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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Briareos_Kerensky

    Version: 3.X | Updated: 11/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Briareos Kerensky (briareos_hf@tiscali.it, briareos_HF), ver 3.X.
    Table of Contents
    1-Update History
    2-History Briefing
    3-Technology Briefing
    4-Tactics Briefing
    5-Formations Briefing
    7-Ships Briefing
    8-General Tactics
    9-Multiplayer Tactics
    11-Easter Eggs
    12-Credits and misc
    16/10/2002- version 3.X. Updates only.
    29/08/2002-version 3.X. Updates, additions and corrections.
    23/07/2002-version 3.X. Other submissions!
    17/03/2002-version 3.X. Wonderful. Someone still plays this great game. A
    submission after nearly a year from the last one!
    9/04/2001-version 3.X. I recieved a mail today. Someone asked me to give my CD
    key because he/she lost is package: no way. Let me clearly state this: *N*O*
    *W*A*Y*. Do not ask me for such things.
    12/03/2001-version 3.X. Added in infos based on the new patch released by
    Sierra (version 1.01).
    Later versions (2.X). These versions will contain only your submissions.
    02/12/2000-version 2.0a. Added the final (I think so) sections, Easter Eggs and
    Ranks. Consider them an X'mas present ;)
    30/11/2000-version 2.0. Final release! Walkthrough completed. I'll upload any
    suggestion once every week if there are. Thanks for reading, and be ready for
    more FAQs ;)
    27/11/2000-version 1.8. Guess what? New, missions, of course! Numbers 10, 11,
    16 and 17.
    25/11/2000-version 1.6a. 100 Kbs reached and passed! Added missions 8 and 9.
    24/11/2000-version 1.6. Added missions 6 and 7. Other minor corrections.
    23/11/2000-version 1.5. Ship description is now complete, with full Somtaaw,
    Beast, Turanic and Taiidan Ships. I alwasy though that these two sub-chapter
    would be useless, but after some mission I decide to add Bentusi and Hiigaran
    ships under the same section. Section 7 and 8 now online and I'm waiting your
    ideas. Re-started the game to write down mission objectives and refresh memory
    about initial missions, but reached mission 16. Walthrough section now contains
    mission 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Minor corrections in all sections and text formatted
    with WordPad.
    19/11/2000-version 1.0. Section 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 fully completed. Section 6
    needs Beast, Turanic and Taiidan ships deascription, but it contians all
    Somtaaw ships. Sections 7, 8, 9 are under way. Currently playing mission 8, but
    with few multiplayer experience.
    15 years have passed after the Kushan finally reached their Home, Hiigara, and
    killed the Taiidan Emperor. In these 15 years, the surviving Kushan built a new
    society on Hiigara by waking up the colonist kept in cryogenic sleep; however,
    these colonist had a rude awakening, as the first thing they did know was that
    Kharak, the planet where they left family and friends was burned by the Taiidan
    Imperial Fleet just before the MotherShip left the system. A number of these
    colonists, called Sleepers, committed suicide. In the meanwhile, the Taiidan
    Empire was torn apart by internal wars, and only a small number of planets was
    willing to create a new Empire, this time called the Taiidan Republic, willing
    to help the Kushan, the original inhabitants of Hiigara, to rebuild their
    lifes. However, the Imperial Fleet, was willing to rebuild a new Empire, and
    most officers left the Republican army for independent actions against the
    Hiigarans, with the help of the Turanic raiders, an other plague of the know
    On Hiigara, the Kiith built a new Council, to ensure equal rights to every
    Kiith; soon the power of council fell in the hands of the major Kiiths, leaving
    only few choices to the smallest ones. One of these Kiith, the Soomtaw, aided
    by other minor Kiiths conquered the right to use the orbiting MotherShip, now
    used as shipyard, for 45 days. Kiith Soomtaw built two vessels, the Faal-Corum
    and Kuun-Lan, each nearly big as the MotherShip. The Soomtaw is a mining Kiith,
    and these two massive ships were intended as independent vehicles for
    long-range mining duties. A third vessel, this time a Frigate, the Clee-San,
    was built for research duties. The Clee San is currently in the Coruc-Tel
    System, while the Faal-Corum is in a deep-space mission. You will take command
    of the Kuun-Lan and its fleet, which are returning to Hiigara, but...
    In this secton you'll find description of the technology you have to research
    to obtain new vessels during the game. A brief description of weapon types is
    also provided.
    + Mass Drivers: projectile weapons. The weapon itself is small, so you'll find
    at least a small-caliber gun on every Fighter. Bigger ships will have
    mass-drivers in their secondary turrets. In Cataclysm, projectyle weapons are
    useful against fast strike crafts, as they travel at an higher velocity and do
    moderte damage to their thin armors. They have short/medium range values. Later
    in the game Mass Drivers will be upgraded to Energy Cannons, a more powerful
    version of the Guns with same stats.
    + Energy Beams: Capital Ships only. The most common energy beam is the ion
    beam, mounted on a number of ships. Only Super-Capital Ships carry them in
    turrets, as an ion cannon is usually big as a whole Frigate. Medium/long range
    weapons with high damage values, mainly useful against Capital Ships, though a
    turret-mounted cannon can deal with Strike Crafts and reduce them in scraps
    within seconds.
    + Missiles: Missiles are the only weapon limited by ammunition supplies, but
    bigger ships can build them automatically, so just make an intelligent use of
    them. They were first developed to provide anti-Fighter capabilities to Capital
    Ships, but then engineers began to develop smaller missiles to provide a more
    powerful punch to Corvettes and Fighters. Though their damage value is lower
    than the Beam's one, they are fired in groups and have a longer range.
    + Fields: some ships come equipped with a field generator capable of deflecting
    enemy weapons or generating gravity wheels to stop enemy's Strike Crafts. Those
    shiled are useful to protect valuable ships (Carriers, Cruisers,
    MotherShips...) or to trap enemy vessels. The third type of field is the
    Stealth, capable of masking crafts to enemy eyes and standard sensors. Only
    advanced sensor suites will detect Stealth (or cloacked) units.
    + Plasma Bombs: large plasma spheres that do a lot of damage; they are a bit
    slow, however, and the only crafts carring them are the Beast/Taiidan Attack
    Bomber and the Taiidan Assault Frigate. Very effective against large ships and,
    if they hit, against fighters.
    + Infection Beam: Only available to the Beast. Its Super-Capital Ships, as well
    as the Beast MotheShip, use it. This beam infects enemy vessels and make them
    fight for the Beast. Work only on Strike Crafts and Frigates, so use the
    biggest ships you have to deal with the listed enemies. Note that the Beam
    lasts for nearly 10 seconds and can infect every Strike Craft or Frigate is hit
    within this arc of time.
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: none
    Lead to: Advanced Fighter Drive, Linking Technology
    Needed for: Acolytes, Mimics
    Notes: you need it for producing fighters. You have to research for it in
    multiplayer and in the campaign mode you begin with this ability.
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-reuisites: Fighter Drive
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Seekers, Acolytes and Mimics)
    Notes: this will make your fighters (but not ACVs or MCVs) move faster.
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: Fighter Drive
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: ACVs and MCVs (upgrade for Acolytes and Mimics)
    Notes: will allow to produce Composites Vehicles from the hangar bay or by
    linking two Acolytes/Mimics
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Advanced Frigate Drive
    Needed for: Dervish, Hive
    Notes: needed for all Frigates
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: Frigate Drive
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing  (upgrade for Dervish, Hive)
    Notes: like the Advanced Fighter Drive, will this will make your Frigates
    moving faster
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Advanced Destroyer Drive
    Needed for: Shaman, Deacon
    Notes:  needed for Carriers and Destroyers
    Research in: Hangar Module
    Pre-requisites: Destroyer Drive
    Lead to: nothing (upgrade for Shaman, Deacon)
    Needed for: Archangel
    Notes: needed for the almighty Archangel and like the other Advanced Drives
    will make your Ships move faster.
    Research in: Armor Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Armor Level 3
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for all ships)
    Notes: will make ships stronger
    Research in: Armor Module
    Pre-requisites: Armor Level 2
    Lead to:  nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Hive)
    Notes: will make ships stronger
    Research in: Armor Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Force Field Level 2
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Sentinels)
    Notes: will block incoming projectiles
    Research in: Armor Module
    Pre-requisites: Force Field Level 1
    Lead to: Force Field Level 3
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Sentinels)
    Notes: will block incoming projectiles and missiles
    Research in: Armor Module
    Pre-requisites: Force Field Level 2
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Sentinels)
    Notes: will block incoming projectiles, missiles and energy beams.
    Research in: Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: Mimics, MCVs
    Notes: will allow you to build and mask Mimics.
    Research in: Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing
    Notes: will allow to produce more ships (each Kuun-Lan module will provide 10
    SUs, while Carrier's 12.)
    Research in: Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: Minions
    Notes: needed for Minions and their ramming attacks.
    Research in: Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Workers and Chieftains)
    Notes: this will allow to use Workers as a mobile repair base.
    Research in: Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Crystal Harvesting Capavility
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Workers)
    Notes: essentially will allow you to use Workers as HW's Salvage Corvettes.
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: Repair Bots, Phased Telemetry, Advanced Sensors, Infection Vaccine
    (multiplayer only)
    Needed for: Sentinel, Leech
    Notes: needed for the two Pods and all other advanced technologies
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: Micro-Ship Construction
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for all Capital Ships)
    Notes: auto-repair capabilites for Capital Ships.
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: Micro-Ship Construction
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: Leech
    Notes: allows you to build Leech Pods
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: Micro-Ship Construction
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Seekers, Sentinels)
    Notes: makes certain ships' sensor arrays' range longer
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: Micro-Ship Construction
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Minions, Workers)
    Notes: will allow you to reconvert infected ships. Available in multiplayer
    Research in: Advanced Engineering Module
    Pre-requisites: Salvaging Ability
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Chieftains, Shamans and Explorers)
    Notes: will make you very rich
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: Dervish
    Notes: needed for Dervishes.
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: Acolytes (upgrade), Deacon, ArchAngel
    Notes: needed for the most powerful ships in the game
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Explorers)
    Notes: give'em hell, boys
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for all projectile weapons)
    Notes: will make projectile weapons more powerful
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for ACVs)
    Notes: special action ability for ACVs; this will temporarly disrupt enemy
    vessels' drives.
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Mimics and MCVs)
    Notes: banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Research in: Weapon Module
    Pre-requisites: nothing
    Lead to: nothing
    Needed for: nothing (upgrade for Archangels)
    Notes: repulsor weapon for ArchAngel
    Unlike the Somtaaw, the Beast has to capture and absorbs upgraded enemy ships
    and then upgrade its ships. I'm going to list Beast vessels and the technology
    needed for them and the way to get them.
    Support Systems
    Infection Beam (upgrade)
    Crystal Harvesting Capacibility (upgrade/capture)
    SEEKER (captured)
    Advanced Sensors (upgrade)
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    ACOLYTE (captured)
    Fighter Engine
    Linking Technology (upgrade/capture)
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Engine
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Engine
    Cloacking Ability
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Engine
    Plasma Bombs
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    ACV (captured)
    Fighter Engine
    Linking Technology (upgrade/capture)
    EMP Weapon (upgrade/capture)
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Drive
    Fast Moving Turrets
    Advanced Fightert Engine (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Drive
    Heavy Corvette Upgrade
    Advanced Fightert Engine (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    MULTI-BEAM FRIGATE (captured)
    Frigate Drive
    Advanced Ion Cannon
    Advanced Frigate Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    HIVE FRIGATE (captured)
    Frigate Drive
    Micro-Ship Construction (captured)
    Advanced Frigate Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Frigate Drive
    Advanced Ion Cannon
    Cloacking Ability(upgrade)
    Advanced Frigate Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Frigate Drive
    Defense Field
    Advanced Frigate Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Destroyer Drive
    Heavy Guns
    Advanced Ion Cannon
    Advanced Destroyer drive (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Infection Beam (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Destroyer Drive
    Crystal Harvesting Capability (upgrade/capture)
    Advanced Destroyer Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Energy Cannon (upgrade/capture)
    Infection Beam (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    RAMMING FRIGATE (captured)
    Repair Bots (upgrade/capture)
    Afterburner (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Repair Systems (upgrade/capture)
    Salvaging Ability (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Levl 3 (upgrade/capture)
    PROCESSOR (captured)
    Crystal Harvesting Capability (upgrade/capture)
    Repair Systems (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Levl 3 (upgrade/capture)
    SENTINEL (captured)
    Micro Ship Contruction (captured)
    Force Field Level 1 (upgrade/capture)
    Force Field Level 2 (upgrade/capture)
    Force Field Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Advanced Sensors (upgrade)
    Armor Level 3  (upgrade/capture)
    Infection Beam (upgrade)
    Crystal Harvesting Capability (upgrade/capture)
    Support Systems (upgrade)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Drive
    Missile Tech
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Infection Beam (upgrade)
    Armor Level 3 (upgrade/capture)
    Fighter Drive
    Missile Tech
    Advanced Fighter Drive (upgrade/capture)
    Armor Level 2
    +Evasive: only Strike Crafts really benefits of this behaviour, as they are the
    only vessels capable of tigh maneuvers. With evasive tactics, your units will
    travel toward the opponent without keeping formation, each one using at maximum
    efficiency its engines and firing only when sure that enemy fire won't hit.
    Ideal for high-speed strafing runs on enemy Capital Ships with anti-fighter
    guns, where tight formations usually result in a single ion cannon vaporing a
    good number of crafts. Alos, when crafts using Evasive tactic reach red and
    yellow health status, they immediately return to the nearest support ships for
    +Neutral: the standard behavior of new units; in Neutral mode crafts will
    attach only if attached first, and then will return to inactivity until someone
    fires against. It will be used in the single palyer (see the walkthru below),
    but I've never seen someone using it in multiplayer games
    +Aggressive: units will maintain formations, and when a target is within range,
    they will fire. The drawback of this tactic is that crafts only do strafing
    runs or maintain position to have an optimal aim over the targets, and won't
    dodge any enemy projectile, missile or energy beam. Useful for Capital vs
    Capital and Fighter vs Fighter dogfights.
    +Delta: vessels will form a 2D triangle. Though it is a very classic formation
    and very useful for parades, the top craft will be the most vulnarable to
    damage, effectively broking the formation.
    +Broad: an other 2D formations, but this time the vessels will form a straight
    line. Deadly for crafts, especially for big groups, as the combined firepower
    of a formation should give is centered around few elements. Quite effective for
    Capital Ships as you can use it for positioning them along the enemy's front
    and sides. I will describe this tactic later on.
    +X: one of the best formations for fighters: the X formations allows relatively
    small groups (maximum 15) to concentrate fire. Drawbacks? As the formations is
    compact, enemy turrets will enjoy in destroying your fighters.
    +Claw: the best formations for fighters, and if you have some Frigates, even
    for them. Recomended for maximum 15 crafts, like X formation, the Claw
    maximizes the effects of concentrated fire of an X formation while reducing the
    compactness of the formation.
    +Wall: ideal for large groups of ships and every Capital Ship formation, the
    wall creates a...wall (¬_¬...) of ships, maximizing firepower. If you have
    large fighter formations (10+) or at least 4/6 Frigates, the Wall will be THE
    +Sphere: though I use this formation mainly for defensive purposes, I know that
    someone uses it for single Capital Ships with large Fighter escorts. In a
    Sphere formation, the bigger ship will be the center of the sphere, while the
    lighter ones will produce a defensive bubble around it. When usued cleverly,
    this formation will break any assault.
    Cataclysm records combat kills and experience of single ships; with an higher
    rank ships will travel faster and their weapons will be more powerful. Ranks
    are shown by 4 purple stars over the health bar; 0 stars means that the ship in
    brand new or killed very few crafts; 4 stars indicates that this is an elite
    ship and survive to a large number of fights. (Note: I have the italian version
    of the game, and the translaion might be uncorrect, and increase percentages
    are IMO)
    + 0 stars: Flight Sergeant: all ships start with this rank. Speed and firepower
    are the standard values liste into Ships briefing
    + 1 star: Lieutenant: this rank is awarded to ships which survived few battles;
    speed and firepower are pretty the same of the first rank.
    + 2 stars: Squadron Leader: Firepower and speed increased of 20-30%.
    + 3 stars: Wing Commander: Firepower and speed increased of 30-40%; begin to
    pay attention to your ships: even outnumbered 2:1 Wing Commanders should
    destroy a Flight Sergeant wing with few or no losses.
    + 4 stars: Air Marshal: the highest rank a ship can achieve, the increase of
    speed and firepower is about 40-50%.
    First of all, a brief description of ship classes and main capabilities.
    + Micro-Ships: a new class introduced in Cataclysm, Micro Ships are very small
    ships piloted by AI routines. They have specialized tasks, and are not intended
    to be used for a stand-up fight.
    + Strike Crafts: Fighters and Corvettes. Fast and Maneuverable, these ships are
    useful for fast-raiding parties and harras larger ships until rienforcmentes
    arrives. Fighters lacks the turrets and firepower of the Corvettes, though they
    are faster.
    + Capital Ships: a group divided into Frigates and Super-Capital Ships.
    Frigates features a decent firepower and armor protection while mantaining a
    decent maneuverability; this class features a large number of vessels, each
    with differents armaments. Super-Capital Ships are Carriers, Cruisers,
    Destroyers and every other kind of ship capable of delivering massive firepower
    or build Strike Crafts and Frigates. To counteract one of these behemoths, use
    a similar vessel or a group of Frigates. Worst of all, these crafts are usually
    accompained by fighter escorts.
    + Non-Combatant Ships: ships dedicated to recor, repair and harvesrting. Bigger
    ships usually mount only defensive turrets. They are not intended for combant,
    so use them for their main task.
    + MotherShips: massive ships capable of building any other vessel class, except
    other MotherShips. Your main task is to defend yours, though the armor and
    firepower (combined with the possibility to move them) can support attack
    vessels. However, defend it.
    Note: under the coverage section I put the descripton of the weapon, showing
    caliber (small, medium, heavy), type (projectile, missile, ion; energy will
    substitute projectile after you develop Energy Cannons) and DPs (Damage
    Points); if this depicts two values, the first describes the standard damage,
    the second the upgraded value; these values are the base for every vessel. The
    value regards a single weapon, so if a ship has 4 guns, doing 8 DPs, the total
    damage will 32. I divided turrets into two categories: sponson turrets can
    track enemies in limited arcs but they aren't fixed nor can turn 360°. Normal
    Turrets are mounted on a fixed mount and can fire in 360° degrees. Enjoy.
    16/10/2002 adittion: while searching infos on HomeWorld 2 (can't wait it!), I
    stubled on this beautiful website, HomeWorld Shipyard:
    It contains very detailed infos on every ship in both HomeWorld and HomeWorld:
    Cataclysm. I'm not going to copy them in this document as they are not my work
    and the site definitively is worth of a visit. Check it out.
