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    Boss FAQ by SMills

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    Boss Strategy 	
    Written by Sean Mills of Dead Smiley Publications
    Copyright 2001 Dead Smiley Publications
    	What I have found very easy you may not, and if you have any input please 
    feel free to e-mail me. Also this is a DISCLAIMER if you use any of this without 
    my permission I will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Another thing 
    is don't try to take this and just switch my name with yours, I am on virtually 
    any site that would post this guide at least once a week. However if you would 
    like to post this guide on your site if you e-mail me I will be more than happy 
    to give you permission, but you do need to e-mail me. Also a border of all 
    pluses indicates that this is an optional boss. These optional bosses are 
    scattered through out the game. On to the strategy.
    =============Tips to the reader=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    -I have found all the bosses in this game to be very easy with the right 
    equipment. So I will give you a few items/spells that will be very useful to 
    have before fighting the boss.
    These tips will be denoted by a ** and will end with a ==. If that item needs to 
    be obtained by completing a quest there will be a footnote after it and you will 
    find out how to get it at the bottom of the page.
    =\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\==\=Barbarian Fighter=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\
    **You should not have much trouble with him. I did very well with the blue 
    pants, Tristen's Libation, and silk gloves. These all help your protection or 
    Okay start by running up to him and trying to get a chain attack or just two 
    hits. You should probably jump back after 2 hits because he winds up his 
    sledgehammer and if you get hit with it he might just lay you out. Just keep 
    jumping in at him and chain attacking him and then jumping back out. After a few 
    maybe 3 or 4 times of this he should be dead.
    *(*(*Iron Golem and 2 Broken Brass Golems+ 4 tentacles*(*(
    **You should have the spell meteor storm (obtained at level 3 fire, fire is 
    obtained for Joseph at level 9), Backstab (Flece gets backstab at level six), a 
    Fiery Falchion1, and about 15 healing draughts==
    Okay start by running up to the Iron Golem and casting meteor storm. Do that 
    until you are out of A.P. if he is still not dead the start hitting him with the 
    fiery falchion the beauty of all of this is it casts fireball as many times as 
    it feels like so while you are hitting him fireball will be smacking him for 
    more damage. Then go after the Broken Brass Golems, they are much easier to 
    kill. Just use Flece to backstab the a few times each and you should be set. 
    Just remember if you start to lose a lot of health, if you followed the 
    instructions you should have healing draughts to tide you over until you can 
    waste A.P. on healing yourself.
    #%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#Carados and 2 Bone Mages%#%##%#%#%#%#%#%#
    **You should have 25 healing draughts, a Chain mail Tunic (this can be found in 
    the Catacombs) and a Decaying Bulwark (this can also be found in the Catacombs.) 
    You might also want a Buckler (this can be bought in Lenele) and a Lightening 
    tract/tome (bought or found in Iona)==
    You should start by killing off the Bone Magi, because they are such a pain in 
    the butt. But don't use the Lightening tome/tract you bought or found. Save that 
    for Carados. Anyway Just start Meteor Storming them maybe 3 times and they 
    should be dead, but if your Flece is set to support don't worry about them. Once 
    you have the Bone Magi killed focus your attention on Carados. While you and 
    Flece are fighting Carados remember how many hit points you both have, Carados 
    is not a really heavy hitter, but when he attack Flece he doesn't have to be. 
    Also remember to use the Healing Draughts that you have because while using 
    Meteor Storm Flece may or may not be hit by it a lot so it's good to be safe. By 
    default Carados likes to attack who ever is behind him so try and keep Flece in 
    front next to you and try to have your Joseph take the damage. Flece doesn't 
    have that many hit points 150-200 if you are level 11-18. And you should be on 
    the low side because I couldn't have had a level 18 Flece for the 3rd boss. But 
    have equipped the fiery falchion and you should be fine.**SAVE AFTER YOU BEAT 
    CARADOS AND ONCE YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXIT IONA. But before you leave Iona stock up 
    on Healing Draughts about 30 or Health Tonics 15==
    ^&^&^&^&^&^&^Undead Rider and His Summons^&^&^&^&^&^&^
    **If you read the above tip, you will have either Healing Draughts or Health 
    Tonics. Just have the Sword Of the Spirits equip and maybe the short sword or 
    another Sword on Flece and keep Rosalind on healer/caster==
    The Undead Rider will be the toughest challenge you have faced yet. But if you 
    follow these instructions you should send him crying. First off, set Flece as a 
    support a character if you put her on melee. Then focus Joseph on The Undead 
    Rider. Use Meteor Storm in combination with the Sword Of the Spirits and you 
    should have an easy time with the first part of the Undead Rider.
    When he gets off his horse you should set all your characters on melee. When he 
    starts toward you just bum rush his and use any spells you have on him. Equip 
    Flece with the Sword Of the Spirits. The just start hammering him with Meteor 
    Storm. If you need to switch Rosalind to caster, then do it. But just start 
    bashing him have either Joseph equipped with the Sword of The Spirits and Flece 
    with the fiery falchion. This is a great combination because you have a chance 
    of casting both fireball and fire arrow plus Rosalind is smacking him with 
    +++++++++++++++++Lord Korel2+++++++++++++++++++
    **This guy is pretty easy you should be fine with Joseph and Flece equipped with 
    the Sword of the Spirits and Fiery Falchion. And also have some shields equipped 
    on Joseph and Flece. Make sure Rosalind is set as a Healer/Caster==
    If you get in his random encounter he will be there by himself. He is pretty 
    much a dwarf compared to some of the other bosses. But just run up and start 
    knifing him and make sure to keep Korels attention on Joseph. You do this 
    because Joseph can take it.
