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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarknessUK

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/21/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Aliens vs Predator 2 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide
    Written by Darkness
    December 21, 2004
    Email: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1.    Legal Info
    2.    Introduction
    3.    Version History
    4.    Game Summary
    5.    My Review
    6.    Marine Information
    6.A   Marine Player Classes
    6.B   Marine Equipment
    6.C   Marine Weapons
    6.D   Marine Tips
    7.    Alien Information
    7.A   Alien Player Classes
    7.B   Alien Abilities
    7.C   Alien Tips
    8.    Predator Information
    8.A   Predator Player Classes
    8.B   Predator Equipment & Abilities
    8.C   Predator Weapons
    8.D   Predator Tips
    9.    Marine Walkthrough
    10.   Alien Walkthrough
    11.   Predator Walkthrough
    12.   AvP2 Characters
    13.   Cheats
    14.   This FAQ is Posted at:
    15.   Legal Info Again
    16.   Credits
    1. Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    2. Introduction
    The contents of this guide had been written by me in 2001 for my website 
    AvPGalaxy (now shut down). I figured it would be a shame to let all this 
    information go to waste so I made this FAQ.
    3. Version History
    1.0 - First Release - Has been checked for spelling errors.
    4. Game Summary
    Sequel to one of the most frightening games ever made, Aliens versus Predator 
    2 takes you to Planet LV1201, where three diverse and bloodthirsty species 
    battle for survival. The story-driven plot weaves together the fates of all 
    three races, while the action is as heart-stopping as the blockbuster films 
    on which it is based. Choose to play as Alien, Predator, or Marine as you use 
    your physical prowess, killer instincts, or superior firepower to stay alive.
    5. My Review
    Aliens vs Predator 2 is one of the games that totally amazed me. As soon as I 
    played the demo, I was hooked on this game and it's no surprise why. You get 
    to play as three species - an Alien, a Predator or a Marine - the latter two 
    armed with cool weaponry. There's seven challenging missions for each species 
    and at some point in the storyline, the characters all intersect with each 
    other. The graphics hold up well but it can't compete with the latest game 
    engines such as the one for UT2004. That said, once you complete 
    singleplayer, you have the multiplayer aspect to keep you entertained. 
    There's numerous game modes here but my only annoyance with this is that 
    there's no bots for example so it's online play only. Even still, this is the 
    game that inspired me to make AvPGalaxy so at the very least, you should 
    download the demo and you'll be impressed. 
    5. Multiplayer Game Modes
    Deathmatch games appear in every shooter game and this type of deathmatch is 
    the most common. When you play a deathmatch game, it's every man for 
    themselves so everybody is playing against each other. Therefore you win by 
    killing anything in sight and there are three possible ways the round can 
    1. Frag Limit - The Frag Limit is the number of kills a player must make if 
    they to win the game and one of these frags is given to you every time you 
    kill someone. It doesn't matter which species it is so you can kill Marines, 
    Corporates, Aliens or Predators and you would get a frag added to your score. 
    You can gain easily frags by hunting down weaker species and stay out of the 
    way of much stronger species.
    2. Score Limit - Instead of relying on the number of frags you need to win, 
    the score limit pressures players to attack others of more point value. 
    Because each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, each species awards 
    a different point value (which can be changed by the server) per-kill for 
    each class. Therefore if you hunt a smaller class, you won't get a big reward 
    for your troubles.
    3. Time Limit - The round is ended after a set time duration. The player with 
    the most points at the finishing time is the winner.
    The Deathmatch in AvP2 is more about who can kill who first so people who 
    take the slow route aren't not going to come out on tops. For a Marine, you 
    only have your Motion Tracker to help you so use it wisely. For a Predator, 
    use your different vision modes to your advantage. For an Alien, speed is 
    Team Deathmatch
    Team Deathmatch is a game mode very similar to normal Deathmatch but you now 
    work in a team. You and other members of the team have to kill other species 
    on the other team in order to win the round. This is where teams will use 
    different classes to gain the advantage over other players. The rounds end in 
    the same way as the Deathmatch mode:
    1. Frag Limit - The frag limit is now based on the score of the whole team 
    rather than just the one player. Also, when you change class, your frag count 
    will not be affected. 
    2. Score Limit - The Score Limit is based on the total score of all players 
    using each of the species.
    3. Time Limit - The round is ended when the timer is up. The team who have 
    scored the most points are the winners.
    When establishing your team, make sure you pick a number of different classes 
    to balance your side out. For Marines, don't stick together because your more 
    vulnerable to opponents. For Predators, make sure other players on your team 
    are using different mission modes so you can spot other species more easily. 
    For Aliens, spread yourselves out and use PredAliens and Praetorians to 
    distract enemies so faster creatures can attack. 
    Every player begins the round as a Survivor and one player begins as a Mutant 
    and the object of each round is to be the last Survivor. Everyone else in the 
    game become Mutants and Survivors are turned into Mutants if they are killed 
    by a Mutant or kill themselves. Each round ends when only one Survivor 
    remains or the time limit has been exceeded. The rounds end in the following 
    1. Score Limit - While playing as a survivor, a player receives 1 point per 
    second and Mutants receive 10 points per survivor that they kill. The player 
    who reaches the score limit first is declared the winner.
    2. Round Limit - A number of rounds are played and the score is in the same 
    way as above. At the end of the game, the player who has the most points 
    through the rounds is the winner.
    For a Survivor, try to avoid confrontation with Mutants and for a Mutant, you 
    must be quick in order to kill the Survivor to win the round. For a Marine, 
    you must stay well out of view if you're a survivor and if you're a Mutant, 
    use your big weaponry. For a Predator, use your cloak at all times if you're 
    a survivor and if you're a Mutant, use your vision modes to find the 
    Survivor. For an Alien, use your speed, crawling ability and pounce attack to 
    make a quick escape from your enemies and if you're a Mutant, use speed to 
    catch up with any Survivors.
    In Hunt mode, players are on one of two sides: Hunters or Prey. The Hunters 
    will obviously be hunting the Prey throughout the game and the main change is 
    that only kills made by the Hunters are recorded. If a Prey kills a Hunter, 
    they switch sides so the Prey becomes a Hunter and the Hunter becomes the 
    Prey. This game mode ends in two possible ways:
    1. Frag Limit - The frag limit is the number of kills a player must get to 
    win the game. A frag is given to you for every kill you make so try to hunt 
    classes you know how to defeat.
    2. Time Limit - The round is ended when the timer runs out. The player with 
    the most points at that time is the winner.
    For a Marine to be Prey, don't kill other Prey members and use your Motion 
    Tracker to track a Hunter and if you're a Hunter, take care since everyone in 
    the game is against you. For a Predator, use the correct vision mode as 
    there's only one species out to get you if you're a Prey and if you're a 
    Hunter, use your cloak at all times and attack Aliens with the Speargun. If 
    you're an Alien, approach your opponent from behind if you're a Prey and if 
    you're a Hunter, seek out players that are alone and vulnerable.
    There's the introduction of "lives" in each round is the new thing in this 
    game. Once a player loses all of their lives, they are out of the current 
    round. There are two teams, Attackers and Defenders and the goal of the 
    Attackers is to kill every Defender before the timer runs out. If all 
    Defenders are dead, the Attackers receive 1 point for every dead Defender. If 
    one or more Defenders are alive when the time limit is reached, the Defenders 
    receive 1 point for every Defender that is alive. There's also only one way 
    to win the game: 
    Round Limit - A set number of rounds are played. At the end of the game, the 
    team who have got the most points through the rounds is the winner.
    For Defenders, seek out player alone and make the kill and try to keep in the 
    vicinity. For Attackers, use the same tactics for Defenders. For Marines, 
    hide away and set traps for any approaching opponents if you're the Defenders 
    and if you're the Attackers, use your Motion Trackers and stay together. For 
    Predators, view the Attackers from a distance with the appropriate vision 
    mode if you're the Defender and if you're the Attackers, use your stealth 
    capabilities. For Aliens, hide away and kill any Attackers that come by if 
    you're the Defenders and if you're the Attackers, use your speed to surprise 
    your opponents.
    In this mode of play, your team is able to win without killing anybody. There 
    are two teams, the Evacs and Attackers and the Evac team must have any player 
    reach the Evac Point and stay there for 10 seconds. The Attackers need to 
    prevent the Evacs from evacuating, either by the timer or killing the Evac 
    team. The team that wins the round receives 1 point. There is also only one 
    way to win the round:
    Round Limit - A set number of rounds are played. At the end of the game, the 
    team who has got the most points through the rounds is the winner.
    For Attackers, stake it out at the Evac Point and wait for the Evacs to 
    arrive. For Evacs, time is everything so take different routes to the Evac 
    Point. For Marines, you have to get through the Attacker extremely quickly if 
    you're the Evacs and if you're the Attackers, set up traps and use Snipers to 
    pick the Evacs off one by one. For Predators, use your cloak if you're the 
    Evacs and if you're the Attackers, Remote Bombs are very effective for 
    setting up traps. For Aliens, use shortcuts like vents to get to the Evac 
    Point if you're the Evacs and if you're the Attackers, use speed to catch up 
    to them to make an easy kill.
    6. Marine Information
    6.A Marine Player Classes
    --- Harrison - Specialist ---
    Corporal Andrew Harrison is the Marine you play as in the Singleplayer 
    missions. Here's a list of what pieces of equipment you start off with in 
    multiplayer: the Motion Tracker, Shoulder Lamp, and finally the Image 
    Intensifier. Remember there's the absence of the Flares, Hacking Device and 
    the Welding Torch. This equipment doesn't apply to Harrison but also the 
    other Marine player classes as well.
    In terms of weaponry, in Mission 1 of the Singleplayer mode, you'll start the 
    level with a Pulse Rifle, a Pistol and a Knife. As you progress through the 
    missions you will get more weapons and more ammunition. In the Multiplayer 
    mode, you'll start off with these weapons: a Knife, a Pistol, a Shotgun and a 
    Smartgun. The Smartgun is the key weapon in this player class. This is a very 
    powerful Machinegun which no other Marine player class has in their arsenal.   
    --- Johnson - Demolitionist ---
    In the Singleplayer mode, you might possible see Ms. Johnson as a pilot. Her 
    job is to transport the Marines into battle. In Multiplayer mode her starting 
    weapons are: a Knife, a Pistol, a Pulse Rifle and lastly a Flamethrower. Now 
    obviously her main weapon is the Flamethrower which can be used mainly on 
    Aliens for use in close combat. The Pulse Rifle is better used for combat in 
    medium range. Don't forget that you also can fire grenades out of the Pulse 
    Rifle. That an extra bonus for you.
    You might run into trouble if you come into contact with a Praetorian. All 
    you have is your Pistol. Switch the appropriate ammunition and dodge the 
    Aliens while firing at him. With the Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower in her 
    arsenal, she is definitely a good all rounder for fighting enemies. She has 
    weapon for multi-purpose events and for different ranges.
    --- Ichiro - Sniper ---
    Although Ichiro doesn't make an appearance in the singleplayer missions, you 
    can play as him in the multiplayer levels. As you can see from the 
    screenshot, stealth isn't going to be one of your strong points because of 
    his red shoulder pads. You best bet is to hide behind crates or trees. The 
    weapons of Ichiro are: a Knife, a Pistol, a Grenade Launcher and obviously 
    the Sniper Rifle. 
    The Sniper Rifle should always remain your default weapon when playing as 
    this guy but the Grenade Launcher will definitely come in handy for trapping 
    enemies or escaping from them. Remember you need to keep a low profile when 
    so try to get to high places where you can see everything going on. Open 
    environments are the best because it's much easier to hide and to see 
    opponents coming.
    --- Jones - Heavy Weapons ---
    Mr. Jones is the Heavy Weapons expert and he'll be the man in charge in the 
    singleplayer missions. In Multiplayer mode, he carries the following weapons: 
    a Knife, a Pistol, a Shotgun and a Rocket Launcher. With the Rocket Launcher 
    as you main weapon, you'll be forced to battle in open environments and over 
    long distances. Remember the splash-damage that the Rocket Launcher has. You 
    could take out a whole group of Aliens if you fired one missile at them. 
    When you're battling close-up to enemies, you're best off using the Shotgun. 
    Also remember that running away will be hard when carrying the Rocket 
    Launcher. Switch to the Shotgun so you can run faster from enemies. This man 
    has definitely got the power to deal with troublesome enemies but it comes 
    down to what sort of level you're playing on.
    --- The Exosuit ---
    The Exosuit is an extremely powerful suit which a Marine can put on. It works 
    like a Marine in terms of mobility. Therefore you can follow Marines about 
    and go perhaps to places where APCs can't go. This suit doesn't just boost 
    your speed and strength up but also it comes with four different weapons.
    First of all it has a Minigun which can fire a million rounds of ammunition 
    in one go. Next is the Rocket Launcher holding powerful rockets. Then there 
    is a built-in Laser Gun which can be used to tear up Aliens. Lastly there is 
    a Flamethrower. As I said before it increases your mobility. If you look at 
    the Exosuit, you'd think it would be very bulky and slow to manoeuvre but 
    luckily it isn't. You can also jump a little higher than average Marines. 
    Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Because you're 
    inside the Exosuit, you can use the Motion Tracker which means you are unable 
    to know if an enemy is approaching you. You just have to use the sounds to 
    hear nearby enemies. It's not just the Motion Tracker which has disappeared 
    but also other pieces of equipment such as Flares or Shoulder Lamp. The only 
    piece of equipment you can use is the Image Intensifier.
    Another side effect of the Exosuit is that you can pick up extra ammunition 
    or most of all Medi-Kits. This means you have to use all of your weapons to 
    your advantage. Kill the enemy before they can fire at you first. After 
    playing the Exosuit in the Singleplayer mission, I do tends to get the 
    feeling that you can slow really down to a very slow speed. I think this is 
    caused by your battery supply. The Laser Gun, especially, uses the battery to 
    fire lasers. But it does fill up if you don't move or fire. Overall the 
    Exosuit is a very powerful thing to have. It's really up to you if you decide 
    to play in the Exosuit. 
    --- Ivan - Specialist ---
    Ivan is of the Specialist player class and in the singleplayer missions, he 
    is a regular Corporate soldier and medic for Rykov. He doesn't play a big 
    role in the game but his main duties are to protect Rykov. If you choose to 
    be the Specialist class in multiplayer, the weapon lineup is: Knife, Pistol, 
    Shotgun, Flamethrower and Grenade Launcher.
    You can use the Grenade Launcher for close to medium combat and you can also 
    plant grenades and wait for enemies to trip them. The Flamethrower is 
    excellent for when you're faced with weaker Aliens like Drones and Runners 
    and the Shotgun is an ideal weapon for killing Marines, Predators and 
    PredAliens. Ivan is best suited to close-combat with the Grenade Launcher and 
    the Flamethrower by his side. You definitely have a difference between Ivan 
    and Harrison as Ivan has more close-up weapons and Harrison has more medium 
    and long-range weaponry.
    --- Dunya - Trooper ---
    Dunya is the best Corporate if you're looking for stealth. In singleplayer, 
    she guards General Rykov throughout the game and creates a few problems along 
    the way when you're playing as a Marine. In multiplayer, Dunya acts as the 
    'sniper' of the group and her weaponry lineup backs this up. She has a Knife, 
    Pistol, Flamethrower and the Sniper Rifle. As you can see from the 
    screenshot, she's well camouflaged and ready to kill each enemy from a long-
    distance. If your hiding place gets found out, you even have close-range 
    weapon to use. The Flamethrower is an ideal weapon for use against Aliens. 
    Just hope you don't encounter a Praetorian or PredAlien because the 
    Flamethrower won't be as effective so use the Sniper Rifle to take out bigger 
    and stronger enemies.
    --- Dimitri - AT Soldier ---
    Dimitri is Dunya's fiance and also Corporate soldier for the Weyland-Yutani 
    corporation. In multiplayer mode, his weapon lineup is: Knife, Pistol, 
    Shotgun, and the Minigun. The key weapon here is the Minigun and this can 
    kill any Aliens, Predators or humans in a few seconds. The problem with this 
    weapon is it slows you down, but if you want to go a little faster, switch to 
    the Shotgun where you can take out wondering enemies. The Minigun is best 
    used out in the open or at least at medium-range because enemies won't get to 
    you before you fire it. If you're running around in narrow corridors, use the 
    Shotgun as it is a quick-fire weapon.
    Dimitri is a little like Dunya in terms of clothing. He's wearing good 
    camouflage clothing, which is ideal for hiding out in dark areas or behind 
    rocks. The Minigun is the best weapon to use for stealth due to the noise and 
    power-up time so use the Shotgun for sneaking up on enemies. Overall, Dimitri 
    is best suited to open arenas where he can just take out a whole host of 
    enemies in one swoop with the Minigun.
    --- Rykov - Heavy Weapons ---
    Rykov is one of the biggest characters in the singleplayer campaign and he is 
    in charge of the Corporates on LV-1201. His duties include: preventing any 
    Predators from breaking into the Research Facility, tracking down the escaped 
    Alien before it can cause damage and stopping the Marines from finding out 
    about the Research Facility. In multiplayer mode, Rykov is equivalent to 
    Jones in the Marine classes - the Heavy Weapons expert.
    He starts a match with the following weapons: a Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, Pulse 
    Rifle and the Grenade Launcher. Compared to the Ivan the Specialist, the only 
    weapon difference is that the Flamethrower has been swapped for the Pulse 
    Rifle. The Flamethrower might be well suited for close-range combat but the 
    Pulse Rifle is an all-round weapon as it can be used as a short, medium or 
    long-range weapon. General Rykov isn't really as brilliant as you may 
    initially think, but he has an average weapon line-up and probably suitable 
    for average game players.
    6.B AvP2 Marine Equipment
    --- ComTech Hacking Device ---
    The Hacking Device is only used in the Singleplayer mode because in the 
    Multiplayer mode, there are no doors that need hacking. Its function is to 
    bypass door locks making them accessible. It can also be used to hack Control 
    Panel so you can continue through the mission. When you open a door, you have 
    to press a button by the side of the door to open it. If the door needs 
    hacking, a small panel will open on the switch and an icon will appear 
    telling you it needs to be bypassed. You can just get out the Hacking Device 
    and simply run a bypass on it so you can gain access. It may take a few 
    seconds to run a bypass so be patient.  
    You will need to use the Hacking Device in Singleplayer very often so make 
    sure you know which button to press on the keyboard. Very often after you've 
    bypassed a Control Panel or a door, something is bound to happen. Usually an 
    Alien will burst out of a vent and attack you. Be ready to switch to another 
    weapon when you've finished bypassing the door so you can take out any 
    enemies nearby.
    --- Welding Torch ---
    Like the Hacking Device, the Welding Torch is only used in the Singleplayer 
    mode and its use is to burn locks off doors or panels in the Marine missions. 
    The Welding Torch is just an old-fashioned version of the Hacking Device for 
    doors or panels that don't have the electronic locking system on them. 
    Remember to switch to an attacking weapon, once you've finished using the 
    Welding Torch because you won't know what will be hiding around the corner. 
    The Panels can be easy to miss when you're playing a level so just check any 
    panels as you explore the level. Once you've found a panel you can use the 
    Welding Torch on, an icon will appear just like the Hacking Device. You can 
    then get your Torch out and start burning those locks off. It'll take a few 
    good seconds and eventually the door or panel will break open giving you 
    access to the next area.
    --- Motion Tracker ---
    This handy device acts as a warning for approaching enemies moving in front 
    or at the side of you. It can track anything with thirty metres from yourself 
    which gives you an advantage over enemies. If you can remember from the 
    Aliens films, the Motion Tracker was used to track Aliens moving about. While 
    the Alien and Predator has far superior vision than a Marine, they can see 
    you from a far distance. The Motion Tracker is perhaps considered to be the 
    Marine's vision. 
    As I said before, the Motion Tracker can detect anything moving in front of 
    you or a the side of you. The obvious disadvantage is that it can't detect 
    anything moving behind you. In Singleplayer mode it's very common for Aliens 
    to attack from behind you. Unless you hear the Aliens coming, there's no 
    other way to know if they're behind you. The basic method of trying to get 
    around this problem is to keep turning around and checking the Motion Tracker 
    for movement.
    Another problem with the Motion Tracker is that it can't detect where the 
    enemy is vertically. In other words, you'll see them in front of you but they 
    could be on the floor above or the floor below. You just have to keep your 
    eyes open for any attacks. It's in Multiplayer mode where you really need to 
    be aware. Players are extremely aware of all the tricks and will use them 
    against you.   
    As you've probably guessed, the Motion Tracker is based on movement. If you 
    see a dot approaching you and suddenly disappears, one of the reasons could 
    be they've just stopped still. In Singleplayer mode, the Aliens and Predators 
    aren't that smart to trick you but the dots can disappear for numerous 
    reasons. It's very common to happen in a multiplayer mission, especially in a 
    dark, misty level where you can't see what's going on. 
    The dots on the Motion Tracker can be absolutely anything moving and this 
    includes objects, making it even harder to tell if it's an enemy or just a 
    door opening. If you know the differences in speed between the types of 
    Aliens and Predators, you might be able to tell what's approaching you. If a 
    dot appears but doesn't appear to move, this could be due to a number of 
    different things. One could be an elevator moving up or down or a crane 
    moving about.
    Another kind of dot could be if it appears and then disappears. It could be 
    an Alien or Predator tricking you or it could just be a door opening or 
    someone who has just been killed. Now if the dot is moving very slowly, then 
    I suggest you panic. The slow moving object could be a PredAlien, a 
    Praetorian or a Heavy predator. If the object moving is moving at an average 
    pace, it could be a Light, Standard or Assault Predator, a Marine or a fast 
    Praetorian. If the object is moving very fast, is could be a Facehugger, a 
    Chestburster, Runner Alien or a Drone Alien. I've designed the following 
    table to help you with the different kinds of dots.
    The Dot            The Cause 
    Stationary         Elevator, Crane. 
    Occasional         Smart Enemy, Door opening,  Recently Killed Enemies. 
    Slow Pace          PredAlien, Praetorian, Heavy Predator. 
    Average Pace       Light, Standard, Assault Predator, Marine.  
    Fast Pace          Facehugger, Chestburster, Runner, Drone Alien. 
    --- Image Intensifier ---
    The Image Intensifier is one of three ways a Marine can see in the dark. The 
    other two are Flares and the Shoulder Lamp. Each one has their own individual 
    purpose and should only be used at certain times in a mission. The Image 
    Intensifier is the Marine's night vision and it helps you to guide your way 
    through dark tunnels or areas. The way the Image Intensifier works is quite 
    simple, really. When you switch the device on, the device searches for any 
    light at all and makes it much bigger, enabling you to see where you're 
    If you switch it on when there's plenty of light around, the Image 
    Intensifier will make your vision so bright, you won't be able to see where 
    you're going. It's best used in total darkness, preferably inside a building 
    of some sort. Another way in which you might not see where you're going is 
    when you fire a weapon. Some weapons of the Marine emit a large light when 
    firing, therefore making you enable to see what you're firing at. This will 
    decrease your accuracy but you may be better firing in small gaps. Fire your 
    weapon and then leave it for a couple of seconds to see if you killed the 
    Another downside to the Image Intensifier is that it doesn't run on thin air. 
    Unfortunately for you, it's battery powered. When you switch the device on, 
    you'll only have a fixed amount of time before the battery runs out. Compared 
    to the Multiplayer mode, the battery doesn't last long at all in the 
    Singleplayer mode. In fact in Singleplayer mode, the battery runs our four 
    times faster than it does in Multiplayer mode. There's nothing you can do 
    about that but you just have to use the Image Intensifier when necessary. 
    Overall, the Image Intensifier is a useful piece of equipment but with all 
    the disadvantages, I would have to say I prefer the Shoulder Lamp much 
    better. The batter doesn't last very long, there's less accuracy in a battle 
    and lastly the auto-tracking system doesn't work on the Motion Tracker or the 
    --- Shoulder Lamp ---
    The Shoulder lamp is a bright lamp situated on a Marine's left shoulder. When 
    you switch the lamp on, a ray of light is emitted from the lamp which makes 
    it easier to see in darker areas. A problem with the Shoulder Lamp is that 
    the ray of light only lights up the centre of the screen. Since the light 
    doesn't cover at the sides of you, any attacks coming from the sides is going 
    to be a problem. The best strategy to use is to move the light around in 
    front of you, both vertically and horizontally. This way, you can keep your 
    eyes open for any Aliens hiding above you or at the side of you. 
    Like the Image Intensifier, the Shoulder Lamp runs on a battery in the 
    Singleplayer mode. It takes battery power off gradually but quite slowly 
    compared to the Image Intensifier. Once it's run out of power, the Shoulder 
    Lamp turns itself off and recharges itself. Once it's recharged, you can 
    switch it on again. Remember to only use the Shoulder Lamp when you need it. 
    You can just sit and wait for it to charge up in singleplayer but in 
    multiplayer, you always need to be aware of the situation. You won't know 
    what's going to happen so use it only when necessary. 
