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    *                         THE SIMS: LIVIN' LARGE                              *
    *                                  FAQ                                        *
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    *           By: SloDeth            v1.2       February 25, 2001               *
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    Table of Contents
    0. Introduction
       What is Livin' Large?
       What is this guide?
       Can I use this guide?
       Can I send you E-Mail?
    1. What's New?
       NEW JOBS
       Comparison Chart
       NEW ITEMS
    2. Version History
    3. Contact Info
       E-mail address
       ICQ #
       Web Page
       Copyright Info
    What is Livin' Large?
    Livin' Large is an expansion pack for The Sims, a very successful game from
    Maxis.  It adds many new elements to the original game, including 125 new
    items, five new jobs, new skins, etc.  It is a wise investment for anybody who
    enjoyed the original and wants to extend its life a bit more.
    What is this guide?
    This guide explains the new elements of the game in extreme detail.  However,
    I won't go into depth about the strategies you should use with these items.
    You can figure that out yourself...but I'll tell you all the facts you need to
    know about the items to make wise choices.  I found just about everything in
    this guide completely by myself, so I'm sure I've missed quite a few things.  
    Please email me if you have anything to add to this guide after checking the
    Contact Info at the bottom of this guide.
    Can I use this guide on my website?
    It depends.  Here's how it is:
    You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no"
     in almost every case.
    You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must
     be clear that it is my original work.
    You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.
     Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.
    If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me an E-mail address which
     I can inform you about updates to the guide.
    If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me a hyperlink to the web
     site on which you post the guide.
    Can I send you E-mail?
    Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide!
    1. What's New?
    Livin' Large has five new job paths: Slacker, Journalist, Paranormal, Hacker,
    and Musician.  Let's look at them in more detail...
    Lvl Name                     Hours      Pay     REQ
    1   Typesetter               4-12pm     120     none
    2   Game Reviewer            11-6pm     200     none
    3   Tabloid Writer           9-3pm      230     Cre2 Friend1
    4   Papparazzi               5-1am      340     Char2 Cre2 Friend2
    5   Newspaper Reporter       3-10am     420     Char2 Log2 Cre4 Friend2
    6   Meteorologist            5-1pm      510     Char3 Bod1 Log3 Cre5 Friend4
    7   TV Reporter              12-8pm     660     Char6 Bod2 Log3 Cre5 Friend6
    8   Investigative Reporter   10-5pm     850     Char8 Bod2 Log4 Cre5 Friend9
    9   National News Anchor     11-8pm     975     Char9 Bod5 Log5 Cre6 Friend11
    10 Talk Show Host            11-5pm     1200    Char10 Bod5 Log8 Cre8 Friend14
    Lvl Name                     Hours      Pay     REQ
    1   Psychic Phone Friend     6-12am     100     none
    2   Conspiracy Theorist      11-5pm     130     none
    3   Tarot Card Reader        5-11pm     200     Char1 Cre2
    4   Hypnotist                10-4pm     300     Char2 Log2 Cre2 Friend1
    5   Medium                   8-2am      375     Char2 Log3 Cre2 Friend3
    6   Douser                   6-3pm      480     Char3 Bod1 Log4 Cre2 Friend5
    7   Police Psychic           6-2am      600     Mech1 Char5 Bod1 Log5 Cre3
    8   UFO Investigator         11-6am     810     Mech1 Char6 Bod1 Log7 Cre4
    9   Exorcist                 10-3pm     1000    Mech1 Char8 Bod1 Log7 Cre5
    10  Cult Leader              10-4pm     1200    Mech2 Char10 Bod2 Log9 Cre7
    Lvl Name                     Hours      Pay     REQ
    1   Subway Musician          3-8pm      90      none
    2   Piano Tuner              9-4pm      120     none
    3   Wedding Singer           9-3pm      190     Cre2
    4   Lounge Singer            8-4am      250     Cre5 Friend2
    5   High School Band Teacher 7-2am      320     Mech2 Cre6 Friend2
    6   Roadie                   11-8pm     400     Mech5 Cre7 Friend5
