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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KChang

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                            Freedom Force
                  Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                           by Kasey Chang
                      released February 6, 2003
    0    Introduction
    This section is for "what the FAQ is about" and things like
    that. Feel free to skip this section.
    NOTE: If you have a good hero you have built for UNDER 7500
    pp, send it in with a short explanation and analysis of your
    hero/ine, and I may include it in the next release!
    If you are looking for information on how to use the
    downloaded "custom heroes", see final section.
    If you like the FAQ, please send me a dollar. :-)  See [0.3]
    And thanks to Jason S. Connor... He's the first person to
    donate $5 for this FAQ. :-)
    I've read all the FAQs in Gamefaqs.com for Freedom Force,
    and I'm not quite completely satisfied with all of them, so
    here's one more version.
    This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You probably will not be able
    to learn how to play the game with this document.
    This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only
    version that I have (and existed).
    Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM
    and XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.
    This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c)
    2002, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the
    disclaimer section.
    This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
    following conditions:
    1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies
    of this document: "Freedom Force Unofficial Strategy Guide
    and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2002 by Kasey K.S. Chang, all
    rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer."
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    5) The author hereby grants all games-related websites the
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    section was added for any websites that don't seem to
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    For the gamers: You are under NO obligation to send me ANY
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    If you choose to do so, please make your US$1.00 check or
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    If you don't live in the US, please send me some local
    stamps. I collect stamps too.
    For the record, out of ALL the FAQs I wrote (33 at least
    count) over the past six years, I've received exactly 7
    dollars and 2 sets of stamps, as of release of this guide.
    So I'm NOT making any money off these guides, folks.
    PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark,
    mistakes, and thereof... If you find a question about this
    game that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at the
    address specified below.  I'll try to answer it and include
    it in the next update.
    Please do NOT write me for technical support. That is the
    job of the publisher.
    Please do NOT ask me to send you a list of controls, the
    manual, etc. If you borrowed the game without borrowing the
    manual, blame your own stupidity. If you bought the game
    without a manual, blame your own stupidity. If you copied
    the game without copying the manual, you're not only scum,
    but STUPID scum.
    Please do NOT ask me to answer questions that have already
    answered in this FAQ/guide. It makes you REALLY idiotic.
    I will NOT answer stupid questions like the ones above
    unless I'm in a really good mood. If you send questions like
    that, do NOT expect a reply.
    The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers
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    To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
    except for the numbers and the punctuation. This is
    "military phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case
    you're wondering.
    This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. Some
    editing was done with Editpad (editpadclassic.com).
    0.5    THE AUTHOR
    I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs
    when the ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots
    of people like what I did, so I kept doing it.
    Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs)
    for XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
    Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
    Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack,
    Mechwarrior 4, Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed:
    Porsche Unleashed, The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics,
    Starfleet Command Volume II, DS9: The Fallen, DS9: Dominion
    War, Driver, and a few more.
    To contact me, see 0.4 above.
    Irrational Games created Freedom Force. Visit the official
    site at http://www.myfreedomforce.com.
    Electronic Arts and Crave Entertainment published Freedom
    This USG is not endorsed or authorized by ANY of the
    companies mentioned above.
    The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
    independently through the author's efforts except where
    noted otherwise.
    0.7   HISTORY
    21-OCT-2002         Initial release, complete except custom
    hero and multiplayer tips
    28-DEC-2002         Second release, fixed up custom heroes
    and misc. stuff, answered questions about how to use custom
    heroes and meshes
    04-JAN-2003         Third release, updated a section about
    video workaround
    06-FEB-2003         Fourth release, included V1.3info, 
    updated more on "Strange Visitors" mission walkthru
    1    Freedom Force General Info
    Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
    A: No.
    Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
    A: No.
    Q: Can you send me the install code?
    A: That's a part of the game, so see the first question.
    Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
    A: Read the manual.
    Q: Can you help me get the game working?
    A: That's the publisher's job, isn't it?
    Q: When I try to play the screen flickers like crazy! Any
    A: This seems to be a problem when NVIDIA users upgraded to
    the Detonator 40.xx series drivers. There is a workaround:
    add these 2 lines to your init.py file:
    import ff
    Alternatively, get patch V1.3.
    Q: How about a patch?
    A: V1.3 is available. However, the download link at the
    official site appears to be broken. Try one of the fansites,
    or directly from Irrational Games' website.
    Q: How about a sequel? Expansion packs?
    A: There are rumors that an official Marvel Heroes version
    of Freedom Force is coming soon (or is that DC?).  Also,
    Freedom Force was planned as a trilogy, so definitely more
    stuff is coming soon. There is also quite a few fan mods and
    conversions out there.
    Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
    A: Difficulty level affects amount of prestige points,
    amount of damage you do, amount of resistance the enemy
    gets, etc. Even on "very easy" the enemies are not walk-
    overs. Some enemies are tougher than others. A combined
    approach is needed.
    Q: Can I play both sides?
    A: You can only be the good guy (i.e. Freedom Force) in the
    "campaign". However, you can choose anybody (including some
    of the bad guys) in multiplayer and skirmish (Danger Room)
    modes. And who is to say who's good and who's evil?
    Q: Where is the pause button?
    A: Space bar or P. See your options button.
    Q: Why did the objects I had the heroes carry disappear
    after a cinematic has finished?
    A: Apparently the cinematic were designed without the
    objects so they had to "reset" you. If you want to keep the
    items, drop them before triggering the cinematic, then pick
    them up again later.
    Q: What about some cheat codes?
    A: Supposedly there is a cheat console command. See final
    Q: Where can I find some mods?
    A: Official mod site is http://www.modforce.com/. There are
    LOTS of mods, featuring a LOT of comic book heroes.
    Everybody from Green Lantern to Green Arrow has been
    converted for Freedom Force. There are plenty of custom
    heroes as well.
    Q: How do I install the custom skins and meshes?
    A: See last section.
    Q: What happened to Crave Entertainment, the publisher?
    A: They appear to be bankrupt (or close to it). Irrational
    Games, the maker, still supports the game.
    Freedom Force has the distinction of being the first
    "superhero" game that actually got made. There had been
    attempts to computerize some of the superhero RPGs such as
    Champions. However, that never progressed beyond vaporware
    stage. Other projects such as "The Immortals" didn't get
    very far either.
    Freedom Force is the first game to break the "superhero game
    curse", except maybe the old Steve Meretzky RPG called
    "Superhero League of Hoboken". It's a traditional RPG with
    turn-based combat in a text window, where you take a bunch
    of not-quite superheroes on adventures with not-quite super-
    villains using not-quite superpowers.
    The follow is from the official FF FAQ on the official
    Minimum requirements to run Freedom Force is as follows:
     * Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows 98
    (Windows 95 and Windows NT not supported)
    * 300 MHz Intel Pentium II or AMD K6-2 processor
    * 96 MB RAM
    * 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
    * 31 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
    (with additional space required for Windows swap-file and
    DirectX 8.1 installation)
    * 16 MB Direct3D capable video card using the NVIDIA
    GeForce3, NVIDIA GeForce2, NVIDIA GeForce 256, NVIDIA Riva
    TNT2, NVIDIA Riva TNT, ATI Radeon 8500, ATI Radeon, ATI Rage
    128 Pro, ATI Rage 128, PowerVR3 Kyro II, PowerVR Kyro,
    Matrox MGA-G450, or Matrox MGA-G400 chipset with DirectX 8.1
    compatible driver
    * DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    * Keyboard
    * Mouse
    The game should run smoothly on this system at lowest
    settings, but the more powerful your system, the more bells
    and whistles you can leave running and the nicer Freedom
    Force will look. In complicated battles where a lot of
    enemies and friendlies and civilians are moving around, the
    system can slow to a crawl.
    The recommended specs for best game performance is:
    * 600 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon
    * 128 MB or more RAM
    * 16x or faster CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
    * 570 MB or more free hard disk space plus space for saved
    * 32 MB or greater supported Direct3D capable video card
    with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    * Environmental Audio (EAX) capable sound card
    Freedom Force is basically a 3D real-time role-playing game
    with a pause button. You get a fully rotate-able camera with
    zoom. Each hero has one or more attacks that are divided
    into six different categories, from melee to mystical, from
    beams to projectiles. Each also gets defenses (of various
    types). Hero has two measurements: energy points (EP), and
    hit points (HPs). When HPs reach 0, the hero is unconscious.
    When energy is depleted, hero may no longer attack (unless
    s/he has 0-EP attacks).
    Some heroes with superior strength can pick up items such as
    cars and buses, and throw them as weapons. Other heroes can
    pick up long objects such as lightpoles and traffic lights
    and wield those as melee weapons.
    Take the heroes (up to 4 per mission) on different missions,
    earn XPs (experience points) and PP (prestige points). When
    the character gets enough XPs, they "level up", earning them
    CPs (character points) which can then be used to "purchase"
    better powers. Then they go on to more missions, perhaps
    meet more heroes and recruit some using those prestige
    Objectives vary from investigation to rescue civilians, deal
    with various threats to Patriot City (a fictional copy of
    New York in the 1960s).
    You can also create your own heroes with your own 'skins',
    'meshes', and your special combinations of attributes.
    1.5   BUGS AND FIXES
    The V1.1 patch fixed most known bugs and added the "Danger
    Room" skirmish mode. You can find the full list of fixes in
    the patch Readme file.
    There are still some reports of incompatibility with certain
    video cards and drivers. Try upgrading and downgrading video
    drivers as you see fit.
    For those of you with NVIDIA cards and using Detonator 40.xx
    drivers, and you have video flickering and corruption
    problem, see Q/A above for a workaround.
    The V1.3 patch fixed the video compatibility problems, among
    There are no expansion pack or sequel to Freedom Force at
    the moment. However, an officially licensed version from
    either Marvel or DC is rumored.
    A "clone" for Freedom Force is "Hero X", which is considered
    a budget title.
    There is a huge fan mod community that has supplied almost
    every comic book superhero that ever existed, everybody from
    Green Lantern to Green Arrow, from Ultraman (not the
    Japanese one, but the mirror-universe Superman) to
    Knightfall's Batman. Others have produced more spectacular
    attacks (like X-Men Gambit's Exploding Cards) and plenty of
    different "models/meshes" and "skins".
    2    General Tactics
    Here are some general tactics we need to discuss before we
    get started on the specifics.
    Before you start moving, open the objective window and take
    a look. Time is paused while you read so read the objectives
    carefully. Do that whenever it says new primary or secondary
    objective also (usually just after you start on the
    mission). Then you know what to do to earn extra prestige
    Often, you can earn extra prestige by cleaning out the map
    of all the villain's minions as a secondary objective. If
    you are working within Patriot City, saving civilians is
    often a secondary objective. You must read your objectives
    to know this!
    Approach each area slowly. You don't want to trigger too
    many enemies at the same time.
    On the other hand, sometimes some of the objectives are
    "timed". If you need to protect civilians, and there are bad
    guys chasing them, you may need to hurry a bit.
    Things can get hectic when there are a lot of enemies and
    good guys moving around. There is a PAUSE button and you CAN
    issue orders while paused, so do so!
    Pause also gives you a chance to issue simultaneous orders.
    For example, if you want TWO objects thrown at the same
    target together, you need to use pause to issue orders.
    When you hold the cursor over an object, you can see how
    many HP it has, what it is resistant to or vulnerable to,
    and so on. Study that before you attack!
    The description of the object also will show you which
    civilians are real and which ones are fake on the Deja Vu
    levels. The "fake" ones will say "unusual citizen".
    Scouting means knowing where the enemy is without alerting
    them to your presence. In general, enemies are stupid and
    will not notice things high above them. If you can fly, take
    to the air and check things out. If you can jump or climb,
    get on top of buildings.
    If you are up high, you get much better visibility of
    enemies. This can help you fulfill secondary objectives of
    clearing out the minions, as often, they aren't that easy to
    find. This can also help you locate those canisters lying
    Often you can use barrels, snowballs, crates, TNT crates,
    explosive mushrooms, and the like to attack the enemies.
    Even better, if you attack from REALLY long range, the enemy
    may not react!
    The explosive items like mushrooms, barrels, and TNTs are
    best used on a GROUP of enemies from long range. Minuteman
    is best for this, though Manbot would work also (if you have
    the patience). El Diablo is a bit weak for this and lacks
    the range.
    You can find all sorts of energy X canisters in the city.
    They can give experience, energy, health, and perhaps other
    bonuses. Look for the rare canisters, like health and
    experience first as you explore the city. Some are hidden
    inside trucks, or containers, and such. Others can be hidden
    behind hills or under certain things.
    Use these before you use your "heroic deeds".
    Often, the environment tells you where you need to go, when
    there are no yellow or red arrows to point the way. Take a
    hint from the way the streets are structured. Often, those
    arrows pointing the way on the streets also point a way for
    you to progress. This is especially true in the underground
    levels where you encounter "The Ant" and "The Shadow".
