suits of armor
                - 3 Spearmen Companies or better
                - A Sanctuary to Hephaestus
                - No Unrest in the City
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Don't forget, that in addition to your own armor production, you
          can request armor from your ally, Ampher.  Just placate them with
          gifts and they may even send you some without a request from you!
          Once you have the necessary goods, send for Achilles and dispatch
          him to Crimson Isle.  With that done you've proven once again that
          no goal is too tough for you!
          Now you have to choice of one of two Colonies to build and develop,
          either Leucippium or Evenestus.  There is no advantage to choosing
          one over the other, and you will get to build the other colony
          later.  Leucippium will be discussed first.
                         The Hungry Sphinx (Leucippium Colony)
          Goals:  Slay a Monster
                  32 Ingots of Orichalc for Parent City
                  32 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
          What a rocky and hilly place Leucippium is!  Why, there's hardly
          any place to build a decent sized city block!  That's the main
          challenge you face in this region, how to best utilize your limited
          space.  But after working with the concentric rings of Atlantis,
          this should be a snap!
          Right off the bat you should be able to see the huge deposits of
          both copper and orichalc.  Try building your first block of
          housing close to the entry point near that big swath of fertile
          land just below where the copper ore is located.
          Soon after you have begun to build your city, that nasty Sphinx
          arrives!  She guards the orichalc ore and getting that material
          is going to be tough.  You'll need to summon Atalanta again to
          clear a path.  Think you have the requirements for her Hall
          memorized yet? Here they are again:
                - A Sanctuary to Artemis
                - A Working Museum
                - 32 sides of meat
                - 32 planks of wood
                - 8 Companies of Soldiers
          There are two keys to winning this scenario.  One is relying on
          your trade partners to grant you gifts, as your resources here
          won't allow you to get the necessary Sanctuary materials.  Pacify
          your neighbors with gifts and fulfill their requests and you should
          soon have all the materials you need.  The other is to remember
          not to overbuild.  You have no population or housing requirements,
          just goods and a pesky monster to slay.
          Concentrate first on getting Artemis' Sanctuary up and running
          (she'll help with food shortages) and then get Atalanta to kill
          the Sphinx.  Once those small problems are out of the way then
          you can throw all your efforts into mining and stockpiling the
          necessary goods to win.  Make sure to delete the Artisans Guilds
          once Artemis' Temple is complete - you can always use extra ore
          Close to the end of the first year, the city of Mestonia will
          blossom, and this can be another source of materials you sorely
          Concentrate on your goals, and you should win this episode with
                                The Citadel of Poseidon
          Goals:  Sanctuary to Poseidon
          How simple can this be? Build a Sanctuary to Poseidon? No problem!
          But what a Sanctuary it is!  It's huge!  Never fear, by now you have
          enough trading partners and enough industry of your own to complete
          this project in a matter of a few years.  The obvious placement for
          it is the large central island, provided you haven't already begun
          building there.  Be mindful of requests and demands of your
          neighbors and keep to the letter of the Symphonia Ithikos and
          you should see the magnificent structure up and running in all
          its glory!
          After you finish the Citadel of Poseidon, it's off to found another
                          People of the Sea (Evenestus Colony)
          Goals:  9 Trading Partners
                  60 People in Estate or better
          Again the key here is not to overbuild.  Get the first housing block
          up and running, fed and watered and then concentrate on building a
          defensive force.  It's possible that the Oceanids may decide they
          want to flex their territorial muscles and push you off this piece
          of land.  Stick fast though, and you'll win.
          Get your first block of housing up quickly near the entry point in
          the south east, concentrate on feeding your people and getting a
          small army of archers to defend yourself against early incursions.
          Don't forget to ask for defensive troops from your allies or parent
          city if you need them!  And of course you can always bribe the
          Building walls and towers to defend the shoreline might also be
          a good way to deter those pesky Oceanids and give you the edge
          to beat them should your forces not be strong enough or your
          allies too slow in sending military help.
          Begin trading with your current allies, and then construct an
          elite housing block in order to garner you the population goal
          of 60 people in an Estate.  You merely need to wait out the
          invasions of the temperamental Oceanids; eventually they'll see
          the light of reason and ally with your glorious civilization.
                                     Atlas the God
          Goals:  Population of 5000
                  Pyramid of the Pantheon
                  Hippodrome 40 Stades Long
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
          By far the toughest goal to achieve is the construction of the
          Hippodrome.  Now you can see the wisdom of leaving the innermost
          ring surrounding the central island free of other buildings.
          This is where you will build your Hippodrome.  The Hippodrome's
          ends must be connected for it to function.  You will note the
          inner ring of land closest to the large center island is
          perfect for the placement of your Hippodrome.  Be patient when
          placing the structure and make sure that it has access to a
          Horse Ranch so that the races will soon be running.  Hey, look
          at it this way: it's another source of income and a city
          could always use a few more Drachmas!
          Also in this episode you will be called upon to once again
          summon the brave Atalanta to perform a Quest for Hades, King
          of the Underworld.  He wants you to send the heroine to steal
          some Ambrosia of the gods from Tomb of Cronos!  But you must
          be careful!  If the gods catch wind of this plot, there could
          be dire consequences...
          Remember the requirements for Atalanta's Hall? Sure you do!
                - A Sanctuary to Artemis
                - A Working Museum
                - 32 sides of Meat
                - 32 planks of Wood
                - 8 Companies of Soldiers
          By now your population should be well above 5000 and if it
          isn't... well then you know the cure for that: build another
          housing block!  Just make sure they are getting all the goods
          and services they need.
          With the world obeying the Symphonia Ithikos, there really isn't
          that much need of a military in this episode.  Send any Frigate
          Wharf workers home and put them to work at Artisans' Guilds,
          Black Marble Workshops and Masonry Shops.  This will make the
          construction of the Pyramid go extremely quickly.
          With your Population goal taken care of, the horses running at
          the Hippodrome, Atalanta stealing the Ambrosia, and the Pyramid
          of the Pantheon complete, you'll have achieved all of your goals
          and completed the episode... and the Birth of Atlantis Adventure
          entirely! Well done!
                               Enlightenment in the West
                                      Westward Ho!
          Goals:  1200 people in Townhouse or better
                  48 slabs of marble for colony
                  20 jugs of olive oil for colony
          Although this land offers several large expanses on which to build
          your neighborhoods, your immediate needs are best served by building
          residences in the southeast quadrant.
          You'll soon need fleece imports to keep your city growing.  Build
          a straight main road from your neighborhood through the southernmost
          meadows, the small mountain pass (between the marble quarries), and
          towards the sea.  This will provide an excellent avenue for much
          needed food and imports of fleece, wood, and bronze, and a path
          to sell marble to Diapraea and orichalc to Atlantis, to pay for
          these imports.
          The northernmost meadow should be reserved for wheat farms, which
          will support only a medium-sized population.  The southern patch
          of meadowland is excellent for olive trees, and nearby Growers'
          Lodges and presses can be built on a spur off your main road.
          With a steady flow of olive oil, you should be able to evolve
          your city's housing quickly and amass enough oil for your colony
          Marble is not needed by your neighborhood and is best quarried by
          Masonry Shops at the southwestern end of this main road.  This
          keeps them close to Piers for quick export.  A few Storehouses
          here will hold your marble for your colony requirement.
          If you're feeling aggressive, hold off on setting aside all your
          goals until you've completed the Pillar of Atlas.  Although not
          a requirement in this episode, Atlas is always helpful to have
          around for completing large construction projects in later
          episodes.  Import or, better yet, request wood and sculpture from
          your allies.  Extra wood and sculptures can be sold for a nice
          profit.  Make sure to build your orichalc Refineries near the
          Pillar of Atlas so that they receive Atlas' blessings!
          It may be best to avoid establishing a huge population at this
          stage, as your limited food resources won't support it, and
          importing food, although inexpensive, is unnecessary at this
          Once you complete this episode, you will get to build your choice
          of four colonies.  In all in this adventure, you will found a
          total of three colonies, so one will remain a mystery to you; at
          least until you replay the adventure again.
          Your choices are Copan, Biminis, Cuello and Ianira.  It's wisest
          to choose Copan or Biminis first.  Copan, with its abundant
          supplies of silver ore, offers a great opportunity to build up
          your coffers.  If you choose Biminis, trade will open up with
          the Oceanids, from whom you can buy lots and lots of urchins
          if you need more food.  Cuello also offers you a great opportunity
          to earn some money, but there are troublemakers in the area that
          you may need to bribe.  Ianira is blessed with many raw materials,
          but is lacking some of the basic supplies that people need to
          live.  It's easiest to play Copan or Biminis first. Cuello and
          Ianira will be discussed later.
                         In the Name of Science (Copan Colony)
          Goals:  1000 people in Townhouse or better
                  Observatory Kosmika
          Seemingly ripe with lush forests, edible wildlife, and an abundance
          of silver and bronze, Copan is a perfect tropical paradise.  Its
          water inlet is excellent to expand your transatlantic
          import/export business.
          Only a few unwelcome guests and natural instability will need to
          be tolerated for you to do your job here.  But hey, it's better
          than giant mosquitoes and malaria!
          The Calydonian Boar will pay a visit to his cousins living in the
          southeast corner of the play area almost immediately.  Although
          you don't need to evict this unpleasant neighbor to complete the
          episode, the silver he guards is quite tempting.  Theseus'
          modest summoning requirements are well worth the investment.
          Your residential quarter should be safe in most areas.  Building
          it close to your water inlet makes the most sense, as once again,
          the growth of your city will depend on importing goods: this time,
          oil and fleece.  Obviously, building your neighborhood far from
          the Boar's romping grounds is wise.  As you have no rival city
          enemies, there's little reason to build elite housing.
          Your city will live off of the meat of the land: Hunting Lodges
          will get you started, but Corrals will keep your people sated.
          Just as in the first episode, Diapraea is your best friend.  The
          bulk of the Observatory Kosmika will require the precious black
          marble that only they can supply.  And supply it they do: keep
          an eye on imports, as buying too much marble at once can quickly
          drain your monetary resources, and supply will increase over
          the course of this episode.
          Start building the Observatory Kosmika early.  It's a
          monumental undertaking, and the sooner you start, the sooner you
          get on to bigger and better? monuments!
          Autoch will give you the supplies you set aside in the first
          episode (oil and marble).  Autoch may also grant marble requests
          throughout the episode.  As your parent city, they're a bit more
          obliged to give you what you need.
          Your new neighbors, Palanque and Tikal may not seem like much at
          first, but Tikal's supply of bronze can quickly be crafted into a
          fine sculpture and arms export business: For some reason Azium is
          very interested in both of these commodities.  The wily Oceanids
          of Xilyuf will also buy your sculpture.  Chances are this will be
          the best source of income in this episode.
          After a couple years, the prankster Hephaestus will start his
          regular invasions from the north. Apparently he wants the Mayans
          for himself!  If you're relying on armor and sculpture trade to
          keep you going, make sure you budget for the occasional
          interruption that Hephaestus causes: he'll quickly target your
          Sculpture Studios and Armories to curse or destroy them, and
          anything in the way will just upset him more.  Once you see the
          path he takes towards these structures, keep other buildings
          off of this path, or watch them tumble as he makes his regular
          trek towards his target.
          Around the same time as Hephaestus' first visit, the heat will
          turn up a bit, literally!  Watch for lava flows in the northeast.
          Fortunately, there's little reason to build here, and if you did,
          the small flow should cause minimal damage.  Also avoid building
          close to the high cliffs due east of the inlet.
          With a bit of perseverance, by the time you've completed this
          episode, you should have fattened up your coffers.
                       Water, Water and Urchins (Biminis Colony)
          Goals:  Population of 2000
                  Find the Spring of Youth
                  Sanctuary to Aphrodite
          Biminis is a great choice if you need to expand your trading
          partners beyond what you already have.  It essentially becomes
          a trading center to establish more of a relationship with the
          Oceanids, which if you don't take this episode, will not become
          available to trade with.  These include Fivmnal and Yehm.
          Your immediate goal is to establish residences and a food
          supply.  Build a medium sized neighborhood in the southeast,
          and bridge out to the island in the center.  This is your
          closest supply of food.  Make sure to leave space for a bridge
          connecting this island to the large island to the north for
          later expansion.  Beware that on easier levels, this large
          population will be difficult to employ fully, and people don't
          like to stick around if there's no work!
          Your primary exports will be wood and wine.  Your parent city
          will give you plenty of marble for the sanctuary, all you need
          then is to import or request six sculptures.  There are a few
          good places for the sanctuary, the best of which may be near
          the meadowland on the southern island.
          You will get requests for wine, which you can produce, or if
          you're feeling lazy and/or are well established, buy and then
          give away.
          As you require more food, establish more Urchin Quays on the
          central island and on the northern island, as there are no
          urchin spots to the south.  Also, a price drop in urchins will
          be in your favor, as you can only import it from the Oceanid
          Aphrodite's quest will require Bellerophon's assistance. His
          requirements include:
                - 15 horses
                - Excellent tax coverage
                - 10000 in the treasury
                - 24 ingots of orichalc
                - 24 amphorae of wine.
          If you're having trouble finding room for 3 Horse Ranches, two
          should fit on the southern island, the third will fit nicely
          right in the center of the first urchin island.
          Import or request wheat and orichalc as you need to fulfill the
          requirements for Bellerophon.  Remember that you need to find a
          place for your palace to collect taxes!
                                    Help from Above
          Goals:  Sanctuary to Demeter
                  Sanctuary to Athena
                  Sanctuary to Dionysus
                  48 slabs of marble for colony
                  20 jugs of olive oil for colony
          If you completed the Pillar of Atlas in the first episode, you're
          ahead of the game in this episode.  If not, do that first!  Atlas
          will eagerly assist you when you're short on materials, and you
          will find his assistance most beneficial in this episode as he
          enables extra artisans to help you with your sites.
          The focus of this episode is actually to expand your city.  In
          order to do so, you need more food, more oil, more money, more
          Sanctuary placement will have a direct impact on their respective
          effectiveness: The land around Demeter's will become fertile so
          give it some space for Wheat Farms around it, and make sure to
          plan your roads around the sanctuary to 'encourage' her to bless
          as many as possible.  Food production is critical in this time of
          expansion.  Make sure you have enough granaries to store the
          annual harvest.
          If you build your olive industry near the original southern
          meadowland on a spur as originally suggested in episode one,
          place Athena's sanctuary at the end of it.  She will quickly
          respond by regularly blessing your Olive Presses upon completion
          of the sanctuary.  You'll have more than enough olive oil for you
          city, and the rest can be exported to Palanque in exchange for
          buying wood.  Palanque may give you wood, but you'll need a lot
          more to complete all these sanctuaries.
          Dionysus' sanctuary location is not as critical, but plan ahead:
          You may not need Elite housing yet, but balance the sanctuary's
          placement between the Piers to export wine, and the location where
          you plan on setting up your elite neighborhoods.
          With exports of oil, marble, orichalc, sculpture, armor, wine, and
          possibly wheat and grapes, you can quickly establish yourself as a
          trade mogul on the Atlantean isles and beyond.  A price increase in
          marble will work in your favor.  Hey, that's what's being a
          colonial power is all about!
          Diapraea and Azium continue to try to outdo each other with their
          military build up.  Hmmm, wondering what those twins are up to?
          Well, no matter, as long as they're buying weapons and other
          goods from you!
          Meeting your 'set aside' goals should be no problem at this point
          of your city's expansion.  If you started your first neighborhoods
          in the southeast, just keep building to the north.
          It's time to establish another colony.  Cuello will be discussed
                         The Glory of Pyramids (Cuello Colony)
          Goals:  Small Monument to the Sky
                  Monument to the Sky
                  Grand Monument to the Sky
          This area is expansive, but the only requirements you have for
          this colony is to build 3 pyramids for the Mayans.  By planning
          ahead, you can make this episode very easy.  The story line warns
          of Ares in this land.  Ares' attacks manifest themselves in two
          forms: He will invade personally, with his armies, or he'll
          send his dragon to pester you.
          Like many of his cousins, this dragon loves shiny metal, and
          silver is all along the east bank of the river.  Fortunately,
          when he does invade, the dragon will stay towards the south.  If
          you need cash at this point of the adventure, you'll want to
          keep your mints towards the north.  Your best bet will be to
          establish them on the west bank, and build a bridge across the
          northern section of the river for your miners.  Leave the dragon
          alone, and he'll do the same.  If you want to make this episode
          longer, or more enjoyable, try summoning Jason to defeat the
          dragon.  This will considerably extend your time in Cuello, while
          you establish elite housing and Frigate Wharves to fulfill the
                -3 Frigates
                -2 Charioteer companies
                -64 Crates of Food
                -8 Horses
                -16 Amphorae of wine
          Although you may be tempted to build Atlas' sanctuary first to
          help your pyramid construction, instead, insure against Ares'
          personal attacks by quickly building Aphrodite's Haven.  She'll
          keep Ares at bay and let you finish your work here.  You'll get
          more than enough marble from Autoch to get started.
          Your best luck in urban planning here is simple: build your
          neighborhoods on the west bank of the river, close to the northern
          meadows.  A steady supply of native fleece and oranges, along with
          imports from nearby Piers will keep your citizens happy.  Nearly
          all goods can be imported or exported, and in the spirit of
          this colonial adventure, money is yours to be made if you
          capitalize on local resources: sell off extra black marble and
          wood.  Again, your best cash supply is from continuing to sell
          sculpture and armor made from imported bronze.
          Black marble located in the center of the play area should guide
          you to build a road southwest from your city center.  That big
          open space between these two areas along the road is perfect for
          big pyramids.
          Once your sanctuary to Aphrodite is complete, build your pyramids.
          They will require only black marble, so don't worry about
          importing regular marble, save for any other sanctuaries you
          decide to build.
          During the episode, you'll find two new neighbors, Chacaal and
          Tezcu.  Chacaal is a great trading partner if you're low on food,
          or want to unload some sculpture.  Tezcu would rather help out
          Ares with his harassment and attacks.  Your best shot at keeping
          them at bay is your colonial power (read: "cash").  Pay them off
          while you continue building your amazing pyramids, which are
          sure to impress the hostile Mayans and help you convince them
          to cease the senseless attacks.
                                  The Grand Collection
          Goals:  Argent Maize Quest
                  Museum Atlantika
                  Yearly Profit of 6000
                  48 slabs of marble for colony
                  20 jugs of olive oil for colony
          Azium and Diapraea continue their military build up.  This is a
          big clue: start doing the same. T he Youngest Twins may soon
          start causing problems of their own, and you'll need something
          to do whilst constructing your new pyramid: the Museum
          Begin establishing your own military presence: start building
          up elite estates and Frigate Wharves.  Make sure your wharves
          get orichalc for that extra fiery punch.  The small islands off
          the southern coast make an excellent naval yard.
          Soon, Demeter will request you send Jason to get the Argent
          Maize. Jason requires:
                -3 Frigates
                -2 Charioteer companies
                -64 Crates of Food
                -8 Horses
                -16 Amphorae of wine
          Between Tikal and Diapraea, you will have plenty of black marble
          supply for your pyramid.  If not, Atlas will come and help you out.
          By this time you should have a strong exchange of imports and
          exports.  Balancing these properly will insure both a steady
          stream of income and happy citizens.  You should be importing
          wheat (to supplement your limited supply and to feed your
          horses), wood (for frigates, chariots, and the pyramid), bronze,
          fleece, and black marble (for the pyramid).  You should be
          exporting marble, orichalc, sculpture, olive oil, wine, and
          armor (once you've got all you need for your armies).
          Once more, you must leave the comfort of your parent city and
          found another colony.  Ianira is discussed below.
                            Land Stained Red (Ianira Colony)
          Goals:  Protect city from Echidna
                  Produce 64 ingots of orichalc in one year
          All you need to do is get some orichalc and slay Echidna!
          Sounds easy enough.  Ironically, once Echidna appears, you'll
          realize she likes to hang out in the one and only entrance
          to the huge fields of orichalc.  Simply put: focus on Echidna
          first, then the orichalc goal.
          Import and export to reach Bellerophon's goals:
                - 15 Horses in the city
                - Excellent citywide tax coverage
                - Treasury of 10000 Drachmas
                - 24 ingots of orichalc
                - 24 amphorae of wine
          The northwest coast of the island is an excellent location
          to set up your trading Piers.  Build your residential zones
          nearby, and set up mining industries a little to the south
          of your neighborhoods to supply exports.  Notice that your
          four mining resources essentially make a horizontal line
          across the middle of the island, from left to right: marble,
          bronze, orichalc, and black marble.  Also notice the edge of
          the largest forest heading southeast.  Your best bet is to
          constrain your building inside these imaginary boundaries.
          There's no need to venture outside them, and the land is
          unstable beyond these areas: avoid building there, especially
          near the quarries.
          Once you've summoned Bellerophon and eliminated Echidna,
          focus on orichalc mining: Build Refineries near the orichalc
          deposits.  You will need 8 to 10 Refineries - more if you
          built further from the ore deposits.  You can also build the
          Pillar of Atlas near the Refineries to increase production.
          Remember: it's the rate at which you can refine the
          orichalc, measured from January through December, not how
          much you have stored.  Atlantis will pester you for orichalc.
          It's always best to aid allies in their needs; it will pay
          off later.
                                 The Twin Kingdoms' War
          Goals:  Population of 4000
                  Temple of Olympus
                  Rule Diapraea
                  Rule Azium
          Diapraea and Azium will immediately become rivals.  Their military
          build up over the adventure has foreshadowed this event.  Your
          military may not be up to snuff, so make sure you have a lot of
          elite housing.  Ten or eleven estates with chariots, and at least
          three frigates, but more if you can staff them, should suffice
          to begin your assault, depending on your difficulty level.
