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    Alien Walkthrough by Wood Elf

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    Aliens Vs Predator II
    Alien Walkthrough
    Version 1.00
    Copyright 2003 Wood Elf
    E-Mail - BattleBotv_8_2@Hotmail.com
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    Quicksearch Note:
    You can use the Find command (Ctrl+F) to quickly find the part you need. If you
    need help on level two, type 1.02. And if you need help on the first part of
    level two type 1.021
    1.00	Alien Walkthrough
    2.00	Controls
    3.00	Versions
    4.00	Credits and Thanks
    6.00	FAQ
    1.00 Alien Walkthrough
    1.01 Birth
    Part 1 1.011
    I may not like Aliens the best (Predator for me), but they are very cool. They
    have 3 main types of attacks, Slash, Tail and Pounce (Pounce is the most
    important thing to master on-line). There are different levels of alien, Face
    Huger, ChestBurster and Drones (and other sub-species).
    The way Aliens see enemies is the best of all. They see pheromones of enemies
    so there is a glowing aura around them, the color varies from what race they
    Blue - Human
    Green - Predator
    Red - Alien
    They also have a vision, Navigation. This is basically Night Vision (black and
    white, not green). I believe this disables the pheromones on the enemies.
    Left-Click (Drones)	This is the most basic of all attacks. You slash your claws
    in front of you, it’s good for a close up sneak attack.
    Right-Click (Drones)	In this attack, you pull your tail back waiting to attack
    an enemy. This is used to stun the enemy so you can pounce or claw him to death.
    E (Non-Chestburster)	This is the pounce you heard me say a few times. It's like
    a long jump with claws slashing in front of you.
    Also, one thing that makes Aliens cool is they have the ability to climb and
    stick on walls. You can make them always stick by hitting G or you can hold
    Shift and then you will climb as long as you hold the button down.
    The way Aliens regain health is to eat a corpse (you just need to attack it).
    And the way you can get a 1 hit kill and regain a lot of health, is aim the
    crosshair on the head. Wait for some teeth to show and attack. His head will be
    Time for the Walkthrough
    Face Hugger:
    This is the first level of alien evolution after it hatches. It needs to find a
    host and "hug" its face. Then it plants an egg inside the host and dies. After
    a period of time, the egg hatches into a snake-like creature called a
    After the movies and you finally start the game. Do a U turn and you should see
    a huge open area going upward, climb up that. Once at the top, go to the right
    opening grate. You should see a pipe shooting out steam but don't worry to
    dodge it, just walk to the end of the pipe and fall down the hole.
    Once you fall, look for a pipe on the ceiling. Follow it through a small hole
    in the wall and yet another hole. One place is a dead end so follow the other
    way. Keep going until you reach another dead-end and look up. There will be a
    fan, but there is a hole that you need to climb in since the fan will slice you.
    Keep following the path and you will see an open grate, so go in it. Keep
    moving and you will need to climb a little bit. Then walk a little and another
    hole you drop down into another area. Keep walking and on the left side there
    will be opening that you need to go through. Keep walking and you will fall
    down through a broken grate.
    Keep walking through the boxes and you will see a grate, you need to walk
    through. Then fall down the access tube to the open door. To the right are
    canisters. The left is where you want to go. There is a pipe leaking out steam
    so stay near the pipe to avoid getting damaged.
    After the pipe, go left.  You will see a gap in the iron gate thing that you
    need to climb through. After the gap, start going over a giant canister thing
    and just keep following the path until you get to an area where you see
    electricity. Move to the right of where the electricity is to avoid damage and
    continue through the grate. Then, you need to climb up the metal corridor and
    go into the passage.
    In the next room there are multiple grates where you can see multiple
    scientists. You SHOULD NOT TRY TO TAKE ONE OF THEM. If you do, an enemy guard
    will come in and start a shooting. Also, wait for them to go to their work
    stations or you will not get out of there alive. Toggle the wall walk and walk
    on the ceiling to the open door and keep walking on the ceiling. Once out of
    the door, head straight to the left and look for a gap on the ceiling to crawl
    Once through the opening, look for another place to fall down into. This part
    got me stuck for a while. Once you fall, head straight for the door then look
    left. There is a small gap that you need to climb into. Keep following the path
    until you get out of the grate area. Once out, to the right there are 2 humans
    repairing a door. Run straight by them. I did it and I didn't get hurt at all.
    After the door, head to the right and look at the door, an unprotected human
    (Bwahahahahaha). Pounce on him and this level is finally over!
    1.01 Birth
    Part 2 1.012
    This is what hatched from a Facehugger. They need to chomp out of the chest.