    SEEKER class reconaissance fighter
    Mass: 41 tons
    Armor: 25
    Firepower: 40
    Coverage: 4% (single forward-fixed small projectile weapon, 7/14 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 1050 m/s
    Required Tech: none
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Sensors
                  Advanced Fighter Engine
                  Energy Cannons
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 40
    SU Cost: 2
    Available from: mission 1
    A reconaissance fighter. The fastest and most maneuverable ship in the game,
    the Seeker is used for scounting missions. Thanks to its sensor array, this
    fighter has the same sensor range of a Capital Ship, and its low UR cost make
    it ideal for recon missions in unexplored areas (or where the enemy lurks). It
    is imperative to withdraw it from any engagement, as the single Mass-Driver
    cannot deal with any armed ship. Always keep 2 or 3 Seekers: the first will
    patrol the area around the MotherShips, while the second will scout for your
    attack force.
    ACOLYTE class heavy fighter
    Mass: 90 tons
    Armor: 70
    Firepower: 85
    Coverage: 6% (two forward-fixed small projectile weapons, 7/22 DPs; plus two
    missiles, 420 DPs when upgraded)
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 825 m/s
    Special Actions: Link (requires two Acolytes)
    Required Tech: Fighter Engine
    Upgraded Tech: Energy Cannon
                   Missile Tech
                   Linking Technology
                   Advanced Fighter Engine
                   Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 75
    SU Cost: 2
    Available from: mission 1
    The Acolyte is the most powerful fighter in your fleet: though armor protection
    is lower than the Taiidan's Triikor and the Turanic's Bandit, the firepower,
    coverage and speed will compensate its relativel thin armor. The Acolyte will
    be your main vessel for the first part of the game, and will continue to serve
    you througout the entire game as escort for bigger vessels or fast desense
    force. Two or three groups of 20 Acolytes each can repel attacks form all but
    the heaviest vessel, and the combined firepower of them can deliver serious
    damage to everything. Missiles are useful to provide additional firepower
    against large vessels. Do not use them against fighters and fast-moving
    corvettes, they are too maneuverable.
    MIMIC class Infiltration ship
    Mass: 55 tons
    Armor: 20
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max. Velocity: 750 m/s
    Special Action: Mimic
                    Link (requires two Mimics)
    Required Tech: Fighter Engine
                   Mimic Tech
    Upgrade Tech: Linking Technology
                  Quantum Explosive Charge
                  Advanced Fighter Engine
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 70
    SU Cost: 3 (2 in version 1.00)
    Available from: mission 2
    Developed after Turanic raiders nearly fooled the Soomtaw fleet, the Mimic is
    capable of mimicking (¬_¬...) enemy or friendly Fighters or Corvettes, as well
    as small asteroyds. The main purpose of the Mimic is to gather intelligence, as
    the fighters ahs no weapons. The only way a Mimic can inflict damage is to slam
    it on a enemy ships, but this will destroy the Mimic. This kamikaze tactic is
    most efficent when Quantum Charges are installed on Mimics. However, I've never
    found suicide attacks a good way to win.
    SENTINEL class defense pod
    Mass: 21 tons
    Armor: 350
    Firepower: 290
    Coverage: 15% (single small projectile on sponson turret, 21/42 DPs, forward)
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 250 m/s
    Special Action: Force Shield
    Required Tech: Micro Ship Construction
    Upgrade Tech: Energy Cannon
                  Force Field Level 1
                  Force Field Level 2
                  Force Field Level 3
                  Armor Level 2
                  Armor Level 3
                  Advanced Sensors
    RU Cost: 70
    SU Cost: 3
    Available from: mission 5
    The smallest manned class in your fleet, the Sentinel is basically a
    point-defense craft, capable of generating stron energy shileds capable of
    deflecting all enemy shots at the highest level. The form a perfect shield
    you'll need from ten to fifteen Sentinels: propelry positioned in sphere
    formation, those crafts can  protect even the MotherShip. Recomended to screen
    mission objectives from enemy attacks or the biggest elements of your strike
    LEECH class breaching pod
    Mass: 26 tons
    Armor: 30
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 1250 m/s
    Special Action: Leech
    Required Tech: Phased Telemetry
    Upgrade Tech: Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 40
    SU Cost: 2
    Available from: mission 6
    The second and last Micro-Ship serving in your fleet, the Leech is completely
    automated. This pod is capable of evading all standard sensors, attach itself
    to an enemy vessel and slowly eat it away. The Leech can also remain attached
    to a vessel and broadcast sensor datas, but this won't allocate damage to the
    enemy. The third special action the Leech can perform is to do damage to an
    enemy vessel and then dock with the MotherShip converting the damage don with
    resources. Not bad after all, but this pod must be used wisely to be effective,
    especially if the enemy has advanced sensors online.
    AVENGER class corvette
    Mass: 180 tons
    Armor: 140
    Firepower: 170
    Coverage: 6% (four forward-fixed small projectile, 8/26 DPs)
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 600 m/s
    Special Action: Unlink (produces two Acolytes)
    Required Tech: Fighter Dirve
                   Linking Technology
    Upgrade Tech: Energy Cannon
                  EMP Weapon
                  Advanced Fighter Drive
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 150
    SU Cost: 4
    Available from: mission 1
    When you develop linking technology, you will be able to produce Avengers ACVs
    (Acolyte Composite Vehicle): the first consits in producing them from the
    MotherShip, the second unites two Acolytes in a single ACV. The Avenger has
    every Acolyte characteristc times two, except maximum speed (slighlty slower)
    and maneuverability. When an ACV unlink, it produces two standard Acolytes. The
    link/unlink procedure takes about five seconds, and the ACV itself is a very
    useful craft, though it lacks turrets and armor protection that any other
    corvette has; however, speed and maneuverability are superior, and the Avenger
    can dogfight with other fighters: usually, a gruop of Acolytes will be destroy
    by a group of ACVs. The EM Pulse is useful in guard duties, especially against
    Beast Cruise Missiles: by disabling the Missile's drive system the ACV will
    have plenty of time to line with the targets and blow it to pieces.
    MARTYR class infiltration corvette
    Mass: 110 tons
    Armor: 40
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 550 m/s
    Special Action: Unlink (produces two Mimics)
    Required Tech: Fighter Dirve
                   Holographic Emitter
                   Linking Technology
    Upgrade Tech: Quantum Explosive Charge
                  Advanced Fighter Drive
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 140
    SU Cost: 6 (4 in version 1.00)
    Available from: mission 2
    Like the Avenger, the Martyr is formed of two Mimics. The Martyr can mask
    itself as Frigates or big asteroids. The suicide attack (especially with
    Quantum charges) are now VERY effective, and if are willing to spare some
    resources, a group of Martyrs can destroy Frigates and badly damage
    Super-Capital Ships. I love them :)
    MINION class Heavy Tug
    Mass: 12.900 tons
    Armor: 4.700
    Firepower: 2.500
    Coverage: 6% (single forward sponson turret with medium projectile, 50/100 DPs)
    Max Velocity: 398 m/s
    Special Action: Ram
    Required Tech: Afterburner
    Upgraded Tech: Advanced Ion Cannon
                   Repair Bots
                   Armor Level 2
                   Armor Level 3
                   Infection Vaccine
    RU Cost: 650
    SU Cost: 10
    Available from: mission 1
    The first Frigate you will able to build. Poorly armed for a Frigate, as the
    Minion features a single Mass Driver, the Frigate exists only to do its special
    action: ram. Though "physical attacks" may sound strange and uneffective when
    compared to energy beams, you have just to use them one time to fell in love
    with its effects; the Frigate fetures a normal engine used for moving and two
    afterburners used neraly the target: the afterburners are capable of moving an
    enemy Frigate, and combined attacks larger ships. Not enough, the Minion
    features a laser in its bow section, an effective close-range weapon when the
    Frigate touches the target. Such ramming attacks are useful to physically move
    Capital Ships while the lighter Strile Crafts engae the real target.
    HIVE class advanced drone frigate
    Mass: 9.900 tons
    Armor: 3.800
    Firepower: 1.400
    Coverage: 12% (two forward sponson turrets with medium projectiles, 50/100 DPs;
    6 Swarmers)
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 390 m/s
    Special Action: Swarm
    Required Tech: Frigate Drive
                   Micro-Ship Construction
    Ugrade Tech: Energy Cannons
                 Reapir Bots
                 Advanced Frigate Drive
                 Armor Level 2
                 Armor Level 3
    RU Cost:
    SU Cost: 20
    Available from: mission 6
    The Hive Figate is the direct descendant of Homeworld's original Drone Frigate.
    The Hive class is more effective, as it moves faster, has fixed point defense
    armament and its drones are capable of swarming attacks. This may sound
    interesting on paper, but the Hive Frigate can be easily overwhelmed by a large
    number of Corvettes.
    DERVISH class multi-beam frigate
    Mass: 10.200
    Armor: 4.000
    Firepower: 3.900
    Coverage: 90 % (5 turrets -front, top, bottom, sides- with small ion,          
          11 DPs)
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 370 m/s
    Required Tech: Frigate Drive
                   Advanced Ion Cannon
    Upgrade Tech: Repair Bots
                  Advanced Frigate Drive
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 700
    SU Cost: 12
    Available from: mission 8
    If you loved the Ion Cannon Frigate, this will drive you crazy, only by hearing
    its designation. The multi-beam Frigate is a fast moving assault vessel,
    capable of engaing any type of target with great efficiency: the turrets allow
    it to hit any fast-moving objects, and the ion beams projected by them can
    inflict serious damages to other Capital Ships. The real drawbacks of this
    vessel is its relatively thin armor, and the fact that a turret cannot gather
    enough power to match a fixed ion cannon (yeah, right: "Call me Machine.
    Doomsday Machine.").
    SHAMAN class carrier
    Mass: 129.000 tons
    Armor: 65.000
    Firepower: 4.200
    Coverage: 80% (four turrets -2x top, sides- with medium projectile,            
                      30/60 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    Required Tech: Destroyer Drive
                   Support Systems
    Upgraded Tech: Energy Cannons
                   Crystal Harvesting Ability
                   Repair Bots
                   Advanced Destroyer Drive
                   Armor Level 2
                   Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 3400
    SU Cost: 0
    Available from: mission 11
    The only self-sufficent ship in the game. It doesn't require SUs, and it gives
    you 40 points in this way. Plus you can build up to 6 support systems on every
    Carrier. Build two Carriers (the maximum you can) and all support systems and
    start building Destroyers. Not enough, the Carrier can build all Strike Crafts
    and Frigates, repair them, offers additional docking bays and hardpoints for
    Workers. As the are too precious to risk in assaults, use them as replace for
    Chieftains, Workers will benefit in protection. Infection Beams doesn't affect
    Carriers, but will allocate damage.
    DEACON class destroyer
    Mass: 28.000 tons
    Armor: 16.000
    Firepower: 8.500
    Coverage: 30% (two forward sponson turrets with big ion, 11 DPs; 4             
                     turrets -2x bottom, sides- with big projectile, 44/80         
                                                        DPs; 15 missiles)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Required Tech: Destroyer Drive
                   Missile Tech
                   Advanced Ion Cannon
    Upgraded Tech: Energy Cannons
                   Advanced Destroyer Drive
                   Repair Bots
                   Armor Level 2
                   Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 3000
    SU Cost: 38
    Available from: mission 11
    After the Carrier, you will build at least a Destroyer. Thouhg this massive
    ship features a lot of weapon systems, including the excellent anti-fighter
    missiles, the rear and top of it are relatively unprotected, and it must engage
    targets within its front firing arc. Like the Carrier, Infection Beams damage
    ARCHANGEL class Dreadnought
    Mass: 152.000 tons
    Armor: 85.000
    Coverage: 80% (2 top turrets with big ion, 16 DPs; 4 big                       
           energy turrets -2x top, 2xbottom-, 120 DPs; 47                          
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 280 m/s
    Special Actions: Repulsor
    Required Tech: Advanced Destroyer Drive
                   Missile Tech
                   Energy Cannons
                   Advanced Ion Cannon
    Upgraded Tech: Repulsor Weapon
                   Repair Bots
                   Armor Level 2
                   Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 6800
    SU Cost: 80
    Available from: mission 14
    It requires a lot of RUs and SU, but an Archangel can destroy a Heavy Cruiser
    singleheadly and its escort of fighters. This massive ship, derived from the
    Bentusi Ship, features the most powerful weapons array of the whole game: the
    47 missiles can easily dispatch Strike Crafts, the two Ion Cannons and the
    Turrets can devastate a Destroyer in seconds. Its armor is so thick that only
    massed Ion beams will inflict considerable damage; and like all other Capital
    Ships, it cannot be infected. When the situation becomes critical, the
    Archangel can use its Repulsor: this weapon won't affect Super-Capital Ships,
    but it will repulse (¬_¬...) any other craft in a 360° arc, inflicting damage,
    and probably destroying fighters. If you face an Archangel, you have to
    overwhelm it, with at least two Destroyers firing on its sides and multiple
    Strike Crafts and/or Frigates engaging it in fast strafing runs. Or build your
    Archangel and be sure to engage first.
    WORKER class Resource Collector
    Mass: 5.200 tons
    Armor: 1.500
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 425 m/s
    Special Action: Harvesting, Salvaging, Repairing
    Required Tech: nothing
    Upgrade Tech: Infection Vaccine
                  Repair Sistems
                  Salvaging Ability
                  Repair Bots
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 500
    SU Cost: 4
    Available from: mission 1
    This Corvette-class craft is mainly used for collecting resources, but later in
    the game it will serve you as Salvage Corvette and Support Frigate. In
    multiplayer is also capable of returing infected ships under your control. The
    armor is thin, so be wary if enemy fighters get too near...the ideal thing is
    to assign Carriers or Chieftains for guarding/docking bay duties. Maintain at
    least six workers, this will garauntee a good RU injection as well as a good
    salvaging contingent.
    CHIEFTAIN Mk3 class ore processor
    Mass: 89.000 tons
    Armor: 45.000
    Firepower: 2500
    Coverage: 80% (4 turrets -2x top, sides- with medium projectile,               
                   20/40 DPs)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 250 m/s
    Required Tech: Hangar Module
    Upgrade Tech: Crystal Harvesting Ability
                  Energy Cannons
                  Repair  Systems
                  Repair Bots
                  Armor Level 2
                  Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 1100
    SU Cost: 13
    Available from: mission 1
    A mobile docking bay for Workers. Nothing more, nothing less. Though it has a
    good armor, it cannot stands direct attacks from Frigate class vessels. Its
    turrets can defend Workers from fighter attacks, but a fighter squadron should
    protect them. It is alos capable of repairs from its side-mounted turrets.
    KUUN-LAN, EXPLORER class deep space mining vessel
    Mass: 613.000 tons
    Armor: 98.000
    Firepower: 5400
    Coverage: 70% (six turrets -front, top, 2xsides- with big projectile,          
                        44/88 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 110 m/s
    Special Action: Siege Cannon
    Required Tech: nothing
    Upgrade Tech: Energy Cannons
                  Crystal Harvesting Capability
                  Repair Bots
                  Siege Cannon
                  Support Systems
                  Armor Level 2
                  Armor Level 3
    Your MotherShip. If it is destroyed, you'll lose. Its name is Kuun Lan, and is
    the second Explorer class vessel launched by Kiith Somtaaw; the first vessel,
    the Faal-Corum, is slightly less efficient than yours, as its modular bays are
    30% smaller than the ones on the Kuun-Lan. You'll start the singleplayer game
    with the ship configured in this way: one Hangar Module (capable of building
    Seekers, Acolytes, Workers and Chieftains) and two massive cargo bays. Later
    on, the cargo bays will be detached and destroyed to make room for research
    modules and support systems. The research modules are Engineering, Weapon,
    Armor and Advanced Enginering, plus the Hangar module, the only capable of
    physically building ships. Support Systems will give you SUs for expanding your
    fleet, and the MotherShip can support twelve of them. Without any module the
    MotherShip will give you 70 SUs, the Hangar Module additional 20 SUs and each
    support module 10. The MotherShip features two Fighter bays on the nose and the
    Hangar module will provide fighter, corvette and Frigate docking bays. Under
    them, the large green area will build Super-Capital Ships. Note that an
    opponent can destory single modules, and the first thing the AI will target
    will be your Hangar module. If destroyed, you'll have to rebuild it first
    before build fighting ships. The MotherShip heavy guns and armor will be a good
    addition to your strike force especially in the first missions, where your
    fighters won't be enough to match other forces, though you must pay attention
    in engaging Destroyers, Cruisers and Dreadnoughts. The Kuun-Lan special action,
    the Siege Cannon, will deliver long-range massive firepower; you will have to
    research and build it first, but the great fire support it could give
    counterbalances the high cost and long research session. The Siege Cannon,
    however, is extremely inaccurate, and has a maximum range; longer the range,
    more inaccurate the Cannon will be; before firing, the Cannon need s a little
    charge time and after in needs to be recharged. Just be sure that your ships
    aren't within the explosion area. A collateral effect on a Siege Cannon is that
    enemy could track your position, has the projectile will be seen by everyone.
    In multiplayer games, the Kuun Lan won't start with any module.
    Last note on the Siege Cannon: the Kuun-Lan travels faster than a single
    projectile, so be sure that the Kuun-Lan is standing still before firing. I was
    moving the Mothership, and issued a fire order; with great surprise the Siege
    Cannon fired and I saw the projecile out the barrel, then the Kuun-Lan was
    under in yellow conditions, with all modules destroyed and no sign of the
    projectile on the sensor manager; ergo, the projectile hit the Kuun-Lan as it
    was moving slower than the Command Ship.
    SUPER ACOLYTE class Heavy/Ion Fighter
    Mass: unknow
    Armor: 350 (approx)
    Firepower: 6.000 (extimated) (2 forward fixed small ion, 45 DPs)
    Coverage: 6% (extimated)
    Maneuverability: very high (approx)
    Max Velocity: 825 m/s (approx)
    RU Cost: 300
    SU Cost: 5
    Available from: mission 17
    You will recieve the blueprints of this slayer at the end of mission 17. It is
    the exact copy of the Bentusi Acolytes, and you can build them when and how
    many (SUs permitting) you want. Effective against anything, though other
    fighters can pose problems. They're not available in multiplayer.
    Update: as someone asked questions on their availability, I'm going to write a
    breif paragraph on this; please note that this will spoil the game, though if
    you have read this far, it pretty useless, however...
    Super Acolytes are given to you in the last part of mission 17 by the Bentusi.
    You'll be able to build them only for this part of the game: it is impossible
    to build them in multiplayer or in skirmish mode or in single player campaign
    (well, if someone found a way to hack the code to make them always
    available...). I do not think that finishing the game in Very Hard will unlock
    them, but never finished the game with this difficulty, if someone ever tried...
    Mass: 90 tons
    Armor: 85
    Firepower: 65
    Coverage: 5% (single small projectile, forward position, 9/29 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 810 m/s
    Required Tech: Fighter Engine
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Fighter Drive
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 65
    SU Cost: 2
    Based on Turanic Bandit class Interceptor. This ship cannot rival with the
    Acolyte, and they should be used in groups to use them at their theorical
    maximum. If you played the original Homeworld you should know that these crafts
    are no match even for a group of Scouts, so do not base neither attacks or
    defenses on these fighters. Capture enemy crafts or switch to Corvettes ASAP.
