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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JOrtiz

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                       ____/   \
                       | ___    \   
    ****************** |/  /     \     ******************
     *  @@@@@@@@@@@@  \***/       \***/  @@@@@@@@@@@@  *
      *  @@@@@@@@@@@@  --U----S----A--  @@@@@@@@@@@@  *
       *         @@@@@ &&    &&&    && @@@@@         *  
        *   @@@@@@@@@@@ &     &     & @@@@@@@@@@@   *
         *   @@@@@@@@@@@ &    &    & @@@@@@@@@@@   *
          *         @@@@@ &   &   & @@@@@         *
           *         @@@@@ &  &  & @@@@@         *
            *         @@@@@ & & & @@@@          *
    by JOrtiz (sidephase@therealms.net)
    date: 030410
    I am TIRED of other sites screwing authors over
    copyright and GameFaqs seems to be the only one
    who cares so I'm quite happy with this being
    exclusive. Don't like it then deal with it.
    This is done for FUN, NON-PROFIT. If I find out
    anyone has been using this for $$$ I WILL NOTICE.
    This is meant to be a full walkthrough, giving the
    user the best possible way that I've found to fufill
    at least the primary and secondary goals. If you
    want something a bit faster, read Nicodemus' FAQ on
    this game =)
    .06  - 030409 - Mission 3 added
    .05  - 030407 - Fixed errors
    .01d - 030407 - Finished up Mission 2 without
                       alarming guards; updated.
                  - Verified tip from shiru_sagasu
    .01c - 030406 - Small Update to Disclaimer
                  - Updated Basics and Mission 1
                  - Recieved a tip from shiru_sagasu;
                       waiting to verify.
                  - DELETED email from someone too
                       stupid to read the disclaimer.
    .01b - 030405 - Added Mission 1
    .01a - 030402 - First faq version
    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
    3. Characters
       3.1 - MinuteMan (CS)
    4. Missions
       4.1 - Came a Hero!
       4.2 - Strange Visitors
       4.3 - Skating On Thin Ice
    ******** 1.0 INTRODUCTION
    First off, I hope to be able to finish this one, not
    like my Anachronox guide. Anacrhonox started out
    fun but it got boring FAST. FF doesn't look like this
    will be the case so...here we go!
    In FF you play the part of a squad of superheroes,
    each one given mysterious powers by a ray of energy
    from outerspace named "Energy X". Your goal is to
    follow the mission of each super hero and then
    together take out a bad guy from outer space.
    If that's not enough to make the older readers flash
    back to the old 50's and 60's comics then I don't know
    what will!
    To those of you who are younger (don't ask about my
    age!) you may notice that this isn't from Erik
    Larsen or Stan Lee - and you will be right! This
    game uses an idea that I think died out in the
    early 90's during the re-birth of the comic
    industry - a good, long, engrossing storyline.
    And yes, they may seem cheesy at first - but fun
    as heck to play out.
    This guide is currently at version .01d.
    I'll try to keep it updating as much as I can. Any
    reference to any image will be hosted on my site,
    http://www.jonothonortiz.com. This is also the
    ONLY other place to find any FAQ from me.
    Finally, all of my guides are NON-SPOILERS. 
    Finally, this was the first FAQ up on this game =)
    ******** 2.0 BASICS
    PLEASE NOTE: I am currently going to explain some
    of the basic game mechanics and a couple of tricks
    I've already picked up on. EVENTUALLY I'll start
    putting the stuff that's in the book but, between
    you and me, BUY THE FREAKIN' GAME. It's worth it.
    A. Movement
    Movement is basically a mouse-click away. You move
    your arrow to where you want your character to move,
    left-click, and BAM! You're there. Not that special
    but you can interrupt yourself in mid-movement. This
    will allow you to react a lot quicker and I've noticed
    that this is faster reaction than SC had - which is VERY
    B. Attacking
    Your character begins with a common set of attacks,
    which you can consider at that time the "basics". Most
    characters (?) will have a single attack, a wide-area
    or status effect attack, and two methods of blocking.