          Begin construction of the Temple of Olympus immediately.  It needs
          mostly marble, but will also need modest amounts of black marble
          and wood to be completed.  These will need to be imported.
          Your population requirement should be easy to achieve, if you
          have not done so already: the workforce you require to fully
          staff and run your industries at this point should justify at
          least 4000 citizens.
          Depending on how you've treated Atlantis, they may or may not be
          willing to aid in your attacks against the twins.  They are by
          far the best equipped to help handle the infidels!  If they're
          not willing to help, you may want to "butter them up" a bit to
          help you out.
          Azium is the more profitable trading partner.  If you need to
          maintain your export income, attack them first to reestablish
          trade.  Another thing to take into account is your fleece needs;
          you may need to raid or conquer Diapraea first, to you're your
          citizens in fleece.  Otherwise, these two cities are about
          equal in combat difficulty.  Once you've conquered these little
          troublemakers and complete your pyramid you're done with the
          episode and the adventure.  Congratulations!
                               Life in the Mediterranean
                               Entering the Mediterranean
          Goals:  Slay a monster (Scylla)
                  Fulfill a Forthcoming Quest (Widen the Straits)
          Begin by building a housing community on the eastern part of the
          play area south of the Mediterranean.  This will be your main
          housing area for the rest of the adventure so make sure that it
          is large enough to add buildings to later.
          Begin to grow carrots in the meadow to the southwest of your
          housing community.  If you find you're not making food fast enough,
          build a Pier to Iwaeh and importing fish.  Placing the Pier on
          the western-most shore is fine after you clear cut the forest
          that's over there.  Place a Granary near your housing to get
          fish.  The fish will help until your carrot production is in
          full swing.
          Almost immediately upon starting the Adventure, Scylla will show
          her ugly faces in the water to the right of the straight.  She
          does not come up onto land nor can she cross the straight to
          menace your Piers on the other side.  Even though she is not
          much of a threat to you, you do need to kill her to advance to
          the next episode.
          You can now build a Hero's Hall for Odysseus, which will bring
          him to your city.  To have the famous Odysseus kill Scylla
          you'll need:
                - Excellent popularity
                - Excellent city-wide health
                - 8 elite houses
                - 32 jugs of olive oil
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Atlas feels like this is the perfect time to give you a quest.
          You need to summon a strong hero -- only Hercules will do -- to
          widen the Mediterranean Strait.  You can now place Hercules' Hall,
          which you should put in the housing community you were building
          before Scylla showed up and Atlas gave you orders.  Hercules
                - Hercules hall has excellent science access
                - A working Hippodrome
                - Excellent citywide Observatory access
                - 1,500 people in the city
                - 32 amphorae of wine
          Those are a lot or requirements to meet, but don't worry: it
          really is not that bad.  Focus on meeting Hercules' requirements
          first.  Atlantis will give you gifts of wheat -don't eat them!!
          Set a Storehouse to accept wheat, which can then be taken to a
          Horse Ranch.  You will need at least one ranch to supply your
          Hippodrome with horses.  You might consider placing it between
          your housing community and your carrot farms.  A small Hippodrome
          can be built on the hill top to the south of your housing blocks,
          to the east of the marble quarries.
          Around this same time, other cities will ask for fleece and for
          food.  Importing fish helps with meeting the food requirements.
          Also, Iwaeh will make your day by giving you a gift of 12 pieces
          of sculpture, so have two Storehouses ready to accept.
          Just remember that Hercules is going to widen the strait, so it
          probably wouldn't be the best idea to build anything that you
          mind losing on the land immediately around either side of the
          strait, but feel free to use the land on the other side of the
          strait by building a bridge across it.
          There is not much room to build in Lixus, and remember you do
          need 8 elite houses in this episode and maybe a sanctuary or
          two in later episodes.  Don't let sprawl take over.  Finding
          employment for the 1500 people you need for Hercules to come to
          Lixus can be challenging, but remember you can raise and lower
          wage rates to change the size of your workforce, and you can
          build a lot of Carding Sheds.  You can export fleece in this
          episode, which you will need to do if you want to make some
          money.  Atlantis and Mestonia will buy it from you.  Remember to
          give them gifts of fleece occasionally, so that you can request
          olive oil from Mestonia or wine from Atlantis, as you need it.
          Your original housing block should provide you with enough
          workers to achieve the 1500 people that Hercules requires.  At
          this point you will probably have quite a few unemployed people
          in the city.  This would be a good time to start to build a
          community for the elite houses.  Eight houses and all of the
          buildings they need to thrive can fit on the western plateau.
          If you have extra workers, build all of the support buildings
          the elite houses will need (Maintenance Office, Tax Office,
          science buildings, etc.), and wait to put the houses in until
          you have some olive oil.  Make sure that you do not place a
          Wine Vendor's Stall on the Agora.  Because there is no armor
          available in this episode, elite housing won't need wine.  That
          won't, however, prevent the wine vendor from taking some of
          the precious wine you need for both heroes.
          Don't forget a Museum; Hercules will need one in the city if he
          is to have excellent science access.  A University will send a
          curator to the Museum, and the Museum itself sends curators of
          its own into the city.  Just make sure that a curator goes by
          Hercules' hall regularly.  Your elite houses will not need
          curator access in this episode so don't worry about them for
          now.  You can always delete the Museum and build it elsewhere
          in a later episode.
          At this point you probably have everything you need to summon
          Hercules.  When he arrives don't forget to dispatch him on
          Atlas' quest.
          With Hercules on his way, you can work on getting Odysseus.  If
          you haven't started to import olive oil from Mestonia, do it
          now, or request olive oil after giving gifts of fleece.  Make
          sure you do not place an oil vendor in the Agora servicing
          your common housing: the last thing your city probably needs
          right now is more workers.  Build your elite housing (if you
          haven't already done so) and import more wine if you need it.
          Check the Overview tab to see how hygiene is in the city.  If
          is not high enough, consider building another Infirmary, and
          check to make sure that everyone is getting food from an agora.
          When you meet Odysseus' requirements, summon him.  After he
          stops in at his Hall he will battle Scylla and this adventure
          will be over.
                                   Exploring the Sea
          Goals:  8 trading partners
                  Yearly profit of 7500
                  64 Skeins of fleece for colony
                  A Sanctuary to any god
          At the start this episode, there are three new cities to trade
          with: Sidon, Carthage, and Tyre.  Sidon will buy marble and sell
          armor, Tyre sells wood that you will need for sanctuary
          construction, and Carthage will sell bronze.  A little while into
          the episode, Memphis will be discovered.  They will sell you
          wheat and eventually buy fleece.  These four important new cities
          will be enough to give Lixus eight trading partners.
          A permanent flood will happen, widening the strait.  You were
          warned not to build there!  You can still build a bridge across
          the strait to reach any building you had built to the north of
          the strait.  You can now place Piers all along the northern or
          southern shores to accommodate all of your new trading partners.
          Depending on how many Carding Sheds you had working in the
          first episode, you might be able to set aside the 64 skeins of
          fleece right away.  Consider building another Carding Shed or
          two if you can't meet this goal.  High fleece production is great
          because you will be able to sell even more fleece in this episode.
          If you find your city needs workers, consider placing an oil
          vendor into the Agora serving your common housing and letting
          that housing upgrade.
          You have two choices for meeting the sanctuary goal.  You can
          build a sanctuary to Atlas or one to Poseidon.  Atlas' sanctuary
          is smaller than Poseidon's so that might factor into your
          choice.  Poseidon's Sanctuary will fit in the land to the
          Southwest of your elite housing plateau, as will Atlas'.
          Poseidon's Sanctuary will also require 16 loads of Orichalc
          which you can request from Atlantis or import from them.
          Improving your elite housing is not necessary but doing so does
          have its benefits.  You can either import armor from Sidon or you
          can import bronze from Carthage and make your own.  Making armor
          will employ some of your citizens, so keep that in mind if you
          have high unemployment.  Making your own armor is also cheaper
          than importing the finished good.  Carthage will eventually stop
          trading with you (you did nothing wrong), but by that point you
          should have enough armor to supply your elite houses.
          If you want to improve your elite housing further, build some
          Chariot Factories and place a Chariot Vendor in the Agora. Once
          the houses have evolved you will start raking in the drachmas
          through tax collection, helping you meet the yearly profit goal.
          Make sure the tax collector can reach all of your elite houses.
          Also, remember that to improve the elite houses, they will need
          access to a curator.  Feel free to delete the Museum you placed
          in episode one and move it to somewhere more beneficial in this
          With Carthage not trading, Lixus is back to seven trading
          partners, but don't worry.  Soon Thebes will be discovered,
          eventually bringing your trading partners back up to eight.
          Thebes also buys marble, which will help you to meet your
          profit goal.  The rival city of Argos will also be discovered
          during this episode.  Carthage eventually decides that they can
          trade again but at this point their bronze isn't necessary.
          You will get at least one request for wine during this episode
          so try to keep a little extra on hand.
          Most likely you will meet either yearly profit goal or the
          Sanctuary goal last.  When those goals are met you will be ready
          to advance on to the first colony episode.  You will be given a
          choice between Saqqara and Syracuse.  Saqqara has plentiful
          amounts of wheat, which it will later pay in tribute, while
          Syracuse has no sources of food at all.  It's easier to play
          Saqqara first.
                            Showing the Way (Saqqara colony)
          Goals:  Modest Pyramid
                  Great Pyramid
                  Pyramid of the Pantheon
                  Produce 64 Sheaves of wheat in one year
                  64 slabs of marble for parent city
          This episode is set in the colony of Saqqara in Egypt.  The only
          husbandry buildings available are Wheat Farms, so if you want
          your common housing to evolve you will have to import all other
          As with most colonies, build a storage yard early on to
          accommodate the goods you sent from the parent city.  Place your
          housing between the marble quarry and the coastline.  This way
          your citizens will be close to the marble, the water, and the
          meadow.  To build pyramids you are going to have to import a
          lot of items, so keep the coastline clear for Piers.
          Almost immediately, the Sphinx enters your land, but she is
          far away from the coastline, the marble and the meadow.  The
          Sphinx will not come down and menace your population unless
          you build right next to where she is, so you probably would
          be best off avoiding her oasis.  You do not need to kill the
          Sphinx, but if you feel you need a little more breathing room,
          summon Atalanta to take care of her.  Atalanta requires:
                - Sanctuary to Artemis
                - A working museum
                - 32 sides of meat
               - 32 planks of wood
                - 8 companies of soldiers
          These are serious requirements to meet in your little colony
          but it is possible to import all of the materials you need,
          and soon you will be quarrying enough marble to easily have
          enough for a sanctuary.
          Besides Artemis' Menagerie you can build the Pillar of Atlas.
          If you build a Sanctuary to Atlas he will help your miners
          quarry marble faster.  He will also help in the construction of
          pyramids.  For this reason, Atlas' Sanctuary may be the better
          Place some Wheat Farms in the meadow by your housing and wait
          for people to move in.  Once your citizens have food and water
          and Saqqara has some unemployment, begin to hew marble and grow
          the extra food you need.
          Trading is very important.  Thebes and Sidon will both buy
          marble. The only industry Saqqara has is hewing marble, making
          sculpture and forging armor.  Since no one buys sculpture or
          armor, selling marble becomes very important to Saqqara's
          economic health.  Tyre will sell your colony wood, which you
          will need to construct pyramids.  Carthage will sell meat,
          vital if you want Atalanta to come, and bronze if you want to
          make your own sculpture.  Gades will sell fleece, which you will
          need to upgrade your housing. Atlantis sells orichalc, which is
          necessary to build pyramids, and Mestonia will trade black
          marble with you, which you also need for certain pyramids.  If
          you don't want to make your own sculpture you can buy it from
          When your city is up and running, you're pretty much on
          autopilot.  Build a few artisans guilds and build the pyramids
          in whatever order you choose.  Give gifts of marble or fleece to
          make other cities think more highly of you.  A high popularity
          level is a must if you want other cities to grant your requests
          for building materials.  Other cities will want to give you
          gifts also.  Be ready to accept gifts of fleece, black marble,
          and orichalc.  Your parent city will probably hit you up for
          some food.  Helping them probably won't make a dent in your
          food supply because of all the wheat you have to produce to
          meet the episode goal.
          Be wary of building on certain stretches of coastline; the
          yearly flooding of the Nile river keeps the land fertile,
          but will also destroy farms built too close to the coastline.
          These most often occur near the bottom of the river on the
          left bank and around the middle of the right bank.
                                   Phoenician Strife
          Goals:  Support 2 frigates
                  Minor shrine to Ares
                  Sanctuary to Ares
                  Rule Carthage
                  64 Skeins of Fleece for Colony
          Welcome back to Lixus! Sidon and Tyre become your vassals in this
          episode and Carthage turns on you.  If you built up your elite
          housing in the second episode, you should have no problem
          conquering Carthage as soon as they turn.  If you did not build up
          your housing, take some time now and do so.
          Building a frigate takes 100 employees to work at the wharves,
          and a suitable shore location.  Try the northern-most shores.  You
          will also probably need to build another small housing community.
          One of the plateaus is a good place to build this small
          community.  If you haven't already conquered Carthage, do it
          after you construct the two frigates.
          Building the shrine and the Sanctuary to Ares should not present
          a great problem.  You can produce marble in Lixus and you should
          still have most of the sculpture that Iwaeh gave you in the
          first episode.  With the money you are making from exporting
          fleece and marble and from collecting taxes, importing wood and
          black marble for the shrine should not make much of a dent in
          the city's funds, especially if Atlas is around to help out.
          During this episode some of your trading partners may decide to
          stop trading for a while.  At this point in the adventure these
          disruptions in trade should not matter much to the city.  Remember
          even if trade is shut down, you can still request a good from a
          Feel free to stay in Lixus and make some money through trade and
          tax.  Set aside the fleece for your new colony when you are ready
          to proceed.
                          Near the Hellenes (Syracuse Colony)
          Goals:  Support 2 Frigates
                  150 in mansion or better
                  64 bars of bronze for parent city
          There is no food production in the colony of Syracuse, but Saqqara
          does pay 10 sheaves of wheat per year in tribute (presuming you've
          already played Saqqara) and much food may be imported.
          Build your housing wherever you feel comfortable, just do not build
          near the bronze deposits.  Cerberus decides to leave the Underworld
          to come and bother your colony. You can summon Hercules by building
          his Hall and meeting his requirements, and he'll then kill Cerberus,
          but you do not need to do this to advance to the next episode.
          There is bronze elsewhere in the area so you can meet your
          production goal without killing Cerberus.
          Build Piers to trade for the goods the colony needs.  Don't forget
          that you can request goods from other cities.  Selling sculpture,
          bronze, and olive oil will really increase your colony's coffers.
          Save enough coastline to build two frigate wharves when you are
          Build a housing community for elite houses.  Make sure you are
          producing enough olive oil to support them.  If you evolve the
          houses all the way to Estate, you will need 8 elite houses to
          meet your housing goal.
          At some point, Mt. Aulip will be discovered and they will try to
          invade.  Depending on where you are militarily and economically,
          you can either bribe them or fight them.  Don't forget that you
          can also requisition your parent city for defensive aid.  When
          you are ready, set aside the 64 bars of bronze and move on to
          the next episode.
          Goals:  Population of 4000
                  Yearly profit of 7500
                  Great Pyramid
          Selling marble and fleece should help you to make the yearly
          profit goal, although this becomes more difficult as cities
          begin to feel the effects of the plague.  If you seem to have
          trouble meeting the profit goal, try increasing your tax rate.
          Finally, you can sell the excess sculpture that Iwaeh gave you
          in episode 1; Knossos buys sculpture and the Great Pyramid does
          not need any. Remember that a city can only have 10 active
          Piers at one time, so delete any Piers you may have had to any
          city that has withered away (many cities are going to wither).
          Finding space for the Great Pyramid and extra housing, if you
          need it, might be more of a challenge, but you should have
          enough space scattered around the city.  If you don't see space
          at first, try clearing some trees.
          Mt. Aulip will menace your colony too; make sure you have troops
          to dispatch if you want to protect Syracuse.
          Once you meet these three goals, it will be time to say good-bye
          to Lixus?
                                    Atlantis Reborn
          Goals:  800 People in Townhouse or better
                  40 People in Residence or better
                  Support 3 Frigates
          Reconstruction is the start of what will soon be a very large city
          that you build in your effort to restore peace and prosperity to
          the kingdom of Atlantis.  The key to this adventure is making sure
          you have a steady flow of income from either trade or taxation.
          You may use up all your initial money when starting, but don't
          worry.  Your allies and vassals will give gifts of money when you
          are in debt.  Try to establish your palace and tax office as early
          as possible so that at least your worker wages are covered by
          your taxes.
          Your main source of food at the start should be from Urchin Quays.
          Set some up north of the bay and build a granary to store urchins.
          They are better than oranges for now because they give a steady
          flow of food versus a once a year crop.
          Set up trading Piers to Tyre and Carthage.  Tyre allows you to
          import grapes, which you can turn into wine for export at
          Carthage (2 or 3 Wineries should be enough for the job).  Tyre
          also exports bronze, which you can use to make armor for your
          frigates and elite housing.  You will want to keep your import
          level low for now, as bronze is fairly expensive.
          Carthage sells fleece, which you cannot make, and it will be your
          only source for this episode.  Finally, build a trading Pier to
          Memphis to import olive oil.  It is important to watch your import
          levels, as money will be short.  The best approach is to import a
          small, steady supply of necessary resources, such as two fleece and
          two olive oil at a time.  This should support your population while
          minimizing the cost.
          Your city should be slowly increasing its labor pool, so begin
          placing your science buildings to support higher levels of common
          housing.  With enough science, fleece, food and olive oil, your
          city will reach its Townhouse requirement in no time.  If you have
          lots of unemployment, now would be a good time to build a couple
          of timber mills and at least one armory to start supplying the
          materials needed for frigates.
          You can also start using excess labor to mine black marble in the
          quarry to the west in the southern continent, but don't forget to
          build a bridge.  Build a trading post to Gades to export black
          marble for some extra funds.  Throughout this episode Syracuse
          pays tribute in marble and Knossos in meat.
          Now begin planning your elite housing strip.  This will satisfy
          your Residence housing requirement once people move in and you
          have enough science in the area.
          Once your common and elite housing are set, you should have
          enough unemployment to start the final phase of building
          frigates.  If you have 300+ unemployment, then you can build 3
          frigates at the same time.  Otherwise, build a Frigate Wharf,
          and once it's complete send the workers home by right-clicking
          on the frigate and sending the crew home.  Build the next one,
          and repeat this process.  The frigates do not have to be staffed
          in order to fulfill the Episode goals; you just need to build
          You should now be ready to move on to episode 2.
                     The Greater Mediterranean Co-Prosperity Sphere
          Goals:  Rule Carthage
                  2000 people in Townhouse or better
                  120 people in Mansion or better
          Episode two is your first taste of battle in this adventure, and
          your first foray into pyramid construction.  You will need to
          build up your elite housing so you have enough spearmen or
          charioteers to conquer the threatening Carthaginians.
          Your treasury should still have money in it, but you'll want to
          make more.  There are a few ways to do this.  Taxing the elite
          housing will allow you to bring in more profit than what you
          are spending in workers' wages. Start selling wine to Gades
          (Carthage will also buy wine after you conquer them).  Saqqara
          will start buying armor about two years into the episode, but
          make sure you have enough for your elite housing to evolve
          into Mansions.
          Between selling armor to Saqqara and wine to Gades and/or
          Carthage, you should finally be turning a sizeable profit.  As
          always, black marble is another good export for Gades.  All
          this should help fund your construction and the import of
          needed goods, while keeping you debt free.  In this episode
          Saqqara's tribute is marble and Memphis' tribute is wheat.
          Carthage is your only source of fleece until Lixus begins to
          sell it, about 9 months into the episode.  Without fleece your
          housing will devolve - workers will be needed - industry grinds
          to halt - you know the drill, it's not a pretty picture.  You
          may need to keep a closer eye on your fleece usage during this
          brief shortage.
          Invading Carthage may take a couple of tries, but keep at it,
          and be sure to send all your troops, frigates, and any ally
          that's willing to help (Knossos and Syracuse are loyal colonies
          with decent military strength).  If you want some more help
          from your navy, import a few loads of orichalc from Atlantis
          and they will be delivered to your Frigates. Frigates that can
          launch Atlantean Fire have greater attack strength than normal
          The armor and wine will also help evolve the elite housing
          into Manors, which will allow more people to live there and
          satisfy your elite housing goal.
          Place as many orange trees as your money will allow and build
          some Orange Growers' Lodges between your first and second
          housing blocks.  These oranges will provide the main source of
          food for the second housing block and supplement the urchins
          for the first housing block.
          Now turn your attention to building the pyramid.  The black
          marble and wood should be no problem as they're produced at
          your existing industries.  The marble can be imported from
          Saqqara and Syracuse or use the tribute you received earlier
          from them.  The orichalc can be imported from Atlantis.
                                Night Falls on Atlantis
          Goals:  Rule Argos
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                  3000 people in Townhouse or better
                  200 people in Mansion or better
                  Sanctuary to Atlas
          First of all, build another elite housing block very close to your
          first one.  This will more than satisfy your elite housing
          requirement as well as give you more troops and more tax money.
          Your common housing requirement should already be met, but even
          if it is, you'll want to build more common housing to provide
          enough workers for your growing economy and industries.
          Now that you've successfully opened markets in Egypt, it's time
          to start importing cheaper raw goods, instead of the more costly
          finished product.  Lower your olive oil imports (although you may
          want to maintain a small import level as a safety precaution),
          and begin importing olives.  Build two or three olive presses to
          supply your city, and when you feel comfortable you can
          increase your olive imports and begin exporting excess olive
          oil to other Atlantean cities.  Also, Tyre will begin buying
          sculpture in this episode, providing yet another opportunity
          for profit for the crafty trader.
