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"Theme Park Hits Space...And It Rocks!"

I first heard about this game on a games show on my TV a while back, however at the time my PC wasn't good enough to run it. Months later i updated to an AMD XP1600+ with 256Mb of ram and now had the hard task of finding a shop which sold it.
September 2002 - i walk into my local GAME and find a copy of startopia on sale, and it was ONLY £9.99 what a bargain!

From the opening, you know this game is a strategy/management game which isn't going to be taking itself too seriously.
The idea is for you to create your own space station, hiring different races of aliens to manage different tasks in keeping your station running, and make sure you have enough energy to buy items.
The variety of aliens on board your station all have different requirements and its up to you to meet these and if they're happy enough, they'll join your empire. For example the GREY civilisation are your stereotypical grey aliens with big black eyes, their jobs include working the medical bay and from what i can tell, they seem to enjoy swimming on the bio-deck. Scutters can also be bought to clean, build and help with the security.
You have a trader ''friend'' known has ARONA who occasionally visits to sell cheap items, but the most satisfying moment was when i built my first star-dock in the station and was able to trade with the other races.

Full 3d graphics with the option to move the camera anyway you want and can watch rooms being built from the ground up.

+ Nice effects, good close ups
- Can get ropy on the bio-deck with the water and land height

Gameplay - 9
Usual Strategy point, click, build and battle. Building to satisfy all races is novel.

+ If you like this genre, its like the others
- Point, click, Point, click e.t.c

Sound - 8
Very spacy music changing with each deck. Each alien makes a different Sci-Fi noise.

+ Sci-Fi movie style music and noises
- Annoys after a while

Life span - 10
Online, sandbox and mission modes means this game will last you forever

+ Loads of options available and sandbox will last forever
- Lasts as long as your patience

Overall - 9

An amusing strategy game that now comes at a pocket money price and will occupy many hours of your time. Buy this now and become owner of your very own space station.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/05/03, Updated 03/05/03

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