    You can only attack bad guys; you'll know there
    is one you can attack because your mouse icon will
    change into a fist as you move it over the bad guy.
    One other aspect of attacking - you can set which 
    attack you want to be your  "default" attack by
    selecting an attack with the menu located directly
    beneath the avatar of the character you are
    currently playing. This probably will change when
    you are working with a full squad. I don't know
    yet, haven't gotten that far.
    You can also use the F# keys to change your attacks
    without having to use the mouse. For example, with
    MinuteMan, F1 is the "Smash", and F2 is the "Strike
    for Liberty". Smash is a single-char attack while
    "Strike for Liberty" is an attack that will affect
    characters within the range of the wide swing.
    C. Leveling Up
    This is VERY important - the points you earn as you
    go through the levels have two important functions;
    first they provide you with actual XP and secondly
    they provide Prestige Points (PP). 
    PP's are used to make your character more "heroic"
    and make other heroes drawn to you. This is how you
    recruit a squad and allows you to buy new abilities.
    You gain more PP by defeating thugs, minions, and
    even level bosses. Each level as X amount of
    thugs per thug type and if you get them all you get
    a bonus.
    Back to the XP. Once you reach enough XP for a new
    level you will find that your HP, Energy, and overall
    stats will change and raise. At the end of every
    mission you will be able to train your character
    which will allow you to use points gained during
    the mission to buy new attacks and other abilities.
    Keep an eye out on new abilities you can buy before
    the following level; for example, MinuteMan will
    beat Mission 2 a lot quicker if he has the 
    "Patriot Missle" ability.
    Keep an eye out on the stage as you proceed through
    it; various new enemies may appear as you progress
    through and you won't get a complete rating if
    you miss one!
    D. Miscellaneous
    You can also use the mouse to grab various items
    within the game, such as Poles, Cars, and other
    items that can be thrown. Your character's
    strength will affect the speed they pick up and
    what they can actually pick up. I assume that
    some characters compensate for this in some
    E. Energy Canisters
    Throughout the game you are going to find some
    canisters that will be able to give you more life,
    more energy, an experience point boost, or a 
    prestige point boost. Each level generally has a
    set of canisters that are visible but there are
    also a few that are hidden. 
    Hidden canisters can be found easily because the
    object they are generally hidden under will radiate
    the glow of the canister since the glow part
    of the energy object will clip outside of the 
    object that's hiding it.
    In some cases it becomes a bit more difficult since
    the object is wide or large. However, you may
    still notice a hint glow. Keep an eye out!
    ******** 4.0 MISSIONS
    4.1 - Mission 1 - Came a Hero!
    Number of Enemies
          Gangster:     01
          Bat Thugs:    18
          Pistol Thugs: 09
          O'Connor:     01  
    As soon as you can gain control of MinuteMan you
    can take two different roads; if you have never
    played the game before, follow the yellow marker
    to the tutorial objectives. If you have played
    before follow the red arrow. However, if you
    have played before and follow the red arrow you
    will miss out on a couple of thugs. 
    Make your way through out the park and try to
    locate all of the thugs. Once you exit the part
    by way of destroying the fence, you can find
    a total of two red energy X canisters and 1
    green energy X canister. One of the red energy
    X canisters is hidden within an air conditioning
    duct on the northeast building; zoom out to see
    all of the buildings overhead and you'll notice
    If you get stuck getting through this level,
    just follow the arrows (yellow or red). Also, as
    you continue, keep an eye back on the park since
    a couple of thugs will appear there as you proceed.
    A good hero must be vigilant!
