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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SWCarter

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                            Siege of Avalon Walkthrough
                                By Steven W. Carter
                                   March 2, 2002
    * INTRODUCTION                                                              *
    Sometimes walkthroughs are funny things.  When I started this walkthrough, it 
    appeared nobody was playing the game, and so I eventually stopped.  But then a 
    few months later I started getting regular e-mails from people asking if I had 
    done anything more than Chapter 1.  The problem is I had already uninstalled 
    the game from my hard drive at that point, and now I have no real interest in 
    downloading it again so I can complete the walkthrough.
    So what you’ll find here is only the walkthrough for Chapter 1 plus about half 
    the walkthrough for Chapter 2.  If you need more information than that, your 
    two best choices are probably the official Siege of Avalon web site
    (check the forums) and Lightning Lockey’s web site
    which has a complete walkthrough for the game.
    * GAMEPLAY NOTES                                                            *
    The easiest path through the game is probably to select the warrior class, 
    train as a warrior for the first two chapters, and then to train as a wizard 
    for the remaining chapters.
    When you create your character, you don't need to spend your training points.  
    In fact, it's better to wait so you can visit the trainers right away and 
    learn some spells and skills.
    Gold is not very important, so don't waste a lot of time making trips to the 
    castle to sell stuff.
    * COMPANIONS                                                                *
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
        stre  coor  cons  perc  char   myst  comb  stea     hp  mana
        ----  ----  ----  ----  ----   ----  ----  ----   ----  ----
    Sir Dinadon (Inner Keep, level 2, western side)
          14    12     7    10    10      5    25   -14     56   104
    Phelic's Apprentice (Inner Keep, level 2, northeastern corner)
           7    14     7    15    10     26     5     5     42   140
    Wyatt (Inner Keep, level 1, eastern side)
          15    17     7    10    10      5    32    51     50   104
    * TRAINERS                                                                  *
    Chapter 1
    Elarath (Outer Keep, level 2: northeastern corner)
        Mage Craft (+1 perception, +2 mysticism, +2 recharge rate): 5 TP
        Basic Energy Management (+5 mana): 3 TP
        Minor Meditation (+1 recharge rate): 3 TP
        Fireball Spell: 2 TP
        Frost Spell: 2 TP
        Heal Spell: 1 TP
        Hold Spell: 1 TP
    Mudam (Outer Keep, level 2: southwestern corner)
        Path Finding (+2 coordination, -1 restriction, +3 stealth): 5 TP
        Center of Balance (+2 defense, -2 hit recovery): 3 TP
        Basic Camouflage (+2 stealth, -1 restriction, +1 perception): 3 TP
        Field First Aid (+2 HP, +1 healing rate): 2 TP
    Chapter 2
    Caerleon (Inner Keep, level 2: middle of level, east of Lucius' room)
        Weapon Skill (+3 coordination, +5 combat): 15 TP
        Pain Tolerance (+15 HP, +2 healing rate): 10 TP
        Endurance (-5 restriction): 10 TP
    Cyric (Inner Keep, level 1: middle of level, east of Main Hall)
        Silent Movement (+3 coordination, +5 stealth): 20 TP
        Body Control (+4 defense, -4 hit recovery, -2 attack recovery): 20 TP
        Advanced Camouflage (+3 stealth, -5 restriction, +2 perception): 10 TP
    Bones (Inner Keep Basement, in secret room north of Felious)
        Wizard Craft (+2 perception, +2 coordination, +3 mysticism, +1 recharge
            rate): 15 TP
        Lesser Meditation (+2 recharge rate, -1 restriction): 10 TP
        Energy Management (+25 mana): 10 TP
        Aura of Iron: 20 TP
        Protection from Lightning: 15 TP
        Protection from Cold: 15 TP
        Protection from Fire: 15 TP
    * CHAPTER 1                                                                 *
    Starting Out
    Talk to your brother Corvus and then examine the room.  There are two chests 
    inside, and you can use them to pick up and wear an extra pair of pants and a 
    vest.  Be sure to coordinate your colors so you can impress the castle babes.  