    Sometimes, you need to chase down some bad guys who are
    harassing the civilians. You can hear the screaming "Help
    me!" from pretty far away. Use the 3D sound hints and head
    in that direction. Those often produce bonus prestige.
    When fighting evil, try not to cause too much collateral
    damage. Basically, this means don't break down buildings or
    knock out civilians while you're at it. You get negative
    prestige for K/O civilians or destroying innocent buildings
    (or allowing them to be destroyed).
    The small stuff like chimneys, water tanks, cars, light
    poles, and such don't count. Only the FULL building counts.
    Even if one corner came down, it's still counted as
    Beware when using area attacks. You may hit your fellow
    heroes or even civilians. If you explode things that cause
    secondary explosions, you may bring down building
    accidentally and knock out civilians.
    In some cases, saving civilian buildings will save you from
    loss of prestige.
    Look at how much damage you can do vs. the enemy's hit
    points. If you already do enough damage, try underpower the
    attack to save EP. If you don't do quite enough to knock an
    enemy out, overpower to take out the enemy.
    Note that overpower and underpower does NOT affect chance-to-
    Note that you DO have a continuous-attack key. Hold down
    that key and order the attack will cause the hero to
    continuously (allowing for available energy) to use beam and
    projectile attack instead of just attacking once. This can
    save you a LOT of micromanagement.
    One possibility is tie them up (so they can't fight back,
    with stun, area null, etc.) then you attack.
    For example, Mentor's "Cortical Suppression" is great on a
    group of enemies if you can move in quickly and attack the
    blanked minions with even MORE area attacks, like "chained"
    attacks, El Diablo's Inferno, and so on.
    Similar thing can be done with Eve's "Vine Entangle", but
    that works on a single enemy only.
    Such slow-enemy attacks can also be used to help heroes who
    have slow attacks, like Minuteman's Smash.
    The objects like lightpoles, traffic signals, etc. are
    excellent melee objects as they have a big swing arc and can
    hit multiple enemies at the same time.
    However, you can hit friendlies in wild melees if you are
    holding a big pole. And if you get knocked back/knocked
    down, you'll lose the object.
    Keep two heroes with objects near each other to cover each
    other, but don't get into each other's way.
    In general, the minions are more dangerous than the head
    honcho, since there are more of them. So take out the
    minions first, then concentrate attack on the head honcho.
    Once your hero's knocked out, it's too late to use the
    heroic remedy. So use those deeds when there's something
    left to use it on.
    The AI shifts "modes". Sometimes it attacks objects, such as
    civilians. Sometimes it only wants to attack you. This is
    esp. true for Mr. Mechanical's Mech Men, as they switch
    between building bashing and Freedom Force bashing. The best
    time to bash them in melee is when they are building
    bashing. When they want to bash Freedom Force, get out of
    melee range and keep running while others keep shooting.
    Another AI tendency is to fixate on a single target. The AI
    will fixate on the first enemy it sees. So if that target is
    fast, and can keep from being hit, other team members can
    take out the chasers.
    A lot of the bonus prestige is earned by cleaning out all
    the minions on the map. Check your objective screen for
    details. Once you trigger the final "boss fight", you won't
    have a chance to fulfill those other secondary objectives.
    The enemy/minion AI can be exploited if you know how.
    Basically, the AI locks onto the target (maybe first one it
    sees, maybe it was attacked by the target), and never lets
    go unless the target leaves detection radius. So if you have
    one guy who is fast, you can set the other two characters to
    attack the chasers (who won't fight back!) while the first
    guy keeps running away.
    For example, once I was on the may where I rescued Manbot. I
    had set off two Ice Queens and Minuteman has like 2 HPs left
    (due to prior damage) and I already used the Heroic Remedy.
    So the plan is... I set Mentor to hit one while El Diablo
    hit the other, both with melee attacks on default, while
    Minuteman run around in circles, constantly doubling back to
    let the other two teammates have a shot. Ice Queen is nearly
    as fast as Minuteman, and El Diablo/Mentor are quite slow.
    Still, after a while I was able to get both Ice Queens out,
    and I was able to find a health canister.
    3    Creating Your Hero
    Please keep the cost of your hero under 10000 pp, perhaps
    under 7000 pp. The really powerful heroes make the game too
    easy. Look at your own heroes when they are fully
    developed... They are still well under 10000 pp.
    3.1   BODY TYPE
    You get a lot of choices on what type of body you want.
    However, most people agree that Stone is best. It really has
    no vulnerabilities and is extra resistant to some attack
    You can try flesh or even metal, but those are somewhat less
    3.2   ATTRIBUTES
    There are quite a few attributes that are valuable, and they
    tend to have positive costs, and they add up really fast.
    You may want to take a few negative attributes just for the
    fun of it. Remember, it's the weaknesses that make a hero
    memorable. Don't forget the advice in the movie
    "Unbreakdable"... Every hero has a weakness.
    As explained in the manual, there are five different types
    of attack powers: melee, projectile, beam, area, and direct.
    3.3.1     Melee
    Melee combat is just that: point-blank hand-to-hand combat.
    There are multiple types of melee damage, like crushing,
    piercing, and so on. Piercing seem to be more useful as
    there are several resistances to crushing. However, piercing
    also do less damage.
    Good attacks, in addition to damage, do stun and knockback.
    Stun prevents the target from fighting back. Knockback
    prevents them from getting off a melee hit as they are
    pushed away from you, or knock them off their feet, during
    which they are vulnerable to more hits.
    A pure knockback attack that does no damage can still be
    lethal if you knock the target into a building or OFF a
    building. The Ant's "shove" is such an example.
    Swifter the attack, the better. You need to get off the
    first shot as well as make your attacks harder to dodge.
    Up knockback is nice to have as it adds falling damage.
    3.3.2     Projectile Attacks
    Projectile attacks are just that, projectiles that must
    travel the distance.
    Grenades bounce, regular shots don't.
    You want range and accuracy as much as possible. If the hero
    has "crack shot" skill, accuracy gets a big bonus.
    Spawn is nice but not required, as you don't fight hordes
    THAT often. Usually you fight individuals or pairs.
    Homing and such is nice but hardly essential. What is needed
    is area damage and accuracy. On the other hand, area damage
    is bad when you have friendlies around or when the enemy is
    very close.
    You may want to consider two shots... An area shot for long-
    distance, and a closer accuracy shot that hits one at a
    3.3.3     Beam Attacks
    Beam attack is just that, a beam that comes from the shooter
    at the target.
    The faster the beam, the more it costs. The more power the
    beam, the more it will cost as well.
    You want high beam speed (or the enemy can dodge the beam)
    and knockback (so enemy will have to get up to fight back).
    Stun is nice to have but knockback is generally better.
    3.3.4     Area Attack
    As attacks that affect a whole area, area attacks are
    usually indiscriminate, meaning it'll affect any one within
    that radius. The larger the radius, the costlier the power.
    Mentor's Cortical Suppression is an area attack. So is El
    Diablo's Inferno.
    Watch for damage radius vs. power range. You can't want the
    radius so large you can't get out of the way when it hits!
    3.3.5     Direct Attack
    Direct Attack affects the target instantaneously, without
    going through the intermediate space. Think telekinetic
    strike or curse or similar powers.
    Direct Attack can do any sorts of damage, including acid,
    radiation, and more. You can have a building between you and
    the target and such. As long as you're in range, the attack
    will work.
    There are two types of defense, active, and passive. This is
    separate from resistance.
    3.4.1     Active Defense
    Active defense is like an energy shield, and it must be
    activated, and usually consumes energy. Depending on the
    type you get, it may have limited duration, arc, or protect
    against different types of attacks.
    Some can move with you, while others require you to stay
    3.4.2     Passive Defense
    Passive defense is always active, but obviously somewhat
    less effective. Most of them increase resistances, while
    others do automatic deflect or absorb.
    The first thing to learn: every attack can be countered.
    It is not possible to design a single all-around hero that
    will beat everybody. If you spend that much CP on a single
    hero, you can use that much CP to create multiple separate
    heroes that specialize in different areas, and thus
    complement each other and many times as difficult to take
    Here are some tips for creating memorable superheroes that
    can stand up to the challenge.
    3.5.1      Have a Zero-energy attack
    You need a zero-energy attack, probably melee, so you can
    fight even when you're out of energy.
    3.5.2     Combinations rule
    A pure melee or pure beam or pure projectile hero is never
    as good as one that can do multiple things. Batman was cool
    because he can do many different things. He can fly (sort
    of), he has all those gadgets (projectile weapons), and he
    can even do melee. Superman is similar: he can fly, he has
    heat vision, x-ray vision, super strength...
    A one-dimensional hero can be beat easily by exploiting the
    weakness. A multi-dimensional hero is MUCH harder to beat.
    On the other hand, that's why you have a GROUP of heroes.
    3.5.3     Give hero a vulnerability for fun
    Remember the movie "Unbreakable"? All heroes should have a
    weakness. Having a weakness for each hero makes the hero far
    more believable.
    Remember in FF heroes never act alone except in certain
    situations. You can always have someone else cover the
    3.5.4     Melee character needs speed
    Melee requires closing to point-blank range. If you can't
    get into range you can't hit them, while those with beam
    weapons and projectile weapons can hit you.
    You need at least a speed 7, and high agility (at least 7).
    High agility will help you avoid a lot of the attacks.
    Pick high-speed melee attack. You also want high knockback
    or high stun so you can get in more hits. Piercing is better
    than crushing as less people are resistant to piercing.
    3.5.5      Optimal: Three attacks
    In general, your heroes should have three attacks:
    Zero-energy melee attack for close range
    Medium-energy melee attack for area/arc attack against
    Medium-energy ranged attack to wear down the enemy before
    they get into range, preferably with stun or knockback.
    Chain or spawn are nice but not required.
    3.5.6      Melee: Knockback is very important
    If you can get into range, a melee fighter with very-fast
    high-knockback melee attack is nearly unstoppable.
    A Manbull (Pan's minion) is an excellent example of such
    design. A Manbull doesn't do much damage, but it can get an
    attack off before most heroes. If it knocks you down, it'll
    keep knocking you down. It is also very fast that you can't
    get away unless you fly or jump to higher floor or similar
    Such a fighter CAN be defeated with distance or direct
    attack, or mystical attack.
    3.5.7     Flying heroes need LOTS of energy
    Consider taking the attribute that gives you twice recharge
    rate but half the total energy. Then scale your attack so
    you can fire those shots almost continuously WHILE FLYING.
    Knockback is nice. Add an attack that can take out a whole
    3.5.8     Team should have at least one flier
    The flier is a great scout, and can be immune to a LOT of
    attacks, esp. melee, and thus can complement a lot of
    I resolved to build a hero for under 10000 prestige, and
    here's a pretty good one based on the Belted Male mesh.
    Hokey story: Johnny Stone was in a doctor's office being
    checked for acid reflux and kidney stone when energy X hit
    him through the window of the office... His body was turned
    into stone-type (Tough Guy). He was used to the pain (Shake
    It Off). He got the ability to generate large amount of acid
    to burn a particular target (Acid Reflux). However, his
    hands are not longer quite as nimble, so he can't wield
    objects (clumsy). Still, his hitting power is at least as
    good as before.
    Body type: Stone
    STR 7 / SPD 7 / AGL 7 / END 5 / ENG 4
    ATTRB: Clumsy / Tough Guy / Shake It Off
    Clumsy means he can't wield or pick up objects. Tough Guy
    and Shake It Off makes him last longer in combat.
    Power 1: Pass the Stone / Melee / Type Crushing / Mag Low /
    Energy none / Stun None / Knock back High / Swiftness Very
    Fast / No arc / Level 5
    This one is the primary attack, with no energy expenditure.
    The heavy knockback keep the enemy off their feet and
    impossible to fight back. Usually, the enemy flies into the
    air, and he chases after the enemy. When the enemy falls to
    earth, the enemy gets hit again before he can get up and
    fight back...
    Power 2: Acid Reflux / Direct / Type Acid / Mag Medium /
    Energy Medium / Stun None / Knockback None / Range Far /
    Level 5
    This is the attack for those minions who want to fly away,
    or fight from a distance. The long acid range keeps Johnny
    out of danger, and perhaps out of line-of-sight.
    In melee, this guy is only vulnerable to Pan's hypnosis
    (occasionally), Mechman (those guys cannot be knocked back),
    and Timemaster (a lot of various different attacks). He has
    enough speed to get into range of almost any one and his
    fast attack ensures he gets the first blow off. Even against
    Pan and Mechman he can use his acid attacks and stays out of
    range using his speed.
    If you want to make him a "grow-able" hero, cut him down to
    level 2 or 3 on both powers, and maybe add a melee attack
    that has 90 or 180 degree arc. He doesn't need jumper or
    flier as he can attack any one nearby with Acid Reflux, even
    without line of sight.
    To be completed.
