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    Additional Gameplay Information by PKarsanow

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                                Freedom Force
                       Additional Gameplay Information
              by Peter Karsanow - hentaihelper[AT}dellepro{DOT)com
                            v1.01  28 August 2002
    Based on info found (or not) in Jortiz's Freedom Force FAQ v0.6,
    Nicadeamus' FAQ v1.0 [really big thanks to him!], Unsub's Character 
    Guide v1.0, and Sherwin Tam's Campaign Guide v0.2.
    v1.01 - 28 August 2002, Minor editing to make this suitable for 
            GameFAQs submission. Warning: I haven't tried the patch to 
            see if it fixes any of these Quirks or bugs!
    v1.00 - 17 May 2002, after finishing the game and posting lots of 
    Jortiz's FAQ has lots of terminology errors, and it appears he thinks 
    it's 2003 already (game released March-April 2002). After I got past 
    the few missions covered by Jortiz, I relied heavily on Nicadeamus' 
    work. Unsub was useful for trying to decide on which characters to 
    select for missions. Sherwin Tam's was most useful to me in knowing 
    which powers to use at lower power or avoid.
    I attempted to keep spoilers to a minimum, and mark unavoidable ones.
    A lot of the "Quirk" entries have been posted on the official Freedom 
    Force Community Center Technical Issues forum back in May 2002.
    Common Abbreviations:
    MM = Minuteman
    NW = Nuclear Winter
    MOW = Man O' War
    LL = Liberty Lad
    DV = Deja Vu
    Prestige Point values are for a "Normal" difficulty campaign, in case 
    they're different at another level.
    Mission #01: "Came a Hero!"
    Quirk: You can beat up the Minuteman statue, but you can't destroy it!
    SPOILER: To avoid having to run away from the collapsing building, use 
    the "Strike for Liberty" on the Pistol Thug on top of the roof. You'll 
    usually knock him off the roof with the knockback. You can then 
    Interrogate him where he lands. Also, to be nice, wait until there are 
    no pedestrians near the building so they don't get wiped out when it 
    comes down. END SPOILER.
    Do a quick-save (F11) just before you interrogate O'Connor. Do a zoom-
    out and check for baddies anywhere else. The Gangster is a bonus, but 
    the true secret bonus is the green (XP) canister under the dumpster 
    near him.
    Make sure you knock out the two thugs that surrendered earlier. You 
    can't get rid of them until you move past what they tell you about, but 
    you have to go back and tie up these loose ends to get a perfect score.
    A perfect run of mission #01 gets you 410 Prestige, 1200 CP/XP.
    Buy "Minute Missile" by raising "Eternal Vigilance" to at least level 
    3, then you can buy the new power. Personally, I later raised this 
    passive defense all the way, and never used the active defense.
    Mission #02: "Strange Visitors" (Parts 1 and 2)
    Quirk: You can be run over by moving cars! In fact, they'll knock you 
    down and push you in front of them until you're knocked out, or they 
    stop for some reason or turn. Most of the time they'll stop for you, 
    but in some cases they won't.
    Quirk: If you throw a car at a building that's too close, it will 
    bounce back and hurt quite a bit! (It may even knock you in front of a 
    moving car...)
    Don't miss the Prestige canister barely visible underneath a truck by 
    the guardhouse on the upper left (northwest) of the compound.
    An Experience canister is hidden under a shipping container in the far 
    upper right (northeast) of the compound; it's the closest one to the 
    NO Interlude: A perfect run of mission #02 gets you 580 Prestige, but 
    there's no chance to improve the characters or examine Mentor before 
    you charge into "Strange Visitors Part 2".
    There are no canisters at all in this part; you just have to take it 
    slow and easy. I kept Mentor far in the back except for the very 
    beginning, when it turned into a madhouse with enemies and heroes 
    running all over for a while. When it calmed down, I then kept 
    Minuteman running for fuel tanks to throw at enemies from very far 
    away. Took out Sukhov with one, but I had originally hoped to nail him 
    with a TNT box...
    Anyway, a perfect run of this part gets you 356 more Prestige, for a 
    total of 936 for this whole mission.
    Mission #03: "Skating on Thin Ice" (Parts 1 and 2)
    This is the first mission you can use a custom character. You'll get to 
    use it in both parts [MINOR SPOILER: even though Minuteman and Mentor 
    aren't available at the start of part 2]. 
    Quirk: Minuteman can "clip" through the fence to attack the thugs 
    talking about vandalizing a car, but then he often can't get back 
    without breaking the fence!
    Don't miss the pistol thug trying to be a 3-card Monte dealer on a 
    sidewalk. Minuteman won't talk to him, but Mentor gets some droll 
    dialogue before a fight starts; the second time, I just had MM whack 
    him and still got the points.
    Part 1 ends when you interrogate the Ice Queen.
    My score for Part 1 is 611 Prestige, but I may have missed XP and 
    Prestige canisters since I didn't find any of those.
    Again, NO chance to do anything for the characters between parts 1 and 
    Also, hero HP and EP always start at full in the next part.
    There's an XP canister (good for El Diablo) hidden in a garbage can in 
    Part 2, You may have to destroy all the garbage cans in the park to 
    find it. The trigger for this is to talk to the man and woman in the 
    square paved area to the right from where you start.
    This isn't the place where I learned this, or verified it, but here's 
    the first place you could use it: Thanks to "brikov", who posted it at 
    gamefaqs.com, for discovering that you can have multiple heroes Use a 
    canister at once. Just pause the game, have all the heroes that you 
    want around the canister (close by - do a Move To first), give them all 
    the Use Canister command, then unpause. You'll see it work if you get 
    multiple messages in the message window. I verified this myself with 
    the XP canister in mission #07, but it should work everywhere.
    Part 2 doesn't end when you destroy the pumphouse, but when you 
    interrogate the last Ice Queen that comes at you from the street.
    A perfect run of part 2 gets you 780 PP, for a total of 1391 on this 
    mission. While you get a chance to save the game, unless you gave the 
    XP canister to somebody besides El Diablo, nobody will go up a level 
    due to this mission. Also, if you added a (cheap one if you weren't 
    cheating) custom character at the beginning of this mission, you won't 
    regain the Prestige cost by dismissing the character now. And you can't 
    use any custom characters in the next mission anyway!
    Mission #04 - "A Nuclear Winter" (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
    After two big waves of enemies, part 1 turns into another throwing 
    exercise to knock out the turrets using snowballs and oil drums. But 
    the last (far end from your start point) is actually the easiest; just 
    destroy the big oil tank!
    Quirks: The turrets can be stunned, and I was unable to destroy the 
    turret stands completely.
    You can accidentally trigger the Mentor line about unique knowledge 
    without the target enemy being visible. If you get a red arrow pointing 
    to a specific point on the far end of the carrier, but you see nothing 
    there, you got the same thing I did. Just creep closer and you'll see 
    what the problem is. SPOILER: Use an oil drum to fry it from down on 
    the ice. END SPOILER
    Two troopers are on the highest point of the carrier, and one more is 
    on a platform opposite from the last turret. Mentor was able to 
    alternately enrage the two until one was left with only 3 HP; 
    unfortunately, El Diablo got frozen in mid-air trying to take him out, 
    and took 13 HP falling out of the ice. ARG!
    I found only 2 energy canisters and 1 HP canister, all very obvious if 
    you zoom out. There may be more if you destroy all the fighters and 
    stuff, but I didn't bother.
    Just like the other multi-part missions, you get a status and save 
    interlude before part 2. I got 560 Prestige, and except for any hidden 
    bonus canisters, that was a perfect run.
    Part 2 has 4 obvious energy canisters, only 1 HP canister, and a bunch 
    of snowballs and oil drums and TNT boxes just waiting for you (or an 
    Ice Queen) to throw.
    Quirk: The ships can't be damaged.
    End part 2 by "Investigate" on Man-Bot. A perfect run is 1040 more, for 
    a total of 1600.
    Part 3 begins rather quickly; you should send El Diablo up to see what 
    all the screaming is about, while Minuteman and Man-Bot deal with the 
    locals and then provide backup. Mentor should either throw light items 
    that go boom, or mess with people's heads like he usually does.
    Quirk: At least 4 of the street lights don't actually cast light onto 
    the ground surfaces; there's nothing below them to show the light 
    that's supposed to be up there. In fact, it appears the lights 
    throughout the game were pre-rendered onto the surface textures, 
    because they don't change if you destroy the light poles.
    Quirk: Damage decals don't come back if you reload a saved game.
    Quirk: If you're running an ATI Radeon video card like I was, you may 
    think that Irrational should have put some street lights on the 
    street. Try turning off the W-buffer in Control Panel / Display / 
    Advanced / Direct3D to make it noticeably brighter. Others may have 
    to fiddle with the gamma controls in the display properties.
    The trick to this part is not to trigger too many enemies at once; MM 
    or El Diablo should creep up and stop whenever the voice says something 
    about spotting enemies (it differs from hero to hero). 