    Mass: 90 tons
    Armor: 80
    Firepower: 75
    Coverage: 5% (tow forward mounted small projectlie, 9/29 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 750 m/s
    Special Action: Cloacking
    Reuqired Tech: Fighter Drive
                   Cloacking Ability
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Fighter Drive
                  Energy Cannon
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 95
    SU Cost: 2
    This craft is based on Homeworld's Cloaked Fighter. Capable of masking its
    presence to all but the advanced sensors, this craft is a bit fragile but can
    strike efficently poor protected fighters and can establish hidden defense
    Mass: 60 tons
    Armor: 90
    Firepower: 86
    Coverage: 5% (two forward fixed small plasma bombs launchers, 60 DPs)
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 640 m/s
    Required Tech: Fighter Drive
                   Plasma Bombs
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Fighter Drive
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 120
    SU Cost: 3
    Based on the Taiida Attack Bomber. My favourite fighter, both technically and
    graphically. Though a bit slow for a Strike Craft, the raw firepower of a group
    of 20 Bombers can devastate Frigates in seconds. The Plasma Bombs are slow, so
    they are a bit ineffective against other Strike Crafts, but the idea of a fast
    moving, small and cheap craft is a good idea. Do not pretend to destroy Super
    Capital Ships with a group of them, but they big groups in wall formation can
    support larger units in all-out attacks.
    Mass: 490 tons
    Armor: 68
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 650 m/s
    Required Tech: Corvette Drive
                   Missile Tech
                   Infection Beam
    Upgrade Tech: Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 250
    SU Cost: 4
    The only "Strike Craft" "thought" by the Beast, the Cruise Missile is
    pratically a Corvette with no crew and weapon: its job is to slam onto enemy
    vessels and infect them. This tactic works best against slow targets and with
    their poin-defense turrets fooled by faster vessels. The Missile's armor is
    thin, and they can be easily destroyed by other fighters.
    Mass: 775 tons
    Armor: 1.400
    Firepower: 320
    Coverage: 60% (two forward-fixed missile launchers)
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 490 m/s
    Required Tech: Corvette Drive
                   Missile Tech
    Upgrade Tech: Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 320
    SU Cost: 4
    Based on Turanic Brigant Missile Corvette. Very efficent against all enemy
    fighters, as the missile are the most efficent anti-fighter weapons in the
    game. If the Interceptors are uneffective, these Corvettes will be a pain if
    you use only fighters to fight them. The most efficent way to destroy them is
    to use Frigates or other Corvettes.
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armor: 1.700
    Firepower: 200
    Coverage: 50 % (two medium projectile sponson turrets, 30/60 DPs)
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 500 m/s (550 m/s in version 1.00)
    Required Tech: Corvette Drive
                   Heavy Corvette Update
    Upgrade Tech: Energy Cannons
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 350 (250 in version 1.00)
    SU Cost: 5 (4 in version 1.00)
    One of the most powerful Corvette designs, the Heavy Corvette is based on the
    one found in the original Homeworld and used by the Kushan. The armor
    protection is excellent for a Corvette, and the two sponson turrets under the
    vessel's nose can inflict moderate amounts of damage to every craft. Like all
    other Corvettes, this one is a great asset in escort duties.
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armor: 730
    Firepower: 380
    Coverage: 78% (6 medium projectiles, 14/28 DPs on turrets -2x front, 2xsides-)
    Maneuverabilty: medium
    Max Velocity: 570 m/s
    Required Tech: Corvette Engine
                   Fast Tracking Turrets
    Upgrade Tech: Energy Cannons
                  Armor Level 2
    RU Cost: 275
    SU Cost: 5
    The best escort Corvette; based on the Taiidan Corvette of the same class,
    groups of Multi-Gun Corvette can easily dispatch fighters and other corvettes
    easily. Used with evasive tactic and relatively loose formations this corvette
    can deal some damage on Frigates and Super-Capital Ships thanks to its
    excellent coverage.
    Mass: 13.550 tons
    Armor: 5.100
    Firepower: 3.500
    Coverage: 6% (single forward-fixed big ion, 35 DPs)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 230 m/s
    Special Action: Cloack
    Required Tech: Frigate Drive
                   Advanced Ion Cannon
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Frigate Drive
                  Cloacking Ability
                  Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 250
    SU Cost: 4
    Based on the Turanic Ion Array Frigate, this Beast version features a Cloacking
    device that can be a nasty surprise for forces without Advanced Sensors active.
    Its single Ion Cannon can deal big amounts of damage to any ship, but it is not
    mounted on a turret, and the Frigate is not so manueverable to aim Corvettes
    and Fighters, and it useless and defenseless against them. The Cloack ability
    can be useful for surprise attacks, but it must de-cloack like the Cloacked
    Fighter to fire. Nice Frigate, however.
    Mass: 13.000 tons
    Armor: 4.650
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 310 m/s
    Required Tech: Frigate Drive
                   Defense Field
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Frigate Drive
                  Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 900
    SU Cost: 10
    Basically useless, as the Beast has the more powerful Sentinel MicroShips.
    However, if you had no chance to capture such ship, the Frigate might (MIGHT)
    become useful to partially screen your fleet against projectile attacks. There
    is no way to upgrade the shield, but it is always active and do not need energy
    to be activated. Defenseless against all types of crafts.
    Mass: 121.000 tons
    Armor: 65.000
    Firepower: 4.000
    Coverage: 75% (4 turrets -2x sides, bottom, top- with medium               
    projectile, 30/60 DPs; 8 infection sponson turrets -4x                         
                        front, top, bottom, sides-)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 290 m/s
    Special Action: Infection
    Required Tech: Destroyer Drive
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Destroyer Drive
                  Crystal Harvesting Capability
                  Energy Cannons
                  Armor Level 3
                  Infection Beam
    RU Cost: 3500 (3400 in version 1.00)
    SU Cost: 0
    The only Super-Capital Ship aside the Heavy Cruiser in the Beast fleet, the
    Carrier is based on the original Taiidan vessel, and maintains all previous
    stas, plus a more powerful armor and 8 Infection Beams distributed evenly
    across its hull. The bulk of these beams is located on the front, the only real
    weak side of the original Carrier: this leaves no choices but to use
    Super-Capital Ships for attacks. One Destroyer is enough, as the turrets won't
    be a problem for the Deacon's heavy armor. Every Carrier will give you 96 SUs.
    Mass: 131.000 tons
    Armor: 77.000
    Firepower: 20000
    Coverage: 30% (4 sponson turrets -front- with big ion, 24 DPs; 6               
                   turrets -2x top, 2xs ide, 2x bottom- with big               
    projectile, 60/120 DPs; 5 infection beams on turrets -               2x top, 2x
    bottom, front-)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 245 m/s
    Special Action: Infection
    Required Tech: Destroyer Drive
                   Heavy Guns
                   Advanced Ion Cannon
    Upgrade Tech: Advanced Destroyer Drive
                  Infection Beam
                  Energy Cannons
                  Armor Level 3
    RU Cost: 6500
    SU Cost: 70
    Beast's ultimate weapon. Based on the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser, the Beast version
    benefits of 5 Infection Beams, capable of converting assault forces in escort.
    Armed with 4 Ion Cannons on front-mounted sponson turrets and 6 projectile
    turrets capable of covering sides and rear areas, the most efficent way to
    fight against a Heavy Cruiser is to use other Super Capital Ships, avoiding all
    other crafts for infection dangers. Beast armada has not Destroyers, and the
    Cruiser has lower SU cost: this theorically means that Beast players can build
    more Heavy Cruisers into battle than Somtaaw's Destroyers/Dreadnoughts.
    BEAST COMMAND SHIP (usually named Stradetch)
    Mass: 565.000 tons
    Armor: 94.000
    Firepower: 4600
    Coverage: 80% (6 turrets -front, top, 2xsides-, with big projectile,           
                                          80/160 DPs; 4 Infection Beams -top,
    bottom, sides-)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 110 m/s
    Special Action: Infection
    Required Tech: nothing (OK, you need something for creating this               
             Ship, but I will spoil it later...)
    Upgrade Tech: Infection Beam
                  Crystal Harvesting Ability
                  Support Systems
                  Armor Level 3
    This Command Ship is better than yours, and, IMO, of the original Homeworld
    MotherShip. The firepower is less powerful than the Kuun Lan's own, but have a
    bigger damage potential and wider covered area. It can build ships in the same
    way as other MotherShip class vessels, but it can temporarly pushes its systems
    far behyond the standard perfomances at expense of ship's health. The Beast
    will automatically stop this redirection after its health drops below the 50%.
    Its Infection turrets are really effective to stall Strike Crafts and Frigate
    -based attacks. Like its Soomtaw counterpart, it gives a total of 90 SUs, plus
    10 SUs for each Support module you build, up to twelve. The Beast CommandShip
    features automatic repair ability, as it is not capable of  upgrading its
    systems for accepting Repair Bots. No more to say, as it is basically part of
    an Explorer class vessels infected by a bio-mechanical virus (oops, I spoiled
    it! ;)
    In multiplayer games, the Command Ship will start with no Support Modules and
    no Infection Capacity; it will have its turrets and will be able to build basic
    fighters and research basic technologies, as per technology tree.
    These ship must be captured, retired and any unknown tehcnology researched
    before put them under full-production. I list only their names, as their are
    equal to their counterparts; they are all Somtaaw ship.
    SEEKER class Reconaissance Fighter
    ACOLYTE class Heavy Fighter
    ACV class Corvette
    DERVISH class Multi Beam Frigate
    HIVE class Drone Frigate
    MINION class Ramming Frigate
    SENTINEL class Defense Pod
    WORKER class Resource Collector (you can capture it, but you can               
                      build them from the begining; in version 1.01 it has a lower
    health of the original Worker)
    CHIEFTAIN Mk3 class Ore Processor (you can capture it, but you can             
                                                             build them from the
    NAGGAROK (alien vessel of unknow class)
    Mass: unknow
    Armor: 200,000 (extimated)
    Firepower: at least 20.000 (at least 4 ion cannons on turrets -2xfront,
    Coverage: 100% (extimated)
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 500 m/s (extimated)
    Special Action: Eat Capital Ships, production of Cruise Missiles
    The Naggarok is the last Beast-infected ship. Its original will be revealed in
    the walkthrough, but it can eat Capital Ships, has no weapons of its own, moves
    at fighter speeds (and it's big as the Kuun-Lan) and is nearly undestructible.
    Addition: the Naggarok is able to produce Cruise Missiles...nice, uh ;) ?
    This section contains all Hiigaran ships that take a marginal active part in
    the game.
    FIRELANCE class ion cannon frigate
    Mass: 13.000 tons
    Armor: 4.020
    Firepower: 3.040
    Coverage: 2% (one forward-fixed big ion, 14 DPs)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    SU Cost: 2
    Deadly against Capital Ships and slow-moving targets, but unable to engage
    fighters. You will recieve four of these Frigates during the game.
    REVELATION class destroyer
    Mass: 26.000 tons
    Armor: 15.000
    Firepower: 7.055
    Coverage: 35% (2 big ion, 14 DPs on forward sponson turrets; 2 big           
    energy guns, 70 DPs on two top turrets)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 295 m/s
    SU Cost: 6
    Not as effective as the Deacon class Destroyer, the Revelation can deal damage
    mainly to other Capital Ships, but it lacks turret coverage and maneuverability
    to track fast-moving targets. You won't be able to build these Destroyers, but
    you will recieve two of them during the game.
    IMPERATOR class Carrier
    Mass: 58.000
    Armor: 29.000
    Firepower: 3020
    Coverage: 60% (four small projectile, 9 DPs on turrets -sides, top, bottom-)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 210 m/s
    The mighty Carrier will be only a problem during the game. You won't directly
    control an Imperator class Carrier, but sometimes a particular Carrier will
    assist you, building Strike Crafts (usually Interceptors) or staging an assault
    without your help.
    CLEE-SAN, deep space research vessel
    Mass: 11.000 tons (extimated)
    Armor: 10.000 (extimated)
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: low (extimated)
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s (extimated)
    The Clee-San is the third ship built by Kiith Somtaww, and it is smaller than
    the two Explorer class vessels, as it can dock in their Hangar Bays. The
    Clee-San moves fast as a Frigate, but all other stats are extimated.
    FAAL-CORUM, EXPLORER class deep space mining vessel
    Mass: 613.000 tons (extimated)
    Armor: 98.000 (extimated)
    Firepower: 5000 (approx)
    Coverage: 70% (six turrets -front, top, 2xsides- with medium projectile, 40 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very low (extimated)
    Max Velocity: 110 m/s (maybe slighty higher)
    You won't directly control your sister ship, but its crew will assist you
    building new ships: so far, the Faal-Corum built Acolytes, ACVs, Ramming and
    Multi Beam Frigates. It has two engines, so it should be faster than the
    Kuun-Lan, but features less powerful guns. Armor and tonnage should be the same
    though it has no place for Support Modules or Siege Cannons and has two
    Research Modules instead of four.
    BANDIT class interceptor
    Mass: 70 tons
    Armor: 75
    Firepower: 65
    Coverage: 5%
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 780 m/s
    Equal to the Interceptor used by the Beast, though this time it is the standard
    vehicle for the Turanic Raiders. An easy kill.
    THIEF class corvette
    Mass: 660 tons
    Armor: 1.200
    Firepower: 200
    Coverage: 10%
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 550 m/s
    Special Action: Mimic
    An other nasty surprise, this Corvette was the first craft to mount Mimic
    technology. It can steal (not salvage) enemy ships: this mean that the required
    number of these Corvettes (2 for a Frigate, 5/6 for Super Capital Ships) can
    salvage any kind of ship even if undamaged. I don't know if this is correct,
    but in one mission I was losing an undamaged Processor to three Corvettes. It
    has also forward fixed guns and is very maneuverable. Match it with groups of
    BRIGAND class missile corvette
    Mass: 775 tons
    Armor: 1.300
    Firepower: 320
    Coverage: 60%
    Maneuverbility: high
    Max Velocity: 500 m/s
    An other craft captured by the Beast and put in full production. The original
    version is faster but has less armor.
    ASSASIN class ion array frigate
    Mass: 13.550 tons
    Armor: 3.500
    Firepower: 4.800
    Coverage: 6%
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 245 m/s
    Special Action: cloack
    The Turanic version of this anti-capital Frigate has higher top speeds but less
    armor when compared to the Beast counterpart. Swarm them with Acolytes/ACVs.
    LORD class attack carrier
    Mass: 109.000 tons
    Armor: 58.000
    Firepower: 7.500
    Coverage: 40%
    Max Velocity: 235 m/s
    This particular Carrier-class vessel is catalogated as "attack carrier", has
    its weapon systems are more efficent than the other Carriers currently in
    service: it features a forward-fixed Ion Cannon
    and it is well protected by projectile turrets mainly mounted on sides and
    bottom. The maneuvarbility can pose a problem, as the Lord can efficently aim
    its cannon against Capital Ships, and the turret complements can pose more than
    a threat for Strike Crafts. Like all Carriers it can produces units, but I've
    never seen one building Frigates: the AI keeps building Corvettes. You will
    encounter only one during the game, and the best way to attack it is to target
    rear quarters and top. Do not understimate its Ion Cannon.
    Mass: unknown (approx. 550.000 tons)
    Armor: unknown (approx. 100.000)
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: none
    Max Velocity: stationary object
    You will encounter this outpost later in the game, and it won't pose a threat
    by itself, but its large defense fleet will pose a problem. It has no weapons,
    but its armor is very tick. It won't move in any way, so destroy its escort
    SUs are used when you capture ships; Yiulius Leonard
    (leonard.yulius@lycos.com)sent me the SU costs and weapon stats. He also
    pointed out that the Heavy Cruiser stats may change from mission to mission.
    Neither I nor him know why this happends, but I'll appreciate any guess on it.
    VARIIS class proximity sensor
    Mass: 47 tons
    Armor: 600
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: very high
    Max Velocity: 1000 m/s
    Though designed to be an highly mobile sensor array, it will serve as a
    stationary early-warning system for most planets. Can detect Mimics, Cloacked
    Units, Leech Pods and other particular units. As they won't move, they will be
    an easy target for anything in your fleet.
    TRIIKOR class interceptor
    Mass: 60 tons
    Armor: 72
    Firepower: 75
    Coverage: 6%
    Maneuverability: ver high
    Max Velocity: 775 m/s
    The only fighter that can match the Acolytes: fast and  powerful, the Triikor
    will be the standard fighter of all Taiidan fleets and groups of them (usually
    5/6 in Delta formation) usually herald attacks by Destroyers and Attack
    Bombers. Concentrate fire on the first fighter of the formation and the others
    will break, exposing their back. Your Acolytes will then destoy the remaining
    fighters in second. They will be annoying when several Destroyers and other
    Capital Ships will attack.
    SEEJUR class defender
    Mass: 70 tons
    Armor: 78
    Firepower: 190
    Coverage: 70%
    Maneuverability: high
    Max Velocity: 385 m/s
    Usually found protecting Heavy Cruisers and Carrier, the defender has three
    guns mounted of normal turrets. Able to tigh turn but low top speed, the Seejur
    can be a problem if deployed in large numbers and you use only Acolytes against
    them. EMP or missile them, or simply convert Acolytes in ACVs.
    KAARK class attack bomber
    Mass: 60 tons
    Armor: 80
    Firepower: 86
    Coverage: 5%
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 650 m/s
    The Taiidan counterpart of the same craft used by the Beast. the Taiidan
    usually screen them wwith Interceptors and heavier units to let them fire at
    will against your MotherShip.
    TIIRSHAK class salvaging corvette
    Mass: 900 tons
    Armor: 1.100
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 450 m/s
    Special Action: salvaging
    You won't envountr large number of these vessels, and they won't pose a problem
    anyway. To capture your ships, the computer has fisrt to weaken them, and I
    think he prefers to destroy your fleet. The most vulnerable vessels are Workers
    and Chieftains, but if stationed fighters for escort, the corvettes will be
    sitting ducks.
    WOODAN class minelayer corvette
    Mass: 820 tons
    Armor: 1.250
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 425 m/s
    Special Action: minelayer
    The Corvette itself is not a problem, but the mines can kill fighters and
    corvettes in one hit and severly damage Super-Capital Ships. The mines are more
    effective than the first Homeworld, as they are maneuverable enough to track
    and hit fighters. To deal with them, send fighters in advance and when you pick
    enemy signals, immediately issue attack orders in aggressive tactics. Hopefully
    you won't lose any craft in this process. The corvette is a very easy kill,
    though you won't encounter many of them.
    DIIRVAAS class multigun corvette
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armor: 700
    Firepower: 380
    Coverage: 78%
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 600 m/s
    Taiidan commanders (aka the AI) will throw them in combat in groups of 5/6 in
    Delta formation, mostly against Capital ans Mother -Ships class vessels. Easily
    killed by their turrets and heavy weapons. The will be a pain for fighters.
    Other stats listed under Beast Ships section.