    4    Your Heroes
    The heroes are listed in roughly their order of appearance.
    4.1   MINUTEMAN
    Attributes - Jumper, Disciplined, Heroic, Extra Heroic
    Power 1 : Patriotism: Smash, Strike for Freedom, Vanquish,
    Patriot Whirl
    Power 2 : Vigilance: National Guard, Eternal Vigilance,
    Minute Missile, Rally the Troops
    Minuteman is strong, fast running, and jumps high. He can
    get into range of enemies faster than most heroes (except
    maybe Bullet). He has very high strength that allows him to
    pickup objects of under 2000 pounds (light trucks and
    lighter) and throw them. On smaller maps, he can throw items
    across the map. With heavy objects, he can do quite a bit of
    damage at long range by throwing.
    Minuteman can pick up lightpoles and traffic lights and does
    smack downs. This increases his "reach" somewhat.
    Minuteman however, is also slow in attack, and lacks area
    and ranged attack capability. Minuteman can do a LOT of
    damage if he hits, but Minuteman is unlikely to get off the
    first shot.
    Vanquish, while powerful (like double-smash), can quickly
    exhaust his energy store. Switch between Smash and Vanquish
    as needed.
    Minuteman's Minute Missile is good to stun multiple
    opponents, but doesn't seem to work on tougher opponents.
    Don't bother using it on later missions.
    Minuteman is susceptible to progressive damage like Rad and
    Acid. If teamed with Microwave or The Ant, don't attack the
    same target. If attacking Deja Vu, go for knockouts
    immediately as you can't afford to have him irradiate you
    with his pistol over and over again.
    Minuteman has a hard time taking care of enemies that do
    high knock-back damage. He can't get into range to get the
    first strike off. When that happens, grab a light pole and
    do smack downs, or run away and throw things.
    Rally the Troops is nearly useless. I never use it.
    4.2   MENTOR
    Attributes - Disciplined, Unbeliever, Levitation
    Power 1 / Mentalism: Instinct Dominance, Cortical
    Suppression, Cerebral Balance, Mental Barrier
    Power 2 / Alien Energy: Psychic Slash, Electron Beam,
    Kinetic Barrier, Modulating Beam
    Mentor has an extremely lousy melee attack (Psychic Slash).
    Upgrade him to Electron Beam ASAP. Most of his damage is on
    the mental side.
    Mentor cannot fly. His levitation is a poor substitute. He
    also has low strength that doesn't allow him to pickup and
    throw things.
    Instinct Dominance is useful to turn enemies on each other
    if you can approach them without being seen. Cortical
    suppression is useful to blank out enemies for attack by
    other heroes, similar effect to a stun grenade but somewhat
    longer lasting.
    In general, Mentor should be left home. You can find someone
    else who is more useful in more situations.
    4.3   EL DIABLO
    Attributes - Flier, Hot Headed
    Power 1 : Swift Punch, Fire It Up, Flaming Fist, Absorb Heat
    Power 2 : Tongues of Flame, Inferno, Ignition, Hellfire
    El Diablo can fly, but his constitution is a bit lacking.
    Try to upgrade his abilities ASAP as his default punch is a
    bit weak. His tongues of flame is pretty good but you can
    use up his power quickly due to random overpower of "hot
    tempered" trait.
    El Diablo can fly, which makes him a VERY good scout.
    However, don't have him attack while flying. Flying
    slows/stops energy regeneration.
    Being the fastest guy, he can use his abilities to soften up
    the enemy before the rest of your team gets there. He can
    also attract attention of enemies and thus "save" civilians.
    Use Inferno and Ignition on groups of enemies. Inferno
    should be launched in the ground IN FRONT of the target
    instead of AT the target. That way, if the shot misses, it
    will still damage the target with splash effect instead of
    causing collateral damage.
    El Diablo has medium strength, which means he can do smack
    down as well as throw some items.
    El Diablo should NOT be use in direct combat unless you got
    no one else to go to, at least until he gets "flaming fist".
    Keep him in a distance using "tongue of flames". Keep him
    near the Energy Canisters if there are some around. He uses
    up his energy in a hurry.
    Flaming Fist does quite a bit of damage. Use that in melee
    unless you're out of energy.
    El Diablo is extra vulnerable to the cold. He takes damage
    even from those freezing rays.
    4.4   MANBOT
    Attributes - Ponderous, Unstable Energy, Grim Resolve, Flier
    Power 1: Contain Energy, Wallop, Double Uppercut, Energize
    Power 2: Focus, Transfer, Disruption, Energy Leech, Release
    Manbot is great as he absorbs almost all types of damage.
    Later, when he gets "transfer", he can pass on a lot of that
    energy to people who need it, like El Diablo. It's almost
    impossible to knock Manbot out.
    Manbot has extremely slow speed and attacks initially. Even
    his force beam (focus) is slow. At least it does decent
    damage. You may want to consider spending ALL your CPs on
    attributes until you get "Flier". That would negate a lot of
    his weaknesses.
    Manbot's unstable energy attribute is actually useful
    sometimes. In melee range, that unstable energy "explosion"
    can do quite a bit of damage. Just make sure keep your guys
    out of the way when he does "blow". Later, he can do that on
    demand using "release".
    Attributes - Rapid Metabolism, Flier, Level Headed
    Power 1: Piercing Peck, Fluttering Feathers, Blinding
    Power 2: Seeking Beam, Sonic Wing, Call of Confusion
    Blackbird can be useful to soften up the group of attackers
    for the rest of your team to attack. However, she doesn't do
    that much damage. Attacks like Blinding Scratch or Call of
    Confusion makes enemies more vulnerable to your attacks.
    I'd probably save up the PP for Man O'War or Bullet instead.
    4.6   ALCHEMISS
    Attributes - Timid, Level Headed, Levitate
    Power 1 / Sorcery - Smite the Wicked, Arcane Bolt,
    Repulsion, Vengence Curse, Arms of the Goddess
    Power 2/ Dimensional Summoning - Alteration, Blessed Aegis,
    Aloft, Purgatory
    Alchemiss is the only one that can close portals. So keep
    her out of primary combat.
    Arcane Bolt is a decent ranged attack, but not that good.
    Repulsion is good to keep enemies out of melee range. Bounce
    enemies into walls and such can do more damage than you
    Alteration can be useful if one of your heroes is taking
    progressive damage, though the random state can be a
    problem, as not all states are beneficial to you! Hypnotized
    (turns hero to enemy side) can be bad...
    Note: Seems to have a secret crush on Manbot.
    4.7   MAN O' WAR (HIRABLE)
    Attributes - Charged, Cold Blooded, Flier
    Power 1 / Call the Storm: Electric Arc, Storm Bolt, Magnetic
    Harbor, Kraken's Scales, Ball Lightning
    Power 2 / Control the Waves: Pressure Punch, Bermuda
    Triangle, Water Jet, Whirpool
    Man O'War is, by some accounts, one of the heroes you SHOULD
    hire. He is resistant to electrical attacks, which makes him
    useful early on against Darkmen.
    Man O'War's Storm Bolts do a LOT of damage esp. on enemies
    that is vulnerable to electrical attacks. Storm Bolts can
    even stun, making the enemies more vulnerable to subsequent
    Water Jet is useful to do "knockbacks" to keep the enemy
    down and thus unable to attack you.
    Flier makes him FAST...
    Attributes - Charged, Neutralize, Nimble, Flier
    Power 1 / Dolphin's Child: Snap Kick, Sonic Shriek, Riptide,
    Power Null
    Power 2 / Bubbles: Bubble Swarm, Bubble Shell, Current
    Bounce, Bubble Gum
    Sea Urchin has too little HP to be useful. The attacks are
    decent, but she can't take any hits.
    4.9   THE ANT
    Attributes - Heavy Lifter, Wall Climbing, Nimble
    Power 1 / Soldier Ant: Thorax Punch, Acid Bomb, Pincher
    Punch, Metabolize, Mandible Assault
    Power 2 / Worker Ant: Burrow, Shove, Tunnel Travel,
    Ultrasonic Squeal, Ant Swarm
    The Ant was once under control of The Shadow, but he's since
    been a powerful member of Freedom Force.
    The Ant's Acid Bomb is probably his best, if he hits, and
    the range is quite low. Aim for the ground like a grenade
    and watch for the bounce.
    His Thorax punch is weak initially, but when upgraded it can
    be quite powerful. The Pincher Punch also gets better.
    The Ant can also throw things, including 2200 lb rocks and
    Shove is semi-useful if done at high altitudes (knock them
    right off the building), and in the final levels. If you are
    fighting in limited space (esp. final missions), shove can
    be VERY useful.
    4.10  LIBERTY LAD
    Attributes - Nimble, Jumper, Danger Sense
    Power 1/ Rumbling: The Ol' One Two, Schoolyard Taunt,
    Flipkick, Tumble, Throw Voice
    Power 2 / Molecular Control: Stun Grenade, Energy Grenade,
    Proximity Grenade, Molecular Excitation
    Liberty Lad was Nick, leader of the fan club. After a
    transfusion from Minuteman, he gets extra powers too.
    Liberty Lad is very similar to Minuteman, except for much
    better projectile fire, like the stun and energy grenades,
    and (much) less hit points.
    The grenades are very hard to use as they bounce quite a
    bit. However, a good hit can stun or damage a group of
    enemies. Energy grenade can also be bounced around corners
    to take out enemies there. The range is better than some
    beam weapons.
    Proximity Grenades can work if you plant a whole bunch of
    them, say, around a corner or across an intersection, but
    you need a whole bunch of them to do a lot of damage.
    Liberty Lad's melee attacks aren't that bad, but aren't that
    good either.
    I never got molecular excitation. I imagine it would be
    similar to El Diablo's Ignition.
    SPOILER: in Mr. Mechanical's Lair, Nick's grenades are very
    useful when launched from upper level.
    One possibility is combine with El Diablo's Inferno. Stun
    them with stun grenades, then hit them with group area
    4.11  LAW & ORDER (HIRABLE)
    Law / Attributes - Blind, Danger Sense
    Power 1 / Justice: Justice, Thrust, Slash, Trouncing
    Power 2 / Balance: Transform, Mercy, Harmony, Commuted
    Sentence, Balance
    Order / Attributes -- Berserker, Jumper
    Power 1 / Punishment: Punishment, Hammer Crush, Quake,
    Hammer Carnage
    Power 2 / Fury: Transform, Blind Justice, Condemnation,
    Order in the Court
    Law and Order is an interesting combo, as you could swap
    between them using the Transform power. They arrive a bit
    late to allow you to train them fully, unless you take them
    on almost every mission.
    Law is fast and mainly defensive. Balance can be used to
    transfer a bit of HP over to the other side.
    Order is a true offensive powerhouse, but relatively slow.
    Order in the Court is a decent "stun" move.
    4.12  MICROWAVE
    Attributes - Cybernetic Brain, Radioactive
    Power 1 / Beam Projection: Microwave Beam, Rad Bolts,
    Irradiate, Meltdown
    Power 2 / Materialization: Interference, Displace Image,
    Teleport Self, Genetic Damage, Clone Self
    Microwave is one of the robots sent from the future to
    destroy Freedom Force. Mentor was able to reprogram it to
    serve the force of good.
    Microwave is quite slow, and does not fly. Keep him on
    defense, use his "microwave beam" as your primary weapon
    until you get "irradiate".
    Microwave mainly does radiation damage, which almost
    everybody is vulnerable to. Rad Bolts are pretty nasty, as
    is Irradiate. However, Rad Bolt has low range and shoots off
    3 bolts, so it's only useful if you want to damage a bunch
    of enemies at once.
    Genetic Damage can reduce resistance on the hard boss you
    can't take down. Use it when you run into someone like
    Pinstripe or similar bosses.
    Teleport can be used to get out of tough situations, and
    clone self makes for an interesting fight.
    4.13  IRON OX (HIRABLE)
    Attributes - Armored, Jumper, Grim Resolve, Disciplined
    Power 1: Biff, Haymaker, Fancy Footwork
    Power 2: Jab, Sunday Punch, Iron Jaw
    Iron Ox is your typical melee character... Think "slower"
    and "tougher" Minuteman and you got Iron Ox with better
    Lack of even ANY ranged attack makes Iron Ox a rather... ho-
    hum character to play. Only 3 powers per group means the
    growth room is rather... limited. At least he can jump.
    However, he has a hard time chasing down flying shooters...
    4.14  BULLET (HIRABLE)
    Attributes - Rapid Metabolism, Fast Healing, Solid Skeleton
    Power 1 / Fists of Fury: One-Shot Punch, Fist Flurry, Fist
    Fusillade, Speeding Bullet
    Power 2 / Speeding Bullet: Sprint, Whirlwind, Hyper Spin,
    Energize, Electrify
    Bullet, with his high speed, can easily defeat 3 or more
    enemies, esp. when he gets Fast Healing. Solid Skeleton
    makes him more resistant to damage.
