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    Predator Hardcore FAQ by The EternitY

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 11/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          _    _ _                        ____               _       _
         / \  | (_) ___ _ __  __   _____ |  _ \ _ __ ___  __| | __ _| |_ ___  _ __
        / _ \ | | |/ _ \ '_ \ \ \ / / __|| |_) | '__/ _ \/ _` |/ _` | __/ _ \| '__|
       / ___ \| | |  __/ | | | \ V /\__ \|  __/| | |  __/ (_| | (_| | || (_) | |
      /_/   \_\_|_|\___|_| |_|  \_/ |___/|_|   |_|  \___|\__,_|\__,_|\__\___/|_|
                                        ___ ___
                                       |_ _|_ _|
                                        | | | |
                                        | | | |
                        ____               _       _
                       |  _ \ _ __ ___  __| | __ _| |_ ___  _ __
                       | |_) | '__/ _ \/ _` |/ _` | __/ _ \| '__|
                       |  __/| | |  __/ (_| | (_| | || (_) | |
                       |_| _ |_|  \___|\__,_|\__,_|\__\___/|_|
                      | | | | __ _ _ __ __| | ___ ___  _ __ ___
                      | |_| |/ _` | '__/ _` |/ __/ _ \| '__/ _ \
                      |  _  | (_| | | | (_| | (_| (_) | | |  __/
                     _|_| |_|\__,_|_|  \__,_|\___\___/|_|  \___|
                    / ___|__ _ _ __ ___  _ __   __ _(_) __ _ _ __
                   | |   / _` | '_ ` _ \| '_ \ / _` | |/ _` | '_ \
                   | |__| (_| | | | | | | |_) | (_| | | (_| | | | |
                    \____\__,_|_| |_| |_| .__/ \__,_|_|\__, |_| |_|
                                        |_|            |___/
    Walkthrough version: 1.03
    Game version used : 
    About the author:
    This Walkthrough is writen by Carlo von Ranzow (1984).
    I wrote this walkthrough since I couldn't find any for this game at hardcore
    difficulty. It's my first walkthrough ever. And I must say that it was fun
    writing it. I wrote it while I played the game using the windows-button to
    switch between the game and notepad. I wrote literal what I did in the game.
    I tried to make this walkthrough as detailed as possible.
    If you have any comments, questions or additional notes please feel free to
    contact me at "carlo_avp2@hotmail.com".
    Legal notice:
    Copyright 2004 Carlo von Ranzow
    This guide may only be published at:
       - http://www.gamefaqs.com
       - http://faqs.ign.com
       - http://dlh.net
       - http://www.supercheats.com
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       - http://www.neoseeker.com
    It may not be published anywhere else without my explicit permission. My email: 
    This guide is unofficial.
    Version 1.01 (6 September 2004)
       -Fixed a lot of spelling mistakes.
       -Added aditional sites for publishing this walkthrough.
    Version 1.02 (16 September 2004)
       -Added an additiontal ammo location containing the rare netgun ammo.
       -Changed some minor details.
    Version 1.03 (2004)
       -Once again I fixed some more spelling mistakes.
    1. FAQ
    2. General hints/tips
    3. Notes
    4. Abbreviations
    5. Weapons
    6. Walkthrough 
            6.1  Mission 1: Hunt
            6.2  Mission 2: Trap
            6.3  Mission 3: Interloper Section 1/3
            6.4  Mission 3: Interloper Section 2/3
            6.5  Mission 3: Interloper Section 3/3
            6.6  Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 1/3
            6.7  Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 2/3
            6.8  Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 3/3
            6.9  Mission 5: Old Debts
            6.10 Mission 6: New target Section 1/2
            6.11 Mission 6: New target Section 2/2
            6.12 Mission 7: Trophy Section 1/2
            6.13 Mission 7: Trophy Section 2/2
    7. Credits
    1.0 FAQ:
    Q1: What are trophies good for?
    A1: Nothing. It's just for fun.
    Q2: Why is this walkthrough so detailed? You describe almost every single
    A2: I wrote this walkthrough for the hardcore difficulty. On that difficulty 
        you will most likely need a walkthrough that covers how to kill the enemies
        instead of just pointing out the way.
    Q3: Can't you make this walkthrough less detailed?
    A3: No. If you like it less detailed then you either don't need a walkthrough
        or you are not playing on the hardcore difficulty.
    2.0 General hints/tips:
    Always heal/recharge at the end of a level so that you can always start the 
    next level at full health/energy. This saves you a lot of time 
    healing/recharging every time you need to restart a level.
    Don't confuse the PC for a CE ! If you do you and the PC is charged-up
    then you will die.
    Don't use cloak vs alien's. It just doesn't work.
    Stepping into the water will de-cloak you.
    3.0 Notes:
    -If you have an hardcore auto save and you want to complete a section/level
     with another difficulty or character then your auto save will be overwritten.
     So backup the save file(s) first! (or maybe use another profile? (needs to be
    -When you start off in the first level the game will tell you that you cannot
     save in a level. But the game does auto save between level sections.
    -My level/section difficulties are rated as follow:
     very easy - easy- medium - hard - very hard. 
     This is based on the following facts:
                     -How long levels take before it will auto save.
                     -How tough the enemies are to kill/bypass.
                     -Whether you can heal/recharge or not.
    -At the start of each level I list how many kills you will make if you follow
     this walkthrough exactly. But the numbers may not always be for the full 100%
     exact. It's sometimes pretty hard for me to count the bodies and splashing
    -For the total level kills I count cyborgs as marines.
    -I think that this game isn't optimized for the hardcore difficulty. Some
     levels are harder then the last level. And the first level boss is harder then
     the two final bosses in the final level! Really weird.