          Once you have enough marble and money, place the foundation for
          Atlas' Sanctuary and start construction.  If you don't want to
          spend much money, you can wait for yearly tributes of marble
          for the initial phase of construction.  In the meantime, you
          should have a steady supply of wood from your Timber Mills and
          you can create sculptures from the imported bronze (you only
          need to import four bars of bronze at a time for now, but can
          store more at a Storehouse for future sanctuaries or sell
          excess to Tyre for more money).  Let this construction happen
          while you are dealing with the other affairs of the city.
          While you're waiting for your military forces to build up, send
          some raids against Argos to accomplish two things: weaken their
          defenses and obtain a supply of fleece or wine.  If you raid them
          too much, however, they may get hostile and send an invasion to
          your city.  If this happens, your Frigates armed with Atlantean
          Fire should be able to sink their transports before they reach
          In the case of an invasion, make sure all your Frigate Wharves
          have workers and set them to attack.  Direct them to where the
          enemy transports are and watch your frigates sink them before
          they even reach your shores.
          Now would be a good time to begin chariot construction.  Chariot
          Factories require a steady supply of wood and horses, so build
          a horse ranch a short distance from your elite housing.
          Memphis is already supplying you with wheat, and you have your
          own wood, so chariot construction should begin shortly after
          placing the ranch and factory.
          Once you have roughly 4 companies of charioteers and your three
          frigates equipped with Atlantean Fire, try to conquer Argos.  If
          you don't succeed at first, rebuild and try again.
          During this time of waiting for the quest to appear and the
          sanctuary to finish, begin building multiple granaries for each
          housing block (elite or common) you have and store the numerous
          oranges you are growing.  If you need more workers, build a
          common housing block on the southern continent near the fertile
          meadowland and grow even more oranges there.  The oracle has
          hinted at tough times in the future for Cleitos, so you may
          want to begin stockpiling food, preferably away from the
          sometimes unpredictable ocean waters.
          About 2 years into the episode, Atlas will ask you to summon
          Hercules to relieve him of his world-carrying duties.  Hercules
          requirements are:
                - Excellent science access
                - A working Hippodrome
                - Excellent city-wide observatory access
                - 1500 people in the city
                - 32 amphorae of wine
          Excellent science access requires inventors, scholars,
          astronomers, and curators to pass by his Hall.  You'll need a
          completed Hippodrome of any length, but the bigger it is the
          more income it will produce.  Especially large Hippodromes will
          also attract the attention of the world, and make you a little
          more popular with your allies.  Make sure that an astronomer
          works in every housing block (elite and common).  Either import
          the wine from Atlantis or Argos or stockpile the wine you make
          from grapes.
          When you meet all the requirements, you can summon Hercules and
          send him on the quest.  However, you may want to wait and let
          your treasury grow to a good size (about 20000+dr) in
          anticipation of the upcoming colony episode.
          At this point, you will choose a site for your first colony
          (don't worry, you'll get to build the other one later).
          Malaca will provide Atlantis with wheat, fleece and wine,
          but the city will be vulnerable to attack later on. Thera
          provides an opportunity to jump right into strengthening your
          military.  If you feel that you don't have the monetary
          resources needed to establish a military stronghold, then
          choose Malaca. In this walkthrough, Malaca will be examined
                          Hope Among the Ruins (Malaca Colony)
          Goals:  64 sheaves of wheat for parent city
                  64 skeins of fleece for parent city
                  64 amphorae of wine for parent city
          Start by building a common housing block north of the beach along
          the southern coastline.  Build a Granary and a couple of Urchin
          Quays to the west of the beach and build a few Carding Sheds.
          Place a Pier to the east of the beach and import olives from
          Syracuse or Memphis, and build Olive Presses to produce olive
          oil.  Soon your housing should evolve to Townhouse level and you
          should have plenty of workers.  Don't feel compelled to evolve to
          high level houses though- all you really need from Malaca is
          wheat, fleece, and wine.
          The Harpy will attack when you start but she will stay by the
          wooded area east of the north pond.  You do not need to build
          Atalanta's Hall because the Harpy does not need to be killed to
          complete the episode, but feel free to take her out if she's
          becoming a hassle.
          While your housing block is evolving, Mycenae will launch an
          attack in about 10 months from the start of the episode.  If
          you feel you can't win, bribe them.
          Now start building Wheat Farms on the meadowland to the west
          and build two Storehouses to hold the 64 sheaves.  Build more
          Carding Sheds (about eight total) and two Storehouses for the
          64 fleece.  Cover the entire southeastern hill with grapevines.
          Build about three or four Growers' Lodges and about six to
          eight Wineries, depending on your labor, and two Storehouses
          for the 64 wine. In about one to two years, you should have
          all the requirements met.
                                    Benevolent Ares
          Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                  Monument to the Sky
                  Sanctuary to Ares
                  4000 people in Townhouse or better
                  280 people in Manor or better
          Building a Pyramid and Ares' Fortress should pose no problem,
          especially since you have the help of Atlas' blessing.  Start
          those two projects right away, one after the other, and let
          them run their course until finished.  Also, begin building
          Artemis' Menagerie and importing/requesting meat from Lixus
          and Thera in order to fulfill a requirement for Atalanta's
          During this time of conquest, you should complete your pyramid
          and Ares' Fortress.  A few years in, Ares will issue you the
          quest for Atalanta.  Her requirements are:
                - A sanctuary to Artemis
                - A working museum
                - 32 sides of meat
                - 32 planks of wood
                - 8 companies of soldiers
          As always, keep an eye on your imports.  Money shouldn't be a
          problem, but remember to check the world map every once in
          awhile to ensure that you're importing raw goods whenever
          possible (olives, grapes, bronze) and exporting finished goods
          whenever possible (olive oil, wine, armor, sculpture).
          Now, you'll get to establish a second colony.  Since Malaca
          has already been discussed, Thera will be discussed next.
                    Just When You Thought It Was Safe (Thera Colony)
          Goals:  Support 3 Frigates
                  Support 32 Spearmen or better
                  Sanctuary to Ares
          Thera is the most challenging of the two colony episodes.  Right
          away, your colony of Knossos disappears forever, a new Greek
          rival Mycenae appears and your foreign vassals get conquered
          by rivals. What a way to start a colony!
          First, examine the terrain.  Along the northern coastline, you
          will have enough room for three Frigate Wharves and two Piers.
          You have fertile meadowland near the beach and to the west.
          There are also deer to the southeast and northwest and some
          boar to the southwest.
          Create your common housing block in between the two fertile
          meadowland patches and as close to the coastline as possible
          without interfering with the construction of Piers and Frigate
          Wharves (stay away from hills in the southwest, that volcanic
          looking mountain seems suspicious).  Begin your fleece and meat
          industries by building a few Carding Sheds and Hunting Lodges.
          If you saved up enough money, build Piers to Cleitos and
          Syracuse.  Cleitos will provide wood and armor for your frigates,
          elite housing, and Ares Fortress.  Syracuse will provide olives
          for olive oil.  Begin stockpiling armor and wood and make olive
          When your oil industry is up and running, your common housing
          will be at Townhouse level and you should have lots of
          unemployed labor.  Build a few Masonry Shops to quarry marble
          for Ares' Fortress.  If you're low on funds, build more Carding
          Sheds to produce lots of fleece for export to Syracuse &
          Cleitos, and for gifts to the following cities:
                - Atlantis, so that you can later request orichalc and wine.
                - Cleitos, so that you can later request armor and wood.
          Start building your three Frigate Wharves (all at the same time
          if you have enough labor), and request some orichalc from
          Atlantis so that the frigates can launch Atlantean Fire.  Begin
          laying out the groundwork for your eight elite houses (four
          spearmen/Mansion) by placing your Agora and making sure that
          the area has high appeal.  Finally, select a space for your
          sanctuary and build a few Artisans' Guilds to start
          While waiting for your forces to build up, expect attacks from
          Mycenae, Mt. Aulip, and Mt. Pelion.  Your frigates should be
          able to stop most of the transports and your archers should be
          able to handle the rest.
          To finish Ares Fortress you can get bronze to make sculptures
          in 3 ways.
                - Raid Tyre or Saqqara for bronze.
                - Conquer them and import the bronze.
                - Give Tyre or Saqqara any excess goods you have
                  (usually fleece) until you can request bronze from them.
          Once you have finished the sanctuary and have 32 spearmen, the
          colony is finished.  You can conquer all the Egyptian and Phoenician
          rivals if you are willing and able, but this can be easier once
          you are back in your parent city, with your charioteers and
          Atlantean Fire-launching frigates.
                                   Defending Atlantis
          Goals:  Rule Mt. Aulip
                  Rule Carthage
                  Rule Memphis
                  Major Shrine to Poseidon
                  5000 people in Townhouse or better
                  340 people in Manor or better
          Depending on how much conquering you did in previous episodes, you
          may have most if not all of the required cities conquered.  The
          housing goals may also be completed from previous episodes, but
          if not, either build more housing blocks or evolve the ones you
          already have.
          The Mycenaean stronghold is too strong to assault yet, but your
          powerful Atlantean army and fleet should be able to conquer all
          the other rivals.
          Another pyramid is needed: place it to send the artisans to
          work.  You should be able to either create or import all the
          necessary materials.  Pray to Atlas every time he is willing to
          help so you can to complete this pyramid as quickly as possible.
          During this episode, the land around Cleitos slowly begins
          sinking into the sea.  You will have to do some readjustment when
          you find the waterline a lot closer to your housing than it was
          before, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal at this point.
          Your extra Granaries should hold you over until your urchin
          industry is back, and there should still be suitable spots for
          Piers on the new coastline.  As for your frigates, there should
          be space for two wharves on the southern continent in between
          the marsh and the beach.  Rebuild them here as you will need
          them for summoning a hero in the last episode.
          Before you complete the Major Shrine to Poseidon to end the
          episode (you can stop building by right-clicking on the pyramid
          and clicking on Halt Construction), make sure that your orange
          industry in the southern continent is in full production and
          is connected to the northern continent.
                                   Defending Atlantis
          Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                  Rule Mycenae
                  Rule Mt. Pelion
                  Temple of Olympus
                  5500 people in Townhouse or better
                  400 people in Estate or better
          This is it, the final episode!  Your housing requirements should
          be already met.  If not, build more!
          Go conquer Mt. Pelion if you haven't already.  Mycenae cannot be
          conquered until the Quest from Hera is complete, so don't even
          think about it.
          Start construction on the Temple of Olympus.  About 2 months into
          the episode, Hera asks that Jason complete her quest.  Jason's
          Hall requires the following:
                - 3 frigates
                - 2 charioteer companies
                - 64 crates of food
                - 8 horses
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Summon Jason as early as possible so the quest can be completed.
          Once Zeus is distracted, Mycenae will be vulnerable to attack and
          can finally be conquered by your army.
          A little over a year into the episode the final flood occurs
          which wipes out your northern continent's orange groves.  The
          good side, however, is that the mouth of the river separating
          the continents is now open.  This opens up room for lots of
          trading Piers and Urchin Quays along the banks of the river.
          You can spend the remaining time waiting for the Temple of
          Olympus to complete by building up your trade and urchin
          industries along the newly accessible river and conquer any
          remaining cities that are still rivals.
          Congratulations!  Atlantis is safe and will enter a new Golden
          Age under your guidance and leadership!
                                Proteus and Bellerophon
                               Boys will be Boys (Lycia)
          Goals:  Population of 1000
                  Support 16 Hoplites or Better
                  Treasury of 1500
          This is quite a large area so don't worry too much about planning
          in advance.  There is plenty of room to be less than perfect in the
          placement of your buildings.  A good general strategy is to begin
          by placing a common housing block in the northeast area and
          gradually expand towards the southwest.  The northeast is close
          to important meadows (for all your housing improvement needs)
          and wooded areas.
          Wheat will be your best choice for a long-term food source as
          there is plenty of space for the farms and, in later episodes,
          you'll need to it feed some horses.  Place several farms in the
          northeast meadows for easy access to your housing.
          Be careful when placing Carding Sheds and sheep so that the
          sheep don't end up wandering towards the wolf packs near the top
          of the play area.  One way to avoid this is to place olive trees
          (or grapevines) in the meadow near the wolves.  The animals won't
          bother the trees and the trees will keep sheep from wandering
          near the wolves as they graze.  Sheep will be much more comfortable
          in the northern-most meadow, away from predators.  After all, a
          comfortable sheep is a happy sheep.
          Antissa should be your first trading partner and its corresponding
          trading post should be built relatively early.  Soon after this
          episode begins, Antissa will announce its decision to begin
          purchasing olives. Since olives can be produced pretty easily,
          begin exporting them to Antissa as soon as possible.  Later on the
          residents of your housing will want olive oil, and you will be
          able to either scale back your olive exports or expand your
          production.  Antissa also produces one very important resource
          that your city cannot produce: bronze. Without bronze you will
          not be able to produce armor, and no armor means no Hoplites!  Be
          careful not to import bronze too quickly, however.  Bronze is
          quite expensive and can really put a strain on your treasury.  Try
          to import just enough to meet your armor production needs.  If
          armor can be over-produced, the excess can be stored for future
          episodes or sold to Tiryns.
          In this scenario, no one will buy wood and there really isn't
          anything that can be done with it, so don't harvest wood unless
          unemployment becomes a problem and your citizens need busy work.
          If this happens (and it may), remember that wood can be stored
          and used in later episodes.
          Shortly after the scenario begins, Chimera will begin attacking
          cities.  Though you may have military when this happens, don't
          respond to a city's requests for aid.  Without a hero, your
          troops will be marching to their death.  Unfortunately,
          Bellerophon cannot be summoned until a later episode, so dealing
          with Chimera will have to wait?
          Because of the rocky and narrow coastline, placing Piers can be
          difficult.  This will be particularly problematic if your main
          city is not near the coast, but don't be too concerned with
          this.  You will be able to produce most of the goods you will
          need and won't need to resort to much trading until later
          episodes.  If you enjoy trading, meat can be exported to Midea
          for some extra cash.
          Watch your drachmas!  It can be easy to overspend and go broke
          in this episode. When you get to a point where you are able to
          turn a profit, don't be in too much of a hurry to finish the
          episode.  Taking your time will allow you to pad your treasury
          and give you a little cushion in later episodes.
                               In Memory of Abas (Lycia)
          Goals:  Rule Heraeum
                  Rule Tiryns
                  Rule Midea
          All three of the cities you must rule are very weak militarily.
          You should be able to begin attacking them almost immediately.
          When planning your attacks, try to be aware of three factors:
          First, the order in which you conquer the cities doesn't really
          matter, but Heraeum is the only city that produces a good that
          your city does not (marble).  When you conquer them they will
          give marble as a yearly tribute.  Thus, it may be to your
          advantage to conquer them early so that you will begin receiving
          marble as soon as possible.  You will need quite a bit of marble
          in later episodes?
          Second, keep producing armor to replace what is lost in combat,
          and to make sure you maintain as many Hoplites as possible.  When
          sending troops to conquer a city, send every available soldier.
          This will reduce the chance of the costly (and-time consuming)
          military rebuilding that comes with defeat.
          Lastly, three or four companies (minimum!) of Hoplites should
          be enough to take the cities, depending on the difficulty level.
          If you want to have an even greater military superiority, try
          building a Horse Ranch or two.  There should be plenty of wheat
          available and ample workers as well.
          Periodically, you may have to defend your vassals from attack by
          your other rivals.  However, if you strike quickly enough, you
          will be able to take all three cities before they have much of
          a chance to try to liberate each other.
          Finally, try to build up some cash before heading to the colony
          episode.  Once Antissa begins buying wood, you may as well begin
          selling it to them since there should be more than enough idle
          workers and there's always plenty of wood!
                                    Big Game Hunting
          Goals:  Sanctuary to Hera
                  Slay the Medusa
          When this episode begins, make sure you build a Storehouse right
          away. You will be receiving olive oil and fleece tributes and will
          need a place to put them.  It is very important not to miss these
          tributes because Heraeum cannot produce either good.  Medusa
          appears early on in the episode in the eastern section of the
          city, so that area should probably be avoided.  Perseus is
          needed to slay her, but it may take awhile to summon him, as
          some of his requirements are pretty lofty:
                - A Sanctuary to Zeus
                - A Sanctuary to Hermes
                - 3,000 Drachmas
                - 16 skeins of fleece
                - 6 pieces of sculpture
          The fleece, sculpture and drachmas should be no problem, so
          focus on the Sanctuaries.  The most difficult part of this
          episode is that THREE of them must be constructed.  Fortunately,
          Heraeum has a marble quarry!  You will want to begin hewing
          marble as soon as possible because constructing three sanctuaries
          will require a great deal of marble.
          When building sanctuaries, try to build them as close to the
          marble and bronze areas as possible.  If a sanctuary is placed
          too far away from the materials it needs (marble, wood and
          sculpture) construction will be slowed.  Artisans like building
          materials to be stored near the construction site, so place
          Storehouses near the areas where you will build the sanctuaries
          and store the three sanctuary goods there.  This will help you
          enjoy the benefits of the sanctuaries as early as possible.
          It may be best to build Hermes' Sanctuary first since it is the
          smallest (and easiest to build) and will speed up trade when
          completed.  Remember that Zeus' Sanctuary is enormous and the
          most difficult to place so make sure to place it before Hera's,
          ensuring that you have enough open space to place it.
          As in previous episodes, ignore the requests for aid in battling
          Chimera.  Though his hall can be built, Bellerophon cannot yet be
          summoned.  The hall needs horses and no Horse Ranch can be built
          in this episode.
          Place a Pier to Lycia early.  The narrow waterways provide only a
          few good sites for Piers and placing it early will keep you from
          inadvertently building where you want to place a Pier.  You will
          need to trade some bronze to Lycia to keep your treasury in good
          shape.  Be aware that you will have to produce A LOT of sculpture
          over the course of this episode (over 40 pieces!), so make sure
          your bronze production is adequate for export and for supplying
          your Sculpture Studios.
          Don't bother with elite housing in this episode.  There isn't much
          military activity, and should any enemy invade Heraeum, they can
          either be bribed or crushed in a highly entertaining manner by
          Zeus once his sanctuary is completed. Corinth will eventually
          cause trouble, demanding things and harassing your allies/vassals.
          If they become hostile, they may attack, so remember Zeus's
          Medusa will be more aggressive at higher difficulty levels, so
          be sure to give her a wide berth.
                            A Question of Etiquette (Lycia)
          Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
          There will be a couple of early invasions, but they should be
          nothing to worry about if you've been maintaining your military
          forces adequately.  By this point, you should have at least 10-12
          elite houses in order to have a military that will make things
          easy on yourself.  It may be worthwhile to take the city of Solymi
          in order to secure another source of bronze, but this city will
          revolt and liberate itself at the end of the episode.
          A tidal wave occurs in the south by the Piers, so be wary of
          building extensively in that area.
          This is a pretty straightforward episode.  Just meet the requirements
          of Bellerophon's Hall and fend off any attacks. Bellerophon requires:
                - 24 amphorae of wine
                - 24 bars of bronze
                - 15 horses
                - Excellent city-wide tax coverage
                - Treasury of 10,000 drachma
                        If You Can't Beat Him, Join Him (Lycia)
          Goals:  Rule Themiscrya
                  Rule Solymi
                  Slay A Monster
          This is similar to the previous episode.  The monster is Chimera
          and while you are waiting for him to turn up, feel free to
          attack Themiscrya and Solymi.  You can also attack any of your
          other rivals if you have any and have time.  You may have already
          conquered some of these cities in previous episodes, so this
          episode may be rather short.
          Goals:  Population of 3000
                  Treasury of 30000
                  Slay A Monster
          Again, several of these goals may already be met when the episode
          begins.  Try to meet the requirements of Bellerophon's Hall as
          early as possible (watch your bronze supply!) so that damage
          from the Echidna will be minimized.  Bellerophon requires:
                - 24 amphorae of wine
                - 24 bars of bronze
                - 15 horses
                - Excellent city-wide tax coverage
                - Treasury of 10,000 drachma
                               The Wheel of Fortune Spins
          Goals:  Sanctuary to Apollo
                  Fulfill a Forthcoming Quest
          Begin building Apollo's sanctuary right away because you will
          have to wait a while to receive the quest from Hera.  You will
          need to import marble from Heraeum in order to complete the
          sanctuary so be sure you have plenty of storage space around the
          area where you build it.  You may also want to export any excess
          goods (especially wine to Heraeum) to free some storage space.
          When you receive Hera's quest, build Bellerophon's Hall and
          dispatch him when he arrives in the city.  Bellerophon requires:
                - 24 amphorae of wine
                - 24 bars of bronze
               - 15 horses
                - Excellent city-wide tax coverage
                - Treasury of 10,000 drachma
          If you choose to continue playing after this adventure is done,
          quite a large city can be constructed on this area.  How high can
          you get your population?
                                   Two Worlds Collide
                                       Rebel Base
          Goals:  Support 32 Hoplites or Better
          Starting off well in Two Worlds Collide is essential, as the
          Adventure introduction says- this is a very difficult Adventure.
          Throughout the Adventure, much of the play area can be cruel and
          unforgiving, so advance planning and good housing placement will
          save many headaches later on.
          The first thing you should do upon starting this episode is
          immediately pause the game and survey the landscape.  Getting a
          good place where you can lay down your common housing is key.  You
          will want to fit the most amount of common housing into the
          tightest possible space, while still allowing room for all the
          other buildings it will take to fully evolve those huts into
          Apartments.  Lay out a couple blocks of common housing near the
          entry point on the left side of the play area.  If at all possible,
          avoid building anything to the east of the silver mines, even the
          flat ground to the northeast of there is unstable.