    HEESHK class support frigate
    Mass: 12.500 tons
    Armor: 3.800
    Firepower: 2.000 (2 medium energy, 80 DPs, on frontal sponson turrets)
    Coverage: 50%
    Maneuverability: medium
    Max Velocity: 450 m/s
    SU: 10
    Designed to support fighters, the Support Frigates are now basically useless,
    as fighters no longer require fuel. Now able to repair other vessels, this
    Frigate is neraly defenseless against every knid of crafts, as the two cannons
    on the vessel's nose cannot cover rear, top and bottom areas. The repair
    ability is annoying, however.
    KORAAL class gravity wheel
    Mass: 10.500 tons
    Armor: 3.400
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Totally unarmed, the gravity wheel projects a gravity field able to stop any
    craft smaller than a Corvette; this leaves to Capital Ships the job of
    attacking it.
    KUDAARK class assault frigate
    Mass: 15.000 tons
    Armor: 4.500
    Firepower: 2548
    Coverage: 75% (2 forward-fixed medium plasma, 40 DPs; 4 medium energy, 88 DPs
    on frontal turrets)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    SU: 10
    The best Taiidan Frigate. Armed with four projectile cannons mounted on turrets
    and two forward-fixed plasma bomb launchers, the Kudaark will prove itself
    effective against both Strike Crafts and Capital Ships. The weakest parts of
    the vessel are the rear areas, where no weapons can track enemy ships. Swarm
    them with fast fighters or ACVs (corvettes aren't maneuverable enough to evade
    the ship's gns) or match them with other Frigates.
    SAJUUK COR ion cannon frigate
    Mass: 13.000 tons
    Armor: 4.200
    Firepower: 3.040
    Coverage: 2% (large ion, 32 DPs, forward-fixed)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    SU: 10
    Like the Turanic's Ion Array Frigate, the Sajuuk Cor mounts only a single,
    forward-fixed Ion Cannon.
    TIIFAL defense field frigate
    Mass: 13.000 tons
    Armor: 4.400
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    See Beast's Defense Field Frigate stats.
    SKAAL TEL class destroyer
    Mass: 26.000 tons
    Armor: 15.000
    Firepower: 7.055
    Coverage: 35% (2 forward fixed large ion, 26 DPS and four big energy, 128 DPS
    -upper side-)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 295 m/s
    You will find group of three Destroyers accompaying Heavy Cruisers during
    assaults against your MotherShip. Engage with Capital Ships, though fighters
    will be too fast to be shoot down, but they lacks efficent weapons against the
    Destroyer's heavy armor.
    SKAAL FA class missile destroyer
    Mass: 28.000 tons
    Armor: 12.500
    Firepower: 4.550
    Coverage: none (theorically 100%)
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 295 m/s
    Deadly against fighters, and can deliver serious damages to other ships from
    afar thanks to its four missile launchers. To engage this vessel use Capital
    Ships and attack the rear and left/right sides, where the missiles have
    difficulties targeting enemies. Do not use fighters, they will be destroyed in
    SAARKIN CHO class carrier
    Mass: 121.000 tons
    Armor: 60.000
    Firepower: 4.000
    Coverage: 75%
    Maneuverability: low
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    The original version of the Beast carrier lacks the front-mounted Infection
    Beams and has an higher top speed. Engage with whatever you have (fighters are
    too maneuverable to be efficently tracked by its guns, and Capital Ship won't
    suffer nearly any damage if you engage the frontal areas of the ship).
    QWAAR JET class heavy cruiser
    Mass: 131.000 tons
    Armor: 75.000
    Firepower: 20.000
    Coverage: 30% (4 large ion, 42, on two frontal sponson turrets; 6 turrets
    -2xtop, 2xbottom, sides- with big energy, 250 DPs)
    Maneuverability: very low
    Max Velocity: 250 m/s
    SU: 30
    This Heavy Cruiser lacks Infection Beams and has an higher top speed, but other
    stats match the ones of the Beast's Cruiser.
    Mass: 15.000 tons (extimated)
    Armor: 4.000 (extimated)
    Firepower: none
    Coverage: none
    Maneuverability: low (approx)
    Max Velocity: 200 m/s (approx)
    It is not a military ship, as it is used to ferry people across the galaxy. Has
    a docking bay for Strike Fighters.
    NOMAD MOON artificial satellite
    Mass: 700.000 tons (extimated)
    Armor: 15.000 (extimated)
    Firepower: at least 12.000 (extimated; six Bentusi Ion Cannons at zenith,
    nadir, north, east, west and south points)
    Coverage: 80% (extimated)
    Maneuverability: none
    Max Velocity: stationary
    Special Action: Repulsor
    The Nomad Moon is the Republicans' secret weapon. It is an artificial satellite
    without movement ability, but can unleash a repulsor shockwave once every 10/20
    seconds thanks to the two emitters at nadir and zenith points; when the
    repulsor is recharging its six ion cannons can deal with the intruders. Those
    Cannons fire in the same way as a Bentusi Ion Cannon but do not allocate a
    large amount of damage (a Dreadnought alone should be able to inflict severe
    damage to the Moon before being destroyed). Its sensors are unable to track
    Strike Crafts, but has a full escort and a Proximity Sensor net.
    Mass: 100 tons (approx)
    Armor: 80 (extimated)
    Firepower: 6.000 (extimated) (2 forward fixed small ion, 45 DPs)
    Coverage: 6% (extimated)
    Maneuverability: very high (approx)
    Max Velocity: 825 m/s (approx)
    Welcome the ultimate fighter. The original version of the Acolyte (don't you
    know that the Acolyte chassis was given you by the Bentusi?) is maneuverable
    like all other fighters, matches your own version in speed (IMO) but has
    superior armor and firepower. What kind of weapon does it use? Ion Cannon. TWO
    Ion Cannons, exactly where the guns used to be. Engage them with Capital Ships,
    other crafts will be destroyed in seconds.
    BENTUSI TRADE SHIP, belonging to the Carrier class
    Mass: 600.000 tons (extimated)
    Armor: 120.000 (extimated)
    Firepower: at least 15.000 (three Bentusi Ion Cannons on forward sponson
    Coverage: at least 40%
    Maneuverability: medium/low
    Max Velocity: 250 m/s (extimated)
    The Bentusy are a peaceful people, but produced the basic chassis of the
    Acolyte and gave you the Ion Cannon and Swarm technology in the first
    Homeworld. The Super Acolyte is the best fighter (and possibly the best ship)
    in the game, and the Trade Ship could be the best MotherShip: turn rates are
    awesome (they matches Frigates), they are nearly undestructible and the only
    weapons I've seen so far are three Ion cannons mounted on sponson turrets
    positioned on the vessel's nose. Even massed Super-Capital Ships will have
    trouble against them, especially because they can produce Super Acolytes...
    Last minute note: this ship belongs to the Carrier class. Now try to imagine a
    Bentusi MotherShip-class vessel.
    About the Ion Cannons of this ship, classified as "Bentusi Ion Cannons": though
    the program tells that they aren't more powerful than a Firelance/Sajuuk Cor
    frigates (big, ion, 16 DPs) the beam allocates 4 or 5 times this damage and it
    recharges faster than standard Ion Beams...in fact, if the target is near to
    the guns, the cannons will just hit the target repedeatly without pause. Only
    Trade Ships have this kind of beam, while Super Acolytes have "normal" Beams.
    Particular mission tactics will be described under the appropriate section
    (number 9); this section exists to speak about some general points that haven't
    to be forgot.
    The Kuun Lan is more armed and protected tha the first MotherShip (IMO), but
    always keep a wing of ACV to defend it, and draw enemy fire away from its
    fragile modules. If the enemy launches a frontal attack, the module that will
    recieve more damage will be the Hangar Module, if the attack comes from sides
    and bottom the support modules and from top, research modules. Additionally,
    the Siege Cannon is a good protection for the latter modules, but be careful: a
    Siege Cannon requires mre time and RUs to be built than any other module, and
    you might need it to support your attack forces. If one module is destroyed,
    especially Hangar and Support types, immediately rebuild them. The ACVs are
    protected enough to hold their position until you build bigger crafts or attack
    forces return; the best thing is to unite the ACV mobility with the firepower
    of the Kuun Lan's cannons. In this way, fighter and corvette attacks will be
    always repulsed; if large number (5+) of Capital Ships attack you, move your
    MotherShip and call for reinforcements (build new crafts or recall the strike
    team). Always keep a Seeker within the MotherShip's gun, later on cloacked
    attacks will prove deadly, especially if Ion Array Frigates appear over your
    Strike teams should be composed by at least 10 Acolytes/ACVs (the one you
    like...Acolytes have missiles and they are maneuverable, but won't live long
    against Corvettes; ACVs are a bit slow but they can usually survive to any
    attack if backed by larger Ships), 4/6 Multi-Beam Frigates and 2/3 Destroyers.
    Add 1/2 Dreadnoughts if you can. With this force, and with the help of their
    special attacks (use the Repulsor when you are swarmed by Strike Crafts and
    EMP/Missiles against big foes), you should be able to destroy any opponent.
    Remember to keep fighters/corvette and Frigates away from Beast Capital Ships,
    as it can infect them.
    The Processor should always follow Workers, for protection and fast harvesting.
    When you can, retired the Processor and use a Carrier to protect your Workers.
    Make your ships dock frequently, and retire them from battles for repairs when
    they reach a red status: even a Dreadnought can be destroyed if overwhelmed. If
    you need new ships desperately and you have Carriers, divide production between
    the avaiable construction lines. If you are building a Super-Capital Ship, do
    not attack, and maintain a good Frigate/fighter escort around the Kuun Lan:
    Super-Capital vessels are built outside the MotherShip, and are susceptible to
    damage, and they cannot use their weapons. Try to match the enemy forces: do
    not send Seekers against Heavy Cruiser as tey will be destroyed and/or
    infected, but use the right number and type of ships.
    Sebastian Mundt (sebastian_mundt@gesis.de) said:
     If the Beast infects your fighters with its beam immediately pause the game.
    Since the infection beam will hit only one ship and then jump over to the next,
    self-destruct the nearby fighters in the formation and also blow up the already
    infected ones - if possible. That should reduce losses for your fleet to a
    minimum and it should prevent you from being attacked by ships that used to be
    yours later.
    Marco NKB (hiforce@crosswinds.net) asks this:
    Hi Briareos,
    I read your fantastic WalkThrough. I want to ask u this:
    how can I reapair a group of damaged Strike Crafts with workers? There is a key
    to bandbox-repair them?
    Or, there is a way to configure workers to auto-repair damaged ships?
    Mhmm...All ships can be repaired by Workers with the Repair System technology
    (select one or more Workers then move the cursor over any allied damaged ship
    and the cursor will change into a red cross over a white circle; right click to
    issue the order if you play with Cataclysm settings or double left click if you
    play with HomeWorld settings; see options for this) or by docking them; select
    the Crafts you want to be repaired and press the "D" button; they will dock
    with the nearest Carrier/MotherShip and will automatically exit (if auto-launch
    is on) when the repairs are done. Of course, Destroyers and Dreadnoughts won't
    be able to dock.
    There is no way to order Workers to auto-repair ships: Strike Crafts can dock,
    like Frigates, and all Capital Ships (Frigates, Carriers, Destroyers, Cruisers,
    Dreadnoughts, Mothership) auto repair themselves when they are upgraded with
    Repair Robots.
    Johnny Wu (someone_mk2@hotmail.com) wrote this:
    If you have 25 muti beam frigates in wall formation pretty much everything
    dies. Although that would take up 300 SUs, it's very effective. The infection
    beam that the beast capital ships launch usually infects 2 frigates each shot,
    and the max I lost was 13 frigates fighting against 3 capital ships with
    support. The frigates are almost impossible to kill except by infection beams.
    As for Naggarok, it didn't even finish eating my frigate before it got blown to
    I still prefer the old tactics, with Super-Capital Ships leading and assault
    group, though it could be interesting.
    Maullar.Maullar (maullar_maullar@yahoo.com) sent me this:
    Hey.  I just read your FAQ for Cataclysm on GameFAQs.
    It's quite good.  Here's some information you might
    -On Very Easy mode, it IS possible to destroy the
    Carrier and its escort protecting the resourcers on
    Mission 1.  I did it with ~25 Acolytes.
    -On Mission 6, if you let any Interceptors report back
    to base, they WILL send their ENTIRE force at you.  I
    had a very hard time with it on Very Easy mode.
    that's correct about mission 6, if you let an Interceptor report back (or just
    your units are within visual range of the base), the entire army will attack
    you. Also, when the Cruiser will be under attack (or when it will be destroyed,
    still have to understand), the entire Taiidan force will move toward you.
    If someone reading this document played Starcraft, he/she would know that Zergs
    and Terrans were able to do rush attacks with their Zerglings and Marines. This
    tactic was one of the first someone masters, and in little maps was almost
    letal. If this someone passed from Starcraft to Homeworld/HW Cataclysm, he
    would have noticed that using the first fighters in groups is not a good
    choice: first because the MotherShip or the Transport you have to destroy is
    heavily armored and has big guns that could destroy fighters in second, and
    then because the other player will surely have fighters to support these guns.
    Like Homeworld, Catclysm features two "races", but they have almost identical
    abilities and technology trees. In fact, I always played with a Somtaaw fleet,
    and did only one or two matches with Beast fleets: Somtaaw have stronger base
    fighters (the Acolytes), that will turn dead if the player develops Missile
    Tech, plus the Hiigaran Kiith fleet has the full range of ships (Fighters,
    Corvettes, Frigates, Carriers, Destroyers, Dreadnoughts), while the Beast has a
    large number of Corvette-type crafts with few Capital Ships, and the most
    effective of them, the Heavy Cruiser, requires a lot of RUs, SUs and time to be
    completed (I'm speaking about a "normal" fleet, with no captured technology).
    And the Somtaaw's voices are cooler than the Beast's.
    + Let's start to see Somtaaw Tactics.
    Acolytes will be present every where, in defense and offensive role. Their
    mobility and firepower, combined with the capability of forming a Corvette
    class ship in few seconds will prove very useful, especially if you master how
    to use special actions. For Acolytes, use missiles against Frigates and larger
    vessels, as they will miss smaller ships. ACV's EM Pulse is useful against
    Strike Crafts, to halt them down and destroy them nearly effortlessy. The
    Somtaaw features a good number of Frigates, most of them with specialized in
    anti-fighter duties: the Multi-Beam and Hive Frigate will be useful to track
    and destroy enemy fighters. The Dervish is also a powerful lineholder, even if
    the larger covered area means that its Ion Cannons are less powerful than the
    single Cannon mounted on a Ion Frigate. The best way to use the Dervish is to
    manually maneuver them to fire in the enemy's flanks or rear sides, where its
    protection (both armor and weapons) will be lower, keeping an aggressive
    tactic, as the Frigates will continue to fire while moving. The Hive frigate is
    useful against Strike Crafts only, as its Swarmers are too little to seriously
    arm other Capital Ships; the Hive standard armament is a bit weak and forward
    fixed, so it will have to manuever to tracking fats enemies; combined with the
    relatively thin armor, this Frigate won't live long against Destroyers or Ion
    Frigates. The last Firgate, the Minion Ramming Frigate can deal serious damage
    o large vessels, especially if two or more Frigates rams in the same time and
    from the same direction a vessel: not only the vessel will be moved by the
    Frigate's afterburner, it will be damaged by the laser hidden in its nose. This
    action is useful when large enemy groups counting Capital Ships among them
    attacks fighter forces: use your Minions to move some ships, and use an evasive
    tactic and immediately call reinforcements for your fighters: though well
    armored and relatively manueverable, the Frigates will perish under the long
    range fire of Ion Cannons. If the match drags for some time, someone will be
    able to produce Carriers first and then Destroyers. So far I've never seen
    someone building Dreadnoughts, nor I've ever done, I always won (or beaten :P)
    before. Carriers will be the first Super Capital Ships in order to build, as
    you'll need their additional SUs to expand your fleet. Just build one, and then
    concentrate on producing other Frigates (you will be able to produce 2/3
    Multi-Beam Frigates in one minute), and if you have enough resources, begin to
    build a Destroyer or two. Then you would need the second and last Carrier for
    you first Dreadnought. Nothing much to say about the Super Ships in
    multiplayer: if you can, hyperspace them near the enemy MotherShip while you
    Strike Crafts arrives or already engages enemies. Always concentrate their fire
    on the enemy MotherShip. If you hyperspaced them, your opponet will try to
    hyper his Command Ship to safety while the rest of the fleet engages your
    behemoths. What about your MotherShip? Defend it and use it in attack or
    defense only when the situation is desperate; rember you can move it across the
    map. Do this often, as this will confuse your opponent, and use a Seeker to
    track your enemy. Seekers should be used in this way: one circling (use
    circular waypoints) your MotherShip, one tracking your enemy, a third will
    accompain your Strike Team and a fourth will guard the area between you and
    your opponent. How to use the Siege Cannon: first, be sure that you ships
    aren't along the projectile's trajectory, then try to be closest as possible to
    the target: as the range increases, the accurancy lowers. Do not use it for
    destroying very near objectives, as the Cannon needs some seconds to charge and
    the projectile will need other time to reach the impact point; last, but not
    least, the Siege Cannon is armed with explosive rounds, so the explosion might
    damage your ships. You just need to be lucky with this one, really. However, if
    the Cannon hits, it will destroy and/or severly damage Destroyer class vessels.
    Fighters and Corvettes? Mhmm...Propably they won't survive...
    + Beast tactics:
    The first thing to do is to build Interceptors and Corvettes (the Multi gun
    will be the best, though the Missile will do fine), then research the Infection
    Beam: as this research is long, use the Beast's special ability to use
    CommadShip's health to research faster. Build a strong defensive wing (10 Multi
    Gun Corvettes with some Interceptors), and if the ohter player(s) does not
    attack, begin to research and build Frigates and Cruise Missiles. If that
    player attacks, try to infect as many ships as possible (I conseil
    Acolytes/ACVs and Multi-Beam Frigates; maybe upgraded with Energy Cannons and
    Armor Level 2) and repel the attack. hen begin to build a strike team: 6/8 Ion
    Array/Multi-Beam Frigates, one Carrier/Heavy Cruiser and Corvette escort. Go to
    your opponet and use your Super Capital Ship to infect other (probably even
    more advanced) ships, decomission them and inflict as much damage as possible,
    and retreat when your wing reaches 50% losses within Capital Ships. Hyperspace
    if the situation is desperate. Cruise Missiles should be used against small
    Strike Teams were Multi Beam Frigates are escorted by few fighter: use
    ten/fifteen Missiles, and assault one Frigate with three Missiles each. This
    should bring you new ships and technology. This tactic works best when escort
    or the Frigates are harrassed by fighters. If you don't capture any enemy ship,
    your assaults will be based on Ion Array Frigates: cloack them and be sure that
    no Advanced Sensors are in the area, reach the enemy MotherShip and attack it
    by surprise. The counterattack will be hard to repel, but the support of Attack
    Bombers would be enough. Attack Bombers acn be effective if used in large
    groups (15+), though do not pretend to destroy Super Capital and Mother Ships
    with these fighters alone. If you are going to build Carriers and Heavy
    Cruisers, remember to use the "build faster" capability. Theorically, two
    Cruisers and 4/6 Ion Frigates with fighter and Corvette escort will be enough
    to destroy the enemy's MotherShip. Theorically.