    -Although I don't describe the movies after the levels this walkthrough may
     contain spoilers. So be warned.
    4.0 Abbreviations:
    Blue vision = T-Vision = thermal vision
    CE = Charge Emitter
    PC = Plasmacaster
    5.0 Weapons:
    1. Wristblades (No decloaking)
    Bad weapon. I never use primary fire, the damage is too low. And the secondary
    fire can just take out a regular marine or scientist with 1 blow. You should
    only use this in the level "Unexpected allies Section 1" since it is your only
    weapon there. Note that this weapon has a little range. In fact, if you stand
    to close to your enemy you may just miss him.
    2. Combistick (No decloaking)
    The primary fire doesn't have enough firepower. Just don't use it against
    enemies. Only use it to destroy objects.
    The secondary fire kills marines instantly. Best used to kill them while
    cloaked and preferably from the back. Note that this weapon has a little
    range. In fact, if you stand to close to your enemy you may just miss him.
    3. Pistol
    Now this is a totally useless weapon. It's the last weapon you will find. It
    just can't beat the Plasmacaster. The primary fire is ok. But the secondary
    fire is really dangerous. You just tend to hit yourself with it draining all
    your energy.
    4. Speargun (No decloaking)
    This gun's primary fire is very handy and funny too. If you headshot somebody
     then his head will fly (with the arrow in it) till it reaches something
    solid. Good for stealth missions when having to take out sentry guns.
    The secondary fire is only for heavy enemies. It shoots multiple arrows in a
    row. Don't forget to pickup the arrows after shooting them. If you shot on a
    sentry gun then the arrow is gone. If you shot at a living being then the
    arrow will be in his corpse till it disapears. If you made a headshot look at
    walls and stuff behind the corpse (if there is nothing behind it then kiss your
    arrow goodbye).
    5. Plasmacaster
    My weapon of choice. I usually just use the primary fire. The bolts can be shot
    fast and can be use to take out targets at close and long range. Even if an
    alien is right in front of you, you can take it out in 2 shots while back-
    If you hold down the primary fire button then it will charge-up. As soon as you
    release the button it will shoot.
    Hold down the secondary fire button to charge-up the PC. Then press the primary
    fire button to release the bolt.
    The secondary fire is dangerous! You mostly end up suiciding with it. It has
    huge splash damage which hurts you a lot and can instantly kill you. Only
    use it vs strong enemies at medium-long range in preferably wide areas with
    no obstacles.
    6. Disc
    If you don't have the Plasmacaster yet then this weapon is a good choice. It
    doesn't use any ammo, just energy. And like the Plasmacaster it has an
    auto-aim function. But it only auto-aims when you have the proper vision
    turned on vs the enemy you want to disc.
    7. Netgun
    You will find almost no additional ammo for this gun. So only use it when you
    really have to. It's generally used for protecting yourself from big aliens
    like thePredaliens.
    8. Remote bombs (No decloaking)
    I never found additional ammo for this weapon. It's only used in the level
    "Unexpected allies Section 2" (it's your only ranged weapon here) and maybe
    in the final level. If you direct hit on an enemy then it will explode doing
    considerably more damage then when just throwing it on the ground and
    detonating it.
    But be carefull, if you miss an enemy, then kill it with a second bomb with
    direct hit, the first bomb could still be there. Those bombs will
     automatically detonate within a time limit. So if you ever miss just hit
    the detonate button to be sure.
    6.0 Walkthrough
    Mission 1: Hunt
    total kills: 7 - 11 marines and maybe 1 alien; 1 preatorian
    level difficulty: medium
    -Turn on T-vision.
    -Ignore the 3 scientists and cloak in front of the tunnel. Go trough it.
    -When exiting the tunnel ignore all enemies and go up the ladder on the right.
    -kill the guard with your wristblades secondary fire (charge-up on the ladder)
    [Way 1: Shorter but takes minor damage]
    -run (going left) on while ignoring all enemies and take some minor damage.
    [Way 2: longer, req. 1 marine kill that is not facing you]
    -Kill the right guard near the rock. Then walk back and around the block to
     your clan mate (=next step). This way the other guard will walk the other way
     around the block to check his team-mate and won't notice you going around
     from where you came and thereby bypassing the dumb marine.
    -Jump up the 2 little hills and meet your clan mate on top of a bridge to
     receive the Combistick.
    -Enter the tunnel ahead, jump on the first tree, turn 90 degrees right and jump
     to the next tree and into the little passageway.
    -jump down (notice 3 guards in the distance in front of you), continue to the
     guards, don't kill them. A little to the right of them is a tree. Power jump
     to the top of the tree and jump in the cave with water. 
    -Get out of the water, turn on your cloak, and run like nuts passed the 
     marines. (You can try to kill the most right guard with the combistick 
     secondary fire while running). The guards will shoot at you but if you run
     fast enough and are lucky enough neither of them will hit you. As soon as
     you gain some distance they cant see you anymore and won't pursue you 
     (sometimes a marine will pursue you, if he does, kill him while he is alone)
    -Take the right intersection. (the 2 guards will probably hit you because they
     can see you (strafing will help), but your clan mate will kill them and you
     can heal yourself. (note: in order to receive the disc from your clan mate
     you need to make sure all 6 (2 + 4 from the cave-exit u came from) marines
     are dead.).
     You may think: "Then why not kill them when you just exit the cave?" Well, you
     may want to kill them separately and not in a group. Plus in the cave you
     cannot retreat to heal and you cannot cloak.