          Once people start migrating to the city, and you have enough
          workers available, then start building husbandry buildings.  Place
          four or five Fisheries near the area where you have set up the
          common housing.  Also extend a road to the southeast and set up
          a few Carding Sheds on the small patch of meadow there.  Place a
          Granary for the fish and a Storehouse for the fleece.  Also
          place two extra Storehouses out of the way (but not too far!),
          and set them to accept wood and marble.  You'll be getting gifts
          shortly, and you're going to want the room to store them.
          Go on harvesting fleece and fish, and place enough culture
          buildings to evolve your huts into tenements.  Once there are
          enough workers again, lay out a bronze, armor and sculpture
          industry block on the elevated terrain to the south of your
          housing, right next to the copper ore. Set up a trading post
          to Athens nearby.  You can export 12 each of armor and sculpture
          to Athens, but you'll need to do it quickly.  This trading
          partner will NOT be around for long!
          When Athens is conquered by a rival, shift your industry focus
          to silver mining.  Build four or five mints near the silver ore
          to the southeast.  This is also a good time to build the Palace.
          Because there are soon going to be attacks on your city, it is
          best to place the Palace as far away as possible from the
          city's invasion points, two of which are at the roads that
          enter the play area, and two more of which are on the eastern
          edge of the terrain.  Placing Towers near your Palace is a
          good last line of defense should invaders be knocking on your
          Before building up the elite housing, there are a few things
          you'll need to do.  First, set up an olive oil and wine
          industry on the southeastern-most patch of meadow.  Keep all
          the buildings as far south as possible.  Next, build the
          Forge of Hephaestus.  A good spot for the Forge is on the
          raised land directly south of the bronze ore.  Place it in
          a spot close enough to the Foundries and Armories to take
          advantage of Hephaestus' blessing power when the sanctuary
          is finished.  You should receive just enough marble and
          wood from Athens and Sparta to complete this project.  If
          not, then there is always raiding to get what you want.
          At the start of the third year, invasions from Knossos
          will commence.  Your sanctuary is most likely still getting
          built, so you will have to fend off the invaders with
          rabble, which shouldn't be too hard for the first couple of
          years.  Build two or three Towers at every invasion point,
          and walls to slow the enemy long enough for the Towers to
          get in a few good shots.  Once the Forge is complete, pray
          to Hephaestus when your are attacked so that he will loan
          you Talos to help defend the city.  You should probably get
          in the habit of requesting Talos' assistance every time
          you're invaded, as some of these attacks will be large.
          Once your olive oil, wine, fleece and armor industries are
          booming, and you have plenty of cash in the vault, then it's
          time to start laying out your elite housing.  The best place
          to start is probably the piece of land just to the east of
          the northern-most meadow. Place a bunch of Storehouses set
          to 'get' all the items for the Grand Agora just to the north
          of the river.  Then layout the elite housing, but make sure
          you make the best use of the space, and cram in as many elite
          houses as you can.  Place Commemorative Monuments wherever
          they will fit to boost the appeal.  Once your elite housing
          can support 32 hoplites, it's on to the next episode.
                                 The Battle of Knossos
          Goals:  Fulfill a Forthcoming Quest
                  Support 64 Hoplites or better
                  Rule Knossos
          Now that you have at least 32 hoplites, it's a good idea to attack
          Athens right off the bat.  Since by now you no longer have any
          allies in the world, you will have to defeat them by your
          lonesome.  If you didn't spend too much time in the first episode,
          you should be able to defeat them in 1 attack.  Once you've
          conquered Athens, start importing as much marble from them as
          you can.  You'll have a limited amount of time, however, as
          Knossos won't let you rule Athens for long.  If you get the
          impulse to go right off the bat and attack Knossos, be warned:
          they cannot be beaten until Hermes' quest is completed.  You
          can chip away at their military strength, but attacking Knossos
          is best saved for later.
          As you're collecting marble, which will be used to build the
          Arbor of Athena, you should also be preparing to meet the
          requirements of Achilles, so you can summon him to the city
          and send him on Hermes Quest.  Achilles hall requires:
                - 32 suits of armor
                - 3 Hoplite companies or better
                - A Sanctuary to Hephaestus
                - No unrest in the city
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Once you have all the requirements met, summon Achilles to the
          city, and send him on the quest as soon as possible.  By this
          time, you should have enough marble to start building the Arbor
          of Athena.  She will help fend off attacks as they get bigger
          and more frequent.  Placement of this sanctuary is crucial.  The
          best place for this sanctuary is the raised piece of land to
          the immediate south-west of your olive oil/wine industry.  STAY
          AWAY from the wide-open area in the east, as that land will
          become "unstable" later in the adventure.  Also stay away from
          the island in the middle, as you will want that space for
          something else later on.
          When Athena's sanctuary is complete, connect it with a road to
          wherever your Olive Presses are, so you can take advantage of
          Athena's blessing.  By now you should have added an olive oil
          vendor to the agora(s) in your common housing section, and
          should have evolved them to Apartments.  That means you most
          likely will have an abundance of unemployment.  For every
          100 unemployed people, you should build a trireme, and the
          more triremes, the better.
          Once you have completed Hermes quest, begin construction on
          a second block of elite housing, or, if possible, expand on
          the one that you've already built.  You'll need around 16
          Manors to support enough hoplites for both conquering Knossos
          and to achieve the mission goal.  When you have at least 60
          hoplites, send all your troops, triremes, and Achilles to
          attack Knossos.  If you don't beat them the first time, just
          keep enough armor in a Storehouse near your elite housing so
          you can regenerate your hoplites quickly, and send them right
          back out again.
          Once Knossos is conquered, you'll just have to wait for your
          elite housing to rearm its residents so that they are Hoplites
          again.  You'll need 64 of them. Then, it's onto the next episode.
                             The Wrath of Poseidon and Sons
          Goals:  Rule Athens
                  Rule Sparta
                  24 Sheaves of wheat for colony
                  Support 12 Horsemen
          At the start of this episode, you'll gain some much-needed
          allies.  Mt. Aulip, Mt. Pelion, Cyme and Themiscyra will all
          become your allies within the first few months of this episode.
          Take advantage of these new trade opportunities.  Wood for
          sanctuaries and triremes can be bought from Mt. Aulip, and
          marble can be bought from Themiscyra.  As for exports, Mt.
          Aulip and Mt. Pelion both buy wine, Cyme buys olive oil and
          Themiscyra buys fleece.  Sell all of your excess goods and keep
          building that treasury.
          The next thing you're going to want to do in this episode is
          secure a source of wheat.  Both Sidon and Thebes carry wheat,
          it's up to you to determine how you want to secure it.  The
          best way to attain wheat is probably by raiding.  Both Sidon
          and Thebes produce wheat, but the Phoenician city of Sidon
          has fewer defenses.  If you have triremes, be sure to send
          them along as triremes can carry MUCH more goods than just
          hoplites alone.
          Be sure to select "wheat" when choosing plunder on the troop
          selection screen.  You could also conquer one of the cities,
          set up a pier and buy/request it from them, or you can keep
          them as rivals and give them gifts until their "docile" state
          will allow you to request the item.  Build a couple of Storehouses
          to accept wheat and set it to stockpile.  If you do conquer one
          of these Atlantean client cities, the Atlanteans will make sure
          that they're not your vassal for long, so take advantage of the
          time you have to trade with them. Request food (wheat) as long
          as they're willing to give it to you.
          Once you have at least 24 sheaves of wheat, dispatch it
          immediately to take care of that episode goal.  Then turn wheat
          stockpiling off, and build a couple Horse Ranches near your
          elite housing.  A couple of good spots are just north of the
          river on the west side, and in any of the free meadow space
          to the northwest. Start building up your elite housing, and
          get as many horsemen as possible.  Keep your wheat out of
          Granaries; you'll want to feed every bit of it to horses.
          About five to six months in to this episode, however, the
          biggest hurdle you will have encountered thus far will
          strike.  A triple-threat will bombard your city all at once.
          First, an earthquake will cut its way all the way through
          the open land to the west.  If you heeded the above advice
          and didn't build there, then this won't affect you too much.
          The earthquake will, however, cut off the silver ore from
          the rest of the city, making it impossible to mine.  When
          this happens, simply delete your mints so you can use
          those workers in other areas.
          At the same time, a flood will wipe out some of your buildings
          in the mid-west area near the shore.  After this happens,
          simply pause the game and re-place all the housing and other
          buildings you lost.
          Finally, while all these disasters are ravaging your city,
          Poseidon will invade from the west.  He will knock down a few
          Fisheries, and possibly a Trireme Wharf, and then curse your
          Fisheries and Trireme Wharves.  The duration of the curses
          depends upon difficulty level.  This is when setting up a
          cheese industry in the northwest meadow comes in handy.  After
          Poseidon invades, of course, you will be unable to trade by
          sea for a year, so if you're still in the process of getting
          wheat from Sidon, you will have to rely on requests for a
          while.  The Poseidon invasion and tidal wave will repeat every
          2 years.
          About 14 months after the initial Poseidon/tidal wave/earthquake
          triple threat, another triple disaster occurs, although this
          one isn't as devastating.  This time, an Atlas invasion is
          combined with a small earthquake to the south of the bronze
          ore and a small landslide near the exit road in the mid-south
          area.  Both the earthquake and landslide should cause minimal
          damage, at best.  Atlas will take out a few Storehouses, destroy
          a few buildings, and turn every walker he encounters into stone.
          Nothing you can't handle.
          About 3 years into the episode, the last large hurdle presents
          itself: Cyclops.  When the first "Cyclops Attacks" message pops
          up, Odysseus' Hall becomes available.  Because Cyclops doesn't
          arrive in your city until 4 months after the initial "Cyclops
          Attacks" message, it gives you enough time to meet Odysseus'
          requirements and have him in the city before the Cyclops
          arrives.  Odysseus Hall requires:
                - Great popularity
                - Excellent city-wide health
                - 8 elite houses
                - 32 jugs of olive oil
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Defeating the Cyclops is not a mission requirement, and for the
          most part he stays near the area that was demolished by an
          earthquake; it's up to you whether to summon Odysseus or not.
          Afterwards, it's time to take over Athens and Sparta.  When
          you have a decent-sized army (around 40 hoplites, 16
          Horsemen), chip away at Athens and Sparta with attacks, one
          at a time.  Don't forget to send Odysseus along on those
          attacks, if you have him. O nce Athens and Sparta bend to
          your will and become your vassals, the only goal left for
          you to fulfill should be to sustain 12 horsemen, assuming
          you don't already have them.  Once you get the 12 horsemen,
          it's on to the next episode, which is the first colony
          You'll be presented with a choice between Knossos and Salamis
          (you will eventually build both colonies).  We recommend
          playing Knossos first.  Knossos provides an additional supply
          of valuable marble, which will be helpful for all your
          Sanctuary-building needs.
                           Inroads to Egypt (Knossos Colony)
          Goals:  Rule Memphis
                  Rule Thebes
                  Rule Saqqara
                  Sanctuary to any God
          Start off this mission by setting up your common housing blocks,
          Fishing Wharves, Hunting Lodges, olive oil industry, and Masonry
          Shops. Build a Pier to Mycenae to import fleece and bronze.  Use
          the bronze to make armor for your elite housing and sculptures
          for whatever sanctuary you build.  In the first year you will
          get gifts of wood from Mt. Aulip, wheat and fleece from
          Mycenae, and wine from Themiscyra.
          When you have enough marble, start building one of the
          sanctuaries.  You can build either Hephaestus' or Dionysus'
          sanctuary.  Dionysus' sanctuary is quick and easy to build, plus
          it gives you a source of wine that you'll need to evolve your
          elite housing.  When you're done building the sanctuary, build a
          Pier to Athens to sell off any excess sculpture you're producing.
          You can also build a Pier to Cyme and sell off any extra jugs
          of olive oil.  Tax Offices are also available in this episode,
          so make good use of them.  Having a large bank account is a good
          idea, because there will be quite a few Atlantean invaders
          looking to destroy the city.
          Around 2- years into the episode, Poseidon will invade, destroy
          a few shore buildings, curse the others and suspend trade for
          a year.
          When you have enough cash, lay out your elite housing.  There's
          not much room in the area so you're just going to have to squeeze
          in as many elite houses as you can.  The western region will
          probably have the most open space at this point.
          Evolve your elite housing as much as you can.  Give gifts of olive
          oil to Sidon until they are willing to give you wheat for your
          Horse Ranches.  Remember to place a Storehouse set to accept
          wheat, and set all Granaries to not accept wheat, in order to
          keep it out of the food vendors' hands.
          You should also start building a few triremes.  Use the wood
          given to you from Mt. Aulip, along with the armor you're
          producing to build as many as you can.  Once you have a few
          companies of horsemen and a few triremes, start sending out
          attacks.  Saqqara is the weakest, so attack them first.  After
          defeating them, you will most likely need to rely on your
          allies and vassals for help in conquering Thebes and Memphis.
          Send allies with your attacks, plus request individual military
          strikes also.  The more you wear down the enemy, the quicker
          they will fall.  Make sure to give gifts to any city that you
          request an attack from to keep their favor high, so they will
          continue to be available for strikes.  Go on to conquer Thebes
          and Memphis as quickly as you can.  If it takes you too long,
          however, one or more of the cities may rebel and return to the
          Atlantean fold, or be just taken over outright by the
          imperialistic war machine.  Thus, the conquering of all three
          must be done quickly. When all three are under your power,
          it's on to the next episode.
                                  The Cleitos Project
          Goals:  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
                  24 sheaves of wheat for colony
          You now have three more allies thanks to your colony's war
          efforts: Memphis, Saqqara and Thebes.  These cities' huge military
          forces will be indispensable in the upcoming missions, so start
          giving them generous gifts now to increase their favor.  You
          should build a Pier to Thebes and start buying wheat from them,
          and requests should be kept to a minimum, since in all
          likelihood you'll be making heavy offensive military requests
          in the next colony mission.  At the beginning, it's best to set
          wheat to stockpiling so that the Horse Ranches don't keep
          taking it.  Once you have 24 sheaves, dispatch it to the colony.
          Remember to turn stockpiling off once you dispatch the wheat
          so your Horse Ranches can raise horses again.
          After about a year, the quest message appears, and it requires
          Odysseus. Odysseus' requirements should already be met, since
          you last summoned him in episode three. Send him on the quest
          as soon as he gets to the city, and then it's on to the next
          episode.  Remember, Odysseus requires:
                - Great popularity
                - Excellent city-wide health
                - 8 elite houses
                - 32 jugs of olive oil
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          After you finish here, it's off to another colony.
                            The Secret Base (Salamis Colony)
          Goals:  Rule Carthage
                  Rule Tyre
                  Rule Sidon
                  Sanctuary to any God
          Salamis is another colony with limited room to build.  Keep in
          mind that you're going to want as many elite houses as you can,
          so plan your other building accordingly.  Set up the bronze and
          timber industry to the west, and your grapes/wine industry on
          the island to the north.  Keep your common housing as far to the
          northwest as you can, so you have as much room left as possible
          to the south and east for your elite housing.  Your Pier can only
          be accessed by traders on the south coast, so set up a few as
          far to the west side as you can.
          The first thing you'll need to start importing is food, because
          there are no sources of food in the city.  Set up a Pier to
          Sparta to import meat and a Trading Post to Cyme to import fish.
          You should also build a Pier to Mycenae to import fleece and
          olive oil.  If you have a booming wine industry, then a Pier to
          Mt. Aulip allows you to export up to 36 jugs a year.  Other sources
          of trade income: Athens buys armor and sculpture, Thebes buys
          sculpture, Memphis buys armor and grapes, and Mycenae buys
          wood.  You'll also need to import marble for the sanctuary from
          either Themiscyra or Athens.
          Next, determine which sanctuary to place and where to place it.
          In this episode, both the Arbor of Athena and Hermes' Refuge are
          available.  Due to the close quarters, Hermes' Refuge is probably
          the best idea.
          When your city is finally running smoothly, and there are
          plenty of workers to go around, then lay out your elite
          housing.  Make use of all the land you have, and build up as
          many elite houses as possible.  Also build as many triremes
          along the south shore as you can fit.  This is, after all,
          primarily a military episode.
          Get wheat from Thebes to feed the horses in your Horse
          Ranches.  As soon as a majority of your elite houses has
          evolved and holds a good amount of hoplites and horsemen,
          start sending out attacks.  Sidon and Thebes will be the
          easiest to conquer, so get that out of the way first.
          Carthage, on the other hand, is a military powerhouse.  They,
          along with Syracuse, are also looking to expand their range
          of power, and will throw quite a few attacks at your allies.
          If you don't send enough troops to help, you could lose
          multiple allies and vassals before it's all over.  It will
          most likely take a lot of attacks to defeat Carthage, as
          well as a good amount of help from whatever allies and vassals
          you have left.  Request strikes from your most powerful allies,
          most likely the Egyptians, and bring along allied troops with
          your attacks.  Eventually, the onslaught will catch up to
          Carthage and it will fall to your power.  Also, don't forget to
          keep the Egyptians happy by sending them gifts.
          When Carthage, Tyre and Sidon are all under your power, it's
          back to the wonderful city of Mycenae.
                                 Attrition and Survival
          Goals:  Population of 4000
                  Fulfill a forthcoming quest
          By now, your city should be big enough to support 4,000 people, or
          at least close to it.  Add a few extra houses wherever there's room
          to get to this goal.
          The quest comes after a few years, but there is plenty to do in
          the meantime. Namely, build Zeus' Stronghold.  Remember that
          island with the prime real estate in the middle of the city?
          Well, it's time to give Zeus his own private island.  If you
          have enough extra workers, place 5-6 artisan guilds to make
          the construction go faster.  Buy and request marble from
          Knossos, Themiscyra and Athens.
          A couple years into the episode, your colony at Knossos will
          incur the wrath of Poseidon, and will be unable to trade for
          a year.  You can still request marble from them, however.  Get
          all the marble you need before the fourth year of the episode,
          because Knossos will be wiped clean off the face of the
          earth.  Mt. Aulip will suffer the same fate about a year later.
          About a month into the episode, Carthage returns to Atlantean
          hands, now stronger than ever.  It will join Thera and Syracuse
          in attacking your vassals and allies throughout the episode,
          so have troops and triremes on standby to help them out as
          much as possible, although it won't always be possible to
          help them all out because of multiple attacks closely spaced.
          Send troops the your most valuable allies, and always try to
          keep some in reserve for the next attack.  Don't attempt to
          assault these three main aggressors yet, as they're still
          too strong, but feel free to liberate any of your allies
          that fall under the Atlantean yoke.
          Pretty soon, the invaders will find their way into your
          city, so be prepared to either bribe them off or kill them
          on your soil.  By now, all of the invading armies are going
          to be huge, so be prepared for some tough battles.  If you
          were quick in building Zeus' Stronghold, however, you can
          pray to him for a quick and easy defense against any invading
          army, no matter how large.
          Around 5 years into the episode, Salamis will be attacked by
          the Cyclops.  This will allow you to construct Odysseus' Hall.
          Although this isn't an episode requirement, it's a good idea
          to summon Odysseus and send him to the aid of your colony,
          if possible.  You'll only have a short time, and don't be too
          discouraged if the Cyclops manages to destroy your colony.
          The episode's quest finally arrives 5 years in. Perseus'
          hall will become available at this time. Perseus requires:
                - A sanctuary to Athena
                - A sanctuary to Hermes
                - 3000 drachmas
                - 16 skeins of fleece
                - 6 pieces of sculpture
          The only requirement here that you should still need is
          Hermes' sanctuary.  If you are already finished building
          Zeus' Stronghold, then place down Hermes' Refuge and a
          couple of artisans' guilds.  Materials permitting,
          construction shouldn't take long.  As soon as it's complete,
          send for Perseus, dispatch him on the quest, and head on to
          the next and final episode in this epic war with the Atlanteans.
                        Zeus' Retribution: The Fall of Atlantis
          Goals:  Fulfill a Forthcoming Quest
          Near the start of the episode, Poseidon will be up to his usual
          antics again, and will punish Sparta, preventing trade with them
          for a year.  Aphrodite will soon follow suit and punish
          Themiscyra, which will soon be conquered by one of your rivals.
          The key to this episode is to not worry too much about what's
          happening in the world at this point.  Your main concern
          should be maintaining a large army to protect your city from
          invasions.  As more of your allies fall, more rivals will
          start attacking.  Having Athena, Talos, and Zeus protecting
          your city will be enough once in a while, but sometimes you
          will have to come to blows with the invaders, and having a
          bunch of horsemen companies makes withstanding an attack a
          lot easier.
          About four to five months into the episode, Aphrodite will
          unleash Hector upon the city, and Achilles Hall will become
          available.  His requirements will most likely already be met,
          as you already summoned him in the 2nd episode.  Summon him
          immediately so he can vanquish Hector and minimize the
          damage.  Achilles hall requires:
                - 32 suits of armor
                - 3 Hoplite companies or better
                - A Sanctuary to Hephaestus
                - No unrest in the city
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          A few months after the Hector invasion, the Cyclops will try
          his hand at attacking your city again.  Odysseus' hall will
          become available.  Like the previous episode, you should have
          all the requirements met when you place down the hall, so
          summon him immediately so he can put the Cyclops in its place.
          Odysseus requires:
                - Great popularity
                - Excellent city-wide health
                - 8 elite houses
                - 32 jugs of olive oil
                - 16 amphorae of wine
          Around two years into the episode comes another Poseidon
          invasion, which will now occur every year.  If you have Zeus'
          Stronghold finished by now, however, you won't have to worry
          about Poseidon doing too much damage.  Zeus will layeth the
          smacketh down on his brother.  A few months later, a double
          attack by Atlas and the Kraken will descend on your city.