    7   Backup Musician          12-9pm     550     Mech5 Bod4 Cre8 Friend8
    8   Studio Musician          11-6pm     700     Mech5 Char2 Bod5 Cre10 Friend9
    9   Rock Star                5-2am      1100    Mech5 Char7 Bod7 Cre10 Friend12
    10  Celebrity Activist       10-3pm     1400    Mech5 Char10 Bod8 Log4 Cre10
    Lvl Name                     Hours      Pay     REQ
    1   Golf Caddy               5-10am     90      none
    2   Convenience Store Clerk  10-3am     120     none
    3   Life Guard               9-3pm      150     Bod2 Friend1
    4   Record Store Clerk       12-5pm     180     Char2 Bod2 Friend2
    5   Party D.J.               11-4am     220     Char4 Bod2 Friend4
    6   Projectionist            6-1am      280     Mech3 Char4 Bod2 Friend6
    7   Video Editor             12-6pm     350     Mech5 Char4 Bod2 Friend7
    8   Free Lance Photographer  12-5p      400     Mech5 Char7 Bod3 Friend10
    9   Personal Tour Guide      2-7pm      450     Mech5 Char8 Bod6 Friend12
    10  Professional Party Guest 10-2am     600     Mech5 Char10 Bod9 Friend15
    Lvl Name                     Hours      Pay     REQ
    1   Beta Tester              9-5pm      120     none
    2   Support Tech             8-4pm      150     none
    3   Web Master               6-2am      200     Mech2
    4   Hacker                   12-9am     240     Log2 Mech3
    5   Security Consultant      10-7pm     400     Mech4 Log4 Friend2
    6   Game Designer            2-11pm     610     Mech4 Log4 Cre4 Friend3
    7   Internet Entrepreneur    10-8pm     800     Mech4 Char2 Log5 Cre6 Friend5
    8   Software CEO             10-7pm     1100    Mech4 Char4 Log7 Cre7 Friend6
    9   Venture Capitalist       11-8pm     1300    Mech5 Char6 Log8 Cre9 Friend8
    10  Information Overlord     11-8pm     1550    Mech7 Char8 Log10 Cre10 Friend8
    Comparison Chart
    Here's a quick comparison with the old jobs...these statistics are for the
    tenth(highest) level of each career track, ranked by descending pay per hour:
    CareerTrack       | Hours | Pay | Stats | Friends | Pay Per Hour
    Entertainment     |   5   |1400 |  30   |  14     | 280
    Musician          |   5   |1400 |  37   |  15     | 280
    Science           |   4   |1000 |  35   |  10     | 250
    Athletic          |   6   |1300 |  28   |  13     | 217
    Business          |   6   |1200 |  27   |  14     | 200
    Journalist        |   6   |1200 |  31   |  14     | 200
    Paranormal        |   6   |1200 |  32   |  17     | 200
    Crime             |   6   |1100 |  32   |  12     | 183
    Hacker            |   9   |1550 |  35   |   8     | 172
    Extreme           |   6   | 925 |  39   |  11     | 154
    Slacker           |   4   | 600 |  24   |  15     | 150
    Politics          |   6   | 750 |  26   |  17     | 125
    Medicine          |   7   | 850 |  32   |  11     | 121
    Law Enforcement   |   6   | 700 |  33   |  12     | 117
    Military          |   6   | 650 |  37   |   8     | 108
    So...how do you choose a career now?  Well...the truth is, you can succeed with
    absolutely any job.  The path of the least resistance is still the 
    Entertainment field.  It gives you the most money for the least work.  However,
    you should pick a job which fits your playing style.  Don't like making friends
    and the upkeep of the relationships?  Pick a job with a low Friend requirement,
    like Science or Hacker.  Have full stats already?  Keep enough friends and you
    can have any job you want, or switch jobs whenever you want and receive money
    from bonuses.  Don't mind working long hours?  Hacker is for you.  Don't have
    time to build stats?  Go with Slacker, it's just right for you.
    The back of the box boasts 125 NEW ITEMS!  Most of these are just more of the
    same, but several add quite a bit of depth to the game.  I'll leave the
    decorative items and such out of this guide, and instead concentrate on the
    items that change the game...
    Antique Four-Poster Bed-----------$3650, Comfort 10, Energy 9, Room 4
    Nothing special about it, but it replaces the Modern Mission Bed as the best
    bed in terms of stats.
    The Vibromatic Heart Bed----------$4500, Comfort 10, Energy 8, Group Activity
    Your Sims now have the option to Play in Bed...send one Sim to turn the bed to
    Vibrate.  While that Sim lays in the bed, send a loved one to Play in Bed.
    They play their games...the Fun and Social level increases.  One unfortunate
    side effect of this activity is a baby...you've been warned.