    -Proceed to the 'waterfall-cave', Ignore the guards by cloaking and going 
     around them by making a circle around them and entering the 'waterfall-cave'
     as much left as possible, go up, go passed the waterfall, kill the 2 marines
     (use the disc, if you use the speargun you probably won't be able to
     retrieve the arrows). Then walk trough the mini tunnel.
    -Jump on the first tree in front of you, jump to the left one, jump to the
     ground as far left/forward as possible to enter the next tunnel without
     encountering any guards.
    -Here you will meet marines and aliens fighting each other, kill them or wait
     a few seconds and then kill the remainders. Heal/recharge decloak (if not
     already done so). And get ready for a Praetorian.
    -Turn on the Red vision. Then walk (from the tunnel) straight ahead to the
     cliffs, the Praetorian will jump from there, when it hits the water it will
     first try to impress you by screaming. Don't be impressed and start killing
     it. kill it with any ranged weapon (speargun and disc), just don't go close
     combat. And when you have to, try using the 'claw charge-up skill'. You will
     most likely die here a few times.
     I did it by firing all speargun bullets I had in 2nd fire, 1 disc, and the
     melee Combistick to finish it off :P. Note that you get your disc back in
     the next level even if you didn't recall it before the "Hunt" level ended.
    Mission 2: Trap
    Total kills: 2 - 4 marines (possible 1 sentry gun facing you)
    level difficulty: easy
    -Ignore the APC and marines down there and follow the only patch you can take
     into the tunnel (to the left).
    -Turn on cloak and T-vision.
    -When you exit the tunnel, (ignore the 2 guards in front of you) jump off to
     the left, kill the single guard. Proceed further left (towards the boxes and
     the direction the APC went (if you was fast enough you could see it)). Don't
     worry about fall damage here, unless you power-jump you won't take any.
    -There are two guards there, ignore them, just avoid them by walking as much
     left as possible (once again same path as the APC took (if you was fast 
     enough you could see it)).
    [way 1: longer but easier, costs 1 speargun arrow]
    -Ignore the next 2 guards by hugging the wall to the left as much as possible,
     keep on running. One guard may turn around in your direction. But if you keep
     running he will ignore you.  
     (Or if you prefer to fight: kill the left one with the disc, the 2nd one runs
     off. Try not to drain attention from the other guards more to the right)
    -Now becarefull, up the hill is a sentry gun, take it out with a single
     speargun shot.
    -You will encounter 2 additional sentry guns on the way to your right, ignore
     them. They aren't facing you anyway.
    [Way 2: shorter but harder]
    -Go left around the boxes and around the tree.
    -Go hug the most right wall and enter the mini-cave. Kill the two guards.
    -Jump up to the top of the tree, throw a disc at the marine coming out of the
     cave and enter.
    -When you exit the cave cloak and hop straight ahead from tree to tree to cave
     (4 trees in total). (from the cave exit) The cave must be somewhere in front
     of you and a little to the left.
    -You see 2 ships flying by. Enter the next cave.
    -When exiting the cave, if you just run towards the guard he will most
     likely not be facing you, punish him for it. If you wait, he will turn
     around and you will have to disc him.
    -Tree jumping directions: forward, left (tree with a guard, just proceed
     quickly), right, forward, jump to the top and jump left, jump to the top and
     to the cave. (The directions are giving from you last facing position when you
     enter a tree)
    Mission 3: Interloper Section 1/3 
    Total kills: 2 - 3 marines
    Section difficulty: very easy
    -go right.
    -Just walk outside, take the right path and follow the fence until you notice 
     that one of the sentry guns has a red flashing light (it's broken)(It should 
     be the 2nd sentry gun you will encounter). 
    -Cloak/T-vision and jump across the fence here. (Notice: before you jump
     the fence, a guard says that he detects something cloaked. Don't worry, he
     will always say that, even if you are not cloaked).
    -avoid the first marine, just walk on.
    -There are 2 marines talking, go in a circle around them (don't step in the
     water!). You should be going right around the center bunker now.
    -Proceed a little further and there you will see the elevator (it has a square
     light high above it and marines with shoulder lamps around it on the floor
    -You can kill the closest marine with the disc (near the truck in the water).
     The others won't notice. Kill the one standing on the lift. The 3rd one will
     ask to raise the bridge. Kill him too if you want or ignore him and just hide
     behind a box. He will most likely run anyway.
    Mission 3: Interloper Section 2/3
    Total kills: 19 - 21 marines (1 circuit :P) (1 sentry gun facing you, possible
                 2 sentry guns not facing you)
    Section difficulty: hard
    -immediately cloak/T-vision, turn 90 degrees right and jump off (side with the
     crane and the box). start jumping on boxes to gain access to the higher floor.
    -(If you was fast enough in the previous step then you will see the EMP-marines
     walk to their hiding places, they wont shoot you while they are still trying
     to reach their hiding places (If you block them they just keep walking in you
     ha-ha. Also note that they won't have EMP-guns anymore for some reason). After
     the first box is the first marine, Go right around it to melee-kill the idiot
     from behind.
    -After the box with smaller boxes on top of it is the 2nd marine hiding, go
     once more right around the box and melee-kill him from behind.
    -Now jump on the box with smaller boxes on top of it and wait for one of the 2
     guards to check out his dead mate. Then jump down and melee-kill him.
    -The other guard can easily be melee-killed too, if he walks just walk in an as
     large as possible circle around him and back-stab him or something. Or hug the
     right wall behind a small 'pillar-something' and wait for him to pass you.
     Won't take long. Or simply disc him.
    -Use the boxes to jump to the next floor.
    [way 1: my preferred way]
    -(Facing the wall) Walk right and run behind the box, crouch, use the disc 2
     times on the coming 2 guards from your right. 