    Take it very slow and easy until you get close to the bomb and truck 
    where Nuclear Winter makes his last stand.
    Quirk: Canisters don't get destroyed.
    You still can't damage the ships in part 3. There's an Ice Queen 
    standing on one that may get slightly moved so she's nearly invisible 
    while standing almost entirely inside the ship.
    Quirk: There is a range to an enemy where you will suddenly see the 
    enemy appear on the map. A little further in, and this might depend on 
    the hero involved, you should get a voice indication that the hero has 
    spotted the enemy. Usually further in than that, the enemy will notice 
    the hero and react. I think the range at which you can damage the enemy 
    with thrown objects is at the "hero notices enemy" point, although I've 
    had several cases where thrown snowballs do nothing at all to Frost 
    Warriors or Ice Troopers.
    Ice Queens are effectively stronger than Minuteman; they can lift up a 
    2640 pound shipping container! (MM can't.) It turns out they have the 
    Heavy Lifting attribute.
    Quirk: Objects in the game are really weighed in kilograms, that's why 
    you see values like 110 and 220 pounds. Some of the values are a bit 
    off, but in most cases it doesn't matter.
    There's a health canister under one of the shipping containers near the 
    street, close to the other one visible under a pile of snowballs.
    If you're careful, you can whittle down the enemies and leave the big 
    guy for last. SPOILER: I was able to bean him with an oil drum before 
    the cinematic started, making it a lot easier to take him down when 
    combat resumed. END SPOILER
    Quirk: Any objects picked up by heroes before the cinematic starts will 
    be gone when it's over.
    As Nicadeamus says in his FAQ, have Minuteman run for the bomb and 
    leave NW to the other heroes. You have to Move To the bomb before the 
    cinematic, then Examine after it, and once Minuteman speaks Move To 
    again, finally Disarm. I won't tell you how many times the bomb went 
    off on me because I thought you were supposed to run away, or destroy 
    the bomb, instead of the second Move To.
    I got 1310 Prestige from this part, but the game gave me 2160 for the 
    previous 2 parts instead of 1600, for a total of 3470. Something 
    doesn't add up. And somehow I missed credit for 3 Ice Queens, because I 
    only had 2/2, yet I remember there being 5 just like Nicadeamus's FAQ 
    says. I had El Diablo cover the map before going after NW, just to make 
    sure there was nobody else lurking.
    Interlude: Before going on, you should have at least one hero go up a 
    level from all this, and you've got 600 CP to allocate to the one(s) who 
    do. Sadly, Man-Bot doesn't get any this time, and neither does any 
    custom hero you added earlier.
    Quirk: If you view the melee attack by an Ice Queen, she doesn't 
    rotate. I wasn't able to find a consistent pattern to which attacks 
    rotate and which don't, although melee attacks usually don't and other 
    attacks usually do.
    MISSION #05 - "In The Nick Of Time" (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
    Part 1 is Mentor and Man-Bot; it ends when you interrogate the thug who 
    runs then gives up. You should look for and defeat the 3 other pairs of 
    bat thugs in the alleys. Before you really start, have Man-Bot go and 
    use the XP canister. Last thing you should do is have Mentor go and use 
    the Prestige canister (100 bonus) in the opposite corner of the map; 
    Man-Bot takes too long to go that far.
    Quirk: You don't have to talk to the Police Chief. As soon as one of 
    the heroes gets close enough to the scene, the police and robbers start 
    a shootout. The police can actually take down the robbers and destroy 
    the vehicle by themselves. You don't miss the 20 points either!
    Quirk: Nick Craft can lose this mission for you by being run over by a 
    car, even though other civilians knocked down by cars often take no 
    Although Nicadeamus says there are only 4 thugs with guns, I got scored 
    for 5. I didn't actually see them; the police took care of them all for 
    A perfect run of this one gets you 420 Prestige.
    Part 2 is El Diablo solo; I found the easiest way to take out the 
    multiple gun-toting enemies on the roof of the cinema was to grab the 
    Quirk: I nearly lost some points because one civilian insisted on 
    runnning in front of cars several times. I even spotted him running 
    into stopped cars, going "Oof!" and falling down, but not taking any 
    Quirk: The last two gun thugs ended up in the alley behind the cinema, 
    along with Nick Craft. I only saw one at first, so El Diablo jumped 
    down and started punching. The first one went down quickly, then I was 
    surprised by a second one who was practically standing inside El 
    A perfect run of this one is another 226 Prestige; I don't know why 
    this strange number, as I didn't think I missed anyone.
    Part 2 ends when you interrogate the gangster.
    Part 3 is everybody, although Minuteman is in trouble at first. This 
    one, you supposedly have to hurry to defeat the enemies - especially 
    the big guy - in a hurry. Part 3 ends when you talk to Nick Craft after 
    all the enemies are defeated.
    Quirk: I got 206 Prestige from this part, but again the game can't add 
    and gave me 1066 more for the previous 2 parts instead of 646. Now that 
    this has happened twice, it looks like the game is giving you twice the 
    Prestige for the first part of a 3-part mission.
    Quirk: If you're like me and had Man-Bot get the first XP canister, and 
    El Diablo get the second (or else you skipped that one), Man-Bot gets 
    600 XP for his, and El Diablo only gets 300!? Or maybe this is again 
    the double-counting bug at work...
    Apparently, the game gives each character 600 CP when they go up a 
    level, 0 otherwise. Part of the decision-making process during the 
    training phase is deciding to save up for the expensive new powers and 
    attributes, or just maxing out what you already have first.
    Quirk: On Man O' War, the Electric Arc and Pressure Punch don't rotate 
    him either. Maybe really short (<2.5 seconds) animations don't rotate 
    the figure when you view the animation...
    Quirk: The hit men (and gangster from mission #01) aren't in the 
    database of enemies now. The gangster is added later after another 
    appearance in the game, but the hit men never appear, even after you 
    see more of them later.
    MISSION #06 - "Prehistoric Panic"
    Minuteman is unavailable for this one, and El Diablo must be included. 
    You can finally use custom heroes again! If you got everything so far, 
    and didn't spend any of it, you should have about 7400 to spend; that's 
    enough to get you only one of Man O' War or Sea Urchin. As Nicadeamus 
    says, Speed is of the essence in this one; Sea Urchin is the only 
    built-in character fast enough to chase raptors and take them down 
    without running out of energy. El Diablo is just a mite too slow on the 
    ground, and you can't easily have him fly about flaming things without 
    running out of energy or destroying too much stuff. Finally, you can 
    only pick 3 characters as Alchemiss is made the 4th (or 1st unless you 
    rearrange them) once you start.
    You should have little trouble finding the XP canister and Prestige 
    canister, but read Nicadeamus' FAQ to get the XP one.
    Except for custom heroes, only El Diablo can get to the rooftops in 
    this one, and there are a lot of things (enemies, canisters, and one 
    special object) up on rooftops in this mission. In some cases, you'll 
    have to get raptors down so the rest of the group can efficiently fight 
    Some of the raptors are apparently given the goal of going after 
    civilians. After Alchemiss did a Repulsion on one that hurt a male, it 
    went after another male near where it landed, and took him out before 
    the heroes could get to it: -25 points! Just wounding somebody, or only 
    partially destroying a building, has no penalty.
    Quirk: I spotted one light pole in the park, near the statue and the 
    Prestige canister, with the base up in the air. It caused some strange 
    effects, like Man-Bot's head disappearing when he walked under it; 
    while Man-Bot had a Wield command for it, he didn't do anything. I've 
    seen some posts on the Community Center at the FF site that complained 
    about the characters being effectively drawn under the map terrain, but 
    this is the first time that I noticed an object at the wrong altitude.
    Make sure you've taken out all the enemies on the map before you have 
    Alchemiss attempt to close the portal. If you haven't gotten all the 
    raptors (thugs are ignored for this), red arrows will appear to show 
    you where any you missed are hiding.
    When Alchemiss tries to close the portal (you must use her Close 
    Portal command on it), the biggest of the bunch will appear nearly on 
    top of her. But with everybody ready, you can take it down rather 
    Maximum prestige for this mission depends on how long you want to stand 
    ready in front of the portal, waiting for random raptors to arrive. The 
    values in the Nicadeamus FAQ are close to the minimum. It's easy to get 
    a few hundred more points, but it's boring to wait, and annoying to 
    chase raptors around before somebody (in my case Sea Urchin) can 
    finally put it down. You get 100 for the Prestige canister from the 
    park. I got a total of 1505: 14 Raptors * 20, 9 Wild Raptors * 30, 10 
    Tough Raptors * 40, 5 Thugs with Bat * 5, 5 Thugs with Gun * 12, & 1 
    T-Rex * 150. If you don't wait around, you should get about 1245 
    Interlude: Again, the new team member - Alchemiss in this case - gets 
    "Non-Squad" XP for participating. El Diablo got 300 extra XP for the XP 
    canister. If you can, get Electron Beam for Mentor if you haven't 
    Quirk: The Unsub character guide for FF mentions that you see the text 
    box for "Flier" if you let the cursor stay below the last known 
    attribute (including those you haven't bought yet) for a hero. 