    Sprint is useful if you have to room to bounce the enemy
    off. The Punch is also quite useful as it has occasional
    knockback that allows him to hit, move to the fallen enemy,
    and punch again before the target can get up.
    Sprint can be used to dodge beam or projectile attacks. Just
    use it sparingly as it does take quite a bit of energy.
    Whirlwind is a good attack as it is "chained". Use it on a
    group of nasties and they will take damage in turn. When
    used against thugs or such weak enemies, the Whirlwind
    scores knockouts as it can do 15-25 damage.
    Bullet is strong enough to pick up light poles for
    smackdowns. This causes 100% knockback, so do try to use
    this as much as possible.
    Remember the AI is fixed on the first target it sees, even
    if they can't catch up to it. So if you send Bullet in and
    have him attract attention of multiple enemies, he can keep
    them busy chasing him while your team pummels the rest of
    Attributes - Weak Minded, Solid Skeleton, Armored
    Power 1: Wham, Headbutt, Slam
    Power 2: Shrug Off, Proton Shield, Roaring Doom
    Supercollider is fast, extremely tough, though weak-minded,
    which means mystical attacks will usually succeed. On the
    other hand, he does so much damage you will WANT to use him.
    One hit from him will probably take out the target. Even
    those supervillains only take a couple of hits to take out
    with Supercollider.
    Supercollider has good agility, which means he can dodge
    quite a few attacks.
    For example, Wham can do 50-80 against Alien Warriors and
    Sergeants, about 50 against Praetor or even Lord Dominion.
    Supercollider should NOT be brought to battles where the
    enemy can hypnotize (like fighting Pan). If he is hypnotized
    he can decimate your team.
    [Revised] Supercollider is not that vulnerable to knockback
    as I first thought. Still his lack of ranged attacks means
    you have to get close. This can be a problem if you fight a
    lot of the long-range fighters... On the other hand,
    Supercollider is fast enough that fighting long-range
    attackers is not that much of a problem.
    [Anecdote] Once, I was playing Danger Room, "We come in
    peace", very easy. Supercollider takes minimal damage from
    the alien weapons, rarely if ever gets knocked down by the
    plasma charge, and so on. I got all the way up to wave 14
    without using the heroic deed before the game froze on me. I
    have no doubt I would have made it to at least level 20 if
    not more.
    4.16  EVE
    Attributes - Beautiful, Crack Shot, Temperature Control
    Power 1 / Archery: Arrow, Living Arrow, Acid Arrow, Swarm of
    Power 2 / Nature's Glory: Nature's Kiss, Swarm of Leaves,
    Binding Vines, Empathy
    Eve arrived in the middle of the park taking care of goons.
    Eve's problem is she arrives a bit late to be properly
    The arrows are great. They are very useful to take out
    enemies who fly away as soon as you get close enough. Having
    Crackshot means she rarely misses.
    The Acid Arrows are great also as it deals progressive
    damage, but tend to miss more often than normal arrows.
    Binding Vines can be useful to take one enemy out of the
    fight temporarily so she can take out another.
    Eve's constitution and protection is a bit on the weak side.
    Don't let her fight melee. She's the one to shoot enemies
    down from long-range.
    5    Villains and Their Minions
    With this chapter, you will know what the villains and
    minions are capable of. Pick the heroes that are best suited
    for the fight, or create one that complements the team you
    5.1   O'CONNOR GROUP
    The O'Connor Group is pretty simple, just thugs. Of course,
    you are pretty weak in the beginning as well.
    5.1.1     Thugs with Bats
    Thugs with bats are not too tough. It's best to take them
    from behind with thrown objects like cars and rocks and
    such. In melee they can stun you and if they have a group,
    you'll be stunned continuously, which is bad. Use knockback
    attacks to keep them away.
    5.1.2     Thugs with Pistols
    Pistols don't do much damage, but they are annoying. They
    can also melee with their blackjacks.
    Take them out with explosives would be best, or thrown
    5.1.3     O'Connor
    O'Connor has a gun and a decent punch, though he's not that
    hard to take down in melee.
    [Spoiler] The main problem is his minions (he has a couple
    thugs with guns near him) and that little trap he had
    5.2   ZHUKOV GROUP
    5.2.1     Traitor with Bats
    Same as thug with bat.
    5.2.2     Traitor with Pistols
    Same as thug with pistol.
    5.2.3     Traitorous Grenadier
    The grenades have large blast area, so stay away, esp. from
    anything else that can blow up (cars, tanks, barrels, etc.).
    The traitor also gets a bat as backup. They tend to stay on
    rooftops. Get in close and take them out.
    Minuteman can do them easily, esp. with thrown objects like
    water tanks and such. Be careful not to stand near impact
    zones, esp. with explosive material around.
    5.2.4     Zhukov
    His gun and his punch isn't that bad. Still, when you get
    close you can take him easily.
    5.3.1     Ice Trooper
    Armed with an ice gun and a freezing ray, Ice Trooper is
    more annoying than deadly unless you are susceptible to cold
    like El Diablo. Get in close and hit them hard, or hit them
    from a distance with thrown objects.
    5.3.2     Ice Warrior
    Ice Warrior is far more dangerous. That ice ray has serious
    knock-back and does 6-10 pts of damage. It also prevents you
    from get in close and do melee damage. A group of them can
    keep blasting you and wear you down and you never get close
    enough to hit them. They also have enough HPs so one good
    hit may not take one down.
    To fight ice warriors, get as close as possible immediately,
    like using heights then jump next to them, and immediately
    start hitting. Use Minute Missile to stun the enemy is a
    good way also. Another way is to use distance attacks like
    thrown objects. A nicely packed snowball can knock out a guy
    in one shot, so use those fuel barrels, explosives, etc.
    5.3.3     Ice Queen
    One of the most deadly threats to your heroes early on...
    Ice Queen has good speed, climbing ability (so being on a
    cliff won't help), and deadly melee attack (icicle slash)
    that does damage in the TEENS. Early, on, a couple slashes
    and your heroes are history.
    Best way to fight ice queen is with a light pole or traffic
    light, basically something with LONG reach. Continue
    smacking. You can't miss with a pole. Works great against
    groups also. Just make sure your pole lasts that long.
    5.3.4     Nuclear Winter
    Nuclear Winter has a "mind blank" move that does area
    damage. He can also do freeze ray with bare hands and has a
    good melee attack. Still, if you gang up on him you can take
    him. He mainly has a lot of HPs.
    5.4.1     Gangster
    Gangster fires the Tommy gun in burst of three. In close
    range, they can be pretty bad.
    5.4.2     Thugs with Pistols
    Same as others...
    5.4.3     Pinstripe
    Pinstripe is a very tough customer. He has density control,
    which means it's nearly impossible to hit him, while his
    Tommy Gun does quite a bit of damage. Still, if you gang up
    on him he will go down.
    5.4.4     Crooked Cop
    Same as regular cop, but on the other side.
    5.5   DINO GROUP
    5.5.1     Raptor
    Regular raptor isn't that tough, but they bite pretty hard.
    5.5.2     Wild Raptor
    Better raptor, more attack.
    5.5.3     Tough Raptor
    Tougher hide, but still beatable.
    5.5.4     T-Rex
    The T-Rex has very tough hide and lots of HPs. It has stomp,
    bite, AND claw.
    Hope it gets stuck on something (like the gate) and then
    gang up and beat it.
    5.6   ANT GROUP
    5.6.1     Worker Ant
    Worker ants are black/blue and slightly smaller than the
    soldier ants. They generally don't attack unless you get in
    their way. They can throw things. If you get caught by a
    thrown rock you are in a major world of hurt.
    5.6.2     Soldier Ant
    Soldier ants are red and larger. They have a nasty pincer
    attack, and their acid spit is really nasty as it delivers
    progressive damage. The soldier ants can climb also, so
    being on a cliff/building won't help.
    While underground, you should deal with the ants from long-
    range with mushrooms as much as possible.
    5.6.3     The Ant
    The Ant is a pretty tough customer. He can hit pretty hard
    with good knockback. His acid bomb is pretty nasty too and
    does progressive damage.
    Try to hit him from long range with the exploding mushrooms.
    5.7   SHADOW GROUP
    5.7.1     Blue Shadows
    Nasty minions, they do electrical discharge and have
    cloaking ability. Still, they are vulnerable to regular
    5.7.2     Purple Shadows
    The purple shadows are worse... They can generate REMOTE
    electrical attacks. They are weak physically, so attack them
    directly. The main problem is they can cloak.
    5.7.3     The Shadow
    The way to defeat "The Shadow" is to destroy the four
    pillars first, THEN hit her hard. If you don't do the
    pillars first, she just pops back up, fully charged when she
    gets down to nothing.
    5.8   DEJA VU GROUP
    Deja Vu's goons consist of clones of ordinary citizens and
    Those cloned cops can fly, and fires energy pistols. They
    fly away if you get close, so they are quite nasty if you
    don't have a long-distance shooter.
    5.8.1     Tough bat thugs
    The tough bat thugs are still bat thugs, but harder to put
    5.8.2     Tough gun thugs
    The tough gun thugs shoot energy pistols and have more HPs.
    5.8.3     Cloned Police
    The cloned cops can actually fly, and fires energy pistols.
    Use long-range firepower like Eve's arrows at them. (Use
    Continuous fire to minimize micromanagement!) You can wait
    until they land, THEN hit them or you can use thrown
    5.8.4     Male Civilian (Cloned)
    Cloned Male Civilian will explode if you get too close. Talk
    to him to trigger, then run away immediately.
    You can hit them from afar, thus trigger them from afar.
    If you put them in stasis THEN hit them they won't explode.
    5.8.5     Female Civilian (Cloned)
    Cloned Female Civilian will do an area "energy drain" attack
    if you get too close. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to
    melee attacks.
    5.8.6     Cloned Minuteman
    Cloned Minuteman is just like Minuteman except he's evil and
    slightly weaker. He has the same attacks and such.
    5.8.7     Deja Vu Clones
    The clones of Deja is a bit weaker than himself
    5.8.8     Deja Vu
    The honcho himself, he can be quite annoying as he keeps
    making clones of himself. He also has a radiation pistol
    that'll irradiate you if he doesn't keep cloning or run
    Mr. Mechanical makes, you guessed it, giant robots.
    5.9.1     Mech Man
    These are yellow and pack a good punch. Try to hit them from
    a distance. Microwave's Microwave beam or Diablo's Tongue of
    Flame works fine. They cannot be knocked off their feet.
    5.9.2     Flame Mech
    These are red, somewhat larger than Mech Man, and come with
    a flamethrower that shoots a ball of flame. It can do quite
    a bit of damage if you get too close. They cannot be knocked
    off their feet.
    5.9.3     Turret
    Turret fires an energy burst that does quite a bit of damage
    but takes a while to recharge.
    The turret can usually be disabled with access to a terminal
    nearby. Look for cables leading from the turret to a control
    console. Access that console and the turret comes over to
    your side.
    Turret has very limited range. If you are fast, you can
    access the terminal before it gets off a shot. It is quite
    hardy and takes quite a bit of damage to destroy.
    5.9.4     Mr. Mechanical
    The blue mech Mr. Mechanical controls is an extra large
    version of the mechs, and has a couple extra tricks:
    earthquake and stomp. Earthquake can cause minor damage to
    all enemies nearby, while stomp causes a LOT of damage if
    you get cause under its feet.
    To combat Mr. Mechanical, ranged attack is preferred. Melee
    is not good at all unless it is concentrating on some other
    Mr. Mechanical is also more vulnerable to electrical
    attacks, making Man O' War the best person to attack from a
    5.10  ALIENS GROUP
    5.10.1    Alien Warrior
    The alien warrior has a nasty beam weapon that can do a bit
    of damage if you're not protected well. Alien warrior also
    has decent speed to run away from slow targets like Manbot.
    You need decent speed to get to one.
    Good thing that Alien Warrior doesn't really have that many
    5.10.2     Alien Sergeant
    Alien Sergeant can fly, which means you will have a hard
    time getting into his melee range.
    Alien Sergeant fires an explosive shot that does quite a bit
    of damage and knocks the target off their feet, similar to
    El Diablo's Inferno but somewhat less powerful.
    Alien Sergeants are slightly harder to take down, but not
    that much tougher.
    5.10.3    Praetor
    Praetor has a LOT of HPs, but otherwise is still the same as
    alien warrior.
    5.10.4    Lord Dominion
    Lord Dominion is basically an alien warrior with extra HPs.
    He is not that difficult to take down. LD is similar to
    Praetor in HPs.
    5.11  PAN GROUP
    5.11.1    Green Sylph
    Green Sylph doesn't do that much physical attack. Sylph
    mainly ties you down for others to pound.