    -Then cloak again, walk back where you jumped on the floor, disc the 2
     remaining marines near the center. 
    [way 2 : fastest way]
    -(Facing the wall) Turn right, disc the left guy from the center first, then
     the one in the center from behind a box. Then take out the other 2 with your
     disc, they probably haven't noticed you yet.
    [way 3: safest but most time wasting]
    -You can (after you have been at least once in this game on the floor with
     the platform) kill the center guy from a lower floor. Then you can probably
     kill the next 3 marines from the lower floor behind 2 boxes and in front of
     the boxes you needed to climb. Just make sure that the remainders on the
     ground level won't shoot you (stay away from the edge of the floor when
     de-cloaked and behind the 2 boxes).
    -Don't just walk to the center! There is a sentry gun on the other side. Just
     Turn off any visions, waste a speargun arrow on it (you will lose the arrows
     anyway in Section 3).
    -Proceed to the center platform, activate the left panel. A lift, in front of
     you with a box on it, will go up, jump on the box (not on the crane). If you
     have difficulties with jumping on it just stand behind the panel (on the very
     edge) and activate it from there (Yes it's weird to activate a panel from the
     wrong side at a little distance. But here it's possible) Then you can then
     easily jump on the lift.
    -Jump off the lift, go a little to the right just next to the elevator.
     Speargun the sentry gun on the other side.
    -Waste the marine behind the boxes before 'hacking' the panel! He is most of
     times not facing you anyway.
    -Then open the panel and charge it.
    -Turn around and go up the ladder. Go on top of the elevator that closed. Enter
     it and waste the guy inside if you wish, he isn't armed. Or use him as a
     shield, but if you use the disc in the next step then you have to kill him so
     that the disc won't auto-aim this guy.
    -When the lift opens speargun or disc the marine immediately (facing the
     opposite direction from which you came in the elevator, it's the  right door).
     Don't walk to him, range-kill him because he has 2 smartgunners around him!
    -There are also 2 smartgunners, 1 to your left and 1 to your right, they are
     stationary so just range-kill them without them being able to see you (Mostly
     a part of their body isn't hidden behind a box or something, target that
     part) (Note: you can't backstab these guys, they are cyborg and always face
     your direction. Even if they had no idea where you could be coming from).
     (tip/exploit: the right one can be killed by using secondary fire Combistick
     from next to the box crouched. Your Combistick attack has some range)
    -Proceed to the right, disc the marine. Fetch your disc and throw it at the
     marine coming towards you. Proceed and another one will come, disc him too.
    -Proceed and kill the shotgun guy on the right behind a box (keep your
     distance here, 2 close hits and you are gone. And he shoots fast).
    -Proceed, kill the 2 sentry guns for fun if you want. They aren't facing you.
    [way 1: suicide, req. 2 - 4 kills]
    -Take the lift up, now this part is hard. 2 guys from the left and 2 from the
     right with smartguns, shotguns and EMP's. Speargun the left 2 first (no EMP
     there). Then I run to their position and waste the other 2 with a speargun
     or disc. If you are lucky 2 from the right never show up :D
    [way 2: easy, but requires fast jumping; req. 2 kills]
    -Facing the wall turn 90 degrees right, quickly jump on the first box. Then
     power-jump up the rack (the highest part). From here kill the 2 marines from
     the left with the disc, and heal/recharge if necesary. Hopefully the 2 guys
     from the right haven't noticed anything.
    -(From the elevator, not facing the wall) Go left. To your right will be a
     door. 2 marines will come out, speargun them quickly. Afterwards get your
     arrows back (duh). (maybe you can try to rush in the door as soon as it
     opens to enter the new level. Never tried it, but it would save you 2 kills.
    Mission 3: Interloper Section 3/3
    Total kills: 6-13 marines including snipers
    Section difficulty: easy/medium (snipers may be tough, but the level is
                                    very small)
    -Walk up the stairs (cloaked), use either the disc or the Combistick on the
     next 3 marines.
    [Way 1]
    -walk 1 stair higher then where the 2 marines where. Then go down the stairs 
     into the newly opened door and go left (ignoring the 2 guards on the right).
    [Way 2]
    -Walk to the topmost level, below you the door will open and a single marine
     will walk up, kill him. Then kill his team-mate standing around/in the door
    -Kill the single marine here.
    -Now, walk left jump up a few times (hard to explain). But you need to jump
     on the center ledge, then on a pipe coming from the center, then on the ridge
     on the opposite of the center. Then head right, jump right, and notice 3
     marines, 1 cyborg. Kill them using cover from the bridge they are standing on
     and cloak. Use the disc or speargun. The cyborg is very tough. Try to aim for
     his head. Don't worry about your ammo, you are about to lose it anyway very
     soon, just keep a few arrows for the next step. (If you need to heal do it
     safely under the bridge) (note, if you kill the cyborg on the bridge cloaked
     wit a headshot from the speargun then the other guards will not notice you.
    -Jump on the bridge, Don't walk towards the center, there are 2 guys (left
     and right) on a higher floor with snipers! (1 hit and you are done for).
     Cloaking won't help you here. Just somehow try to kill a sniper, get to the
     ladder, climb it, and go to the opposite side from where you came up to find
     an open room. Go in to get yourself captured (if the room is closed then you
     are on the wrong side. Don't worry, just proceed to the other end by using
     the speargun along the way. You have plenty of cover up there while running.
    Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 1/3
    Total kills: 4 - 5 normal marines
    Section difficulty: very hard
    +[NOTE: If you beat this section with virtual no health then don't worry. This
     level is way harder then the next level. In the next level you will be able
     to heal/recharge after 5 marines. All that matters is that you complete this
     level and having at least 3 remote bombs left for the next level]
    -All your weapons are taken away (including the heal/recharge items and your
     mask). But you still have your CE. Go left and charge the panel.