    Actually, it depends on what you've been looking at already; I got it 
    to show me the text for "Nimble" once, and I've seen others.
    MISSION #07 - "Here Today, Gone Forever"
    This one is designed to force you to move quickly from "fire" to 
    "fire," as it were. You have to take Minuteman and El Diablo, and have 
    room for 2 others. Because the ants don't move too far from the 
    anthills, you can get by with Man-Bot in this one, but he may show up 
    at the very end of dealing with one anthill just in time to start 
    moving everyone towards another one or two.
    Quirk: Both Man-Bot and Alchemiss refused to go through a narrow alley 
    with two crates in it; they tried to go the long way around the 
    building instead. I guess heroes don't know how to jump on top of 
    crates or edge past them. Later on, I saw Deja Vu running on top of 
    parked cars, but I guess a 2-foot-high wooden crate is an 
    insurmountable obstacle unless you have the Jumper attribute.
    You can lose lots of Prestige due to the actions of the ants, or 
    accidental/side-effect damage by the heroes. Remember that completely 
    destroying a building, or knocking out a civilian, is what costs you 
    Prestige; no penalty for partial destruction or wounding.
    As Nicadeamus says, you can get any number of ants to come out of an 
    anthill, so the amount of Prestige you get is determined solely by how 
    quickly you destroy anthills, and how much effort you expend in killing 
    ants vice the anthill. Note that any live ants nearby are removed the 
    moment you destroy the anthill, and you apparently don't get any credit 
    for them.
    Quirk: Man-Bot got apparently run over by a bus during one run of this 
    mission. I didn't notice it was moving because of the way I was popping 
    from one character to another; and then I thought for a while an ant 
    was carrying it! At one point, Man-Bot was hidden from view inside the 
    middle of the bus, then he was suddenly catapulted out of it and flew 
    over the just-closed anthill to land with about 80 HP missing. Ow! 
    Anyway, watch out for vehicles moving around during this one; they will 
    often drive right over an anthill you just closed, or will drive right 
    into (and crash in front of) an anthill that just appeared. Often, the 
    heroes are safest on the sidewalks or running right down the middle of 
    the street on the yellow line.
    Quirk: I've seen multiple busses driving around with the exact same 
    amount of damage done to them; I don't know how that happened, as they 
    were apparently nowhere ever near ants.
    The XP canister is actually inside/under a water tank on a rooftop; El 
    Diablo picking up the tank made the green glow immediately go away. I 
    was able to get it by carefully zooming in and moving around using the 
    arrow keys until I could actually select the canister and Use it.
    The game engine moves the ants around even if you don't see them, so 
    don't be lax in tackling the ants. Because of Prestige penalties, the 
    variable number of ants you can get rid of, and the damage that can be 
    done to the city, I can't give you a minimum or maximum value for 
    Prestige earned on this mission. In several tries, I got from 315 to 
    This mission ends when you destroy the biggest anthill. Luckily for me, 
    Man-Bot usually ends up the closest when it appears, as he is slow 
    getting to the next-to-last one on the far side of the city.
    You may wonder what's going at the Freedom Fortress, but just train up 
    your characters and save the game as usual.
    Quirk: I finally decided to mention that when you train a hero, then 
    return to the screen where you can select heroes to recruit or dismiss 
    or train, you get no picture of the hero and the "old" CP and 
    recruitment values. Select the hero you just trained to see the updated 
    values and restore the picture.
    Whine: It would be nice if custom characters could "buy back" the "bad" 
    attributes that they started with. For instance, to make a custom 
    character cheap enough to recruit with limited Prestige, you might add 
    things like Beserker and Weak Minded; some of these could be removed 
    for either the cost you paid for them, or some small multiple above 
    that, as the character advances. This would be like the procedure in 
    the Champions RPG of "buying down Disadvantages."
    Quirk: Custom characters can only buy one new Attribute each time they 
    Mission #08 - "City of Darkness"
    El Diablo isn't available for this one, and Man-Bot is mandatory; 
    choose 3 others to go underground, including your custom heroes.
    Quirk: If you damage The Ant when you see him the second time, say by 
    throwing an explosive mushroom at him, he won't sustain the correct 
    amount of damage. I saw a "78" appear above him in the explosion, but 
    he showed 10 HP remaining just before he disappeared. I'm not sure you 
    could actually kill him, say by having somebody strong like Man-Bot or 
    Minuteman throw a mushroom, instead of Sea Urchin like I used. He's 
    probably rigged to not be killed no matter what you do, though.
    SPOILER: In the second city cavern, break the wall to the next area by 
    throwing a mushroom at it; odds are you'll take out one of the 3 
    Soldier Ants hiding behind the rocks. END SPOILER
    The Blue Darkmen have the ability to go invisible, but they have to 
    turn visible to attack. Be quick on the pause key! They also have some 
    kind of electric defense, which even affects Man O' War. MOW is 
    definitely _not_ the best character to deal with Darkmen.
    Quirk: The heroes can detect those ants behind the wall, even if you 
    can't see them. I got both Mentor and Man-Bot to say their "I sense 
    enemies" line when picking up mushrooms near the rocks.
    Quirk: When The Ant shows up a third time, he's back to full HP, even 
    if you damaged him before. OK, OK, he's there to push the story, not be 
    an enemy. But why does his status bar say "Mysterious Mimic of the 
    Emmet Empire"? BTW, when I got MOW to throw a mushroom at The Ant, it 
    did more than enough damage to KO, but all I saw was Stunned, and his 
    HP stayed at 10 even after a few more hits from Sea Urchin and MOW; The 
    Ant just delivered his line and dug a hole to escape again.
    Now, I don't know if The Ant will simply escape again when he appears 
    on the street in the third city cavern, but I again beat the snot out 
    of him with MOW & Sea Urchin, and again he escaped. Warning: he's a 
    fast mover compared to the other enemies!
    SPOILER: After destroying the wall out of the third city cavern, you 
    see before you a tunnel with a veritable chain of those exploding 
    mushrooms. If you happen to have something to throw in there to set one 
    off, you will get to see an amazing chain reaction that will eventually 
    blow up the rocks at the other end of the tunnel. I counted at least 4 
    KO's in there as well, but 5 or so more Soldier Ants came out, 1 or 2 
    at a time, over the next minute or so. I was also lucky that one 
    mushroom survived at the very end. END SPOILER
    SPOILER: If you wiped out the tunnel like I did, and then the 
    procession of Soldier Ants after that, then you'll find only one last 
    enemy in the final city cavern. And that's The Ant, again. But this 
    time he'll stay down. END SPOILER
    This mission ends when you Interrogate The Ant.
    Why the last city cavern has several energy canisters is beyond me, as 
    I had only one short combat here. Once again, my originally 
    questionable decision to bring Sea Urchin on this mission paid off, as 
    I doubt anyone else could have beaten The Ant so quickly, although 
    throwing a mushroom at him first certainly made a big difference!
    Quirk: Man-Bot refers to "The Shadow" in the final cinematic, but I 
    don't recall hearing either she or The Ant use that name earlier. So 
    how did Man-Bot know what to call her?
    Underground buildings (at least 2 of them when I did this mission) 
    getting destroyed doesn't have a Prestige penalty.
    I got 1150 Prestige from this mission, which includes the 100 bonus for 
    the Prestige canister.
    A simply awful FF joke:
    Q: Which member of Freedom Force would make the best TV dinner?
    A: Mentor, because he is "ready to serve" and "for the good 
       of all"!
    The Ant joins Freedom Force for no Prestige cost.
    This time, you train in the tunnel, with an annoying background sound 
    something like a filling bathtub.
    Quirk: When you hover the mouse pointer over the word "Training...", it 
    says you can "Improve Your Character's Stats, Abilities and Powers"; 
    but you can't improve Stats, only Attributes and Powers.
    Quirk: Luckily for you, Shadow is in the database; I guess The Ant told 
    Freedom Force all he knew about her and more. You should therefore 
    choose heroes with Acid or Radiation attacks for this mission.
    Quirk: When you select anyone/anything in the database, you see the 
    rotating animated figure. When you're viewing the selected whatever, 
    you see the rotating animated figure. But when you back out, you see 
    nothing animated or rotating until you select something else; you 
    should at least see what you had selected earlier.
    Mission #09 - "Where Shadows Fall" (Parts 1 and 2)
    You have 4 characters, but one of them must be The Ant, and you can't 
    have Alchemiss; I think custom characters can be in every mission after 
    SPOILER: You should pick a strong character like Minuteman or Man-Bot; 
    you're going to need to knock down some columns in part 2. END SPOILER
    In Part 1, Alchemiss will warn you of an ambush in the first city 
    cavern just as several Blue Darkmen appear. You are supposed to take 
    out a specific one that is running for the next cavern, which I was 
    able to do with a thrown mushroom, but you'll still run into Shadow in 
    the next room.