    + General Tactics:
    Move the MotherShip, especially when you repulsed an attack, after an
    hyperspace jump and after firing the Siege Cannon.
    Do not send all of your crafts against your enemy. You attack could be stopped
    and you won't have any ship defending your "base".
    If your enemy build Carriers, you have to destroy them too: the computer will
    declare victory after one player won't be able to build ships.
    It is possible to track an enemy MotherShip from a Siege Cannon projectile,
    just minimize your map's zoom, and move the camera to the zenith. Observer the
    moving yellow dot and trace an imaginary line from the impact point to the
    point where the projectile started. Send a Seeker or a Mimic and see where your
    enemy really is.
    Protect your Workers.
    Do not play aganst only one player: getting used to his/her tactics will make
    uttelry easy to defeat him/her, but not all palyers use same tactics.
    Fine-tune your computer: disable any useless icon-try program, and put your
    Message Program (ICQ, Odigo, AOL, Clique Me..) into Invisible mode. Check the
    matches' ping rates to avoid slow fights and avoid to slow them down. If you
    play on a low-end PC (I play on a P200MMX), disable all effects, reduce the
    model complexity, the audio channels and whatever can takes important clocks of
    you CPU: the net is slow by itself, and slowing down the game more could spell
    the difference between victory (ie: the PC does not accept or "ear" a click
    from your mouse becuase it's calculating the light sourcing on 1.544.186
    Buy the fastest computer and modem (ISDN, ADSL, Satellite uplinks...whatever. I
    use a 33.6 Modem and the game is really slow) you can.
    Last minute note: all Soomtaw Strike Crafts (but not the Workers) need to dock
    with the Kuun-Lan or a Carrier to be updated. Beast ships can update their
    systems without docking, even if they are Strike Crafts (though they need to
    stop and remain inactive for some time). Also, the best tactic to destroy the
    Somtaaw mothership is to hyperspace right behind it, as your capital ship can
    be able to target the main engine; attacking from sides will usually destroy
    hangar moduels first, increasing killing time. Beast mothership can be attacked
    by all sides, as there are no modules absorbing damage.
    ¢ ® ì § (criz_hughes@hotmail.com) want to add this:
    1. When playing as Somataww, use a dreadnaughts repulser to defend against
    seige cannon attacks, (as the projectile nears you, activate the repulser and
    it will bounce back to the source- marginally disconcerting if he/she has fired
    from reasonably close range!!)
    2. When playing as beast, put a defence feild frigate next to the seige cannon
    of your opponent, this will cause the energy ball from the seige cannon to
    explode as soon as it leaves the barrel. (a cheeky and devastating way to
    cripple an opponent)
    3. If timed correctly, seige cannon firing can take place while the blue
    hyperspace box is covering the mother ship from the front backwards.
    So far, I ended the game in Normal mode. I do not know how the game will be in
    Very Hard difficulty, but probably production speed will be lower, you'll have
    fewer resources at your disposal and the AI will send more ships into battle.
    In Normal mode, you start the game with the Kuun-Lan (no modules except the
    Hangar), 3 Seekers and 3 Workers.
    Christoph Holtzmuller (AzureWrathe@aol.com) asked me for codes, as it has
    troubles with the relatively complex game controls; as far as I know, there are
    no codes for Cataclysm. If you have troubles with the controls, practicing with
    them in the tutorial is a good choice; you can also lower the difficulty level,
    buy Homeworld for pratcing with its controls first or try to costumize the keys.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Destroy the Attack Bombers attacking the Frigates in sector 109
    + Destroy the Interceptors send to investigate on you
    + Recon the marked area
    + Destroy the Resource Collectors
    + Protect the Proximity Sensor net
    + Destroy the damaged Heavy Cruiser before it flees.
    While mining an asteroid belt near a planet, you recieve a distress call from
    the Veer-Rak, a Carrier from Kiith Nabaal defending Hiigara. Your planet is
    attacked by the Taiidan Navy, and Defense Fleet need every help within jump
    You arrive in sector 112, at the south-east edge of the map. Immediately move
    the Kuun Lan near the blue sphere near the upper-rigtht edge and build at least
    three Workers and a Processor and send them to harvest the nearby resources.
    Build two groups of ten Acolytes each. Retire two of the three Seekers.
    The Nabaal commander asks you to destroy a group of roughly 10 Attack Bombers
    which are taking the upper hand over some Ion Frigates. Do not immediately send
    them, as the Taiidan fleet will launch 5 Interceptors toward your Workers; send
    your new Acolytes to destroy the enemy fighters. Now you should have at least
    10 Acolytes and one Processor: send the Acolytes against the Bombers, and the
    Processor near the Workers to protect them against future attacks (always
    staged by five Interceptors).
    After you have destroyed the Bombers, Tactical informs you that sensors have
    picked up an unknow enemy signal. Send a Seeker or directly a group of Acolytes
    to the marked place; you will find three or four Resource Collectors harvesting
    plus 2 Defenders. Destroy them before they dock with the nearby Carrier, or you
    will have to wait until they return to the resource field. The Carrier has full
    Defender support plus its guns, and your Acolytes will be destroyed in seconds.
    Meanwhile, Tactical should have informed you that engineers are ready to begin
    to research Linking technology, and Taiidan Strike Crafts are attacking the
    Proximity Sensors net (the yellow dots) around Hiigara. Have the second group
    of fighters attack them; the enemy attack party is composed of 5 Interceptors
    and 2 Multi Gun Corvettes, and they may need help. If you have moved the Kuun
    Lan, its guns will take care of them if your Acolytes fail to shoot them down.
    When you have finished, dock your fighters and replace every loss, you have to
    take down an Heavy Cruiser fleeing from battle. Send all your Acolytes, and
    engage the six Defenders escorting the vessel, thn engage it with evasive
    tactic. Repalce immediately any loss, or the battle will be long, and possibly
    not successful. If you want, you can help the Nabaal's ships to finish with the
    Taiidan to gain experience.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Find the Bushan-Re
    + Repair the Bushan-Re
    + Destroy the Turanic forces
    + Recover the derelict
    An other support mission for other major Kiiths, this time for the Manaans; one
    of their Destroyers, the Bushan-Re, is damaged and requests assistance.
    Tactical advises you than Workers aren't capable of repairs and salvaging
    operations, and suggests the realization of an Engineering Module; the Kuun Lan
    crew will jettison the upper container and will begin to build the first
    research module.
    To find the Bushan-Re, you have to explore the map: the program position the
    Destroyer randomly; if this "treasure hunt" lasts for too much, Tactical will
    show you 3 points: move your Acolytes near them and see where the Bushan-Re is.
    Move the Kuun Lan toward the Bushan-Re, and use your Acolytes to repel any
    Turanic attack; it is better to swithch to ACV mode, as Turanics will throw
    Standard and Missile Corvettes into battle. When all Raider forces have been
    destroyed, dock and repalce your losses, then move your ACVs near the
    Bushan-Re, as well as three upgraded Workers and begin to repair it.
    When the Destroyer has regained half of its health, four friendly Support
    Corvettes will come out of hysperspace and will approach the Cruiser to repair
    them. DO NOT move your ACVs away from the Destroyer, these Frigates are Turanic
    Corvettes using Mimic technology. If you set an aggressive tactic for your
    ACVs, they will begin to attack them immeditely, and the Cruiser should help
    you in destroying them. While dealing with the Corvettes, the Kuun Lan picks up
    a distress call from a nearby object, and Tactical orders you to salvage it
    with one of your Workers. Move the Kuun Lan toward the object.
    When the Mimic Corvettes are no more, a larger Turanic fleet will appear, and
    when you asks help to the Bushan-Re, it flees as only its hyperdrive system is
    online. Tactical also tells you that Mimic technology is available for research.
    Send a single Worker to retrieve the artifact and escort it with the ACVs.
    After you destroy some Corvettes and fighters, the Raiders will flee.
    Mary Patyten (mpatyten@redshift.com) adds:
    in the level that you salvage the beast derelect, and there is a turanic
    rader presence, neer the derilect go practicaly straight down, and twords
    your command, ships original location, and scan around as far down as you
    can go, you should find it eventually, and there is the one in the turanic
    rader outpost level aswell, but i think you know about that one.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Find the Clee-San
    + Send a Mimic and dock with the Clee-San
    + Destroy all mines blocking the Clee-San
    The Kiith-Sa orders you to reach the Clee-San, a research Frigate, now located
    in the Corcu-Tel system for some experiments.
    To find the Clee-San, simply send a Seeker toward the yellow dot...the Seekers
    will locate several mines in the area and a large contingent of Turanic Strike
    Crafts. Send your Acolytes in a single group to destroy the mines and then move
    the Kuun Lan toward the Clee-San. Position your MotherShip very near to the
    firendly Frigate, you'll need this later on.
    Tactical proposes to send a Mimic to dock with the Clee-San; do it, and the
    Clee-San will show you all active mines in the area. Your first objective now
    is to destroy the six mines in front of the research vessel. Be careful, the
    mines are guarded by large numbers of Corvettes, both standard and missile, and
    some Interceptors. Send your Acolytes in ACV mode, and begin to research the
    Missile Tech after you built the Weapon module; Afterburner technology is also
    available. If you moved the Kuun-Lan close enough, its guns will cover your
    fighters if they need a "tactical" retreat, and eventualy will destroy any
    enemy fighter in the area.
    The Clee-San will begin to move after the six mines are destroyed, and will
    travel to dock with the Kuun Lan. One or two minutes after the Firgate started
    to move, Turanic will jump several Ion Array Frigates into the system . There
    is no chance to destroy all of them, so you need to move the Kuun Lan toward
    the Clee San in order to avoid their attack. Plus, the Clee San will stop if it
    founds mines on its path; that's why I told you to move the Kuun-Lan: it is
    possible to completely avoid the attack. Once the small research vessel docks
    with the Kuun Lan, hyperspace to safety. Be sure to do not activate the "remain
    docked" option, or you will loose ant docked ships.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Build a new Hangar Module
    + Escort the Clee-San with 10 Acolytes
    + Examine the recordings
    The Clee-San personnel secued the derelict, an alien artifact, probably a
    beacon. They have just begin to open the artifact, and smoething comes out...
    The Kuun Lan systems are on full alert: all lower decks are infected, and one
    scientist reports that the artifact contained something. And this something is
    eating all lower decks and personnel in it. Before dying, it tells you to
    jettison the Hangar Module to save the entire ship...the Hangar Module is
    jeetisoned, and the only thign you ear are screams...
    The first thing to do is to rebuild the lost Hangar Module. If you had ships
    docked, they will be lost: you should have enough money to rebuild the Hangar
    Module and at least 3 Workers, but your Acolytes should have experience, and
    losing them is a pity...
    After you have rebuild the Hangar Module, the Clee-San wants to scan the
    infected Hangar Module to find what's happened. Tactical orders you to escort
    it with 10 Acolytes; choose 10 fighters with the lower experiencelevel
    possible, and keep them in fighter mode. Convert all other crafts in ACV mode
    and build your offensive fleet up to 10 ACVs, assign them to a single group and
    have them form into a wall or a claw.
    After the Clee-San reaches the Module, it will be infected by the same thing
    that ate you Hangar. Your Acolytes will suffer the same fate, and begins to
    attack you. I think it is possible to save your fighters from such a destiny,
    but all my efforts were unsuccessful.
    The Hangar Module will begin to speak (yes, speak): They Live.
    A minor correction: it is possible to save these 10 Acolytes: have them escort
    the Clee-San until you have in visual range of the lost Module, then move them
    away from the Clee-San. After you did so the Clee-San will move for a short
    distance. Repeat this until the Clee-San falls into enemies' hands. Or, like
    Sebastian Mundt (sebastian_mundt@gesis.de) wrote:
    As you said, order your Acolytes to guard the Clee-San. When you approach the
    hangar module, sent your fighter back to the Kuun Lan. The Clee-San will stop.
    Then let one or two guard the science vessel. The Clee-San will still not move.
    When the rest of your group of Acolytes is half way between the Kuun Lan and
    the module order them to guard the Clee-San. It will then
    continue to approach the hangar module although the Acolytes are far away. If
    it starts the scans let all your Acolytes retreat. The science frigate will be
    infected but the rest of your fleet should be safe.
    Silviu (killermosi@yahoo.com) suggested this tactic too:
    in the mission where you'll have to protect the CLEE-SAN with 10 acolytes,
    there is a way to lose none in the moment of the infection attack. this is waht
    i did:
    i gaved a guard order to 10 ACVs, ordering them a sphere formation around
    CLEE-SAN. After the CLEE-SAN started to move and the sphere formation was
    established, i UNLINKED the ACVs.
    the ACVs stopped and unlinked and the CLEE-SAN continued her way unguarded.
    i must also say that i was playing the version 1.0 of the game.
    After you repelled the 10 Acolytes you sent with the Clee-San (the best way to
    do this it to intercept them near the Kuun Lan in order to get some support
    fire), Tactical informs you that engineers are ready to research what happened
    to the two ships. Begin the research immediately, and be prepared to fend of
    attacks staged by your own forces: the Hangar Module will throw groups of 8/10
    Acolytes with 5 ACVs and one Ramming Frigate. The Frigate will go directly
    toward the Kuun Lan, so it won't pose a trouble, but your ACVs/Acolytes will
    die if they do not have support from the MotherShip. Also, when the research is
    nearly completed, have the Workers and Processor dock.
    Shortly after ending the research on that thing, a Turanic Raider fleet (Ion
    Frigates, Corvettes, Fighters...a full attack force.) will jump into the are,
    directly behind the Hangar Module and the Clee-San. When you try to explain
    what happened, the Raiders will ignore your warnings and will get infected too.
    There's nothing more to do, the Turanic fleet was to large before infection,
    and now has support of Acolytes and ACVs. If you moved the Kuun Lan near the
    infected Module, quickly move it and recall all your ships, and hyperspace.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Intercept the Bentusi vessel
    + Protect the Bentusi vessel
    + Protect the Caal-Shto
    + Destroy the Beast fleet
    The thing that infected the Hangar Module and the Clee-San was code-named the
    Beast. It is a bio-technological virus that can adapt itself and uses living
    forms and their cells to create a self-sufficent neuronal net. The Beast
    spreads the infection with plasma beams, which cut the enemy's hull and injects
    the virus. All the infected forms are part of the original Beast.
    Tactical suggests to reach a Bentusi Ship to collect more informations about
    the Beast; the nearest Bentusi ship is the Aiowa system, and when you reach the
    system, immediately send a Seeker or a group of Acolytes to the marked zone,
    while your Workers harvest resorces.
    The Bentusi are attacked by Beast forces, and they reply to your warnings that
    no one will survive if it is so fool to attack the Unbounds; in fact, the
    Bentusi ship will begin to harvest enemy ships with multiple ion beams...
    Move one group of Acolytes to help the Bentusi vessel, and maintain a group of
    ACVs near the Kuun-Lan. The Beast will launch two Ion Array Frigates and some
    Corvettes toward your Command Ship.
    After having destroyed the incoming threat, send all your attack forces into
    the battle. The Kuun-Lan will pick up three hyperspace signatures. The Bentusi
    sent a distress signal to Hiigaran ships, and the Kiith Manaan replied by
    sending the Caal-Shto, a Carrier, and tow Ion Cannon Frigates.
    Continue your battle against Beast fighters until an Heavy Cruiser reaches the
    Bentusi ship; quickly recall your fighters for repair and repalce any lost
    ships. As the Cruiser begins to attack the trading vessel with infection beams,
    the Bentusi will begin to descript what they feel...something ancient, which is
    hungry, and modifies their sings and tears them apart...the Bentusi won't be
    bound. They self-destruct.
    The Beast fleet is completely destroyed, but the Caal-Shto was caught into the
    explosion. Move your fighters into a defensive position; you now should be able
    to research Support Modules and to build the Advanced Engineering Module: do
    so, and research Micro-Ships in the new module and immediately build 12 (the
    max available) Support Modules. Your forces now should be a group of 20
    Acolytes and one group of 10 ACVs, plus one Processor and 6 Workers. No
    Frigates are needed for now.
    Do not send Workers to repair the Caal-Shto, but kep them harvesting resources.
    Fend off all attacks against the Carrier while you move the Kuun Lan very near
    to the Caal-Shto and until you built your forces. Track enemy movements and
    move you fighters toward the Carrier producing Attack Bombers, Acolytes and
    Ramming Frigates. Be sure to intercept all enemies before dealing with the
    Once you have reached the Carrier, unlink any ACV you have and attack the enemy
    ship from sides, using missiles; the Carrier should retreat after a single
    attack. Destroy the remaining Workers, head back to the Kuun Lan and hit J to
    finish the mission.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Recon enemy base
    + Control all navpoints
    + Escort the Caal-Shto to the portal
    + Destroy all Taiidan minelayers
    + Destroy all Taiidan scouts
    + Research Phased Telemetry
    + Destroy the Heavy Cruiser
    The Caal-Shto is badly damaged, and only its fusion reacotr continues to work.
    Hyperspace module is offline, like all weapons and construction lines. If the
    Beast stages an other attack, the Caal-Shto will fall in its hands.
    The only way to get the damaged Carrier out of this system is to use one of the
    portals located into the Kadir Nebula.
    The mpa of this mission is a developed into a single, relatively thin line
    containing the portal where you entered (behind your back) and the Epsilon
    portal, where you have to escort the Caal-Shto. The portal are spyrals composed
    by unharvestable asteroyds.
    When you arrives into the Nebula, Tactical telles you that there is an
    Imperialist Taiidan base between the entrance and the exit, and orders you to
    send a Seeker to gather informations about the enemy forces. DO NOT do this;
    instead, send your Workers to harvest, and guard them with your Processor.
    Build at least two groups of 20 Acolytes each. You'll need speed rather than
    firepower in this mission. Build three Seekers: one will remain with the Kuun
    Lan and the Caal-Shto, one will guard the Workers and the other will accompain
    the Acolytes. The seekers are the only units with full power to sensors: the
    nebula radiations block all other sensors, so the Taiidan base doesn't know the
    right number of forces that arrived, and it will continue to send groups of 5
    Interceptors to scout the area. For now, they will head toward the Workers, so
    use one group of Acolytes to destroy them. The other group, with the help of a
    Seeker, will travel toward the Epsilon portal (proceed toward the second grey
    box and the continue in a straight line). Build the Armor Module and research
    the Force Field, too.
    The Acolytes sent toward the portal will see several mines: take them down, and
    when you reach the portal, have them back (the Seeker too) to the Kuun-Lan and
    send one Seeker to scout the enemy base. The base itself produces only
    fighters, but has a full complement of Support, Assault and Ion Cannon Frigates
    plus a Carrier. After the recon is finished, the Kuun Lan will issue the move
    order, and the Caal-Shto will beign to move toward the portal. Move one Seeker
    toward the exit, and it will find a group of Minelayers and Defenders. Destroy
    them with the Acolytes; one group should always remain with the Command Ships,
    and when Tactical detects a group of Interceptors (always five in delta
    formation), dispatch them for a quick shoot-down. If the Interceptors repot
    back to the base, it will probably launch all Frigates and the Carrier to take
    you down. I've never did such a mistake, so I do not really know if this is
    After destroying the Minelayers and their escort, move the Seeker close to the
    portal and...ta daan, an Heavy Cruiser with 10 Defenders for its escort.