    -Use the elevator. Go stand left near the door, wait for the 2 marines to walk
     passed it, then quickly go trough the door and push the button. The door
     behind you will close and the one in front of you will open (You are not
     supposed to take any damage).
    -Hurry and go left, open the door and go down the ladder (if you are to slow a
     marine from the right will come, if this happens then you can open the door
     by hitting the panel from a little distance so that he cannot target you. Then
     go down the ladder FAST since he will try to shoot you there).
    -Just before you reach the bottom wait for one marine to go away. Then kill the
     other one with a charged-up Wristblade. (if you walk slowly to him, you can
     backstab him, otherwise he will hear you and turn around).
    -When his mate comes back to check out his dead mate, quickly go up the ladder
     a little, and when he walks away back-stab him. (He can never hit you while
     you are on the ladder if you go high enough, he can't get underneath it. But
     once he starts shooting at you while you are on the ladder he will not walk
     away anymore and you can restart the level (note: if you waited to long then
     the 2nd marine will be 2 rooms further, he will come back when you charge the
     power-control in the next steps)
    -Go left, trough the door. In the next room power jump to the ledge between the
     2 pipes near the ceiling. charge the power-controller and go down to the 
     floor. Go trough the door on the opposite site of the door where you came in
     (you probably just see it close).
    [Hardest part of the Predator campaign:]
    -Here comes the only very very hard part of this section, but it's very hard
     (did I mention it was hard? :P): in this room there are two marines at the
     end. I haven't found a way to lure them out. And running into them is suicide.
     But I don't see any other way. I suggest it's only worth trying if you are
     still or almost at full health. Good luck.
     (hint by "Board Guest 1927172": run at them and immediately go left to try and
     get in 'front' of the nearest marine and position yourself so that this marine
     is between you and the other one. This seems to make the second marine
     hesitate to open fire).
    -Alright you made it! In the next room pickup the remote bombs and charge the
     panel on the wall.
    -The nearest door will open, kill the 2 marines with remote bombs. (can be done
     with 1 remote bomb)
    -In the next room get the net gun and a mask.
    [way 1/3: harder, +1 kill]
    -When you get out of the room a marine on the far left will spot you. So show
     yourself for a second and then wait for him to come. Knock him down.
    [way2/3: easier, no kills]
    -Lure the marine, when the he comes for you, walk forwards, then trough the
     newly opened door, left, right and up the ladder (all done quickly). What you
     did was running in a square-shape trough 4 rooms including your starting one.
    [way 3/3: easiest: uses ammo]
    -Simply shoot the netgun at him. You should only do this when you are really
     low on health and don't want to take any chance to restart this level.
    -Go to the room he came from and up the ladder.
    Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 2/3
    Total kills: 12 - 13 marines
    Section difficulty: medium
    Bugs: 1 level collision bug
    Important notes: Make sure that at the end of this level you have a speargun,
                     plasma caster, cloaking device and that you are able to
    -Walk to the exit of this tunnel. Before dropping down throw a remote bomb at
     the 2 marines below (direct-hit is double kill).
    -Hit the two switches on the right wall, stand back. Proceed to trough the
     blown up wall.
    -Go right and pickup your 'toothpick' and cloaking device (at the desktop)
     marines will come to you from the hallway. Turn around and throw a remote bomb
     at them (if you are having trouble aiming then cloak so that you can let them
     get closer to you which reduces the chance that you will miss).
    -Shortly after, another marine will come from the same way. Throw another
     remote bomb at him. (note that the ceiling from the hallway here is bugged.
     You can jump trough the ceiling.
    -Go in the next room, Open the center door (left one), kill all scientists
     (prevents lock-on on them), toggle T-vision and cloak on and then get your
     stuff back lying in the center (finally!). At the same time 2 marines will
     enter the room (1 shotgun 1 rifle). If you prefer to heal first then you can
     hide behind the platform to heal first if you want. Then waste them with your
     PC (if only one marine comes for you then the other one is still in the room
     where you came from, waste him to make sure he will never kill you from
    -Go in the room with the glass (opposite side from where you picked up your
     weapons), open the door.
    -2 marines will come from the left. Lure then and blow both away with your
     charged-up PC.
    -Proceed trough the corridor, at the end turn left and jump up. charge the box
     to the right. Don't go down from where you jumped up! A shotgun marine and 2
     others are waiting for you there. Instead, walk the other way, jump down the
     hole there, and blast the marines from there (much safer).
    -The first room on the right (from the hole you came from and facing the
     marines you just killed) contains the speargun. Get it.
    -2 additional marines will come, kill them (you should know how to kill them
     by now (in case you don't, just use the PC's primary fire).
    -The opened door on the left is the way to the exit. Becarefull, behind the
     left box is a shotgun marine. I advise to kill him, because if you run cloaked
     to the level exit you will start the next level with a little less energy plus 
     you risk getting blasted by a close-range shotgun.
    Mission 4: Unexpected allies Section 3/3
    Total kills: 0 - 2 marines, 1 sentry gun
    Section difficulty: very easy (takes less then a minute to complete)
    -Wait and listen to the 'missing elevator tune'.
    -Once the elevator stops jump up the ledge. Shoot the 2 marines with normal
     vision (charge up the PC and just hit the ground, the splash damage will kill
     them. Also waste the sentry gun stationed at the right side.
    -Now just jump down from floor to floor (fast so that rockets and sentry guns
     have no chance for hitting you). 