    The final building you have to get to is on the
    northwest corner of the map. You will notice that
    it has a Pistol Thug on the roof. Ignore this thug
    for now and proceed to the northeast side without
    the Pistol Thug noticing you. You will find one bat
    thug, one pistol thug, and another pistol thug on
    the roof of a nearby building. Take these three out
    then go back to the previous pistol thug. Take him
    out. With the expection of the previous pistol
    thug, if you don't take out the three thugs before
    fighting O'Connor you may defeat O'Connor without
    taking these out and you will not get PP's for them.
    After O'Connor gets out, wait a minute and let him
    head to the back alley. If you scan the alleys that
    are in the block below the block that O'Connor
    is in you will notice a new enemy - a Gangster. 
    Just jump to a roof top near him and jump down behind
    him. He'll be too surprised to attack immediately so
    you can whack him twice and take him out.
    Go back to where O'Connor is and do the same thing;
    it only takes one smash to knock him out.
    If you followed all of the arrows, paid attention back
    on the park, and took out the three thugs at the end
    you should find a perfect completion =)
    Get the PatriotMissle aibility from the training
    centre before continuing.
    4.2 Mission 2 - Strange Visitors Part 1
    Number of Enemies:
           Bat Thugs:    12
           Pistol Thugs: 13
    *NOTE: I think that these enemies may be labled
    alternatively in this stage as "Traitor..." I have
    not noticed any difference between these and the thugs.
    The naming change was probably to fit the scenario.
    Like to walk on roofs? Well, you're going to have to
    in order to get through this mission. One major point
    to stress is that the secondary objective is difficult
    to get but I'll be able to give you a quick hand with
    this ;)
    One MAJOR point - the Pistol Thug is the enemy that
    will always make a break for the alarm house. Take out
    the pistol thug first ALWAYS! The bat thug will just
    try and fight you. 
    Ok, first off, jump to the building on the far south-east
    side of the fenced area. Go to the north-west corner
    of that building and wait a minute; a pistol thug should
    appear that patrols that area. He'll go into the alley way,
    back around to the courtyard, by the wharehouse, and back
    to the walkway towards the alleyway.
    Jump to the rooftop immediately in front of you after he
    goes away. Go to the west end of the roof, jump towards
    the next roof, and then jump to the roof on the south.
    You should be close to the front gate and be able to see
    a bat thug by the gate and two pistol thugs behind him.
    Save your game at this time.
    Keep an eye out on the pistol thug making his rounds; once
    he goes back into the far east alleyway, jump down from
    the north end of the building and run behind the two
    pistol thugs. Don't bother with Strike For Freedom, just
    smash them; one of them may try to run so get them asap.
    If you don't get it right the first time, reload the save
    and try again.
    The bat thug will come out and attack you; whack him out
    and jump back up to the rooftop and wait for the pistol
    thug making his rounds; jump back down behind him and take
    him out as well.
    Jump back to rooftop and make your way on the roofs back
    to the east alley. Save your game. Jump down behind the
    two thugs, preferably from the north rooftop, and take
    them out. The bat thug you left alone in the courtyard will
    come running. Take him out and you've cleared the first
    half of the board. Jump back to the roof and head west.
    Make your way to the north end of the rooftop
    and stun the thug with PM, then jump next to him and
    smash him - make sure he doesn't fall off, which may
    alert the two thugs nearby.
    On the left there are two small bunkers; jump to the
    southern bunker to see one pistol thug and one bat thug
    appear in front of the truck. Jump down BEHIND the truck,
    make your way around, and attack the pistol thug from an
    angle with Strike for Freedom. Take them both out; a third
    pistol thug will run towards the scene - take him out as 
    soon as he gets close to the area. Jump back up IMMEDIATELY
    to the bunker and then to a roof. Save your game and then
    jump back down to the front of the truck.
    Jump to the wharehouse in front of the guard house, and then
    to the large buidling. Jump immediately up and head to the
    west end of the building to see the bat thug and pistol thug
    but don't do anything yet. Keep an eye on their location,
    then jump to the warehouse that's on the north side of the
    building. Once you do two pistol thugs will be visible; had
    you tried to attack the two previous thugs these two pistol
    thugs would have sounded the alarm.