    In the second room, The Ant will summon 2 Giant Red Ants when Shadow 
    plus several Darkmen appear. Take advantage of their 
    sacrifice/distraction to take out the enemies. Be careful of moving too 
    far forward; several Purple Darkmen lurk behind the far row of 
    buildings and can throw damaging attacks through the buildings as far 
    as the middle of the street.
    You may wonder what happened if you damage Shadow; apparently she goes 
    invisible and flees beyond the second wall of rocks. Nicadeamus' FAQ 
    says you must defeat Shadow in the second cavern before you can proceed 
    to the third, but I found that I didn't actually have to defeat Shadow, 
    just do some damage to her.
    Don't forget to get the XP canister before going beyond the rocks to 
    the third cavern.
    Quirk: When you enter the third cavern, and get close enough to the 
    open doors, a cinematic sequence will run. Anything the characters have 
    picked up will disappear when the sequence is over. "Sandman" confirmed 
    this, saying that it applies to ALL cinematics in the game.
    You should get 595 Prestige for part 1, for 9 Blue and 7 Purple 
    Darkmen. No penalty for destroying underground buildings.
    Nicadeamus also said that The Ant must pull both ropes on either end of 
    the stone doors to open them. It worked for me with The Ant pulling one 
    and Man-Bot another; guess they just both have to be pulled.
    Open the doors and move to the opening to end part 1.
    In part 2, you can either try to take down the 4 columns while staying 
    close to the center, or go running around to each one. I barely 
    succeeded with a combination approach: Man-Bot and Sea Urchin ran to 
    each column and knocked it down, The Ant kept doing Shoves to Shadow 
    and any Darkmen that came near to keep them busy, and Mentor stayed in 
    the center taking down Darkmen with Electron Beam. I nearly lost 
    Mentor, but once Man-Bot got to a column it came down very quickly. I 
    had Sea Urchin and The Ant run for the 2 Prestige canisters when there 
    were opportunities; such as when Shadow accidentally blinded herself.
    My score, including 200 for the 2 canisters, was 965 for part 2, for a 
    total of 1560 on this mission. But I somehow missed several Darkmen 
    (got 8/11 Blue at 30 each, and 3/5 Purple at 35 each), probably because 
    they didn't move close enough to be triggered. Apparently, there is no 
    damage penalty for the 4 columns. I only took out Shadow once while the 
    columns were still up, but when she came back The Ant wore her down and 
    she was easy to defeat once all the columns were down.
    Quirk: People in 1962 didn't say somebody "had issues".
    Mission #10 - "Looking for Trouble" (Parts 1 and 2)
    Before Part 1, you pick 2 characters to go along with Minuteman and 
    Liberty Lad. But only LL plays in this part.
    Quirk: Liberty Lad can hang in mid-air if he's stunned by one of his 
    own Stun Grenades while jumping. He'll complete his movement when the 
    stun wears off.
    I think that some hilarious (to me, anyway) dialogue between two thugs 
    when you first spot them, involving high-energy physics, is in this 
    part of the game.
    Quirk: When Liberty Lad stunned and attacked a Gangster, then jumped 
    back up to a rooftop, the Gangster ran around the corner of the 
    building and began firing at a policeman standing half a block away, 
    instead of running back and forth under LL like I expect. What's worse, 
    the policeman took some damage, but just stood there during several 
    bursts of gunfire.
    Quirk: Liberty Lad can run right through the small "top of the stairs" 
    structures first seen on the top of some buildings on this map. He can 
    also run through the billboards standing on some buildings.
    Quirk: You can return the second purse to the lady standing at a corner, 
    then talk to her and be told her purse was just stolen. What, again!?
    Quirk: The crooked cop that tells you to go to Homer's Electronics is 
    wrong; the sign says "Homer's Electrical Store".
    Nicadeamus missed the first of the secondary objectives: Retrieve the 
    purse from the purse snatcher (40pp).
    As Nicadeamus says, use Stun Grenades to even the odds; hell, I used 
    them to shamelessly take advantage of them! Nearly all the enemies in 
    this part will just mill around aimlessly after they come out of stun, 
    if LL just jumps back up to a rooftop after taking out one or two of 
    their number. I used this principle on as many as 6 thugs at once.
    SPOILER: There's a situation with 2 pistol thugs plus a patrolling 
    gangster. I followed the gangster, and took him out far enough away 
    from the pistol thugs that they didn't notice, then went back for the 
    oblivious pair. END SPOILER
    Quirk: One gangster stationed near a corner is near a building whose 
    rooftop is apparently high enough to put him out of Liberty Lad's 
    "sensor range". I had LL move to the corner of the building, heard 
    nothing, told him to jump down preparatory to crossing the street, and 
    suddenly heard LL speak plus a gangster voice. The gangster began 
    running, and soon it was over; but LL didn't say anything until he got 
    down to the ground, as if the top of the high building put the gangster 
    on the ground out of range.
    I got 470 Prestige for Part 1, plus 2 XP canisters.
    This part ends when LL hides in the truck.
    In Part 2 you are introduced to Law and Order, then Microwave. Order is 
    not under your control, and will usually go around destroying 
    warehouses until knocked out, or just close to it. For me, he stopped 
    moving when thugs with pistols whittled him down to 17 HP. So, I had to 
    do the last warehouse and a half on my own.
    SPOILER: Maybe it depends on which warehouse (the 20 HP kind only) that 
    you destroy last, but Pinstripe and Microwave, plus 3 Gangsters, showed 
    up for me in the area near the guardhouses near the last warehouse. You 
    could set up your heroes, except for the one destroying the last 
    warehouse, in that vicinity to get an advantage in the final combat. In 
    fact, by carefully leaving the part of the warehouse near the 
    guardhouse for last, you won't have a hero miss the fight. END SPOILER
    Quirk: Order is restored to full HP during the cinematic when Pinstripe 
    appears, but your heroes aren't.
    This part ends when you take down Pinstripe.
    A perfect run of this mission, including getting the Prestige canister 
    on top of the warehouse in Part 2, should get you 1711 Prestige.
    Quirk: That Prestige canister can hang in mid-air if you destroy parts 
    of the building underneath.
    Unless you added a lot of custom characters, or used a Prestige cheat, 
    this should be the first time you have more than one full screen of 
    Quirk: The "Up" and "Down" buttons don't indicate if nothing will 
    happen when you push them. You just have to try, and try the other one 
    if you're already at the end of the list.
    The 2 XP canisters in Part 1 should have given Liberty Lad a total of 
    900 XP for the mission. Liberty Lad should get Danger Sense right away.
    It's your option, if you can afford it, to get Law & Order and/or 
    Bullet or wait. You'll get Microwave on the team for free regardless.
    Mission #11 - "Wanted - The Minuteman" (Parts 1, 2, 3)
    Surprisingly, Minuteman and Liberty Lad have to go on this one; you'd 
    think MM wouldn't want to confuse everyone by fighting himself, but 
    maybe he just can't stomach letting others ruin his rep. And again 
    Alchemiss is unavailable for some reason; must be more studying or 
    Part 1 could _almost_ be handled by just MinuteMan and Liberty Lad (as 
    long as LL isn't swarmed by enemies and dodges nearly everything). But 
    you'll be glad if you have some other heroes along. Although in my case, 
    I thought Microwave moved too slowly to get involved in most of the 
    This is the first map that I noticed subway entrances and the "Wok n 
    Roll" sign.
    Quirk: After KOing one thug on a rooftop, the money bag appeared inside 
    the building, down at ground level. I wouldn't have noticed it, except 
    for the red arrow pointing to the bag inside the building. And even 
    though Liberty Lad didn't leave the rooftop, I was able to have him 
    Retrieve the bag, and I watched it disappear with him still up on the 
    roof. It also happened with a second bag.
    Watch out for the thugs in this one. Not only do they have more HP (35) 
    than you're used to, they can also jump up onto rooftops.
    Don't forget the XP canister in an alley near one corner of the map.
    Part 1 ends when you Talk to the Bank Manager, who will only appear 
    after you've gotten both bags.
    A perfect run of Part 1 gets you 400 Prestige.
    You'll only have 3 heroes in Part 2; MinuteMan is removed.
    As Nicadeamus says, take out the male clone from a distance; he 
    explodes when you Talk to him.
    There is a health canister under one of the shipping containers near 
    where you see the Minuteman clone.
    Part 2 ends when you interrogate the Minuteman clone. Your total for 
    this mission should now be 880; 400 of it is for Part 1.
    Part 3 is a bit tougher, but only because the cops and civilians get in 
    the way more.
    One trick that I learned from the FF site forums is to disable or stop 
    the cars so they won't run people over; even a mailbox or something in 
    the street will stop them, but you may have to damage a car until it 
    changes graphics for it to stop moving otherwise.
    Get the Prestige canister in the alley before talking to the chief of 
    police at the station.