          Zeus will take care of Atlas like he did to Poseidon.  To
          defeat the Kraken, Perseus' hall will become available.
          Most of the requirements should still be met from the previous
          episode, so summon him quickly to prevent the Kraken from
          doing too much damage to your coastline. Perseus requires:
                - A sanctuary to Athena
                - A sanctuary to Hermes
                - 3000 drachmas
                - 16 skeins of fleece
                - 6 pieces of sculpture
          Finally, after three years into this episode, Zeus will issue
          the quest to end the Atlantean threat.  The quest requires
          Odysseus, who is already in your city, so all you need to
          do is dispatch him on the quest, and forever be done with
          the evil Atlanteans!
                           Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
        This is the section I've dedicated to questions that I deem are asked
        quite a bit, and instead of receiving the same questions over and over,
        they will be asked and answered below.  Be sure to read this section
        prior to asking me a question.  Towards the top is a link to a message
        board that I tend to frequent, so you could visit that instead of sending
        an email.  It's just whatever's more convenient for you.  ^_^
        Q:  Do most buildings need road access?
        A:  Yes.  Most buildings do.  Without road access, the building will
            not get any employees or do anything.
        Q:  Where can I find a list of the requirements for a Sanctuary?
        A:  You can find them in my Sanctuary FAQ, which is seperate from this
        Q:  What happens when a house runs out of something?
        A:  Well, it all depends on which item it runs out of.  The closer
            that item is on the "necessity" chart, the lower (in class)
            the house will drop.  Say, you've got a "Residence" that has
            just run out of food.  Well, that house will drop ALL the way
            down.  It's missing one of the VERY first things that are
            required for housing.
        Q:  Where are the meadows?
        A:  Meadows are the purple-spotted areas.  They look like the purple
            spots that forms along with mold on old bread.  I'm sure you've
            seen a piece of moldy bread, right?  Well, that's exactly what
            the ground looks like, honestly.
        Q:  I've built farms, and I have a lot of unemployed people.  Why
            aren't my farms up and running?
        A:  Well, you are obviously new to the City-Building series, so
            I'd like to suggest that you purchase the previous games in the
            series.  To answer your question, you MUST have roads leading
            to the farms.  Farms are supposed to be treated just like
            most any other building.
        Q:  Why isn't my Olive Press receiving olives?
        A:  Well, this could be a number of things.  It could be due
            to a lack of labor at either the Olive Press or the
            Growers' Lodge.  It could also be due to the lack of a
            road.  The Growers' Lodge must have a road connected to it.
            The same holds true for the Olive Press.
            This same problem can also occur at the Winery, which
            takes Grapes and makes wine out of them.
        Q:  Why won't my Urchin gatherers gather Urchins?
        A:  Well, this is a number of things.  Be sure you have road
            access to your Urchin Quay.  Be sure you have a full staff
            on-hand.  Also, be sure there is no deep water between
            the Urchin Quay and the Urchins.  The gatherers cannot
            pass deep water!
        Q:  Why won't food be delivered to my Granary?
        A:  This could be one of many things to be honest.  Be sure
            your Granary has road access and a full staff.  Be sure
            that the place making the food has road access and a
            full staff as well.  Check your settings for your Granary.
            You may have them set to 'Don't Accept', which will disable
            the Granary's ability to accept that type of food.
        Q:  Why don't the roads and houses near the Granary improve?
        A:  A Granary has a Negative (-) desirability level.  People
            don't enjoy living near one, so don't build a Granary too
            close to your housing.
        Q:  Why does my Granary keep collapsing?
        A:  Poor maintenance is the reason.  Granaries are fairly
            large structures, and they have a tendency to collapse.
            Build a Maintenance Office nearby to prevent damage in
            the future.
        Q:  My Horse Ranches have full labor, road access, and wheat,
            but they are not producing horses. What's wrong?
        A:  This problem is specific to the UK version of Zeus. Download
            the Enhancement Pack to correct this problem. Installing
            Poseidon will also solve this problem.
        Q:  I built a Fishery but the boat just sits there at the dock.
        A:  The fishing boat does not have a clear path along open waters
            to the fishing points, which are marked by jumping fish. Scout
            the coastline for a more suitable location to build a Fishery.
        Q:  I built a Pier but no trade ships are showing up.
        A:  Right-click the Pier or check the World Map to make sure that the
            city served by the Pier is currently trading. Also, make sure the
            Pier has a clear path to open waters.
        Q:  My Pier and/or Horse Ranch says that it needs road access, but it
            is already placed next to a road.
        A:  Don't worry if you get this message. Your Piers and Horse Ranches
            still have road access and will be able to access labor.
            Installing the Enhancement pack or Poseidon fixes this issue.
        Q:  I've built a Hippodrome, and I have working Horse Ranches, but
            there are no races taking place.
        A:  A racehorse handler must first leave the Hippodrome and retrieve
            horses from a Horse Ranch. The handler will only walk so far to
            get them, so ranches should be placed near the Hippodrome. If the
            Hippodrome is connected to more than one road, the handler will
            choose which of the roads he wants to use to get horses. Make sure
            the road he chooses is connected to a Horse Ranch.
        Q:  Why aren't my Universities producing any curators?
        A:  This can happen if there is a University close to your Museum. A
            University that is too close to a Museum will constantly supply
            the Museum with curators, overriding the need for Universities
            farther away to produce curators. To get around this, delete the
            University closest to the Museum. The other Universities in the
            city should start producing curators.
        Q:  A hero keeps getting stuck while trying to cross a Hippodrome
        A:  If this happens, delete the section of Hippodrome that the hero
            is trying to cross and then undo or rebuild that section of
            Hippodrome. In most cases, you can also delete the Hero's Hall,
            move the Hall outside of the Hippodrome, and resummon the hero.
        Q:  Why can't I control my military units?
        A:  Make sure Auto Defend is off in the Options menu, and remember
            to select the company by clicking on the base of the company's
            banner, or on a soldier of the company.
        Q:  Why aren't my rabble or archers listed when I try to dispatch
            troops abroad?
        A:  Rabble and archers are ordinary citizens organized into a
            militia. They do not have the weapons, armor and supplies to
            travel abroad. The following units can be dispatched abroad:
            hoplites, horsemen, spearmen, charioteers, heroes, triremes,
            frigates and mythical warriors that Ares and Artemis provide.
        Q:  Why can't I dispatch triremes or frigates abroad?
        A:  Not all locations are accessible by sea. In the Enlist Forces
            panel, the bottom of the Navy section will say 'Not accessible
            by sea.'
        Q:  I wish to send triremes or frigates to a city that can be
            reached by sea. When I try to dispatch the ships, none are
            listed in the Enlist Forces panel, even though I have triremes
            or frigates in my city. Why can't I send the ships?
        A:  Triremes or frigates are only listed on the Enlist Forces panel
            when they are manned. To call the crews for all the ships, go to
            the Military tab and click the 'Crew All' button. If you want to
            man only selected ships, go to the detailed Military report by
            clicking the Magnifying Glass button on the Military Tab. Then,
            click the button next to each of the desired ships until the
            button reads 'Crewed'. You can also call the crews of specific
            ships by clicking on the ship and issuing the 'Call Crew to
            Ship' command.
        Q:  Just how do Oceanids reach the shore? I can't see their ships,
            and my frigates or triremes can't attack them while they are in
            the water.
        A:  Oceanids don't have ships; they swim under water until they reach
            the shore. You can tell where they are by the foamy bubbles that
            break the surface of the water. If Poseidon has loaned you his
            Kraken to defend your city, he will fight them as they approach.
            Otherwise, you will have to wait until the Oceanids set foot on
            land before you can attack them.
        Q:  How do I send my hero on a quest?
        A:  In Zeus, select the Overview Tab, then click on the green button
            next to the quest's icon. The Enlist Forces panel will appear.
            Select the hero, then click on dispatch to send the hero on his
            way. You can also send the hero from the Overview full report by
            clicking on the quest icon located there. In Poseidon, you can
            also send a hero on a quest by right-clicking on his or her
            hall and clicking the Dispatch Hero button. Or, you can click
            on the Review Goals button and then click the 'Dispatch Hero'
            button next to the name of the Quest.
        Q:  I summoned a hero but he or she has not arrived. Where could
            the hero be?
        A:  It takes a few months for the hero to travel to your city. If
            it has been longer than that and the hero still has not arrived,
            make sure that the Hero's Hall has road access and is not
            blocked off or obstructed in any way. For example: one of
            Theseus' Hall's requirements is to be surrounded by City Walls.
            Make sure you have a Gatehouse in the Wall so that Theseus may
            get to his Hall.
        Q:  I right-clicked on a Sanctuary and prayed to a god, but the deity
            has not answered me. Why not?
        A:  First, make sure that god's Sanctuary is finished and fully
            staffed. Second, gods will only help so often; check the Mythology
            Full Report to see if the god is ready to help you. Finally, make
            sure the god can help you. For example, Demeter cannot give you
            food if you do not have enough available space in Granaries.
        Q:  Can I kill monsters without heroes?
        A:  Yes, but it takes some time and a lot of hoplites, horsemen,
            spearmen, or chariots. Rabble, archers, and Towers cannot
            injure monsters.
        Q:  Sanctuary or Pyramid construction has not started or has stopped.
            What could be wrong?
        A:  Here are some things to remember when working on construction
            - Make sure there are staffed Artisan Guilds and that artisans
              from the guilds can walk from the Guilds to the project site.
              If Artisan Guilds are partially staffed, construction will
              take longer.
            - Wood, marble, black marble, sculpture and orichalc are used in
              the construction of Sanctuaries and Pyramids. Right-click on
              the construction site to see the specific amounts and types of
              materials needed. If one of these is not in the city, it may
              halt construction. For example, the Sanctuary altar, which uses
              marble, will not be built until all of the sculptures have been
            - Stockpiling any of the needed goods will prevent construction.
              To see if you are stockpiling a good, click the Distribution
              Tab. Goods that appear in yellow type are being stockpiled. To
              turn off stockpiling, simply click on the name of the good.
            - Stored goods must have a road connecting them to the construction
              site or they will not be delivered. In addition, the road
              connection to a Pyramid must be to the small, wooden platform
              that abuts the edge of the Pyramid.
            - Resources may become unavailable when a supply decreases or when
              a diplomatic change stops trade. When the resource becomes
              available again, make sure the goods are set to import.
              Construction will resume when the goods arrive.
            - If more than one Sanctuary and/or Pyramid are being constructed
              at the same time, artisans may not work on the particular
              project that you desire. Artisans work on projects in the order
              that they see fit. Make sure that the artisans have the
              materials that they need to complete all of the projects, and
              all the projects will eventually be completed.
            - Poseidon allows you to halt construction of a Sanctuary or
              Pyramid. Right-click on a Sanctuary or Pyramid and click the
              'Halt Construction' button. When you are ready for construction
              to resume on a particular Sanctuary or Pyramid, right-click it
              and click the 'Resume Construction' button.
            - Materials are typically delivered in loads of four (except for
              sculptures which are delivered individually). For example, if
              the project needs four slabs of marble, and three are available
              at one Storehouse and two are at another, marble will not be
              sent. At least four slabs of marble must be stored in a
              single Storehouse for the marble to be delivered. You may
              want to consolidate building materials in a particular
              Storehouse or two by using the Storehouse's 'empty' and 'get'
        Q:  Why do deliverymen go right by my Sanctuary or Pyramid with goods
            that those buildings need?
        A:  Materials may only be delivered to a construction site by a
            Storehouse deliveryman. Deliverymen from the city's industries
            never bring goods directly to a construction site. So, if you
            have a Sanctuary between a Masonry Shop and a Storehouse, you
            may see needed marble go right by the Sanctuary to the
            Storehouse before being delivered to the Sanctuary.
        Q:  When I delete a Pyramid my game freezes up for several seconds,
            sometimes several minutes.
        A:  On some systems, deleting a Pyramid causes the game to pause
            for a while. Be patient, and the game will soon resume.
        Q:  When I delete and then undo the deletion of a Pyramid it causes
            the Pyramid's graphics to become corrupt.
        A:  It's best not to delete and then undo the deletion of a Pyramid.
            If you do delete a Pyramid and want to rebuild it, your best course
            of action is to place the foundation and build it again from scratch.
        Q:  When I delete and then undo the deletion of a Pyramid it allows
            the Pyramid to be built more than once.
        A:  It's best to not delete/undo a Pyramid. Building multiple versions
            of the same Pyramid can cause serious game problems, possibly even
            a crash. To avoid problems, do not build more than one of the
            same Pyramid.
        Q:  My pyramid graphics became corrupted after a landslide. Is there a
            way to fix this?
        A:  This is a rare issue that does not affect gameplay. Simply rotate
            the map and the graphics will return to normal.
        Q:  Why can't I place any cattle?
        A:  First, make sure that you have enough Corrals in your city. Each
            corral can support a maximum of eight cattle. If you do need to
            build a new Corral to increase your herd, you will need to wait
            for the new Corral to hire some employees before placing more
            cattle (of course, make sure that you are placing them on meadow).
            If you should be able to place more cattle (e.g., you have two
            Corrals but only ten cattle) but can't, save the game and then
            load it again to resolve the problem.
            Cattle that are placed while the game is paused will not appear
            until play is resumed.
        Q:  Why are my goats/sheep/cattle disappearing or dwindling away?
        A:  Every few months, priests from a Sanctuary will use goats or sheep
            for sacrifice to the gods. If the herds are large enough, natural
            reproduction of the animals will replace any sacrificed animals.
            New goats/sheep/cattle should be placed if herd size gets low.
        Q:  The number of Commemorative Monuments listed on the Aesthetics Tab
            is inaccurate (very high or even negative).
        A:  This sometimes happens if you delete and then undo the deletion
            of a Commemorative Monument. It does not affect gameplay in any
        Q:  One (or more) of the fishing points has two graphics.
        A:  This sometimes happens when the map is rotated. It does not affect
            gameplay in any way.
        Q:  In a user-made adventure, the game goes into 'Open Play (no episode
            goals)' when proceeding to the next episode.
        A:  Copy the .pak file from the custom adventure folder to the main
            Adventures folder and reload the save game prior to proceeding to
            the next episode. This allows the adventure to progress properly.
        Q:  Downloaded user-made adventures are not appearing in the Custom
            Adventures screen.
        A:  This is specific to adventures created in Poseidon. The adventure
            creator needs to include the .set file, which goes in the custom
            adventure folder along with the .pak file. Remember to copy the .pak
            file to the main Adventures folder (to avoid the problem mentioned
            immediately above).
        Q:  I keep receiving an "Area Cut Off From World" message, and my city
            buildings are being destroyed. Why is this happening?
        A:  When a city's entry and exit points are separated by water, and the
            connecting water crossings are removed, the city will begin
            collapsing until the connection is restored. This is a map design
            issue. When designing maps in the editor, keep the entry and exit
            points on the same land mass, making sure that the points are not
            separated by water or any other impassable terrain. Otherwise, the
            player's city may be destroyed if a connection between the two
            points is interrupted.
        Q:  The patch Readme says "Greek Custom Adventures no longer show up as
            Atlantean Custom Adventures," but when I make a Greek Adventure, it
            shows up in the Poseidon Custom Adventures folder. Why?
        A:  Please disregard the statement. What we really mean is that
            player-created adventures that are supposed to take place in
            Greece (Greek Adventures) no longer behave as Atlantean Adventures
            (with access to Science buildings instead of Culture, etc.).
            Any adventure made with Poseidon's adventure editor - including
            adventures that take place in Greece - are supposed to appear in
            the Poseidon Custom Adventures list. The Zeus Custom Adventures
            list was created so that people with Poseidon can play adventures
            made by people who have only Zeus. The two custom adventure lists
            are just a way for the game to differentiate adventures made with
            different versions of the editor.
        Q:  Sometimes when I select "Save Settings" to save an adventure I've
            been editing, I find it isn't listed when I reload the editor. Where
            did it go? How do I get it back?
        A:  Sometimes the editor will not recognize adventures-in-progress
            unless they have been compiled using "Create Adventure" from the
            File menu. To recover a 'lost' adventure, follow these steps:
            1) Copy any player-made .pak file into the folder of the adventure.
            2) Rename the .pak file the same as the adventure (make sure the
               file is not marked as read-only).
            3) Reload the editor, it should now appear on the list of editable
            To avoid this issue when editing an adventure, make sure to select
            "Create Adventure" before exiting the editor.
        Depending who you talk to, "Appendices" will have different meanings.
        Most of us (FAQ Writers) use them more as a "miscellaneous statistics"
        section, which is what I do.  Below, you'll find all kinds of misc.
        information that will surely improve your gameplay, as well as inform
        you of things you may ave never known.
                             Non-Housing Data Model Sheets
        The many attributes of a building or person are determined by the level
        of difficulty you have the game set to.  I've taken the liberty of showing
        everything here, to save you the trouble of looking for it elsewhere.
        There are five difficulty settings to Zeus: Master of Olympus.  They are:
                * Beginner  a.k.a. Very Easy
                * Mortal    a.k.a. Easy
                * Hero      a.k.a. Normal
                * Titan     a.k.a. Hard
                * Olympian  a.k.a. Very Hard
        Below are some charts showing the statistics for each of the five
        difficulty settings in the game.