    Green Sylphs can morph into trees, and that makes them hard
    to detect. They can suddenly freeze one or more of your team
    members. If you got frozen for no reason, look for trees
    that aren't supposed to be there. Also, they only morph to a
    particular type of trees. Just run into range and they
    usually turn back into Sylphs immediately.
    Green Sylphs appear from temples, so destroying temples can
    prevent enemies from appearing. Approach the temples from
    behind to avoid triggering more beam-ins.
    5.11.2    Red Sylph
    The Red Sylph fires a burning spear that explodes on
    contact, and that can be pretty nasty. Use ranged attacks or
    get close ASAP.
    5.11.3    Man-bull
    Mainly physical attacks... Low visual range. Attack it from
    a distance and it won't even fight back. Liberty Lad's
    energy grenades are good for this.
    Man-Bull, in Pan's lair, can burst out of walls from hidden
    rooms. Use a guy who can't be knocked back or a fast guy who
    can pass the trigger point quickly to prevent from being
    crushed by a charging man-bull. Does BIG knockbacks. VERY
    5.11.4    Silver Sylph
    Tougher attack, morph into stone... Can be pretty hard to
    beat. Makes electrical attacks.
    5.11.5    Wall Carving
    These wall carvings spit fire. You can take them out from
    long range with Microwave's microwave beam, or Liberty Lad's
    energy grenades.
    5.11.6    Pan
    Pan himself has some nasty attacks, including hypnotize
    (even works on Microwave?), stun, electrical attacks like
    Silver Sylph, some nasty kicks, and so on . He has a decent
    amount of hit points.
    Timemaster, your final nemesis, relies on a lot of enemies
    from the past, as well as his "temporal twins". I've
    included Microwave here as you'll see more of them.
    5.12.1     Microwave
    Microwave's "brothers" are not that difficult to beat. They
    tend NOT to use Interference melee attack, but relies on
    Microwave beam and teleport. If you keep chasing them they
    will use up all their energy teleporting away, then you have
    them beat as they keep stunning themselves.
    5.12.2     Time Twin
    Time Twin doesn't have that many HPs, and is not that hard
    to beat. There are three different types of them, actually.
    Some do radiation, some do beam/heat, and so on.
    5.12.3    Timemaster
    Initially Timemaster himself is invulnerable. You need to
    destroy the 3 restraints holding Manbot, THEN destroy the 3
    "clocks". THEN Timemaster becomes vulnerable. His "stomp" is
    pretty nasty. Use ranged attacks if possible.
    Timemaster has a LOT of different attacks.
    6    Campaign Walkthru
    Abbreviations: pp = prestige points, XP = experience points,
    HP = hit points, EP = energy points.
    6.1    CAME A HERO!
    Primary Objective: Catch O'Conner (80 prestige points)
    Secondary Objective: Rescue the victim from the muggers (20
    Villains and Minions: 18 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 9 Thugs
    with pistols (10 pp each), O'Connor (20 pp), 1 Gangster ?
    (?? pp)
    Canisters: Green (XP) near the two gunmen protecting
    Total prestige possible: 410
    If you have played the demo, you should be quite familiar
    with this level.
    It's best to follow the yellow arrows and clean out the
    entire park before you embark on the quest to locate
    O'Connor. That way you do the secondary objective and earn
    more prestige. Explore every inch of the park before heading
    into town.
    This is essentially a tutorial level, so you get a LOT of
    explanations on how to proceed. Follow the instructions and
    take care of the villains without hurting any civilians.
    Rescue civilians from the minions when you can.
    Use the cars and light poles as you see fit to help you
    combat the minions. Use the rooftop items as long-range
    WARNING: Beware of cars. With V1.1 the cars won't run you
    over continuously, but it's still 4 HPs you should not have
    lost per hit. Wait until the traffic clears before crossing
    the street. If you don't have the patch, the cars can kill
    your heroes before they get into range of the bad guys!
    Clean out the minions around the O'Connor's suspect building
    and a block around it before heading in.
    SPOILER: when you get to the O'Connor building with the
    pistol thug on the roof, use Strike for Freedom to knock him
    off the roof. Then you don't have to worry about the
    building collapsing and you taking damage. Otherwise, you
    have to be quick to jump off before it collapses beneath
    SPOILER: Try NOT to interrogate the K/O'ed thug until the
    area is clear. If the building comes down with civilians
    around and they get K/O'ed, it's your fault!
    When you find O'Connor, knock him flat. Interrogate him and
    the level is done.
    SPOILER: For more points, knock O'Connor flat, then search
    the area for remaining minions. You may find a Gangster with
    the XP canister near him.
    Additional notes:
    "Edward Liu" adds that it is possible to catch O'Connor
    BEFORE that trap building collapses, thus saving you that -
    20 prestige penalty.
    Primary Objective: Catch Sukhov (80pp), Talk to the stranger
    (40pp), Use Mentor to talk to the thug (20pp)
    Secondary Objective: Knock out all the thugs (20pp), Don't
    alert the guards (80pp)
    Minions: 12 Traitors with bats (7pp each), 13 Traitors with
    guns (12pp each), more depending on if you triggered the
    Canisters: Prestige (Yellow) canister hidden in one of the
    Total prestige possible: 580 pp or so (depending on how many
    gunmen did you trigger)
    Travel by rooftops in this mission to remain undetected,
    which should give you more prestige than knocking out all
    the guards. It is almost impossible to do both. As stealth
    is worth more, try to follow that.
    If the guards are alerted, more Traitors with guns than the
    original 13 will appear from the guardhouses. Each
    guardhouse should produce 3-4 more gunmen.
    The object of this level is to reach the parking lot on the
    far top of the map. The enemies won't appear until you get
    there. You can only get about 3/4 of the way on rooftops.
    The rest will depend on how can you prevent the "guards"
    from reaching their local "guardhouse".
    Grab some of those fuel canisters and use them as long-range
    artillery. Use them on groups you cannot bypass. Go after
    the pistol guys first as they would raise the alarm.
    Once you got there, you spot Zhukov next to the truck. You
    [Cinematic] It's a trap! A whole BUNCH of Traitors with bats
    come out and surround you as Zhukov runs away. Mentor
    reveals himself and blanks all the Traitors.
    Use area attack (Strike for Freedom) ASAP and clean out the
    area while the enemies are "blanked". Once you clean out the
    area you're safe.
    Additional notes:
    "The Old Mixer" recommends that you sneak up on the
    guardhouses without being seen by the thugs, then bash the
    guardhouses. They can't raise the alarm without the
    "Edward Liu" has an even more ingenious suggestion...
    Destroy the alarm itself! If you can sneak up on the
    guardhouse, you can target the alarm itself and bash it.
    Primary Objective: Catch Suhkov (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Knock out all the thugs (20pp)
    Minions : 4 Traitors with bats (7pp each), 6 Traitors with
    grenades (10pp each), 14 Traitors with guns (12pp each)
    Canisters: None?
    Approach the corner with both and wait around the corner.
    Use Mentor's instinct stimulation to make the traitors fight
    each other. They'll do that instead of coming after you.
    Once they are mostly out, have Minuteman jump up and clean
    out the first rooftop of the grenade guys, then use thrown
    objects and jumping to clean out subsequent rooftops of more
    grenade guys. There are a couple crates of TNT you can use
    though you'll need to throw them pretty hard to make them go
    Clean out the surrounding area of enemies using those TNT
    crates and such.
    Sukhov is on the far side of the map in the building area.
    Knock him out to finish. Use those explosive crates.
    [Cinematic] Sukhov got frozen in liquid nitrogen as he
    attempts to escape. Mentor leads you away...
    Primary Objective: Find out why the park is frozen (40pp),
    Break the man out of the ice (20pp), Save the civilians
    frozen in ice by breaking them out of it (40pp), Knock out
    the Ice Queen! Don't let her get away! (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Rescue the woman from the muggers
    Villains and Minions: Ice Queen (40pp), 16 Ice troopers (20
    pp each), Traitor with bat (7pp), Traitorous Grenadier
    (10pp), Traitor with gun (12pp), 6 Thugs with bats (5pp
    Canisters: ??
    As you approach the edge of the park, you should hear some
    vandals (thugs) discussing how to vandalize the car. Take
    them out for a little bonus.
    Take out these Ice Troopers (with freezing ray and ice gun),
    then rescue the various civilians around the park. The red
    arrows will lead you to them, and they are all over the
    park. There's usually an Ice Trooper or two near each
    By the time you made it through the whole park, you would
    have found Nuclear Winter (Zhukov transformed).
    [Cinematic] Both Minuteman and Mentor got frozen!
    [Cinematic] El Diablo makes his appearance...
    Primary Objective: Find and free Minuteman (40pp), Find and
    free Mentor (40pp), El Diablo must not fall (60pp), Destroy
    the pump house (40pp), Defeat the Ice Queen so you can
    interrogate her (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Save the couple from the Ice Queen
    Minions: 4 Ice Queens (40pp each), 17 Ice troopers (20pp
    Canisters: Green (XP) inside of a trashcan in the park. You
    may need to talk to the couple first for it to appear. You
    must destroy the trashcan to get the canister. Canister may
    not always be in the same trashcan.
    It's up to El Diablo to save the day. El Diablo can fly, so
    use it to scout the park, then locate Minuteman and Mentor,
    while rescuing all the frozen civilians. Take out the thugs
    and such.
    Remember to pick up a light pole against the Ice Queens.
    Have Minuteman do that also.
    When both Minuteman and Mentor are free, destroy the pump
    A couple more Ice Queens will attack. Take the lamp posts
    and beat them silly, then you can find out where did Nuclear
    Winter go...
    [Cinematic] Nuclear Winter is locating a nuclear warhead...
    From the carrier in town.
    Primary Objective: Defeat all the cold warriors and find out
    where Nuclear Winter is going (60p)
    Secondary Objective: Defeat all of Nuclear Winter's minions
    Minions: 3 Ice Queens (40pp each), 15 Ice troopers (20pp
    each), 4 Turrets (15pp each)
    Canisters: Several, mostly energy, some on ice others on
    carrier itself
    [Cinematic] Your team arrives, and Nuclear Winter makes his
    escape from the carrier... You must beat the minions and
    locate one that knows where Nuclear Winter is going...
    You start on the bow of the carrier. 3 Ice Troopers will
    rush you and it's no fun being frozen. Get moving and bash
    them. Retreat ASAP as there's an Ice Trooper acting as
    sniper on top of "island". There are also more minions on
    either side of the carrier on the ice. You can hunt them
    down for more PP's.
    Use those barrels of fuel as explosives and long-range
    firepower. Those turrets can do you a world of hurt if you
    get too close. Use the barrels on them. Takes 3-4 to take
    out each turret.
    Jump to the ice floe below to locate more Nuclear Winter's
    Wipe out everybody and the last enemy needs to be
    [Cinamatic] Nuclear Winter is getting away... But you know
    where he's going...
    Primary Objective: Track Nuclear Winter by following the
    directions of a mysterious stranger (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: none really
    Minions: 8 Ice Queens (40pp each), 7 Frost warriors (40pp
    each), 19 Ice troopers (20pp each)
    Canisters: There's quite a few, including one life canister
    This one can be tough as you need to be VERY methodical
    moving in. Use snowballs and explosive barrels carefully.
    You want to take enemies out in a group as much as possible,
    from as long range as possible. Try NOT to engage in melee
    as there are no light poles and such around for you to do
    Explore to either side of that "canyon", as you'll find ice
    warriors and ice troopers in groups. Use El Diablo's flying
    ability as a scouting tool.
    Move up slowly, taking out one set of enemies at a time,
    clear the entire map from your location to either side, and
    you'll eventually find Man-bot, who will join you for the
    final assault on Nuclear Winter...
    Primary Objective: Don't let Minuteman fall. This is
    personal! (60pp), Bring Nuclear Winter to justice (40pp),
    Minuteman must disarm the bomb before it explodes (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 3 Ice Queens (40pp each), 5 Ice Queens (50pp each),
    7 Frost warriors (40pp each), 14 Ice troopers (20pp each),
    Nuclear Winter (200pp)
    Canisters: lots, at least one life in the pile of snowballs,
    others scattered all over
    [Cinematic] Nuclear Winter's truck with the nuclear warhead
    You start next to the piers. Take out the two Ice Troopers
    to the left. Then head right instead to take out the
    troopers harassing the civilians on the street.
    Watch Minuteman's health carefully. Don't let him get into
    serious combat. Minuteman should be using smack-down and
    thrown objects as much as possible.
    Grab barrels of fuel as needed. Take out the two Ice Queens
    at that pile of snowballs using a barrel (or two, have two
    guys throw it simultaneously). Then use the crates and
    whatnot to snipe at the guards that you can see. Have
    Minuteman and El Diablo grab a lightpole each to defend.
    Work your way left again, along the pier, use thrown objects
    as much as possible first. Have Minuteman defend against Ice
    Queens and Frost Warriors with smack-downs (pull a new light
    pole if necessary). Work your way to edge of the map.
