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"Great space statioin sim with lessons in business management and politics."

Startopia is by far one of the best sim games I've played in a long time. No game and/or mission is ever the same twice. Becoming truly good at Startopia requires flexibility and the ability to adapt. The game resembles many different games while being completely different at the same time. Well, enough of my ranting on to the review.

The Good

Startopia forces you to change the way you approach the game each and every time you play. In order to succeed you must be ready for anything. The occasional bomb-threat and/or infectious plague unleashed upon your station is not only amusing but challenging in terms of gameplay. Your staff quits, strikes, spies, fights, explodes things, boycotts, wage semi-holy wars against each other and you are always getting ripped off by outside traders. Why are those things good? Simple, they force you to adapt.

The Bad

Camera control is easy to lose, and when you lose that you can't see the game! Out of sight out of mind. Not only that, but your staff tends to get promotion happy when you are out of cash.


Aside from camera control, playing the game is easy. Once you gain mastery of the camera the game is within your hands. Every mission has a slightly different twist and is always addicting. The sandbox mode also allows free-spirit to roam and strange and weird experimentation. Overall, the game is of medium difficulty with lots of little distractions to amuse you while frustrating you at the same time. 9/10


Once upon a time, the galaxy waged war against itself and heavily damaged hundreds of space stations. Now that the war is over, it is your job to fix up these space stations into different things. Basic story line, but not a necessity to the game. The story only gives a reason to associate with your realistic position aboard the station. Otherwise, WHO CARES! 7/10


HA! The audio effects are hilarious. Every time you swoop over the lavotron it's a laugh. From the occasional shower and tooth brushing, to the disgusting yet amusing bowel movement. You hear it all! The berth plays Brahms's Lullaby everytime you swoop over and the disco rocks with music even a worm would dance to. Video also follows closely behind with very detailed graphics. The Sirens have individual feathers and Turakkens have semi-translucent skulls which you can see the brains through, the Karmaramas have individual hairs and the Salt Hogs actual punch in and out of their work shifts. All these little details make the game even better and more believable. 10/10


Sandbox mode, ever-changing missions, and a wacky AI who likes to throw curves at you. Need I say more? 10/10

Buy or Burn:

Well, if you're in some other major PC game venture currently hold off purchasing the game so you can full devote your brain to it. Otherwise, if you need a new game to tickle your senses, BUY! Or burn if your really lazy and/or cheap.

Startopia is a very good game with attention paid to every little detail in the vast space stations it is set upon. A very good game indeed worthy of a thumbs up and a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/01, Updated 07/03/01

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