    Then head outside, talk to Deman, and start looking around.
    There are several rooms to explore and a few chests to loot.  This isn't an 
    Ultima game and you're not an avatar, so take whatever you think will be 
    useful (most of it won't be, but you can always sell it).  Also talk to the 
    people you meet and read the journal entries you find, so you can learn about 
    the world you're in and the current climate in the castle.
    Quest: Letter of Commission
    The Quartermaster's office is to the east of the barracks in the center part 
    of the level.  Head there and talk to Winchell the Quartermaster.  He'll give 
    you some equipment and mention you might be able to get more from Lucan the 
    Blacksmith at the Southern Gate.
    Quest: The Rose and the Letter (1 TP)
    Find Madden in the central corridor and talk to him.  He'll tell you that 
    somebody stole a love letter and a dried rose from him.  (Don't worry, it 
    wasn't you.)  Then talk to Kent, who should be nearby.  Kent will admit that 
    he stole the items and hid them in his room.  If you haven't found the items 
    yet, they're in the room in the southeastern corner of the level.  Just grab 
    them from the chest in the room and return them to Madden.  He'll let you keep 
    the rose (+5 charm).
    Talking to Elarath (1 TP)
    Elarath's room is in the northeastern corner of the level.  Just talking to 
    him will net you a training point, and he'll also be able to teach you some 
    spells.  You should learn fireball and heal as quickly as possible.
    Talking to Mudam (3 TP)
    Mudam's room is in the southwestern corner of the level.
    Moving On
    Once you've talked to everybody, go down the stairs to the Outer Keep, level 
    1.  (There isn't anything you can do on level 3.)  Then head west to the 
    kitchen and dining areas.
    Quest: The Grain Thief (4 TP)
    Find Bonnie in the dining area and talk to her.  She'll tell you about seeing 
    a "shade" in the basement while retrieving grain.  Davet (a guard in the same 
    room) wouldn't help her when she asked, and he won't help you if you ask, 
    either.  So go into the kitchen and talk to Anora, and she'll give you 
    permission to go into the basement and put an end to the thieving.
    In the basement you'll find a dozen beetles.  They'll be easy to kill -- a 
    single fireball will do the job -- but remember to turn on combat mode if 
    you're going to attack them with a weapon.  When they're dead, go back 
    upstairs and talk to Anora, then Davet, and then Anora again to finish the 
    quest.  You should also talk to Bonnie again to let her know the basement is 
    The Monks
    Now go to the eastern side of the level and do some more exploring and 
    talking.  In the barracks room you'll find some robes, rusty chainmail, and a 
    cracked buckler.  (Hey, it's better than nothing.)  Brother Mo will trigger 
    the herb quest, and Brother Crosby will heal you if you need it.  When you're 
    ready, leave the level through the door in the middle of the southern wall.
    Outer Bailey
    Do some more walking and talking.  You should receive two quests: to rescue 
    Corvus (from Penrith) and to retrieve some steel bars (from Freeman).  You 
    should also meet two merchants, and you can take the opportunity to sell 
    whatever excess items you're holding.
    Quest: Captain Avarous (4 TP)
    The training grounds are on the western side of the bailey, and that's where 
    you'll find Captain Avarous.  Simply talk to him, spar with Mulduc for a bit 
    (or not), and then talk to Avarous again to complete the quest.
    South Gate, levels 1 and 2
    Once you're finished in the bailey, go through the gate at the southern edge 
    of the level to arrive at South Gate, level 1.  Then do some more walking and 
    talking.  Lucan will give you a kite shield, a couple of guards will hint that 
    something is going on in the basement (but you won't be able to investigate 
    yet), Calum will tell you about a scouting party that went in search of 
    Corvus, and Elazar will tell you that he senses Corvus is still alive.