    -At the ground level at the right side of the APC shoot the barrels.
    -Run to the right of the hole and heal/recharge up while waiting for the
     drop ship to fly by. As soon as you see it make a jump for it (while waiting
     in that spot you are supposed to be safe).
    Mission 5: Old Debts
    Total kills: some aliens - zillions of aliens, 0 - 2 Predaliens, 2 facehuggers
                 1 Praetorian (remember him from level1?)
    Section difficulty: hard
    -Open the hatch to the right, jump down, turn left and proceed until you reach
     a wide open space or pit (not open air) (and watch out for steam somewhere on
     the way) (Just try to find the shortest way for yourself here). There will be
     a lot of aliens here.
    [way 1: run (fasted and best way)]
    -Go as close to the opposite tunnels as possible without starting the spawns.
     Then run like hell. Aliens in front of you and behind you will spawn and they
     run faster then you. While running keep jumping and try to shoot the aliens on
     the way by back stepping. If you make it you will see open air above you, but
     you still have to make 2 power jumps to get out of the cave.
     (If you backstep make sure you backstep the right way and not to eventually
     end up in the 'pit' again.
    -Shoot the remaining aliens (they will sometimes follow out of the cave).
    [way 2: the long skilled way] (This way never succeeded for me because they
     just kept spawning and spawning and spawning)]
    -Hint: instead of jumping down into the 'pit', go to the most left part without
     jumping down (you can reach it by following the left wall inside the tunnels.
     You will also end up closest to the tunnels at the opposite of the 'pit'. If
     you stand there for just a second the music will change. Run back and the
     aliens will come. After you killed them heal/recharge and repeat this until
     they won't come anymore (7 aliens per wave, they always spawn at the same
     place) (I prefer using primary fire (2 hits = kill) PC here since melee 
     combat won't pull it and the PC only uses energy) (1 hit of those aliens
     exactly costs you 1/6th of your total life, so 6 hits and you die).
     If you decide to jump into the pit then you will trigger multiple spawns at
     the same times giving you about 10-15 aliens per wave running towards you
     without any breaks! That means you will run out of energy and then you are
     hasta la vista.
     [End of way 2]
    [way 1: very fast and very lame]
    -Run a little up the hill, go right into a tunnel, when you get out of the
     tunnel go left and fall down. That's all!
    [way 2: time wasting way]
    -If you don't run around here you won't trigger any spawns. So heal/recharge
     and get ready for more waves of aliens (this time they spawn further away).
     They also come from one direction. If you run out of energy just walk back
     as much as possible while recharging. You can easily recharge before they
     are close enough to hit you, just find the right time.
    -Head up the hill and go into the cave to the right. 16 aliens will come to
     you from the right. Kill them for fun or ignore them and proceed left to
     fall down (they won't follow you, I tested it with one alien very close
     to me).
    -Follow the path into a tunnel.
    -Follow the pipelines to the right (charge-up your PC) and jump on them
     and proceed. At about 3/4 of the way you will face a Predalien in front
     of you and one behind you on the pipeline. (1 hit from them and you can
     instantly die).
    [Way 1: Hard, but faster (I did this without taking any damage)]
    -Walk to the Predalien in front of you. When you get close power jump over him,
     turn around and go backwards while shooting a net at him. Then start running.
    -Shoot the little aliens while back stepping up the hill. When you are almost
     up the hill netgun the 2nd Predalien who was coming after you. Then go right,
     right, left. 
    -Quickly hit the switch to the left of the elevator. Charge the wires behind
     you on the right where the explosion took place and take the elevator up.
    [Way 2: safest and longest way]
    -Netgun the first Predalien, jump over him, shoot as much as possible, netgun
     the other, recharge energy, netgun the first one again and start shooting at
     both of them while walking backwards (towards the way you came from. why
     this way? Because here you can backstep safely while shooting without meeting
     other aliens)
     (never go melee on the Predaliens, not even when they are in a net. For some
     reason they instantly kill you when they are in a net when you get too close).
    -Get off the pipeline, 3 aliens will attack you.
    -Proceed forwards (don't step on the eggs on the huge square concrete). Shoot
     them instead, because if you go passed them they will burst and aliens will
     come out (including facehuggers). There will also some aliens coming from 
     uphill. In total (eggs + uphill) it should be about 12 aliens.
    -Proceed uphill into the giant tunnel. (If you turn left here then you will see
     a huge skeleton, nice for sightseeing) Go right and go right again. 
    -Go left to the elevator. To the left of the elevator is a switch, switch it.
    -Behind you something will explode. Use your CE on it (don't walk into the
     water, it's electrified). Then take the lift up.
    -You will notice 2 aliens going right, kill the left one. Take the door on your
     left. Go downstairs and hit the primary antenna switch, go back up.
    -Ouside go to the opposite side of the elevator and charge the panel to the
     right of the doors. Change to PC quickly! Aliens will attack you including a
     Praetorian! Shoot the aliens while running back to the stairs. Once you get
     trough the door the Praetorian can't get to you ha-ha. Waste the little aliens
     and then take all the time in the world to blast the Praetorian.
    -Once the Praetorian  is dead a ship will blast the doors near the panel, just
     stay away and get entertained. Go trough the doors (watch out for some aliens
     you may forgot to shoot like I did :P).
    -Go right and walk to your clan mate (he is cloaked) to receive the disk (you
     lose a little energy when receiving the disk, charge up before going trough
     the doors). 
    -Go trough the doors and go left.
    Mission 6: New target Section 1/2
    Total kills: 8 - 9 marines 4 sentry guns
    Section difficulty: easy
    level bug: level unbreakable glass doesn't stop your area of effect damage
    -Turn on the T-vision and equip the PC. Power jump up and go around the corner
     and go down the ladder in the next room.