    In Multiplayer mode, the Shoulder Lamp will give your position away to other 
    enemies. Aliens and Predators will spot you regardless of the Shoulder Lamp 
    but if you're fighting against other Marines, the bright light will let them 
    know where you are. Stealth is not one of the Marine's strong points but if 
    you want to try and blend in with the darkness, then I suggest you leave it 
    off. In the Singleplayer mode, it doesn't really matter if your enemies see 
    you or not. Aliens, Marines and Predators will attack you regardless of the 
    Shoulder Lamp. Overall, the Shoulder Lamp is probably the best form of seeing 
    in the dark. In my opinion, it's much better than the Image Intensifier and 
    the Flares. The Shoulder Lamp is a vital piece of equipment is singleplayer 
    but in multiplayer you might need to consider other options. 
    --- Flares ---
    Flares are small objects which can be thrown anywhere and they'll light the 
    entire area up within a medium range. You can easily see enemies and other 
    things close by when you drop a Flare and it gives you perfect vision. A 
    problem with the Flares is that they don't last forever. After dropping one, 
    a Flare lasts for up to 15 seconds, then the area will return to normal. A 
    good tactic to use with Flares is drop some when you know an opponent is 
    coming. If you want to battle them or you can't escape from the situation, 
    the Flares will give you perfect vision for the potential battle.
    Flares are not like the Image Intensifier or the Shoulder Lamp because they 
    need to be picked up on the level. You can hold a maximum of 20 Flares so 
    once you've used them all, they will all be gone until you find some more. 
    The other two methods of vision can be recharged and reused again but you 
    can't do that with Flares. Another fact about Flares is that they are 
    strictly for Singleplayer mode meaning you can't use them in the Multiplayer 
    mode. You can use the Image Intensifier and the Shoulder Lamp in both modes 
    of play.
    Flares could be added to multiplayer levels if designers wanted to. This 
    paragraph is about strategies to use if you're playing the multiplayer game. 
    If you're fighting Marines, look to see if they're using the Image 
    Intensifier. If you've read the description above, then you'll know that it 
    doesn't work properly when there's bright lights in the area. You can sue the 
    Flares to blind the Marine and you can switch to a combat weapon to kill him. 
    You just have to be lucky if the Marine has the Image Intensifier on. The 
    next tip you can use is for the Team Deathmatch game. You could use the 
    Flares as a signal to other Marines on your team. The will know your location 
    and come to you if you need help. The Flares are useful tools to have in your 
    equipment. Although you can only use them in the Singleplayer mode, they do 
    have their uses. You'll be playing in a lot of dark areas but overall I still 
    rate the Shoulder Lamp as being the best form of vision.  
    --- Flare Pouch ---
    As you know, Flares are only found in the Singleplayer mode, not in 
    multiplayer and the Flare Pouch carry's 10 flares inside it. Altogether, you 
    can have twenty flares held in the Flare Pouch at any one time.
    --- Battery ---
    The Battery is a key feature of the Marine's equipment but if you read the 
    above equipment descriptions, you'll know that the Battery isn't a good 
    thing. It means that the Shoulder Lamp and the Image Intensifier are powered 
    by this Battery. Unfortunately the Battery does run out causing you to lose 
    vision in dark areas in less you use your Flares. It goes down fairly fast on 
    the Image Intensifier but the Battery will take a few seconds to recharge.
    --- Pickup Items ---
    Pickup Items are small power-ups situated around the singleplayer missions 
    and the multiplayer levels. The general idea is that they give you such items 
    like extra health, extra ammo or weapons. These are essential for surviving 
    through the missions but each pickup item can be destroyed by weaponry or any 
    other form of attack. This simply means in multiplayer, Aliens and Predators 
    can destroy the pickup items so you can't revive yourself. Other enemy 
    Marines can also destroy the pickup items if they feel they don't want you to 
    get them for yourself. As I've said above, there are a few different kinds of 
    pickup items you should be aware of.
    --- Armour Pickups ---
    The first pickup item is called Armour and this basically increases the 
    armour held by a Marine. This armour can protect you from all forms of 
    attacks and even falls, flames or steam. Each Armour pickup can give you up 
    to 100 points of Armour so the maximum amount of armour you can have at any 
    one time is 200 points. Having this large amount of armour can make you last 
    longer in hard battles so you can fight just that little bit longer. Even if 
    you have the full amount of armour, you can still be killed in those one-
    hits. The Rocket Launcher is the main weapon that can kill you regardless of 
    your defences. A good thing about armour pickups is that you can return to 
    the pickup to get more armour if you haven't used it all.
    --- Medi-Kit Pickups ---
    The next form of pickup is called a Medi-Kit which increases the health 
    points of a Marine. Like the armour pickups, these also carry 100 points of 
    health. The Medi-Kit also works like the armour because you can use the same 
    pickup gain if you haven't used all the points first time round.
    --- Ammo Box ---
    The Ammo boxes found in the missions, obviously give you extra ammunition for 
    certain weapons. Unlike the Armour or Medi-Kit pickups, these Ammo Boxes 
    cannot be destroyed by gunfire or any other attacks by Marines, Predators or 
    Aliens. In the Singleplayer mode, Ammo Boxes can hold all sorts of ammunition 
    and supplies. Note that ammunition can also be found in other forms of 
    storage so don't just look for boxes. 
    In the Multiplayer mode, Ammo Boxes hold large amounts of ammunition but 
    unfortunately no Armour or Medi-Kit pickups or even any Flares. A note to 
    make when playing in multiplayer is that if the Player Weapon Classes setting 
    is activated, you can only get ammunition for the weapons you carrying. The 
    position of Ammo Boxes also make a great battling ground for you. If you're 
    nearby to ammunition, you can just get some more when you're in combat with 
    something. Overall the Ammo Boxes are essential for battling enemies and 
    keeping your weapons topped up. 
    --- Notes ---
    When you're playing as a Marine in the singleplayer missions, you'll find a 
    lot of information stored around the levels. This information can be found in 
    Electronic Diaries or basically just written on paper. The Information is 
    just connected to the whole storyline of the Marine missions. It's worth 
    looking at if you want to learn more about he storyline of the game.
    6.C AvP2 Marine Weapons
    --- Combat Knife ---
    Considering all the other weapons, this is not an ideal weapon for taking 
    down enemies. You'll probably be using it more in Singleplayer mode for when 
    you've run out of ammo in all the other weapons. In Multiplayer mode, it will 
    probably be only used for one purpose. Cutting yourself out of Nets from a 
    Predator's Netgun. The Combat Knife does of one advantage over other weapons 
    because it never runs out of ammo. You can use it often as you like but 
    unfortunately it's not as effective as other weaponry. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    I wouldn't bother using this weapon against a Facehugger because they will 
    easily be able to Facehug you. You're better off using another weapon or just 
    running away. The Combat Knife is much more effective against Chestbursters. 
    A couple of slashes to a Chestburster, and it'll be dead in no time at all. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    The Combat Knife is not ideal against Runner or Drone Aliens but if that's 
    all you've got then use it. Try to aim for the head but you'll probably be 
    killed before you can even touch them. 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    A PredAlien and Praetorian are far too big to take down with a Combat Knife. 
    It'll take about 5 slashes of the Knife to take a PredAlien out but against a 
    Praetorian it's useless. Because of their amour plating, the Combat Knife 
    won't even do any damage. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    You're going to have to sneak up on Marines if you want to kill them. When 
    you do ambush them from behind, try to aim for the head. A couple of slashes 
    to the head, and they'll die immediately. It'll take three or four slashes to 
    the body to take them down. Combat Synthetics are very strong in terms of 
    strength and will take a lot to take them out. To be honest, I don't think 
    you'll last long enough to kill one. If you want to, use the same tactics as 
    a Marine. Aim for the head and just hope it does the trick.
    Against Predators
    The Combat Knife can help you out here by cutting yourself out of a Net. That 
    should be the only use for the Knife here. You'll never get close enough to 
    actually use the Knife on a Predator. Just stick to another weapon or run 
    Last Words
    The Combat Knife is practically only used as a last resort weapon and for 
    cutting yourself out of Nets. This is the only weapon that actually allows 
    you to cut yourself out of a Net. It won't be used for anything else than 
    --- M-4A4 Pistol ---
    As with the Combat Knife, this is another last resort weapon. This gun can 
    hold twelve rounds per clip of ammunition and also has two different types of 
    ammunition. The first one is called Dumb-Dumbs which is what you start off 
    with. There's more ammo of Dumb-Dumbs but it's quite weak compared to the 
    other type of ammo. The second type of ammunition is called Armor-Piercing 
    which can only be found in Ammo Boxes found in the missions. You get less 
    ammo but it's more powerful than Dumb-Dumb ammunition.
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Pistol is fairly effective against Facehuggers and Chestbursters but 
    that's if you can hit them. They're quite small but very weak and if the 
    Facehugger leaps at you, you've had it. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    The weapon is quite effective against Runner and Drone Aliens. Judging by 
    their speed, they will probably get to you before you can even kill them. 
    It'll take a few shots to kill them if you're still standing.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    One advantage of this weapon is that it can really effective against 
    Praetorians. In fact it's one of the few weapons that actually is. It'll take 
    a few hits but you should be able to kill them. A PredAlien a bit stronger 
    but it'll take quite few shots to take this Alien out. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    Use the same tactics as you did for the Combat Knife. Try to aim for the head 
    of the Marine and you should easily take them out in very few shots. Against 
    Combat Synthetics, this Pistol is more effective than the Combat Knife but 
    Combat Synthetics are still very strong. Try strafing about so they can't hit 
    you and just keep firing at them.
    Against Predators
    If this is your last weapon then go for it. If the Predator's not wearing a 
    cloak, then sneak up and just keep firing at his head. It's not the best 
    weapon to use but it could be very effective.
    Last Words
    This Pistol is better than the Combat Knife but again should be only used as 
    a last resort weapon. If you haven't got any other armour-piercing weapon 
    then use this against a Praetorian. Other than that, there aren't many more 
    --- Shotgun ---
    This Shotgun weapon is extremely effective in close-up battle encounters. 
    It's useless for long-range targets because you'll never hit them. Like the 
    Pistol weapon, this Shotgun also comes in two different types of ammunition. 
    The first type is called Shells which are small metal pellets. You will get 
    lots of these on your travels and they are good for most targets. The second 
    type is called Slugs which is a hard and heavy type of ammunition.  
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Use the Shells on Facehuggers and Chestbursters to save ammo on the other 
    type of ammunition. These enemies are very weak targets and so are easy to 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    As before, use the Shells to take down these Aliens but be careful when 
    reloading your ammo because it takes a few seconds. A few seconds in which 
    you can get killed by Aliens. 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    The Shells ammunition doesn't work well against Praetorians because of their 
    armour plating. The other type of ammunition - Slugs work brilliant against 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    Use the weapon for close-up battles with Marines because it'll only take a 
    couple of shots to take the enemy out. If you do from long-range, you'll 
    probably get killed by their weapons. Synthetics are much tougher than 
    Marines and will take a lot of fire to take them down. Be careful around them 
    and try to use a more powerful weapon if you can.
    Against Predators
    Predators are exactly like Marines. If you shoot from far away, they'll 
    switch to a long-range weapon and kill you easily. Use the Slugs for the 
    ammunition instead of the Shells and you'll be killing Predators very easily. 
    Shells aren't that effective but the Slugs are extremely effective.
    Last Words
    Remember that the weapon is for close-up encounters and you'll be fine. 
    Overall it's not as good as the Pulse Rifle but you will definitely get some 
    use out of it. 
    --- M-41A Pulse Rifle ---
    The Pulse Rifle is the most common weapon a Marine will be carrying in 
    Singleplayer mode. It's not just one weapon but two weapons built in 
    together. The primary mode is a machine gun and the secondary mode is a 
    grenade launcher. When you're using the primary mode, it's best to fire in 
    short bursts at your target. This not only saves you lots of ammo but you 
    also get a better accuracy on the target. This is a good strategy in 
    Singleplayer mode because you'll discover that ammo runs out fast. The 
    secondary mode pumps out a very powerful grenade and has a good splash-
    effect. This mode is for medium to long-range targets because if you fire it 
    too close, you'll be killed in the blast. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The weapon is not that effective against Facehuggers and Chestbursters 
    because they are just too fast for you. You can be wasting loads of ammo, 
    only to find out you missed the target. The secondary mode is better but 
    watch out for the splash-effect.  
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    The Pulse Rifle is extremely effective against Runner and Drone Aliens. You 
    should be mainly firing in primary mode when you battle Aliens. If you see 
    them coming from a far distance then switch to the secondary mode.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    It's a fine weapon to use against PredAliens but it'll take a few hits to 
    kill one. Don't even bother firing at a Praetorian in either mode because you 
    just won't get through the armour plating.
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    The Pulse Rifle is an OK weapon to use against Marines and Synthetics but 
    it's not that effective. If you see Marines standing in a group, fire a 
    grenade in and it'll do masses of damage to them. It'll take a few seconds to 
    actually kill a Combat Synthetic. Keep dodging their weapon fire and shoot 
    them down.
    Against Predators
    Lastly fighting Predators will be easy because the weapon is just as 
    effective as it is against Runner and Drone Aliens. Just keep moving about 
    and you'll kill these targets in no time at all.
    Last Words
    In Singleplayer mode, this will the weapon you'll be using most of the time 
    on most of the targets. It's a brilliant, multi-purpose weapon that a Marine 
    definitely shouldn't be without.
    --- M-240A1 Flamethrower ---
    This is your most exciting weapon - the Flamethrower. You can just hold down 
    on fire and watch the burst of flames that emerge from the weapon. Unlike the 
    Pulse Rifle which is better fired in short bursts, you're better off firing 
    this is long bursts since accuracy isn't a problem. If there's just one 
    enemy, you can fire a short burst of fire to save ammo. When the flame hits 
    the target, they'll catch on fire and die immediately. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Flamethrower is extremely effective against these types of Aliens. 
    Facehuggers won't be able to jump on you if you're firing a flame out and 
    Chestbursters are so weak, you'd be able to kill them easily.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Like Facehuggers, Runner and Drone Aliens are very weak against fire. In 
    Singleplayer mode, Aliens tend to attack in groups so you can just use the 
    weapon and spread it around. Each Alien will be on fire in a matter of 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Don't use the Flamethrower against PredAliens or Praetorians because it just 
    isn't effective. You won't even be able to penetrate a Praetorian's armour 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    If you're struggling for weapons, then I suggest you try to ambush Marines. 
    Sneak up on them and fire everything you have at them. The same goes for 
    Combat Synthetics. Try to lure them to a confined area and blast them to 
    Against Predators
    Use the same tactics as I said for the Marines. Sneak up on them and watch 
    out they don't attack you back. If you can actually reach them, face-to-face, 
    then that's the key to success.
    Last Words
    The Flamethrower is a great weapon to have, especially when you're playing 
    against Aliens. One note to make is that, however much you fire the weapon, 
    you can never get on fire yourself. In fact, you can't set fire to anything 
    other than something alive.
    --- M-56 Smartgun ---
    The Marine's Smartgun is a very heavy weapon to carry about. The machine gun 
    can hold about 750 rounds per clip and also has an auto-targeting system like 
    the Predator. This type of gun is for taking down small targets such as 
    Marines or Runner Aliens. Because of the weight of the gun, the disadvantage 
    is that you are slowed down to walking speed when you want to move about. If 
    you're in a situation where you need to be ready to escape from a target, 
    then I suggest you use a much lighter weapon. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Smartgun is very effective against Facehuggers and Chestbursters but it's 
    recommended you save your ammo for bigger targets such as Runner or Drone 
    Aliens. It'll only take a couple of seconds to kill one and the auto-
    targeting system is pretty effective here.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    As I said before, it's quite effective against Runner Aliens and good against 
    Drone Aliens but the problem lies in the speed of the Aliens. The Smartgun 
    takes a few seconds to actually fire after pressing fire. This can be very 
    bad if you're playing against these types of fast Aliens. On the other hand 
    you do have the auto-targeting system which is good to increase accuracy.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    The Smartgun is not an ideal weapon for big Aliens like PredAliens and 
    Praetorians. While it'll take a long time to kill a PredAlien, the ammunition 
    won't even do any damage a Praetorian. You don't need the auto-targeting 
    system for these Aliens because of the size and speed of them. Try to use 
    another weapon when you encounter these Aliens. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    This weapon is reasonably effective against Marines. As you know from using 
    other weapons, the best place to hit Marines, is in the head. If you have the 
    auto-targeting system activated, the weapon focuses on the body of the 
    target. This means it'll take longer to kill the target and waste ammo. Try 
    to get as close as possible to the Marine if you are targeting manually. Use 
    the same sort of tactics for Combat Synthetics as well.
    Against Predators
    This is a very good weapon for tracking Predators which are cloaked. The 
    auto-targeting system is based on movement so it aims automatically. However, 
    if the Predator stops suddenly, the auto-targeting system won't work and 
    another problem is the auto-targeting system only works when you're medium or 
    close range to the target. 
    Last Words
    The Smartgun is a brilliant weapon to have in your weaponry and comes with a 
    few advantages like the auto-targeting system. Remember that the auto-
    targeting system, apart from the Motion Tracker, is the only way to track 
    cloaked Predators. The weight doesn't help as it slows you down. Apart from 
    that, it's a good weapon to use against most creatures.
    --- WY-102 Sniper Rifle ---
    This is the Marine's ultimate long-range weapon. It comes with thirty rounds 
    of ammunitions and is very powerful lat taking down targets. Because it's a 
    long-range weapon, you've got a scope which you can use to zoom in on 
    enemies. One good thing about this gun is that it'll take out an enemy in one 
    shot maximum. Don't bother aiming for the head of a target, simply aim for 
    the body and that'll work. The best place you need to be is on a high 
    platform where nobody can see you.  Aliens and Predators have far superior 
    vision and will discover you before you can discover them. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    This weapon is not very useful against Facehuggers or Chestbursters. They are 
    simply too small and too fast for you to hit. Remember you'll be far away and 
    as soon as you've zoomed in, they'll have vanished.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    It'll be easy to see Runner and Drone Aliens but are very hard to hit. 
    They're fast at running and moving about all over the place, you just have to 
    get lucky with a shot. They will probably see you before you see them with 
    their vision so take your time and kill them. 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    This weapon is one of the few weapons that is actually effective against 
    PredAliens and Praetorians. They are very slow and big so you have better 
    accuracy on the target. It'll take you about two shots to take one out but 
    it's a good weapon to use. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    The Sniper Rifle is brilliant against Marines and Synthetics. They can't move 
    very fast and can't dodge the bullets easily. You can see them easily and you 
    can also hide more easily. Hide behind a rock or something and you'll be able 
    to kill Marines as and Synthetics so easily. It'll take one shot for at a 
    Marine and two shots against a Synthetic to kill them.
    Against Predators
    You only have your Motion Tracker to rely on to find where a cloaked Predator 
    is. Keep looking in the direction of the Motion Tracker and see if you spot 
    him. A Predator won't be able to auto-target you until it gets close so 
    you'll have plenty of time to take him out.
    Last Words
    The Sniper Rifle is designed to be a long-range weapon. It's not advised to 
    use as a close-range weapon because you'll probably miss the target. If 
    you're playing it close-up then confined spaces work the best as your 
    accuracy will increase. Remember to hide efficiently and be ready to kill 
    anybody who sees you.  
    --- M-92 Grenade Launcher ---
    The Grenade Launcher is a great weapon to play about with. This weapon simply 
    fires out grenades but the good thing is, is that there's five different 
    types of grenades to choose from. These grenades have the power to kill 
    anybody in one or two hits. The first grenade type is called the Timed 
    Grenade which is a general-purpose grenade. This automatically explodes on 
    impact with the target or after a few seconds if you missed the target. 
    The second grenade is called the Proximity Grenade which explodes when the 
    target comes close to it. These are good grenades to use for mining a certain 
    place. If they don't hot anybody, when fired, they'll explode by themselves 
    after a minute of waiting. It's excellent for when you're escaping opponents 
    as well. You can fire them behind you, slowing the enemy down even more. 
    The third set of grenades are called Smart Grenades which, when fired, sits 
    and waits for the target. When the target gets close, the grenade runs after 
    the target getting a direct hit. They're much better used for wide-open 
    locations because enemies will be tricked and walk around the grenade but 
    it'll chase after them. The last grenade is called the EMP Grenade which is 
    designed for use against Predators. This grenade can do all sorts to them 
    including de-cloaking them, draining their energy and immobilizing them. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    I would save your the best grenades for bigger targets. Just use a Timed 
    Grenade to kill them and it'll be really effective if there's a group of them 
    together. If you're using the grenade to attack rather than to defend then 
    use this grenade.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    The Proximity Grenades are good against Aliens because you can fire them up 
    to ceiling and they'll stick there. As you well know, Aliens crawl about all 
    over so they're bound to go near the grenade.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Any of the first three grenades will be effective against PredAliens. 
    Praetorians are a different matter because it'll take three or four grenades 
    to kill one. Try planting a few Proximity Grenades together and just hope the 
    Praetorian comes that way.
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    Any of the grenades will work well here. Marines will be easily to trick 
    because they won't know what sort of grenade you're using. Synthetics are 
    very strong but can easily be taken down in two hits maximum. 
    Against Predators
    As I've said above, use the EMP Grenades to target Predators. Look on your 
    Motion Tracker for them, and fire at will. The Grenades will explode 
    immediately but can have fantastic effects on them. The Grenades will de-
    cloak them, paralyse them and make them unable to attack you. Once you see 
    them, use another weapon to finish them off. 
    Last Words
    Each grenade has its uses and while the EMP Grenades are brilliant against 
    Predators, Smart Grenades are fun to use as well. Grenades do pack a punch if 
    you fire them directly at the target but also server another purpose. Use 
    them as mines at an entrance or exit of something.  
    --- M-90 Minigun ---
    The Minigun is one of the Marine' most powerful weapons. One clip holds nine 
    hundred rounds of ammunition and the weapon fires extremely fast. This weapon 
    is possible the most powerful of the Marine's weaponry. Instead of shooting 
    small, weak bullets like the Smartgun, this weapon fire big, powerful bullets 
    at the target. In Primary mode, the gun takes a few seconds to charge up and 
    then it pumps out a million bullets a second. As you'll notice, the gun needs 
    to spin before it can fire. However in Secondary mode, you can make the gun 
    spin around on its own, saving you plenty of time. The problem with this is 
    that it makes a huge noise, giving your position away to other enemies.
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Minigun is great against these small creatures but remember the time it 
    takes to charge the gun up. Facehuggers are very fast and will pounce on you 
    before you know it. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    This gun is fantastic against Runner and Drone Aliens but the only problem is 
    the time the gun to fire. There's a good few seconds before the gun actually 
    fires if the gun isn't spinning. You could have it in Secondary mode where 
    the gun is always spinning but it will let other targets know where you are.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    The Minigun is the best weapon you can use for PredAliens and Praetorians. It 
    can easily pierce the armour plating on a Praetorian and it can tear apart a 
    PredAlien in no time at all.
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    It's brilliant against Marines but be careful when you have it in Secondary 
    mode because the noise will give your position away. Combat Synthetics are 
    stronger but even they can't last long under this kind of fire. 
    Against Predators
    It's good against Predators if you can see them. Use the Motion Tracker to 
    search for them and just fire everywhere. You'll easily hit the Predator if 
    it's nearby. When you actually fire the weapon, your view is totally blocked 
    by the gunfire. You're just better off staying in one place when you do fire 
    because it'll be hard to see if you actually hit the Predator. 
    Last Words
    The Minigun is the most effective weapon of the Marine. It's good against any 
    enemy but does come with any disadvantages. The time it takes to charge up 
    could be bad if you're playing against speedy Aliens. If you decide to have 
    it in Secondary mode, the noise will give your position away. Aliens and 
    Predators can see you from miles away but other Marines will be able to spot 
    --- M-6B Rocket Launcher ---
    The Rocket Launcher is a weapon of mass destruction. Complete with guided and 
    unguided rockets, this is a very useful weapon. The Rocket Launcher only 
    comes with three round clips for the guided and unguided rockets. The guided 
    rockets are called Tracking Rockets which lock on, on a target. These types 
    of rockets are best suited to medium range so you get a better accuracy. The 
    unguided rockets are called Direct-Fire rockets which you can just fire 
    anywhere at your will.
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Although the Rocket Launcher is very effective against Facehuggers and 
    Chestbursters, you'd be better off saving the precious ammo. You will also 
    probably get damaged in the blast as well.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Using the Rocket Launcher is not a good idea when it comes to Runner and 
    Drone Aliens. When you encounter Aliens, they'll be very close up to you. 
    It's very unlikely that'll you'll see one from a long distance but if you do, 
    have a go.    
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    This is a perfect weapon to use against these types of Aliens, especially 
    against a Praetorian. You can easily fire one or two unguided rockets at them 
    and they'll die more or less immediately. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    The Rocket Launcher is very effective against Marines and because of their 
    slow speed, you can easy hit them. Direct-Fire Rockets will be enough and 
    it's best to hide on a high platform and fire down to the ground.
    Against Predators
    Tracking Rockets are the best things to use here. If the Predator is un-
    cloaked, have a go with the Direct-Fire Rockets. It will probably take about 
    two or three shots to actually bring them down if you can see them.
    Last Words
    As with the Minigun, this is a good all-round weapon. It is designed to be a 
    long-range weapon like the Sniper-Rifle so it's not ideal for smaller Aliens. 
    Remember to save your ammo for when you really need it and use the guided 
    rockets carefully. 