    Outer Keep, level 2
    So head over to the Outer Keep, level 2, and find out what the scouting party 
    is reporting to General Roth.  The three knights of the party will give you 
    some hints about what you'll be facing outside the castle, and Roth will 
    transfer you to Mudam's command so you can leave the castle.  Loot the chest 
    on the western end of the room and then go talk to Mudam (southwestern corner 
    of the level).  Mudam will accept the transfer, order you to explore outside 
    the castle, and suggest you talk to Olon.  Do some more training if you have 
    the points (either here or with Elarath), and then go to the Outer Bailey 
    (eastern side) to talk to Olon.
    Quest: Reuniting Pell and Lahren (2 TP)
    Olon will offer to help you -- provided you can help a friend of his named 
    Pell.  Pell is in the bailey, too, and you can find her to the west near the 
    horses or the well.  Pell will tell you a sad story about her and Lahren 
    (located near Olon), and you'll have to go back and forth and talk to them a 
    couple of times.  You'll learn that you need to find a (blue) gift for Lahren 
    to give Pell, and Pell will teach you the shadow spell.
        "There is no worse fate than to be in love, sir... And yet there is no
        better fate." -- Pellandrian
    The gift is a sapphire ring.  You can find the ring in the Village (part 2), 
    in a stone house in the northern corner of the map.  It'll be carried by an 
    Ahoul scout, and you'll have to kill the scout to get the ring.  Once you have 
    the ring, just talk to Lahren and then talk to Pell.
    Note that completing the quest will accomplish three things: Lahren, with his 
    head on straight again, will be able to translate documents for you; Olon will 
    give you a quest to find a locked chest in the village; and Olon will suggest 
    you talk to Father Massus (Outer Keep, level 1) and Elarath (Outer Keep, level 
    2) about the village.
    Quest: The Missing Amulet (5 TP)
    Talk to Elarath first, and he'll ask you to retrieve an amulet that was lost 
    during the evacuation of the village.  Don't waste your time looking for it, 
    though; it was never really lost, and Elazar has had it the entire time.  So 
    go talk to Elazar (South Gate, level 2), get the amulet, and then give it back 
    to Elarath.
    Quest: The Healing Herbs (2 TP)
    Exit the castle and explore the Village (part 1).  The bush where the herbs 
    grow is in a fenced-in area on the western side of the level.  The bush will 
    be "guarded" by several scavengers, and they'll swarm you if you give them the 
    opportunity.  So be careful and try to take them on one at a time, and if that 
    doesn't work, you can take advantage of the poor pathfinding in the game.  
    Simply run into the garden, attract the attention of a scavenger or three, run 
    back out, and then head north.  The scavengers will chase you but get stuck 
    behind the fence, and you'll be able to pick them off using spells or ranged 
    attacks while you're safe on the other side.
    Once the scavengers are dead, go into the garden and find the "rose bush."  
    Click on it and retrieve the two plants, and then take them back to Brother Mo 
    (Outer Keep, level 1).  He'll take one plant but leave you the other so you 
    can give it to Corvus when you find him.
    Quest: The Steel Bars (officer's sword)
    Go back outside and go to the Village (part 3).  The steel is located in the 
    basement of a house on the northern edge of the level.  You'll find the steel 
    in a chest guarded by about four spiders, but the spiders should be easy to 
    kill, even if they all attack at once.
    Once you have the steel, go back to the castle and talk to Freeman (Outer 
    Bailey).  He'll take the steel but he won't give you your reward.  Instead, 
    he'll tell you to talk to Penrith (near the center of the level) and convince 
    him to send some men to collect the rest of the steel.  But Penrith won't send 
    any men out until you kill all of the Ahoul in the area.
        "Amazing.  I would have sworn that the blacksmith was a bit touched in
        the head to be forever spouting that story, but I guess he was right all
        along." -- Penrith
    So go back to the Village (part 3) and carefully scour all of the land, 
    killing whatever enemies you find.  When you finally kill the last one, your 
    character should announce that the area is now secure, and you can go back to 
    the castle, talk to Penrith, and then talk to Freeman to get your sword.