    Engineers are ready to research for Leech technology. This won't be a great
    help, unless you use ten or more Leeches to attack the Cruiser. Frigate drive
    will also be available, but the Hive Frigte isn't excalty what you need against
    an Heavy Cruiser. If you want, build one or two Ramming Frigates to move the
    Cruiser away from the Defenders. Deploy all Acolytes against the Cruiser, and
    have them unleash missiles against it. Then engage the Defenders, and replace
    all losses immediately.
    After the Cruiser is destroyed the Caal-Shto will enter the portal, and you'll
    have to hyperspace to reach it. If you want, hang on a minute to harvest some
    resources, but the base already launched its forces toward you: in few minutes
    will be on you. Hyperspace ASAP and reach the Caal-Shto.
    Pete Morfill (p.morfill@btinternet.com) sent this:
    I was reading your walkthrough which is great, but I had a tip for the Kadiir
    Nebula mission. When you discover the Heavy Cruiser blocking your path,
    research the leeches tech as instructed. Then build ten and send them to attack
    the cruiser. Make sure you have at least 5 or 6 workers too. By the time you
    reach the cruiser and it's fighters it will be damaged (assuming you got your
    recon ship there far enough in advance); you can then attack it and its
    fighters with all your acolytes and follow the attack up immediately with a
    salvage attempt (using all those workers!) I managed to capture the heavy
    cruiser which came in very handy for the next few missions, and all I lost was
    a few fighters, which you can rebuild anyway. Obviously you need to make sure
    you have enough SU's for the capture.
    Maullar.Maullar (maullar_maullar@yahoo.com) sent me this:
    Hey.  I just read your FAQ for Cataclysm on GameFAQs.
    <snip...read General Tactica for the rest>
    -On Mission 6, if you let any Interceptors report back
    to base, they WILL send their ENTIRE force at you.  I
    had a very hard time with it on Very Easy mode.
    If you let even an Interceptor report back (or just your units are within
    visual range of the base), the entire army will attack you. Also, when the
    Cruiser will be under attack (or when it will be destroyed, still have to
    understand), the entire Taiidan force will move toward you.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Check origins of the distress signal
    + Protect Convoy
    + Destroy Beast ships
    + Destroy all infected ships
    Engineers aboard the Kuun Lan did whatever they could to find more infos about
    the Beast. The Beacon you salvaged comes from an alien explorer ship, called
    the Naggarok; its origins are unknown, but it surely came from an other galaxy.
    This ship was usign an hyperdrive incredibly powerful. The ship came out from
    hyperspace infected by the virus the the Somtaaw code-named Beast, but the
    alien crew sacrificed themsleves as they realized the destructive potential of
    this "creature", and destroyed engines and communication gears. However, the
    automated system launched the beacon you recovered...
    The Caal-Shto is now fully repaired, and enters hyperspace to report to the New
    Daiamand (the Council formed of all Kiith-Sa) about the Beast. They also
    suggests to hide, but you recieve an help signal from Republican Taiidan convoy
    DX-307. The escort has been wiped out, and the convoy is unarmed. The worst
    thing is that the convoy is attacked by 'unknown missiles'.
    Make four groups of Acolytes (10 each), and if you want, substitute one of them
    with a group of 5 ACVs. Before sending the Acolytes toward the marked area,
    research Armor Level 2 and Quantum Charge.
    The convoy is composed of 6 Colony Ships, and one is badly damaged. Keep your
    Acolytes in aggressive stance and wall formation, you'll need concentrated
    fire, and guard the central zone of the convoy. Shortly after you reached it,
    Cruise Missiles will start to attack the convoy. The Colony Ship are unarmed,
    like the Missiles, but if they hit their targets, they will infect it, and the
    infected Colony Ship will start to produce other Missiles. It is imperative to
    destroy these infected ships ASAP, or you'll have to face too many Missiles at
    Engage the first wave of Missiles; each group contains 4 Cruise Missiles. Then
    move one group of Acolytes to protect the Kuun Lan and the Workers. EMP upgrade
    for ACVs should be available, now.
    The second wave will have more groups of Missiles, but it's still easy.
    The thrid wave will increase the number of Missile groups (plus each group will
    contain 5 Missiles) and they will be escorted by Interceptors (5 in delta
    formation; they will escort the Missiles).
    You'll lose at least one Colony Ship, and you must destroy it ASAP, or the
    Missiles it will launch will infect all other Ships, making your task
    effortlessy. Launch a volley of Missiles from all nearby Acolytes, and then
    finish it with normal attacks. If you want, keep one or two ACVs ready to EMP a
    Colony Ship, but maintain a fighter escort on the Kuun Lan. If you managed to
    salvage the Heavy Cruiser in the prev mission, this mission could become a real
    pain: just think if the Cruiser get infected. And if not, you won't have enough
    SUs to replace it with the more efficent Destroyer/Dreadnought combo;
    Super-Capital ships cannot be retired, so it was all a waste of time to capture
    If you let the infection spread, all Colony Ships will be infected, and they
    will start to target your Command Ship: that's way the ACVs are there. The
    first target is the Processor (I think that the Crusier would be the first one
    to fall...), the Workers and then the Kuun Lan. Seems that Cruise Missiles only
    do damage, but I'm not so sure...however, if you need reinforcmentes, recall on
    or two groups of Acolytes, but keep the other groups targeting the Colony Ships.
    Eventually, you will finish this mission. After you saved the convoy, be sure
    that you have all 12 Support Modules installed, and expand you fleet with two
    Ramming Frigates and one Acolyte group, and convert them to ACVs. Your fleet
    should contain one Kuun Lan (¬_¬...), one Processor, six Workers, 3 groups of
    10 ACVs each and two Ramming Frigates. Be sure to have research everything too.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Harvest resources and build new ships
    + Protect the spy from the pursuiting Taiidan
    + Capture one Frigate
    + Caputer three Resource Collectors
    + Destroy all other forces before they flee.
    300.000 refugees thank you and your fleet. Their escort went to investigate
    about a signal sent by one of the Repiblican Heavy Cruisers, apparently
    disapperead few days before, and the now-unprotected convoy was attacked by
    this new Imperial weapon. Apparently, the Imperialist Taiidan are doing
    research on the Beast, and the Republican sent a spy to investigate about this.
    You decide to wait the spy.
    The first thing to do is to send one group of Acolytes to the two purple points
    of the map: these points represent crystals; crystals come in small, medium and
    big shapes, and you need two, four and six Workers respectively to salvage and
    take them to the nearest Processor, Carrier and MotherShip. Research the
    Crystal Harvesting Capability and have your Workers collect them.
    The spy will arrive soon, and will have Taiidan ships on his tail. Use a single
    group of Acolytes to destroy the enemy ships. You will encounter 6 Interceptors
    (delta formation), 4 Multi-Gun Corvettes (wall) and 15 Defenders (wall). Your
    ACVs should eat them in seconds.
    The approaching vector of the spy is randomly chosen.
    After this easy combat, the spy informs you that the Imperialists have a
    research base on a nearby planet, and they are research a bio-weapon very
    similar to the Beast. Too similar. However, the planet is guarded by a net of
    Proximity Sensors and a large number of ships, but the spy suggests to steal
    some nearby ships dedicated to gathering resorces.
    I think that the AI randomly generates the area where the ships are, roughly
    opposite the spy's approaching vector. The number and types composing the
    harvesting group is fixed, however: it contains 8 Resource Collectors, 2
    Support Frigates, 2 Assault Firgates, 3 Ion Cannon Frigates and 1 Gravity
    Wheel. You need to capture at least 3 Resource Collectors and one Frigate, but
    I suggest to capture evey ship except the Gravity Wheel. You can retire all
    surplus ships, and capturing at least one type of Frigate (except the Support)
    will give you a new technology; Ion Cannon Frigates will give you Advanced Ion
    Cannons (Multi-Beam Frigate), while Assault frigates will give you Energy
    Cannons (upgrade for most ships). You have to do this within 15 minutes, or
    they will hyperspace back to their base, and your cover will colapse.
    Start by destroying the Gravity Wheel with the two Ramming Frigates, or your
    ACVs won't be able to move and will be an easy target for the Frigates. Then
    move your ACVs (one group is enough, remember, you have to capture ships) and
    destroy the Support Frigates. Without these units, other Firgates won't be able
    to repair from their damage. Then slightly damage all other crafts and send you
    Workers to salvage them. You need two Workers for each Firgate and Collector.
    After you took the first Ion Cannon/Assault Frigate to the Kuun Lan, the new
    technology will be available. Before updating or building any ship, complete
    the mission objectives (by destroying the uncaptured crafts or by capturing and
    retiring them). Retire the tow Ramming Frigates, build three or four Multi-Beam
    Frigates (sacrifice a group of ACVs for the fourth...I kept the ACVs and waited
    for more Frigates), retire all surplus ships and them hyperspace.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Move Resource Collectors to the marked point
    + Destroy one Proximity Sensor
    + Create a diversion
    + Wait for the Resource Collectors
    + Recover the Collectors
    The ships you captured will be used as troop-carriers to penetrate the
    planetary defenses intact, infiltrate into the base and destroy it. However, if
    the Beast already infected the base and the defense fleet, you'll have to flee.
    OK, be prepared, this mission is very difficult. If you haven't captured at
    least an Ion Frigate in the last mission it will be very tough.
    Send you Workers to harvest resources, but when they approach the sensor net
    (there are resources near it), recall them and keep them docked. Ships without
    weapon will nothing more than sitting ducks. Have your Acolytes link into ACV
    mode, and retire the Frigate you captured in the last mission and build an
    other Multi-Beam Frigate; you need only the Collectors.
    Do not move directly the Collectors to the marked place, move the entire Kuun
    Lan instead. Having Sentinels with Level 2 Shields (research them before
    moving) is a good idea. Place the Kuun Lan on the marked spot, and then move it
    toward the net. When your MotherShip is near to the first Proximity Sensor,
    move the Collectors to the marked place and attack one Proximity Sensor with a
    group of ACVs or directly with the Kuun Lan. This will make your Collectors
    move toward the planet.
    No the Taiidan will throw nearly anything into battle. Recall your Workers and
    dock them (and keep them), assign the Processor to escort the Kuun Lan. Keep
    the Kuun Lan moving until it has passed the sensors. Do not move it too much,
    or you will have to face a Destroyer, plus all other forces.
    Now, let's wait that the enemies are near the Kuun Lan and throw your forces to
    counterattack. It is better to keep the battle near the MotherShip as you can
    benefit of its guns and the repairing capability of the Processor. If the
    situation is desperate, release the Workers and repair the Kuun Lan (they will
    be destroyed immediately if they attempt to reach the Multi-Beam Frigates).
    After few minutes, the Collectors should have reached the Vigilance, a
    Destroyer guarding the planet; it will let them through, and you must keep the
    defensive forces busy until they return. This will take about 5 minutes.
    In these 5 minutes, the Taiidan will throw a lot of Capital Ships into battle,
    including a Missile Destroyer. It appears that the Destroyer and its escort
    (Assault, Ion and Support Frigates) jump randomly near you. I've got it on my
    tail or directly behind me. The Destroyer will be a Pain. Attack it with your
    Frigates, and keep the ACV attacking smaller crafts. Remember your have the EMP
    weapon to create a relatively quiet moment to re group your forces and destroy
    the smaller enemy crafts. Replace your forces as you lose them.
    The Collectors are back, and they have interesting informations about the
    Beast, but they have Attack Bombers on their tails. If you have passed the
    sensor net with the Kuun Lan this won't be a problem, or you'll have to send
    something to protect the three Collectors. Sentinels may be a good choice, but
    I suggest a Frigate or a group of 5 ACVs.
    When the Collectors have docked, recall your ships and hyperspace. I had to do
    an emergency hyperspace, and I left there most of my ACVs and the Processor:
    when you issue the hyperspace order all ships will begin to dock or go into
    position for hyperspace, and this will require time. And during this time
    enemies will be active, and they will go after the Kuun Lan. If you want to
    wait for your forces, keep a sharp eye on the health bar.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Recover the Siege Cannon
    + Research the Siege Cannon Module
    + Build the Siege Cannon
    + Fire the Siege Cannon against the Beast Command Ship
    After the raid on Gozan, you jumped into an area full of debrises and
    derelicts; this large concentration of metallic objects should hide you. Datas
    recovered by the planetary strike team are both horrible and interesting: the
    Imperialist Taiidan are trying to turn the Beast into a biological weapon, but
    so far they only found a way to sterilze infected hosts. So far, the Beast
    overran every control system implatended in the hosts by the Taiidan scientists.
    Recon 214 is scouting the sector. It detects mines, as well as an old but still
    serviceable Siege Cannon. After sending you position datas, Recon 214 returns
    to base as it detects enemy forces. The Siege Cannon could be the only weapon
    that can deal damage to the Beast. Tactical suggests to salvage it and install
    onto the Kuun-Lan.
    Have you noticed the Corellian Corvette wreckage near the Cannon? Looks like a
    Star Destroyer lost the Siege Cannon while stalking that Corvette ;)
    Begin with rebuilding your losses. Increase the number of Multi-Beam Frigates
    to six, and if you lost the Processor in the last mission, don't bother to
    replace it. Keep your Acolytes in ACV mode, you'll need the EM Pulse. Have the
    Workers harvest any rosource in the area, and DO NOT move the Kuun-Lan.
    After you rebuilt your losses, send the Multi-Beam Frigates and one group of
    ACVs to the Siege Cannons. Have the ACVs engage mines, and destroy all Turanic
    crafts trying to steal the Cannon.
    Send four of your Workers to salvage the Cannon, and keep the ACVs and Frigates
    in aggressive mode. After the Workers docked with the Cannon, several Corvettes
    will attack your Workers. The Frigates should eat them in seconds.
    Meanwhile, the Kuun-Lan will be under attack by four Ion Array Frigates: these
    Frigates use Cloak technology, and your engineers think that they can research
    Advanced Sensors able to detect hidden units; start the research immediately,
    and use the ACVs protecting the Kuun-Lan to EMP one or two Frigates while you
    recall the Frigates and the other ACVs guard the Workers.
    After the Workers took the Cannon to your Command Ship, have them harvest
    resources and begin to research the support module for the Cannon.
    An Imperial Fleet will jump into the area, as well as Turanic reinforcements.
    Quickly recall you Workers and keep them docked. Send ACVs to shoot down any
    threat for the Workers but retreat when you see the Heavy Cruiser and the three
    Destroyers. These ships will go for your MotheShip, so move it away from them.
    Do not try to engage in a stand-up fight, even with the ACVs using EMP, the
    battle will be hard at best. Just go away from the Super Capital Ships to
    minimize losses.
    Shortly after the arrival of this party, the Caal-Shto enters the area, and the
    Turanics will go after it.
    However, when the Pirates approach the Imperator-class Carrier, you'll notice
    something wrong...the Beast infected the Carrier, and...your old Hanger Module
    jumps into battle. The Beats converted your old Hangar Module into a Commad
    Ship, and orders you to surrender.
    The Taiidan and the Turanic will move to engage the Beast. Do not follow them;
    dock all your Strike Crafts and keep the Multi-Beam Firgates near the Kuun-Lan.
    Tactical suggests to use the Siege Cannon, and you have to move within a 100%
    accurancy range before firing it. However, you have only to hit the Beast, so
    you can be at 70/60% accurancy range when firing the Cannon.
    After the Siege Cannon hit the Beast, the sensors show that the lifeform didn't
    suffered too much damage, and you must prepare to hyperspace. Do it ASAP, or
    the former Taiidan Cruiser and Destroyers will be on you.
    MISSION 11: SYSTEM AZ-23769
    Mission Objectives:
    + Protect the Faal-Corum
    + Destroy all Beast ships
    + Repair the Faal-Corum
    + Destroy enemy fleet
    The first shot of the Siege Cannon burned the plasma conducts that power the
    Cannon, and it's now useless. Tactical sugests that engineers can tune the
    Cannon if they have enough datas on the original Beast lifeform. This means
    finding the Naggarok, but your crew is not good enough to track this 1 million
    years old vessel, so you decide to rendez-vous with the Faal-Corum and aks
    support to its astrogation (astronautical navigation) team.
    As you jump into teh system, a small Beast fleet is attacking the Faal-Corum.
    As you arrive rigthly over the Fall-Corum, the ship crew thinks that the red
    Acolytes and Multi-Beam Frigates are yours, and you want to destroy your sister
    Send all you have against the Beast ships and rebuild your losses, and send
    them into battle as soon as they leave the Hangar. Send Workers to salvage the
    two crystals (one medium and one small..if you have six Workers this will
    require them all), and then to harvest resources.
    The Beast ships will be easily destroyed, both thank to your ships and
    Faal-Corum's ones. As the small fleet is destroyed, send 3 or 4 Workers to
    repair the Faal-Corum. Tactical also says that Destroyer Drive is available for
    research. After it is completed, build one Carrier (and then its Support
    Modules); after this, expand your fleet with two Destroyers (oh yeah) and then
    the second and last Carrier (and its support modules). Finish the production
    run with a third Destroyer.
    The Beast will send an other fleet to capture you and the Faal-Corum. Establish
    a defense line composed by Carriers and Destroyers until you have finished
    building the ships I mentioned plus six Multi-Beam Frigates and twenty ACVs.
    The Faal-Corum will assist by sending Dervishes toward the enemy fleet; 10
    Acolytes will stay with the two Explorer class vessels for protection. Be
    careful: the Beast will launch Cruise Missiles, and they will be your primary
    target: Frigates will be infected, and these Missiles inflict a good amount of
    damage to Super-Capital Ships (they cannot be infected).
    Once you have finished building attack ships, it is time to go. Group them in a
    single wall formation and harvest any enemy unit so fool to fire at you. The
    Beast will send Hive, Ramming and Multi-Beam Frigates, and sometimes Cruise
    Missiles. Have the ACVs deal with the Ramming Frigates with a single EMP or by
    engaging them. You Capital Ships will take care of everything else.
    OK, you're near your target: the enemy Carrier is protected by 3 Ion Array
    Frigates, 12 Sentinels forming a shield around the Carrier and two Defense
    Field Frigates. Send the Super-Capital Ships to engage the Ion Array Frigates,
    and if you want use the EMP of your ACVs on two of them. Then retreat your ACVs
    (the Carrier can infect them) and have your Destroyers target the Carrier
    inside the force shield. Keep at least two Multi-Beam Frigates to destroy any
    Cruise Missile. After the Carrier is destroyed, the Sentinels will break
    formation, and will start to attack you. Fighters against dedicated
    anti-fighter Frigates and heavy missiles from your Destroyers? Mhmm...after the
    Sentinels, destroy the two Defense Field Frigates and finish with the two
    Or, like Sebastian Mundt (sebastian_mundt@gesis.de) wrote:
     To destroy the Beast's carrier send in 20 ACV's. Order them to guard the
    Faal-Corum attack group. Keep an eye an incoming cruise missiles. Once you
    approach the carrier let your ships EMP all enemies nearby. Unlock the ACV's to
    have 40 Acolytes ready for battle. Attack the cruiser and only the cruiser!Fire
    a full volley of missiles at it. That should almost bring down the
    carrier.Finish it with aggressive attacks in claw formation.  If it blows up in
    a giant fireball let your Acolytes retreat and dock. Now it's time for your
    frigates and
    destroyers and - if you had been brave enough in level 6 salvaging the Taiidan
    Qwaar Jet - the Heavy Cruiser. The multibeam frigates will take care of enemy
    fighters, the destroyers and the cruiser will bring down the remaining capital
    The Faal-Corum will then send its astrogation team to you, and will begin its
    travel toward Hiigara to warn the Council about the Beast.