    6.D Marine Tips
    ---> Attack from Long-Range
    Humans have the most powerful weapons and equipment of the three species, but 
    as compensation they are physically the weakest. Any sustained attack will 
    bring a human down quickly, so the key is engaging enemies on your own terms 
    - at a distance, where they (particularly Aliens) cannot deal much damage to 
    do you - yet. Bring your weapons to bear on targets at medium and long range.
    ---> Manoeuvrability Against Aliens
    The Aliens' weapons are short range - claws, tails, and jaw. A charging Alien 
    is serious threat - if it reaches you, it will make short work of you. Learn 
    to backtrack when an Alien is rushing you; this will help lengthen the time 
    it takes to reach you while you can fire full-bore. Pull back from charging 
    Aliens to gain a few extra seconds of sustained fire.
    ---> Stay Together
    There is strength and numbers, and for humans this is no exception. Human 
    weapons are very powerful, but humans themselves are relatively fragile. 
    Further, humans can only detect enemies at range when they are moving - and 
    only when their infrared vision mode is not enabled. It's vital for humans to 
    move in groups and cover each other, particularly in an environment where 
    Aliens and Predators can come from any direction. Watch each other's backs - 
    because your enemies certainly won't.
    ---> Reloading Weapons
    Make sure you keep your weapons at the ready; there's nothing worse than 
    having to reload at an inopportune time, particularly with enemies as 
    powerful as Predators and as fast as Aliens. When things calm down, reload.
    ---> Using the Motion Tracker
    The motion tracker is the human's secret weapon, but it only covers the 180-
    degree forward arc in front of its user. It is vital, then, to make frequent 
    quick reverses (and hold them for a moment so that your motion tracker can 
    get a full sweep) to "clear your baffles." Especially with sneaky Aliens and 
    cloaked Predators, you need to constantly watch your six. Reverse, wait a 
    tick for a motion tracker sweep, and then reverse again.
    ---> The Life of a Chestburster 
    In lifecycle games, the aliens start out as Facehuggers and must Facehug 
    hosts (humans or Predators), escape as a Chestburster, and survive for a 
    period of time until they can transform into a full-fledged, adult Alien. As 
    a Chestburster, they are the most vulnerable; they have reduced mobility, 
    cannot crawl, and although they have teeth, are easily killed. "Corpse 
    camping" is the process of humans or Predators waiting over an impregnated 
    body for the Chestburster to appear, and then immediately killing it. This is 
    considered fairly unsportsmanlike; it is really the lifecycle equivalent of 
    spawn killing. It is, of course, totally legitimate to kill a Chestburster 
    that you encounter, and even to shoot an emerging Chestburster as you're 
    passing through. But it's somewhat unfair to intently do nothing but wait for 
    a Chestburster to arrive, particularly when there are only a few Aliens 
    playing, in the same way it's considered unsportsmanlike to camp spawn points 
    for your enemies to appear. The one positive side is that corpse campers tend 
    to not be paying attention to their surroundings, and make easy targets. 
    7. Alien Information
    7.A Alien Player Classes
    --- Facehugger ---
    The Facehugger is probably the weakest out of the player classes for Alien 
    but it's one of the fastest player classes. From the Alien movies, this is 
    the first creature we see when it comes out of the egg. It sets out with 
    intent to find a suitable host to lay the egg. To do this it needs to use its 
    pounce attack and to leap onto someone's face. 
    In the singleplayer mission, you have to find the guy who is sleeping in the 
    chair. Pounce on his face and you'll be attached to his face where you'll 
    plant the egg. The Facehugger will die and after a few seconds the 
    Chestburster is born. 
    A tip for when playing as a Facehugger, is to make sure your host is in a 
    secluded area where there is no one else around. Otherwise other enemies will 
    kill you as soon as you're born. Note: you will only be able to play as a 
    Facehugger in multiplayer if the Alien Life Cycle is switched on. 
    The obvious attack which a Facehugger has is to pounce on its unsuspecting 
    victim. This is called the Facehug attack. Try to pounce when you're behind a 
    corner or a box. In dark areas is a good place to hide. Opponents have less 
    chance of seeing you there. You need to have good accuracy if you are to 
    pounce on their face. If you miss, just run away and try again later. You can 
    also pounce when you're behind an enemy because you just latch onto the front 
    of their face. It's next ability is its ability where it can crawl up walls 
    just like other Aliens. This can be used to hide and to jump from the wall 
    onto the victim. 
    Your Evolvement
    As a Facehugger, you can impregnate Marines and Predators but you can't do it 
    against Combat Synthetics or your fellow Aliens. Who you impregnate will 
    determine who you will become. E.g. if you impregnate a Colonial Marine or a 
    Civilian, you will become a Drone Alien. If you impregnate a Corporate 
    Soldier, you will become a Runner Alien. Finally if you impregnate a 
    Predator, you will become a mighty PredAlien. 
    Last Words
    Remember surprise is everything so use your speed and the ability to crawl up 
    walls to your advantage. In multiplayer, playing as a Facehugger is more for 
    fun than anything else. 
    --- Chestburster ---
    After a Facehugger has impregnated someone, this is the next evolvement of 
    the Alien life cycle. You have to break out of someone's chest and then the 
    Chestburster is born.
    In the singleplayer mission you start off from inside a man's chest. Burst 
    through that and you will have a long mission. You have to get to the end of 
    the mission without anyone seeing you at all and believe me this is a 
    challenge. If anyone sees you, the whole place will be put on alert. The 
    Chestburster will only evolve if it finds some food. Don't waste your time 
    trying to take down a human because it's very risky. At the end you'll find a 
    cage with a small animal in it. This will evolve you into an Alien Drone. 
    In multiplayer, playing as a Chestburster is more for fun like the 
    Facehugger. When you've broken free of the host, you must wait about a minute 
    in order to evolve. The Chestburster should evolve into a Runner, a Drone or 
    a PredAlien depending who you impregnated as a Facehugger. My advice to you 
    is to find a place to hide as soon as possible. Frequently you'll find that 
    you are shot as soon as you're born. 
    A Chestburster doesn't have many weapons. In fact its only weapon is to use 
    its to bite its enemy and even that doesn't do much damage. It's quite speedy 
    so you can get away from enemies quickly. It can't really jump very high but 
    you might be able to get to small platforms. One major disadvantage is that 
    it cannot climb up walls unlike other Aliens.
    Last Words
    Your purpose is to survive in multiplayer which can have its problems. Find a 
    place to hide temporarily in multiplayer and in singleplayer use boxes to 
    hide behind.  
    --- Drone ---
    This is the star Alien we all love and what is seen from the Alien films. By 
    far, this is the most common Alien in the entire game.
    In singleplayer, a Drone Alien is the most common Alien you'll meet in the 
    campaign. This goes for playing as a Marine and also a Predator. This is also 
    who you will be playing in the last set of Alien Missions when you've played 
    as a Facehugger and a Chestburster. As you go through the campaign mission, 
    there will be a man called Dr. Eisenberg who will try his best to destroy 
    When playing as a Drone Alien, use surprise and your speed to your advantage. 
    When playing against humans, try to dodge attacks from them until you can 
    come up close to them. When you've got close, claw them to death. Watch out 
    for a Predator's Shoulder Cannon. This weapon can be devastating for a Drone 
    Alien. Again, once you've got close, claw them to death. If you're against 
    fellow Aliens in multiplayer, speed won't be an advantage for you. Use your 
    strength to destroy other Aliens. 
    A Drone Alien is the 'normal' type of Alien with its abilities evenly 
    balanced. This deadly creature can run at a normal rate, jump at a normal 
    height, and it's able to do a faire amount of damage. A Drone Alien can use 
    its and its Tail to do some serious damage. One strong attack it has is to 
    use its Pounce Attack on its victim. This could kill the enemy instantly if 
    you get it right. You could also use the Pounce Attack to jump from one place 
    to another.
    It can Crouch-Leap making it jump at a reasonable height. Use it for jumping 
    out of the way of something or getting to another platform. A Drone Alien's 
    speed is amazing with lightening fast movement, you can easily sneak up or 
    run from prey. Another ability is its Crawling ability to crawl up walls. 
    This helps you even more to surprise your prey. The last attack is its Head-
    Bite attack. Use it to get health from victims. The only disadvantage of a 
    Drone Alien is that it could be vulnerable to gunfire. 
    Last Words
    Playing as a Drone Alien is fantastic so experiment with its attacks and 
    abilities for good results. 
    --- Runner ---
    The Runner Alien is the result of when a Facehugger impregnates a Corporate 
    Soldier. This is the fastest of the Alien species but also the weakest in 
    terms of strength. 
    Although you can't play as one in singleplayer mode, it's the second-most 
    common Alien you'll see. 
    When playing against other players, other player's accuracy levels might be 
    lower. This is due to the way the Runner Alien moves. It uses all four legs 
    to move around making you very low to the ground. This does have its 
    disadvantages because the Head-Bite attack might be difficult to do. In light 
    areas, camouflaging is difficult to do because of your red colour.
    The Runner Alien has all the attacks as the normal Drone Alien. The only 
    things that are different are the speed difference and the strength 
    difference. Its attacks it uses are: its Claws, Tail, Pounce Attack, and 
    Head-Bite. It still can jump the same height as a Drone Alien with Crouch-
    Leap. It also has the Crawling ability allowing it to crawl up walls and 
    other objects.
    A Runner Alien is slightly faster than a Drone Alien but being along with 
    being faster it also has a disadvantage. It's slightly weaker in strength 
    than a Drone Alien. This means that a Runner Alien will be more vulnerable to 
    attacks from Humans, Predators and other Aliens.The extra speed could come in 
    handy for running away from enemies or missiles. Maybe you could use the 
    extra speed to ambush your enemy before they even know your there. From a 
    Drone Alien's point of view, extra speed isn't really an advantage because 
    other Aliens use Pounce Attack to get to places quickly. 
    Last Words
    What a Runner Alien doesn't have in strength, it makes up for it in extra 
    speed. This appears to be a good Alien but I still pick to play a Drone 
    --- PredAlien ---
    This is what you get when you cross an Alien and a Predator - a PredAlien. A 
    PredAlien is the result when a Facehugger impregnates a Predator.
    Like a Runner Alien, a PredAlien is a non-playable character in singleplayer. 
    You still get to meet this Alien when you're playing the Marine and Predator 
    A PredAlien can easily defeat any other types of Aliens because of the 
    increased strength. Watch out for humans carrying a Rocket Launcher, Mini-
    Gun, Sniper Rifle, and a Shotgun. a couple of shots from these at you will 
    kill you. Also watch out for a Predator's Disk or Remote Bomb. A disadvantage 
    of a PredAlien is that it's quite big and so maybe unable to hide easily.
    One thing that is obvious when you play as a PredAlien is the reduced speed. 
    A PredAlien is the slowest specie of Aliens. I think that the increased 
    Pounce Attack range makes up for the reduced speed. It can jump about 1.5 
    times further than a Drone Alien. Because of the reduced speed, a PredAlien 
    is very strong in terms of durability, although some weapons can be very 
    effective. The durability can be good at getting close to the enemy and 
    killing them. 
    One thing a PredAlien is lacking compared to a Drone Alien is that there's no 
    Head-Bite attack. This basically means that regaining health can only be done 
    by using your Claws. Apart from that, a PredAlien has all the attacks and 
    abilities of a Drone Alien. These include: its Claws, Tail, Crawling ability 
    and its Crouch-Leap.
    Last Words
    A PredAlien is certainly strong but maybe its lack of speed can be damaging. 
    Although its Pounce Attack makes up for it, it's certainly a class Alien.
    --- Praetorian ---
    A Praetorian Alien is the Queen's royal guard and the protector of the Alien 
    Hive. Compared to other Alien classes, a Praetorian is the most heavily 
    armoured Alien in the game.
    Like a PredAlien, you can't play as a Praetorian in any of the singleplayer 
    missions unless you use cheats. If you're playing the Predator or Marine 
    missions, you will only tend to meet this Alien at the end of the missions - 
    near the hive. 
    If you pick to play as a Praetorian in the multiplayer, I can guarantee it's 
    going to be a challenge. When playing against Marines, be careful about 
    approaching them. Look to see if they've got one of the amour-piercing 
    weapons. If they haven't attack them straight away. 
    Playing against a Predator might not be as bad as you think. With its speed 
    being not good and its lack of amour-piercing weapons, a Predator could be 
    easy to bring down. They will probably only be able to beat a Praetorian with 
    hand-to-hand combat with the Combstick. Aliens will be the easiest of the lot 
    to kill because despite their speed, they will be easy to kill. All comes 
    down to when fighting Aliens is strength and that's where a Praetorian wins.
    Being heavily armoured means that a Praetorian is covered in amour plating. 
    This reduces damage by about 80% whereby only amour-piercing weapons will 
    work against him. From a Marine's point of view, effective weapons are: the 
    M-4A4 Pistol (Secondary Ammo Only), the Shotgun (Secondary Ammo Only), M-6B 
    Rocket Launcher, and the M-90 Minigun. From a Predator's point of view, the 
    most effective weapons only seem to be a Remote Bomb and his Combstick. A 
    Praetorian's amour plating seems to be the only advantage to this creature. 
    Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages. The first thing that suffers is 
    a Praetorian's speed. It's the second-slowest Alien after a PredAlien. 
    Another big disadvantage is that there's no Pounce Attack. Unlike a PredAlien 
    you can't use the attack as a way of getting around. Playing as a Praetorian 
    means you are the biggest of the Alien species. This could be good in a way 
    but it messes up your chances of hiding and sneaking up on your prey. The 
    disadvantages don't stop here. It's also unable to use the Crawling ability. 
    This makes it harder to escape from enemies and to sneak up on them. A 
    Praetorian still has the smaller attacks such as its Claws, its Tail, its 
    Crouch-Leap and it also has the Head-Bite attack meaning it will be easier to 
    regain health. 
    Last Words
    Playing as a Praetorian in multiplayer is definitely a challenge. It has no 
    stealth capabilities and its speed is not impressive, but its only advantage 
    lies in its strength.  
    --- Queen ---
    The Queen Alien is the highest ranked Alien in the game and controls all 
    other Aliens. The Queen Alien is the meanest, biggest and deadliest Alien in 
    the game and it will take nothing short of a good strategy and brilliant 
    tactics if you are to take this Alien down. 
    Like a PredAlien and a Praetorian, you can't play as the Queen in any of the 
    singleplayer missions. If you're playing the Predator or Marine missions, you 
    will fight the Queen at the end of the missions. 
    In order to play as a Queen in multiplayer, you can't directly select to play 
    as her. The Queen Molting option on the menu must be selected to at least one 
    kill. This means that when you meet the kill count, you will transform into 
    the Queen there and then but only playing as a mature Alien. When playing 
    against Marines, be careful about approaching them because they'll be 
    carrying some very powerful weaponry. 
    If you can reach Predators, they are fairly easy to kill. The speed of the 
    creatures isn't particularly good and the absence of strong weapons makes the 
    Predator easy to bring down. Aliens will be the easiest to kill because 
    despite their speed, they need strength to kill. In terms of strength, the 
    Queen wins over any other Alien.
    The advantages of the Queen Alien is that she has high durability and 
    strength. In combat, this means she'll be able to take more hits than a 
    normal Drone Alien but her strength is incredible. If you surprise the target 
    (which is difficult to do), you'll easy have the upper advantage to take him 
    down with one swoop. 
    Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages. The first thing that suffers is 
    the Queen's speed. It's probably the slowest out of all Alien species. 
    Another big disadvantage is that there's no Pounce Attack. Unlike a PredAlien 
    you can't use the attack as a way of getting around. Playing as the Queen 
    means you are the biggest of the Alien species and this could be good in a 
    way but it ruins your chances of hiding and surprising your prey. The Queen 
    is also unable to use the Crawling ability and this makes it harder to escape 
    from enemies. The Queen Alien still has the smaller attacks such as its 
    Claws, its Tail, and its Crouch-Leap but she also lacks the Head-Bite attack 
    meaning she can't regain health easily. 
    Last Words
    Playing as the Queen is more difficult than anything. She has no stealth 
    capabilities and her speed is not great, but her only advantage lies in her 
    strength. The Queen is basically a stronger version of the Praetorian but 
    without the Head-Bite attack. 
    7.B AvP2 Alien Abilities
    --- Facehug ---
    This is only attack used by Facehuggers. When a Facehugger uses it, it tries 
    to target the face of a Human or a Predator. If it hits the target's face, a 
    Facehugger latches onto the head and impregnates the victim with an Egg. This 
    Egg will eventually grow into the next stage of the Alien Life Cycle. This 
    attack can also be done from behind the victim. If a Facehugger pounces on a 
    victim from behind and hits the back of their head, it still latches onto the 
    front of the victim's face. To use this attack, you need to be really smart 
    and sneak up on your victim. Make sure there in a secluded area with no 
    people nearby or else your cover in blown. You can use small boxes and dark 
    areas to hide behind so no-one can see you. Also if you're using Primal Hunt, 
    the facehugger can pounce through grills and grates. You'll only in fact use 
    the pounce twice in the first PredAlien mission to break down a grill.
    --- Jaws ---
    This small attack is used only by Chestbursters. During the singleplayer 
    missions, you will get to play as a Chestburster and you can use its Jaws. 
    During the mission, you can actually use the Jaws on humans and actually kill 
    them. This is not recommended because it leaves you with minimum health and 
    probably will attract other humans' attention. You can also use this attack 
    in the multiplayer missions but it's definitely not recommended because as 
    soon as anyone sees a Chestburster, they will kill it with minimum effort. In 
    Primal Hunt, a Chestburster can bite through a grill. Since there are no 
    grills or vents in multiplayer that I know of, you will get your chance to 
    play as a Chestburster in the second PredAlien mission. There are quite a few 
    times where you'll use the Bite attack to go inside a vent.
    --- Claws ---
    An Alien's Claws are used by Drones, Runners, PredAliens and Praetorians. An 
    Alien's Claws are its primary weapon for killing an opponent. Claws can be 
    used by any type of Alien except for a Facehugger or a Chestburster. When 
    used, these razor sharp claws can kill anything. It takes a few slashes of an 
    Alien's Claws to kill a marine or a predator.
    When an Alien is not indirect combat with an enemy, the claws can be used to 
    smash through a grill in the wall or ceiling, to destroy control panels and 
    to rip through iron bars. As an extra, an Alien's Claws can also be used to 
    generate health. If you keep hacking at someone, you are supposed to regain 
    health but it's only a very small amount. An easier attack to use would be 
    the head-bite attack. You can regain a large proportion of health from that. 
    You would only probably use claws to regain health back if you were a 
    PredAlien since they don't have the head-bite ability. 
    Using claws to regain health can be done with all three species including 
    your own kind. If you want to regain health in multiplayer you can use your 
    claws against another Alien. Remember that an Alien's Claws can only be used 
    at close range so watch out for marines with long-range weapons. The best 
    advice I could give you would be to use your speed as an advantage and claw 
    your opponent to death.
    --- Tail ---
    As before, the Tail attack can be used by Drones, Runners, PredAliens and 
    Praetorians. An Alien's tail is its secondary attack when fighting an enemy. 
    It's located behind view and hits in front of you to take down your opponent. 
    Its main purpose is for paralysing the enemy rather than killing the enemy. 
    It's still possible to kill your enemy with a number of tail whips.
    When you hit your opponent with your tail, it paralysing them making them 
    unable to move for a couple of seconds. As well as paralysing them, it also 
    does a slight amount of damage to your opponent. When the enemy is paralysed, 
    this gives you time to use the head-bite attack. Be warned that the tail does 
    paralyse enemies but they can still use their weapon. Don't worry because 
    they won't be able to aim with the weapon so try to use the tail attack from 
    the sides or from behind.
    How does it work against other species you're wondering? The tail attack 
    works great against humans and predators but unfortunately it doesn't 
    paralyse fellow Aliens. This means Aliens will be still able to move but the 
    tail does still create a bit of damage towards an Alien. Another point to 
    make is that you can't paralyse Synthetics. I would only recommend using this 
    attack when you're probably low on health and you need to use the head-bite 
    attack. Use it only against lone marines or predators to take advantage of 
    the situation. Also don't let them see where you are attacking from. Surprise 
    is everything!
    --- Head-Bite ---
    The Head-Bite attack can only be used by Drones, Runners and Praetorians. 
    This is the legendary head-bite attack from the Alien movies. This attack 
    uses your inner jaws to instantly kill your enemy by biting off their head. 
    There is one problem with head-bite is that you need to have the opponent's 
    head in the middle of the screen. This isn't a problem if your opponent is 
    already dead but if you do when they're alive it can be difficult. This 
    attack takes great accuracy and possibly a fair few seconds. If you're not 
    quick enough, you will probably be blown away.
    Just by clawing an enemy to death, you can still use the head-bite attack. Be 
    careful when clawing not to take their head off in a fit of panic, otherwise 
    you won't be able to use head-bite. Once the enemy is on the floor, centre 
    their head in the front of the screen and use the head-bite attack. Not only 
    does this attack kill your enemy, but you also gain health from it. It's a 
    much better way of getting health rather than the claw attack. A couple of 
    head-bites and you will have full health in no time at all.
    Head-bite works against humans and predators but again it doesn't work 
    against Aliens because of their huge head. When I said it works against 
    predators, there is a few problems. What about the mask with which predators 
    hide behind? It would probably be quite hard to kill a predator this way but 
    you still might be able to get health. This ability is really only designed 
    for humans so be careful when using it. The best tip to use would be to claw 
    your enemy to death and then eat the head of the dead body. Make sure there 
    are no other humans about when you do this, as your eyes will only be 
    pointing downwards towards the dead body.
    In Primal Hunt, this attack is probably the best addition to Aliens in the 
    expansion pack and PredAliens Head-Bite attack is slightly different to other 
    Aliens. In order for the Head-Bite to work, your opponent's head must be in 
    the centre of the screen. Once they are, a spike will veer from each corner 
    of the screen. These spikes are in fact of the PredAlien's mouth and so are 
    quite different from a Drone Aliens method of the attack. Anyway, once the 
    spikes appear, left-click on your mouse and the spikes will shoot out from 
    the PredAlien's mouth and tear the head of the unsuspecting victim. The 
    attack is quite difficult to get used with the PredAlien but after you've 
    practiced a couple of times, you'll be on your way. This new addition also 
    makes it much easier for a PredAlien to gain health rather than using its 
    --- Pounce Attack ---
    The Pounce Attack can be used by Drones, Runners and PredAliens. In my 
    opinion, this is one of Alien's best attacks to use. The pounce attack is 
    like one giant leap to quickly get in front of your enemy. With a good aim, 
    the pounce attack will kill your opponent in one clear pounce. If you don't 
    kill your opponent with this attack, you will have time to claw them to 
    Apart from killing your enemy, this attack can also be used for jumping over 
    large distances. If you're in a large open area with lots of cliffs and 
    mountains, then an Alien is ideal. You combine crawling and the pounce attack 
    into jumping from one small cliff to another. If you're playing with a 
    PredAlien, they can jump the furthest out of all the Alien creatures.
    You can also combine the pounce attack with crawling as a direct attack 
    against an enemy. You can sneak up against your enemy and use pounce attack 
    to kill your opponent from above. This takes a great deal of accuracy since 
    your upside down so practice makes perfect. If you're hoping to kill your 
    enemy straight away, you should use it in small environments so your accuracy 
    won't matter as much. In open environments you are more likely to miss your 
    If you hit your enemy directly, there's a chance that you might not kill them 
    instantly. With weaker targets, you will probably kill them easily. What I 
    consider to be weaker targets are a Civilian or a Runner Alien. The next set 
    would depend on your difficulty setting: a Marine, a Drone or a 
    Light/Standard Predator. The only disadvantage I can think of from this 
    attack is that it takes a 1-second delay to do one pounce to the next. i.e. 
    once you pounce you will have to wait about 1 second to do another pounce. 
    The 1-second delay probably won't matter to you much but it's the only 
    disadvantage I can think of. A tip for when jumping from one place to another 
    is to aim higher than the target. This way you will easily make the jump. 
    Note that when you jump you also make a loud noise which could give your game 
    away to other players.
    --- Crouch-Leap ---
    The Crouch-Leap ability can be used by Chestbursters, Drones, Runners, 
    PredAliens and Praetorians. This is rather an ability than an attack but this 
    is a very useful ability to have. When you're using this ability you are able 
    to jump much higher than normal. This is used exactly like a predator's leap 
    jump. It's mainly used for jumping onto large trees or onto a nearby 
    When an Alien uses this, it crouches down and jumps straight way a long way 
    up. Just like pounce attack, there's a couple seconds delay before you can do 
    the next crouch leap. It's very rare I actually use this ability because I 
    just use a combination of crawling and pouncing to my destination. However if 
    you're a Praetorian you can't crawl or use the pounce attack so you'll be 
    relying on crouch leap quite a lot.
    Crouch leap is probably better for accuracy than anything else. If you're 
    tearing along like me then you probably don't even think of using crouch 
    leap. You can just use it for getting balanced on high places such as 
    treetops. Then you could jump from one branch to the next. The question is 
    can this ability be used in battle. It can in a way but you need to have your 
    controls on your keyboard or whatever close to hand. It could be used for 
    dodging missiles fro marines or something. This ability could also be used to 
    dodge the predator's deadly Shoulder Cannon.
    As well as dodging things, you can also use it to leap down onto your 
    enemies. Once you've done this you could use your claws to kill them. You 
    could even leap over them and land behind them to kill them. It's up to you. 