    Note: There is an Ahoul in a house behind a closed door that you don't have to 
    kill for this quest, but you will have to kill it for the next quest.
    Quest: Olon's Chest (2 TP, boots of the shadows)
    The house Olon wanted you to find is in the Village (part 3).  You might have 
    stumbled across it during the previous quest.  The house is located in the 
    center of the level, and inside you'll find a nasty Ahoul warrior.  You'll 
    have to kill the Ahoul so you can get a key ring from its corpse and then 
    you'll have to use the key ring to open up the nearby chest.  Inside the chest 
    you'll find a pair of boots.
    Once collected, go back to the castle and talk to Olon.  He'll take the key 
    ring, but he'll let you have the boots.  (And while you'll receive an 
    adventure log entry about the boots being cursed, I've never had any problems 
    with them.  So go ahead and use them.)
    Quest: The Chalice of Life (10 TP)
    Go to the chapel (Outer Bailey, level 1) and talk to Father Massus.  He'll 
    tell you about the Chalice of Life, a religious artifact that was left behind 
    at the Church when the village was evacuated.  Then he'll ask you to retrieve 
    it (of course).
    The Church is located in the Village (part 2) along the eastern side of the 
    level.  You'll face a Shamen when you go inside (eventually), so you might 
    want to explore the other areas of the Village first.  That way you can 
    improve your character a bit before dealing with the Shamen.  For example, 
    next to the Church is a graveyard, and you can gain 3 TP for killing the half 
    dozen voreworms hanging around there.
    Inside the church you'll find some Ahoul scouts on the first floor.  One will 
    have a tower shield.  To get to the second floor, you'll have to "operate" a 
    candleholder (near the altar) to open a secret door.  On the second level 
    you'll find three more scouts and then the dreaded Shamen.  The Shamen is a 
    spellcaster, and your best bet might be to just charge in and attack him with 
    your weapon.  That way you'll disrupt his spellcasting.
    Once the Shamen is dead, pick up two scrolls and the chalice from his body, 
    and then head north through the hole in the wall.  You'll find some miners and 
    a tunnel.  That's it for the Church; just return the chalice to Father Massus 
    to finish the quest.
    Note: Once you complete the quest, most people will have new things to say to 
    you, so feel free to walk around and absorb the accolades.
        "You may be some new hero around here, but I still don't have time for
        your nonsense.  Out of my way!" -- Lord Harold
    Quest: Investigate the Basement (0 TP)
    Report to Mudam to let him know about the tunnel the Sha'ahoul were digging, 
    and then head to the South Gate, level 1.  The two soldiers Ovoron left to 
    guard the stairs to the basement should be gone, so head on down.
    You'll find some guards to kill, but they shouldn't prove much of a problem -- 
    and you can always run back upstairs if things look dicey.  Once you kill the 
    guards, explore the basement and notice that the southeastern cell has a hole 
    in the back.
    Go through the hole and kill the two miners located beyond it, and then report 
    back to Mudam.  He'll thank you for your service and then tell you about a 
    "large humanoid creature" that has been spotted near the Library.
    Quest: Rescue Corvus (12 TP)
    Go talk to Lahren (Outer Bailey) and have him decipher the scrolls you found 
    on the Shamen.  You'll learn that Corvus is in the Village Library and that 
    there is some "large creature" with him.  (This is a repeat of what you should 
    have just learned from Mudam, but it never hurts to be thorough.)
    So head out into the Village (part 3) and locate the Library.  It's in the 
    southern corner of the level, and you should recognize it from all of the 
    books on the floor inside.  Next to it is a building with a set of stairs 
    leading down, and while previously the stairs were blocked by a boulder, now 
    you should be able to go down.
    Inside you'll find an ogre, and while it looks big and mean, it's not too bad.  
    Once again, if you have trouble, just run back up the stairs and then return 
    once you've healed.  Once you've killed the ogre, loot its corpse for some 
    good (but heavy) armor, and then walk around the corner to find your brother.