    SPOILER: Before talking to the chief, put 2 of your heroes near the 
    yellow crosswalk in front of the station. That way, when Deja Vu shows 
    up in that vicinity, you'll be ready. END SPOILER
    Quirk: Actually, the above spoiler can be defeated if you press the Esc 
    key during the cinematic when Deja Vu appears. He will then show up in 
    the alley next to the police station.
    Quirk: Although any "real" police getting KOed before Deja Vu appears 
    will get you a message and lose the secondary objective, afterward it 
    Because Deja Vu can create clones of himself, each worth 400 PP, until 
    he's KOd, there's no telling how much Prestige you can earn from this 
    mission. However, you should get at least 660 from this part, plus 1280 
    from Parts 1 and 2 (there's that double-counting-Part1 bug again). If 
    you stomp Deja Vu right away, you'll get only 400 for him and 400 for 
    each of the 3 clones that you beat (if you let him appear in the usual 
    spot); otherwise, it's however many you can stomach...
    I followed Nicadeamus' advice, and tried playing the final part of the 
    previous mission several times, chasing Deja Vu all over and just 
    beating up his clones (after DV himself was down to about 20 HP). My 
    version of his Deja-Hunter cost me about 7000 Prestige, but I got over 
    8400 one time - enough to afford "Deja-Killer" and also Law & Order 
    too! Deja Vu finally went down to some police bullets, but surprisingly 
    not from the cop who had been firing at point-blank range for a while; 
    it was one of the 3 cops that had chased him a whole block and went 
    down an alley as a group.
    No new characters this time, but you should have enough Prestige now to 
    easily afford at least one of the built-ins.
    Quirk: Minuteman gets XP and can be trained although he's not 
    Quirk: Dwight Arrow is supposed to be a U.S. pilot flying in Vietnam, 
    but the first acknowledged U.S. air attack on North Vietnam wasn't 
    until 1964.
    Mission #12 - "Deja Who" (Parts 1 and 2)
    You get only 3 characters to start with in Part 1; one must be Liberty 
    Lad, and Minuteman is unavailable for obvious reasons.
    Watch out for enemies hiding under trees or in bushes.
    Quirk: You can't do more than half (100) damage to the statue in this 
    part, or those in Part 2. Why the game lets you attack them at all is a 
    Part 1 ends after you free Minuteman and then Talk to him. I got 710 
    Prestige here.
    Part 2 starts with a surprise grand melee; the only tough part for me 
    was that Order went beserk and nearly blew up everyone by hitting the 
    male civilian.
    Quirk: Order's beserk status was removed by the cinematic that you get 
    when somebody KOed the cloned MM. Since this can happen during combat,
    it's kind of disconcerting to have the status disappear.
    While any hero(es) can scour the park for clones, only LL can 
    Interrogate them. Some of the ones who give up will heal back up to 
    full if you wait, but they won't fight back after you Interrogate 
    them. Make sure you KO them to get all the Prestige.
    If you really want to solve the puzzle, instead of just triggering MM 
    clones and beating them for the Prestige, look closely at the pedestals 
    and you'll see numbers.
    I was able to release and fight all the fakes, I guess Nicadeamus 
    missed something somehow.
    Don't forget the XP canister under a tree near a corner. You may want 
    to let Eve use it, as she won't get any XP for this mission otherwise.
    Part 2 ends when you free the correct MM.
    DO you want to see the Freedom Flyer? Just wait, you'll see it in a 
    little while...
    With the 710 from Part 1, you should get a total of 2350 Prestige from 
    this mission.
    Eve automatically joins the Freedom Force.
    Last chance to create a Deja-Hunter/Killer! Mine used the "Black Widow" 
    version of Alchemiss that's available without downloading any skins, 
    and the "Shadow" voice. Compared to Nicadeamus' specs, mine had lower 
    STR but higher ENG, and cost about 7,000. I also used the name "Deja-
    Killer", because I tweaked mine from Nicadeamus' recipe. This character 
    became the only custom that I used more than once in the game (my first 
    custom was a really cheap thing immune to cold to use in mission #3).
    Mission #13 - "Seeing Double"
    Pick 3 characters to go along with Eve, just not Man-Bot. If you 
    created a Deja-Hunter custom character, this is the perfect time to use 
    Quirk: I spotted several out-of-control dynamic shadows on several 
    buildings. The first is, from where the heroes start, forward and to 
    the right; it's a stone portico on a rectangular college building 
    facing the "quad". The shadow moves around as your viewpoint shifts. 
    The two domed buildings on either side of the one with the cloning ray 
    also have small dynamic shadows that move about.
    This mission should be tackled in 3 parts. First, work your way around 
    the map taking out clones, but be careful not to be shot by that 
    cloning ray. This just makes it easier when you are hunting Deja Vu 
    clones later. Second, destroy the shield generators and then the 
    cloning ray itself. This triggers the appearance of Deja Vu. Chasing 
    him and taking out his clones, and eventually him, is third and final.
    If you're using a Deja-Hunter/Killer custom, you can hide below the 
    Cloning Ray's pedestal (i.e. below where it can shoot at you) and throw 
    acid attacks at it to knock it out.
    Even if you do use a Deja-Hunter/Killer custom, Deja Vu can get out of 
    control by jumping up and down between the ground and rooftops, and can 
    create several clones in a row. Sometimes the clones show up at the 
    other altitude. And the clones can run fast enough that even a SPD 9 
    character can chase one for a while just constantly swinging at him 
    without actually attacking. Note that if you build using Nicadeamus' 
    recipe, a level 1 acid attack won't work often enough unless you over-
    power it. But that costs energy, which the recipe has as ENG 1. I 
    therefore strongly suggest that you lower STR and raise ENG. If you're 
    lucky, you will only be using the acid attack on the real Deja Vu once, 
    and you won't burn off all his HP with it. After that, you'll be 
    chasing Deja Vu around, and then using the melee attack (because it's 0 
    energy), or the acid attack if a clone gets too far away. I was lucky 
    that one use of an acid attack took the original Deja Vu down to only 8 
    HP, so the clones had only 4, making it very easy from then on.
    Quirk: Clones that appear in the black area off the map were ignored by 
    my Deja-Killer custom until they moved a bit into "fair territory".
    Quirk: There's no way to tell a hero to just follow somebody. You have 
    to constantly change the movement destination. Clicking on the person 
    will actually instruct the hero to carry out the default attack (which 
    is sometimes what you want to do), but not when you're trying to follow 
    around DV and only attack the clones...
    Quirk: You can left-click and drag to open up a translucent window on 
    the screen. It has some interesting size constraints, but doesn't seem 
    to do anything. The window will disappear when you let up on the mouse 
    button. While at first I thought it was supposed to let you select 
    multiple characters, it doesn't.
    Quirk: Eve either had a rare miss, or she decided to shoot the original 
    Deja Vu instead of holding fire because the clone she was originally 
    told to shoot had just been KOed by my Deja-Killer. Probably my fault 
    for assuming that the game would avoid attacking because the targetted 
    enemy was gone.
    Well, this is another mission where you could get any amount of 
    Prestige because of the nearly infinite Deja Vu clones you could knock 
    out. The minimum would be something like 1585.
    Hopefully, you got enough Prestige that you can afford Bullet. That's 
    the last of the built-in heroes; the 3 others available if you have the 
    EB pre-order disc or modify your init.py file are something else. I 
    don't know when those 3 are supposed to get recruited, but none of them 
    showed up now or before the end of the game when I modified the init.py 
    file after already starting a campaign. The 3 are in the Multiplayer 
    list if you want to look at them, though.
    Check out the stats on the Cloning Ray in the Database! It's a good 
    thing that I took out the shield generators first, or I guess I would 
    have been wasting my time trying to destroy it otherwise.
    Mission #14 - "Robots on the Rampage" (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
    You have to take Man-Bot, and you can't take Mentor. Well, you should 
    know that you're going up against giant robots. Man O' War should do 
    well; Minuteman and those vulnerable to radiation should stay home. I
    started off with Man O' War (Flier, but nothing else added over 
    starting powers), Sea Urchin, and El Diablo. They did extremely well in 
    part 1, keeping the destruction down to 3 complete buildings and 2 more 
    partials. I sent El Diablo over to grab the XP canister on the rooftop 
    without too much regard for him needing the XP; he's useful, but all he 
    managed to do in the first part was turn two destroyed buildings into 
    smaller rocks.
    Nicadeamus and I both got 9 robots, but the screen after part 1 says 
    "9/10"; if somebody knows where another robot might be lurking, let us 
    I got only 375 Prestige from part 1: each building destroyed is a 20 
    point penalty.
    Part 2 is another exercise in fighting "fires" as quickly as possible; 
    as soon as you beat one group of Mech-Men, another seems to appear, 
    sometimes right behind you! I found it helpful to usually use Man O' 
    War as the initial attacker, El Diablo to throw in Inferno when the 
    fight wasn't too close to the large building you're trying to protect, 
    Man-Bot to Transfer to keep the other two going and Focus once in a 
    while, and Sea Urchin to throw acid bombs when she got a chance and 
    dart in to finish off the blanked or stunned robots with low HP. She's 
    the only one that took serious damage, when one robot took a swing at 
    her that flung her quite a ways.