    Personally, I wouldn't recommend this ability for in-game battle. It's more 
    for when you're taking things slow. 
    --- Crawling ---
    The Crawling ability can be used by Facehuggers, Drones, Runners and 
    PredAliens. This has to be the best and the most fascinating ability of an 
    Alien. The good thing about this is that you can get to very high places with 
    this and none of the other species can have his ability.
    Just by pressing the crawl key on your keyboard, you'll be able to start 
    crawling on anything. The main purpose of crawling is to get to places where 
    you can't by walking. It's an important ability in singleplayer mode because 
    a lot of the things you need to do is to get to high places. There maybe 
    hatches in the ceiling and the only way to get to it is to crawl there.
    Use this ability to your advantage in multiplayer. Because you can't turn 
    invisible like a predator, you need to find a way of sneaking up on your 
    enemy. Crawling on cliffs and walls is the perfect way. You cannot only crawl 
    on vertical walls but you can also crawl upside down. When you first do this, 
    it can be incredibly complicated but you soon get used to it.
    As an extra tip, there are arrows that appear around the screen when you're 
    in crawl mode. If the arrow is pointing downwards it means you're the right 
    way up. If it's pointing upwards it means that if you let go you will fall to 
    the ground. If there are two arrows pointing left and right that means you're 
    on an angle and you will probably fall to the ground. No other specie can do 
    this, so try to take advantage of the situation. If you use the pounce attack 
    to jump from one place to another when in crawl mode, you still will be able 
    to hang onto the wall. i.e. you won't go out of crawl mode if you pounce off.
    --- Vision Modes ---
    Each species has at least two vision modes where one vision mode will let you 
    see in the dark. But an Alien's normal vision will have a number of nice 
    features. This is called Hunt mode. Its primary vision mode will let you spot 
    enemies from a long distance. Your enemies will glow a certain colour 
    depending on what specie they are.
    If it's a blue glow floating around the enemy, then it's a human. If it's a 
    red glow, it's an Alien and if it's a green glow it's a predator. There is 
    one flaw to this system. Synthetics don't have any glow so beware. In my 
    opinion, an Alien's vision modes are the best out of all the species. Unlike 
    a predator you have no need to keep switching vision modes to spot enemies. 
    An Alien can see everybody easily at any one time.
    An Alien's secondary vision mode is called Navigate mode. This enables an 
    Alien to see in the dark. The only problem with this is that enemies don't 
    glow making it difficult to spot enemies. This leaves you open to direct 
    attack from opponents. In singleplayer, you will probably only need to use 
    for the dark shafts. In multiplayer you might need it for extremely dark 
    7.C Alien Tips
    ---> Using the Pounce Attack
    Aliens are designed for close-range combat and uses their Claws, Tail, and 
    Head-Bite attacks. Unfortunately they have no medium-range or long-range 
    attacks or abilities. If you're an Alien, you have to get close to your 
    enemy, attack them and move back out very quickly. The best attack you have 
    for medium to long-range enemies is the Pounce Attack which is a powerful 
    jump. The Alien has to wait a few seconds before it can do another a Pounce. 
    This is where you have to be careful because you are vulnerable to gunfire. 
    If the accuracy is good enough, when you come in contact with someone, it 
    will kill them instantly. A problem with this is that you can't regain health 
    from the victim once you've Pounced on them.
    ---> Circle Strafing
    The Alien's Claw and Tail attacks are extremely effective, but only at close 
    range. At close-range a Marines and Predator's weapons are even more 
    dangerous. The key to Alien survival in a close-range situation is to strafe 
    towards the enemy. This involves sidestepping around your victim, but moving 
    forward at the same time so that you move in a small circle with the target 
    at the centre. Because of the Alien's incredible speed, strafing around while 
    using your Claws and Tail can make it difficult for a Marine or Predator to 
    attack. If you keep doing this, the opponent will only last a couple of 
    seconds and you'll have killed them.
    ---> Stunning your Victim
    Using your Tail to attack someone will stun them for a few seconds and this 
    causes their senses to be reduced substantially. Once you've done this, go 
    around to the back of them and use your Claws or the Head-Bite attack to 
    bring them down. Remember a victim can still fire a weapon when they are 
    paralysed but they just have very low accuracy. That's why it's better to 
    attack from the side or back for an easy kill.
    ---> Crawling
    Adult Aliens can crawl anywhere - don't forget this. This is an ability that 
    none of the other species have, and which even intermediate players 
    frequently forget. Crawling up from the bottom of scaffolds or dropping down 
    out of vents behind an enemy not only gives you an easy kill and a corpse to 
    chew on, but also has the added benefit of scaring the crap out of the other 
    players. You're an Alien - act like one.
    ---> Destroy Enemy Weapons
    Any Marine or Predator weapons you see on the ground, you can destroy so the 
    enemy doesn't get to use them. This is only for multiplayer mode and can come 
    in handy for Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch games.
    ---> Scaring your Enemies
    An Alien's greatest assets are its intrinsic abilities. One of these 
    abilities, which is rarely mentioned during gameplay, is the mythos from the 
    movies that the games are based on. Aliens are scary, and an Alien player can 
    take advantage of that. There's nothing more effective at keeping your 
    enemies - particularly humans - on their toes than giving them a good scare. 
    Take advantage of the crawling to get into areas that your enemies won't 
    expect; sneak up on them from above or below when they are unsuspecting. In 
    lifecycle games, there's nothing more demoralizing than a well-timed Facehug. 
    Use the Alien's innate abilities to keep your enemies off guard.
    ---> Attacking Enemies Together (Team Death Match)
    Their short-range engagements mean that Aliens need to get in quickly, do 
    their damage, and escape to cover. This is made much more easily when Aliens 
    engage in coordinated attacks. Humans and Predators have very powerful 
    weapons that can make short work of any Alien that's directly in their 
    sustained line of fire, so it's best to attack from multiple angles 
    (including above and below!) simultaneously. If one distracts enemy fire, 
    another can get in behind the victim for an easy kill. Coordinated attacks 
    with decoys and hunters will make short work of the enemy.
    ---> Stay in a Group (Facehuggers)
    In lifecycle games, Facehuggers are the key to the enterprise; all the Aliens 
    start as one, and they must Facehug victims in order to graduate to 
    adulthood. Power in numbers is always a factor in gameplay; a lone Facehugger 
    is easy for a Marine to dispatch, but a batch of several, or a Facehugger and 
    a few adults is far more difficult. Even with a large grouping of alert 
    humans, a swarm of Facehuggers is bound to land a few Facehugs. Swarming in 
    groups of Facehuggers and adults to draw fire is most effective.
    ---> Timing is Everything (Facehuggers)
    Facehuggers are small and can easily slip into and under a skirmish without 
    being obviously noticed, particularly by humans who lack an explicit vision 
    mode for detecting Aliens. The best time for a Facehugger to strike is when 
    your victim is occupied, either because he's battling an adult Alien (or even 
    trying to pick off another Facehugger) or simply another species. (Marine vs. 
    Corporate skirmishes are often the best, since human weapons are so powerful 
    the attention of both will be fully concentrated on the other.) Wait until 
    your potential victim is caught up in a skirmish with someone else and then 
    move in for the kill.
    ---> Regaining Health
    Adult Aliens gain health by mutilating corpses with their claws (and a jaw 
    attack on a corpse for drones and runners). Once you've made a push into a 
    new area and taken out the humans and Predator, backtrack through your spoils 
    of war and mutilate the corpses lying around for health. Taking time out to 
    do this while you're still under fire leaves you can easy target, so be sure 
    the area is safe before proceeding. Heal up by mutilating corpses between 
    skirmishes; you'll need it.
    ---> Attack Unsuspecting Predators
    The Predator's vision modes allow him to see his prey easily regardless of 
    what else is going on. But these vision modes have a serious disadvantage: 
    each vision mode is good for detecting one species type (human, Alien, and 
    Predator), but is very poor at detecting the others. Take advantage of this 
    failing; when you see a Predator pursuing a human (or you're a human and see 
    one pursuing an Alien), chances are very good that the Predator is in the 
    wrong vision mode to see you. This gives you the best opportunity to take him 
    out. When a Predator is in a skirmish with a human, not only will he be 
    distracted, but chances are he'll barely be able to see you at all.
    ---> Mega Jump (Submitted by Mik42)
    Absolutely necessary technique when you're playing with Aliens. You cannot 
    survive two seconds against competent marines without it. Mega jump allows 
    you to jump 300 or more feet in any direction (including straight up). It is 
    executed by holding the wallwalking button and looking in the direction you 
    want to mega jump (you will have to look up and above the point you want to 
    mega-jump to . The higher you look the bigger your jump arc will be), and 
    then press pounce. The key is to execute it on the flat floor. You press your 
    designated ww key, stick to the floor, choose the angle you're looking up 
    (determines how far will you jump) and pounce. You may jump from any surface 
    (wall, ceiling) as well, but it takes some practice to control it 
    effectively. When you do - there's nothing that can stop you.
    My favourite is to use PredAlien. He's slow but strong. His slowness is his 
    death verdict, unless... ...you use mega jump and slaughter unsuspecting 
    marine who's 200 yards across the map! The best thing is that your flight 
    usually lasts several seconds, so your pounce will regenerate by the time you 
    land, and you may mega jump again immediately after you've landed. It allows 
    you to continue traversing the map at enormous speed. I managed to kill three 
    marines that were scattered around the Compound map in nine seconds!. They 
    never knew what hit them! And the best thing is that it strikes sheer terror 
    in the hearts of your enemies. They are always in fear. If you become expert 
    in mega jumping they will never even see you, and if they do, the sight of 
    200 pounds of claws and teeth flying right at you at a subsonic speed from 
    the other side of the map makes you wish you have never saw it anyway. 
    You may clench to the floors and walls while flying if you hold the ww 
    button. It is a good strategy to use to quickly traverse open maps. Locate 
    Marines, choose the most distant one (he will be most unsuspecting of them 
    all), jump between the object on the map (learn the maps inside out), and 
    squish him. If you manage to land on him even better, but the mega jump is 
    usually used to engage in the melee, and when your in melee, well it's 
    Mega jump has its drawbacks, though:
    You cannot direct your flight once you mega jumped, so you can be 
    easy target to aim. You are usually flying to fast to allow any clear shot to 
    the marines or predators who manages to see you before you land, though.
    In team games, it is possible that you will kill your partner who 
    locks on the same victim. Once you jumped you cannot stop, and anything that 
    stands in your way is piece of raw meat. Cooperate.
    Do not jump straight up. You will fly several seconds. It will 
    allow you to have a great airborne view of the map form the 100 yard 
    altitude, but your lateral speed will be 0 making you an easy target.
    Jumping straight up can be useful to clench on to the ceiling 
    directly from the floor in rooms with high ceiling, though.
    Naturally, you cannot use mega jump on closed maps and in 
    corridors - so, avoid corridors.
    Use PredAlien on open maps. He's strong and versatile. Runners and Drones can 
    mega jump as well, but they are fragile, and with properly executed mega jump 
    your in melee in no time, that's why I love PredAlien. Use PredAlien with 
    runner in 2vs2`s. Use Praetorian in corridors, and closed maps (Auriga) and 
    work in team with the runner. Use Praetorian to distract the marines (he has 
    improved armour against small ballistic projectiles), while runner attacks 
    them from behind.
    Use mega jump to pounce on distant enemies. It's all in the angle. Practice. 
    Charge tail. Use mega jump from time to time even if you don't see anyone. 
    The sight of a flying alien is terrifying, and an enemy with no morale is a 
    half dead enemy. The best maps for mega-jumping are the lesser fate or 
    compound-like ones. Mega jumping is lethal in Bunker as well, use it to 
    pounce and kill the enemies on the upper levels directly from the bottom one 
    One last exploit (perhaps fixed):
    In team games you can switch quickly between alien types (with f1). Your team 
    does not lose frags if you do this, and you regenerate all your health! It is 
    too cheesy though, as the game becomes pounce-pounce-kill-kill-switch-
    regenerate-pounce... You may even switch in the middle of the battle, denying 
    enemy the frag, and regenerating yourself!
    Aliens becomes virtually immortal using the switch cheese!!!
    Winners don't use switch 
    8. Predator Information
    8.A Predator Player Classes
    --- Standard Predator ---
    Compared to the other four classes, the Standard Predator is the closest to 
    look like the Predator in the Predator movies. This is also the Predator 
    you'll be playing in the Predator missions in Singleplayer mode. The Standard 
    Predator is what you would call the average Predator out of all the classes. 
    Both the speed and strength is about average and it's not the fastest and not 
    the strongest out of the four.
    Because you have average strength, you need to be quite aware of attacks 
    coming at you in combat. You will be able to endure a few hits or slashes 
    from a Marine, Predator or Alien but you won't be that tough. The average 
    speed does help compared to a Heavy Predator. You can get away and hide 
    quickly from enemies and you will be fast enough to catch up with some Alien 
    classes and Marines. 
    If the "Class Weapons Settings" option is turned on, you will begin with the 
    following weapons: your Wristblades, the Combstick, the Plasma Pistol, Disc 
    and the Netgun. As you probably notice, there are very few long-range weapons 
    here. You won't have the Speargun to start off with which means the enemy is 
    going to have to be medium or close range in order to kill them. You will 
    only have the Plasma Pistol to which you can use your zooming ability and 
    that isn't very good. You can use auto-targeting on the Disc but you need to 
    be close up to the enemy. The hard part playing with this class is that you 
    need to be close up in order to use most of your weapons so try taking out 
    Predators who are using long-range weapons.
    --- Heavy Predator ---
    The next Predator class is called the Heavy Predator. If you've played the 
    Predator missions, you will know that he is the second Predator you actually 
    meet. In the first mission, he helps you out by killing the Marines and gives 
    you a new weapon - the Disc. The Heavy Predator is the strongest in strength 
    out of all the classes but as a downside he's also the slowest Predator 
    Being very strong, does give you a good advantage over opponents. You will be 
    able to take lots more damage than you would if you were a Standard Predator. 
    This means you will be able to last longer in battle and finish the opponent 
    quicker before he finishes you first. If a Marine has a Rocket Launcher, for 
    example, you will still be killed there and then. As I said before, you are 
    much slower than the other classes. Running away from enemies and dodging 
    weapon fire is going to be much more difficult. You're also not advised to 
    run after enemies because you are just too slow. 
    In terms of weapons, a Heavy Predator doesn't start off with many, 
    unfortunately. You will have your Wristblades, the Combstick, the Netgun and 
    the Disc. This is the same as the Standard predator line-up but without the 
    Plasma Pistol. You are definitely going to run into trouble with Marine 
    snipers. They will kill you in a small number of shots, however, a Predator's 
    Speargun is not that powerful so you can run for cover easily. The best 
    strategy I can give you would be to use the Netgun on the enemy and switch to 
    the Combstick and finish them off. For this to work, the enemy must be on 
    their own and not in a group.  
    There's also the Disc weapon to think about. Use the auto-targeting system 
    always and make sure it hit them and kill them on the spot. Fighting Aliens 
    is going to be more difficult with the absence of the Plasma Pistol but just 
    keep switching visions and find a nice, safe spot to ambush enemies. This 
    type of Predator is built for face-to-face combat so use the cloak to hide 
    you from Marines at least.
    ---Assault Predator ---
    The Assault Predator is not found anywhere in the Predator, Alien or Marine 
    missions in Singleplayer mode. You'll only find this Predator class in 
    Multiplayer mode. In terms of strength and speed, this Predator is in between 
    the Standard Predator and the Heavy Predator. The Assault Predator is 
    stronger in strength than a Standard Predator although not as fast as the 
    Standard Predator. The Assault Predator is faster than the Heavy Predator 
    though not as strong as the Heavy Predator. 
    Looking at the other Predator classes, this Predator has given up the speed 
    for a little extra strength. You will be able to endure a little more damage 
    than a Standard Predator but not as much as a Heavy Predator. The speed comes 
    in handy for escaping enemies and hiding away. You also will be able to run 
    after slow enemies such as the Marine or Praetorian. Once you catch up with 
    them, you can use a close up weapon to kill them. 
    The Assault Predator does come with an excellent line-up of starting weapons 
    for you to play with. These are your Wristblades, the Netgun, Shoulder 
    Cannon, Plasma Pistol and lastly Remote Bombs. This line-up allows you to 
    kill opponents from a medium-range distance. You can use the Netgun and 
    Wristblades for close up enemies but you will be using most weapons from a 
    reasonably far distance. The only effective weapon you have for a Praetorian 
    is the Remote Bombs so you need to set up some on the ground and detonate 
    them when it goes by. None of the weapons will be effective.  
    You will run into trouble with long-range enemies like the Heavy Predator. If 
    they are firing their Speargun or Sniper Rifle, it's going to be hard to take 
    them down. Remember to use the auto-targeting system on the Shoulder Cannon 
    for better accuracy and use your cloak at all times. Overall your extra 
    strength might come in handy for taking long-range enemies down and lasting 
    in battles that little bit longer. This is definitely a good choice to make 
    when choosing a Predator class. Not bad speed, extra strength and brilliant 
    weapons make this a good option.
    --- Light Predator ---
    The Light Predator is the first Predator you meet in the singleplayer 
    Predator missions. When you meet him, he gives you a new weapon - the 
    Combstick. As well as the Predator missions, this class also makes an 
    appearance in the Alien missions. When you're playing as an Alien, you'll 
    encounter this Predator twice. From the name of the Predator, Light suggests 
    that it fastest out of the four Predator classes. It is also built to be the 
    smallest out of the four classes.  
    Being the fastest Predator does come with some disadvantages. This Predator 
    is also the weakest in strength. You're going to have to use its speed to 
    your advantage by hiding and escaping from enemies quickly and efficiently. 
    If you can see the opponent firing at you, you may be able to dodge the 
    weapon fire if you're lucky. The high speed also allows you to catch up with 
    enemies much easier. You might even be able to catch up with a Drone Alien 
    and that is fast.  
    With the speed, you'd expect the Light Predator to be fantastic at face-to-
    face combat with an enemy. Unfortunately, you haven't checked out the 
    starting weapons yet. You will have your Wristblades, Speargun, Disc and 
    Remote Bombs. This means that the Predator's weapons are suited to medium to 
    long-range opponents. Remember that this is the only Predator to have a 
    Speargun which means you can find a quiet place and kill enemies from a long 
    distance. If enemies see you snipering, you can just use the speed to escape 
    from them and find another place. The Disc is the only weapon to break your 
    cloak so this adds to the stealth factor.  
    Playing as a Light Predator means you have to be on guard quite often. It 
    won't take much enemy fire to take you down because of your low strength. 
    This Predator class is strictly for long-range killings. Find high spots 
    above the ground so you can see what's going on and take out enemies one by 
    one. If you think your good at hiding, then choose this Predator for the 
    --- Conclusion ---
    After writing the above descriptions, I've lastly drawn up the table below. 
    This table compares the speed and the strength of the four Predator classes. 
    The Heavy Predator is the strongest but the slowest and the Light Predator is 
    the fastest but the weakest. If you're better at face-to-face combat, choose 
    the Heavy Predator. However, if you're better at hiding, choose the Light 
    Predator. The Standard Predator and the Assault Predator are basically 
    Speed                   Strength 
    1. Light Predator       1. Heavy Predator 
    2. Standard Predator    2. Assault Predator 
    3. Assault Predator     3. Standard Predator 
    4. Heavy Predator       4. Light Predator. 
    8.B Predator Equipment & Abilities
    --- The Cloak Generator ---
    A Predator has the ability to turn itself completely invisible to its enemies 
    and this cannot be done by any other of the species on the planet. There is 
    one problem with the Cloak Generator that makes the Predator not so 
    invincible. The Cloak Generator only works against Marines. Other species 
    like Aliens, Combat Synthetics and other Predators can see you with or 
    without your cloak on. 
    There are a few more disadvantages to the Cloak Generator. One of which is 
    that the Generator uses energy up from your Energy Bar. It only takes a 
    little bit at a time but if you run out of energy, the cloak doesn't work and 
    you'll return to your normal self. To get energy back you need to use the 
    Energy Sift which in turn makes you become visible again. There's really 
    nothing you can do about this but just get to a safe confined place to refill 
    your energy supply. 
    Other ways you could lose your cloak are by using certain weapons. If you've 
    already played the game, then you'll discover that the Shoulder Cannon, 
    Plasma Pistol and the Disc all make you visible again. Although you can still 
    hold the min your hand, once you fire them, you're turned back to normal 
    again. If you do use one of these weapons, at least make sure you use the 
    auto-targeting system on the Shoulder Cannon and the Disc and make sure you 
    actually kill the enemy in a couple of hits. 
    If you remember from the Predator movie, the Predator lost its cloak when it 
    came out of the water at the end of the film. That actually happens in the 
    game. Once you even touch water, you'll lose you cloak but you can just as 
    easily put it back on again once you're out of the water. While we're talking 
    about the auto-targeting system, from an enemy's point of view, a small red 
    light will appear on your Hunting Mask when you're using the system. I can 
    easily be seen close up but it's barely visible far away. You better off 
    switching to another weapon if you're nearby the opponent.
    The Cloak Generator does make you totally invisible but there's a side effect 
    when you move about. A transparent outline will appear faintly around your 
    body. This can definitely be seen when your close up to a Marine in 
    Singleplayer mode. Generally, if you're far away you won't be spotted moving 
    about. If you've been spotted by a Marine while cloaked in multiplayer, try 
    to get out of their vision and stop immediately. Doing this will mean they 
    will not be able to see you at all. Even though the Cloak Generator only 
    works against Marines, it's still a vital piece of equipment you should have 
    on at all times. This goes for both Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes. 
    Although it may have a lot of disadvantages, Marines will be helpless when 
    you have your cloak turned on.
    --- Medi-Comp ---
    The Medi-Comp is a vital piece of equipment and is used to regain health. 
    With this equipment, you can use it over and over again and it's never run 
    out. It's much better than a Marine's method because the Health Kits are 
    spread over the level. With this you can use it any time, anywhere.
    When you activate the equipment, two knifes are shown and have some kind of 
    medicine put on them. Then the Predator puts the knifes into its stomach and 
    screams really loud. Because of this screaming, your enemies can discover 
    where your location is. This will give enemies in the vicinity a vague idea 
    of your location. Another problem is that once you use the Medi-Comp, you 
    lose your cloak to become visible to Marines. Once you've finished healing 
    yourself, you can cloak again.
    Also when you're healing, you can't run very fast. In fact all you can do is 
    walk slowly. This only last a few seconds until the healing is finished but 
    you can easily get killed in these few seconds. Like the Cloak Generator, 
    this is powered from your Energy Bar. But it doesn't take little bits of 
    energy off at a time. It takes about 50% of your total energy capacity. So 
    when you've healed, you'll probably need to use the Energy Sift to regain the 
    energy back. 
    In Singleplayer mode it's simpler to find a quiet place to use the Medi-Comp 
    but in Multiplayer mode it's made more difficult. You won't know what to 
    expect so my advice is to find a confined place to heal yourself. That way no 
    one will be able to see you and you'll be fully healed and fully cloaked when 
    you emerge. This is a brilliant piece of equipment but you'll probably be 
    using in conjunction with the Energy Sift. Still you do have an advantage 
    over other species. You don't have to kill someone to regain health like the 
    Alien and you don't have to wait until you come across a Health Kit like the 
    --- Energy Sift ---
    You've probably guessed now that the Energy Sift is used to regain your 
    energy supply. Just like the Medi-Comp you can use it over and over again and 
    it'll never run out. Although you don't need it to stay alive, you do need it 
    to power most of your weaponry and equipment. The Energy Sift is the only way 
    in the game for a Predator to regain energy and it only take a few seconds 
    for it to start and finish. Like any other piece of equipment, this has a few 
    drawbacks that you need to know.
    Firstly, by using it you'll lose your cloak and become visible again. Just 
    like the Medi-Comp, you can use your cloak again once it's finished the job. 
    You can't get very far or run away from enemies in a hurry because the Energy 
    Sift slows you down to walking speed. Just like the screaming gives away your 
    location for the Medi-Comp, the blue blast of light emitting from the Energy 
    Sift will definitely let enemies know where you're hiding. 
    You better off using the same strategy as before. Sneak off to a small, 
    confined location and use both the Energy Sift and the Medi-Comp to recharge 
    yourself. You can use at any time in singleplayer but in multiplayer, you 
    have to expect the unexpected. A Predator would be unbeatable if it didn't 
    have to charge up it's energy supply but I suppose this is the developers' 
    way of balancing out the Predator. An Alien or Marine doesn't have to wait to 
    use their weapons because of low energy. But this still is a nice piece of 
    --- Hunting Mask ---
    This is a brilliant piece of equipment for someone to have. The Hunting Mask 
    comes complete with four very different modes. Certain vision modes make it 
    possible for you to see certain species from a far away distance. Your 
    Primary Vision is called the Normal vision and this is how a Marine sees the 
    planet. This vision doesn't highlight species and it is mainly used for 
    finding a way to go. It's the better vision for identifying objects and other 
    part of the scenery. This vision makes it possible to view all three species 
    at once and also you can only view Combat Synthetics properly in this vision.