    He'll tell you that General Ovoron teamed up with the Sha'ahoul (surprise, 
    surprise) and led the scouting party into an ambush.  Corvus will then join 
    your roster, but you won't have to worry about protecting him because as soon 
    as you leave the basement you'll find yourself in the Outer Keep, level 1.
    General Roth will then speak to you, and you'll get to tell him about Ovoron.  
    The Chapter will essentially be over here, but you should first visit Brother 
    Crosby in the chapel and then visit Mudam again before heading to the Inner 
    Keep (through the doors on the northern end of the level).
    * CHAPTER 2                                                                 *
    Starting Out
    Once you leave the Outer Keep, level 1, you'll automatically start a 
    conversation with General Roth.  He'll tell you that a party sent to find the 
    Earthstone has disappeared and that he'd like you to find out what happened to 
    them.  Plus, he'll suggest you talk to Phelic (northeastern corner of the 
    level) and Elarath (Outer Keep, level 2) for more information about the 
    Earthstone, and also talk to Felious (Inner Keep Basement) for more 
    information about the ruins under the castle.
    Take Roth's advice and go talk to the people he mentioned.  They'll give you a 
    feel for where the Chapter is heading.  It's also a good idea to explore the 
    Inner Keep and the Inner Bailey.  You'll find some sub-quests you can do 
    before moving on to the main quest, a couple of trainers to teach you new 
    fighting skills, and some people you can add to your roster to help in the 
    battles ahead.  (See the Companions section for a list of available 
    companions.  I'd suggest you take Phelic's Apprentice plus either D, a 
    fighter, or Wyatt, a scout, depending on what your class is.)
        "Yes!  You adventuring types are all alike!  Always poking your nose into
        our rooms, sifting your grubby paws through our belongings, asking us the
        same questions..." -- Sir Tortain
    Quest: Osla the Traitor (12 TP)
    You'll find Sir Ither in a room on the northern half of the Inner Keep, level 
    2 (north of King Ryence's room).  He'll tell you that Sir Osla (located to the 
    northeast) is a traitor and is holding a letter from the enemy.  Go talk to 
    Osla, and when he refuses to speak to you, return to Ither.  Then talk to Osla 
    again, and he'll give you the letter.
    The letter will actually implicate Ither as a traitor, and you'll have to make 
    a choice: you can either confront and kill Ither (and loot his corpse) and 
    then talk to the king and get 8 TP, or you can just talk to the king and get 
    12 TP.  Ither's equipment is good but not great, and I think it's better to 
    take the TP.
    Quest: Helping the Catheans (protection from all spell)
    In the southeastern part of the Inner Keep, level 2, you'll find a locked door 
    with a man in a bed in the room beyond.  Go talk to General Roth (eastern side 
    of the level) and he'll tell you that the Catheans are using the room.  
    Further, he'll give you a key to the room (and other rooms nearby) and ask you 
    to make yourself available to them should they need any service.
    So go back to the room and talk to the people inside.  You'll find out that 
    King Isdernus of the Catheans has been poisoned, and that Brother Larry has no 
    idea about what poison was used.  Larry will suggest that you talk to Fester 
    the alchemist (southeastern part of the level), so do just that.
    Fester will tell you that two of his ingredients, Moonberry Root and Dogs-Head 
    Mushrooms, have gone missing, and that they along with Night Faerie's Breath 
    can be used together in a brain fever cure -- a cure that can be poisonous to 
    a healthy man.  He'll then tell you to talk to Marcus the librarian (Inner 
    Keep, level 1, western side) about a book describing the brain fever cure, and 
    also to Rayous the merchant (Inner Bailey, near northern door) about Night 
    Faerie's Breath.
    So put your walking shoes on and do just that.  Marcus will tell you that he 
    located the book with the brain fever cure for a page named Simek, but that 
    the book now appears to be missing.  Rayous will tell you that he just sold 
    some Night Faerie's Breath to a page, and that the page can be found in the 
    Main Hall.