    Retrace your steps back to the paved road on the other edge
    of the map. Then head north and clean out opposition there.
    You should be pretty close to wiping out all of the minions
    except those guarding the cliff above Nuclear Winter.
    Save the game, and see if you can use El Diablo in flying
    mode to tease out those few defenders on the cliff without
    getting too close to Nuclear Winter and trigger the final
    When you see him, throw all the barrels and such you got at
    him from as long range as possible. Then drop all objects
    and charge in.
    [Cinematic] Nuclear Winter has started the bomb's count-
    down! You have less than 60 seconds!
    Send EVERYBODY to hit Nuclear Winter in melee, while
    Minuteman need to head straight to the bomb. Click on the
    bomb once, and Minuteman will try to smash the bomb once,
    then kneel beside it and get to work. He needs at least 20
    seconds of uninterrupted work, and you'll need to give him
    that time. Hopefully by then Nuclear Winter should have gone
    down. Else join in and smash him flat. And you win!
    [Cinematic] Nuclear Winter has been captured and sent to
    special prison.
    6.9   IN THE NICK OF TIME (PART 1)
    [Cinematics] Nick Craft, Freedom Force Fan Club President,
    saw you guys on the case, and decided to tag along. He may
    just get in the way though...
    Primary Objective: Get to the bank and talk to police chief
    (20pp), Bank must not be destroyed (40pp), Protect Nick
    Craft from harm (60pp), Destroy the armored car (20pp),
    Catch all the bank robbers escaping on foot (40pp)
    Secondary Objective: Don't allow any part of the bank to
    collapse (40pp)
    *note: this means parts of the building, not that backwall.
    Minions: 8 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 4 Thugs with guns
    (12pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the alleys at the bottom-most
    block, Yellow (pp) in the alleys at the top-most block.
    Player Characters: Man-bot, Mentor
    This level is pretty easy, but it does separate your heroes
    into separate actions, so they can't support each other.
    Approach, and talk to police chief. Then send Man-bot in by
    himself. He can take care of every threat there.
    Have Mentor run around and grab the canisters. Nick Craft
    will probably follow Mentor around.
    Have Man-Bot use "focus" on the armored car, then on the
    various "thugs with guns", or go melee. Mentor should chase
    down the two thugs that came out the "backdoor" (send Man-
    bot in when he can) and take care of the few reinforcements.
    Mentor can use "blank mind" to escape, or "instinct
    stimulate" to turn the baddies on each other.
    6.10  IN THE NICK OF TIME (PART 2)
    Primary Objective: Arrest the robbers at the Starlight
    cinema (40pp), Protect Nick Craft from harm (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Nah
    Baddies: Gangster (20pp), 4 Hitmen (15pp), 2 Thugs with bats
    (5pp each), 3 Thugs with guns (12pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) right in the middle of the map in the
    Player Character: El Diablo
    Move in slowly, around the edges of the map, and spiral in.
    Beat one or two enemies at a time. When you take out the
    Gangster, you've won this one.
    6.11  IN THE NICK OF TIME (PART 3)
    Primary Objective: Defeat Pinstripe before Nick Craft dies
    (80pp), Check back on Nick! (60pp)
    Secondary Objective:
    Baddies: 3 Thugs with guns (12pp each)
    Canisters: ??
    Move in and take out a few thugs with guns. You see
    Pinstripe... Nick takes a burst for Minuteman. Send
    EVERYBODY in and hit Pinstripe with regular melee attack. He
    is VERY resistant to attacks, so just gang up with
    After that, check on Nick...
    [Cinematic] as Pinstripe gets away... Minuteman turns back
    and saves Nick... Who's near death...
    Primary Objective: Protect Alchemiss until she can close the
    portal (40pp), Find the portal (20pp), Defeat the raptors so
    the portal can be closed! (60pp), Defeat the T-Rex (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Return the loot to the proper
    authorities (20pp)
    Baddies: 10 Raptors (20pp each), 7 Wild Raptors (30pp each),
    8 Tough Raptors (35pp each), 5 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 5
    Thugs with guns (12pp each), T-Rex (150pp)
    Canisters: Green (xp) under a giant hamburger on top of a
    building. Do not destroy the burger, or the canister will
    disappear. Have El Diablo or another flier land on the
    burger, then zoom in real close until you can see the
    canister. Click on it, and the character will grab it from
    underneath the burger. Yellow (pp) under a tree in the park,
    towards the top of the map.
    The city is big and you need to chase around a LOT of
    raptors. At easier levels the raptors chase you. At tougher
    levels you need to chase them, so bring fast people. Man-bot
    just would NOT do at all.
    Remember, you need Alchemiss to close the portal, so keep
    her in the back or let someone else to make initial contact,
    THEN send Alchemiss into the fray.
    Basically, chase down all the raptors, all over the place.
    Once you got most of them, when Alchemiss say it's enough to
    close the portal, get Alchemiss to close the portal. The T-
    Rex will come through. Take it out and you're done.
    Primary Objective: Investigate the source of the earthquakes
    (20pp), Close the anthills and defeat the ants (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Prevent the ants from stealing more
    than $50,000 worth of property (40pp)
    Minions: Soldier ants (30pp each), Worker ants (10pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) under a vent on top of a building with
    a Fresh Coffee sign.
    You technically don't need to fight the ants, just beat
    those antihills into the ground to close them. Still, there
    are a LOT of anthills, and you need to move quickly.
    The acid damage done by ants can be really nasty. You'll be
    using "Heroic Remedy" a lot. Those worker ants may throw
    things at you. Those rocks can do some serious damage.
    Primary Objective: Explore the caverns to find the source of
    the ant menace (60pp), Man-bot must survive (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Break the cages to free the civilians
    held prisoner (20pp)
    Minions: 17 Soldier ants (30pp each), 13 Worker ants (10pp
    each), 9 Blue Darkmen (30pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the second city area behind a
    building next to the cage. Yellow (pp) in the third city
    area behind a building.
    You come to a tunnel. You get three main problems... One,
    the yellow mushrooms can be picked up and tossed as
    explosives. If you hit them too hard, they go boom. If
    there's several of them, they can chain react. Two, ants
    spit acid, remember, and that's nasty too. Three, Darkmen
    are nasty. They do area damage with electrical discharge.
    Use explosive mushrooms on the ants and Darkmen as possible.
    The Darkmen can cloak, which make them hard to hit.
    Whenever the Ant pops up, hit him hard. Once explosive
    mushroom should do it. When he's hurt bad he'll dig into the
    ground and disappear. You'll need to beat him a couple
    Follow the tunnel through, pick up the yellow mushrooms as
    possible. Use these to open the cave-ins that blocked the
    end of each tunnel. Then go through and use those on ants
    and the Darkmen in your way.
    Cloaked Darkmen can still be hit if you're using explosive
    stuff. They can't take hits, so one solid hit should drop
    When you beat Ant the last time, his Mistress comes out...
    [Cinematic] Mistress orders Ant to kill everybody, and the
    giant ants close in... But the Ant shakes off the mind-
    control drug, and the Shadow and her minions disappeared...
    Primary Objective: Corner Shadow in her lair! (40pp), The
    Ant must not fall...This is personal (40pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 9 Blue Darkmen (30pp each), Purple Darkmen (35pp
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the back of the second city area,
    up on a ledge.
    Now that "The Ant" is on your side, you get no more giant
    ants. However, Darkmen are pretty nasty also.
    Follow the tunnels and such around. Take out any Darkmen you
    see at long-range with explosive mushrooms. Then take out
    the rest.
    When Shadow comes out, defeat her so she will retreat. Make
    your way to the entrance. Shadow will close the door.
    Clear out the entrance room of Darkmen. To open the
    entrance, put one person on each "rope". Have both pull
    simultaneously (use pause button to coordinate), then you
    can gather the team for the final showdown...
    Primary Objective: Corner Shadow in her lair! (40pp), Defeat
    Shadow (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: ? Blue Darkmen (30pp each), ? Purple Darkmen (35pp
    each), Shadow (300pp)
    Canisters: Yellow (pp) in front of Shadow's throne, Yellow
    (pp) at the bottom corner of the room.
    This is the final showdown with Shadow. Darkmen will
    continuously respawn until you take care of The Shadow.
    HOWEVER, Shadow is invincible. Every time you beat her, she
    will respawn at full health.
    The only way to beat her is knock out the 4 columns at the
    corners of the room, to let the light in from above. AFTER
    you knock out the 4 columns, THEN Shadow will be vulnerable.
    Beat her down one more time, and you win!
    [Cinematics] Now you know who the Shadow is, and how she
    became The Shadow! Except that's when a new twist
    Primary Objective: Track down Pinstripe's base of operations
    (60pp), Defeat and interrogate thugs for clues to
    Pinstripe's location (40pp)
    Secondary Objective: Find the owner of the second purse and
    return it to the owner (it belongs to a lady standing on the
    corner of a street, she will call to you when you pass close
    to her.) (40pp)
    Minions: Crooked Cop (0pp), 3 Gangsters (20pp each), 7
    Hitmen (15pp each), 13 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 5 Thugs
    with guns (12pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) behind the giant Tomato ad board on
    top of a building, Green (xp) on top of a building with a
    Fresh Coffee sign.
    This is a Liberty Lad solo adventure. You basically beat one
    thug after another until one of them can tell you where's
    the big job going down for Pinstripe.
    Nothing too difficult here if you approach carefully. Use
    objects like cars and lightpoles to help you attack. Use
    Stun Grenades to help out. Use jump to get out of range and
    Primary Objective: Find and defeat Pinstripe! (80pp),
    Destroy the four warehouses (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: None
    Villains and Minions: 6 Gangsters (20pp each), Microwave
    robot (250pp), Pinstripe (250pp), ? Thugs with bats (5pp
    each), ? Thug with bombs (10pp), 23 Thugs with guns (12pp
    Canisters: Yellow (pp) on top of Pinstripe's warehouse #4
    Liberty Lad found Pinstripe's HQ, and was discovered... Then
    Law/Order dropped in for a little assistance...
    Basically, beat up ALL of the bad guys that attack (should
    not be that hard with help). By then the rest of the team
    should have arrived. Help Law/Order wipe out the four
    warehouses (don't hit the wrong ones). You will need to
    personally destroy at least two. Take out the guards also.
    Once all four warehouses are gone, Pinstripe shows up...
    Then a portal opens... Out steps Microwave, a robot from the
    future, and he's NOT friendly!
    Send one person after Microwave (Manbot if available as
    Microwave is pretty slow). The rest should gang up on
    Pinstripe with all melee attacks or direct attacks. When
    Pinstripe AND Microwave goes down, you win!
    6.19  WANTED -- MINUTEMAN! (PART 1)
    Primary Objective: Locate the stolen moneybags (20pp),
    Return the stolen moneybags to bank manager (20pp)
    Secondary Objective: Apprehend all of the robbers (40pp)
    Minions: 7 Tough bat Thugs (20pp each), 6 Tough gun Thugs
    (30pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the alley at the top of the map
    Sweep the city, follow the arrows, and grab all the
    moneybags the bad guys left behind. Keep sweeping the city
    until you got ALL the robbers. The Thugs are quite a bit
    tougher but nothing you guys can't handle.
    Sweep the city and get that secondary objective done before
    you go back and turn in all the money.
    After you do that, the cops arrest Minuteman... You know
    it's a clone that is doing all this... So where is that
    6.20  WANTED -- MINUTEMAN! (PART 2)
    Primary Objective: bring the Minuteman clone to justice
    (60pp), Keep Liberty Lad safe (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Apprehend all of the robbers (40pp)
    Minions: 7 Tough bat Thugs (20pp each), 3 Tough gun Thugs
    (30pp each), Cloned Police (40pp), 2 Female civilians (20pp
    each), Male civilian (10pp).
    Canisters: None?
    Sweep the city and take out additional clones, follow the
    arrow when you feel like it. You need ranged attack, and a
    lot of it to take out those cloned civilians and the cloned
    6.21  WANTED -- MINUTEMAN! (PART 3)
    Primary Objective: Keep Liberty Lad safe (60pp), Defeat all
    the clone cops (40pp), Talk to the police chief at the
    station (20pp), Defeat Deja Vu! (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Protect the cops and their station
    Minions: 11 Cloned Police (40pp each), ? Deja Vus (400pp
    Canisters: Yellow (pp) in the alley towards the top of the
    map, directly behind a building with a Jersey Fried Chicken
    Police station is under attack, and you need to rescue them
    from all the clone cops. The clone cops will go after
    regular cops unless you attack them.
    Once you got all the bad cops, Deja Vu makes his appearance.
    Deja Vu's clones are worth quite a bit of prestige, but V1.1
    capped the maximum PP at 20 K/Os.
    When you defeat Deja Vu, he disappears. However, he leaves a
    clue to Minuteman's whereabouts!