    Before ending the mission, be sure to collect every resource in the area and
    repair your ships.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Defend your Command Ship
    + Destroy the Turanic Outpost
    The astrogation team decoded the navigation datas, and localized an area where
    the Naggarok could be. However, the area is too large, and you must narrow the
    area. It is possible that a Turanic Raider outpost is in the sector, and you
    are going to ask them for help.
    Mimic 6-6-3 reports a visual confirmation of a large Turanic outpost in front
    of the Kuun-Lan. You declare that you come in peace, and request only access to
    their data charts. The Pireates reply with powering up turrets and sending
    their crafts to destroy you.
    Move as fast as you can your Capital Ships into a wall before the Kuun-Lan, 25
    Interceptors and 4 Missile Corvettes are on their way to welcome you. Prepare
    your ACVs, you may need some help: in this first wave, the Turanics will try to
    sink you a large group of light and maneuverable crafts. Keep all your forces
    near the Kuun-Lan for now.
    Then send your ACVs (10 will be enough) to the resource field at your left, and
    destroy the four mines (the Pirates' mines are big and white, easier to see and
    engage). Now you can send your Workers to harvest asteroyds.
    Now the Kuun-Lan will be under fire of seven Ion Array Frigates. Use the EM
    Pulse to disable them, and shoot them down with concentrated fire.
    Begin to move the Capital Ships toward the Outpost, and your ACVs toward the
    small asteroyd belt at your right: destroy the four Corvettes, and then send
    all your ACVs to "escort" your Destroyers and Multi-Beam Frigates.
    The Turanic will keep throwing Stike Crafts: the most dangerous are the
    Corvettes, usually masked as Acolytes (you will see five Acolytes in X
    formation coming from the outpost), and they will sometimes try to steal your
    Frigates. The best way to destroy thief Corvettes are your ACVs and the
    missiles of your Destroyers.
    Once near the outpost, you'll see 7 Ion Array Frigates: send your Capital Ships
    to engage them, and them use the EMP of your ACVs.
    Now you should be able to see all forces sorrounding the outpost: at your right
    a Lord Attack Carrier, at the center the Outpost plus mines and verious Strike
    Crafts and at your right 6 Ion Array Frigates. Attack from the left, and repeat
    the same tactic used with the other Frigates (EMP + concentrated fire). Then
    engage the Strike Crafts and some mines, and begin to attack the Carrier. Use
    your ACVs to shoot down any incoming mine; then use them to destroy the
    Interceptors the Carrier will begin to launch after you lowered its health at
    After the Attack Carrier is no more, begin to attack the Outpost. It won't fire
    back nor produce any craft, so you can send you ACVs to the Kuun-Lan for
    repairs (and replace losses, though they will be very limited). When the
    outpost is low on health, a Taiidan fleet will jump into system. Ignore them,
    and continue to attack the Outpost. After its health is very low, the Taiidan
    will hyperspace away and the Turanic will surrender, leveing access to their
    Be sure to dock your Strik Crafts (Workers included) into the Carriers.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Destroy enemy fleet
    + Assist the Faal-Corum
    You now carry Pirate personnel on the Kuun-Lan, and you are en-route to find
    out the Naggarok and destroy it as long as its engines are not working. Despite
    Tactical increased security level, someone managed to install a strange device
    somewhere in the MotherShip...
    Most of the Kuun-Lan' systems are down. Tactical tells you that a massive EMP
    burst disabled the Hangar Module and destroyed one Support Module and the
    Enginnering Module. The Kuun-Lan cannot launch or build new ships, and you must
    rely on Capital Ships. Sensors also pick up multiple hyperspace signatures:
    it's a trap.
    Begin by rebuilding any lost Module, and if you stored your fighters into the
    Carriers as I told you, release them: the Workers will repair the Kuun-Lan,
    while the ACVs will provide cover for your Capital Ships; move these ships on
    the Kuun-Lan's left-rear side, and destroy all Attack Bombers and Interceptors.
    Now move them to the opposite side (forward-right) to intercept a Heavy Cruiser
    and one Destroyer. Let the ACVs use their EMP on these two ships, and use your
    Carriers for a faster destruction. Meanwhile, the Kuun-Lan will be sorrounded
    by two other Heavy Cruiser/Destroyer groups. Use the same tactic as above, but
    keep a sharp eye on the Carriers' and Kuun-Lan's health bar.
    When the second group is down, the Faal-Corum will arrive to assist you; it
    will provide Workers for faster repairs and will produce other vessels
    (Acolytes, ACVs and Multi-Beam Frigates) to help you. It will bring also 4 Ion
    Cannon Frigates, 2 Revelation-class Destroyers, 8 ACVs and 2 Ramming Frigates,
    and will transfer them under your control. Building and launching facilities
    now should be online.
    The Taiidan will continue to launch several fighters and Destroyers backed up
    by Assault Frigates, so keep your ships near the Kuun-Lan for now. Decomission
    as many new ships you want, except the Destroyers (you can't) and the Ion
    Cannon Frigates (for now). Send you Workers to harvest resources, and move your
    Carriers to protect them.
    The Faal-Corum ships will detect a Carrier, and you now must destroy it. Begin
    to move the Capital Ships toward the enemy Carrier ASAP. and keep the ACVs at
    their rear, to engage any Attack Bomber and/or Interceptor the AI will throw.
    Once you're near the enemy Carrier, keep your ships advancing, and the Taiidan
    force will hyperspace to safety. Finish to repair any damage and retire the Ion
    Cannon Frigates. Be sure to have at least 80 SUs available fro the next mission
    and hyperspace to the Naggarok.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Protect the Kuun-Lan
    + Recover a sample
    + Capture an enemy ship
    After the Taiidan/Raider trap, you can head to the Naggarok and destroy it.
    However, the stuation is desperate: many fleets fell under Beast control, and
    the other Kiith are defending Hiigara. The Republican Taiidan offer their help
    with a special weapon, but it isn't ompleted yet. Now you're alone, and you
    must destroy the Naggarok.
    Recon flight 2-1-4 achieves a visual lock on the Naggarok. Around this massive
    ship there are several Imperialist ships, and they're repairing the Naggarok
    drives. After you opend communications with the Taiidan flagship, the Naggraok
    begins to speak: the Beast and the Taiidan now co-operates, and when all
    menaces will be destroyed, the Taiidan will recieve half galaxy, while the
    Beast the other half.
    Send your Workers to harvest th nearby resources, and move your Carriers in
    front of the Kuun-Lan, one on each side. The other Capital Ships will form a
    wall few KMs ahead. For now let your ACVs rest. The first Taiidan wave will be
    composed of several fighters (Interceptors plus Attack Bombers), and they won't
    pose too much problem. You can now build Archangels; build only one: two will
    use too many SUs. At least your Capital Ship group should composed of 1
    Dreadnought, 4-5 Destroyers and few Multi-Beam Frigates (they can be infected,
    and this reduces their value a bit; plus you should have two Revelation-class
    The Beast MotherShip will arrive at your right, and will begin to send several
    infected vessels toward you. Destroy them with your Capital Ships, and use your
    ACVs to disable the Ramming Frigates.
    The job of your Capital Ships and one group of Acolytes (10 will be enough)
    will be to hold the line and distracting enemy forces until you can send a
    Mimic near the Naggarok to recover a sample of its structure. You will
    encounter a single Heavy Cruiser with Multi-Gun Corvette escort, but you should
    already have a Dreadnought online.
    Before sending the Mimic, you have to destroy the Proximity Sensors located
    around the Naggarok. Send 10 Acolytes and begin to shoot them down. The Sensors
    are displaced as a plain circle around the alien vessel. Do not dare to pass
    the sensors, mines and a lot of Taiidan ships await you. You can use two groups
    of ten Acolytes each, but this seems to make the Taiidan very angry, and they
    will send ships (usually 1/2 Hive Frigates) after your Acolytes.
    When the Sensors are down, send your Mimic to dock with the Naggarok, and be
    sure that the Mimic will reach the Kuun-Lan intact. After the Mimic has docked,
    the Naggarok and the Beast MotherShip will hyperspace with the bulk of the
    Taiidn ships toward an unknown weapon. The remaining Taiidan ships will begin
    to attack you, and you must capture one to know where the Beast is going.
    The easiest ship to capture is one of the first Assault Frigates. Damage it,
    and send two Workers to salvage it. After you did so, you can hyperspace, but
    you can stay to destroy the remaining ships: the total force consists of 14
    Assault Frigates, 2 Destroyers and 1 Missile Destroyer. The latter is not a
    great threat, especialy because it is the last ship attacking. Use the EM Pulse
    to disable the standard Destroyers and then use the ACVs to harrass the Assault
    Frigates (X formation with evasive tactic is the best choice) and let your
    Capital Ship finish off all ships.
    Before hyperspacing, harvest all resources and repair your ships.
    Mission Objectives:
    + Destroy the gate
    + Block the Bentusi Ships
    The captured crew of the Taiidan ship confirmed that the Beast and the
    Imperialist are going to capture the Republican secret weapon, codenamed Nomad
    Moon, locted in a lage shipyard not so far from your position. Your engineers
    also adapted the Siege Cannon to produce a massive feedback in any
    Beast-infected lifeform, but you're still not able to fire it more than once.
    You must reach the Bentusi for asking help.
    As you arrive in-system, one Bentusi ship is trepassing a inter-galaxy gate.
    You cannot stop this ship, so you have to watch it only. Bentusi ships are
    immune to EMP burst and you don't want to fire on them, so you must destroy the
    6 generators around the gate.
    Move all Capital Ship INCLUDING Carriers and any vessel with firepower except
    the Processor toward the portal and begin to destroy the generators.
    Concentrate fire on a single emitter at once. You should be able to stop the
    second ship trying to use the gate.
    After you destroyed trhee or four generators, the Bentusi will begin to launch
    their Super Acolytes in groups of 6. Do not send any Strike Craft against them,
    they will be destroyed in seconds; just wait that the fighters are in range of
    your Capital Ships, and shoot them down.
    When you destroy all generators, three other Bentusi ships (with a total of
    four if you stopped the second ship) will jump into system, and they will go
    after the Kuun-Lan (only one) and your Capital Ships (three ships will surround
    your group). The Bentusi ship near the Kuun-Lan won't launch Super Acolytes, so
    concentrate on your Capital Ships: only try to shoot down Acolytes, ignore the
    Bentusi ships.
    When the Bentusi will destroy one Capital Ship (Processor included) or badly
    damage the Kuun-Lan (see below), you will engage in a verbal battle with them.
    Eventually the Bentusi will cease fire, and will agree to help you. Four new
    technologies will be available: Advanced Fighter and Frigate Drive, Armor and
    Force Field Level 3. Before jumping to the next mission, research them and
    update all surviving crafts and replace your losses.
    If you do not shop the second ship, the Bentusi rienforcements will jump over
    your MotherShip, and they will send Super Acolytes. Quickly recall your Capital
    Ships and destroy the enemy Acolytes. When they destroy a ship or the Kuun-Lan
    is at red health status, the discussion will begin and the mission will be
    Mission Objectives:
    + Localize the Clee-San
    + Damage the Clee-San
    + Dock the Clee-San with a Worker
    + Harvest resources
    + Engage and destroy the Beast Fleet
    With the help of the Bentusi, the Siege Cannon should be able to sustain
    continued fire. The Bentusi were trying to escape from the Beast as this
    bio-technological lifeform keeps the alive for controlling ships. The Bentusi
    are in symbiosis with their ships, like Karan Sjet with the MotherShip during
    the Homeworld war; this is why the Bentusi helped the Kushan and why they
    weren't reluctant to help you. Tactical proposes to lay down a trap for your
    old Hangar Module, now the Beast MotherShip, infected with a small part of the
    Beast original form. The target will be the Clee-San, as it is the first
    infected ship.
    However, you don't know where the Clee-San exaclty is...during your research,
    you encounter the Kiith Manaan fleet, which knows where Clee-San is. Seems that
    the Beast is going to infect a whole planet.
    Once you jump into the system that the Manaan told you, you don't really know
    whre the Clee-San is. Send a Recon (or a Mimic...do not use ACVs or Acolytes)
    to the marked area. The Clee-San is escorted by a large fleet, including
    Carrier, Heavy Cruisers, Frigates and full Strike Craft support. You need to
    close enough to fire a glancing blow with your Siege Cannon.
    Begin to move your fleet including the Kuun-Lan. Keep your Capital Ships before
    the MotherShip, and have the Carriers guard it. Keep your ACVs (you'll need the
    EMP) with the Capital Ships. During your travel, you'll encounter 2 Heavy
    Cruisers escorted by Ramming, Multi-Beam and Hive Frigates, Corvettes (usually
    Multi-Gun) and fighters (Interceptors, Acolytes and Attack Bombers). Unleash
    the EM Pulse on the Cruisers, then engage with the ACVs their escorts and let
    the Capital Ships destroy the Cruisers. I forgot to say that you'll encounter
    these Cruisers in two separate groups (¬_¬...).
    You should have reached the distance for firing the Cannon now. Move away every
    ship in front of the Kuun-Lan, and issue the firing order.
    If the projectile hit, Tactical will inform you that the Clee-San is damaged
    but still active, and the Siege Cannon is intact; it also telles you to dock
    the Clee-San with one Worker before the Clee-San explodes. However, it escort
    is still active.
    Send the Capital Ships with ACV support, you'll encounter a third Heavy Cruiser
    and a lot of Frigates. Use the ACVs to EMP the most dangerous ship in visula
    range, and use concentrated fire to quickly destroy your opponents. ACVs will
    be useful to destroy enemy Minions ramming your ships.
    Once you have reached the Clee-San, recall the ACV and destroy the Carrier
    inside the Force Field, then deal with the Sentinels, Defense Field Frigates
    and Workers. Send one Worker near the Clee-San it will automatically dock.
    The Worker crew extimates that even the few active bio-circuits would be able
    to revolution their ship designs, but Tactical points out that these circuits
    were memebers of your Kiith...once the Worker has finished its work, the
    Clee-San will explode.
    Begin to harvest resources now. Immediately send four Workers to salvage the
    medium and small crystals in the area (if you didn't before) or harvest the
    nearby asteroyd belt.
    After 2 or 3 minutes, the Beast MotherShip will appear near the two crystal
    located on the map's side. It is imperative to destroy any ship in the area.
    Do not move directly the Kuun-Lan toward the Beast, but position one Seeker
    between you and the enemy. The first wave of crafts will be composed of
    Seekers. Use your ACVs to deal with them. The second wave is formed of various
    Frigate and Corvettes and an Heavy Cruiser. Try to shot at this group with the
    Siege Cannon, and finish the group with the Capital Ships. Begin to move
    Kuun-Lan, and when you reach an 70/80% of accurancy, fire the first shot. This
    shot will damage the MotheShip and destroy most of the ships escorting it. The
    next waves of Beast crafts will be mostly Seekers (maybe in higher difficulty
    levels it will use Acolytes/ACVs), usually 7 to 10, covering 3 or 4 Cruise
    Missiles; do not bother to engage them with your Capital Ship, use the ACVs
    instead. You might lose a Frigate or two to Cruise Missiles, so keep the ACVs
    before your main strike force or engage the Missiles only. Keep the Kuun-Lan
    moving, until it reaches a 100% accurancy. Fire the second shot. The Beast will
    be badly damaged this time, ready for a relatively quick kill by massed Capital
    Ship fire.
    Move your Capital Ships close to the MotherShip and finish it. Ignore the
    fighters it will release (Seekers and Cruise Missiles; if you're lucky enough
    the Missiles will be destroyed as soon as they exit the Hanger by your
    Multi-Beam Frigates or slam themselves on Super-Capital Ships), and be prepared
    for the explosion. The shockwave will damage your ships, and it is better to
    move the Frigates away to avoid stupid losses. Strike Crafts will be
    obliterated, so keep the ACVs near the Kuun-Lan.
    Now it is time to destroy the Naggarok. Before jumping to the next mission, be
    sure to collect all resources in the area (especially crystals), you'll may
    need them for the next mission. If you want, retire your Workers to free some
    SUs. If you have a Processor...well, you cannot retire it, so you can choose
    between keeping it as an escort for the Kuun-Lan or destroy it with your ships.
    If the Ion Frigates and Revelation-class Destroyers survived, do not retire
    them: they do use SUs but give you some extra firepower (especially the
    Mission Objectives:
    + Destroy the Naggarok
    + Destroy the repulsor field emitters
    + Destroy the Nomad Moon
    + Recon the unknown hyperspace signatures
    Here we are. The final battle against the Beast.
    The Imperialist Taiidan and a large Beast fleet is attacking the Republican
    base, and the Beast already took control of the Nomad Moon. Republican fleet is
    overwhelmed, and seems that the Beast wants to destroy any opposition. When you
    enter the system, you request informations about this weapon, but Cruise
    Missiles destroy the Carrier before it can send any data. (BTW, I want to know
    why the Kuun-Lan identified itself as a WarShip... ;)
    Swith the sensor display. You will notice several Beast ships attacking a small
    group of Republican Taaidan. Use the Siege Cannon to destroy small crafts (with
    100% accurancy Strike Crafts and Frigates will be destroyed or badly damaged),
    and send your Super-Capital Ships to finish all survivors. You'll encounter an
    Heavy Cruiser. You can use a EMP burst or simply concentrate fire on it.
    Begin to move your fleet, including the Kuun-Lan. Several group of ships will
    attack you. Keep the Capital Ships as a spearhead, and at least five ACVs to
    guard the other ships from fighter assaults. The Beast will use Cloacked
    Fighters as well, so it's better to keep a Seeker near the Command Ship to
    detect incoming cloacked crafts. The Beast will send a lot of Frigates, and
    seldom Heavy Cruisers backed up by fighters (prepare to fend off strafing runs
    staged by Attack Bombers, Missile Corvettes and Interceptors). Do not esitate
    to use the Siege Cannon to kill the Cruisers' escorts, the Ships will be able
    to concentrate on the Cruisers and finish them quickly.