    "Tragic Clown" Painting-----------$45, Room 2
    I know the painting is new, but I don't know about this...if your Sims are sad,
    and you have this painting, a Tragic Clown will come from a hole in the ground
    to visit your house.  He coughs and sniffles all over the house.  If you try
    to do anything with him besides insult him, it will only frustrate you and make
    you both sadder.  When you insult him, you feel better.  How tragic!
    * UPDATE * You can download Clown Catchers at the website(www.thesims.com) to
    spare yourself the trouble of putting up with this guy.  If you didn't buy the
    game, you can't download it...too bad!  Go buy it.
    Suit of Armor---------------------$15000, Room 10
    Now tied for the most expensive item in the game.  It often goes up in value,
    so feel free to invest in a few of them.
    Introducing Servo-----------------$15000
    Also tied for the most expensive item in the game.  This robot walks around the
    house cleaning, repairing, and gardening so you don't have to!  Turn it on and
    it will walk around until there's nothing left to do.  You can also tell it to
    Serve a meal, but the meals aren't very filling.  Don't waste your money on
    this unless you have way too much money or very messy people.
    Olde Thyme Restored Oven----------$1600, Hunger 9
    This replaces the gas range as the best oven.
    Olde Thyme Victual Preservatorium-$2750, Hunger 9
    This replaces the Freeze Secret as the best refrigerator.  Great name, too!
    Little Voodoo Dolly---------------$65, Fun 1, adults only
    Lets you torture another member of the family.  What fun!
    Sky Scorcher Fireworks Kit--------$90, Fun 2
    Light a rocket, but watch out!  It lands with a small explosion.  Great for
    people who like to kill their own Sims...just light a few inside your house.
    For everyone else, keep it outside and away from the house.
    Antique Lamp----------------------$375, Room 2
    You can View this lamp like a piece of artwork, but you can also Clean it once
    a day.  A genie will pop out when you Clean it, giving you a choice between
    two elements.  Then, the genie will randomly choose a positive or negative
    outcome.  Here's what can happen...
      Choice  |       Positive Outcome          |          Negative Outcome
    Money     | pot of gold                     | three overdue bills
    Love      | somebody falls in love with you | sombebody hates you
    Work      | three skill points              | every skill loses a point
    Leisure   | pinball machine                 | something catches on fire
    Fire      | everybody feels better          | something catches on fire
    Water     | fountain                        | flood
    Earth     | all plants are beautified       | all plants die/new dead plants 
    Air       | pink flamingoes                 | roaches
    Friends   | new friend                      | friend likes you less
    Family    | family member likes you more    | family crisis!
    Beejaphone Guitar-----------------$580, Fun 2, +Creativity, Group Activity
    My personal favorite new item.  Adds to Creativity, but with a new twist: Sims
    can watch you as you practice.  If you aren't very good, they'll exert their
    disapproval and like you less.  If you're better, they'll cheer you on and like
    you more.  Heavy Clown forever!
    KraftKing Woodworking Table-------$720, +Mechanical, adults only
    This adds to Mechanical skills.  Unlike reading a book, this creates garden
    gnomes which you can sell or put on your lawn.
    Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball----$760, adults only
    This object will give you a random riddle.  Do as it says, and you may be
    rewarded.  You can increase personality points or lose the ones you have.
    The "Concoctanation Station"------$980, +Logic, adults only
    This will improve your Logic by making potions.  Drinking these potions will
    have different effects on you...
    Also, be careful with this one.  If you use it too much, the cops will come
    and fine you $500, since the kids at school can smell the fumes all the way
    from school.
    "Freaking Frankenstein! [Name] has been turned into a monster!"
    The Sim turns into a monster, running around the house and breaking all sorts
    of things.  It turns back in a few hours, but you'll need a repairman for quite
    awhile to fix the damage.
    (light purple)
    "Yuck!  Whatever that was, it made you feel terrible!"
    All of the Sims' Needs go down completely, except Room.
    (light green)
    "That tasted great!  You feel totally refreshed!"
    The Sims' Needs are raised.  Three(random) needs are filled to the max.  Good
    substitute for sleep!
    (light blue)
    "Somebody has fallen in love with [Name]!"
    The best potion, another Sim instantly falls in love with you, greeting you
    with a passionate kiss.
    "It's a parthenogenesis party! [Name] has created an evil clone!"
    Yeah, you accidentally clone yourself.  The twin isn't really evil at all.
    It mostly just walks around to talk with people.
    (light green)
    "Holy reverse proportionality!  Your personality has been permanently 
    All your personality bars are reversed.  Because of this, you might want to try
    making a Sim or two with no points in the beginning, then give them a potion
    and turn them into the perfect Sim!