    -Shoot the marine (left one).
    -Open the fence and go down, charge the panel, go back and go trough the newly
     opened door.
    -Kill the single marine on the right (wait for him to walk passed you and
     notice his shoulder lamp. Or blow both marines away the Rambo style)
    -Then waste his 3 (or maybe already 2) buddies coming from the right (assuming
     you made some noise, else go get them to the right and then turn left).
    -From the door you entered this room go right and immediately left. Then
     somewhere to your left should be an shutter on the ground. Open it and go
     down. (Facing the nearest wall) go left for some speargun and netgun ammo
     (change visions if you can't find it. Then follow the only way you can take
     till you reach an open area. (thanks to Jessie Clark for telling me about the
     ammo location)
    -From your hole shoot the marine in your upper right, then cloak and use the
     elevator up (stay close to the right wall because of sentry guns when walking
     to it) and powerjump the boxes and up to the highest floor (watch out for a
     shotgun marine coming towards the boxes).
    +(Here is a bug. If you have T-vision turned on and are looking to the other
     side then there should be 2 scientists behind bullet-proof glass. If you
     charge-up your PC and blast the left one then he takes splash damage and will
     die after a few shots).
    -Use the beam to reach the opposite side (if you want
     you can shoot the remaining guards from here).
    -Go off right at the top of the lab. Shoot down the marine that is standing to
     your left (if you are facing the way you came from off the rail). Then shoot
     the sentry gun next to him. Then shoot the sentry gun just above this one and
     a little to the right. Then kill the sentry gun on the same level as you (to
     the right of the previous one).
    -Jump down in the corner, kill the sentry gun behind the boxes, go right into
     the corridor and use the elevator up.
    -Use the switch in front of the windows.
    -Turn on Red-vision and take the elevator down. (watch out for a flamer-marine)
    -Cloak and wait for the fight outside to finish. When it is clear finish off
     the flamer or be brave and run passed him (he should be the only one left
     after the fight).
    -Then jump down the center and go into the automatic-opening tunnel in the
     nearest corner.
    Mission 6: New target Section 2/2
    Total kills: some aliens ; 1 - 2 marines
    Section difficulty: very easy
    Level bug: 'Transporter' exploit
    [way 1: normal way]
    -Turn on Red-vision and equip the PC, exit the small tunnel and waste 3 aliens.
    -Get over the electrical fence and waste some more aliens, no big deal.
    -Proceed, Turn on T-Vision, waste the sniper with the PC and by zooming in
     (don't get too close or some aliens will come for you), Turn on Red-vision and
     kill some aliens ahead (sometimes the 2nd marine will survive the alien attack
     because you killed the aliens too fast. In that case waste him too)
    [way 2: funny/exploit]
    -Jump out of the tunnel, run to the left and up the ladder, then (power)jump to
     the moving 'transporter' with the marines in it. Enjoy the ride. (The marines
     will not shoot you before you get to the destination hehe, but you cannot kill
     them either, they are invincible lol) (In the 2nd corner the transporter turns
     a little right, make sure you don't fall off because the 'transporter' isn't
     programmed for you standing on it. Standing in the center prevents this
     completely) (the thing that connects the tranporter to it's rail has no
     collision, same for the rail, so you can stand in it and shoot trough it). 
    -Target the sniper at the platform ahead first!.
    -Then when you arrive waste the single alien on the platform. Then stand
     between the 'transporter' and the platform and shoot down trough the slit
     (without Red-vision! else you may hit the floor causing damage to you) to
     kill the horde of aliens you collected on the way ha-ha.
    -Go right, whack some more brainless aliens and go right trough the open door.
    -When you get out of the small tunnel 3 aliens will come from above. Either go
     back in the tunnel and 'backstep-kill' them or just turn around and shoot.
    -Jump down the hole from platform to platform (use the 3rd vision if you 
    -When you reach the open door, wait a moment before killing the aliens. Just
     kill the ones that attack you. You want the aliens to kill those marines and
     then you kill the remainders.
    -Once inside go right.
    -Wait for the next battle to finish and kill the 3 remaining aliens. Then go
     down the big hole and go left into the tunnel.
    Mission 7: Trophy Section 1/2
    Total kills: 2 facehuggers ; 17 aliens ; 1 Praetorian
    Section difficulty: easy
    -Jump down, go in the tunnel, go left into the very small tunnel. At the
     T-junction take the right way (it's shorter). In the next room is a facehugger
     near a dead clan mate. Kill it, pickup the speargun ammo and the Pistol
     (useless weapon on hardcore).
    -Go back the same way you came. When you reach the end of the small tunnel you
     notice that the shutter above the boxes has been opened and a facehugger is
     dancing there (sometimes it will jump down into your small tunnel... sucks).
     Waste it. Then go trough it and into the next room.
    -To the right on the wall with the 'scary' sentry gun warning is a panel to
     charge. Charge it.
    -Go trough the opening door (watch out for some steam on the upper right). Then
     go forward trough the next newly opened door and waste some aliens while
    -Proceed into the next room. As soon as you enter it aliens will come from
     behind (3) and from the front (6). Quickly turn around and go back in the
     tunnel you came from. Kill these aliens first. By the time they are dead the
     others will arrive from the other side, piece a cake now. Then go into the
    -Use the switch in the corner to the right you came from to raise the drilling
    -Go into the next tunnel (you can already see an alien on the ceiling, kill it)
    -When you almost exit the tunnel something will explode. Run into the next
     room, jump off just left of the up going pipe, turn around and proceed into
     the tunnel (just ignore the 2 cyborgs, 2 sentry guns and the aliens who will
     be killed by them).