    Your target, the Naggarok, is directly in front of you, but send a Recon or a
    Mimic to scout the exact position of the Nomad Moon and the Beast. The Nomad
    Moon is the large spherical object, and the four smaller spheres are repulsor
    filed emitters; the Naggarok is behind the Moon, and there are two Beast
    Carriers near the Republican weapon, plus one Carrier. Each of these vessels
    has full escort of Strike Crafts, and the Carriers will continue to produce
    Hive, Multi-Beam, Ramming and Ion Array Frigates. After your Recon spotted the
    Naggarok and the Moon, a huge repulsor field will be fired by the station,
    killing your Seeker if it wasn't infected by the Beast. With this repulsor
    field on line, no enemy ships will be able to attack the Moon or the Naggarok:
    the repulsor field will force your ships away and will damage them (Capital
    Ships too). Do not fire the Siege Cannon, the repulsor field will deviate the
    shot, in most cases directly on the Kuun-Lan (with such a shot, you will lose
    all modules and any Strike Crafts positioned near your Command Ship).
    Begin to move near the Moon, but leave at least 70/80 KMs between you and the
    Kuun-Lan. Keep your Capital Ships near the Kuun-Lan; you will be attacked by a
    lot of ships: the AI will throw you several groups of ships, with different
    timings: four Ion Array Frigates, 2 Hive Frigates, 2 Ramming Frigates, 8
    Missile Corvettes plus 1 Defense Field Frigate, 6 Cruise Missiles.
    Produce 10/15 ACVs, and send them to find out the Proximity Sensors. Stationary
    as always, these Sensor are the only things that alerts the Nomad Moon of enemy
    Strike Crafts in the area. There are only two sensors, located in the frontal
    area of the Moon. When the Senosrs are gone, the only way to destroy the
    emitters is to slam some MCVs onto them: the Capital Ships are detected by the
    Moon itself, and they will be repulsed an then attacked by the Heavy Cruiser
    and its escort (some Missile Corvettes), and unmasked crafts will be destroyed
    by the Cruiser and its escort. You'll need 11 Quantum Charge-equipped MCVs to
    destroy the one emitter.
    After the emitters, you must destroy the Nomad Moon, but before you have to
    kill that Cruiser (if you didn't it before) and its escort. Meanwhile, fire the
    Siege Cannon (as target choose the Nomad Moon, the Naggarok is now
    invulnerable), and send one Destroyer (I used a Revelation class, keeping my
    Deacons for the end...) near the first crystal at your left. Tactical says the
    firing on such a large crystal depot will cause a major explosion. The best way
    to destroy the Nomad Moon is to use the Siege Cannon combined with 2 or 3
    Destroyers. Keep away most of Capital Ships from the Moon, or you will have a
    rude awakening.
    When the Moon is down to 50% health, an Imperial fleet will arrive in the area
    ordering to surrender. Ignore it. Near the crystal field, Tactical will pick up
    other hyperspace signatures, and orders you to send a Seeker and see what kind
    of ships are. They are Beast ships.
    Wait until the Carrier is near the crystal field, and use the Destroyer to blow
    a single crystal. The shockwave caused by the explosion will destroy all other
    crystal, and hopefully the whole Beast fleet.
    After the Moon, you should go after the Naggarok, but the alien ship will eat
    one of your Capital Ships. Regroup the remaining ones and form a defensive wall
    between the Kuun-Lan and the Naggarok.
    The Bentusi will jump over your Command Ship, and will send you datas aboput
    their Super Acolytes. Build 10 fighters, but maintains at least 10 ACVs (I
    reccomend 15), 1 Dreadnought and 4/5 Destroyers.
    The Taiidan fleet will retreat from battle, leaving only the Beast to destroy.
    Before attempting to attack the Naggarok, you must research a way to eliminate
    its anti-inertial drive.
    If you do not blow at the righ moment the crystals, you'll have to face 3 Heavy
    Cruisers with full escort, plus one Carrier that was hiding behind the Naggarok
    (you can attack it before, but this will trigger the Imperialis fleet event).
    The Naggarok will come near you to consume one of your Capital Ships (does it
    must recharge itself?), and then will move to the edge of the map. This
    "recharge" occurs once every minute, so be quick to build 15 ACVs to EMP it and
    10 Super Acolytes to provide additional firepower to your Capital Ships when
    the Naggarok comes to eat.
    Replace the "cosumed" ships with Multi-Beam Frigates, Destroyers or Super
    Acolytes. Dreadnoughts will take too much time, and other crafts will be
    useless against the Naggarok.
    The first time I used a single EMP burst fired by 15 ACVs, the Naggarok
    retreated to repair its drive, and four Heavy Cruisers jumped into the area.
    Send your Super Acolytes to intercept the Cruisers and their escort (5/6
    Multi-Gun Corvettes for each vessel) toward the nearest. With ten Acolytes you
    should be able to destroy two Cruisers and their escort. The other two Cruisers
    will be on your Command Ship, and the remaining Capital Ships will destroy them
    if you can concentrate their fire on a single unit per time.
    Then send the ACVs for an EMP burst. After an EMP burst, the Naggarok will
    retreat to be repaired by Workers. Before destroying the Worker, use the EMP on
    the Naggarok. The Beast vessel will begin to move toward your Capital Ships;
    attack it with everything you have, including Carriers and the Kuun-Lan. I was
    lucky enough to destroy the Naggarok when it was eating the second Capital
    Ship. I really don't know if after the second time other Cruisers will jump,
    but they weren't so hard to take down (thanks to the Super Acolytes), so you
    can afford that risk.
    Jae9970@cs.com sent me a particular tactic to destroy the Naggarok:
    To beat the Naggarok at the last mission, there is an easy way.
    I built like 180 normal acolytes; it'll take some time and resources so it's
    good to prepare for it prior to the last mission. Them with thise massive bunch
    of acolytes, fire the missiles at the Naggarok when it comes back to you. In my
    case, the Naggarok had about a half of its health and it was finished by that
    single attack.
    Comment: if a single missile does 420 DPs, the damage done by 360 missiles (two
    missiles fired by each Acolyte) will be around 150,000 points, enough to
    destroy even the Beast MotherShip. It is possible that the Naggarok can be
    destroyed by a single blast, though support from Super Acolytes will remove any
    Marc Fletcher (haelix42@hotmail.com) has an other idea, this time about the two
    emitters above and below the Nomad Moon:
    I was reading over your cataclysm strategy, and I just wanted to share an
    alternate tactic for destroying the emitters around the nomad moon.
    I found that a few leechs could easily sneak in and drain the emitters of their
    energy, it would probably cost less than self destructing MCVs.
    Oter side notes: it is possible that Beast Cruisers won't jump into the battle,
    as it is possible that the Taiidan will attack the Beast fleet and the Naggarok
    instead of retreating. The Naggarok will eat their ships too and remember that
    the Heavy Cruisers and the Carriers (2 and 1, respectively) brought into the
    battle by the Taiidans can be infected.
    Also, you can ignore the ACVs and send large numbers of Super Acolytes to
    follow the Naggarok while your Capital Ships destroy all other enemy vessels.
    If the Naggarok spends time in eating Taiidan ships, it could be a good chance
    to use the Siege Cannon: a Destroyer isn't enough to fully satisfy the massive
    ship, and it will look for other ships. It is dangerous if you have your ships
    nearby, but it's another chance.
    Also, If the Taiidan joined the battle, the Naggarok itself will produce Cruise
    Missiles to infect all possible vessels and do additional damage; a Taiidan
    Destroyer is enough for 6 Missiles, to watch out.
    General tactics for very hard difficulty by David Brower
    My comments are based on a play-through in 'very hard'.  My general
    hints are Do not follow directions from tactical.  Aggressive salvage
    and leeching are your friends.   The Kuun-Lan can defend itself, and is
    very mobile.
    Mission 6
    This is the turning point for the game; play it well and
    slowly, and the rest is in the bag.  It is critical that
    you do not listen to directions by tactical in the game, which
    will provoke combat you can easily and profitably avoid.
    1.  Have any workers you have repair the caal-shto; do not
        send them out to work.  DO NOT MOVE.  DO NOT GUARD THE
        Caal Shto!
    2.  Park a mimic by the base.
    3.  Send two packs of as many acv's as you can build between
        you and the base.   Build all the support units you can.
    3.  Send a recon out to the end and discover the cruiser.
        Loop out to the right, and don't go in a straight line.
        This will avoid most of the mines.
    4.  Finding the Cruiser enables leech research.  Research them
        and build gobs (20-40) of them.
    5.  Maybe move a processor mid-way to support the acvs and the leeches.
    6.  Attack all recon waves with the ACVs.  Keep building ACVs as they
        get hit.  Do not let the recon waves get near the Kuun-Lan or the
    7.  Send leeches to up to the base, and patiently leech (in leech mode)
        all the support frigates by the carrier.  When they are done leeching,
        vent to destroy them, using one leech per ship to vent.
    8.  Then do the same to the carrier,
    9.  Then to all other capital ships at the base.
    10. Then to the bunch behind the base.
    11. Then to the bunch behind that bunch.
    At this point, you will have reduced the base to things that
    will not be coming out to get you, and you will have leeched
    many many thousands of RUs.  Wasn't that nice?
    NOW proceed slowly up the designated path, cleaning out mines and
    opposition with ACVs.  Don't rush.  Be sure to have 6 workers
    available, and quite a few SUs (I forget how many, 40?)  Send leeches
    to the Cruiser and drain it, but not kill it.  Move 10 leeches and a
    recon up to the edge of the map between the base and the cruiser.
    Attack the cruiser's escorts with ACVs, and while it is distracted,
    salvage it with your workers.  This will trigger arrival of two
    destroyers and escorts from near the base; attack the destroyers with
    leeches, repair the cruiser, and attack the destroyer's escorts with
    ACVs and the cruiser.  Capture the two destroyers.  (You will have SU
    problems - retire some things).
    Now repair and send the cruiser and the destroyers to clean up the
    base.  While this is going on, send your workers off harvesting; when
    they have cleaned out everything of value you can prepare for the next
    When you are done, you will have > 100,000 RUs, about 20 ACVs,
    a cruiser and two destroyers.   Resources will not be an issue
    for the rest of the game, and you will have plenty of firepower.
    Don't bother using workers to harvest in any later levels until
    all opposition has been crushed.  Save them for repairs, and keep
    them docked most of the time to keep them out of harm's way.  You
    will rarely need/want more than 4 workers from here on.
    As you exit the level, you probably want 0 workers, your heavies,
    and as many ACVs as you can make.
    Mission 7
    You can't save all the colony ships, and you will be glad you have
    your heavies when it's time to take the infected ones out.
    Harvest after the attacks are over.
    Mission 8.
    Easy.  You have heavies to damage them.  You'll need 4-6 workers.
    The big problem here is SU's -- you may need to retire some ACVs.
    Mission 9.
    This is still hard.   Keep your heavies near you and travel in
    a group, with the Kuun-Lan in "normal" or "evasive" posture.
    Keep all strike craft docked, except maybe some workers.
    Mission 10.
    You have the power; send everything up to the cannon
    as fast as they will go and you will have no problems.
    Move the Kuun-lan up near the cannon, and keep your fleet
    When the ariving fleet attacks you and breaks off, pursue the cruiser
    with destroyers and take it out.  This makes life easier later.
    Destroy anything heavy you can before taking on the mothership.
    Mission 11.
    You have the firepower.  Move your destroyers and Cruisers
    to the end, and clobber the enemy fleet as it appears.  Take
    out the ion array frigates, then the carrier, then the rest.
    When you get the chance, build up a beefy fleet of carriers
    and destroyers.  Forget acvs; you don't really need them any more.
    Mission 12
    You have the power, and the tools.   Send leeches to take out
    the ion array frigates around the outpost.  When they are gond,
    crush the fools with your capital ships.
    You can kill one destroyer in the raider's rescue mission, but
    I don't think it does you any good to have done so.
    Be sure to have 6 workers docked in the carriers on exit.
    Mission 13
    As with mission 6, this looks grim, but is really a wealth of
    opportunity!   In very hard, there are 4 cruisers and a bunch
    of destroyers.
    Have your workers (and processor if you have one) repair
    the Kuun Laan.  Start everything moving 45 degrees to the left,
    and send a recon out in your advance.
    Your goal here is to damage the first cruiser and capture it.
    If you have the chance, it might be good to capture the
    missile destroyer, but you will probably be over the SU limit
    by the time it turns up.
    It is possible to get at least two cruisers here.  The race
    is to get them before your helpers show up and blow you past
    the SU limits.  Once you are there, you can't change your
    fleet composition except through retirement and self-destructs.
    You can clobber the carrier; I am not sure it does you any
    good to have done so, however.
    Mission 14
    Hard.  You need to work your way around and take out the sensor
    net.   Use leeches to take out some of the opposition by the
    Naggarok.  They won't work on the carrier.  Be sure to have
    some mimics up your sleeve, docked.
    The goal here is to not lose fleet strength you have built up
    before, while still accomplishing the mission.  The big danger
    is cruise missiles that infect your laboriously acquired cruisers.
    Don't just give up on them; their SU cost is much less than a
    dreadnought, and they are just about as powerful.  Similarly
    your captured destroyers-- they only take 20 SUs, but cost 38
    to replace with new ones.
    Mission 15.
    Clean up resources before you leave!
    Mission 16.
    Leeches are your friends, use them to weed out the guard fleet.
    You have enough power they will not really threaten you.  Don't
    take any of the crystals yet.
    Move the Kuun Lan and the fleet near the crystal before docking
    with the Clee-San, so you can get a siege cannon shot off
    just as they appear.  Take out the cruiser with your heavies
    quickly, then run away, with everything guarding the Kuun-Lan
    and it in evasive posture.   This strings them out and exposes
    them to your rear guard heavies.  When the cannon is recharged,
    go back and shoot again.  You can the cannon moving if you are
    in "aggressive" mode.
    When you have cleaned out all opposition up the map, then
    harvest it clean if you like.
    Mission 17
    In very hard, the base is guarded by 5 cruisers.  The fleet behind
    the base comes with one cruiser, one carrier and two destroyers;
    the group coming from past the base has 3 infected cruisers; and the
    group coming through the crystal field has one cruiser and one carrier.
    This is a heavy ship level until the very end.  Keep together.
    Keep any ACVs you have docked; expose repairing workers carefully.
    At the start, race ahead with everything and take out the cruiser
    right in front.  This will give you three extra destroyers for a while.
    Guard them until they foolishly attack the cruisers at the moon.  Then
    leave them on their own then; they cannot be saved.
    [It is possible to save the carrier and it's support frigates, as well
    as two of the destroyers if you rescue the carrier with fast (evasive)
    destroyers, and the destroyers with cruisers and dreadnoughts.
    But the carrier is a liability (it doesn't build ships, add to
    your SU limit, and it goes where it wants), so don't bother.]
    Try to tease the cruisers at the moon out one at a time; they are
    easier to take out that way.  If you get 4 at once, you will
    have a hard time.  You can handle 3 at once, but it will cost
    enough you should avoid it if possible.  When you get one at a time
    they are pussycats.
    There are 4 carriers around the moon; move around and kill them
    with the siege cannon, before, after or during your weeding of
    the cruisers and proximity sensors.  Take out any missile frigates
    too, depending on how fast you are going.
    The crystal field has a tail that you should consider a fuse; light
    it when the fleet is in the field, and you will have a weakened
    cruiser and a carrier to kill.   Park a destroyer near the end
    of the fuse when all other opposition has been reduced.
    Use destroyers against carriers, as they are faster than any
    cruisers/dreadnoughts you have and can run away from them.
    Take out the repulsor fields with leeches approaching from above and
    below after you have taken out about 1/2 the proximity sensors.
    Do not finish off the moon until you have cleaned out all resistance
    and the attacking fleets.    The trap fleet will not appear until
    you attack the moon, after the repulsor is down.   Have a destroyer
    parked by the tail, have another start to attack the moon, and stop when
    the trap fleets appear.  Have the rest of your fleet in position to
    either clean up the remnants of the crystal field fleet, or the fleet
    from behind the moon. Leave the 3 cruiser infected fleet from the far
    side for last.  Do not attack it with captured ships; they will
    get infected.
    When you have taken care of ALL these fleets, then finish the moon.
    When you have finished off the moon, the only issue is how fast
    you can build ACVs and Super acolytes to EMP the Naggarok long
    enough for your firepower to take it out.  I never got the siege
    cannon to work on the Naggarok.   Don't go seeking the Naggarok,
    it will find you fast enough.
    Once the Naggarok is destroyed, game is over.
    I opened this section after I noticed some citations in the game. If someone
    has something to subscribe, mail me at briareos@inwind.it. You will get
    credits, of course.
    1) Mission 2 movie: between all Taiidan and Higaraan vessels, you can notice a
    Worker salvaging the Narcissus, Nostromo's escape pod. What is the Nostromo?
    Watch Alien (the first, by Ridley Scott NdB)!
    2) The Nostromo is a commercial vessel, the Kuun-Lan too. Both vessels were
    assigned to mining or mining-related duties. Both vessels find something that
    is unknown in this galaxy, and this thing is very bad, and they are obliged to
    pick up those things.
    3) In nearly every debris field you can see the forward section of a Corellian
    Corvette, the ship escaping from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Damage in
    the first minutes of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.
    12-CREDITS and MISC
    The first credit goes to Relic, for Homeworld. Then to Barking Dog Studios for
    Cataclysm. The third is to me, Briareos Kerensky (briareos@inwind.it), the
    fourth to GameFAQs (and all sites showing this FAQ with my permission) and the
    fifth to you for reading it.
    For now, no one sent me mails about this FAQ, but if someone writes something
    interesting, I will put his or her name here. Here we go:
    1)Sebastian Mundt for his help about the Acolytes in mission 4
    2)Christoph Holtzmuller for asking for codes (and with this I should have
    covered everything about HW:C)
    3)Yiulius Leonard for the Taiidan SU/weapon stats.
    4)Jae9970@cs.com for his tactic in the last mission
    5)I'd like the thank an other guy who did the monumental task to correct all my
    mistakes in the Walkthough section, but I've lost the original mail and I'm not
    going to correct them (call me stupid sentimentalist, but I like my document as
    is even if there are lots of errors...ehy, it was my first attempt to write
    things like this!)
    6) ¢ ® ì §  for his tactics
    7)Marc Fletcher for its Leech tactic
    8)Johnny Wu for his Multi Beam tactic
    9) Pete Morfill for other tactics
    10) David Brower for his additional missions tactics
    11) Mary Patyten (mpatyten@redshift.com) for additional infos
    and everyone else who submitted things for this FAQ.
    I would like to thank my computer, which will hopefully find rest after this
    X'mas; Yoko Kanno for Cowboy BeBeop soundtrack; Shiro Sagisu for Evangelion
    CDs; Dynamic Italy for publishing Evangelion tapes once or twice a year, though
    they told us that they would be released once every two months; my dog, a 11
    years old boxer (probably he will be death when you will read those lines), for
    waking me up at 5:00 AM even on Sunday; the official Cataclysm site for
    Tech/Ships' English names; Leader for having translated only game's texts
    (knowing how their dubbers mauled MechCommander and Falcon 4.0...); FastWare
    for having produced FastPad; I would like to thank my girlfriend, but I haven't
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    + Cheat City (www.cheatcity.com)
    + Free Games (www.freegames.it or www.freegames.es), translated in Italian and
    + Ahmad Hisyam's website (under cnstruction), only for the ship's stats.
    + www.cheating.de
    + Joseph Bancer's site (<http://www.angelfire.com/scifi2/cataclysm)
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