    These guys can’t pounce but they can jump higher than other species.
    This is my LEAST favorite part of this game.
    Once you start, attack through the chest and watch a movie of you bursting out
    (good movie memories). Go to the open window and jump onto the metal beam. Keep
    jumping from beam to beam until you reach the ground. You need to dodge the
    people other wise guards will kill you.
    Head to the right side of the box to avoid him or else he might see you. Keep
    moving forward and jump onto the box and look for guards to avoid. Once you
    can, go to the next box set and hide out there until it’s safe to move out
    again. Just keep moving and once you see a fork to the left or right, take the
    right if it's safe.
    Keep going from place to place until you get to a big storage area. Jump on the
    little concrete thing near the fence and then keep super jumping from one box
    to the next (Shift+Space bar). Once on top, jump over the top of the fence and
    you will be over with this level.
    1.02 Surprise
    Part 1 1.021
    Finally, you are the big bad alien on the street. At start, 2 humans will start
    running in terror, claw their face off (Bwahahahaha). After them, a guard will
    try to attack you. To get closer to guards fast, use Pounce so it should be
    fairly easy with just 1 guard.
    Far forward is another guard that will be easy to take care of. But to the
    right is another guard near some boxes, take him out first. Make a U turn
    around boxes and go into the tunnel area. Once you reach the door it will open
    and 2 guards are waiting for you.
    To the left of the guards there is a civilian hiding behind a truck that you
    can kill for some health. There is another one hiding behind the boxes near the
    truck. From where you came, there was a light that you could see, head there.
    There will be 2 guards waiting that you need to take care of. Keep following
    the path and you will see 1 civilian and 1 guard in a unlighted area. I
    personally like to climb the walls, then pounce on one for the cool factor but
    you can just pounce them on the ground.
    Once you kill them, 2 guards will come from behind. At the end of the tunnel
    there is a dropship waiting for supplying. There is a civilian boarding the
    ship along with a guard. Also there are 2 guards on the ground you need to
    worry about. After I took those guys out, a guard with a pistol and one with a
    pulse rifle came after me.
    Look for the steaming truck in a tunnel, and around the corner there will be a
    guard working on a door control panel. In the next hallway there will sentry
    guns so just pounce through the hallway. In the door on the right there is a
    guard and a scientist looking in a cage at an insect creature.
    There is an open door on the other side of the door with the guard that you
    need to go to. There will be scientists and the guard looking in cage waiting
    to be killed. Use pounce or wallclimb to get to the next level above you. Go
    through the door to an area that looks the same but there is a guard to get rid
    of along with scientists.
    After you start attacking them and kill them, 2 more guards will come in and
    investigate what’s going on. What to do? The door on the ground is shut, climb
    on the ceiling since grates are missing. When you get up there, look for an
    open vent to go through.
    Part 2 1.022
    Fall down grate to a mess hall and kill the humans if you want, if not, look
    for a grate in the ceiling. Keep going through the vent until you reach another
    mess hall and fall down and attack the civilians and guards. There is a door
    that you need to walk through after the humans.
    Keep going until you see a human near a half-broken grate. You need to attack
    and continue through the vent. At the end of the vent, fall down to 2 guards
    talking. After the 2 guards, more guards will start to come. Once at the end of
    the hallway, take a right and see a human, take him out then take a left.
    There are 2 guards in the next room and once they start attacking, 2 more will
    start to come for you. After those, head back to the room where the first 2
    guards are. Attack the control panel to release the artificial hive. Head back
    where the human worker was and go in the newly opened ladder area.
    Part 3 1.023
    Go to the last part of the grate section and attack to break it open. Kill the
    human that has his back facing behind you. Keep going down the hallway and
    attack the 2 guards working on a grate. A guard will also come along with a
    cyborg. In the next room, there is a civilian that you should use to heal
    yourself if you do not have full health.
    Once you enter the next area, 2 cyborgs will start to attack you. You can
    either pounce to the other side and attack the door or you can attack the
    cyborgs then the door. Move to the left, the right is a dead end. Keep walking
    down the hallway and at the end there is 2 civilians, take a left to the
    Once outside, look for the guards and start taking them out. Once you take them
    all out look for the truck that is currently lifted up in the air. Fall down
    under the truck and go through the small vent that leads under the other truck.
    Attack the grate and follow through the next vent.
    Climb up the stairs and jump to the little platform on the right and crawl up
    the small platform to reach a minigun guard. There’s also a guard at the end of
    the hallway but he may have came from the gun fire. Go to the door and look up
    and you will see a grate, you know what to do.