    So go to the Main Hall (the southern corridor in the Inner Keep, level 1) and 
    you should find Simek there.  You'll have to kill him, but you'll find some of 
    the poison on his corpse.  Just take the poison to Brother Larry to finish the 
    Quest: Notifying Weldon (8 TP)
    Before going down into the Inner Keep's basement, talk to Wacian (Inner Keep, 
    level 1, northwestern corner).  He'll ask you to give a message to Weldon.  
    Weldon is in the Caves (part 1, western side).  You might have to fight some 
    cave lurkers and golems before you find him, so proceed carefully and save 
    often.  The lurkers in particular can be difficult.  If you can't kill them in 
    a straight-up fight, try engaging them, running away, and then engaging them 
    again (and, if necessary, let Dinadon or Wyatt absorb some damage).  By 
    stringing the fight along, you should give Phelic's Apprentice time to start 
    casting heal spells.
    When you finally talk to Weldon, you'll learn that Roth's courier never made 
    it through the exit gate.  So go back upstairs and talk to Wacian to finish 
    the quest, and then go report to Roth (Inner Keep, level 2, eastern side).
    Quest: Finding the Courier (6 TP)
    Roth will tell you to locate the courier and bring him back to the castle.  So 
    head back down into the caves and do some more exploring.  The courier is 
    located east of the exit gate but on the western side of the level.  When you 
    talk to him, he'll attack you, but you should be able to kill him easily.  
    Pick up the letter from his corpse.
    To finish the quest, just go back to General Roth and talk to him, but before 
    doing that, explore the rest of the level.  You should find a dead knight (the 
    knight from the Seer’s party), and on his corpse should be a signet ring.  
    Pick up the ring as well.
    Quest: Returning the Ring (8 TP)
    For this quest and the next quest, you need to have at least 18 perception.  
    If you don’t have that much perception yet, the best way to get it is through 
    skills such as Advanced Camouflage (Cyric) and Wizard Craft (Bones).  If you 
    don’t have enough TP to raise your perception high enough, then you can come 
    back to these quests later.  There’s still plenty of combat left in the 
    Anyway, assuming you have the dead knight’s signet ring, go to the Inner 
    Bailey and explore the building in the northeastern corner.  You should find a 
    bard named Tristan.  Talk to him for a while and avoid any ``farewell’’ 
    options until he tells you about a friend of his who was assigned to an 
    expedition beneath the castle.  His friend is the knight you found, and 
    Tristan will ask for the knight’s ring.  Talk to him a second time to give it 
    to him.
    Quest: Exposing a Traitor
    Now go to the Inner Keep, level 1, and find Maris in the northeastern 
    octagonal room on the eastern side of the level.  When you talk to him you’ll 
    discover that he’s a traitor, and you’ll have to fight and kill him.  As far 
    as I know, there’s no reward for completing the quest.
    Quest: Gambling Debt (6 TP)
    While you’re still in the Inner Keep, level 1, go to the southwestern 
    octagonal room and talk to Esmond.  He’ll eventually tell you that he’s 
    ``lucky’’ and that he won a ring from a man named Tracy.  Take the ring from 
    him and then find Tracy in the southeastern octagonal room.  Suggest to Tracy 
    that he might have been drunk, and then give him the ring.  That’s all you 
    have to do for the quest, but you can also talk to Esmond again to let him 
    know that everything worked out.
    Quest: Finding the Seer
    You'll probably locate the (dead) knight from the Seer's group before you find 
    the courier.  If so, pick up the knight's ring and hang on to it.
    * REVISION HISTORY                                                          *
    July 17, 2001
    Added the first chapter to the walkthrough.
    March 2, 2002
    Included a partial walkthrough for Chapter 2.
    * PERMISSIONS AND UPDATES                                                   *
    This guide may be posted on any web site as long as the text is not changed 
    and as long as I am informed of the posting.  I will always submit new 
    versions to GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) first, so if you are looking for the 
    most up-to-date version of this guide, that is the place to look.
    Copyright © 2001 by Steven W. Carter

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