    Jump down behind them and use a high-intensity Strike for
    Freedom to knock them both out. The pistol thug you saw
    before will come running to the scene; you should be able
    to defeat him before he even reaches the alarm.
    Finally, take out the bat thug and jump back up to the
    There are two trucks by the guardhouse where you took out
    two pistol thugs; the north one has a prestige point
    canister. You can break the truck without fear of alarming
    guards. (thanks to shiru_sagasu for this tip)
    Head to the small wharehouse directly next to that
    area to get the cutscene. 
    After the fight is over, wait before using Mentor. Head
    to the building directly to the east and jump up. Head
    north and find that there is still one pistol thug and
    one bat thug guarding the north exit. There is a third
    pistol thug walking from this gate and then south on
    the same walkway.
    Head to the west, jump down, and go around the small
    warehouse. You'll find a red energy X. Use it if you need
    it, then wait for the pistol thug that is walking to head
    past the oil truck. Come out and attack the bat thug
    immediately since the bat thug will be the one in this
    instance to try and go for the alarm. Then, take out the
    pistol thug and the remaining pistol thug. Go back and
    finish the level.
    4.3 Mission 3 - Skating On Thin Ice
    Number of Enemies:
           Ice Queen:     01
           Ice Trooper:   16
           Traitor Thug:  01
           Grenade Thug:  01
           Pistol Thug:   01
           Bat Thug:      06
    You start at the park entrance - don't worry, the
    gate won't cost you PP. Go in and handle the two
    troopers. Unfreeze the citizen and head towards
    the boathouse. Have Mentor enrage two of the ice
    soldiers while minuteman takes care of the rest.
    It's fun to have Mentor play with the troopers,
    especially since they will attack anything that
    hits them, even for a small time after they
    regain consciousness.
    Have mentor move forward and undo the ice on the
    three people behind the boathouse while you move
    minuteman down to the fountain. Minuteman can
    handle all four by himself; have Mentor move
    slightly to the west, just behind the snowdrift,
    and try to get the troopers by the two captured
    civilians to appear. Once they do, enrage two
    of them and keep it up until they are all
    defeated. You may wind up having a total of six
    people come after Mentor but if you play it right
    you'll win.
    In the meantime have Minuteman talk to the two
    cops, and unfreeze the people. As you go around
    the bend to the north you'll hear two thugs
    talking about taking a bat to a parked car; have
    Minuteman take care of it - what will more than
    likely happen is that he'll clip through the
    fence (weird but it can happen) and attack them.
    If you can't clip through the fence, head north
    to find a gap in the north-east corner of the
    fence. Take out the trooper there and
    then proceed to take out the two thugs.
    A woman may scream for help and a second
    objective may appear; you have to go help her
    from four thugs. They will be in front of the
    north side of the boathouse. There will also
    be a Pistol Thug and a bat thug to the north
    west, by an Energy X canister for energy.
    After this, you will probably have to deal
    with Ice Queen. She'll have two troopers with her.
    Take out all of the soldiers and make sure none of
    them exit the park to attack civilians. 
    I've noticed that sometimes if Ice Queen
    shows up before the woman screams for help
    the secondary objective will not show up.
    You can still force it to show up if you
    can see a woman in front of the boathouse and a
    cop behind her. Just run towards them with both
    Mentor and Minuteman and the action should kick in.
    If this is the case, wait until the Ice Queen is stunned
    before going to take care of the thugs.
    ******** COPYRIGHT
    Freedom Force, and all named characters from
    this game, are Copyright 2002 Irrational Games
    LLC. Electronic Arts is Copyright 2002 Electronic
    Arts,Inc. and Crave Games is Copyright 2002 Crave
    All content here has been written for
    free by sidephase@therealms.net. 
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