    1.03 Escape
    Part 1 1.031
    You will see a guard down the hallway, do a pounce and start clawing. Attack
    the sentry turret next to the guard and look left. There will be 2 guards
    starting to come after you so watch out. Once in the next room turn on navi
    vision and you will see a grate above the door, go there.
    Straight ahead of the grate, you will see a wiring from 2 objects. Cut the wire
    to stop the fan. DO NOT FALL DOWN. That was basically to show you the wire, if
    you go down, you will die. Look for the other grate and continue through it. In
    the next room, cut the 2 wires on the left and right side.
    Fall down from one of the fan places and watch out for guards. After you kill
    the civilian, more guards will start to come after you from the door. Keep
    going until you see sentry guns. You need to attack them from behind. At the
    door on the other side, there is also a sentry gun. So go to the left side.
    Then go on the right side of the door and you should find a grate there that
    you need to destroy.
    Once at the cross section in the vent, climb up. At the end look up and you
    will see a giant fan. Between you and the fan there is a opening that you need
    to go through. At the end of the opening, attack the grate and continue moving
    on top. Look for the 2 guards but do not go down yet. Go in the water-way to
    the right of the guards.
    |  G  | <--- Here
    G means guards. Go to where the Here is pointing. At that place, there is a
    grate to go through. At the cross section, move to the right in the vent and
    climb up at the end of the vent. Attack the vent and start attacking the guards
    in the next room. Go in the broken fan and keep following the vent until you
    come to a room with dirt on the ground. Look for 2 wires that you need to cut.
    Keep going through the vents until you get back to the start. At the start of
    the dip for the door, there is a sentry gun so pounce and kill it. There is a
    door to the right of the sentry gun. Go in the next room and there should be a
    ladder that you need to climb. Kill the civilian working on the sentry gun and
    continue going in the vent. Keep going through the vents and you will end a
    part of the level (Aliens have the most part missions).
    Part 2 1.032
    Once you start, fall down from the grate and a guard will be to the right. Fall
    down the giant elevator shaft thing and you might see an elevator with 2
    cyborgs going upward. You have the choice of taking them out or you could just
    fall all the way down and kill the civilian and guard down there.
    Once you go through the door, you need to go to the right (where a guard might
    be). To the left is too dangerous. Keep going until you reach a room with a
    guard and civilian. Once the guard starts attacking 2 more will come from
    behind. One has a shotgun so watch out for him.
    After them, attack the glass and jump down and rush to the door on the right.
    It will open with a civilian and 2 guards. If you got it right, you should have
    lost barely any health (where eating a head will clear the damage up). Before
    you enter the door, SAVE THE GAME. If you look on the ground, you will see a
    predator that you need to take out. Use Pounce to get close and then claw him
    (tail doesn't work, at least doesn't stun him).
    Now, RUN FAST FOR THE DOOR YOU CAME INTO!! A giant explosion will happen in the
    room, go back there after the explosion is finished. There will be a opening on
    the ground that you should fall into. Go to the only open door and follow the
    hallway. At the crossroad, go left. In the room, look where the pipes go to.
    The pipes do not actually reach the ceiling, they cut off near the top.
    1.04 Vengeance
    Part 1 1.041
    Once you start, you are in a ladder shaft, climb up to an opening that is under
    grates in a hallway. You need to go Right, Right to get into the hallway.
    I found this to work well, make a guard fire at you. All of them will come near
    you, just barely go out, jump and claw to kill them quickly.
    From the open gate thing, go Right, Right to an open door. Then go up the
    ladder shaft. Continue to the door and up. Then to the left and you will see a
    breakable grate that you need to go in.
    Go Right, then Left then Left. Then destroy the gate and attack all the guards
    in the area. Go right of the breakable grate and you will need to go in the
    closet and fall down an acid hole. Then go in the shaft thing and keep moving.
    Go on the bridge and kill the guard and through the door.
    Go forward-left, not just left. In the next room there is a grate that you need
    to destroy. Go in that vent until you destroy another and enter a new room. Go
    to the alien control and destroy it. Once you head back to the room with the
    first grate, you will see a door that is newly opened (well, newly destroyed)
    that you go through.
    Once at the new area, go to the right stairway and kill all civilians in the
    room that the stairs lead to. Look for a fan object on the ground. A little to
    the left of it on the ceiling is a grate. Take the left (not straight) fork in
    the vent. Climb up the pipes and continue through the opening. At the end look
    up and attack the grate and jump in the room.