    -Turn on red-vision. There is an alien on the ceiling after the first corner.
     Kill it.
    -Proceed into the room and into the next tunnel. 5 aliens will come for you to
     get themselves killed.
    -Now a Praetorian will come trough the tunnel (a netgun won't work on him)
     (note: going back into the previous room and going up the ladder won't get you
     out of his range. He can jump pretty high while attacking you). Now what you
     should do is to run as fast as you can back into the room with the steam and
     run into the tunnel with the pipe that emits the steam. The Praetorian cannot
     reach you there. Happy hunting.
    -Proceed trough the tunnel, 2 more aliens will attack you, kill them and exit
     the level.
    Mission 7: Trophy Section 2/2
    Total kills: a pack of aliens ; 1 Queen ; 1 human (bosses are easy)
    Section difficulty: very hard
    -Walk into the large room and start jumping to the top (annoying and boring
     part since you will be doing this a couple of times).
    [Jump guide]
    .Go right and jump at the first one.
    .Jump at the next one and turn left.
    .Jump at the wall and then at the next one.
    .Go underneath the next one, turn around and jump on it.
    .Go left and jump on the next one. Then jump at the one immediately to your
    .At the end of this one jump of and land on the one below it.
    .Follow it to the right and jump to the left on the next one.
    .Jump over the one that goes across your current one. And proceed forward.
    .Then at the end go underneath the next one, turn around and jump on it.
    .Follow it about half way, then look left, see the smoke (without visions
     turned on)? There is the end of this boring madness.
    -Walk into the tunnel (there is steam in front of hit but it won't hurt you)
    -When you get passed the dead aliens shot by the human you will enter a room
     where 6 aliens will attack you. Just kill them the usual way (easy, they will
     come from 2 holes in the upper left. Just watch out for the last alien. He
     will often wait a moment before coming into the room).
    -Proceed to next room but don't jump in. Just shoot the alien's from the end
     of this mini-tunnel. Sometimes walk a little back. Go in the room (don't worry
     about the eggs, they are 'dead'). If you had full energy then you had enough
     for both rooms.
    -Enter the next tunnel (the one you can walk in, the one where you have to jump
     for is the one you came from) at the opposite side from where you came from.
    -2 or 3 aliens will attack you when you enter. 'Flush them down'.
    -At the intersection take the left path (watch out for an annoying facehugger
     here. It sometimes comes from behind and sometimes from front (plus it isn't
     always there for some reason)). Then enter this room the Rambo-style (only a
     few aliens here).
    -Enter the tunnel at the opposite side from where you came from. Take the left
     path (right one is a dead end with 3 aliens and a facehugger)
    -3 aliens will come for you (they will come in turn from a hole on the upper
     right wall). Warning: when you get out of the tunnel a facehugger will come
     from above the tunnel to hug you. So just keep running and blast the aliens
     and the facehugger from the other side of the 'room'. This way you always have
     some distance between you and the facehugger. 
    -Proceed to the large room with the nice liquid below it. Take the 'green'
     huge entrance at the opposite side from where you came.
    -3 annoying aliens will come from above as soon as you powerjump to the
     tunnel. Shoot them and becarefull not to fall down (sometimes one of the 3
     aliens will fall down hehe).
    -In the next room are something like 7 aliens. Waste them. Then take the tunnel
     at the other side of the room (if you shot the aliens in the room from inside
     the other tunnel then a few aliens will come out of this tunnel. If you didn't
     then they are already dead).
    -After the 3rd corner 4 aliens will come, kill them. Then proceed to the room
     with 'blue water'. Jump up and enter a giant tunnel. Follow it till you reach
     a big open area. Get ready to rumble!
    -Charge-up your PC, recharge, jump in. As soon as the Queen enters the 'arena'
     fire at her from a (little) distance. Then start jumping backwards while
     shooting at her. Do this in circles around the pillar. This way you can even
     recharge without her hitting you. This way you can beat her without losing
     any health at all (I even managed to get the queen lose me by standing at
     the other side of the pillar after some circles. I could then shoot her tail
     for free) (She will die after recharging about 3-4 times. Make sure you always
     recharge before you completely run out of energy (see the next step why))
    -After she is dead some aliens will come for you, shoot them (I hope you have
     some energy left. If not use your speargun)
    -Proceed trough the new tunnel.
    -Here you meet the human boss. watch out since he can instantly kill you with
     a ranged attack (minigun I think)! So cloak and equip remote bombs or the
     speargun, then fire away. Just shoot from the tunnel and keep some distance.
     If you run out of ammo do the following. Cloak, charge-up the PC, fire at
     him while he is walking away from you. Then quickly do a few steps back into
     the tunnel to re-cloak. Recharge if necesary. Repeat till he dies. Just make
     sure that he is NEVER facing you when you are de-cloaked and always keep
     your distance.
                             C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
            Y O U   H A V E   N O W   B E A T E N   T H E   P R E D A T O R
                         C A M P A I G N   O N   H A R D C O R E !
    7.0 Credits:
    Carlo von Ranzow:
        for writing and formatting this walkthrough.
    The creators of FigWin (related to Figlet):
        for the program to create the logo.
    GameFAQs's help section: for helping me to get the details done and for
    publishing this walkthrough.
       Board Guest 1927172 for telling me a hint for how to kill the 2 hardest
       marines in the game.
    Monolith Productions, Inc. :
       for developing this great game.
    Jessie Clark (JC):
       Writing me that Mission 6 Section 1/2 contains an ammo location with
       speargun and (rare) netgun ammo.

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