    6.22  DEJA WHO? (PART 1)
    Primary Objective: Find Minuteman and rescue him (40pp),
    Liberty Lad must not be defeated (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Defeat all the duplicate cops in the
    park (60pp)
    Minions: 2 Tough gun Thugs (30pp each), 10 Cloned Police
    (40pp each), 3 Cloned Female civilians (20pp each), 3 Cloned
    Male civilians (10pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) under a tree at the top corner of the
    When you arrive at the park, things look normal, but things
    are not what they seem! The gun thugs will attack. Once you
    get to the park, you meet up with more of the cloned
    SPOILER: One way to tell the clones from the regulars is
    pause, then hold the mouse over the subject. The cloned ones
    have a different description.
    You need to locate the 4 civilians, each with one stanza to
    Deja Vu's puzzle. When you get all four, and take out all
    the cops, you can free Minuteman... Who's been placed as the
    The flying cops are a REAL PAIN to hit as they fly away. Hit
    them with ranged attack.
    6.23  DEJA WHO? (PART 2)
    Primary Objective: Liberty Lad must not be defeated (60pp),
    Defeat the duplicate Minuteman (60pp), Rescue the real
    Minuteman (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Find and defeat all clones in the park
    Minions: 7 Cloned Police (40pp each), 4 Cloned Female
    civilians (20pp each), 4 Cloned Male civilians (10pp each),
    1-4 Cloned Minutemen (200pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) inside a tree at the bottom corner of
    the map.
    You arrive at the other section of the park... Eve appears
    and reveals that the Minuteman you were following is a
    clone! Defeat this clone and Eve will join you.
    Use Eve's arrows on the various cloned cops. Take on the
    cloned civilians, as they have more stanzas to solve the
    Eventually, you make your way to the semi-circle of 5
    Minuteman statues. Based on the clues given, which one do
    you pick as the right one?
    HINT: Count COUNTER-clockwise.
    If you picked the wrong one, you'll have to fight and defeat
    the clone (worth more prestige). However, you only have FOUR
    chances to get the right one, not five.
    Primary Objective: Find out what Deja Vu is up to (20pp),
    Destroy the Cloning ray-gun! (60pp), Don't allow any part of
    the ray-gun building to collapse (80pp), Disable the shield
    generators (40pp), Defeat Deja Vu! (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: None really
    Bad Guys: ? Deja Vu (400pp each), 17 Police (40pp each), 5
    Female civilians (20pp each), 4 Male civilians (10pp each),
    Thug with bat (5pp), Cloning ray (0pp)
    Canisters: Green (xp) under a crate in the alley on the
    right side of the map, Yellow (pp) on top of a building on
    the left side of the map.
    When you arrive at the University, Deja Vu shows his latest
    creation... A giant cloning ray! Don't let it hit or you'll
    end up fighting yourselves!
    Use the buildings as cover, move around and defeat the misc.
    clones. Eve is probably best to take out the clone cops and
    Send one hero who can fly to take out the two shield
    generators behind the cloning ray gun itself. Once that's
    done, the hero can then destroy the cloning ray gun. Then
    Deja Vu himself should show up.
    If you can hit him with progressive damage (acid and such)
    before he clones, his clones would have less HPs as well.
    This would make defeating clones very simple.
    Just defeat Deja Vu and you win the mission.
    Primary Objective: Prevent the robots from destroying 15
    buildings (20pp)
    Secondary Objective: Prevent 10 buildings from being
    destroyed (40pp), Prevent 5 buildings from being destroyed
    Minions: 9 Mech men (35pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building with a Burgers
    sign at the top of the map.
    It's going to be difficult to prevent 5 buildings from being
    destroyed unless you have flying heroes and such that can
    move VERY quickly and can attack and get out of the way
    quickly. Basically, the Robots are melee machines only. Use
    ranged attack as much as possible. Acid attacks would work
    great if you can get them to hit, as would electrical
    As mechs cannot be made to fall down, "shove" and other
    knockback attacks are worthless.
    Primary Objective: Protect the central city tower (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 14 Mech men (35pp each), 5 Flame mechs (50pp each)
    Canisters: Yellow (pp) in a phone booth at the bottom of the
    More robots to bash.  These arrive in waves in different
    directions. You need speedy heroes with ranged attacks so
    you can react to each crisis as it unfolds.
    NOTE: Pick fliers and climbers as much as possible. If you
    have been knocked off you are toast unless you can fly/climb
    up again.
    Don't worry too much about the city buildings. Your primary
    objective is saving the city tower, which means you must
    protect the four different supports of the tower. While are
    you assessed a penalty for each building wrecked, that just
    means you must give it your best shot.
    Team up on robot as much as possible. Diablo can do quite a
    bit of damage if you pump up his Tongue of Flame. Use
    Inferno on a group of mechs.
    Microwave's Interference is good. Two solid hits can take
    out a Mechman. Microwave beam is also good but does less
    Minuteman isn't doing much damage with his staff and such.
    Liberty Lad's energy grenade doesn't do much either and it
    bounces too much. Use someone else that does good damage.
    Primary Objective: Prevent the robots from destroying the
    statues and the spire (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 7 Mech men (35pp each), 2 Flame mechs (50pp each)
    Canisters: some energy canisters around, 1 HP canister near
    the central spire (?)
    This time, you are on the TOP of the tower... The problem
    is... Any one that has been knocked off is out for the
    The Mech Men are going after the 4 statues at each corner,
    as well as the 4 supports in the middle. While you may think
    separating is bad, you must, since there are too many
    Bring El Diablo and Man O'War as you need their good ranged
    attacks. Microwave is good as well.
    Send the fast guys to the far side of the building and start
    knocking. Attack just so the mechs come after you. Then run
    and attack someone else. As soon as the mech returns to
    building bashing, turn back in and re-attack. Do this with
    everyone in sequence. Try to keep yourself to the "inside"
    as you don't want to be knocked off the building. Use range
    attack as much as possible.
    [In my game, I had Minuteman, Microwave, Manbot, and The
    Ant. EVERYONE except Microwave got knocked off. The Ant and
    Minuteman is completely out. Manbot got knocked to that
    "lower level" and cannot get back up. Fortunately, Microwave
    was able to take care of those last couple mechs. ]
    Primary Objective: Find and destroy Mr. Mechanical (n/a),
    Destroy the four power generators. Do not damage the
    reactor! (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Baddies: 27 Mech men (35pp each), 6 Flame mechs (50pp each),
    8 Turrets (15pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the spare parts room, Yellow (pp)
    in the comm room under the computers.
    Note: the turrets CAN be stopped if you "use" the console
    near it. Destroy the turrets any way for more PP.
    You are in Mr. Mechanical's base. Follow the corridors
    slowly and blast each and every robot that attacks. There's
    usually only one or two per room, with an occasional turret.
    Use Diablo and Microwave here as their ranged attack is very
    good. Inferno on a group of robots is a real crowd-pleaser
    as well.
    You'll see some turrets. The turrets aren't that hard to
    kill, but it's better if you run for the console. Use those
    to help you kill the robots. Run past them and lead the
    robots past them repeatedly. If you brought fast people, use
    them to lead the robots on a merry chase while others use
    ranged attacks.
    There are some rooms with explosive barrels, use them
    against the robots as possible.
    If you brought Liberty Lad, his energy grenades come in
    handy in SOME situations. One of them is when the room has
    two levels, a mezzanine level with a ramp leading down to
    main level. The energy grenade will explode in the lower
    level so if you stay out of the radius you can grenade the
    Mechs below to death.
    Don't use Diablo's Inferno too close or you'll end up
    blowing up your own people.
    Take out the 4 generators surrounding the reactor is easy if
    you take out the mechs first. Attract the mechs and let
    Liberty Lad drop grenades on them, or use the beam attacks.
    Primary Objective: Defeat Mr. Mechanical (80pp), Protect the
    Freedom fortress (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Protect the school (40pp), Protect the
    police station (40pp), Protect the hospital building (40pp)
    Villain: Mr. Mechanical (350pp), 4 to 8 Mech Men (?? pp)
    Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building in the right
    corner of the map, Yellow (pp) under a crate in the alley at
    the bottom corner of the map.
    Mr. Mechanical's huge blue mech is out to bash... And it has
    1000 HPs. Ouch.
    Keep one slow guy (probably Microwave, as he MUST be
    included) near the Freedom Fortress on defense. Send the
    others to attack Mr. Mechanical. You need to inflict 250 pts
    of damage to make him turn toward the next target, and you
    need to do this BEFORE he destroys the target.
    El Diablo is probably the best guy to use. His Tongue of
    Flames can do 20+ pts damage per shot. Minuteman should
    attack only when Mr. Mechanical is bashing buildings.
    Microwave should stay back a bit and use Microwave beam from
    When you save the school, Mr. Mechanical should have a
    couple mechs on the way to Freedom Fortress. Have Microwave
    start to defend while the rest continue to bash Mr.
    Mechanical. Repeat the same steps as Microwave turn to
    police station, then hospital (which is getting close to
    Freedom Fortress).
    Finally, when Mr. Mechanical turns toward Freedom Fortress,
    EVERYONE should attack Mr. Mechanical. On the other hand,
    MAYBE have one guy take on the remaining mechman attacking
    the Freedom Fortress. When Mr. Mechanical goes down, it
    doesn't matter if there are any mechs remaining. You win
    Primary Objective: Find and subdue the aliens (60pp), Close
    the alien portals (40pp), Protect Alchemiss (20pp), Protect
    the museum (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Keep the museum undamaged (80pp)
    Minions: ? Alien Sergeants (75pp each), ? Alien Warriors
    (60pp), Praetor (?? pp)
    Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building with a Fresh
    Coffee sign
    Alchemiss is the only one that can close the portal(s), so
    protecting her is your primary mission.
    The alien portals will periodically release more aliens.
    Beware! Close them quickly as more aliens are coming
    If you need a lot of XPs, sit near the first portal and keep
    whacking those alien warriors. They give decent XP, though
    with the V1.1 cap on XP, this is a less viable tactic than
    There will be a total of FOUR portals you need to close.
    After you close the first one, two more pop up. Then one big
    portal appears with Praetor and his minions.
    The trick in taking out Aliens is get close ASAP, or fight
    them from long-range. The Alien Sergeants do a bit of damage
    if you can't catch up to them. Their plasma gun shots
    explodes when hit and does quite a bit of knockback. The
    warriors aren't that hard to hit. Basically, concentrate
    fire on one at a time, Sergeants first.
    Praetor and his group aren't that bad either, as they
    concentrate on the museum for the most part. Send Alchemiss
    to close the portal, then send someone to engage Praetor
    while the rest of the team takes on the minions. Minuteman
    can probably take out Praetor by himself. Take out the
    minions, then interrogate Praetor.
    Primary Objective: Find the source of the Bacchites (60pp),
    Interrogate the Sylphs to find out what is happening (80pp),
    Eve must survive (60pp)
    Secondary Objective: Defeat all of Pan's minions (60pp),
    Free the police by destroying the cars (40pp)
    Minions: 14 Green Sylphs (40pp each), 4 Red Sylphs (45pp
    each), 4 Manbulls (75pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in the alley on the right corner of
    the map.
    Women are turning into Sylphs and men are trapped in vines
    all over the city... Looks similar to Eve's attacks, don't
    they? Who's behind all this?
    Definitely bring long-range shooters, like Microwave, El
    Diablo, and maybe Liberty Lad.
    Basically, move around and take out as many Sylphs from long
    range as you can. Use Liberty Lad's energy grenades, let it
    bounce slightly for more range. The Sylphs are pretty weak.
    Use Eve's arrows, Microwave, and El Diablo's long-range
    attacks as much as possible.
    You have to take out THREE groups of Sylphs before you get
    to this huge tree. Interrogate the remaining Sylph when you
    defeat each group.
    Keep knocking out and interrogating Sylphs until you see
    this HUGE tree next to several VERY high buildings. You
    can't jump on top of those buildings, so don't try. Instead,
    "tease" the Sylphs away from the tree, and take out the
    Sylphs. THEN send in Liberty Lad and bounce grenades around
    to take out the Manbulls around the tree.
    Interrogate this last Sylph.
    [Cinematic] Pan makes his appearance... And Eve went with
    him, after shooting El Diablo!
    Primary Objective: Find and administer the fruit (60pp),
    Microwave must survive (60pp), Administer the fruit to a
    bacchite (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: ? Green Sylphs (40pp each), 8 Red Sylphs (45pp
    each), 6 Silver Sylphs (50pp each), ? Manbulls (75pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) under a tree towards the upper left of
    the island, X life canisters (hp) all over the place
    The temples allow the green sylphs to "beam in", so destroy
    those ASAP. You don't lose any points doing that.
    Basically, move around the island in a circle, collecting
    fruit, fighting sylphs and manbulls, until you covered all
    the fruit trees. I tried counter-clockwise and that seems to
    work fine.