    Part 2 1.042
    Once you start, walk out the closet and kill the civilian. Then kill the 2
    guards that come after you. In the next room there is just a lonely civilian.
    Go into the next room. In the next room climb up the partially blocked stairs.
    In the next room there are 2 guards. One with a minigun that you should take
    out first. Go through the gate on the ceiling.
    Once you fall down the vent, there is a civilian. Go into the shaft opening and
    take the right path. Once at the end, there is a opening next to the spinning
    pipe. In the next room, just run and clawing to the other side to kill the
    guards and civilian. Where the civilian was, there is an opening in the ceiling
    that you need to climb up to the top into a shaft.
    After you fall down the shaft into a grated ceiling, there is a half rusted or
    destroyed grate that you attack to fall down. Kill the 2 civilians and continue
    through the next door. Kill the 2 civilians and then kill all the guards in the
    area, I believe there are 3 or 4 total.
    Jump up to the next level and attack the crane control and that will drop
    barrels of acid for an opening that you go through. You will fall down to the
    area where the artificial hive is, destroy the controls. After you attack them,
    a shotgun guard to the right comes and a pulserifle guard to the left comes. Go
    to the left.
    Go into the open door and fall down into the shaft. Once you round the corner,
    you will see the artificial hive charge some sentry guns but they will die.
    Kill the sentry guns and go in the door to the left of the sentry guns. Keep
    moving until you reach 2 civilians, attack the Power Relay Station 1, and
    destroy it. A door will open, go through it.
    Once you go on the ground, 2 guards will come from the door. There is a grate
    below where you come from, go there. Continue through the path until you reach
    a large area. Climb up to the very top while avoiding gun fire to the place
    where the missing fan is.
    1.05 Abduction
    Once you start, keep moving while avoiding the plants that spit toxic gas. Go
    into the hive tunnel and keep falling down it. Once at the bottom, try to stay
    near the walls and try to sneak behind the sentry guns. Then you need to kill
    all the guards. After that, look for the explosives and attack the object
    connected to it to disarm it (who needs a bomb-squad?).
    Keep moving until you reach another explosive setup. Keep pouncing to reach the
    people and claw the people to death. The second one, I think, is easier than
    the first. If you continue, you will see a closed tunnel. Jump into the pit
    where the giant pipe looking rock is. Continue moving until you see steam
    coming out of a area. Go in the opening and keep walking.
    Once out, there will be 2 guards to take care of. Take a look, THEY TOOK THE
    QUEEN!!! Follow the tunnel until you reach another explosive setup to take care
    of. There are a few sentry guns on pillars so be careful of them. Keep moving
    until you get into another tunnel and the level will be over.
    1.06 Pursuit
    Once in the next room, there is a guard on a catwalk and a sentry gun on the
    ground. Pounce to the guard and kill him. Then fall down on the left sentry gun
    since it is not rotating so it should be easier to take out. Go through the
    door and take a left. Near the door at the end, there is a half-broken gate to
    go through.
    Once you fall, there will be a few guards on both sides so this part is hard.
    Once you kill them, go near the door and attack the Sentry Gun motion alarms
    thing and attack the door panel. Once you kill the door panel, the door will
    open and 2 guards will be there. There will also be guards on the ground so
    pounce there and shred them to pieces.
    Attack the door panel where the guards were and destroy the sentry motion
    sensors near it. Go to the left where 2 guards are, it’s dark so it’s easy to
    get them. To the right of the pipe thing there are 2 grates on the ceiling. One
    is breakable and the other isn't. There is a cross road in the vent, go to the
    Once you fall, there is a broken grate that you need to destroy. Then go to the
    right and look up to see a giant fan. Look for the triangle of lights near the
    bottom. The fan will stop, so climb up the walls and go through the fan. Once
    up, there are 2 guards to kill. Keep moving and there will be a lot of guards
    so jump to the left and attack the grate.
    Continue and attack the grate at the end. Pop up and claw everything to death
    in the room. Go to the very top of the cat walk and attack the control system
    near the level. An explosion will happen, go through the hole. Follow the
    tunnel until you reach the half-gone fence, jump out and take the left.
    Jump to the next story and attack the door control panel. Take the left door
    and attack all the guards along the way. Continue to the door near the next
    guard. Then attack the door control panel and open another door. 2 guards will
    come from around the corner.
    Once you go around the corner, a cyborg will come out and 2 guards will come
    from the left door. Move to the door near the 2 guards and the level will end.
    1.07 Freedom
    Part 1 1.071
    Once you start, save the civilian and wait for the guards to come out the door.
