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"Take Sim City and Theme Park add some aliens and you get Startopia"

Startopia is a cross between Sim city and theme park set against an alien business world. Your job is to re-establish the network of space stations to an accepted level by all individual alien races. Thus begins the hilarious battle of wits and cunning. You must do your best to squeeze your enemies with financial ruin, or simply blast them back into space.

Through out the game you will encounter nine individual character types with own dietary and environmental needs, you must employee, entertain and evade many of them.

Species range from greys to Sault hogs, which are among the species that are the backbone of your space station. Greys are medical experts who will offer medical supplies and services. The Sault hog race is dirty, grimy and industrial. They are responsible for running of you industrial buildings and sanitation.

Game play

Great once the camera controls have been mastered, the game has endless possibilities.

7 / 10


Witty, a lot of work has gone into giving each alien race their own style and sound

8/ 10

Replay ability

With the endless play time of the sand box mode and online possibilities this games play duration could run and run.

9 / 10

Game : - Startopia
Platform : - PC
Genre : - Business management

Best bits

The game looks, sounds and plays extremely well with the addition of the sandbox system this gives the game a lasting longevity that the missions simply didn't give. A worthy purchase.

Worst bits

There is little wrong with Startopia it is generally a well polished game, the only complaint is the camera system and combat system. The camera system just feel odd at first but give it an hour or two and it will be second nature. The game is predominately a business manger and this shows with the combat system. If there is an interstellar type war on your employees or ''combat ready'' as they are called just go running to the nearest bad guy.


+ Ranging missions
+ Bio-Deck is a novel idea
+ The alien races all have there own style and sense of humour


- The camera system may take some mastering
- The small amount of mission levels
- Poor Combat system
- The lack of information the is given in the manual (but that is nitpicking right?)


A surprising release from unknown to me Mucky foot productions, takes the elements from any good management game and adds a comic spin to it.

A possible game of the year if it wasn't for Black and White.


Sim City 3000, Sim Theme Park or Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/01, Updated 06/22/01

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