    I got 1175 total Prestige for parts 1 and 2.
    Part 3 might seem even tougher, but the objective is apparently lost 
    only if all 4 corner statues _and_ the spire are destroyed, as the 
    robots destroyed one statue on me without stopping play. Just work your 
    way around, quick as you can, and that will put an end to the Mech-Men. 
    If at all possible, try to keep heroes up in the air; that way only the 
    Flame Mechs can easily target them. You won't believe how much 
    knockback one of your heroes will take if a regular Mech-Man connects.
    As always, even though you should get 425 Prestige for completing Part 
    3, the game reports 1550 from "Previous Mission" instead of 1175, for a 
    total of 1975.
    Quirk: It's possible for a hero to appear to gain more than one level 
    in a mission! I managed to get 900 XP for El Diablo because he got the 
    XP canister in part 1 of the mission. Given the bug that I described 
    earlier, the 300 XP for the canister was doubled, then El Diablo got 
    the normal 300 XP for being on the mission. Voila, 900 XP, and I was 
    lucky that he must have been at least half-way to the next level 
    because he got 1200 CP in the hero listing. Except that when I went to 
    train, he had only 600+ CP. Bogus!
    Quirk/SPOILER: The stats for Mr Mechanical are in the Database already! 
    Looks like you'll need to power-up Man O' War and Alche-Miss for that 
    one, and keep everyone away from those big feet. END SPOILER
    If somebody has gotten to this point WITHOUT recruiting Bullet, can you 
    let us know if he still appears in the Mission Briefing?
    Mission #15 - "Destruction Production"
    Minuteman puts himself on the squad for this one, and for some reason 
    The Ant doesn't want to go underground this time. I used Bullet for 
    quickly running over to Override Turret, Man O' War for robot-
    electrifying fun, and Man-Bot for Transfer and Disruption of everything 
    that isn't a railing (leave those to Minuteman - sorry!). After the 
    fact, Bullet and Minuteman were only useful for throwing things.
    Quirk: I was able to get Man-Bot to shoot at the left turret in the 
    first room without it shooting back (because every time I tried to have 
    Bullet run to Override, he got shot), but then I couldn't destroy the 
    console later.
    Quirk: If you zoom way out (you may need to alter the init.py file for 
    this), you can see little bits of other rooms that you haven't gotten 
    to yet, or even Blank status coming off robots you can't see.
    Override Turret seems to only work for one shot, so keep doing it 
    unless you want somebody attacking the turret to be suddenly shot at 
    point-blank range, or a robot attacking the turret to suddenly not have 
    it as an enemy. In fact, because of the way the consoles and turrets 
    are arranged, the only turret that I could get any use out of was the 
    one to the right in the first room. All the others, you can't get to 
    the console without getting shot. SPOILER: So you might as well exploit 
    the slight gap between the turrets having a "Medium" range, and any 
    heroes that have a longer range attack. Those turrets shoot extremely 
    quickly, so you're not going to get them unscathed otherwise. END 
    Quirk: You can't destroy or damage the doors between rooms; they just 
    automatically open when a hero gets close enough.
    Quirk: "Houston, we have a problem" is an interesting phrase for Bullet 
    to say, but it wasn't until 1970 and Apollo 13 that it would make any 
    sense - not 1962.
    The enemies can usually be taken out one at a time; the significant 
    exception is Flame Mechs, which usually aren't afflicted with Blank and 
    can shoot at fliers. You won't find much to throw until the later 
    rooms, so Minuteman will probably be your least valuable squad member.
    Quirk: Some of the robot bodies remain behind when you destroy them or 
    what they were on. This affects 3 out of the 4 in the repair room.
    Quirk: I'm not sure if this was the graphics starting to go haywire, 
    but my two fliers (Man-Bot and Man O' War) sometimes ended WAY up in 
    the air when flying from one room to another, mostly the last 3 rooms. 
    And somehow they could fly _over_ the door, instead of through it. 
    Maybe changing the zoom settings did it?
    The mission ends when you destroy the 4th generator. You fail if you 
    destroy the reactor instead, but you'll usually only miss 60 points for 
    the primary objective. The only difference is that the game won't let 
    you save the game, encouraging you to try again.
    The enemy list for the mission is strange: 24/23 Mech Men (I guess it 
    counted some hidden in storage boxes) for 840, 5/5 Flame Mech for 250, 
    and Flame Mech (yes, again) for 50.
    Anyway, your Prestige total should be 1420, which includes 100 for the 
    Prestige canister. I cheated by having all 4 heroes grab both the XP 
    and Prestige canisters, so I got 1720 total, and 600 XP for each squad 
    member afterward.
    By the way, if you have enabled the console in your init.py file, when 
    you press the "u" key in the game it will toggle a display of some 
    rendering engine stats, e.g. FPS, # of objects, etc. After a while, it 
    just becomes annoying when you're typing in save game names.
    If you plan to take Man O' War on the next mission, I strongly suggest 
    that you plus-up his Storm Bolt attack if at all possible; having it at 
    level 5 instead of 3 makes a significant different in how fast you can 
    take down a giant robot.
    There's an entry for Mr Mechanical the giant robot in the Database 
    already (although it should have appeared after mission #15 instead of 
    #14, given that you find giant robot parts in one room). Choose your 
    characters and train them accordingly.
    Mission #16 - "The Madness of Mr Mechanical"
    You have to take Microwave on this mission, and can't take Man-Bot.
    Well, the tin can was originally going to be one of my choices to fight 
    a giant robot, so I had to improvise instead. And that meant trouble, 
    no matter what I tried. My first try was Man O' War, Alchemiss and Sea 
    Urchin: Sea Urchin got KOed, and really couldn't attack the giant robot 
    on the ground or go toe-to-toe with Mech-Men. Second try, I pulled out 
    my Deja-Killer (who had been taking a break since #13) and gave her 
    about 900 CP of ranged Electricity attack, plussed-up Man O' War's 
    Storm Bolt to level 5, and left Microwave to mind the Freedom Fortress: 
    the giant robot came down much faster, but Microwave didn't do as well 
    as Sea Urchin against the Mech-Men - Microwave survived but only took 
    down 2, and couldn't run/fly away if they came after him. Your mileage 
    may vary, but I _really_ didn't like Microwave in the squad on this 
    Yay! We finally get to see the outside of the Freedom Fortress! Doesn't 
    it remind you of the building from "Men in Black"? Or the HQ of the old 
    Justice League cartoon? There must be a lot of stuff underground, 
    because that building doesn't look big enough...
    Unless you're really good at using Microwave's Teleport power, he/it 
    moves too slow for this mission. The giant robot moves too fast for 
    Microwave to keep up, making most shots miss because the target moves 
    out of range. SPOILER: Maybe keep Microwave around the Freedom Fortress 
    to fend off Mech-Men. Why Nicadeamus doesn't mention these is unknown, 
    but I guess they can lose the mission for you if you don't take down 
    the giant robot in a hurry. END SPOILER
    This mission ends when the giant robot is KOed, or I guess you could 
    fail by letting the Freedom Fortress be destroyed. Unlike most other 
    missions, there are no breaks to explore the map without penalty.
    You should get 260 Prestige for the objectives; as long as a target 
    building isn't completely destroyed, you get the points for saving it. 
    As Mr Mechanical is at the controls, usually all you have to do is hit 
    the giant robot enough for it to say "I'll take care of you first", and 
    it forgets about the building while it chases you instead.
    Another batch of points is for the enemies: 350 for Mr Mechanical (the 
    giant robot), and up to 6*35 for Mech-Men attacking Freedom Fortress, 
    thus up to 560 more. Take off 20 points for each city building 
    demolished during the robot rampage, maybe add for the Prestige 
    canister under a crate in an alley, and you've got a variable total 
    that I can't predict for you. It probably doesn't matter if you got a 
    lot from Deja Vu clones earlier, anyway.
    Why the Museum of Ancient History? I guess we'll find out...
    Quirk: For once, the Database doesn't tell you anything about the 
    upcoming enemies when it should; if Mentor is already a traitor to the 
    Domain, why not tell Freedom Force about the expected soldiers?
    Mission #17 - "History Lesson"
    You must bring Alchemiss, and Mentor stays behind. Guess he didn't want 
    to risk being a special target of the invaders, or maybe he was afraid 
    his disguise might fail.
    Quirk: The physics model is apparently working even during the 
    cinematics, because somehow my custom Deja-Killer got knocked down by a 
    taxi before the screen "zoomed out", Alchemiss even opened her mouth or 
    the objectives appeared. Not fun to have to start the mission damaged.