    Your Secondary Vision is called Thermal vision. This was the only vision that 
    you saw the Predator use in the Predator movie. In Predator 2, you actually 
    found out that it has a few different vision modes. This vision is used to 
    spot body heat from humans and you can easily see them in this vision from a 
    mile away. You can use the auto-targeting system with this vision so you'll 
    get better accuracy with certain weapons. The Thermal vision also can be used 
    to see in the dark although it isn't that good as the Predtech vision. The 
    third vision is called Electromagnetic vision. This is basically the same as 
    the Thermal vision but can spot Aliens from far away. This makes you see all 
    types of Aliens from a Facehugger to a Praetorian. It's quite difficult to 
    navigate around because of the red colour of the vision. Like before you can 
    still use the auto-targeting system for the weapons.
    The last vision of the Predator is called the Predtech vision. This makes it 
    possible to see Predators from a far distance. It only works for Predators so 
    you can't see a PredAlien in this vision. The good thing about this vision, 
    is that it can see through a Predator's cloak. If you're looking at a 
    Predator with a cloak on in Normal vision, you won't see it but you will in 
    this vision. This vision can also highlight weapons of Marines or Predators. 
    You can clearly make out the type of weapon the enemy is holding. It uses the 
    auto-targeting system against Predators and this vision is the best for 
    seeing in the dark. As I've been explaining in the past few paragraphs. There 
    is a problem with the auto-targeting system. When you're using it, a red 
    little light appears on your mask. If you had you're cloak on, this would 
    give away your position to Marines close by. The only weapons which use the 
    auto-targeting system are the Shoulder Cannon and the Disc. 
    An advantage to the Predator that no other species has is to zoom in. You can 
    be a mile away and you can zoom in and see perfectly what enemies are doing. 
    You can also use this for conjunction with the Speargun so you can use it as 
    a long-range weapon. Be careful in multiplayer because your Hunting Mask can 
    be knocked off your face. This means you won't get the unique visions, the 
    auto-targeting system and the zooming in ability. Once it's knocked off you, 
    you can just pick it up again off the ground.
    Another side-effect when switching visions is that your eyes turn either red, 
    blue or green depending on what vision mode you have on. This only effects 
    you if you have your cloak on. It can't be seen from far away but enemies 
    will soon discover you if you're close by. Overall, this is very useful piece 
    of equipment but it might get tiresome switching from one vision to another. 
    If your playing as an Alien, you wouldn't have to because enemies simply glow 
    a certain colour. Use the Mask wisely and to your advantage.
    --- Charge Emitter ---
    When you go through the missions yourself, you'll find that some doors or 
    objects have a small panel on them. By pressing the panel, a latch drops down 
    and you'll need to use something to open the door. This is where the Charge 
    Emitter comes in handy. A small charge is released from a Predator's computer 
    system and this will open the door. You can't access this through an on-
    screen icon. You have to press a key on the keyboard to activate it. When 
    you're hacking a door, you must remember to keep the key pressed and wait a 
    few seconds for some kind of sign like a small explosion. The Charge Emitter 
    is just like the Marine's version of the Hacking Device. This Charge Emitter 
    is only designed for Singleplayer mode because the Multiplayer mode doesn't 
    have doors that need hacking. 
    --- Ammo Box ---
    The Ammo Box is only found in the Multiplayer mode and as you've probably 
    guessed, it holds ammo for your weapons. It doesn't carry any ammo for your 
    Shoulder Cannon or Plasma Pistol because they run off your energy supply. It 
    just carries extra Nets for the Netgun, Spears for the Speargun and Remote 
    --- Crouch-Leap ---
    The Crouch-Leap is practically the only ability a Predator has. Without all 
    its weapons and equipment, this is all it would have. The Crouch-Leap is 
    fairly basic and a Predator just crouches first and jumps up into the air. 
    This goes much higher than a regular jump because the Predators have more 
    power. This ability is mainly used to reach high places like treetops or 
    mountain ledges. 
    It's useful in multiplayer because you can hide more easily from enemies and 
    a good place to hide is on top of a building. This may not give you an 
    advantage over Aliens but it's a really safe hiding place from Marines who 
    can't jump as high as you. The Crouch-Leap can also be used for battling. You 
    can escape from enemies firing at you. You'd easily be able to dodge from the 
    Shoulder Cannon, Disc and the Rocket Launcher. 
    This requires extreme amounts of practice because if you jump too early, the 
    Disc weapon will probably change its course and hit you. If you jump too 
    late, you'll be killed on the spot. There's also the splash-effect from 
    weapons you need to consider. The ability is very useful if an Alien is just 
    going to Pounce on you. You can jump into mid-air and the Alien will pounce 
    straight past you. It might be difficult to use any of your weapons while in 
    mid-air but the auto-targeting system helps a lot. That, as you know, can be 
    found on the Disc and Shoulder Cannon weapons. 
    8.C Predator Weapons
    --- Wristblades ---
    A Predator's Wristblades are generally known to be a last resort weapon. I 
    would only use these if you have no other weapon available. The Wristblades 
    are also obviously for face-to-face combat. As an added extra, they come with 
    two different modes.
    The primary mode of attack does a few quick punches in succession. The 
    secondary mode of fire is a charged punch whereby a Predator pulls back his 
    arm and does a high-strength punch. The Wristblades are also capable of 
    getting trophies. Aim for the enemy's head and use either primary or 
    secondary mode to attack. This can also be accomplished when the body is 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Watch out for Facehuggers because they are good at pouncing on you. If you're 
    not confident, I suggest you just get as far away as possible to avoid death. 
    The Wristblades are a good attack to use against Chestbursters because of the 
    weak body. Just slash away at it and you will kill it in no time. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Be careful against Runner and Drone Aliens because they are terribly fast. 
    The seconds it takes to charge up the secondary attack may cost you your 
    life. If you see the Alien coming from a long distance, then charge it up and 
    get ready. If I haven't got any other weapons, I tend to use the primary mode 
    of attack.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Against PredAliens and Praetorians is a different story. I would suggest to 
    run away from both of these creatures if you've got no other weapons.. They 
    both are very powerful and although it's possible to defeat a PredAlien with 
    your Wristblades, you have no chance against a Praetorian. Your Wristblades 
    will not even penetrate their body so don't bother.
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    Against Marines or Corporates a good strategy to use is to sneak up on them. 
    Don't go blazing in because they will kill you before you even know it. Bide 
    your time and come from behind and slash them to death. Fortunately the 
    Motion Tracker won't pick anything up from behind. Attacking Synthetics is 
    quite difficult because your Cloak Generator is useless. Use the same tactics 
    as you did against a Predator. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    With other Predators it's very unlikely that you will get that close to them 
    without them killing you. I wouldn't risk it but if you've got no choice then 
    hope that they're in a different vision mode. You could even risk it if their 
    back is turned. It will take a few slashes before you kill them because of 
    the strong durability a Predator has.
    Last Words
    The only thing that Wristblades has over any other weapon is the fact it can 
    cut through Nets. If another Predator fires a Net at you, switch to your 
    Wristblades and cut yourself free. A Predator's Wristblades are good but I 
    wouldn't choose them over the Combstick. Note that using your Wristblades 
    will not break your Cloak.  
    --- Combstick ---
    The Combstick is the better weapon for face-to-face combat unlike the 
    Wristblades. Like the Wristblades, the Combstick comes with two modes. The 
    first is the primary mode where a few quick slashes of the weapon is done. 
    The secondary mode is where one powered strike is done. Primary mode can be 
    used to also to paralyse your enemy leaving them helpless. Like the 
    Wristblades you can also take off the enemy's head for trophies. Secondary 
    mode can also be used for trophies but is more commonly used to take out the 
    enemy in one shot. Compared to your Wristblades, the Combstick is more 
    powerful, and can slash and swipe a lot faster than Wristblades. As an added 
    bonus, it's a bit longer so you can take out enemies a bit further away.
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Playing against Alien classes can be quite difficult. Facehuggers would be 
    quite easy to take down but again I would just stay clear of them. 
    Chestburster would be very easy to kill because of their weaker strength. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Drone and Runner Aliens are very fast but if you can see them coming use the 
    secondary mode. A couple of strikes on the head and they will be killed. If 
    they're too close, try and double back to get some space.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    PredAliens and Praetorians are very strong so face-to-face combat wouldn't be 
    advisable. I would use the same technique as you do for Runner and Drone 
    Aliens. The Combstick is just one of two weapons which can penetrate a 
    Praetorian's amour, with the other being a Remote Bomb. 
    Against Marines/Corporates
    For Marines or Corporates use the same tactics as before with the 
    Wristblades. Try to come from behind or the sides so the Motion Tracker won't 
    pick you up. You could also try using Crouch-Leap to get close to the enemy. 
    Your Cloak-Generator doesn't work against Synthetics so try to hide while 
    getting close to them. Once you've accomplished this, you can fire a few 
    slashes at them but watch out for their weaponry.
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Be careful when playing against your own kind. User objects to hide behind 
    and try to ambush your opponent and slash them to death.
    Last Words
    In my opinion, the Combstick is the best weapon to use for face-to-face 
    combat. It comes which two modes that have two different types of slashes. 
    Also when using the Combstick, it doesn't break your Cloak, so using the 
    Combstick won't blow your cover.
    --- Speargun ---
    This weapon is the Predator's sniping weapon so a Predator can kill opponents 
    from far away. It fires at a quick rate and also comes with two modes of 
    attack. Primary mode fires one spear out of the gun whereas secondary mode 
    fires three spears at the same time. This is good but it's not very accurate. 
    Using primary mode has very good accuracy and has the ability to kill an 
    enemy with one hit. A problem in singleplayer mode is that you can run out of 
    ammo very quickly. One way to get more is to go find the spears you fired 
    out. You pick them up and use them again. If you decapitated someone with the 
    Speargun, by picking up the head, you can get the spears back as well. Also 
    by picking up a trophy in the current mission means you will start with more 
    ammo for the next mission. As well as being a long-range weapon, the Speargun 
    can also be used as a short-range weapon. The secondary mode might not be 
    good for long-range shots but it has a much better accuracy if you fire it 
    close up to he target. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Speargun is not a preferred weapon against small creatures like these. 
    They are very small but very fast so use the Combstick if you are close.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Use it for long-range shots if you can hit them. I wouldn't try using it for 
    short-range shots because they'll be too fast and will probably kill you 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Because of the high durability a PredAlien has, it would take a fair few 
    shots to bring him down. PredAliens are very slow and so should be easy to 
    hit. Against Praetorians it's impossible to even penetrate their amour. 
    Unlike the Combstick and Remote Bomb, the Speargun is not an amour-piercing 
    weapon. If you don't have any other weapon, try hitting the head.   
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    The Speargun is probably the most effective against humans. Aim for the head 
    and that will kill them easily. Humans are very slow and so are easy to hit. 
    They also won't know where the shot is coming from because of their poor 
    vision. The Speargun is not a bad weapon to use against Synthetics. They are 
    very strong so aim for the head area. Synthetics will be harder than a human 
    because it takes a few shots to the head to bring them down.
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Predators are fairly the same as Marines. Aim for the head and fire them 
    down. Remember that your cloak is useless against Predators but you just need 
    to find a remote place high up and take them out one by one.
    Last Words
    As a benefit. the Speargun doesn't de-cloak you like other weapons. You can 
    also take advantage of your zooming ability and use the Speargun with extra 
    accuracy. The Speargun is much faster at hitting the enemy rather than the 
    Shoulder Cannon and the Plasma Pistol. For long-range shots, this is 
    definitely the best weapon for a Predator to have.  
    --- Netgun ---
    This is a nice weapon for immobilizing your enemy. Although it doesn't do any 
    damage to your enemy, it fires a big net out and captures anything in its 
    path. With the few seconds with the enemy on the ground, you can switch to 
    another weapon to kill finish them off. The opponent will only be trapped for 
    three or four seconds because they can escape with the use of a knife, blades 
    or claws.  A bonus of using the weapon is that you won't be un-cloaked when 
    you're using it. Like any weapon, there are a few disadvantages of the 
    weapon. Marines can still fire their weapon when they have been caught inside 
    a net, but they can't aim their weapon which is a bonus. Just stand back and 
    finish them off without getting in the firing line. Also the net can actually 
    be destroyed if a Marine or a Predator  sees it coming and fires their weapon 
    at it.  
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Unfortunately, the Netgun is totally useless against Facehuggers and 
    Chestbursters, probably because of their small size. Use the Combstick to 
    kill them without any trouble. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    The Netgun does immobilize Runner and Drone Aliens but not for more than two 
    seconds. Unlike a Predator or a Marine, an Alien has its claws ready to 
    attack straight away. This makes it easy to cut through the net. If you do 
    use the Netgun, I suggest you switch to another weapon as quick as possible 
    to finish the Alien off.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    The Netgun is very effective against a PredAlien. You can sue this weapon to 
    your advantage because a PredAlien can't escape from it so easily. Switch to 
    another more powerful weapon and kill the PredAlien when he's on the floor. 
    If you're using the Netgun against a Praetorian, I'm afraid it's useless. The 
    nets simply bounce off its tough amour. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    This weapon is quite effective against Marines because it takes them a few 
    seconds to get their Knife out. Remember to stand well back when approaching 
    them because they can still fire their weapon and also remember that a net 
    can be destroyed before its even got to the target. Note that if you don't 
    kill the Marine inside a net, he will escape and for some reason can see 
    through your cloak. Using the weapon against Combat Synthetics is the same as 
    against Marines. It will buy you a few free seconds of time to think. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Predators are pretty much the same as Marines in multiplayer. It will give 
    you a few seconds to use another weapon on them but as Marines, they can 
    still use their weapons from inside the net. 
    Last Words
    Remember to use the Netgun for lone enemies. Use it for enemies that are 
    alone with no one else around to help them.
    --- Shoulder Cannon ---
    This is the ultimate weapon of the Predator and is what's seen in the 
    Predator movies. With this weapon you can fire two different types of Plasma 
    Bolts. In Primary Mode, quick firing and less powerful Plasma Bolts are fired 
    out of the weapon. This mode is great for taking out small enemies. For 
    larger enemies, it's a bit more complicated. In Secondary Mode, right-
    clicking on the mouse and holding will charge up a Plasma Bolt ready for 
    fire. This takes quite a bit of energy from your Energy Bar though when it is 
    used. This is best for taking out larger enemies you face in your quest. When 
    firing at a target in Secondary Mode, the Plasma Bolt will also do damage to 
    anybody standing nearby so you can take out multiple targets at a time. 
    Another advantage to this weapon is the fact that it can auto target the 
    enemy. If you're in a vision other than Normal, a red target will appear on 
    approaching enemies. You can fire and the Bolt will guide itself to that 
    enemy, hitting them head on. Note that one type of vision can only auto-
    target one kind of species. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    The Shoulder Cannon is extremely effective against these types of creatures 
    because they can't sustain much damage. Use the Electromagnetic vision for 
    them so you can use the auto-targeting system and use primary mode to fire 
    quick Plasma Bolts. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    In singleplayer mode, it shouldn't take more than a couple of shots to take 
    out a Runner or Drone Alien. I prefer using primary mode because the speed of 
    the Aliens can cost you when you're using secondary mode. Unfortunately it 
    can take a few seconds to charge up so stick to primary mode.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Use Secondary Mode to kill PredAliens. PredAliens are very slow and you can 
    easily wait a couple of seconds to charge the weapon up. Keep a distance from 
    a PredAlien because a Plasma Bolt could backfire and get you too. The 
    Shoulder Cannon is not an amour-piercing weapon so it's useless against a 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Combat Synthetics
    The weapon is not the ideal weapon for Marines as it takes three or four 
    quick-fire shots or possibly two powered-up shots. Use the auto-targeting 
    system to full effect and maybe kill them when a Marine is alone is you're 
    quite close by. When firing at a Marine, remember that firing will de-cloak 
    you so you're left open to attack and remember when cloaked that a small red 
    light can be seen from your mask. This light is the auto-targeting system and 
    could make you position known to other Marines. Combat Synthetics are very 
    strong and the auto-targeting system doesn't work because Synthetics don't 
    appear on any other vision  mode apart from Normal. However, they are quite 
    slow, so don't give up hope. Use charged up shots and just hope one of them 
    hits them. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Predators have high durability so you're better off using the Secondary Mode 
    of fire. It's not the best weapon to use against a Predator but face-to-face 
    combat is more effective.
    Last Words
    Remember that the Shoulder Cannon isn't a long-range weapon as the auto-
    targeting system won't work. Use for medium to close opponents and fire them 
    --- Plasma Pistol ---
    The Plasma Pistol is a more powerful and faster version than the Shoulder 
    Cannon and it also comes in two separate modes of fire. The Primary Mode of 
    fire shoots out quick bursts of blue Plasma Bolts. These are just like the 
    Shoulder Cannon's, except they are much more powerful and much more faster. 
    The Secondary Mode of fire, shoots out three balls of energy out of the gun. 
    These are fired out as fast and powerful as before but don't launch very far. 
    Like the Shoulder Cannon, the Secondary Mode of fire has a splash-effect. 
    Anything close-by will be affected by the blast. The opponent will be 
    paralysed temporarily, lose energy and be un-cloaked. These effects only work 
    on Predators or Aliens though. The Plasma Pistol doesn't use an auto-
    targeting system so you have to aim for yourself. Another big disadvantage is 
    that it uses more energy from the Energy Bar than any other weapon of the 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    It's very effective against these creatures because they have low durability. 
    Remember you don't have the auto-targeting system so it might be a bit tricky 
    to hit them due to their size.
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    It's quite effective against Runner and Drone Aliens. Use Primary Mode to 
    take them out and this will also hurt any other Aliens in the vicinity. If 
    the Aliens are really close to you, then I suggest you use Secondary Mode but 
    don't get caught in the fire. 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Using the Pistol against these creatures will be hard. Use the Secondary Mode 
    to immobilize them and quickly switch to another weapon to kill them. This is 
    the same with a Praetorian. It won't do much damage but you can immobilize 
    them for a few seconds at least and kill them with your Combstick. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    The Pistol is much better than the Shoulder Cannon but as before, the weapon 
    does break your cloak when you fire it. Sneak up on them and fire everything 
    you have at them and you have to be quick to escape if there are any 
    remaining Marines. It's much better to use another weapon against Marines, 
    such as the Speargun or the Combstick but use Secondary Mode of fire if you 
    have no other weapon available. The Plasma Pistol seems to be really 
    effective against Combat Synthetics. Just keep firing in Primary Mode until 
    you kill them. The Plasma Bolts are just like powered up Bolts from the 
    Shoulder Cannon so Synthetics shouldn't be a problem. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Other Predators will be able to see you from a far distance so it's better to 
    lead them to a confined area so they can't use a long-range weapon. As soon 
    as there's close, fire Plasma Bolts in Secondary Mode to kill them. If you 
    don't kill him then, then you will have at least paralysed him. Remember when 
    a Predator is paralysed, they can still fire a weapon but can't aim it so 
    stick to the sides to approach him.
    Last Words
    The Plasma Gun is designed for close combat so don't stand too close to where 
    you're firing it. It's better used in an open area than a confined area and 
    you should be using the Primary Mode normally.
    --- Disc ---
    The Predator's Disc first appeared in the Predator 2 movie when it cut 
    through a number of bodies hung up and returned back to the Predator. Like 
    the Shoulder Cannon, it uses the auto-targeting system to lock onto enemies. 
    Depending on what vision you have on, the Disc will track the enemy and kill 
    it in one hit. The enemies do need to be about close or medium range for the 
    auto-targeting to work. The best thing about the Disc is that it can change 
    course suddenly and kill the enemy if they've moved from position. It can 
    move on its own but the enemy can dodge it if they're very lucky. Use the 
    Disc in open area for full effect. As long as there are no objects in its 
    path, it will kill the opponent immediately. The Disc can get obstructed in 
    confined areas so someone can dodge the Disc by hiding behind a solid object. 
    It's best to fire it, when the opponent is not looking around so you get a 
    better accuracy. 
    You only have one Disc to use but the Disc can be used again once it has been 
    fired. You can press F on your keyboard to recall the Disc automatically but 
    this does use some energy up. Another way is to pick the Disc up yourself 
    which requires no energy whatsoever. If you do recall the Disc back and it's 
    too far away to be recalled, it will be teleported back to you. This uses a 
    lot more energy than before.  
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    It's very effective against these small creatures but make sure there's not 
    may around. It'll take a few seconds to fire and to recall so be prepared for 
    any attacks afterwards. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    It's very effective against Runner and Drone Aliens but as before Aliens are 
    positioned in groups and it'll take a couple of seconds to actually kill one 
    of them. But after the first Alien, there'll be about a dozen more behind 
    him. Don't even bother trying to fire the Disc at an Alien without the auto-
    targeting system because the Disc will never hit them. 
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    Against a PredAlien, the Disc isn't so bad. Make sure you have the correct 
    vision on and fire at will. It should kill them in about one shot. Against a 
    Praetorian can be difficult and can take at least two shots to even bring him 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    It's very effective against Marines and kills them easily in one hit but 
    there can be a few problems. After firing the Disc, you are de-cloaked which 
    makes your presence known to any Marines nearby. When you do fire it, make 
    sure it actually kills them. The Disc is one of the few weapons that is 
    extremely effective against Combat Synthetics. Remember that the auto-
    targeting system won't work against them so you'll have to target manually. 
    This can be hard but if the Disc actually hits, he'll die immediately. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Predators are the same as Marines. One hit will kill them so try to lead them 
    out to open areas so you have better accuracy. 
    Last Words
    The Disc in one of the Predator's best weapons so use it to your advantage. 
    The Disc is very slow so you should always use it when you have the auto-
    targeting system on. If you don't, you'll miss the target and you'll be 
    attacked by the enemy. 
    --- Remote Bomb ---
    Remote Bombs are like little mines that you can put on walls, ceilings and 
    floors. In fact you can put them just about anywhere. These then can be 
    detonated remotely. When you have detonated it, a big explosion occurs that 
    has a big splash-effect. If opponents are standing together, throw a Remote 
    Bomb in and detonate it and all opponents nearby will be killed instantly. 
    From a Marine or an Alien's point of view, a Remote Bomb is barely visible to 
    them but a Predator maybe able to see it with its Predtech vision. A Remote 
    Bomb can be thrown from a far distance and you can be as far away as you want 
    when you right-click on the mouse.  Note that if a Remote Bomb is thrown at 
    someone and it hits them, they will be blown up instantly and they'll die. 
    Against Facehuggers/Chestbursters
    Remote Bombs are not ideal for Facehuggers or Chestbursters because it's just 
    a waste of ammo. Creatures that small can easily be taken out with the 
    Combstick or Wristblades. 
    Against Runner/Drone Aliens
    Be careful in Singleplayer mode because the Aliens are very quick and you may 
    not have time to fiddle about with Remote Bombs. In Multiplayer mode, you can 
    try throwing a few Remote Bombs in a doorway or somewhere and just wait for 
    them to pass through. You need to be in a confined area so they can't see you 
    and on guard so they can't survive.
    Against PredAliens/Praetorians
    It'll take about two Remote Bombs maximum to take down a PredAlien and it's 
    pretty much same for a Praetorian. You'll need at least two Remote Bombs to 
    kill them. 
    Against Marines/Corporates/Synthetics
    Marines are the most vulnerable to Remote Bombs because they can't see you as 
    your cloak is protecting you. A bonus of the Remote Bomb is that it doesn't 
    de-cloak you before or after the detonation so you can easily sneak up on 
    unsuspecting enemies and kill them. Try to put as many bombs around a Combat 
    Synthetic as possible and then detonate them. As before they can see through 
    your cloak so make sure they aren't looking. 
    Against Predators (Multiplayer Only)
    Remote Bombs are a neat weapon to use against Predators and you may be able 
    to take them out in one blast. Make sure you're concealed because Predators 
    can see through your cloak don't forget.
    Last Words
    In Singleplayer, Remote Bombs should be generally used against Marines but 
    they are mainly more effective in Multiplayer games. Remote Bombs are nice 
    little weapons and they don't break your cloak.
    8.D Predator Tips
    ---> Using your Vision Modes
    Perhaps the Predator's greatest weakness is the polarization of the vision 
    modes. The thermal vision mode is excellent and spotting humans, but almost 
    useless at detecting Aliens. Conversely, the electrical vision mode 
    highlights Aliens with ease, but makes it very difficult to discern humans. 
    The key to playing on a server where there are both humans and Aliens is to 
    frequently cycle through vision modes. Keep in mind that while you can see 
    one species, you cannot see the other.
    ---> Using the Energy Sift & Medi-Comp
    Playing as the Predator means managing your energy reserves, and the energy 
    sift gives you energy for free. The only problem is that it makes a noise and 
    light show that alerts nearby enemies to your present. When things quiet 
    down, retreat into a secluded area and use the energy sift; you are injured 
    and have time, then use the Medi-Comp (which will significantly drain your 
    energy) and use the energy sift again. The Predator is a hunter, so it's 
    important that you be able to get quiet times to heal and recharge. Find time 
    in your hunting to take time out to heal and recharge.
    ---> Hunting is your Specialty
    Predators are extremely powerful, but in close quarters against an Alien or 
    at medium range between an alerted human, it doesn't take long for a Predator 
    to fall. The Predator's assets are best tuned toward hunting, not getting 
    involved with free for all skirmishes. Predators should predate; hunt your 
    victims. Take out your enemies from a distance when they barely know you're 
    after them. Predators are hunters. So hunt. 