    I think there are eight potions in all, but I've only found these six after
    DAYS of experimenting.  I hear one of them makes you invisible.
    Horrorwitz "Star-Track" Outdoor Telescope-$2100, +Logic, Fun 4
    Another way to increase Logic.  Be careful, though...if you use it too much
    (two or three points without taking a break at least), you'll be abducted by
    aliens!  A blue sphere picks you up and you disappear for a few hours.  Some
    of your family will think about you and weep by the telescope.  When you
    return, you'll think about aliens for awhile.
    Liebefunkenmann Piano---------$5399, Fun 4, Room 6, +Creativity, Group Activity
    Works just like the electric guitar, but it's bigger, nicer, and more fun,
    according to the game...but everyone knows the guitar is just as fun.
    -Roaches.  Yes, roaches.  Keep your house clean, or you'll have a problem.  You
     can Spray them(they die quickly), Stomp on them(automatic), or let them run
     around your house.  NOTE: If you have trouble Spraying them, walk over near
     them FIRST, then Spray them.  When they move around, your Spray order gets
     cancelled, so you need to be near them before you try to Spray.
    -When somebody dies, you can Plead with the Grim Reaper.  He will either spare
     the Sim, turn the Sim into a Zombie, or let the Sim die.
    -More neighborhoods.  Five neighborhoods means you can have a total of fifty
     houses.  This is great when your household has more than one person who wants
     to play the game, so you can keep your Sims separated.
    Anything else I should put here that isn't covered elsewhere in the guide?
    Email me and tell me about it!
    2. Version History
    v1.2 February 15, 2001      Added a little here or there.  Check the info about
                                the Tragic Clown.
    v1.1 January 12, 2001       Added some info to the Chemistry Set and a very
                                important addition to the Contact Info section.
    v1.0 September 12, 2000     First version of the guide.  Complete as I see it,
                                updates when I need to add something.
    3. Contact Info
    E-mail:    slodeth@iname.com
    ICQ UIN:   15025844
    Web Page:  http://go.to/SloDethFAQs
    E-mail Rules:
       to save you AND me some time.
    Include the name of the game or guide in the subject.
    E-mail me just about ANYTHING: questions(not answered in the guide), comments,
       praise, criticism, requests...
    Ask me if you can use this guide.  I will almost certainly let you, as long as
       you ask politely.
    Don't E-mail me crap.  Don't ask me to join a website, like AllAdvantage.
    Don't spend any less than one minute writing your E-mail.  Check it over and
       make sure you used correct spelling, decent grammar, and capitalization.
    AOL slang is not up to my standards.  Don't use "r u" instead of "are you" or
       anything like that.
    I do not support warez in any way(buy the damn game), and I will NEVER tell
    anyone my CD-key.  Neither should you!  No excuse will fool me, so don't ask.
    If you're having a problem with your game, don't make it mine.  Try
    reinstalling it if the new items don't show up or whatever.
    ICQ Rules:
    Do whatever you wish.  I don't care about ICQ very much.  Put my number on spam
       lists, tell it to your friends, and flood it with whatever you want.
    What you can find at my web page:
    -More info on me(in case you care)!
    -Links to all of my guides!
    -The most recent versions of my guides!
    -HTML versions of my guides!
    -Feedback forms, surveys, and some other crap!
    -News on what I've done and what I plan on doing!
    Please do not distribute this guide in any way without my explicit permission.
    I'm sure you could use it and mutilate it to your pleasing, but I'd appreciate
    it if you write to me first.  I'm very willing to give out this guide, given
    that it is not changed in any way.
    Or, as they say, This document Copyright 2000 by Martin Silbiger.
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             //               /           \
    .-------| |--------------/  __     __  \-------------------.__
    |-=====-| |>>>>>>>>>>>>> | />>\   />>\ |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:>
    `-------| |--------------| \__/   \__/ |-------------------'^^
             \\               \    /|\    /
              \)               \   \_/   /
                                |       |
                                \       /
      _______  _        _______  ______   _______  _________  _      _
     /_______|| |      /  ___  \| ____ \ | ______||___   ___|| |    | |
    | |       | |      | /   \ || |   \ || |          | |    | |    | |
    | |_____  | |      | |   | || |   | || |____      | |    | |____| |
    \______ \ | |      | |   | || |   | || _____|     | |    |  ____  |
           | || |      | |   | || |   | || |          | |    | |    | |
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