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"Zeus - Master of this game genre!"

~ Introduction ~

Zeus - Master of Olympus is a strategy game with a lot of mythological things in it like the gods Zeus, Athena, Ares and so on, also the creatures are in the house like that Chimera I think.

~ Game Play ~ 8.7/10

You have to build up a community so you start with food, houses and other buildings, you have to build tax houses so you can get money. There are a lot of buildings, gods, heroes, army men. When your wealth goes up the houses will become bigger and bigger so more people can live in it. There are a lot of games in it like the Olympic Games so you need to build some "training centers" for your athletes and Theaters and Drama Schools for your actors. If you have problems with your town you can always call the help of a god by making a temple to worship in. For example, Ares can assist you in battle, Athena will hunt and give you food, and so on. There are also heroes like Hercules, these guys are needed to defeat monsters like you saw in Hercules the movie (minotaur, that snake with a lot of heads, ...). After some time when you've build up your army you can invade hostile or ally cities so they become a colony. You can please them by giving dragma (the currency in the game), if they become good friends they will give you presents and if you ask something like food they'll give it to you. In some cities gods will hate you and attack, there's nothing you can do about that.

~ Story ~ 8/10

There isn't much of a story but it kinda follow the mythology with the creatures like Chimera and Hercules. There are famous mythological cities. The story is mission based. Most of the time you will play with your capital city but sometime you'll need to build up a colony and gather supplies for it. In some missions the goal is to defeat monsters or take over hostile cities. In some other missions you'll need to produce a certain amount of supplies in some months.

~ Graphics & Sound ~

When you play it, it really looks like you're in the time when all this events occurred. The buildings are good detailed and you can see trees, grain, and other plants grow, people walk in the town with books from the library, water cans for the houses, the merchants will get their supplies from storage houses and so on. The sound is very good, if you talk to people they'll say something, yes there's speech in this game, everyone has at least 2 different sentences.

~ Play Time & Replay Ability ~ 9/10

There are a lot of mission and you can download a lot more on the internet, the game also includes his own story maker so you can design your own missions. So that takes Play Time and Replay Value almost to the maximum.

~ Overall ~ 9/10

This is a great game and I hope more will come!

Rent or Buy? Buy it and get the Poseidon expansion pack too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/04

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