    ---> The Life of a Chestburster
    In lifecycle games, the aliens start out as Facehuggers and must Facehug 
    hosts (humans or Predators), escape as a Chestburster, and survive for a 
    period of time until they can transform into a full-fledged, adult Alien. As 
    a Chestburster, they are the most vulnerable; they have reduced mobility, 
    cannot crawl, and although they have teeth, are easily killed. "Corpse 
    camping" is the process of humans or Predators waiting over an impregnated 
    body for the Chestburster to appear, and then immediately killing it. This is 
    considered fairly unsportsmanlike; it is really the lifecycle equivalent of 
    spawn killing. It is, of course, totally legitimate to kill a Chestburster 
    that you encounter, and even to shoot an emerging Chestburster as you're 
    passing through. But it's somewhat unfair to intently do nothing but wait for 
    a Chestburster to arrive, particularly when there are only a few Aliens 
    playing, in the same way it's considered unsportsmanlike to camp spawn points 
    for your enemies to appear. The one positive side is that corpse campers tend 
    to not be paying attention to their surroundings, and make easy targets.
    ---> Decloak Weapons/Equipment
    Remember there are some weapons as well as equipment that can make you lose 
    your cloak. These are the Plasma Pistol, Shoulder Cannon and the Disc. For 
    Equipment, it's the Energy Sift and Medi-Comp. It's best to use the equipment 
    out of view and when using the weapons make sure you kill them before they 
    can see you and retaliate.
    9. Marine Walkthrough
    Level 1: Unwelcome Guests
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 05:25 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 0.25 hours
    Mission Time: 0.25 hours
    Location: Approaching Primary Operations Complex (POC)
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Locate primary operations complex.
    2. Don't kill other marines.
    3. Locate security station and activate automatic defences.
    4. Locate Sergeant Hall.
    After the cut-scenes, go forward to your fellow Marines. You'll soon see a 
    door. When you get to it, get the Hacking Device out and hack the button 
    nearby the door. After running a bypass the door should open. Continue 
    through onto the next area. When you enter the next area, the roof will cave 
    in behind you so you can't go back. Continue down the corridors and you will 
    see someone get killed. Go in that direction and turn left and you will be at 
    a door. Open the door and you'll hear someone being killed by a Predator. If 
    you go forward from the door, there is a panel in the floor in the corner of 
    the room. Open the panel and drop down. You'll be in a room with a truck so 
    open one of the doors nearby and you will be in the next area. You will see 
    some Marines on the bridge and then there will be an explosion on the bridge. 
    That was caused by a Predator. There will be a sign nearby the bridge so go 
    right direction from the sign.
    When you're walking along the surface a Marine will fall to the ground and 
    you should soon see a truck being blown up by a Predator. Watch out for the 
    truck and go towards the place where the truck came from. Follow the route 
    around and you'll reach another area with bodies hung up on some rope. Go 
    towards the door and use the Hacking Device to enter through. When you enter, 
    go forward and you will see a platform underground with some ladders emerging 
    from the top. Jump down into that and go through the opening in the wall. 
    Follow the route along and around the corridor and you might see two objects 
    on the Motion Tracker. These are just little bugs but you can kill them if 
    you want to. You'll eventually get to a switch. Turn the System Charge switch 
    on and go back to ground. Along the way keep out the way of the steam and use 
    the ladders to get back onto ground.
    Near the ladders is a door. Go through that into the next area. Follow down 
    the corridor and you'll get to a door which has been smashed through. Go 
    through that and in the room is an elevator. Before calling the elevator, get 
    the Pulse Rifle bullets on the shelf nearby. Call the elevator and go inside 
    it and press the switch. When the door opens, you'll see a desk on your left. 
    Get the Shotgun ammo go around the walls and you'll find a Control Desk. 
    Press it and the shutters in front of you will open showing the Dropship 
    land. You now need to make your way back to ground level and report to Major 
    McCain. Go back down the elevator and back through the smashed door and 
    you'll be back to the Landing Pad. Go to Major McCain and he'll speak to you. 
    Next to him you'll find a Grenade Launcher and some ammo. Head towards the 
    big doors which are open. Inside is an APC and you'll soon start the next 
    part of the mission.
    Behind the nearby crates is a door. Go up the steps and enter through that. 
    Head down the corridor and turn left. Go through the broken door and you'll 
    have two choices to go down. Go left towards the crates and the floor beneath 
    you will collapse. Continue walking and you'll come to two doors. Ignore the 
    left one and go through the right one. Inside the room, you'll find some 
    Flares and some Health. Head through onto the corridor and to the right is 
    another barricade blocking your way. Walk down the corridor and enter the 
    first door on your left. On the nearby desk is some Shotgun ammo and there's 
    a big hole in the floor which has been burnt through by acid. Try to go down 
    the hole making sure you don't hurt yourself on the way down. There's also a 
    box of Flares half way down if you want them. When you're at the bottom, go 
    around the crates piled up and you should find a door. Go through it and 
    again you have two choices to go down. Go left because the other way is 
    barricaded. Follow the corridor and you need to go in the first door on your 
    left. This room is the Security Station. You can continue back down the 
    corridor if you want in order to pick up a Shotgun. Come back to the Security 
    Station if you do. 
    Beside the Control Desk is a Control Panel. Press the button and use the 
    Hacking Device to restore the power. You objective now is to return to the 
    Landing Bay. An Alien Drone will come out of the ceiling. Take care of him 
    and go through the air-vent nearby. Another Alien Drone will burst through 
    the vent giving you access to it. Go through the vent watching out for any 
    Aliens which attack you from behind and in front of you. Towards the end of 
    the vent, go left and up the ladder into another room. You'll see a dead 
    person in the corner and there's an Alien on the ceiling. Kill him and get 
    the Amour and the Pulse Rifle ammo in the room. Enter the next room and go 
    through the door behind the crates. Another Alien will attack you just before 
    the door. You'll arrive at a room with a big staircase. Go up to Level 2 and 
    grab the ammo nearby and go through the door. Turn right and follow the 
    corridor watching out for Aliens which attack you. 
    An Alien will soon break the barricade down. You can either go through the 
    kitchen and up the ramp or open the door, go through the room and up the 
    collapsed area. Both ways will take to a corridor which you started in. When 
    you get out of the corridor, you'll enter the area with the APC. Go towards 
    the APC and watch the cut-scenes and get ready for the next area. You'll soon 
    discover that Sergeant Hall has been captured by the Aliens. When you start 
    the next section, you'll notice a red dot on the Motion Tracker. This helps 
    you to track Sergeant Hall. Go left and you'll see an Alien jump across the 
    walls. Keep an eye on the Motion Tracker and continue down the ally. A number 
    of Alien Runners and Drones will attack you from all sides so be careful. 
    Continue down the ally and you'll eventually arrive at some wide doors. You 
    can go right of the door and at the end of the ally, you'll see three bodies 
    hung up. Nearby are Pulse Rifle ammo, Health and a Shotgun. Go back to the 
    wide doors and enter through them.
    You'll emerge at another area. Go down the ally and you'll come to the Hive 
    entrance. Enter the Hive and go left and follow the corridor around. If 
    you're lucky, you won't get attacked by anything. Hidden near the door right 
    at the end is a small opening. Go through that and you'll be at another door. 
    When you open the door, a number of Alien Drones will attack you so be on 
    guard. Go around and you'll arrive in another room. On the floor is an acid-
    burnt hole. Whatever you do, don't jump down the hole. Instead go down the 
    elevator and you'll be near the Eggs. When you get near the Eggs, they will 
    hatch releasing a Facehugger. You can however shoot them before they hatch. 
    Go right when you first enter and you'll see Sergeant Hall stuck on the wall. 
    Talk to her and eventually a Chestburster will burst out of her chest. Get 
    the Amour and the Pulse Rifle next to her and you objectives will be updated. 
    You now have to return to the APC. Go back up the elevator and back through 
    the room, through the opening in the wall. When you get out of the Hive, 
    numerous Aliens will attack you. Keep running towards the APC which will 
    protect you. That is the end of the level.
    Level 2: Collateral Damage
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 06:55 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 1.75 hours
    Mission Time: 1.75 hours
    Location: Road system leading from the Primary Complex to the Forward 
    Observation Pods.
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Open containment tunnels. #1 through #5.
    When you start the level, you will see a large tunnel to the left of you. Go 
    down the ramp and inside the tunnel. Go down the corridor and you need go 
    through two doors but you will eventually arrive at some ladders. Climb up 
    the ladders and go through another door and you'll reach the next section. 
    This is the first Contamination Room so in the corner is a small windowed 
    room. Go inside that and pull the first Control Station switch. The APC will 
    now have access to drive through. Go back out of the windowed room and across 
    the road into the opposite door. Go though that and another door and you'll 
    come to the next Control Station switch. Unfortunately it needs hacking so 
    use your Hacking Device to pull the switch. Watch out for an Alien Drone 
    which comes out the previous door. After taking out the Alien, go through the 
    next door and the Control Station will be straight in front of you. Watch out 
    for Aliens along the corridor. When you pull the switch, a number will Alien 
    Runners and Drones will attack you. Head for the door nearby the switch and 
    some Aliens may try to break through the vent on the floor but are 
    When walk up the next ramp, you'll be in the next area. You might see the 
    next room near the APC. Go towards that watching out for Aliens. You'll soon 
    come to the door which leads to the next Control Station. Watch out for Alien 
    Runners and you will also find a Smartgun and some ammo. Pull the switch and 
    exit the room and watch out for some Aliens which break out of the window. Go 
    back to the position you were when you first entered this area. Go back up 
    the steps onto the platform. Go through the door at the end of the corridor 
    and you'll find the Torch. Go back out of the room and you should see a panel 
    in the floor. Get the Torch out and burn the two locks holding it down. Drop 
    down the hole and kill the Alien Drone nearby. Follow down the narrow 
    corridor and you'll reach some ladders. Go up them onto the next small area.
    There are Health and ammo near the hole. Head down the corridor and you'll 
    reach a large room with a walkway in the middle. Go through the door at the 
    other end and soon some Aliens will burst out of a vent in the floor. Go down 
    the vent and eventually you'll reach another ladder which will take you to 
    the next section. When you climb up, there's another ladder in front of you 
    to climb up. Watch out for the fans and the Alien Runner which comes from 
    behind you. Towards the end of the vent is a hole which takes you to the last 
    Control Station switch. Drop down and pull the switch which then lets the APC 
    drive past. Exit the room and enter the door near the APC. Follow the 
    corridor watching out for Aliens coming out of a vent in the ceiling. 
    Continue until you come to a flight of stairs. Go down the staircase and out 
    the door. The APC will drive past so go through the door across the road. You 
    will soon see someone get dragged under a vent by an Alien. 
    The Control Station in here is damaged so go down the Service Tunnel. Follow 
    down the tunnel and kill any Aliens that get in your way. Go up the ladder at 
    the end and you'll be in the next section. If you explore you'll see some 
    barrels next to a door. Shoot the barrels and there's will be a big explosion 
    giving you access to the Security Room. Use your Hacking Device on the 
    Control Panel and now that's the end of this mission.
    Level 3: Betrayal
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 09:40 PM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 16.50 hours
    Mission Time: 16.50 hours
    Location: Forward Observation Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Proceed to the communication terminal.
    2. Locate Implantation Lab 2.
    3. Find a way out of pods.
    4. Locate your team.
    5. Find new gear; you'll need it.
    After the cut-scenes, you start the level in front of a Scientist. From here, 
    go right and right when you get through the door. Turn left in the corridor 
    and the Communications Terminal is in the door right at the end. Dunya will 
    arrive and knocks Harrison out with her gun. You awake in prison with a 
    fellow convict. When the guard comes in and gets distracted, get your Knife 
    out and kill him. You can also take his Pistol while you are there. Go in the 
    opposite room and go up the elevator. Head out of the door into a small 
    corridor. You should soon see some ladders. Go up them and open the airshaft 
    doors by flicking the switch. As you go up, someone will try to shoot you 
    from ground but you can take care of him from the ladders. Follow up the 
    airshaft and you'll be in the elevator shaft. Don't go out of the airshaft 
    yet because the elevator will come to you. Crawl underneath the elevator and 
    you'll be taken to another airshaft. Crawl into the airshaft. Take your first 
    right in the airshaft and you'll be in a small room. Right above the place 
    where the man got facehugged is a panel. To open it you need the Torch which 
    is found in the corridor to your left. Open the panel and climb up.
    Keep crawling through the vent until you get to a sign glowing red. Beneath 
    the sign is another panel so get your Torch out. Cut the locks and go down a 
    corridor into the next room. Go up the nearby ladders to get some Health if 
    you need some. Go through the door opposite to where you came in from and 
    turn right to get some AP bullets. Go back the other way, left from the door. 
    Go through the door that's slightly open. Go down the ladder into the room 
    below and enter through the unlocked door. Go through the corridor and turn 
    left. Watch out for a PredAlien which attacks you from the ceiling. Take the 
    right-hand corridor and at the end there is a Door Panel left of the door. 
    Use your Torch to open the panel and go into the air-shaft. Follow through 
    the shaft into the next part of the level. Drop down onto the caged Predator. 
    Nearby is a switch that's located on the wall. Press that and the caged 
    Predator will rise allowing you to drop behind the cage.
    Watch out for the three guards and get the Pistol bullets on the yellow 
    truck. Just above that is a vent. Smash the grill on the vent and go through 
    it. You'll get to a sign in the vent and nearby is a latch. Use your Torch to 
    get through the panel. Then at the end of the vent is another panel for you 
    to burn. You'll now be in the next area. Go right from the vent and kill 
    anyone in your path. Use the elevator to go to the Control Station. When you 
    enter the Control Station, you'll see a cut-scene of someone watching you 
    from a camera. In the Control Room, activate the Belt Relay switch and also 
    the Specimen Status switch. Go back into the big room and ride along the 
    belt. Your objectives now are to activate the emergency security override. 
    When you get off the belt, you'll be in a large Egg pit. Go across the pit 
    and you'll find a tunnel leading underwater. Go through the tunnel. Get you 
    Torch handy to break through the metal gate and go up the ladders on your 
    right. Explore this room and turn the System Charge switch on.
    Head back into the water and into the tunnel. Use your Torch to get through 
    the gate on your right. This tunnel will lead you to the next Egg pit. Make 
    your way across and climb up the ladders onto the platform. Go into the 
    corridor and there's a door in the middle of the corridor which is already 
    open. Go in there and climb up the ladder. Exit through the door and go 
    through the corridor. When you come to the Main Lift, the doors will 
    automatically open. Go through and get ready to start the next part of the 
    mission... In my opinion, this is the most confusing part of the Marine 
    missions. Watch out for Marines because they are lurking all over the place. 
    Open the elevator door and turn left. Follow through and go down the ladder 
    in the floor. Go through and turn left to be in a room with a large table in 
    the middle. Go inside the door marked Core Access Door and you will be soon 
    on a bridge. Head across the bridge and through the doors. Turn left and go 
    through the door and up the ladders to the room above. Go down the corridor 
    and enter the door on your right. Behind the scientist is a table with your 
    Hacking Device. 
    Get that and come back into the corridor. Enter the door straight ahead 
    marked Central Elevator. You might see an elevator in the corridor. Remember 
    where this is because you will have to come back to it later. Walk past the 
    elevator and out the door and down the ladder. When you get to the end of the 
    corridor, enter the last door on you left. If you go in there, that's the 
    Locker Room. Search all the lockers for items you may need. Head back out to 
    the corridor, and use the Hacking Device to override the Security Systems. 
    Doing this will open all the doors in the Sleeping Quarters. You can also use 
    the Hacking Device on the opposite corridor. Search each of the rooms and you 
    should find the ID Pass. If it's not in one corridor try the other one. You 
    now need to take the Internal Lift so go to the room with the table in the 
    middle. Go through the Core Access Door onto the bridge. Go through the doors 
    again. When you get in go straight ahead into a small laboratory. Get the 
    Ammo and use the small elevator nearby the entrance door.
    The Lift will take to where the Predator was caged. If explore you'll find a 
    Disc on the table. Grab that and you need to return to the Main Lift. Head 
    back down the Lift you came up here in. Go out the door and turn right. Climb 
    up the ladder and enter the corridor with the elevator. Go inside the 
    elevator and ride down. Half way down the elevator comes to a halt so hack 
    the lock on the elevator and go into the air-shaft. Open the door and turn 
    right. Kill any Marines and go through the next door. By exploring the room, 
    you'll find a Panel Door. Drop down and use the Hacking Device on the Sentry 
    Gun Panel. You now have access to the corridor below. Go through into the 
    shaft and you'll soon come to an opening in the ground. You will soon come to 
    the skyway. Continue across and turn right. Go straight on and open the next 
    door on your right. When you reach the door you'll find out it's sealed so 
    head back across the skyway. Go up the ladder and out of the hatch. Walk 
    along the roof and at the end, go right to walk around the ledge. Be careful 
    not to fall off and jump onto the platform when you get close enough.
    Go down the hatch. Head left from the lift and turn right at the junction. 
    You'll soon come to a room with an elevator in the middle. Kill the Marine 
    and enter the elevator and press the Control Panel inside. The elevator will 
    drop down to the bottom of the Pod. If you remember from the Predator 
    missions, this is the end of the Interloper level for the Predator. If you're 
    quick enough you might even be able to see him jump onto the Dropship. Use 
    the ladders to get down to the bottom of the Cargo room. When you reach the 
    bottom, search the room and pick up any items or weapons. Soon enough some 
    Marines will come out so take care of them quickly. You now have to destroy 
    Ivan in the Exosuit. Use the crates to move around and shoot when he's not 
    looking. When you've killed him, walk to the centre of the room and you've 
    just completed this level.
    Level 4: A Long Detour
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 11:10 PM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 18.00 hours
    Mission Time: 18.00 hours
    Location: Remnants of the outer POC -- LV-1201
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Rendezvous with white team in landing bay 3.
    2. Locate the security station and activate automatic defences.
    In the cut-scenes you have now found out that the person guiding you in the 
    last level was a girl called Tomiko. When you start this level, get the Ammo 
    which is near the dead man. If you explore this area you'll find a panel. If 
    you go near it a bunch of Aliens will burst out attacking you. Kill them and 
    go down the tunnel and turn right when you get to the bottom. Head down the 
    tunnel and take your first right. Watch out for a couple of Aliens that come 
    from behind you. You'll get to a small area with a couple of ladders. Go up 
    the left one and through a door. Turn right in the corridor and you'll get to 
    a door. Use the Torch to burn the four locks off. Once you've done this you 
    can continue through. Watch out for any Chestbursters and go left at the 
    junction to arrive at an Egg pit. Shoot them if you want but just run towards 
    the ladder. Go up them and go around the room left. You should see a ramp 
    leading downwards. Follow the route and you'll find the System Charge switch. 
    Turn the switch go back to the beginning of the ramp you came down. At the 
    other side of the room is a door. Go through that onto the next part of the 
    Follow the corridor around and you'll be in a big room with four levels. Go 
    down the ramp and when you get to a gap in the floor with some ladders, go 
    back towards the ramp you came from. Go carefully along the ledge and go in 
    the first door you come to. f you explore you'll see a System Charge switch 
    behind some fencing. Use the Torch to gain entry and turn the switch. Turn 
    left in the room to go towards the corner of the room. Jump onto the crates 
    and onto another platform. Walk along and you'll get to another platform. Get 
    the Amour and Ammo hidden in the lockers and flick Crane Sequence switch. 
    Head back down to ground and at the other side of the room is a door. Go 
    through it but be careful of all the Aliens that will attack you. The door at 
    the end of the corridor leads to the Security Station. Unfortunately it's 
    locked but you get a helping hand from Tomiko. Kill any Runner Aliens that 
    attack you and go through the door.
    Up on some steps is the Security Station Control Desk. Press a button on the 
    desk and pull a lever on the wall nearby. This is the Defence Primary 
    Control. Walk back out of the room to the room with the crane. Use the crates 
    again to climb up to the high platform where the lockers are. Walk out the 
    nearby door into the big room. Finally go down to ground floor in the big 
    room. Enter the wide doors at the bottom and turn left. Press the button and 
    then use the Hacking device to get through. After that open the next door and 
    kill the Runner Aliens in the corridor that attack you. Walk to the end of 
    the corridor and you'll see a vent in the wall. Use the Torch to get through 
    but beware as soon as you open the vent, a Praetorian will come flying up the 
    corridor behind you. You can easily avoid him by crouching and going through 
    the vent. Once you enter the vent, you've completed the level.
    Level 5: Price of Admission
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 12:10 PM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 19.00 hours
    Mission Time: 19.00 hours
    Location: Primary Operations Complex, Secured Zone
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Rendezvous with white team in landing bay 3.
    2. Do not kill other marines.
    When you start this level, you will be at the bottom of an elevator shaft. By 
    exploring you'll find a ladder. Climb up the ladders onto the elevator left 
    of the ladders. Press the button on the elevator and it will go up. After a 
    few seconds the elevator will stop suddenly. Jump off the elevator and onto 
    the ledge. This ledge is opposite the wall. If you keep watching a dead man 
    will be thrown onto the elevator and a number of Aliens will swarm down to 
    the elevator. When I watched from the ledge, none of the Aliens were able to 
    attack me so you should be safe. After a few seconds of being on the ledge 
    the elevator will crash down back to the ground. This was because of a 
    Predator. Go left from the ledge and you will see a set of ladders. Make sure 
    you have the Lamp on so you can see them. Jump form the ledge onto the 
    ladders and climb up to the top. If you're quick enough you will get a 
    glimpse of the Predator run out of the room. Follow him out the door and 
    outside. When you get around the corner, watch out for the Predator standing 
    on the roof. He fired two Plasma Bolts at me so be careful.
    Go around the corner and check the doors of the building on the left-hand 
    side. One of the doors will be unlocked. Go inside it. Follow the corridor 
    and you will get to see another glimpse of the Predator. Continue down the 
    corridor and you'll reach a door called Landing Pad Cargo Access door. Go 
    inside it. When you're inside press the Control Panel switch nearby. Remember 
    to also pick up any items which are hidden in the room. Head back out of the 
    room and back down the corridor. Soon enough you'll see someone get killed by 
    the Predator. Turn right and walk up the stairs. You'll see lots of 
    electricity beaming from wall to wall. Enter the room on your right and flick 
    the switch inside. This will stop the electricity so now you can go past the 
    electricity and into the corridor. You'll eventually come to the Landing Bay. 
    You now need to enter the doors below to your right. If you jump down no you 
    will hurt yourself so go right along the platform and enter the door at the 
    end. Follow this along and you come out at the other side of the Landing Bay. 
    Now walk across and enter the APC doors. Head through the corridor and 
    through the door on the opposite side.
    Now watch out for the Heavy Predator because you will actually get to fight 
    him now. Continue left down the ally and if he doesn't appear yet just keep 
    walking down the ally. I encountered him right at the end of the section. 
    Look for any glowing lights from the buildings and that will be the Predator. 
    When he gets to ground, get close to him and he'll summon his Combstick. My 
    advice is just to fire everything you have at him. Continue to the end of the 
    ally and a door will open to your left. Inside you will see someone get 
    killed by two Aliens. Kill them and enter through the doors to complete the 
    Level 6: Loose Ends
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 1:25 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 20.25 hours
    Mission Time: 20.25 hours
    Location: Primary Operations Complex. White Team Operation Zone -- LV-1201
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Bay #2 system damaged.
    2. Go to bay #3 to contact Verloc for evac.
    Exit the room and turn right. Eventually go left down some small steps and 
    you'll see some Marines get attacked by some Aliens. Kill the Aliens and 
    continue down the corridor. When you get round, you'll see some more Marines 
    get attacked by Aliens so again help the Marines out. Head up the steps and 
    enter the door on the left. You'll see some more Marines running towards a 
    door but the get killed by some Aliens. Kill the Aliens and go down the 
    nearby ladder onto the next floor. Walk carefully around the corridor. A 
    Marine will be attacked by a couple of Runner Aliens. Kill the Aliens and 
    open the door that's on the right. Go down to the bottom of the stairs and 
    turn right into the narrow dark corridor. Follow the corridor around and turn 
    left. Explore the room and opposite the switch on the wall is another passage 
    way. Go down to the bottom of that. Climb up the ladders and shoot the grate 
    to get out onto ground. You are now on the Landing Bay and you'll see two 
    Marines run across. Suddenly a Praetorian will emerge so take the Alien out 
    with a strong weapon. 
    Head over to the nearest door which is being guarded by Marines and go 
    through it. Ride up the elevator and after a few seconds you'll hear those 
    two Marines get killed. Get out of the elevator when it stops and go down the 
    corridor to the end. Go through and kill the Alien Drones which are waiting 
    for you. By exploring you'll find a Minigun by the Control Station. Grab that 
    and press the Control Station Desk and Tomiko will contact the Verloc. Have 
    the Minigun to hand because just outside the room is a Praetorian. Go back 
    out and deal with him. When you're in the corridor you'll find a hole in the 
    floor. Drop down into the corridor below. Where you dropped down is a door. 
    Use the Hacking Device to open it and inside you'll find the Guns and Ammo 
    waiting to be collected.  You now need to make your way back to the Landing 
    Bay so head down the familiar stairs nearby and through the dark corridor. Go 
    back down the passage which slightly red at the end and climb up the ladders 
    to the Landing Bay. In the middle of the Landing Bay is another Praetorian. 
    Kill that and the Dropship above will land on the Landing Bay. Walk up the 
    ramp on the Dropship to finish the level.