          NOTE: I have not included any statistics from the expansion pack,
      Beginner (Very Easy)
      Structure               Cost            Desirability                  Workers
                                     Initial      Step      Size     Range
      Agora Large              50      12           2        -2        6       0
      Agora Small              25      12           2        -2        6       0
      Armory                   40      -8           1         1        4      18
      Arms Vendor              10       0           0         0        0       4
      Artisans Guild           35      -6           2         1        3      25
      Avenue                   10       3           1        -1        3       0
      Bench                     6       2           2        -1        4       0
      Boulevard                15       3           2        -2        4       0
      Bridge                    8       0           0         0        0       0
      Carding Shed             16      -5           1         2        3       8
      Carrot Farm              20      -2           1         1        2      10
      College                  30      -5           1        -3        2      12
      Column                    6       4           1        -2        3       0
      Dairy                    16      -5           1         2        3       8
      Dock                    100      -2           4         1        4      24
      Drama School             16       0           0         0        0      10
      Fish Pond                60      18           1        -3        6       0
      Fishing Wharf            30     -15           1         2        4      10
      Fleece Vendor            10       0           0         0        0       4
      Flower Garden            20       8           1        -1        3       0
      Food Vendor              10       0           0         0        0       4
      Foundry                  60     -10           1         1        6      15
      Fountain                 16       4           2        -2        4       4
      Gardens                   6       3           1        -1        3       0
      Gatehouse                20       0           0         0        0       0
      Gazebo                   20       8           1        -1        3       0
      Goat                      4       0           0         0        0       0
      Granary                  50     -12           1         2        4      18
      Grapevine                 3       1           1        -1        1       0
      Growers Lodge            25      -3           1         1        2      12
      Guardpost                20      -2           1         1        2       6
      Gymnasium                30       0           0         0        0       7
      Hedge Maze               40      12           1        -1        4       0
      Heros Hall                0      15           2        -2        6       0
      Horse Ranch             100     -10           1         1        4      15
      Horse Trainer            10       0           0         0        0       4
      Hunting Lodge            20      -6           2        -2        4       8
      Infirmary                35      -2           4         0        4      11
      Marble Quarry            75      -6           1         1        4      15
      Mint                    100     -10           2         2        6      15
      Monument                  0      30           2        -5        6       0
      Oil Press                45      -4           2         2        4      12
      Oil Vendor               10       0           0         0        0       4
      Olive Tree                3       1           1        -1        1       0
      Onion Farm               20      -4           2         1        3      10
      Palace                  125      18           3        -3        6       0
      Podium                   15       3           1        -1        3       4
      Road                      2       0           0         0        0       0
      Sanctuary to Aphrodite  720      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Apollo     920      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Ares       960      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Artemis   1520      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Athena    2160      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Demeter    840      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Dionysus   400      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Hades     1320      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Hephaestus 760      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Hermes     640      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Poseidon  2480      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Zeus      1920      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sculpture Studio        100      -2           1         1        2      18
      Sheep                     4       0           0         0        0       0
      Stadium                 200       0           0         0        0      45
      Storehouse               25      -2           4         1        4      12
      Supervisor's Office      10       0           0         0        0       5
      Tax Office               25      -4           1         1        2       8
      Theatre                  60       6           1        -1        3      18
      Timber Mill              35      -5           1         1        4      12
      Trireme Wharf            75     -12           2         2        4     100
      Tower                    50      -4           4         1        4      15
      Trading Post            100      -2           4         1        4      24
      Urchin Collector         30     -15           1         2        4      10
      Wall                      2       0           0         0        0       0
      Wheat Farm               20      -3           1         1        3      10
      Wine Vendor              10       0           0         0        0       4
      Winery                   45       4           1        -1        4      12
      Mortal (Easy)
      Structure               Cost            Desirability                  Workers
                                     Initial      Step      Size     Range
      Agora Large              80      12           2        -2        6       0
      Agora Small              40      12           2        -2        6       0
      Armory                   65      -8           1         1        4      18
      Arms Vendor              16       0           0         0        0       4
      Artisans Guild           60      -6           2         1        3      25
      Avenue                   16       3           1        -1        3       0
      Bench                    10       2           2        -1        4       0
      Boulevard                24       3           2        -2        4       0
      Bridge                   12       0           0         0        0       0
      Carding Shed             30      -5           1         2        3       8
      Carrot Farm              36      -2           1         1        2      10
      College                  50      -5           1        -3        2      12
      Column                   10       4           1        -2        3       0
      Dairy                    30      -5           1         2        3       8
      Dock                    160      -2           4         1        4      24
      Drama School             30       0           0         0        0      10
      Fish Pond               100      18           1        -3        6       0
      Fishing Wharf            50     -15           1         2        4      10
      Fleece Vendor            16       0           0         0        0       4
      Flower Garden            32       8           1        -1        3       0
      Food Vendor              16       0           0         0        0       4
      Foundry                 105     -10           1         1        6      15
      Fountain                 30       4           2        -2        4       4
      Gardens                  10       3           1        -1        3       0
      Gatehouse                60       0           0         0        0       0
      Gazebo                   32       8           1        -1        3       0
      Goat                      7       0           0         0        0       0
      Granary                  80     -12           1         2        4      18
      Grapevine                 5       1           1        -1        1       0
      Growers Lodge            40      -3           1         1        2      12
      Guardpost                32      -2           1         1        2       6
      Gymnasium                60       0           0         0        0       7
      Hedge Maze               70      12           1        -1        4       0
      Heros Hall                0      15           2        -2        6       0
      Horse Ranch             160     -10           1         1        4      15
      Horse Trainer            16       0           0         0        0       4
      Hunting Lodge            32      -6           2        -2        4       8
      Infirmary                56      -2           4         0        4      11
      Marble Quarry           120      -6           1         1        4      15
      Mint                    160     -10           2         2        6      15
      Monument                  0      30           2        -5        6       0
      Oil Press                72      -4           2         2        4      12
      Oil Vendor               16       0           0         0        0       4
      Olive Tree                5       1           1        -1        1       0
      Onion Farm               36      -4           2         1        3      10
      Palace                  175      18           3        -3        6       0
      Podium                   24       3           1        -1        3       4
      Road                      2       0           0         0        0       0
      Sanctuary to Aphrodite  720      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Apollo     920      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Ares       960      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Artemis    920      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Athena    2160      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Demeter    840      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Dionysus   400      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Hades     1320      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Hephaestus 760      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Hermes     640      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Poseidon  2480      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Zeus      2920      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sculpture Studio        160      -2           1         1        2      18
      Sheep                     7       0           0         0        0       0
      Stadium                 320       0           0         0        0      45
      Storehouse               40      -2           4         1        4      12
      Supervisor's Office      16       0           0         0        0       5
      Tax Office               40      -4           1         1        2       8
      Theatre                 100       6           1        -1        3      18
      Timber Mill              60      -5           1         1        4      12
      Trireme Wharf           125     -12           2         2        4     100
      Tower                    80      -4           4         1        4      15
      Trading Post            160      -2           4         1        4      24
      Urchin Collector         50     -15           1         2        4      10
      Wall                      3       0           0         0        0       0
      Wheat Farm               36      -3           1         1        3      10
      Wine Vendor              16       0           0         0        0       4
      Winery                   72       4           1        -1        4      12
      Hero (Normal)
      Structure               Cost            Desirability                  Workers
                                     Initial      Step      Size     Range
      Agora Large              100     12           2        -2        6       0
      Agora Small               50     12           2        -2        6       0
      Armory                    85     -8           1         1        4      18
      Arms Vendor               20      0           0         0        0       4
      Artisans Guild            75     -6           2         1        3      25
      Avenue                    20      3           1        -1        3       0
      Bench                     12      2           2        -1        4       0
      Boulevard                 30      3           2        -2        4       0
      Bridge                    15      0           0         0        0       0
      Carding Shed              35     -5           1         2        3       8
      Carrot Farm               45     -2           1         1        2      10
      College                   65     -5           1        -3        2      12
      Column                    12      4           1        -2        3       0
      Dairy                     35     -5           1         2        3       8
      Dock                     200     -2           4         1        4      24
      Drama School              35      0           0         0        0      10
      Fish Pond                125     18           1        -3        6       0
      Fishing Wharf             65    -15           1         2        4      10
      Fleece Vendor             20      0           0         0        0       4
      Flower Garden             40      8           1        -1        3       0
      Food Vendor               20      0           0         0        0       4
      Foundry                  120    -10           1         1        6      15
      Fountain                  35      4           2        -2        4       4
      Gardens                   12      3           1        -1        3       0
      Gatehouse                 80      0           0         0        0       0
      Goat                       8      0           0         0        0       0
      Granary                  100    -12           1         2        4      18
      Grapevine                  6      1           1        -1        1       0
      Growers Lodge             50     -3           1         1        2      12
      Guardpost                 40     -2           1         1        2       6
      Gymnasium                 75      0           0         0        0       7
      Hedge Maze                85     12           1        -1        4       0
      Heros Hall                 0     15           2        -2        6       0
      Horse Ranch              200    -10           1         1        4      15
      Horse Trainer             20      0           0         0        0       4
      Hunting Lodge             40     -6           2        -2        4       8
      Infirmary                 70     -2           4         0        4      11
      Marble Quarry            150     -6           1         1        4      15
      Mint                     200    -10           2         2        6      15
      Monument                   0     30           2        -5        6       0
      Oil Press                 90     -4           2         2        4      12
      Oil Vendor                20      0           0         0        0       4
      Olive Tree                 6      1           1        -1        1       0
      Onion Farm                45     -4           2         1        3      10
      Palace                   250     18           3        -3        6       0
      Podium                    30      3           1        -1        3       4
      Road                       3      0           0         0        0       0
      Sanctuary to Aphrodite   720     20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Apollo      920     20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Ares        960     20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Artemis    1520     20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Athena     2160     20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Demeter     840     20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Dionysus    400     20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Hades      1320     20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Hephaestus  760     20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Hermes      640     20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Poseidon   2480     20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Zeus       2920     20           1        -2        6      75
      Sculpture Studio         200     -2           1         1        2      18
      Sheep                      8      0           0         0        0       0
      Stadium                  400      0           0         0        0      45
      Storehouse                50     -2           4         1        4      12
      Supervisor's Office       20      0           0         0        0       5
      Tax Office                50     -4           1         1        2       8
      Theatre                  120      6           1        -1        3      18
      Timber Mill               75     -5           1         1        4      12
      Trireme Wharf            150    -12           2         2        4     100
      Tower                    100     -4           4         1        4      15
      Trading Post             200     -2           4         1        4      24
      Urchin Collector          65    -15           1         2        4      10
      Wall                       5      0           0         0        0       0
      Wheat Farm                45     -3           1         1        3      10
      Wine Vendor               20      0           0         0        0       4
      Winery                    90      4           1        -1        4      12
      Titan (Hard)
      Structure               Cost            Desirability                  Workers
                                     Initial      Step      Size     Range
      Agora Large             120      12           2        -2        6       0
      Agora Small              60      12           2        -2        6       0
      Armory                  100      -8           1         1        4      18
      Arms Vendor              24       0           0         0        0       4
      Artisans Guild           90      -6           2         1        3      25
      Avenue                   25       3           1        -1        3       0
      Bench                    15       2           2        -1        4       0
      Boulevard                36       3           2        -2        4       0
      Bridge                   16       0           0         0        0       0
      Carding Shed             42      -5           1         2        3       8
      Carrot Farm              55      -2           1         1        2      10
      College                  75      -5           1        -3        2      12
      Column                   15       4           1        -2        3       0
      Dairy                    42      -5           1         2        3       8
      Dock                    240      -2           4         1        4      24
      Drama School             42       0           0         0        0      10
      Fish Pond               145      18           1        -3        6       0
      Fishing Wharf            76     -15           1         2        4      10
      Fleece Vendor            24       0           0         0        0       4
      Flower Garden            50       8           1        -1        3       0
      Food Vendor              24       0           0         0        0       4
      Foundry                 120     -10           1         1        6      15
      Fountain                 42       4           2        -2        4       4
      Gardens                  15       3           1        -1        3       0
      Gatehouse               100       0           0         0        0       0
      Gazebo                   50       8           1        -1        3       0
      Goat                     10       0           0         0        0       0
      Granary                 120     -12           1         2        4      18
      Grapevine                 7       1           1        -1        1       0
      Growers Lodge            63      -3           1         1        2      12
      Guardpost                48      -2           1         1        2       6
      Gymnasium                90       0           0         0        0       7
      Hedge Maze              105      12           1        -1        4       0
      Heros Hall                0      15           2        -2        6       0
      Horse Ranch             240     -10           1         1        4      15
      Horse Trainer            24       0           0         0        0       4
      Hunting Lodge            50      -6           2        -2        4       8
      Infirmary                85      -2           4         0        4      11
      Marble Quarry           180      -6           1         1        4      15
      Mint                    240     -10           2         2        6      15
      Monument                  0      30           2        -5        6       0
      Oil Press               105      -4           2         2        4      12
      Oil Vendor               24       0           0         0        0       4
      Olive Tree                7       1           1        -1        1       0
      Onion Farm               55      -4           2         1        3      10
      Palace                  300      18           3        -3        6       0
      Podium                   35       3           1        -1        3       4
      Road                      4       0           0         0        0       0
      Sanctuary to Aphrodite  720      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Apollo     920      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Ares       960      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Artemis   1520      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Athena    2160      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Demeter    840      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Dionysus   400      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Hades     1320      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Hephaestus 760      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Hermes     640      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Poseidon   840      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Zeus      2920      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sculpture Studio        240      -2           1         1        2      18
      Sheep                    10       0           0         0        0       0
      Stadium                 500       0           0         0        0      45
      Storehouse               60      -2           4         1        4      12
      Supervisor's Office      24       0           0         0        0       5
      Tax Office               60      -4           1         1        2       8
      Theatre                 145       6           1        -1        3      18
      Timber Mill              90      -5           1         1        4      12
      Trireme Wharf           200     -12           2         2        4     100
      Tower                   120      -4           4         1        4      15
      Trading Post            240      -2           4         1        4      24
      Urchin Collector         76     -15           1         2        4      10
      Wall                      6       0           0         0        0       0
      Wheat Farm               55      -3           1         1        3      10
      Wine Vendor              24       0           0         0        0       4
      Winery                  105       4           1        -1        4      12
      Olympian (Very Hard)
      Structure               Cost            Desirability                  Workers
                                     Initial      Step      Size     Range
      Agora Large             150      12           2        -2        6       0
      Agora Small              75      12           2        -2        6       0
      Armory                  125      -8           1         1        4      18
      Arms Vendor              30       0           0         0        0       4
      Artisans Guild          125      -6           2         1        3      25
      Avenue                   30       3           1        -1        3       0
      Bench                    20       2           2        -1        4       0
      Boulevard                45       3           2        -2        4       0
      Bridge                   20       0           0         0        0       0
      Carding Shed             50      -5           1         2        3       8
      Carrot Farm              65      -2           1         1        2      10
      College                 100      -5           1        -3        2      12
      Column                   20       4           1        -2        3       0
      Dairy                    50      -5           1         2        3       8
      Dock                    300      -2           4         1        4      24
      Drama School             50       0           0         0        0      10
      Fish Pond               185      18           1        -3        6       0
      Fishing Wharf           100     -15           1         2        4      10
      Fleece Vendor            30       0           0         0        0       4
      Flower Garden            60       8           1        -1        3       0
      Food Vendor              30       0           0         0        0       4
      Foundry                 180     -10           1         1        6      15
      Fountain                 50       4           2        -2        4       4
      Gardens                  20       3           1        -1        3       0
      Gatehouse               120       0           0         0        0       0
      Gazebo                   60       8           1        -1        3       0
      Goat                     15       0           0         0        0       0
      Granary                 150     -12           1         2        4      18
      Grapevine                10       1           1        -1        1       0
      Growers Lodge            75      -3           1         1        2      12
      Guardpost                60      -2           1         1        2       6
      Gymnasium               120       0           0         0        0       7
      Hedge Maze              125      12           1        -1        4       0
      Heros Hall                0      15           2        -2        6       0
      Horse Ranch             300     -10           1         1        4      15
      Horse Trainer            30       0           0         0        0       4
      Hunting Lodge            60      -6           2        -2        4       8
      Infirmary               105      -2           4         0        4      11
      Marble Quarry           225      -6           1         1        4      15
      Mint                    300     -10           2         2        6      15
      Monument                  0      30           2        -5        6       0
      Oil Press               135      -4           2         2        4      12
      Oil Vendor               30       0           0         0        0       4
      Olive Tree               10       1           1        -1        1       0
      Onion Farm               65      -4           2         1        3      10
      Palace                  400      18           3        -3        6       0
      Podium                   45       3           1        -1        3       4
      Road                      5       0           0         0        0       0
      Sanctuary to Aphrodite  720      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Apollo     920      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Ares       960      20           1        -2        6      50
      Sanctuary to Artemis   1520      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Athena    2160      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Demeter    840      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Dionysus   400      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Hades     1320      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Hephaestus 760      20           1        -2        6      60
      Sanctuary to Hermes     640      20           1        -2        6      45
      Sanctuary to Poseidon  2480      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sanctuary to Zeus      2920      20           1        -2        6      75
      Sculpture Studio        300      -2           1         1        2      18
      Sheep                    15       0           0         0        0       0
      Stadium                 600       0           0         0        0      45
      Storehouse               75      -2           4         1        4      12
      Supervisor's Office      30       0           0         0        0       5
      Tax Office               75      -4           1         1        2       8
      Theatre                 180       6           1        -1        3      18
      Timber Mill             125      -5           1         1        4      12
      Trireme Wharf           225     -12           2         2        4     100
      Tower                   150      -4           4         1        4      15
      Trading Post            300      -2           4         1        4      24
      Urchin Collector        100     -15           1         2        4      10
      Wall                      8       0           0         0        0       0
      Wheat Farm               65      -3           1         1        3      10
      Wine Vendor              30       0           0         0        0       4
      Winery                  135       4           1        -1        4      12
      Explaination of Desirability Terms
      Most structures in the game influence the squares surrounding them.  This
      influence is called desirability and can be either negative or positive.
      Desirability is greatest or least in the squares immediately adjacent to the
      structure in question.  This initial desirabilty is shown in the column
      labeled "initial".  Let's take the last sturcture in the above chart, the
      Winery. It's initial desirability is +4.  Every structure placed next to it
      will have it's desirability increased.
      The influence that a structure has on it's neighbors increases, or decreases 
      over distance.  The Winery's influence on squares immediately adjacent
      decrease from +4 to some smaller number at some distance away from the
      winery.  That distamce is called a step and are reflected in the column
      labled step.  In the case of the Winery, the step is 1.  The winery will have
      the greatest influence on the squares next to it. One square, or step, away, 
      that influence will decrease somewhat.  Two squares, or steps, away it will
      decrease even further, etc.              .
      The amount of desirability that will be lost, or gained, over each step is 
      called the step size.  In the case of our winery, the step size is -1. It will
      influence it's neighboring squares as follows:
                Winery - [+4] [+3] [+2] [+1]
      At some point the winery will cease to influence its neighbors.  The distance 
      between that point, and the winery is called the range.  Ranges are shown in 
      the column labled for some reason, range.
                               Housing Data Model Sheets
        As with Pharaoh, Zeus has several levels of housing.  Each type of
        housing requires something extra as you proceed up the "Evolution of
        Housing Ladder."  Below are basic charts to show this.
        Note: As with the Non-Housing charts (above), the statistics will
        vary according to Difficulty Level.
          NOTE: I have not included any statistics from the expansion pack,
      Beginner (Very Easy)
     Name       A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q
     Hut      -99  -10   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   8   1  20
     Shack    -12    0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   3  16   1  15
     Hovel     -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   2  24   1  15
     Homestead -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  32   2  10
     Tenement   5   20  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  40   2  10
     Apartment 15   30  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  48   2   5
     Townhouse 25  100  45   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  60   2   5
     Residence 36   50  40   0   0   1   0   1   1   1   0   0   2 -20   6  22   0
     Mansion   46   60  50   0  20   2   0   1   1   1   0   1   2 -20  10  22   0
     Manor     56   70  60   0  25   4   0   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  16  22   0
     Estate    66  100  70   0  20   4   1   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  20  22   0
      Mortal (Easy)
     Name       A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q
     Hut      -99  -10   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   8   1  20
     Shack    -12    0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   3  16   1  15
     Hovel     -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   2  24   1  15
     Homestead -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  32   2  10
     Tenement   5   20  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  40   2  10
     Apartment 15   30  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  48   2   5
     Townhouse 25  100  45   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  60   2   5
     Residence 42   56  50   0   0   1   0   1   1   1   0   0   2 -20   6  18   0
     Mansion   52   66  60   0  20   2   0   1   1   1   0   1   2 -20  10  18   0
     Manor     62   76  70   0  25   4   0   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  16  18   0
     Estate    72  100  80   0  20   4   1   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  20  18   0
      Hero (Normal)
     Name       A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q
     Hut      -99  -10   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   8   1  20
     Shack    -12    0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   3  16   1  15
     Hovel     -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   2  24   1  15
     Homestead -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  32   2  10
     Tenement   5   20  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  40   2  10
     Apartment 15   30  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  48   2   5
     Townhouse 25  100  45   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  60   2   5
     Residence 46   60  50   0   0   1   0   1   1   1   0   0   2 -20   6  16   0
     Mansion   56   70  60   0  20   2   0   1   1   1   0   1   2 -20  10  16   0
     Manor     66   80  70   0  25   4   0   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  16  16   0
     Estate    76  100  80   0  20   4   1   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  20  16   0
      Titan (Hard)
     Name       A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q
     Hut      -99  -10   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   8   1  25
     Shack    -12    0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   3  16   1  25
     Hovel     -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   2  24   1  25
     Homestead -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  32   1  20
     Tenement   5   20  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  40   2  20
     Apartment 15   40  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  48   2  15
     Townhouse 35  100  45   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  60   2  15
     Residence 46   60  50   0   0   1   0   1   1   1   0   0   2 -20   6  14   5
     Mansion   56   70  60   0  20   2   0   1   1   1   0   1   2 -20  10  14   5
     Manor     66   80  70   0  25   4   0   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  16  14   5
     Estate    76  100  80   0  20   4   1   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  20  14   5
      Olympian (Very Hard)
     Name       A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q
     Hut      -99  -10   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   8   1  25
     Shack    -12    0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   3  16   1  25
     Hovel     -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   2  24   1  25
     Homestead -2   10  15   1  20   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  32   1  20
     Tenement   5   20  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   0   0   0   0   2  40   2  20
     Apartment 15   40  35   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  48   2  15
     Townhouse 35  100  45   1  25   0   0   1   1   1   0   0   0   2  60   2  15
     Residence 46   60  50   0   0   1   0   1   1   1   0   0   2 -20   6  14   5
     Mansion   56   70  60   0  20   2   0   1   1   1   0   1   2 -20  10  14   5
     Manor     66   80  70   0  25   4   0   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  16  14   5
     Estate    76  100  80   0  20   4   1   1   1   1   1   1   4 -20  20  14   5
                        A - Desirability Level at which the house will devolve
                        B - Desirability Level at which the house will evolve
                        C - Culture needed to evolve
                        D - Water needed to evolve
                        E - Percentage of population made soldiers
                        F - Maximum horse storage
                        G - Horses needed to evolve
                        H - Food needed to evolve
                        I - Fleece needed to evolve
                        J - Olive Oil needed to evolve
                        K - Wine needed to evolve
                        L - Armor needed to evolve
                        M - ??
                        N - Crime risk increment
                        O - Population Capacity
                        P - Tax rate multiplier
                        Q - Disease risk increment
                                Figure Data Model Sheets
      These can all be found at "Which Way To Troy?", which is located at:
                                   Poseidon Pyramids
     Name                           A             B            C             D
     Modest Pyramid                 24            8            0             0
     Pyramid                        75            18           8             0
     Great Pyramid                  173           31           16            0
     Majestic Pyramid               336           49           24            0
     Small Monument to the Sky      71            14           8             0
     Monument to the Sky            105           18           8             0
     Grand Monument to the Sky      231           33           16            0
     Minor Shrine                   16            4            0             1
     Shrine                         109           19           24            ??
     Major Shrine                   167           22           16            4
     Pyramid of Pantheon            190           25           16            14
     Altar of Olympus               233           33           16            0
     Temple of Olympus              153           27           22            0
     Observatory Kosmika            73            39           24            0
     Museum Atlantika               159           40           24            0
                                  A = Marble And/Or Black Marble
                                  B = Orichalc
                                  C = Wood
                                  D = Sculpture
                                    Hippodrome Data
                    Stades          Horses          Drachmas/month
                    4-10              4                   10
                    12-22             4                   20
                    24-34             8                   40
                    36-58             8                   60
                    60-98             12                  100
                    100-198           12                  200
                    200 & up          24                  500
        Hotkeys are designed to make ordinary operations of a game go faster and
        with less effort to the user.  You'll find the list of hotkeys below.
                      1               Population Tab
                      2               Husbandry Tab
                      3               Industry Tab
                      4               Distribution Tab
                      5               Health/Safety Tab
                      6               Administration Tab
                      7               Culture Tab
                      8               Mythology Tab
                      9               Military Tab
                      0               Aesthetics Tab
                      -               Overview Tab
                      Ctrl + (F1-F4)  Bookmark Location
                      F1 - F4         Go to Bookmark
                      F5              View Game in Windowed Mode
                      F6              Set resolution to 800x600
                      F7              Set resolution to 1024x768
                      Print Screen    Capture Screenshot
                      P               Pause Game
                      Space           Switch views
                      Home            Reorient city due North
                      PgUp            Rotate City Counterclockwise
                      PgDn            Rotate city Clockwise
                      Arrow Keys      Scroll Map
                      Alt-X           Exit Game
                      Tab             View Overview Map
                      ]               Increase game speed 10%
                      [               Decrease game speed 10%
                      Ctrl + (1-5)    While a company is selected, set a hot key
                                      for the company.