    Kill them and if you still need health, kill the civilian. Now look at the
    giant elevator, climb up it on the right side. Go around the boxes and kill the
    guard to the left and then attack the guard in the doorway.
    Go in the doorway, there will be a grate to climb into. Take the right at the
    vent crossroad and keep moving until you reach another grate to destroy. Once
    you fall, there are 2 guards to kill. After you kill them, attack the sentry
    gun controls and continue moving to the left of the guns.
    Once through the door, fall down the place with the sign Generator Control.
    Once down there, kill the cyborg and civilian. Attack the control switch with
    "Vehicle Control Secure" on it. Climb back up but beware, there are 3 cyborgs
    waiting. I would save and try to lose the least amount of health possible.
    Continue through the door that is on the level where the cyborgs were. Keep
    moving until you see a cyborg, kill him. Head back and look for a sentry gun
    panel and destroy it. In the next room there is a guard to take care of and a
    civilian. Once you start attacking, 2 cyborgs will come after you.
    From where you came from, keep moving forward and take a left. Continue moving
    and you will hear some noises and you will see a few dead bodies (Predator gun
    fire). Look at the ceiling, there is another level where you need to jump to.
    To the left is a dead end so head right. You will see 2 guards firing at
    something (Predator), kill them.
    In the next room, there will be a guard and cyborg to the right on the next
    level. Once you finish them go back to the ground and attack the Sentry Gun
    Control panel. Now, head back up and look for a tunnel opening and continue
    moving. You will be on the other side of the door.
    Continue moving and you will see the predator at last. He will fire at some
    explosive barrels near a transport vehicle. The vehicle will fall down a pit
    and the predator will be waiting for you. Turn the navigate vision on. You will
    see a broken pipe, climb in there.
    In the next room there is a guard, kill him and take the left. It will end
    another part.
    Part 2 1.072
    Once you start, there is a half-broken part of the fence on the right side.
    Then start climbing up the stories...
    Story 1: A minigun and a shotgun guard
    Story 2: 2 Sentry Guns
    At the top there is a grate to go through. At the end of the vent, there is a
    grate, destroy it. After that, head straight toward the doorway and there is a
    grate there. (Humans seem to like putting grates in their bases.) At the end of
    the vent, there are 2 civilians on the other side of a fence. A cyborg will
    start to come down some stairs to the left of the civilians.
    Head where the cyborg came from. Keep running down the hallways and at the end,
    there is a panel called "Maintenance Access", destroy it. From the panel, head
    to the right and enter the newly opened door. Inside there is a panel to
    destroy. Head back out the door and turn right and then right again to another
    panel to destroy.
    Keep going through the hallway until you meet 2 guards with guns. Take them out
    and enter the newly opened door next to them. In the next room, destroy the
    grate and continue crawling through the vent.
    In the room, there is a civilian. If you look outside, you will see 3 guards
    fighting a predator (guess who wins). Destroy the "Weather Telemetry Relay"
    machine. Head back until you reach the door after crawling through the grate.
    Head straight to the newest door, the second part of the level and final part
    of the game.
    Part 3 1.073
    Once you start, jump up on the platform to fight a predator. After you finally
    kill him, ANOTHER one comes to attack you. After you finish the second
    Predator, a guard will open a door where the Empress is near. Look for the
    grate in the room and start climbing. Head to the room on the left and attack
    the guards. Destroy the Landing Beacon Control.
    Run back out and attack the human outside, a single head attack will kill him
    Tada! You won!
    2.00 Controls
    2.01 Shared
    Forward		W
    Backward	S
    Turn Left	Left Arrow
    Turn Right	Right Arrow
    Strafe Left	A
    Strafe Right	D
    Strafe + Arrows K
    Run		Caps Lock
    Run Toggle	M
    Jump		Space Bar
    Fire		Mouse Button 0
    Alt-Fire	Mouse Button 1
    Next Vision	V
    Look Up		Home
    Look Down	End
    Center View	Delete
    Mouse Look	Insert
    Objectives/Score Tab
    Send Message	Enter
    Team Message	\
    Taunt		Backspace
    Crosshair Toggle
    2.02 Alien
    Pounce		E
    Wall Walk	Left-Shift
    Wall Walk Toggle	G
    Crouch		Left-Control
    Crouch Toggle	/
    Version 4.00
    Just got this FAQ on GameFAQs.
    Credits and Thanks 5.00
    Me for making this.
    Sierra for creating this great game.
    CJayC for creating the BEST game site ever.
    Every one who helped make the Aliens and Predator Movies and games.
    FAQ 6.00
    None yet.

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