    Level 7: Savior
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 2:40 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 21.50 hours
    Mission Time: 21.50 hours
    Location: Airborne, en-route to the hive
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Locate your team.
    2. Kill the Queen.
    You start this level in the Exosuit so head for the nearby tunnel which leads 
    underground. Jump down the tunnel by jumping on the small platforms which 
    spiral down to the bottom. You'll notice some dead people down here but just 
    follow the passage through the tunnel and kill any Aliens along the way. 
    You'll eventually come to an elevator. Go behind it and press the System 
    Charge switch. There's now power to the elevator so you can use it. Go in the 
    elevator and ride it down to the bottom. When you emerge you'll see a Combat 
    Synthetic and a Marine. Kill them and kill all the Aliens that come at you 
    from now on because there's going to be a lot. There are two tunnels in this 
    room for you to go through. One at the left and one at the right side of the 
    room. For the purpose of the walkthrough we'll take the left-hand tunnel. Go 
    through that and prepare for a swarm of Aliens which attack you. Follow the 
    tunnel and you'll come to a big room with a very tall object in the middle. 
    If you look up to the top of the object, it has numerous branches coming out 
    of it. Shoot these so that they break off. The tall structure will now 
    explode so get out of the room and through the tunnel. 
    When you're in the big room where the Combat Synthetic was, go to the 
    opposite tunnel. So go left for a while and into the other tunnel. You'll 
    soon come to another tall object in the middle of the room. Shoot the 
    branches which are coming off it and that will also explode. Go back out to 
    the main room and be careful off the Praetorian waiting on your way back. 
    There will now be a new tunnel in the room for you to go through. Go through 
    and kill the next Praetorian waiting in the corridor. Continue through until 
    you get to this strange object. Go inside and you'll drop to the bottom. Your 
    Exosuit is wrecked so you are now on foot. You will see a small tunnel and 
    also hear some Marines talking. Go through the tunnel into another room and 
    enter the next tunnel on the right-hand side. You'll eventually get to a big 
    room. There's some kind of strange object in the centre of the room and 
    there's also the Queen Alien nearby. There are lots of weapons and items 
    around the room so quickly go find them but the Queen will be running after 
    you. Keep on moving around while at the same time shooting at her. 
    The Queen will eventually die and there will be an explosion on the wall 
    opening a passageway for you. Quickly go through and you'll see your team of 
    Marines. There will be about a million Aliens chasing after as soon as you 
    kill the Queen so run backwards up the ramp and take them out one by one. 
    You'll soon see the Dropship hovering at the end of the platform. Jump down 
    and run towards it. There a few seconds wait before the Dropship door will 
    actually open so when you reach the end of the platform just wait. There will 
    still be quite a few Aliens chasing you and there will be eventually two 
    Praetorians. Keep checking to see if the Dropship door has opened and jump on 
    when it does. You should be able to avoid an encounter with the Praetorians. 
    Jump on and watch the ending of the Marine Missions. Well done! You have now 
    completed all the Marine Missions.
    10. Alien Walkthrough
    Level 1: Birth
    Quick Facts:
    Date: November 23, 2230
    Time: 10:13 PM
    Incident: -1 Day, 07.00 hours
    Location: Cargo ship. Western landing. Primary Operations Complex (POC) -- 
    The Mission Objectives: 
    1. Escape the cargo vessel. 
    2. Find an isolated host.
    After the cut-scenes, you start your mission within a cargo ship called the 
    Aurora. If you explore for a while, you'll find a shaft. Crawl up there and 
    you'll see a tunnel with a pole in the centre. Go through the tunnel until 
    you see some Marines. Continue through until you see some more Marines below. 
    Go to the end and turn lefty and you'll see a small hole in a grill. Go 
    through that and you'll be in the next room. This room will be full of crates 
    and just outside the room will be two scientists chatting about something. Go 
    into the vent that's nearest to the bars. You'll get to a small room with 
    some steam. Try to avoid the steam and go through the hole in the top of the 
    next fencing. Carry on through the steam. Follow the route until you get to a 
    room with a bolt of electricity. Go right to dodge the electricity and go 
    into the tunnel. Use your other vision so you can see where you're going.
    You'll be soon above the ceiling with two scientists talking about something. 
    When they stop talking jump down in the hole onto the desk below. Now run out 
    the door and into the corridor. Go right from the door and keep looking up at 
    the ceiling for a vent. When you see at the end of the corridor, crawl up the 
    wall and into the vent. Wait until you hear them go away and run towards the 
    broken door and go through the crack in the door. Go right after the door and 
    you'll find someone sleeping in a chair in a confined room. Use your pouncing 
    ability and leap onto his face and get ready for the next part of the level. 
    After the cut-scene you will start inside the chest as a Chestburster. Bite 
    you way through is chest and watch the next cut-scene.
    Nearby the man will be a open window. Jump out of that onto the platform. Use 
    the other small platforms to get down to the ground. Keep working your way 
    around the crates hiding so no one sees you. Wait for the man to walk away 
    and go hide behind the crates near the Marine. Do not attempt to look at them 
    because they will see you straight away. Wait until the Marine leaves and go 
    out from the crates and onto the ally. Cross to the other side of the ally 
    and follow it around and around the corner. Wait until the Marine disappears 
    and go right into the ally and follow it down to the bottom. When you get to 
    the end keep to the right and wait for the Marine to come. An animal will cry 
    out and the Marine will come running. When he's gone past you, turn right 
    into the next ally. Keep going and at the end hide behind the tall object and 
    wait for the next Marine to pass. Once he's passed, go towards the crates. 
    Soon enough a vehicle will arrive next to you.
    Let the truck go past and stay behind it. Wait for the Marine in front of it 
    to walk off and run and keep to the left. Stay behind the wall and once he 
    passes back towards the truck run by him. Go left and carry on up the ally 
    and keep to the left. There's three Marines unloading crates and just behind 
    the truck is a door. That's where you need to get to. Go past the Crate-
    Lifter Suit and hide behind the crates. You can jump on top of them if you 
    want to see where they are. Get to the end of the crates and just dash inside 
    the door when they're not looking. Go left and around the room and you'll get 
    to a hole in a fence. Go through the fence to complete the level.
    Level 2: Surprise
    Quick Facts: Date: November 23, 2230
    Time: 10:13 PM
    Incident: -1 Day, 07.00 hours
    Location: Primary Operations Complex (POC) -- LV-1201
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Return to the hive.
    After the cut-scenes, you will see two guys running away. Go after them and 
    kill them. After killing everybody in the vicinity, go through the APC doors 
    at the left from where you first started the level. Once you get inside the 
    other doors opposite will open automatically. Two Marines will appear from 
    beyond the door so hurry up and kill them both. Keeping heading straight 
    ahead and kill any Marines you see and go around the corner. When you get to 
    the Bar sign, be careful because a couple of Marines will be in front of you 
    and behind you. Head out and a Dropship will land on the Landing Bay after 
    you've emerged from the corridor. Explore and kill the man fixing the 
    Dropship and kill the other two Marines which follow. Look around for a 
    vehicle that's blocking the way in an entrance. Go towards the vehicle which 
    is smoking and to the right, a door will open.
    Kill the man and carry on into the next corridor. Switch to Night vision and 
    you'll see some Lasers going across the room so use the ceiling to crawl over 
    them. When you come out of the corridor, you'll see a man fixing an animal 
    storage unit. Nearby is a Marine so take him out as well and head out through 
    the door opposite. You'll enter a room with another man fixing another animal 
    storage unit. After killing him crawl up to the higher floor. Follow the 
    corridor and you will get to a similar room as before. Kill anybody in this 
    room if you like but just go up to the ceiling and look for a vent. You may 
    need to switch visions if you can't see it but go through it to start the 
    next part of the level. You will start in the ceiling above two people 
    talking. Change to Night vision and look in the walls for a opening and go 
    through the tunnel. When you get to the next area, drop down from the ceiling 
    and go up the nearby stairs.
    You will start in the ceiling above two people talking. Change to Night 
    vision and look in the walls for a opening and go through the tunnel. When 
    you get to the next area, drop down from the ceiling and go up the nearby 
    stairs. You'll soon see someone fixing a vent so kill him and go through and 
    follow the vent. You'll eventually come to an opening and just below are two 
    Marines talking. Drop down to the ground and kill them both. Explore and go 
    down the dark corridor until you reach the end. When you get to the end go 
    into the nearby room. Smash the Control Desk in order to release Xenomorphs 
    which are caged. Now head back out into the corridor and go in the door 
    nearby and into the Maintenance Tunnel. You'll be under the floor and above 
    is a Marine so break the grill and kill the Marine. Follow the corridor and 
    in the corridor, there are two Marines sealing up a vent. Kill them and enter 
    the Section 4 Security room. Go through the room and into the Cargo Bay.
    Some Marines will appear from behind you and also watch out for the 
    Flamethrower. Kill them and you may notice a Predator standing on the roof. 
    Don't worry just yet, go to the opposite side of the Cargo Bay and smash the 
    door. Enter the corridor and follow it through to the end killing anybody 
    that gets in your way until you get to a door. Go through the door at the end 
    of the corridor and you'll be in an area with two trucks and an APC. Other 
    Alien Drones will start attacking the three Marines nearby. Help them out and 
    finish off the Marines left standing. Underneath the truck is a vent so drop 
    down underneath the truck and smash through the grill and follow the 
    vent.You'll eventually come to a room with two Marines waiting for you. Kill 
    them and just above where one of them was standing is a vent. Go through to 
    complete the level.
    Level 3: Escape
    Quick Facts:
    Date: November 25, 2230
    Time: 05:18 PM
    Incident: Start
    Location: Animal Storage. Primary Operations Complex (POC) -- LV-1201
    The Mission Objectives
    1. Return to the hive.
    Walk down the ramp slowly and you'll see a Marine setting up a Sentry Gun. 
    Kill him and two more Marines will follow him. Kill them and go through into 
    the small room they came from. Don't go down the ramp and through into the 
    next room because there are Sentry Guns everywhere. Instead above the door is 
    a vent. Crawl up the wall and go through the vent. Follow through and go 
    through the next vent on the left. You'll eventually come to a ceiling with 
    two rotating fans. Break the device on the wall nearby to stop the fans from 
    rotating. Drop down from a fan and into the room below. Kill the Marines in 
    the room and slowly follow the corridor nearby. You'll be behind two Sentry 
    Guns and another will be across the room on the other side. Smash the two 
    Sentry Guns nearby and in the right-hand corner is a vent. Smash the grill 
    and go inside.
    Follow the tunnel through and you'll be in a big room with water canals at 
    the bottom. You may also hear a Predator roar but you won't encounter him 
    just yet. Drop down into the water and turn right just before the small 
    bridge. Go through the vent which is on the wall. Follow the vent through and 
    you'll see two Marines from the vent. Kill the two Marines and enter one of 
    the broken fans nearby. Go through the vent that's behind the fan and you'll 
    emerge under a floor. Switch to Night vision and crawl through the sealed 
    hole above to emerge in the above room. Go up the nearby ladder and you'll 
    see a man setting up a Sentry Gun. Kill him and go through the vent that's 
    right next to him. Go through and turn left and get ready for the next part 
    of the level.
    Smash through the grill on the vent and you'll be in a room with an elevator 
    shaft. Kill the Marine and crawl down the shaft to the bottom. Watch out for 
    any moving elevators and kill the Marines at the bottom. Go down the ramp 
    towards the door. Ignore the left route and go right and kill the Marine 
    waiting there. When you go up the corridor, a couple of Marines will appear 
    from behind you so take care of them. Continue through the corridor until you 
    get to a small room with a Scientist and another Marine. Break through the 
    windows and you'll be in the next area. Drop down to the ground and kill the 
    Marines that come running. Kill them and go down the door they came out of.
    Go down the ramp and your objective now is to kill the Predator. He will 
    immediately start firing Plasma Bolts at you so reach the ground where he is. 
    The Predator will now be forced to use his Combstick. Just keep using your 
    Claws on him until you kill him. He will now Self-Destruct so get the hell 
    out of there. Crawl up the walls as far as you can and there will be a big 
    explosion. He as now made a huge hole in the floor for you to escape in. Go 
    down into the hole and enter the corridor. Take the first left you come to 
    and enter the next corridor. Keep on going and that will be the end of the 
    Level 4: Vengeance
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 09:50 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 16.50 hours
    The Mission Objectives
    1. Liberate the artificial hive.
    You will start this level in a ventilation shaft so crawl upwards and you'll 
    be underneath the floor of some corridors. Turn right twice and climb up onto 
    the corridor. Go left past a room with a Scientist and you'll reach some 
    ladders. Go up them onto the next floor. Go down the short corridor and in 
    the left-hand corner of the corridor is a grill. Smash the grill and crawl up 
    and follow it until you emerge out of the ceiling of another corridor. From 
    the ceiling, go around left and get through the grill in the right-hand 
    corner. There's two ways to go from here. So for the walkthrough we'll go 
    into the room below. Inside a room, a door will be open to the left. Go into 
    it and through the acid-burnt hole and follow the vents round. You come out 
    in an elevator shaft with a Scientist on a bridge below. Go in the door which 
    the Scientist came out of and you'll see some ladders leading upwards. If you 
    take the door left of the ladders, you'll find a captive PredAlien but 
    there's nothing to do here so go up the previous set of ladders.
    Enter the room up there and you'll find a Control Panel and you will also see 
    the PredAlien from before. Smash the Control Panel and this will let the 
    PredAlien loose. From inside the room go into the vent in the ceiling. You'll 
    emerge in the dark corridor which I told you about before. You will hear the 
    PredAlien smash through a door just outside of the corridor. Now go out of 
    the corridor and go through the door which the PredAlien has broken. Take the 
    first left into a room containing two sets of staircases. Go up the right one 
    and if the is closed, smash through the window to gain entry. Look for a vent 
    in the ceiling and go through it. Go left in the vent and you'll eventually 
    get to an open door. Go through it to start the next part of your mission. 
    You begin in front of a doorway where a Scientist is busy typing away nearby. 
    Head left from the doorway, go left and past the table in the middle of the 
    room. You'll be in another room so just go up the nearby stairs and kill the 
    two Marines nearby. Look up towards the ceiling and you'll see a vent. Go 
    through and enter it.
    Follow the vent through and you will eventually drop down with yet more fans 
    nearby. Crawl straight ahead and crawl up out of the vent. You'll now be in a 
    room near a caged Predator. Go down the corridor and crawl up into the vent 
    where the Scientist is standing. Follow the vent and you'll drop down an 
    airshaft. Smash the grill and drop down into a room with two Scientists. Walk 
    into the next room and you'll notice three glassed Aliens on your left. Two 
    more Scientists will be unloading something nearby. Head around and climb up 
    to the platform around on the right. Break the Control Panel and you'll see 
    the crane spill lots of acid on the floor nearby. This will make a big hole 
    so you can drop down into the next room. When you're at the bottom, you'll 
    some Aliens outside so smash the Control Panel near the window. After you've 
    done that kill the Marines which then come running. Head down the corridor 
    and into a small room. Drop down the ladder onto the next section.
    As you head out, three Aliens will run past you. Run behind them and destroy 
    the Sentry Guns in front. Walk out the open door and kill the two Scientists 
    chatting at the Control Desk. Destroy the Power Relay Station 1 Control Panel 
    and make you way back out. Enter the door which is now open and there will be 
    another two Scientists in the next room. Look under the door and you'll 
    notice a Floor Panel. Break through it and drop down. Follow through and 
    you'll emerge in the main elevator shaft. Crawl up to the top of the shaft 
    and another Aliens will cause one of the fans to break giving you access 
    through. Climb through the broken fan and you will have finished the level. 
    Level 5: Abduction
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 11:35 PM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 18.25 hours
    Location: Hive. LV-1201. 6 KM northeast of the Forward Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. The humans are trying to blow up the hive to cut the empress off from her 
    minions. Eliminate the bombs and the humans that placed them.
    2. Beware the combat synthetics. They emit no pheromones.
    One thing you'll find out about the level is that it's the shortest level in 
    the Alien Missions. It's also quite easy, as you've got other Aliens helping 
    you. When you start the level, you'll start just outside of the Alien Hive. 
    Explore around but be careful of the dangerous plants that grow in the green 
    fog. Go into the Hive entrance and follow the tunnel down. Head out onto the 
    wider path and you'll see a group of Aliens running towards some people. 
    Follow your Alien friends and kill the Marines. Destroy the Sentry Guns and 
    also destroy the bomb they were setting up. After you've done this continue 
    up the path. As you go up, some more Aliens will come out of a tunnel. At the 
    end of the path your on near the bridge is another bomb. For a sneaky 
    approach you can go through the tunnel the Aliens came out of. Just keep 
    heading straight ahead if you want to go at them head on. When you've got to 
    the bridge, kill the Marines and destroy the bomb. Keep walking up the dark 
    path and you'll get to some more people.
    Kill all the Marines and destroy the final bomb. Now you need to crawl down 
    into the tunnel below. It will be all smoking so jeep on crawling and go 
    through the narrow tunnel at the end. You'll get to an enclosed room with 
    some dormant Aliens. Crawl up to the tunnel in the ceiling or the one in the 
    wall and you'll finally emerge in the final area. This was the Queen's 
    breeding area and you'll notice two Marines standing in the large room. Kill 
    them and follow out of the tunnel. You'll eventually see some more Marines up 
    ahead. Luckily your Alien friends will help you out. If there's any Marines 
    left just kill them. Follow the bridge and you'll get to a tunnel. Go through 
    that to complete the level.
    Level 6: Pursuit
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 01:50 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 20.50 hours
    Location: Near Hive. Access tunnel and neighbouring archaeological dig -- LV-
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Prevent humans from escaping with the empress.
    When you start the mission, walk down the left-hand wall. Watch out for the 
    Sentry Guns and kill the nearby Marines. Climb down below the Sentry Guns and 
    go left. You'll soon get to a Marine so kill him and smash the grill in the 
    floor nearby. Go down the vent to the floor below and kill the Marines down 
    there. Find the Control Panel near the door and destroy it. Once you've done 
    this, go through to the next room. Kill the Marines waiting for you when you 
    go through and drop down to the floor below where the APC is. Kill the two 
    Marines near the door and destroy the Control Panel nearby. Head through the 
    door and turn left. Kill the Marines in this room and look up to the ceiling 
    for a vent. You will see two grills with a red glowing light behind them. 
    Crawl up there and smash the left-hand grill and enter it. Follow the vent 
    and smash through another grill at the end to go into the next area. By 
    exploring you'll find a tall shaft with a spinning fan at the top. Destroy 
    the three Control Panels on the wall at the bottom of the shaft and this will 
    stop the fan from spinning. 
    Crawl to the top and go through the fan to the next floor. Kill the two 
    Marines when you emerge. There are a lot of people in the next corridor. 
    Instead of going through all this, turn left and go through the vent which is 
    in the floor. Follow through the vent to the next room. Climb up the wall and 
    you'll see a couple of Marines. Try and get on to the walkway where one of 
    the Marines is standing. Follow the walk way and you'll find a System Charge 
    switch. Destroy that and an explosion will occur just right of the System 
    Charge switch. Enter the passage and follow the corridor. Head left and 
    you'll see someone fixing a lamp To the right of him, there are two more 
    Marines standing in front of a door. Kill them all and climb up to the level 
    above and search for a Control Panel. Destroy that and go through the nearby 
    Go left and go through the next door you come to. Kill the two Marines and 
    follow the corridor until you come to a large circular room. There are a 
    couple of Marines and a Combat Synthetic in this room so be careful and kill 
    them all. Walk into the corridor which the previous two Marines came out of 
    to complete the level.
    Level 7: Freedom
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 02:55 AM
    Incident: +6 Weeks, 21.50 hours
    Mission Time: 0.25 hours
    Location: Tunnels leading to the Auxiliary Landing Pad. LV-1201. 2 KM 
    northeast of the Forward Observation Pods.
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Prevent the humans from escaping with the empress.
    2. Locate primary operations complex.
    3. Don't kill other marines.
    4. Locate security station and activate automatic defences.
    5. Locate Sergeant Hall.
    When you start this level, a lone Marine will appear ahead of you. Kill him 
    and look up to the walls. Crawl up the elevator shaft that's nearby. When you 
    reach the top, kill the two Marines on the platform. Enter the corridor and 
    go through the vent that's in the ceiling. Follow the vent and you'll see two 
    Marines below you. Drop down by smashing the grill and kill the Marines. 
    Search for the Sentry Gun Panel and destroy it. Follow the corridor around 
    and enter the room to the right of you. Drop down onto a small platform in 
    the middle of the room and go through the opening. Kill the Combat Synthetic 
    and destroy the Control Switch for the vehicle doors. Go back out of the room 
    and be careful or the Marines who are waiting for you outside. Kill them and 
    go through the short corridor which is nearby. You'll soon come to another 
    Sentry Gun Panel.
    Destroy the Panel and drop down to the floor below. Go through into the next 
    room and there are two people inside. Head straight across and turn left. 
    You'll soon see two Marines shooting at a Predator. Kill any Marines left 
    standing and climb up to the level above. Turn right and kill the next few 
    Marines and follow the corridor to the next room. Kill the two Marines 
    standing to the right and follow the corridor until you find an opening in 
    the wall. Enter the passage and you'll come to a large room. Just above on a 
    beam is a Predator who will blow up an APC. The Predator will leap across to 
    the platform opposite where he will fire at you. Pounce to the platform where 
    he is and just keep using your claws to kill him. After you've kill him, find 
    a pipe where steam is coming out of it. It's on the wall nearby the Predator. 
    Once you've found it, go through it and follow it to the end.
    You will see a room which contains water and there's a Marine standing by the 
    pool of water. Jump out of the vent and kill him. Continue through the 
    corridor and break through the fence on the left. Go through that and you'll 
    be in a huge elevator shaft. Crawl up that slowly and on the first level are 
    two Marines. Kill them and look up to find a vent. Smash through the grill 
    and crawl up there. When you get to the top, destroy the Sentry Guns and 
    you'll see another vent across the room on the other side. Go through that. 
    This will take you to the top of the elevator. Explore and go into the wide 
    corridor opposite. Use your night vision to find a vent in the floor and go 
    through it to the next part of the mission. You'll start behind a grill and 
    just in front is some people. Smash the grill down and kill the people in the 
    room. Now head left down the corridor. You need to work your way all around 
    the corridor to the end. Kill any enemies along the way.
    You'll eventually reach a Control Panel on the wall near the last door. Smash 
    the Control Panel and head back and go in the door on the left which is now 
    open. This room contains the Landing Hydraulics 1 Control Panel. Destroy that 
    and go back out the door you came in from. Turn right and go through the door 
    and then turn right again to go through another door. When you're inside, 
    find the Landing Hydraulics 2 Control Panel and destroy that. Come back out 
    of the room and you can go right to start from the beginning or go back left. 
    It doesn't matter which way because they both lead to the same door. You'll 
    know the door when you come to it because two Combat Synthetics are guarding 
    it. Kill the guards and enter through the door. Find the vent in the wall and 
    smash the grill to gain access. Follow the vent to the floor above.
    You'll emerge in a room over-looking the Landing Bay. If you go to the 
    window, you'll see a Predator firing at two Marines. Destroy the Control 
    Panels under the yellow sign and head back down the vent. Kill anybody 
    waiting for you when you emerge from the vent. You'll see a ramp nearby so go 
    up that. When you come out of the ramp you'll be under the Landing Bay. On 
    the platform above, there are two Predators waiting for you and nearby on a 
    truck in the Queen Alien. Crawl up the walls on the left to get up to the 
    platform. From the wall, you'll have a good view of where the Predator 
    positions are. One is on a beam opposite and the other is standing on the 
    Landing Bay. You need to get close to the Light Predator so he doesn't use 
    his Shoulder Cannon. Jump down onto the Landing Bay and kill him. He's fairly 
    simple to defeat so just use your claws to kill him. Once he's dead, the 
    Heavy Predator on the beam will leap down to fight you. Use the same tactics 
    as you did for the Light Predator. Keep strafing and clawing him to death.
    Once you've killed the Heavy Predator, head towards the Control Tower nearby 
    the Queen Alien. A Marine will appear so kill him and enter through the door 
    into a room. Search for the vent and go in there and follow the vent to the 
    floor above. Kill the two Marines in the next room and destroy the Landing 
    Beacon. By destroying this, the Dropship is unable to land so Dr. Eisenberg 
    can't escape. Go back down the vent and onto the Landing Bay. Dr. Eisenberg 
    will run towards you and try to shoot you down so just pounce on him to kill 
    him easily. Once you've killed him, you can watch the final cut-scenes where 
    you'll find out that Dr. Eisenberg is a Synthetic. Well done. You've 
    completed the Alien Missions.
    11. Predator Walkthrough
    Level 1: Hunt
    Quick Facts:
    Date: December 01, 2230
    Time: 09:08 AM
    Incident: +6 days, 4 hours
    Hunt: +4.0 hours
    Location: Canyons, 3 KM south of the Forward Observation Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Hunt down the human prey.