    SPOILER: Before anyone goes anywhere, I strongly suggest that you blast 
    a car to the left of your starting position. That way, there will be a 
    lot less traffic to knock down Alchemiss or your other non-fliers. END 
    The aliens that came out of a particular portal disappear (except for 
    Praetor) when that portal is closed. Alchemiss has to be rather close 
    to the portal to do it, and it takes a few seconds; so no letting El 
    Diablo throw Infernos that-a-way! ;)
    The aliens will occasionally turn on shields when they think they're in 
    the middle of a big battle. Surprisingly, although the data says the 
    shields are movable, the aliens just stand there. SPOILER: Acid attacks 
    go right through these shields. And getting the aliens to turn on their 
    shields is a good way to prevent them from even getting close to the 
    museum. END SPOILER
    SPOILER: A Deja-Killer as described by Nicadeamus will do rather well 
    on this mission, if you add something like an Electrical attack (Direct 
    or Ranged with Penetrating). Mine kept one portal busy while the other 
    3 heroes took care of another. The only problem was when an Alien 
    Sergeant blew up half a building under her; turns out that the aliens 
    need to see a hero to attack, so hovering over the middle of a rooftop 
    doing Direct attacks down into the alleys worked like a charm. END 
    Don't forget the XP canister on a rooftop, but wait until before you 
    interrogate Praetor to get it.
    This mission ends when you interrogate Praetor. In my case, he had been 
    acid burned several times, but didn't take truly serious damage until 
    Man-Bot started walloping, and everyone else joined in - even 
    The Prestige from this mission is again very variable, because of the 
    number of Alien Warriors and Alien Sergeants that can come through the 
    portals before you close them, and the damage that can be done to the 
    city. Fulfilling all the objectives gets you 260 points, letting any of 
    the 19 civilians get wiped is -25 each. The portals usually let in 1 
    Alien Sergeant and 2 Alien Warriors each time, so you probably have "n" 
    times 75 and "2n" times 60 points for the enemies, or 195 for each 
    group of aliens that came through a portal. You don't get any points 
    for Praetor.
    Well, the comic book cover during the loading screen, and the green 
    stuff on the ground in the background, sort of give it away. You can 
    expect to need Eve for what's coming up next.
    Quirk: The descriptions are identical for the Alien Sergeant and Alien 
    Warrior, although the Warrior doesn't fly.
    Quirk: After you press the "+" to add the 5th level to a power, when 
    you hover the mouse over the "-" it says "CP RETURN: 0" instead of the 
    correct value (which you do get back if you press "-").
    Mission #18 - "A God Walks the Earth"
    You must take El Diablo and Eve, but nobody else has to stay home.
    To be assigned the secondary objective of unblocking the police 
    station, talk to the policeman near the blocked door. Then destroy, or 
    at least damage further, all 4 vehicles. I had already destroyed 3 of 
    them before talking, and had to throw the 4th one before it was marked 
    The sylphs are apparently active even if you can't see them; while I 
    only saw them take out 1 civilian, the scorecard says I lost 5, for a 
    larger damage penalty than I got in the Mr Mechanical attack!
    SPOILER: Green Sylphs can do acid damage to heroes that hit them with a 
    melee attack, even if they aren't resisting! At least, somehow one of 
    my heroes got acid burnt when roughing up a surrendered Green Sylph in 
    the next mission, and it probably applies here as well. 
    Except for one sylph that I found way up in the corner near the XP 
    canister, you should be led to all the enemies by the arrows. I'd hold 
    off on interrogating the red sylph near the giant tree until you take 
    down the 2 Manbulls nearby.
    This one ends when Eve (the only one who can in this mission) 
    interrogates the Red Sylph near the giant tree. Interestingly, the 
    cinematic also had a male civilian standing next to Pan; guess he 
    brought his lawyer!
    A perfect run of this mission would get you 1340 Prestige.
    Quirk: Pan, the Green Sylph and the Manbull are all in the database 
    now, but the Red Sylph isn't.
    Quirk: Eve is still listed as being on the team, and can be trained 
    even though she's temporarily unavailable.
    Mission #19 - "Forbidden Fruit"
    As the Mission Briefing suggests, Microwave must be on the team, and 
    Eve is unavailable. Mentor stays home to polish his dome or something.
    The Sylphs have different elemental attacks and vulnerabilities, so 
    you'll have to be flexible and sometimes just waste attacks against 
    strong resistances just to be doing something.
    SPOILER: Warning! The Silver Sylphs are new, and have a lightning chain 
    attack that can travel extremely far and affect multiple targets. END 
    SPOILER: Use El Diablo's Ignition, or Man-Bot's Disruption, or 
    something equivalent to quickly take down the temples that start 
    spawning enemies when you approach. You can't actually use those 
    attacks on the temples, but it's just as effective on the columns 
    nearby. END SPOILER
    If you look very closely at the ground, you can find little spirals at 
    various locations. These are one-use Stasis traps, triggered when 
    somebody runs (not flies) over that location. I didn't see any Sylphs 
    run over them, but it's possible for heroes to accidentally trigger 
    them while fighting or just going from place to place.
    When Microwave collects fruit from the 5th tree, 4 Green Sylphs will 
    appear at the red arrows. You can't KO them, so just pick one to 
    Administer Cure to. I don't think you have to beat them up to do it, 
    but I did it anyway. Warning: my custom character got acid-burned 
    while attacking one of these passive Green Sylphs with a melee attack, 
    so the physics engine may let a hero get poked with a spear even if 
    the holder isn't actively attacking with it.
    Don't forget the obvious XP and Prestige canisters before you end this 
    mission. For once, there were enough HP canisters for me, but I was 
    also cheating when using them.
    This one ends, after an interesting cinematic, when you Administer 
    Fruit to one of the 4 Green Sylphs.
    You can again get a variable amount of Prestige for this mission, 
    because of the spawn point temples. At least you'll get 200 for the 
    objectives, 100 (unless you cheat) for the canister, no penalty for 
    destroying the 6 temples. I'm not sure if I only got 1 or 2 arrivals 
    from my first or second temple, so I won't even tell you how many 
    enemies I got. However, don't worry about getting 6/9 or so Green 
    Sylphs; that's due to the 4 that show up at the very end, when you can 
    only Administer Fruit to 1.
    Quirk: If you try a variation on the canister cheat, and try Administer 
    Fruit simultaneously to all 4 Green Sylphs, you'll probably get a view 
    of some other hero next to an unchanged sylph while Microwave talks to 
    a female civilian.
    While previous backgrounds have also been animated, this is the first 
    one where something interesting happens; you get to see Pan doing his 
    Lethes (sic) Song and dance, with audio.
    Quirk: You can train up the team members that you'd assume are 
    inaccessible for various reasons, including Eve.
    Mission #20 - "Pandemonium"
    You can't change your squad from the last mission, but the game shows 
    you the screen anyway.
    Quirk: If you zoom out really far from the start location, you can see 
    the very tops of 2 pine trees, but everything else (besides your start 
    room and the one beyond the doors) is black.
    There are more stasis trap spirals on the ground: 2 in the first room 
    you enter, 2 more in the small hedge maze following it, 1 each in the 
    dais and standing stones rooms.
    Quirk: Mentor will call you on the psychic link twice, if you go 
    through both exits from the first room you enter. I guess the event is 
    set up to trigger on passing either spot, not just the first one.
    Quirk: Enraged Manbulls are rather singleminded; two of them ran right 
    past Microwave, my only character on the ground. The first was going to 
    pick up a large rock, I assume the second one was trying to do the same 
    after the first got pounded while holding it.
    SPOILER: The hidden rooms with Manbulls trigger on something involving 
    how long any hero has been nearby, either walking or flying. So flying 
    quickly past once or twice won't trigger them, but flying slowly or 
    walking should do it. END SPOILER
    SPOILER/Quirk: One of the wall carvings in the fire room took a shot at 
    one of my heroes, so I quickly pulled back after getting rid of the Red 
    Sylph occupants. El Diablo then flew around doing Ignition on anything 
    and everything. Those wall carvings were tricky though; only one 
    specific location on the object would let you attack it. I think it was 
    the nose. Also, although they had 50 HP, when El Diablo did Ignition I 
    would consistently see a blue 30 damage marker when it exploded. END 
    Quirk: After the fire room, you see 2 Manbulls at the end of the hall. 
    When my custom Deja-Killer went after one to acid burn it, she flew 
    above the blackness that's normally behind the walls, while trying to 
    "cut the corner" and quickly approach the Manbull, which was moving 
    away to go pick up a huge rock. After the ensuing combat, I found 
    damage decals on the top of the wall from where she shot penetrating 
    bolts through the wall, from above and behind it.
    SPOILER: Against the 3 Silver Sylphs on the dais, your best defense is 
    all-out attack while they charge up their lightning bolts. If you can't 
    take them all out before they let fly, at least knock down 1 or 2 
    instead of wearing them all down equally. Remember, even at 1 HP they 
    still shock you, at 0 they're a statistic. END SPOILER
    Quirk: When an enemy starts to spawn at the central "altar" in the 
    standing stones room, there's a second or two where you can see the 
    enemy, and it looks like it's getting ready to attack, but you can't 
    target it. Eventually though, you can.