    If you fight the Sylphs a few at a time, they can't do much
    damage. Target Red Sylphs first, other Sylphs later. They
    seem vulnerable to energy grenades as the explosion knocks
    them into trees and such for more damage. Move slowly, take
    out temples while you're at it.
    Only Microwave can "pick fruit", so don't let him fall.
    There should be several canisters of health (hp) under
    various trees you can get to.
    Keep going and collect fruit. When you got all the fruit
    trees, the cure is ready. Now you need to try the cure on a
    Sylph. Feel free to knock out more Sylphs as now you get
    arrows pointing to all of them.
    Knock out a Sylph, then have Microwave try the cure on her.
    [Cinematic] The cure worked, Sylph turns back into a
    civilian... Your team was able to gain access to the inner
    sanctum of Pan's Lair... Then Eve turns on you again and
    froze all of you in vines!
    Primary Objective: Locate Pan's Lair (60pp), Microwave must
    survive (60pp), Heal Eve with the magic fruit (80pp), Defeat
    Pan (80pp), Eve must survive (0pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: ? Greens Sylphs (40pp each), 2 Red Sylphs (45pp
    each), ? Silver Sylphs (50pp each), 6 Manbulls (75pp each),
    6 Wall Carvings (15pp each)
    Canisters: Green (xp) right outside the starting room,
    Yellow (pp) under a tree in the standing stones room. May
    have some life canisters lying around.
    The same team from previous mission is in this mission as
    You start in the "prison", and suddenly, the door opens...
    Is someone helping you? Defeat the 2 Green Sylphs at the
    door, then 4 more Sylphs in the round "courtyard". Don't
    forget the green (XP) canister.
    Now you get two entrances, both leads to the next room.
    However, each passage contains 2 Manbulls hiding in rooms
    adjacent to the passage. Use a flying guy (like El Diablo)
    to "tease" them out and take care of them.
    Keep moving in and defeat a set of Red Sylphs in the room
    with Wall Carvings. Tease the Red Sylphs out of the room and
    take them out. THEN move into the room and use long-range
    fire to take care of the wall carvings. Liberty Lad's
    grenades can be VERY useful here, as will Microwave's
    microwave beam.
    Keep moving in and take out a set of Silver Sylphs at the
    mini-Stone Henge. Don't forget the yellow canister off to
    the side.
    Finally, you make your way to Pan's throne room... Eve turns
    on Pan... then Pan turned her into a Green Sylph!
    First defeat this Green Sylph, then have Microwave "cure"
    her. When Eve reverts to her natural state, have everybody
    gang up on Pan, with maybe one protecting Eve and take on
    any last minions.
    Once you defeat Pan, you win...
    [Cinematic] Pan was defeated, and Eve, with help of Gaia,
    banished him... And the city returns to normal! However,
    time itself seems to be under attack... Suddenly, Timemaster
    appears in Freedom Fortress, puts everybody in stasis, and
    takes Manbot away! Timemaster will use Manbot's Energy-X
    storage to destroy time!
    Primary Objective: Place a transmitter on each of the three
    crystals (80pp), Protect the civilians (90pp), Return to the
    base! The signal is ready to be sent! (40pp), Defeat Lord
    Dominion and his elite guard (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: Don't allow any civilians to be injured
    Minions: 2 Alien Sergeants (75pp each), 2 Alien Warriors
    (60pp each), Lord Dominion (450pp), 2 Hit men (15pp each),
    11 Raptors (20pp each), 6 Wild Raptors (30pp each), 7 Tough
    Raptors (40pp each), Thug with bat (5pp)
    Canisters: Green (xp) in left corner of the map, Yellow (pp)
    in right corner of the map.
    A piece of the city has been ripped out and placed in a
    desert... With raptors and T-Rex all around. You need to go
    to EACH of the crystals and plant a transmitter on it. If
    you see raptors chasing civilians, save the civilians!
    There are several raptors around the first crystals, a bunch
    of thugs and hitmen around the second crystal, and a T-Rex
    around the third. There are plenty loose raptors around
    chasing civilians.
    Once you got all the transmitters planted, the SOS was sent
    to the future... to Lord Dominion! He arrives through the
    portal with his alien invaders! You need to defeat all of
    them to continue...
    [Cinematic] You've defeated Lord Dominion and his elite
    guard. Lord Dominion said he can send four people into the
    timestream to challenge Timemaster. He will do so if you
    will choose your team.
    6.35  THE END OF TIME (PART 1)
    Primary Objective: Defeat Pinstripe and his minions (20pp),
    Defeat Nuclear Winter and his lackeys (20pp), Defeat the
    prehistoric pests (20pp), Defeat the oversized ants (20pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 6 Soldier ants (30pp each), 2 Ice Queens (40pp
    each), 2 Frost Warriors (40pp each), 2 Ice troopers (20pp
    each), 2 Gangsters (20pp each), 2 Hit men (15pp each)
    Nuclear Winter (200pp), Pinstripe (250pp)
    Canisters: none
    You get to fight in the stream of time in order to get to
    Timemaster... And this means you get to fight EVERYBODY all
    over again. This is your FINAL TEAM. You don't get to
    substitute or "grow" any one during this four-part battle...
    I would suggest Microwave, El Diablo, The Ant, and MAYBE
    Disc one is Pinstripe and his thugs, some with guns, some
    with grenades, etc. Pinstripe is hard to hit, but not that
    hard. Irradiate him or genetic damage him to change his
    resistance. Then he'll be vulnerable to SOMETHING. One guy
    takes out the minions while others work on Pinstripe.
    Once you finish the disc, STAY AWAY from the center pad! If
    you're too close, that energy burst will send you FLYING,
    falling off.
    Disc two is Nuclear Winter and his lackeys. Somehow he never
    moved from his "perch", so I just have Microwave keep
    beaming him. El Diablo, flying, is toasting those Frost
    Warriors. The Ant is shoving those Ice Queens off the disc,
    and Minuteman is beating up those Ice Troopers.
    Disc three has some Raptors, and those are pretty easy. The
    Ant's shove or even Minuteman's Strike will take care of
    [Cinematic] You enter the portal and jump to next section...
    6.36  THE END OF PART (PART 2)
    Primary Objective: Defeat Shadow and her minions (20pp),
    Defeat Deja Vu and his duplicates, Defeat the mechanical
    miscreants (20pp), Defeat the Sylphs (20pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: 3 Green sylphs (40pp each), 3 Red sylphs (45pp
    each), 2 Blue darkmen (30pp each), 3 Purple darkmen (35pp
    each), Deja Vu (400pp each), 2 Police (40pp each), 2 Female
    civilians (20pp each), 2 Male civilians (10pp each)
    Canisters: none
    Disc 4 is Shadow's minions. I had Microwave keep beaming
    Shadow. Minuteman and The Ant jump off the center platform
    to take care of two Blue Darkmen below. El Diablo shoot one
    Inferno at each "tower" and the shock will send the Purple
    Darkmen on each flying off the disc. If not, just repeat.
    Use the life canisters and such, then be ready to move out.
    Disc 5 is Deja Vu and his minions. Have El Diablo take off
    and shoot those fake cops from the air with tongue of
    flames. Have the Ant "shove" various targets, esp. those
    "civilians". Microwave should use Microwave beam only.
    Minuteman... Should probably stay put unless you want to
    send him in to take on additional targets.
    Disc 6 is Mr. Mechanical and 2 Mechman... 1 regular
    (yellow), 1 flame (red). I recommend you leave the 2 mechmen
    to El Diablo and Microwave, while Minuteman and the Ant
    concentrate on Mr. Mechanical. Minuteman however, can be
    vulnerable to "stomping" and can lose 50 HP in a single hit.
    If that's the case, pull back and use those heroic deeds.
    Disc 7 holds the Sylphs, (some of each color). Chase the
    Sylphs down
    6.37  THE END OF TIME (PART 3)
    Primary Objective: Defeat Pan and his followers (20pp),
    Defeat the deadly dinosaurs (20pp), Defeat the robotic
    reprobates (20pp), Defeat Timemaster and his temporal twins
    Secondary Objective:  none
    Minions: 2 Silver sylphs (50pp each), 2 Man-bulls (75pp
    each), 3 Microwave robots (250pp each), Pan (450pp), 3
    Temporal twins (250pp each), Timemaster (250pp)
    Canisters: none
    Pan and his followers are on Disc 8. Take out the Silver
    Sylphs and the Manbulls first, then take on Pan himself. Try
    to do him from a distance so you don't fall to his
    Disc 9 holds 2 T-Rex's. They aren't that hard, actually,
    esp. with El Diablo's flaming fists and Minuteman's
    Vanquish. The Ant can use Acid Bomb and Microwave can use
    Irradiate on the other T-Rex.
    Disc 10 holds 3 Microwave Robots, and 4 turrets. Take
    control of the turrets to help you fight the robots. Those
    robots quickly run out of energy and will stun themselves.
    Use that time to attack.
    Disc 11 holds Timemaster and his Temporal Twins. Just beat
    all of them, then bash Timemaster himself. Use all your
    attacks from a distance. Once you beat him, and all the
    twins, Manbot will send you to the final fight...
    6.38  THE END OF TIME (PART 4)
    Primary Objective: Destroy the field holding Man-bot
    prisoner (60pp), Destroy the 3 mental constraint devices
    (60pp), Defeat Timemaster once and for all! (80pp)
    Secondary Objective: none
    Minions: multiple Temporal Twins (?? pp each)
    Canisters: none
    Take out the 3 restraints (they look kinda of like upside
    down magnets). There will be two temporal twins guarding
    each one. Destroy the restraint and it'll take out the
    temporal twins guarding each one.
    Now starting smashing those timepieces... They each have 500
    hp so it'll take a while, but keep doing it. Timemaster
    don't do that much damage, really. Grab those life canisters
    on the map if you need them.
    Once ALL THREE timepieces are gone, start bashing Timemaster
    himself. He can heal himself, so keep bashing, no respite
    for the wicked. Use all your powers and heroic deeds now, as
    there is no later. You beat Timemaster, and you win!
    [Cinematic] now that Timemaster is gone, Manbot has gained
    most of Timemaster's powers... He's now master of time! He
    opened a portal for the team to go back through, but he
    himself cannot come... Nor did he really wish to... He is a
    menace to mankind, he knows, and thus he knows his sacrifice
    will not be in vain... And perhaps, he will see them
    again... in time...
    7    Multiplayer Mayhem
    I don't play online, so I have no information for this
    section. If you care to contribute, please send info to
    address specified above.
    8    Misc. Information
    8.1   LINKS
    Freedom Force Center at http://www.freedomforcecenter.com/
    Modforce at http://www.modforce.com
    Look in their links section for even MORE links to other
    skins, meshes, and more.
    8.2.1     Multi-use canisters
    If you need the canister for multiple people, it is possible
    to sort of cheat with it. Have your heroes surround the
    canister, but NOT touching. Pause, then give EVERY hero the
    "use canister" command. Unpause, and everybody will benefit
    from the canister.
    This has been tested with health canisters in V1.1 for all
    types of canisters.
    8.2.2     Infinite Prestige
    In V1.0, you can get infinite prestige by taking out enemies
    that spawn, such as Deja Vu's clones of himself.
    NOTE: This no longer works in V1.1.  Maximum prestige is
    capped at 20 K/O's for a particular enemy type.
    8.3   CHEATS
    The only known cheat requires one to edit an INIT file
    enable the debug console, then open the console and enter
    some debug Python commands.  I can't get those to work
    reliably, as they seem to depend on the circumstances.
    If you downloaded a new "hero", it should come with a whole
    set of files, namely:
    ==a file with extension .HERO
    ==a folder with the character name containing the actual skin
    files in .TGA format
    ==a text file that explains which "mesh" (frame/skeleton) this
    skin is designed for, and some background information, like
    who designed this, what "team" the hero belongs to, whose
    copyright is the character, and so on.
    For example, say you downloaded Wolverine (X-Men). The ZIP
    file should contain
    ==wolverine [folder] (which contains at least 2 .TGA files,
    possibly more)
    ==The text file (sometimes inside the folder) explained that
    this skin is for the "male_alpha" mesh. 
    To install this character, you need to do two things:
    1) Put the .hero file in
    X:\Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom Force\Data\Heroes
    (substitute X for your actual install drive letter)
    2) The folder of .TGA files goes under
    X:\Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom
    Remember, the names must match, and the skin should match
    the mesh. Substitute the mesh name with the mesh you're
    actually using.
    After you've done that, start Freedom Force, and the new
    hero should appear in the custom hero list.
    Technical note: it appears that the .hero file contains the
    characteristics, like power type, duration, and all that.
    The portrait and skin goes under the specific skins folder.
    Downloaded meshes go under
    X:\Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom Force\Data\Art\custom_characters\
    Make a new folder for it with the proper name. Inside this
    new folder should go the character file and the keyframe
    file, and a [skins] folder.
    After that, add the skins as described in the previous step.
    --THE END--

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