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    Bio-Deck FAQ by ZJaeger

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Startopia Bio-Deck FAQ
    by Zorlond Jaeger
    v1.0, 7/1/01
    Greetings. This is a sort of FAQ-let for Startopia, focusing entirely on the 
    Bio-Deck, and the crops grown there. I hope it is simple to read, and useful 
    to you. You may contact me at my e-mail above, but please use discression, I 
    have enough spam floating around there as it is. I am willing to take 
    suggestions for better descriptions of the plants and terrain, as well as any 
    corrections needed. At this point, I am uncertain if this will grow into a 
    full Startopia FAQ, it may if I get inspired later. As always, you may put 
    this FAQ anywhere you like, as long as it is freely available to the public.
    Thank you and good day.
    Zorlond Jaeger
    Version History
    1.0 - First release.
    Just a quick table, naming the terrain types and describing their appearance.
                   Dry        Damp          Wet
            |  Moon Rock  |   Tundra   |  Deep Snow  |
       Cold |  grey stone |  frosted   |   snow      |
            |             |   rocks    |             |
    T       |-------------|------------|-------------|
    E       |  Wasteland  |  Temperate |    Swamp    |
    M  Warm |  ugly brown | green grass| dark green  |
    P       |    grass    |            |  and black  |
            |    Desert   |   Savanna  |   Jungle    |
       Hot  |    packed   |   yellow   |   bright    |
            |     sand    |    grass   |    green    |
    Sorted by terrain type, organized as thus:
       Small Crop Name        Large Crop Name
       (terran description)   (terran description)
       Harvest Crate Type     Harvest Crate Types (one each)
    Moon Rock
       Frostarian Snapper     Pinecale
       (Venus Flytrap)        (Cactus)
       Alien Artifacts        Alien Art./Industrial Mat.
       Drickling              Mopani
       (Small Bush)           (Big Bonsai?)
       Food                   Food/Industrial Mat.
       Cactoidal              Eucalymus
       (Brambles)             (Branched Cactus)
       Industrial Materials   Medical/Food
       Palabast               Willonidia
       (Light Blue Flowers)   (Evergreen Tree)
       Luxury                 Food/Black Mark.
       Lillith                Elderlaran
       (Rosebush)             (Weeping Willow)
       Luxury                 Medical/Industrial Mat.
       Krans                  Amadinka
       (Light Green Fern)     (T-shaped Tree)
       Black Market           Food/Industrial Mat.
    Deep Snow
       Iciqueue               Ashrella
       (Blue Bell Flowers)    (Frosted Pine)
       Medical                Medical/Industrial Mat.
       Succulus               Mangotano
       (Dark Green Fern)      (Green Palm Tree)
       Black Market           Food/Industrial Mat.
       Bazack                 Ebonicle
      (Big Leaves)           (Palm Tree)
       Food                   Food/Luxury
    Shallow Water (roughly .5 times Kamarama height)
    Deep Water (roughly 1.5 times Kamarama height)
       Lilyenta               Weedicle
       (Lily Pads)            (Seaweed)
       Luxury                 Black Market (one only)
    Any deeper, and the farmers seem to refuse to plant anything. Temperature 
    seems to have no relevance for water plants. Seems only Stickrush grows in 
    shallow water. Land height seems to have no relevance on any crops.
    *end FAQ*

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