    Enter the next room, and you have to defeat Eve and Pan, except that 
    Pan can't really be defeated. Have Microwave do Administer Cure to Eve 
    when prompted, and finally when you defeat Pan again, Eve will resolve 
    the whole thing. Did you notice that Eve turned the Manbulls into male 
    Quirk: The throne seems a little light at only 110 pounds for something 
    so large. And several times I commanded El Diablo to Ignition it, but 
    he did nothing.
    This one ends when you get Pan down to 1 HP the second time, and you 
    won't have a chance to go back for canisters - so take care of them 
    when you clear out the room they're in.
    Again, because of the spawn sites, you can get a variable amount of 
    Prestige for this mission. At a minimum, you should get 1610, maybe a 
    little less if the game lets you destroy all the standing stones before 
    the first enemy spawns. There's no penalty for destroying the temple in 
    the first room, and apparently nothing else even counts.
    Quirk: The "Wall Carving" is in the database now, but it has no picture 
    or description.
    This Mission Briefing has the best cinematics so far.
    Mission #21 - "Beginning of The End"
    Both Man-Bot and The Ant are unavailable, but you can choose any 4 from 
    the rest.
    I think the secondary objective is impossible, as I had my fastest 
    flying hero immediately set off to rescue the female civilian at the 
    crystal to your left, but she was already surrounded by 3 Raptors. 
    Admittedly, these were already damaged, and fell quickly, but by that 
    time the fool had already run off into the hills and met 3 more 
    raptors. This time she wasn't so lucky. I won't even ask you to imagine 
    what would have happened if she had run the other way into a T-Rex. 
    Anyway, at this point losing a little Prestige is the least of your 
    You really do have to keep a hero or two near the FF HQ, and constantly 
    check on them while moving the others in the rest of the map. In a few 
    seconds, several raptors can run in out of the desert and start 
    wreaking havoc. The 3 police are a slight advantage: if you listen 
    carefully you can sometimes hear them start to fire when you haven't 
    been checking, and that can alert you to trouble.
    Quirk: It's possible to get rid of the second T-Rex before The Ant pops 
    up with a message about it and the beacon, which appears when you 
    approach the crystal and not necessarily the T-Rex.
    Your chance to pick up canisters is after you've scoured the map for 
    thugs and raptors.
    SPOILER: I strongly suggest that you have only 1 hero, preferably your 
    fastest flyer, place the 3rd transmitter, and make it at the crystal 
    where The Ant talks about the T-Rex. It actually doesn't matter exactly 
    where your other 3 heroes are, as the game will place them 
    automatically when the cinematic winds down. About the only choices you 
    have are: who the 4th hero - who should start heading back to the city 
    ASAP when the transmitter is placed - will be, and if your heroes are 
    flying or not.
    After a cinematic and a slam-bang melee (Lord Dominion went flying 
    about as high as a pteranodon thanks to Alchemiss, and by the time he 
    started shooting he was alone; second time he went even higher but one 
    of his guards survived a few seconds longer), this mission is over.
    If you play like I did, or close to it, you'll get a total of 1800 
    Prestige. This includes NOT getting the primary objective of "protect 
    the civilians", and losing 25 points for the silly female who wants to 
    walk with raptors. But Prestige shouldn't matter much now, as you're 
    down to the final mission!
    Quirk: Lord Dominion and the Hit-man aren't in the database.
    Quirk: Again, you can train up the unavailable character; if you've 
    gotten to this point in the game, you know who it is.
    Last chance for training!
    Pick 4 heroes who complement each other, and can cover a wide range of 
    attack types.
    Mission #22 - "The End of Time" (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)
    No XP or Prestige canisters out here, like you need them!
    You can walk on the glowing purple edge of a disc, e.g. to get around 
    behind a building right at the edge of the normal-looking terrain. If 
    you couldn't, heroes that can only walk couldn't get to the healing 
    canister on disc I.
    Beware of the portal! When you complete the primary objective, the 
    portal will immediately let off an explosion that does pretty 
    impressive knockback. On disc I, it threw Man O' War from street level 
    up onto a roof!
    SPOILER/Quirk: On disc II, don't worry about immediately jumping into 
    combat with enemies encased in ice. Although the game lets you start up 
    attacks (and you lose the energy), all are cancelled when a cinematic 
    plays about 2 seconds after your arrival. Then, once the enemies thaw 
    out, and in some cases end up in odd locations or even damage 
    themselves, you can begin to fight them. END SPOILER
    You must eliminate _all_ enemies, even if they don't bar your way to 
    the portal, or otherwise fulfill the primary objective _only_. An 
    excellent example is disc IV, with the ants; if you bring The Ant, the 
    objective changes to just getting rid of the impostor. As soon as you 
    do that (Shove works just dandy!), the ants immediately vanish and the 
    portal explodes open. You get Prestige for the ants, but not for the 
    impostor, in that case.
    Part 1 ends when you enter the portal on disc IV (ants). If you still 
    care, you should get 980 Prestige unless you have The Ant and got away 
    with fewer ants at 30 each.
    The heroes' HP is restored after completing each part, but no XP or CP 
    or training.
    Again, beware the portal! On disc V (Shadow & the Darkmen - almost a 
    good name for a band!) one time, Alchemiss was the only hero that 
    didn't move far enough from the start point. When the portal opened, 
    she was thrown over the castle wall and almost over the edge!
    Quirk: I wouldn't have seen them except for changing the zoom settings, 
    but on disc VI (Deja Vu) there are 3 oil drums and an EP canister 
    hanging way up in the air above one of the buildings. They can be 
    destroyed, but not picked up even by a flyer.
    Quirk: In disc VI, it looks like all the Deja Vu clones will disappear 
    if you KO the original. I think that's what caused me to get "1/4" in 
    the enemies list later.
    Quirk/Bug: Nicadeamus doesn't mention this, but you won't be able to 
    proceed to the next disc if you've knocked an enemy off the disc 
    without KOing them first. Which makes that Shove of The Ant rather 
    useless. I could be wrong, but it's the only explanation that I have 
    for not being able to move on from disc VIII, because I got The Ant to 
    throw a few rocks and knock at least one enemy off the disc - had to do 
    all 4 discs over again!
    Quirk/Bug: This one is in the Curtis Burt FAQ, and I ran into it too at 
    this point. If you have The Ant use his Burrow power, then do anything 
    with other heroes, you won't be able to bring The Ant back. He can move 
    around, and even pick up objects and throw them, but can't use other 
    powers. Doing this may have also prevented me from moving on from disc 
    8, but I was able to move from disc 7 like this, so...
    Part 2 ends when you enter the portal on disc 8. Again, due to variable 
    Prestige from Deja Vu clones, you will get at least 1040 more Prestige 
    from this part, plus 400 for each clone, minus damage penalty. Whoopee!
    Part 3 is more of the same.
    There are 2 HP canisters on the T-Rex disc; look under trees for the 
    You don't have to destroy the temples, especially if you take down Pan 
    You get no points for the turrets, just the Microwave robots, so you 
    may have to take out only 1 or 2 turrets to finish that disc.
    Part 3 ends when you enter the portal after defeating Timemaster's 
    temporal twins. Two had one resistance each, so notice them when 
    assigning targets.
    As mentioned before, the Prestige for earlier parts is added 
    incorrectly, giving me 2880 for the first 2 parts when it should be 
    1960. Part 3 is worth 2530 more.
    Part 4 is the absolutely final showdown. Although you're told to 
    destroy the conduits first, I wasn't able to do any damage, so I moved 
    on to the 3 constraint devices on my own. I don't know what the game 
    does to encourage you to do this instead, although I got a message that 
    it was a good idea. And of course, THAT is when Timemaster shows up and 
    really starts the fun.
    You can nearly ignore the temporal twins, except maybe to stun them or 
    something long enough to get past them to the constraint devices. Each 
    pair vanishes when you destroy the constraint, and you get the points 
    anyway, so whack away at the device! SPOILER: Note that they do explode 
    when destroyed, so you may want to have only 1 hero give the final hit 
    while others run on to the next target. END SPOILER
    SPOILER: Timemaster will regenerate while any of the constraints exist, 
    but you can wear him down if you like, just to keep him from causing 
    worse damage to the heroes. I found Alchemiss' Vengeance Curse to be 
    rather useful in slowing down the big guy. END SPOILER
    Part 4 ends when you have destroyed all 3 constraints, and then KOed 
    Quirk: If somebody has played without recruiting Law and Order, do they 
    still appear (Law as a ghostly face above Order) in the ending 
    Even though Prestige is the last thing you need after the ending, when 
    the credits have rolled you get the usual points screen. You get a 
    surprisingly low amount of points for this, only 1700.
    Quirk/Bug: And yet again, you get the wrong amount for prior parts: I 
    got 8290 when it should have been 5410, an extra 2880, so the game is 
    giving me double the first 2 parts when there is a 4th part to a 
    Hope you enjoyed playing the single player campaign for Freedom Force!
    Pete Karsanow
    This document Copyright 2002 Peter Karsanow.

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