                      Alt + (1-5)     Select a company that was previously set 
                                      using Ctrl - (1-5)
      How to Cheat.
      To bring up the cheat dialog box, press CTRL+ALT+C.  Then, type in the cheat
      exactly as it appears.  The cheats are case sensitive, and make sure to spell
      everything correctly (pharaoh is a tricky word, we know). Also, some cheats 
      can only be used in certain situations, as noted. We highly recommend
      saving your game before using any cheat codes. There is a slight chance that
      something funky (and unintended) could happen when you use a cheat.
      Cheat code          What does it do?
      Ambrosia            Victory: next month you go to the next episode
      Bowvine and Arrow   Towers shoot cows instead of arrows
      Cheese Puff         Diary workers will dance in cheese suits
      Delian Treasury     Add an extra 1000 Drachmas to your books (up to 15,000 dr)
      Fireballs from Heaven    Click somewhere and a fireball will come from
                               heaven to destroy everything on that tile
             Poseidon Only
      Mammaldrome         The horses running in a completed hippodrome change 
                          into a boar, a bull, a wolf and a deer, including 
                          sound effects
                            Zeus Manual Updates/Game Issues
                       [This information is from the Readme file.]
        Additional Hotkeys (see Appendix 2 of the manual):
        [              Decrease game speed by 10%
        ]              Increase game speed by 10%
        Ctrl + (1-5)   While a company is selected, set a hot key for the company.
        Alt + (1-5)    Select a company that was previously set using Ctrl - (1-5)
        On Storage building info panels, you can set ALL items to "don't accept" 
        by clicking on the small 'X' button.  Each item can still be adjusted 
        individually after this.
        If you have multiple military companies selected, holding SHIFT down and 
        clicking on a company's standard, or its name on the control panel, will 
        deselect that company. You can add companies to your selection by holding 
        down SHIFT and clicking on the additional company's standards.
        Zeus supports the use of a wheel mouse. The mouse wheel can be used to 
        scroll text or to navigate between the control panel tabs.
        On rare occasions you may find soldiers standing around the Palace, while 
        their standard is on the Palace. The soldiers won't go anywhere, and may 
        appear to be stuck. To send the soldiers home, left click on the soldiers 
        to select them, left click on clear ground to place the standard, muster 
        the company, and then send the company home. The company will now behave 
        Zeus has limits on how many buildings, walkers and walker routes it can 
        handle.  Though these limits are quite high, you might reach them if you 
        build a city of 35,000 or more people.  If you do see this message, your 
        only recourse is to resculpt your city for greater efficiency.  Even 
        higher populations are possible if you build very efficiently.
                                    Technical Issues
         Minimum system requirements
         Pentium 166 MHz
         32 MB RAM
         Windows 95/98.ME/2000*
         410 Mb Minimum Install size
         100 Mb Swap file on your Windows drive.
         4X CD-ROM
         Video card with at least 2 Mb of Memory capable of 800x600 resolution
         at 16 bit (High color) color depth.
         DirectX 7.0 or higher
           The Zeus installer will install DirectX 7.0 if necessary.
           To reinstall, run \DIRECTX\Dxsetup.exe from the Zeus CD.
         * - Local Administrator Access required for Windows 2000
         How to Determine Your Hardware System Specs for Updating Drivers:
         First, click on My Computer -- Control Panel - System. A window with
         4 tabs along the top will show up. The first tab, or General Tab,
         will list the Operating System, Computer Manufacturer, CPU make/speed,
         and Amount of RAM.
         The second tab, or Device Manager, has a list of all the different
         types of hardware contained inside your computer. The most important
         hardware to get driver and manufacturer information about are the
         CD-ROM(s), Video Card (under "Display Adapters) and Sound Card
         (under "Sound, Video and Game Controllers"). To get specific device
         information, click on the (+) sign in front of the hardware type
         (such as CD-ROM), and list of those types of hardware will appear.
         Next, click on the specific hardware name, and click on the
         "Properties" button at the bottom of the window.
         The "Properties" window will have 3 to 5 tabs along the top, depending
         on the type of hardware. The general tab will list the make/model of
         the hardware. The driver tab will list the driver version currently
         installed and the provider of that driver. For CD-ROMs, the settings
         tab will show the firmware version. These are the main pieces of
         information you'll need to find updated drivers for your hardware.
         When you know the make/model and driver version currently installed
         for a piece of your hardware, then go to our Driver and Firmware
         Resource Page, and search for the manufacturer support sites for the
         specific piece of hardware you're looking to update.
         Problem: Installation wizard setup reaches 100%, but nothing happens
         thereafter and the game is never actually installed.
         Answer: The installation wizard extracts all of the files that your
         computer needs to start the installation process into your Windows
         Temp folder. This folder can accumulate a lot of junk files left
         behind by other programs. If you haven't emptied the Windows temp
         folder in awhile, the clutter can contribute to the failure of the
         install process to initialize. Delete all of the files within the
         Windows temp folder, and then run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter on
         the hard drive upon which the folder is located (Usually the
         c: drive).
         If the system still hangs after the installation wizard reaches 100%,
         let it sit for 10-15 minutes and the installation process will
         eventually kick in. This is especially true with lower-end systems.
         If the system still hangs, locks up or freezes, and the installation
         process still fails to initialize, make sure you have the latest
         video, audio, and CD-ROM drivers for your system.
         Problem: Zeus stops installing before reaching 100%.
         Answer: There are several reasons why this may happen, all involving
         either a failure to read data from the CD or to write it to your
         hard drive.
         1. Many CD-ROMs, CD-Recorders, and CD-ReWritable drives have flash
         upgrades that address this issue. Check on your drive manufacturer's
         website to see if an update is available.
         NOTE: Please be very careful when flashing your drive's BIOS. Improper
         flashing may render your drive inoperable. Read and follow the
         instructions provided by your drive's manufacturer. These instructions
         are typically on the same page as the driver download and/or are
         included with the downloadable file.
         2. A "move data process" error means that the transfer of information
         from CD to hard drive has encountered either a physical defect and/or
         a smudge that keeps your computer from reading or writing data; this
         is especially likely if the installer chokes on the same file during
         repeated attempts. Check the CD for visible defects and/or smudges,
         and replace it if appropriate.
         3. Run Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter on your hard drive to make sure
         Zeus isn't installing to a corrupted part of your hard drive.
         4. It's possible that you've run out of disk space on your hard drive.
         Remove any files and programs you no longer use, and try installing
         Problem: During the installation of Poseidon, after the installation
         reaches 100%, the install hangs on a splash screen and doesn't
         Answer: Some CD-ROMs take awhile in between completing the
         installation of the game files and completing the InstallShield
         process. Give it time, and after a few minutes the installation
         will commence as it should.
         Problem: Zeus goes through the loading screens (Teasing Monsters,
         etc.), but then the screen turns black with the mouse still visible
         and music playing in the background.
         Answer: This is most likely solvable through a video driver update,
         especially with ATI brand video cards and graphics chips. If you
         have an ATI video card, go to the manufacturers web page at
         www.ati.com. If you have a name brand system with an ATI video
         chip on the motherboard (such as Dell, Gateway, Compaq etc.),
         go to the support site for your PC manufacturer for
         system-specific driver upgrades.
         Problem: Zeus crashes to the desktop after going through the loading
         screens (Teasing Monsters, etc.)
         Answer: First, delete or rename the "binks" folder in Zeus' root
         directory. Then start Zeus, and eject the Zeus CD while it's going
         through the loading screens (on Full Install only). This is after
         the CD passes the copy protection check, so on a full install there
         is no longer a need for the CD to be in the drive after loading has
         initialized. These steps will make the startup process skip the
         intro movie, and start right at the "Play Zeus" screen.
         Problem: In Windows 2000, the following message appears when Zeus
         is started: "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk
         into the drive."
         Answer: Zeus needs local administrator access to run under Windows
         2000. Log in with administrator access and start Zeus.
         Problem: Autorun screen displays "Install" button and grays out
         "play" button when game is already installed.
         Answer: Try starting Zeus from an explorer window (by clicking on
         the CD drive the disk is in) or by the start menu
         (Start >Programs > Impressions Games > Zeus). It also may be
         possible that the initial Zeus install was incomplete. In this
         case, you'll need to uninstall Zeus and reinstall it again. Make
         sure to reboot your computer before trying to run the game after
         the installation process is done.
         Problem: Cannot start Zeus
         Answer: You may need to upgrade the driver software or firmware to
         keep your CD/DVD-ROM compatible with new technologies like SecurROM
         and DirectX. Visit your CD/DVD-ROM manufacturer's website to see if
         any updated firmware or updated drivers are available.
         (NOTE: Some CD-ROM drive manufacturers stop supporting their
         products through firmware and driver updates. Older drives that
         can't be updated might be unable to read past the copy protection
         on Zeus. If you have the latest upgrades and you still can't start
         the game, it's possible that your CD-ROM drive is incompatible
         with SecuROM. If this is so, the only solution may be a new CD-ROM
         drive. Consult the back of the Zeus manual for Sierra's NO-RISK
         GUARANTEE (in North America), which ensures 100% refund on Zeus
         if you are not satisfied with it.)
         Problem: Zeus was working fine before with DirectX 7.0/7.0a, but
         stopped working correctly since I upgraded to DirectX 8.0.
         Answer: Make sure you reinstall all of your video, sound, motherboard
         BIOS and CD-ROM drivers. Reinstalling drivers is often necessary
         after upgrading to a newer version of DirectX.
         Problem: Systems using monitoring programs (such as McAfee First
         Aid, Norton Crash Guard, Oil Change, Guard Dog and The Help Spot)
         may experience problems running or starting Zeus.
         Answer: Disable or, if necessary, uninstall the conflicting
         application. Consult the manual of any monitoring program for
         instructions on disabling that program.
         Problem: Cannot start Zeus and I have a Creative Labs CDRW drive.
         Answer: Many Creative CDRW drives ship with the Prassi aBcD CDRW
         software. This software (especially the OEM versions that shipped
         with older Creative CDRW drives) has a known conflict with the
         SecuROM copy protection on the Zeus disk. Uninstalling the Prassi
         aBcD CDRW software should allow the game to run properly.
         General Steps to solve CD-ROM related problems
         The following steps can increase CD-ROM and general system
         1. Check the CD-ROM disk for smudges or scratches. Clean the CD
         with a CD-ROM cleaning kit, or gently wipe the silver side of
         the CD-ROM with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Do not use paper
         cloth which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks. When you
         clean the CD-ROM, wipe from the center of the disc outward. Do
         not use a circular motion. If the issue continues, clean the
         CD-ROM with a damp cloth or a commercial CD cleaning solution.
         Dry the CD-ROM thoroughly before you insert it into the CD-ROM
         2. Clean the CD-ROM drive using a CD-ROM drive cleaning disc.
         CD-ROM drive cleaning discs are available in most computer
         3. Make sure that you are using protected mode (32-bit) drivers
         for your CD-ROM drive. To do this:
           Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
           Select the Performance Tab, and then confirm that the File System
           entry is 32-bit.
         If the File System entry says 'Some drives are using MS-DOS
         compatibility', you may be using real mode (16-bit) CD-ROM drivers.
         If this is the case, your computer may not be able to read certain
         files on the CD-ROM. Contact the manufacturer of your CD-ROM drive
         to obtain an updated, protected mode driver for your CD-ROM drive.
         4. Next, try reducing the CD ROM drive caching. To do so:
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         On the Performance tab, click File System.
         On the CD-ROM tab, move the Supplemental Cache Size slider to the
         Small position.
         In the Optimize Access Pattern For box, click No Read-Ahead.
         Click OK, and then click Close.
         When you are prompted to restart your computer, click Yes.
         5. Disable Auto-Insert notification
         NOTE: If you disable Auto-Insert Notification, your programs can no
         longer start automatically when the CD is inserted into you CD-ROM
         To disable Auto-Insert Notification:
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         On the Device Manager tab, click the PLUS SIGN (+) next to CDROM to
         expand the branch.
         Click your CD-ROM drive, and then click Properties.
         On the Settings tab, click to clear the Auto Insert Notification
         check box. Re-checking this box will activate it again.
         Click OK, and then click OK again.
         Close Control Panel, and then restart the computer.
         6. Enable Data Sync Transfer
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Select device manager and double-click CD-ROM.
         Select your CD-ROM drive and click on Properties.
         Click on the Settings tab.
         Click on the box next to Data Sync Transfer so that a check mark
         appears next to it.
         Click ok/close and restart the computer.
         7. Enable/Disable DMA.
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Select device manager and double-click CD-ROM.
         Select your CD-ROM drive and click on Properties.
         Click on the Settings tab.
         Try checking or un-checking DMA (select the opposite state of whatever
         your computer is using now).
         Click ok/close until the system properties Windows are all closed.
         *Note: Some drives require DMA to be enabled. If your CD-ROM drive has
         problems after disabling DMA, then recheck the DMA option and reboot
         your computer.
         8. Remove Duplicate CD-ROM Drives. Remove any duplicate CD-ROM drives
         being loaded by Windows. To do this:
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         On the Device Manager tab, click View Devices By Type.
         Double-click the CDROM branch to expand it.
         Note the properties for each device listed in the branch. To do this:
         Click a device, and then click Properties.
         Click each tab in the device properties dialog box, and then record the
         device information and settings on a piece of paper Click OK.
         Click OK, and then close Control Panel.
         Restart Windows in Safe mode. To do this, use the appropriate method
         for your version of Microsoft Windows.
         Windows 95
         Restart the computer. When you see the "Starting Windows 95" message,
         press the F8 key, and then select Safe Mode on the Startup menu.
         Windows 98
         Restart your computer, press and hold down the CTRL key when your
         computer completes the Power On Self Test, and then select Safe Mode
         on the Startup menu.
         Windows 2000
         Restart the computer. When you see the "For troubleshooting and advanced
         startup options for Windows 2000, press F8" message, press the F8 key,
         and then select Safe Mode on the Startup menu.
         Windows Me
         Restart the computer. When you see the third DOS screen (the one that
         lists your system specs) , press the F8 key, and then select Safe Mode
         on the Startup menu.
         After Windows starts in Safe mode,
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         On the Device Manager tab, click View Devices By Type.
         Double-click the CD-ROM branch to expand it.
         Verify that there are no changes in the list of devices in the branch.
         If you see a device that is not in the list of devices you noted
         earlier, click the new device, and then click Remove. Repeat this
         step for each device in the branch that is not in the list of devices
         you noted earlier.
         NOTE: If you see new copies of a device that is in the list of devices
         you noted earlier, check the properties of each copy of the device. If
         the properties for the device match the properties you recorded, keep
         the device. If the properties for the device do not match the
         properties you recorded, remove the device.
         When you are done, click OK and restart the computer.
         9. Run ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter.
         Both programs can be found in your Windows Start Menu under
         Accessories - System Tools. Make sure to run both programs on the
         drive that Zeus is installed on (usually the c: drive). It's a good
         idea to run both of these tools on all of your hard drives
         10. Check the Virtual Memory settings.
         System performance can be improved by setting Virtual Memory to have
         the same Min and Max values, related to your system RAM. This
         prevents Windows from constantly resizing your computer's swap file
         according to moment-by-moment needs, and thus interfering with the
         retrieval of data from the hard drive.
         Windows 95/98
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Click on the Performance Tab.
         Click on Virtual Memory button.
         Put a check in the "Let me specify my own Virtual Memory settings"
         Set the minimum amount to the following, depending on how much Ram
         you have in your computer (Usually a bit more than double your
         normal RAM on your system for the minimum, while leaving the maximum
         value undefined):
         1.32 Ram ..........Min 100 Max (undefined).
         2.64 Ram...........Min 150 Max (undefined)
         3.128 Ram.........Min 300 Max (undefined)
         4.196 Ram.........Min 400 Max (undefined) and so on
         Reboot your computer.
         Windows 2000
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Left click on the "Advanced" tab
         Left click on the "Performance Options..." button to get to the
         "Performance Options" screen
         Left click on the "Change..." button to get to the "Virtual
         Memory" screen.
         Set the minimum and maximum amounts to about the following depending
         on how much RAM you have in your computer (Usually a bit more than
         double your normal RAM on your system, and about 1 ½ to 3 times the
         minimum for the maximum up to 600mb):
         1.32 Ram ..........Min 100 Max 400
         2.64 Ram...........Min 150 Max 450
         3.128 Ram.........Min 300 Max 500
         4.196 Ram.........Min 400 Max 600 and so on (exact amounts shown are
         not necessary).
         Left click on the "Set" button to apply the changes.
         Reboot your computer.
         Windows NT (* Although Zeus will run on NT, it is not supported.)
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Left click on the "Performance Options..." button to get to the
         "Performance Options" screen
         Left click on the "Change..." button to get to the "Virtual
         Memory" screen.
         Set the minimum and maximum amounts to about the following depending
         on how much RAM you have in your computer (Usually a bit more than
         double your normal RAM on your system, and about 1 ½ to 3 times the
         minimum for the maximum up to 600mb):
         1.32 Ram ..........Min 100 Max 400
         2.64 Ram...........Min 150 Max 450
         3.128 Ram.........Min 300 Max 500
         4.196 Ram.........Min 400 Max 600 and so on (exact amounts shown are
         not necessary).
         Left click on the "Set" button to apply the changes.
         Reboot your computer.
         11. Remove DVD or Digital Audio Software
         Digital Audio Extraction software and/or DVD movie players can affect
         the normal operation of your CD-ROM drive. If you have either
         installed, you may wish to uninstall them. Be sure you have backups
         of these programs so that you can reinstall them in the future.
         Problem: Zeus crashes immediately after starting the program.
         Answer: This is likely due to a system conflict of some sort, usually
         outdated drivers.
         Problem: Zeus crashes after you've been playing the game for awhile.
         Answer: Be sure to exit all programs (except for Explorer & Systray)
         before starting Zeus, defragment your hard drive, and make sure you
         have at least 100Mb of hard-drive space free on your Windows swap
         file drive (usually the C: drive). (To exit other programs,
         simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys ONCE ONLY. You'll
         see a list of all the programs that are presently running on your
         computer. Select each one except Explorer and Systray, and click End
         Task.) A variety of system-specific problems can also cause Zeus to
         crash or exit to the desktop.
         Problem: Zeus crashes, freezes, or has other problems AND your
         operation system is Windows ME.
         Answer: Certain combinations of Windows ME, new video cards, and
         new motherboards can result in random crashes or lockups. This is
         a somewhat unavoidable effect of using very new hardware with a
         new operating system, because the new Windows ME system, the new
         video card drivers, the new motherboard drivers and BIOS, and
         DirectX 7.0/8.0 are not fully compatible. Fully solving this
         problem depends on updates to Windows ME, or obtaining newer
         drivers from the hardware manufactures. Known workarounds
         include: Using Windows98se instead of Windows ME, turning down
         video Hardware Acceleration, turning sound Hardware
         Acceleration down or off.
         Problem: The game seems to run slowly, or even stops occasionally.
         Answer: There are quite a few reasons why this may happen. Try the
          - Zeus automatically saves the game at the end of June and
            December. Turn off AutoSave from the game's Options menu
            if desired.
          - Try using a full install of the game. Accessing the CD-ROM
            (especially older models) for files can cause slowdowns.
          - Update CD-ROM drivers to the latest version.
          - Look for general system problems using the General Troubleshooting
            Guide section of this document.
          - Lower your game resolution setting (this can be done within Zeus,
            in the Display Options menu under Options).
          - Turn your music or ambient sounds off (this can be done in the
            Sound Options menu under Options).
          - Defragment your hard drive; this always boosts your computer
            performance. Your Disk Defragmenter can be found in your Windows
            Start Menu under Accessories/System Tool.
          - Do NOT run any other program in the background (except Explorer
            & Systray). If, for example, you run a mail program, the game
            will slow down or freeze every time it checks for new mail. The
            same is true of instant messaging programs like ICQ, AOL, MSN,
            etc... Microsoft's FindFast program can intrude on hard drive
            operation for long periods of time, slowing your system
          - Having an antivirus program in your computer will slow down the
            CPU performance noticeably. Our games are virus-free so do not
            be afraid of disabling scanners when you playing and reactivating
            them afterwards. Consult your antivirus software's manual for
            instructions on activating and deactivating the program.
          - Set the game speed to 100% (this can be done in the Options menu
            under Speed Options).
          - If you run a low end machine, try disabling 3-D sounds, music,
            etc... That will free more CPU power to run the game itself (this
            can be done in the Options menu under Sound Options).
          - To play Zeus in Windowed mode, game performance is improved if
            your desktop color setting is set to High Color (16 bit) rather
            than True Color (32-bit). You can set your desktop color setting
            by selecting Display in your Control Panel (or by right clicking
            on your desktop), selecting the Settings tab and choosing the
            Colors menu.
         Problem: Sounds and/or videos are choppy or garbled.
         Answer: Here is how to troubleshoot sound problems.
         If you did less than a full install, some of your sound is being
         read from the CD. Make sure that you have the latest device drivers
         for your CD-ROM drive. Your sound problems might occur while the CD
         is spinning up to full speed, or your drive might have difficulty
         in accessing the proper tracks. If you have room, try a FULL
         install, which places all sound files on your hard drive.
         - If you did a FULL install, follow the recommendations in our
           General Troubleshooting Guide (abridged version here):
         - Update your sound card drivers. This is especially pertinent if
           you recently upgraded your version of DirectX. For good measure,
           update your video and CD drivers, too (Zeus uses DirectSound,
           which is part of Microsoft's DirectX. Reinstall DirectX, either
           from your Zeus CD or from Microsoft's website. Sound and video
           playback errors could also be a symptom of a general system
           problem, so refer to the General Troubleshooting Guide section of
           this document).