    After the long introduction, you will start the level on a small platform 
    with many trees in front of you. Immediately turn your Cloak Generator on so 
    the nearby humans can't see you. Jump onto the nearby tree and jump to the 
    next tree. You should see three scientists chatting away. Fortunately for you 
    they don't have any weapons. The only weapons you have are your Wristblades 
    and your Speargun so go towards the exit of this area. You can now test out 
    your Wristblades by sneaking up behind them and killing them. Make sure none 
    of them get away because they will alert the guards in the next area. One 
    you've killed them, get your trophies and move on to the next area. In the 
    next area there is a Marine and another scientist on the ground. Sneak up on 
    them and kill them. You can now go up the nearby ladder but be careful 
    because there's a guard waiting at the top. Use the nearby tree to get up to 
    the platform. Now the next Marine can easily be visible so kill him and 
    continue to the next area.
    If you have your thermal vision on, you will clearly see two Marines standing 
    near a rock. Kill the guy on the right with the Speargun but be aware that 
    the next guard will come to the scene. Continue along the route and you'll 
    see two more guards. Kill them with the Speargun and collect your trophies. 
    In the area to the right, you might see another scientist. Ignore him because 
    you'll run into these killer plants. You should see a Predator standing on a 
    rocky bridge. Don't worry because he's on your side. Go and talk to him and 
    he'll give you your next weapon - the Combstick. Continue along the bridge 
    onto the next area.
    In the next area, you have two different routes in which to go. There's one 
    straight ahead and another one to the your right. They both practically get 
    you to the same place so for the walkthrough, we'll go straight forward. Jump 
    from tree to tree and you will see the exit of this area. Go through that ant 
    onto the next area. You will see on the floor that there's a strange mist 
    floating about. Do not jump onto the ground because the mist will un-cloak 
    you. Jump from tree to tree again and you will see some more Marines 
    wandering about. You can kill them if you want but I would just continue onto 
    the next area. The exit from this area is nearby. You should soon see some 
    murky water. Jump in that and go down the left path. Beware that it will un-
    cloak you. As soon as you get out, put your cloak back on and prepare to 
    fight four marines. Get the Combstick out and slash them all to death and use 
    your equipment to gain back health or energy if you need it. Continue down 
    the patch and you should see two Marines. Don't worry because another 
    Predator will show up and kill them for you. Talk to him and he'll give you 
    the Disc. Head forward to the opening in the mountain.
    Some Marines will appear so defeat them and move on into the mountain. You'll 
    soon see a waterfall and nearby is a radio. You can listen to that if you 
    want but go up the spiral path up the mountain. You'll encounter two more 
    Marines wandering about. Kill them and move onto the next area. In the next 
    area, make sure you have enough health for the area. A lot of Marines will 
    come rushing out and they'll spread out. Kill them one by one if you want and 
    get your trophies. You should see an opening at the end of this area. Follow 
    through to the last area of the level. You will soon see a fight between a 
    couple of Marines and a couple of Alien Drones. Watch out for the water, as 
    it will un-cloak you. After the battle is over, kill the remaining Marines 
    left standing. Save you game and prepare yourself for the last enemy of the 
    level. Wander around in the left direction and you should encounter the last 
    enemy. This is an angry Praetorian. This battle is not as hard as you may 
    think. A couple of slashes of the Combstick will kill it. Once you've 
    accomplished this, then you have completed the level. 
    Level 2: Trap
    Quick Facts:
    Date: December 01, 2230
    Time: 05:13 PM
    Incident: +6 days, 12 hours
    Hunt: +12.00 hours
    Location: Canyons, 3 KM south of the Forward Observation Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Pursue your abducted clan mates.
    After the cut-scenes have been shown, there will be two APCs in front of you. 
    One will drive off leaving two Marines talking. Eventually these will go to 
    the APC and it will drive off. Whatever you do, don't shoot the Marines with 
    the Speargun because the APC will shoot you down. After the APCs have driven 
    off, go along the side of the cliff and through the tunnel at the end. You 
    will soon emerge in the next area. Remember to have your cloak activated and 
    you'll see three Marines patrolling the area beneath the platform you're on. 
    You can kill them if you want but jump onto the tree and then onto the 
    ground. You now need to go left of the platform you were on previously. 
    You'll soon see some crates situated near a tree. When you approach them, two 
    Marines will appear from behind them. Kill them and you now have a number of 
    routes in which you can go. From the crates you can go down the left, middle 
    or right paths but each one is guarded by two Marines. The easiest and safest 
    way to go is to climb up the tree. Jump onto the crates where the two Marines 
    were and then jump onto the tree branch.
    Work your way along the branch and jump to the next level of branches above 
    you. You now need to get to the ledge on the right so take the right branch 
    and jump onto the ledge. Follow the ledge and when you get to the end, you'll 
    see an APC on the ground. From the cliff go right and right again and follow 
    the narrow ledge around and you'll see some APC doors on the ground. Now jump 
    onto the branch from the tree and then jump onto the next level of the tree. 
    Remember to have your cloak on and a Marine will appear on the platform near 
    the tree. Take him out with the Combstick and jump from the branch onto the 
    platform. Follow the tunnel onto the next area. When you get out of the 
    tunnel you'll be on a small platform with numerous Marines patrolling below. 
    As long as you don't jump onto the ground they won't see you so jump onto the 
    branch in front of the platform. Work your way along the left hand side and 
    jump from tree to tree and you'll see a platform at the end. When you're on 
    the final tree, jump up onto the branch above and a final jump onto the 
    platform. Go through the platform and follow it through. You'll emerge on a 
    short ledge and two Dropships will fly by you. Don't worry about them. Just 
    go up the ledge and into another tunnel.
    When you emerge from the tunnel, a Marine will be standing on the platform. 
    Kill him and again you need to jump from tree to tree to get to the high 
    platform. When you arrive in the area, an APC will also arrive and it 
    contains numerous Marines and a Combat Synthetic. Remember to use your cloak 
    but beware your cloak doesn't work against the Combat Synthetic. As soon as 
    he sees you in the tree, he will start shooting but the rest of the Marines 
    will be unaware of your presence. From the platform jump onto the nearby 
    tree. My advice to you is to go in the right direction because a Marine is 
    guarding a tree on the left. When you get to the tree near the APC, jump onto 
    the higher branches and work your way along the branches part the APC. When 
    you get to the next tree, jump onto the next set of branches above. Work your 
    way along left and you should see the platform above now. Work your way along 
    and get to the next tree. Go to the edge of the branch and jump up to the 
    branch above. Then do the same on the next set of branches above. When you 
    get to the next set of branches jump onto the platform nearby and follow it 
    through to complete the level. 
    Level 3: Interloper
    Quick Facts:
    Date: December 01, 2230
    Time: 11:15 PM
    Incident: +6 days, 18 hours
    Hunt: +18 hours
    Location: Beneath the Forward Observation Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Rescue your clan mates.
    2. Use the human lifts to follow your team mates.
    3. Escape the core.
    4. Beware of water, which will temporarily disable your cloaking.
    When you start this mission, you are on a mountain slope and you'll see green 
    glowing lights on the ground. These are powerful Sentry Guns watching for 
    intruders. You need to get inside the perimeter so go down the slope and go 
    in a right direction. Remember to have your cloak activated and you'll soon 
    get to a pool of water. Get to the edge of the water and crouch-leap over the 
    fence to be inside the perimeter. Do not wonder away from the edge of the 
    water because you will be killed instantly by the Sentry Guns. Follow the 
    water up staying to the edge. Go past the APC and you'll get to a slightly 
    raised platform from the ground and a few Marines are patrolling the area. 
    Kill them if you want but go over the raised platform and past the small 
    tower until you get to another pool of water. You don't have to worry about 
    keeping to the edge of the water because the Sentry Guns won't fire. When you 
    get tot the edge of the water you'll see and elevator with some more Marines 
    around the area. You now need to jump across the water and run to the 
    Beware that your cloak will be de-activated when you touch the water but just 
    keep running to the elevator. Once you're off the water, activate your cloak 
    again and kill the two nearby Marines. Let the third Marine come to the 
    elevator so he can tell other Marines to raise the elevator. Once he's done 
    that, kill the Marine and ride up on the elevator to begin the next part of 
    the level. When the game reloads, immediately run out from your position and 
    hide behind some nearby crates. If you stay there, Marines will fire EMP 
    Grenades at you. You now need to get to the platform above so you can either 
    use the crates stacked up to get up or use the crane to get up there. If you 
    use the crates, kill the Marines and follow the path round to the other side. 
    If you use the crane you can just jump from the platform onto the crates 
    nearby and onto the platform above. When you're on the next level, there will 
    be two Marines just ahead of you. Kill them and another two Marines to your 
    right. Wonder around where the two Marines to the right were and you'll find 
    a switch. Press that and a crane will pull a crate up. Jump onto the crate 
    and you'll be soon approaching the next level. Jump form the crate or the 
    crane onto the next level.
    Wonder around the elevator and you'll find a switch on the elevator. Use the 
    Hacking Device to hack it and turn around to discover a ladder. Go up them 
    and go along the ceiling to the elevator shaft. Open the panel on the top of 
    the shaft and drop inside and kill the person inside. When you get off the 
    elevator, there will be two Marines and a Combat Synthetic roaming around. 
    Kill them and go right. Kill any Marines and you'll eventually reach two 
    Sentry Guns. Destroy them and go up the elevator. Proceed in a left direction 
    and kill the Marines that you encounter. You'll come to a door on your right. 
    Go through that and kill the two Marines when you go through. Head up the set 
    of stairs until you get to a doorway and go straight in. Kill the Marines 
    inside and go around until you come to another door. The next bit can be very 
    complicated because it involves a lot of jumping from beam to beam. Jump onto 
    the ledge and onto another after that. Go along the narrow beam and head 
    around to the right. You'll soon come to a small beam so jump onto it and 
    jump off once more time onto another platform. 
    Kill the Marines and the Combat Synthetic which you encounter and continue on 
    through. Head right until you get to a ladder and go up that onto the next 
    level. On this level there are a few Combat Synthetics so try just kill them 
    one by one. Explore and you'll find some ladders leading into an opening. Go 
    up them and into a confined room. The doors will be closed and you'll be 
    captured. That is the end of this mission.
    Level 4: Unexpected Allies
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 10:22 PM
    Incident: +6 weeks, 17.25 hours.
    Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours.
    Location: Inside the Forward Observation Pods
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Find a clan mate's Mask to replace your own.
    2. Escape the Pods. 
    3. Recover your clans' weapons. 
    4. Find a Cloaking Field Generator. 
    5. Leap onto the dropship.
    Since the Alien has destroyed the Control Station, you're now free of the 
    chamber. Go straight out and turn to the left to find a small panel on the 
    wall. Use the Hacking Device and go up the elevator to the next floor. Head 
    straight through and go through the door. Keep to the left and kill the 
    Marines that will arrive by. Go left and continue down the corridor until you 
    get to a room. Go down the pipe and kill the Marines waiting at the bottom. 
    Head down the corridor and keep to the left. You'll come to a room with a 
    window on the left, a door on the right and two pipes going up the nearby 
    wall. Go up to the pipes between the pipes and use the Hacking Device to hack 
    a panel behind them. Jump down and continue on through. Keep going until you 
    reach two Marines wandering about. Kill them and enter the door they were 
    guarding. Grab your Remote Bombs on the desk in the room. Use the Hacking 
    Device on the panel on the left side of the room and a door will be unlocked. 
    Kill the two Marines when you go through the door and go through the next 
    door. Grab your Net Gun and your Mask in the room.
    Head back out the way you came in and you'll notice a new door. Inside a 
    nearby room is a set of ladders leading up to the next level and a Marine 
    guarding the ladders. Kill the Marine and go up the ladders to the next area. 
    Follow the pipe around and drop down to the room below. Kill the two Marines 
    and now you need to turn the two valves on in the room. Turn them on and go 
    to the other side of the room and watch the explosion. Go through the newly 
    created hole and kill anybody you see on your way. After a while, go in the 
    door on your right to find your Combstick and your Cloak Generator. Go down 
    the previous corridor and through the door at the end. Kill the Marine and go 
    left and kill any Scientists in the room. By exploring you'll find your 
    Energy Sift and a new weapon called the Shoulder Cannon. These are lying on a 
    circular table on a platform. As soon as you pick them up, two Marines will 
    come through the door nearby. Kill them and go up the other set of steps into 
    a small room.
    Head through the door to your right and kill the Marines in the corridor. 
    From where you came in the door is a opening in the ceiling. Jump into there 
    and explore and you'll find a box that needs to be hacked. Use your Hacking 
    Device and go back down to the corridor. Kill the Scientist and the Marine 
    and in a room nearby is your Speargun. Grab that and go down the corridor and 
    go straight to the elevator shaft. Jump onto the elevator and wait for it to 
    stop. Jump off the elevator where two Marines and a Sentry Gun are below. 
    Kill them and a Combat Synthetic will appear nearby as well. Kill him as 
    well. Around the big room, lots of Combat Synthetics are situated. Watch out 
    for the two at the bottom because they are carrying SADARs and as soon as you 
    raise your head, they will fire you down. Kill the two Synthetics to the left 
    and right and try t take out the two at the bottom. Once they're dead, 
    proceed down to the bottom of the big room. Use the ladders if they're 
    accessible. Once at the bottom, there are a few crates next to an APC. If you 
    didn't blow them up earlier, do it now and an opening in the wall will be 
    created. Approach the opening and wait for the Dropship to fly by and jump 
    onto it to complete the level.
    Level 5: Old Debts
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 06, 2231
    Time: 11:25 PM
    Incident: +6 weeks, 18.25 hours
    Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours
    Location: Canyon beside the Pods leading to the canyon heights
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Find high ground and signal your clan. 
    2. Restore the transmitter's power. 
    3. Use the transmitter to contact your clan. 
    4. Recover your mask to restore your honour.
    When you start the mission, go along to the right and through the fencing and 
    drop down into the hole. You are now deep inside the Alien Hive. Switch to 
    your Alien Vision mode and get your Shoulder Cannon weapon ready. Proceed 
    along the tunnel until you come to a big area or opening. You now need to get 
    to the other side. Be careful and watch out for numerous Aliens which attack 
    you on the way. Head left and follow the tunnel around until you get to 
    another opening. Leap on the rocks to get to the top. Turn left and continue 
    until you get to an opening on your right. Head on through and go left and 
    you'll fall into a a pool of water. Swim out and explore and find the exit at 
    the right-hand side. Keep going until you reach some pipes. Go straight ahead 
    until you reach the pipeline. Head down and climb up the ladders and go 
    right, along the pipes. Eventually in the middle of the pipe a PredAlien will 
    appear in front of you and to make that worse another one will appear from 
    behind you. Kill both of them and continue along the pipe.
    Kill the Aliens that attack you and continue along. Keep to your right all 
    the time and eventually you'll reach an elevator. On the left-hand side is a 
    switch. Flick that and a small explosion will occur. Go to the control box 
    nearby and use the Hacking Device on it. Now you can ride up the elevator. 
    When you've reached the top, kill the Aliens that you'll soon see and turn 
    left into a door. Go down the steps and along the corridor. Go along the room 
    nearby and hit the switch. You now need to maker your way back up the 
    previous steps and out the door. Go across the Landing Bay and find the 
    switch nearby the large doors. Use your Hacking Device and immediately loads 
    of Aliens will appear behind you. Run around the Landing Bay killing the 
    Aliens and don't stand near the main doors when the Dropship arrives. Watch 
    out for a Praetorian that makes and appearance and soon the Dropship will 
    fire the doors down giving you a way out. Kill any Aliens on your way out and 
    switch to your Predator Vision and you'll see a Predator standing nearby. 
    Talk to him and he'll give you your Disc back. Now just go through the door 
    nearby to complete the mission.
    Level 6: New Target
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 01:50 AM
    Incident: +6 weeks, 20.50 hours
    Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 20.50 hours
    Location: Tunnels leading from abandoned landing to Hive entrance
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Find your original mask and pursue Rykov.
    2. Descend to the Hive entrance to intercept Rykov.
    When you start the mission, you start on an elevator. Jump down and continue 
    on through the vents. Climb down the ladder and in the room will be a 
    Scientist and a Marine. Kill them quickly. Open the cage door in the room and 
    jump down to be under the floor. Explore around and you'll find a switch on a 
    wall. Use the Hacking Device on the switch and watch the door open. Go back 
    to where you came in under the floor and jump up into the opened door. Kill 
    the Marine on the left and kill the three Marines to the right. Nearby some 
    crates is a grill in the floor. Go in the hole to be under the floor. Just go 
    left and then right into the next area. Kill the Marines with your Speargun 
    and go forward to the small elevator. Jump onto that and onto the platform 
    above. Watch out for a lot of Sentry Guns and destroy them as soon as you see 
    them. Head to the nearby crates and destroy the Sentry Gun in front of them. 
    Destroy the next few around the platform and another is close by at the end. 
    Look for a corridor near the Sentry Guns and enter it. Go up the elevator 
    into another room. Kill the two Scientists in the room and flick the switch 
    on the left. Now you need to head back down the elevator.
    Stand still and watch the fight between the Aliens and Marines and kill 
    anybody remaining. Jump into the middle of the area and down a hatch in the 
    ground. Go down the tunnel and you'll now encounter numerous Aliens. Use the 
    Shoulder Cannon to take them all out and jump to the platform in front of you 
    and go over the fencing. Carry on along the winding tunnel and kill the 
    Aliens along the way. You'll soon see some kind of platform with a couple of 
    Marines on it. Then loads of Aliens will arrive and attack the Marines and 
    you. Kill the remaining survivors and go right, down the tunnel. Go out of 
    the tunnel at the end and you'll have to jump down from platform to platform 
    soon. When you get to the doorway at the bottom, Aliens and Marines will be 
    firing at each other. Kill anybody left and continue on. You'll get to 
    another area with Aliens and Marines fighting each other. Kill anybody left 
    and jump into the middle section and through the vent to complete the 
    Level 7: Trophy
    Quick Facts:
    Date: January 07, 2231
    Time: 02:36 AM
    Incident: +6 weeks, 21.33 hours
    Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 21:33 hours
    Location: Hive Entrance
    The Mission Objectives:
    1. Find your original mask and pursue Rykov. 
    2. Bring down Rykov.
    After the cut-scenes, jump down to the ground where Rykov was. Head to the 
    right and through the tunnel with the pipes. Crouch down and enter until you 
    get to an opening and you'll see a dead Predator on the ground. Kill the 
    Facehugger nearby and go back towards the way you came in. Immediately 
    another Facehugger will attack you. Kill that and go inside the vent that it 
    came out of above the crates. Destroy the grill at the end and jump out into 
    the corridor. Use the Hacking Device on the panel near the vent and the wide 
    doors will open. Go through the doors that Rykov went through ahead and 
    continue on until you get to another room. Kill any Aliens and go near the 
    Drill Rig in the ground. By the wall is a switch. Press it a few times and 
    the Drill will be raised. Press it again and it will be lowered. Jump down 
    and go through the tunnel at the bottom near the Drill. Continue on, killing 
    all the Aliens and watch out for the Praetorian lurking about down there.
    Now you need to do a lot of jumping and you have to get to an exit right at 
    the top. Go left or right and jump onto the branch. Work you way along 
    jumping up onto each one and you'll get to a broken branch. Jump down to the 
    right, onto the below stem and go back to work your way up. Head through the 
    tunnel at the top and you'll get to another area. Kill all the Aliens that 
    attack you and carry on to the other side of the room. Go through until you 
    come to the next area. Go straight ahead avoiding all the Facehuggers and 
    turn left when you can. Head up and left again and you'll come to the next 
    section. Turn to your Normal Vision and you'll see that one of the openings 
    ahead is covered in some kind of alien material. Make your way to that 
    opening and jump up onto tit. Half way up however, Runner Aliens will come 
    from above and attack you. Take care of them and jump up into the tunnel. 
    Continue on until you get to the next area. Kill the Aliens and continue 
    along the path in front of you. When you're at the other side, look for the 
    tunnel and go through it until you get to the next section. You now need to 
    do a lot of jumping and head through the tunnel to the last area.
    Head down to the centre of the room and you get the chance to fight the Queen 
    Alien. Strafe around and fire Plasma Bolts at her and finish her with the 
    Combstick to kill her. Once you've done this, you'll will be attacked by lots 
    of Aliens. Kill them and head down the passageway. Wander around the next 
    area and keep an eye out for Rykov. Try and get as far away as possible and 
    use your Zoom to use your Plasma Pistol on him. It won't be very hard to 
    defeat him and that's it. You've completed all the Predator Mission. Well 
    12. AvP2 Characters/Creatures
    Commander McCain
    Commander McCain is the leader of the Marine Units and is very experienced in 
    what he does. He's very optimistic and can get through anything when he puts 
    his mind to it.  
    Sergeant Hall
    Sergeant Hall is next in the line of command after Commander McCain and she's 
    a very daring person. She sometimes wonders into the unknown but she remains 
    fearless at all times. Unfortunately, Sergeant Hall is captured by Aliens and 
    is finally killed when a Chestburster explodes out of her chest.  
    Duke is a good friend to Harrison and is another fearless soldier. He gets 
    himself into some tricky situations but manages to pull through with the help 
    of his friends.  
    Flight Officer Johnson
    Flight Officer Johnson is the pilot for the Marine Unit and is very 
    experienced when piloting the Dropship. Unfortunately she's not perfect and 
    makes the mistake of crash landing on Planet LV-1201.  
    Dr Eisenberg
    Dr. Eisenberg leads the research at the Alien Research Facility on Planet LV-
    1201 and is a survivor of an Alien attack. To this day, he is frightened of 
    the past alien encounter but he still goes through life hoping to know more 
    about the alien species.  
    Tomiko's brother was killed and she secretly wants to find out what really 
    happened to her brother. Tomiko is a very suspicious woman and suspects that 
    illegal experiments are taking place at the Alien Research Facility.  
    Combat Synthetics
    Combat Synthetics are made to replicate human beings and they are built to be 
    much stronger and quicker than normal humans. According to laws, they are not 
    allowed to be used in combat but Dr,. Eisenberg has other ideas for them. 
    These robots are all over the place in Aliens vs Predator 2 and they'll stop 
    at nothing to kill you.  
    Civilian workers are a bit like researchers who do their work on LV-1201. For 
    Predators, they are perhaps an easy kill to get a trophy and it's even better 
    for Aliens who can regain health from these unarmed people. They don't offer 
    Marines much but you may want to protect them in case of attackers.  
    Gas Plant
    Looking very pleasant to the eye this plant is not what it seems. This plant 
    emits a deadly spray of toxic gas when approached by anybody. Although the 
    damage is minor, it is best to avoid them at all costs, you are going to need 
    all the energy you can get when you face any enemies. These plants appear 
    mainly on the Predator missions and you'll meet them on Mission One. Try to 
    stay in the trees at all times.  
    Florescent Plants
    Unlike the dangerous Gas Plants, these small harmless plants have no attacks 
    to speak of. They are very small and you'll probably never notice them on 
    your journey through the game missions. Some people say they have a special 
    way of lighting small areas up.  
    Flying Bug
    These small bug creatures can usually be found in dark areas of missions, 
    especially the Marine missions. They do have small wings but they can only 
    fly over a small distance. It's more like a big jump from one position to 
    another. Be careful in the dark areas because these creatures can easily be 
    mistaken for Facehuggers. They are armless little creatures which won't hurt 
    you so save your ammo for bigger creatures.  
    Air Bug
    These flying creatures are harmless and they do tend to appear on both the 
    Predator and Marine missions. I've never had one of them attack me so you 
    should be all right. You can usually see one flying around the skies of LV-
    13. Cheats
    To use any of these cheats you need to do the following:
    When playing a mission in Singleplayer mode press Enter to bring up the 
    Message box. Type "<cheat>" first of all and enter one of the following:
    mpcanthurtme - God Mode On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpcanthurtme
    mpschuckit - Add Weapons and Ammo   E.g. <cheat>mpschuckit
    mpsmithy - Full Armor   E.g. <cheat>mpsmithy
    mpkohler - Full Ammo   E.g. <cheat>mpkohler
    mpdoctordoctor 100 - Regain Health   E.g. <cheat> mpdoctordoctor 100
    mpbeamme - Beam Player to Level Start with Initial Conditions   E.g. 
    mpsixthsense - No Clip On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpsixthsense
    mpicu - Third-Person Mode On/Off (HUD Not Visible in this Mode)   E.g. 
    mptachometer - Show Speed Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mptachometer
    mpsizeme - Show Size Info On/Off    E.g. <cheat>mpsizeme
    mpgrs - Show Rotation Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpgrs
    mpgps - Show Position Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpgps
    mpfov - Edit (with Keys) FOV Value   E.g. <cheat>mpfov
    mpvertextint - Edit (with Keys) Vertext Tint   E.g. <cheat>mpvertextint
    mplightadd - Edit (with Keys) Light Amplification   E.g. <cheat>mplightadd
    mplightscale - Edit (with Keys) Light Scale   E.g. <cheat>mplightscale
    mpbreach - Edit (with Keys) Weapon Breach   E.g. <cheat>mpbreach
    mpwmpos - Edit (with Keys) Weapon Offset One   E.g. <cheat>mpwmpos
    mpwpos - Edit (with Keys) weapon Offset Two   E.g. <cheat>mpwpos
    14. This FAQ is Posted at:
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If anybody sees any websites other than what's on the list above with this 
    FAQ, please contact me at: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk
    15. Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    16. Credits
    There was quite a number of people who submitted AvP2 tips to me for which I 
    added to this FAQ but I no longer have their names for crediting.
    As I've said, I wrote most of this FAQ barring the Tips section. If there's 
    anything I've missed or any mistakes, please email me at: 

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