         - Close all programs other than Zeus, Explorer & Systray (especially
           any MP3 players such as Winamp or Realplayer).
         - Verify that you have at least 100 MB of free space on your Windows
           drive for the swap file.
         - Defrag the drive that contains Zeus and your swap file drive
           (probably C:\).
         - If none of that works for you, go into the game's Options/Sound
           menu and turn off either Music or City Sounds, or both. There have
           been reports of sound cards that cannot process both .wav and
           .MP3 files simultaneously; disabling city sounds may improve
           sound stability.
         Another tactic to try is to go to your
         Control Panel > Display > Settings, then click the Advanced button.
         Click the Performance tab, click on the Graphics button, and turn
         Hardware Acceleration down a notch or two.
         Is your hard drive is being accessed for no apparent reason when
         your sound goes flaky? That's Windows, resizing the swap file. You
         can avoid it by setting a minimum size for your swap file. If you
         have the disk space, define a swap file that's double your physical
         memory (that is, if you have 64 MB of RAM, define a 128 MB minimum
         swap file). Leave the maximum size undefined (don't fiddle with your
         virtual memory settings unless you're fairly comfortable playing
         with system settings).
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel.
         Click on the Performance Tab.
         Click on Virtual Memory button.
         Put a check in the "Let me specify my own Virtual Memory settings"
         If you experience sound stuttering or skipping, mostly when a god
         is appearing or speaking, try the following to minimize the
         problem: Make sure you have up-to-date drivers, and that you exit
         out of all programs before starting Zeus. If the problem persists,
         go to your root Zeus directory, and open Zeus.ini in a text
         editor. Add the following after the 'CPU=' line: "SoundFrags=48".
         This number may be increased up to 96 in order to improve sound
         performance. We suggest increasing it in increments of 16.
         Problem: Some computers using SoundBlaster PCI64, PCI128, SBLive!,
         Ensoniq or Yamaha sound cards may experience problems running Zeus.
         This includes sound problems and intermittent crashes.
         Answer: Disabling 3D sound avoids this problem. While playing Zeus,
         select "Sound Settings" from the Options menu and turn off 3D
         sounds. To solve the problem and run 3D sounds properly, you must
         have the latest sound card drivers. Visit your sound card
         manufacturer's web site for more information.
          - http://www.CreativeLabs.com (for SoundBlaster sound cards)
          - http://www.Ensoniq.com
          - http://www.Yamaha.com
         Problem: Why is Zeus playing the low-resolution intro video rather
         than the high-resolution video?
         Answer: Try the following:
         The high-resolution video requires a system that is faster than
         266 MHz to play well. The Zeus installer determines your system
         speed and installs the video that is appropriate to your system.
         If you want Zeus to use the higher resolution video, use a text
         editing program to edit the Zeus.ini CPU line to say "CPU=266".
         Problem: The video is playing poorly or slowly.
         Answer: Try the following:
         For the high-resolution video, you need a system that is faster
         than 266 MHz for the video to play well. If your system is near
         the cut off, doesn't have a lot of RAM, or has a non-Intel
         processor (Cyrix for example), then it may not be powerful enough
         to play the high resolution videos even if you have clock speed
         greater than 266Mhz. If you want Zeus to use the lower resolution
         video, edit your Zeus.ini CPU line to say "CPU=133".
         Problem: Why is Zeus running slower now after upgrading my video
         card to AGP?
         Answer: Many motherboard manufacturers have BIOS upgrades for
         their motherboards which address certain issues they seem to be
         having with Windows 98. Check your motherboard manufacturer's
         website for upgrades for BIOS, AGP, and any other relevant
         areas. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions very
         carefully when you update your BIOS. Always remember to check with
         your video card manufacturer's website for the latest drivers.
         After updating your video drivers reinstall the DirectX and reboot
         (Version 7.0 is available in the root directory of the Zeus disk.
         Version 8.0 is available Microsoft's DirectX download site:
         Problem: Recent Logitech wheel mouse drivers may prevent use of
         the mouse wheel.
         Answer: Logitech has a registry file available for download that
         allows gamers to use a Logitech wheel/roller mouse. Visit
         http://www.logitech.com/cf/support/mousefiles_pc.cfm for more
         Problem: Using animated mouse cursors can create cursor anomalies
         in Zeus.
         Answer: If you encounter problems like a flickering cursor or a
         block of graphical artifacts surrounding your cursor, restore your
         Windows mouse cursor to its default settings. Select Mouse in your
         Control Panel, select the Pointers tab and click the Use Default
         Problem: Cannot control the mouse while playing Zeus.
         Answer: Lack of mouse control is caused by having outdated mouse
         or video card drivers. It can also be caused by a faulty DirectX
         installation. The solution is to reinstall DirectX (Either from
         the root of the Zeus disk (v7.0), or on Microsoft's website at
         http://www.microsoft.com/directx/) and make sure you have the
         latest mouse and video card drivers.
         Problem: Cannot control the mouse while playing Zeus, and all
         drivers and DirectX are up to date.
         Answer: Lack of mouse control is caused by having outdated
         mouse or video card drivers. In this case, the most recent
         drivers from the hardware manufacturers are not yet compliant
         with DirectX 7 standards. The most notable example is systems
         with the Diamond Viper II Z200 video card. A reliable workaround
         for this is to turn down video Hardware Acceleration a notch or
         Open the Control Panel, and open the System Panel. On the
         Performance tab, click Graphics.
         In the Advanced Graphic Settings use slider to lower Hardware
         Click OK.
         Click OK, and then close Control Panel.
         Zeus was tested and proven to work on a wide variety of computer
         hardware and configurations. Many different types of errors can
         occur with Windows products, ranging from Windows errors (General
         Protection Faults and Illegal Operations) to product-specific
         errors/lockups with or without error messages (crashing, sound
         stuttering, choppy gameplay). The tips outlined below will
         resolve most of these issues:
         1) Run Scandisk to check your drive for errors. Defragment your
         drives that contain Windows and Zeus. ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter
         can be found in your Windows Start Menu under Accessories/System
         2) Update device drivers that are appropriate for whatever
         problems you are having (for example, if sounds are choppy,
         update sound card drivers). Get the current mouse, sound card,
         video card, or CD-ROM drivers from the device manufacturers.
         Also, check your motherboard manufacturer's website to see if
         there are any updates available (as Windows 98 & AGP issues are
         common and solved via motherboard BIOS and driver updates).
         3) Confirm that you are running DirectX 7.0 or higher. Try
         reinstalling DirectX (7.0 is available on the Zeus CD and
         8.0 is available from Microsoft's website).
         On the Zeus CD is a folder called DirectX. DirectX needs to be
         installed correctly as it helps to ensure all the hardware in
         your machine can "see" the software. To open, do the following:
         Click the Windows Start button and select Run
         In the field provided, type in the letter for your CD-ROM drive,
         followed by :\ (for example, D:\)
         Now, click Browse
         Open the DirectX folder by double clicking on it and run DXSetup.
         This will reinstall DirectX. After it has been reinstalled (from
         the Windows desktop):
         Double click on My Computer
         Double click on your hard drive
         Now, double click on Program Files
         Open up the DirectX folder by double-clicking on it, then open
         the Setup folder
         If you have DXDiag, run it. If not, run "DXSETUP"
         Go through all the test screens and make sure all drivers and
         devices are certified. If any are missing or are not certified,
         contact the manufacturer or vendor of the missing component (video
         card, sound card) and ask them to send you the latest DirectX
         compatible drivers (relevant to the missing component). They are
         free of charge.
         The latest version of DirectX (as of December 1, 2000 - DirectX
         8.0) is available from the Microsoft Website:
         If you do not have Internet access it is also available directly
         from Microsoft, or on the CDs that come with many of the monthly
         PC magazines.
         DirectX Diagnostic Tool / Update Drivers
         a) Make sure all drivers on the computer are DirectX compatible.
         To do this:
         Click on the Start button, go to Find, and select Files and
         Folders. In the NAMED dialogue box, type "dxdiag.exe". Within the
         LOOK IN dialogue box, ensure that the [C:] drive is selected and
         then click the FIND NOW button. After the file is found,
         double-click on the file name ("dxdiag.exe") displayed in the
         larger box that appears below. This should bring up a DirectX
         Diagnostic Tool Window. Click on each of the Display and Sound
         tabs and make sure all listed drivers are listed as Certified.
         This will be shown under the Drivers section on the upper
         right-hand side of each tab. Also, performance tests can be run
         on the drivers from the Display and Sound tabs. If any drivers
         are not certified or if there are any problems running the tests,
         contact the computer manufacturer to update the drivers.
         b) Regardless of the results, it may be beneficial to update the
         video and sound card drivers. The hardware manufacturer may have
         released newer drivers that improve performance and compatibility.
         In some cases, the actual install of the drivers may suffer from
         some form of corruption. To update the drivers, first, go to the
         system property window by right-clicking on the My Computer icon.
         Click on Properties, click on the Device Manager tab and click on
         the "+" symbol in front of display adapters (the video card should
         drop down) and the "+" symbol in front of sound, video and game
         controllers (the soundcard should drop down). After writing down
         the type and model of the card(s), contact the system vendor for
         recommendations as to where to go to obtain drivers for the
         card(s). Another option is to go to the card manufacturers'
         websites. To try to find their sites, use the following sites that
         have links to most card manufacturers' web sites:
         Next, go to the Drivers section of each of your card manufacturers'
         web sites. Then, download the most up-to-date drivers for your
         cards. Note: It is still a good idea to verify with the system
         vendor that the drivers you are trying to obtain are the best for
         the system. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the
         new drivers.
         4) Running other programs in the background while playing Zeus can
         frequently cause crashes. Close all other programs and TSR's other
         than Explorer and Systray. You may even want to reboot the system
         with a boot disk to eliminate memory-resident programs that may
         cause problems and reinstall the product.
         You can also edit your System configuration startup to make sure
         nothing extra is started on system boot.
          a. In the Start Menu, select Run.
          b. Type in 'msconfig' and run it.
          c. On the System Configuration Utility, select the Startup Tab.
          d. Uncheck everything except for (if present) ScanRegistry and
             SystemTray. You can return to your old settings later if you
             want by returning to this interface.
          e. Select OK and reboot your computer.
          f. Start Zeus after reboot.
         5) If you just installed new hardware, then the new hardware
         drivers are probably the problem. Reinstall DirectX, then make
         sure the drivers are up to date.
         6) Scan your system for viruses using current virus definition
         files (available from your Virus scanning software vendor.)
         7) File corruption is a common cause of game problems. To avoid it,
         use the following process to ensure a clean install:
          a) Uninstall any previous installation of Zeus from the hard drive.
             Use the Uninstall option accessed via the Start Menu path:
             Programs\Impressions Games\Zeus\Uninstall Zeus.
          b) Check for errors on the hard drive. From the Start Menu,
             choose Run, type in SCANDISK and press (Enter). Fix any errors
             that are found.
          c) Make sure that there is enough hard drive space (at least 100Mb
             of free space on your Windows drive for a swap file).
             Double-click on My Computer and right-click on the drive on
             which you're installing Zeus. Click on Properties and
             note the MB value for Free Space. If your hard drive is
             compressed with a program like DriveSpace, the listed available
             space will need to be approximately double the requirement
             stated in the Sierra product documentation. Compression
             techniques will not have much effect on many of the installed
          d) Reboot the system with your boot disk to eliminate
             memory-resident programs that may cause problems and reinstall
             the product.
         8) Check CD ROM cache size. When Windows '95 installs, it can
         incorrectly determine the speed of your CD ROM drive and allot
         an improper memory buffer for it. From the Start Menu:
         Go to Settings and then Control Panel.
         Choose System icon -> Performance tab. Click the File System
         button and then select the CD-ROM tab.
         Make sure that the Optimize Access Pattern For option is set
         properly for your drive.
         When done, click Apply, then OK and then Close.
         Restart your system
         If this doesn't help, try changing the Optimize Access Pattern
         For setting to No Read Ahead.
         Steps for users with Gateway 2000 systems
         1. Update your sound and video drivers. Consult
         http://www.gateway.com/support/index.shtml or visit the website
         of the hardware manufacturer.
         *NOTE* Users with the Creative PCI64 sound cards should download
         the latest PCI64 drivers from Creative Labs Support. See
         2. Uninstall the program called "the Help spot!"
         The application called the Help Spot! may cause CD read problems
         and you will need to uninstall the software to correct this.
         - Open My Computer
         - Open Control Panel
         - Click Add/Remove Programs
         - Select the Help Spot! software and choose Uninstall
         - When prompted to uninstall the Trial Version of Oil Change,
         choose "Yes".
         3. If you have the Creative PCI64 sound card, and have downloaded
         the latest drivers from Creative Labs, disable the Gameport/Joystick.
         To disable the Gameport/Joystick
         - Right Click on My Computer
         - Select Properties
         - Click on Device Manager Tab
         - Expand the Sound Video and Game controllers branch
         - Right click Game Port/Joystick and select Properties
         - Mark the checkbox "Disable in Active Profile"
         - Click on OK
         Steps for users with Lite-On CD drives
         The drivers supplied by the manufacturer are incompatible with
         Zeus. Use generic Windows drivers, rather than those provided
         from Lite-On. To change to generic Windows drivers:
         Right click My Computer
         Select Properties
         Select the Device Manager tab
         Click on the '+' next to the CD ROM icon
         Double click on the Lite-On drive
         Select the Drive tab
         Click on the Update Drive button
         Click the Next button
         Select the "Display a list of all drivers..." radio button
         Click the Next button
         Select the "Show all hardware" radio button
         Select "(Standard CD-Rom Device)"
         Select "(CD-Rom drive)"
         Click the Next button, and finish up the wizard
         On-Line Resources for Updating Drivers and Firmware
         The following section is a list of useful driver and firmware
         sites on the web where users can search for updates specific to
         their hardware. All links provided point users to
         manufacturer-supported sites, where users can find official
         manufacturer driver and firmware updates. Users, especially
         inexperienced ones, should carefully read through the
         download/installation instructions provided on each site and
         follow the upgrading procedures given for each driver and firmware
         download. All driver and firmware updates are done at the risk of
         the user. Contact the tech support people on each hardware
         manufacturer's site for help with installation procedure, specific
         driver information, or any general questions you may have
         regarding driver and firmware upgrades.
         1) http://www.driverhq.com/main_home.html is an excellent all
            purpose driver site for everything from video and sound cards
            to CD-ROM and BIOS updates. It is also a great place to start
            for people who don't know much about drivers or how to install
            them, as the site contains step-by-step instructions and
            general information pages that explain things well to the
            inexperienced user. The site has a very large database, and will
            direct users to the official support pages of each hardware
            manufacturer, where drivers specific to that hardware can be
         2) http://www.windrivers.com is another great all-purpose driver
            resource page. Here, users can search for drivers based on
            category of hardware and manufacturer. There is also quite a
            few great technical resources that help the user figure out
            how to find hardware/driver information, explanations of what
            specific Windows error messages mean, a page devoted to
            explaining how Virtual Memory works and how best to configure
            it on your system, and many more useful technical information.
         3) http://www.creative.com/support/files/download.asp is the
            official driver site for all Creative brand products, such as
            the Soundblaster line of sound cards. Updated drivers for
            certain Soundblaster cards are necessary to run Zeus properly.
            Drivers are operating system and model specific.
         4) http://www.ahead.de/en/firmware.htm is a firmware page for
            CD-R/CD-RW drives, and is an excellent resource for finding
            official, manufacturer supported firmware upgrades for
            CD-R/CD-RW drives. All links on the site are to official
            manufacturer support/download web pages and ftp sites.
            Inexperienced and experienced users alike should take great
            care to read the download/install instructions for each firmware
            upgrade, and SHOULD NOT upgrade the firmware unless they're
            completely confident of the upgrade procedures. As the site's
            disclaimer suggests, all firmware updates are done at the user's
            own risk. Bad flashing from mishandled or misused firmware
            upgrades can permanently damage a drive, so be very careful to
            follow the download/install procedures which are usually
            directly available from the download site, or are contained in
            a .text file that accompanies the download.
           This is where you'll find Zeus-related sites or pages.  Be careful
           with the addresses.  Some had to be made into two or more lines long
           due to the margin restrictions.
        Zeus' Official Site              http://zeus.impressionsgames.com
        Zeus @ Heaven Games              http://zeus.heavengames.com
        Which Way To Troy?   http://www.topcities.com/Resume/irvdon/Zeus/index.html
        The Citadel of Poseidon          http://www.strategyplanet.com/poseidon/
        Zeus Demo - 46.5 MB - http://www.gamespot.com/promos/demoad/index.html?
        Zeus Demo Add-on - 34.5 MB - http://www.gamespot.com/promos/demoad/index.
        Zeus Forums (General) - http://caesar3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/caeforumscgi/
        Zeus Forums (Technical) - http://caesar3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/caeforums
                                    Revision History
      Version 0.3  -  Jan 01, 2005  - 479 KB
        I've made several changes, just trying to update things to reflect the
        expansion pack, Poseidon.  I apologize for the large delay in between
      Version 0.285  -  May 09, 2003  - 257 KB
        I've made some minor changes to the guide.  If you wish to submit any
        tips or other information, please feel free to do so.  I do anticipate
        to update this guide further, with information with the Poseidon Expansion
        Pack, but it may be some time.
      Version 0.27  -  Feb.    19th 2001  - 257 KB
        The walkthrough is done.
        Impressions has also just released the Zeus Enhancement Pack.  I've added
        a bunch of info on it as well in this FAQ.
        Note: This is probably this guide's last update.
      Version 0.26  -  Jan.    01st 2001  - 192 KB
        Minor changes.
      Version 0.25  -  Dec.    26th 2000  - 192 KB
        Added a new section for Figure Data Model Sheets.  All of this info
        may be found at http://www.topcities.com/Resume/irvdon/Zeus/index.html
      Version 0.24  -  Dec.    21st 2000  - 192 KB
        Added the rest of the episodes for "Athens Through The Ages".  This was
        a big update.  This will be the last one for a few days.
      Version 0.23  -  Dec.    20th 2000  - 168 KB
        Added the first episode for "Athens Through The Ages".
      Version 0.22  -  Dec.    19th 2000  - 163 KB
        Added the ENTIRE Perseus and Medusa Adventure, which consisted of six
      Version 0.21  -  Dec.    18th 2000  - 146 KB
        Added the "The Maenads' Rampage" walkthrough.
        Added the "The Pretender to the Throne" walkthrough.
        This wraps up the entire "Zeus and Europa" adventure.
        Moved the Revision History.  The Archive is towards the end of the FAQ
      Version 0.20  -  Dec.    17th 2000  - 142 KB
        Added the "The Wine Crisis" walkthrough.
      Version 0.19  -  Dec.    16th 2000  - 140 KB
        Added the "The Wedding Present" walkthough.
      Version 0.18  -  Dec.    15th 2000  - 137 KB
        Added "The Cretan Princess".
        Added the Overview.
      Version 0.17  -  Dec.    14th 2000  - 132 KB
        Added the walkthrough for "The Serpent" and "Ares' City", which are the
        second and third episodes in the "Zeus and Europa" Adventure.
      Version 0.16  -  Dec.    11th 2000  - 127 KB
        Started the walkthrough.  I got "Founding of Thebes" from Zeus and Europa
        done.  I'm actually further along in the game than I am here in the
      Version 0.15  -  Nov.    28th 2000  - 124 KB
        Finished up the 'Mythology' section.
      Version 0.14  -  Nov.    21st 2000  - 113 KB
        Added a little more to the 'Mythology' section.
      Version 0.13  -  Nov.    20th 2000  - 104 KB
        Added a bunch of links, including one to the Zeus Demo.
      Version 0.12  -  Nov.    17th 2000  - 102 KB
        Started Mythology section.
        Minor changes.
      Version 0.11  -  Nov.    15th 2000  - 100 KB
        Added all kinds of information.
      Version 0.10  -  Nov.     9th 2000  - 79 KB
        Finished up "Industry".
      Version 0.09  -  Nov.     8th 2000  - 77 KB
         Added more information under "Industry".
      Version 0.08  -  Nov.     1st 2000  - 73 KB
          Started the "Industry" section.
      Version 0.07  -  October 31st 2000  - 69 KB
          Happy Halloween, everyone.
          I added information under "Husbandry."
      Version 0.06  -  October 30th 2000  - 60 KB
          A few minor changes.  I added info on the Mailing List.
      Version 0.05  -  October 28th 2000  - 60 KB
          Added information under "Population and Housing".
      Version 0.04  -  October 27th 2000  - 55 KB
          Added information under "Basics of City Building."
      Version 0.03  -  October 26th 2000  - 52 KB
          Added a bunch of sections, not too complete though.
      Version 0.02  -  October 24th 2000  -  3 KB
          Zeus arrived at my door through Amazon.com.
      Version 0.01  -  October 10th 2000  -  3 KB
          Started this FAQ.
          Added ASCII art at the top.
          Added Disclaimer and Online References.
                                     Final Words...
       Mr. Anonymous for buying me Zeus.  You know who you are.  Thanks!
       Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for hosting my FAQs.
       Al Amaloo for hosting my FAQs.
       Grumpus & his site for all of the Data Model Sheet Information.  Be sure to
       check out http://www.topcities.com/Resume/irvdon/Zeus/index.html
       The Zeus game manual.
       Zeus' Official Site.
       Impressions Games' Walkthrough on the official site for helping me out in
       many instances throughout the production of this FAQ.
       Zeus @ Heavengames.
       Impressions Games
       Sierra On-Line, Inc.
       Dan Simpson for spotting a spelling mistake.
       Rob for a couple of tips.
       This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)
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