    **You can choose to fight Zane for the Ragennelli's Robbers quest. I did it 
    because I wanted the experience. Have some Health tonics on hand how many is up 
    to you I had 15 and I was at level 15,16,13. But if you choose to fight know 
    that his robbers are all around level 15. Again, the Sword of the Spirits on 
    Joseph and Fiery Falchion on Flece. If you have Jehkar have the Medevan 
    These bandits are pretty buff. So the Health tonics will come in handy. Start 
    with Zane and the fan out. If your characters are set on support then you will 
    have more problems then if they were set on melee. Once you have dispatched Zane 
    go help Flece or Rosalind and keep taking out whoever attacks your weakest 
    character and you should be set.
    ++++++++++++++Fire Salamanka (small one)++++++++++
    **You get this quest after you talk to the blind beggar and the Apothecary. Just 
    have all the weapons equipped same as above==
    The fire salamanka is in a random appear encounter. Just go up and kick his 
    sorry butt and take his tongue.
    &*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&Giant Salamanka&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&
    **Have many health tonics (about 45/50), same weapons as always (except equip 
    Jehkar with a Shard Sword4 his heavy arms need to be level 7 if they are not get 
    them there) and Get ice for Rosalind and level ice to about 8 however you have 
    This boss has 3 parts so get ready for a long battle. Start by having Rosalind 
    cast Blizzard on him. The have Flece backstab him 2/3 times. Have Joseph on one 
    of the sides. The Salamanka will kick you and if you continuously cast Blizzard 
    like you should those Health tonics will be used sooner rather than later. Once 
    he goes into the lava get your characters to full health however then prepare 
    for the second part.
    Follow the same strategy except use Joseph to cast meteor storm. It would be 
    prudent to switch between Joseph and Rosalind and use Rosalind to cast blizzard.
    He will go in the lava again and then come out again PREPARE FOR THE FINAL 
    Just put all your characters on melee. And use Joseph as your soul caster if 
    someone dies as long as its not Jehkar or Joseph, don't worry about it just keep 
    %$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$Phoenix Rider$%$%$%$%$%$%%$%$%$%$%   
    **He is one of the hardest riders because Joseph can't use his 
    spell.........unless you want to give him power. This include meteor storm. You 
    just have to face him head on==
    Just use Rosalind to cast Blizzard. While Rosalind is whacking him you should 
    equip a long sword on Joseph and an icicle dagger on Flece. Just watch out for 
    his inferno attack and all the little fireballs he shoots. 
    When he steps off his horse again have Rosalind cast Blizzard. And rush him use 
    Health tonics freely. Also remember that all characters are important right now 
    and you don't have time or A.P. to waste on resurrecting or reviving someone.
    *^*^*^*^*^*^*^**^Ikaemos Priest King^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*
    ** Cast protect and summon your most powerful monster and you should have no 
    You should not have much trouble with this boss he is surprisingly easy, but 
    that might be because hes like 900 years old. If you do have problems e-mail me 
    and I will help you with specifics. superbeasty77@hotmail.com 
    /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Serpent Rider-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    ** This is one of the most annoying riders in the whole game. Have Rosalind set 
    as healer. Not healer/caster. The Serpent Rider constantly does stuff like 
    paralyze and poison. So don't use any magic other than Rosalind because if your 
    Joseph does he will get Silenced==
    Start off by having every one but Rosalind rush him. As your characters get 
    status effects if Rosalind cannot keep up or doesn't keep up then take your 
    Joseph back and have him start helping her cure all the others and maybe her. 
    Eventually you should get to where he gets off his horse. When he does just rush 
    him use health tonics rather than casting a healing spell. Do this because it's 
    faster and costs no A.P. just keep reaming him until he runs away.
    *%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%Tiger Rider*%*%*%*%*%*%*%**%*%*%
    **This is the most annoying rider in the game. Reason 1 You only have Flece and 
    Joseph (déjà vu). Reason 2 he runs around so much it's hard to get an attack off 
    before he starts moving again.==
    Start by running up to him, and casting meteor storm. Equip Flece with the sword 
    of the spirits. Just follow him where ever he runs because he doesn't have that 
    much H.P. but watch out for his paralysis attacks. Those cant be very annoying. 
    Once he dis mounts his horse it's a piece of cake, just use meteor storm a 
    couple times and he should be dead.
    +++++++++++++++++Azha the Archlich++++++++++++++
    **this is one of the most difficult bosses if you think you can kill him with 
    Just lure Azha down to where the lever is below him and flip the lever there you 
    have it now he is dead. If you cannot find the switch e-mail me at 
    !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!General Piljan*!*!*!*!*!*!**!*!*!*!*
    ** If you follow my instructions you should not need any thing.==
    Start by getting in the battle. Then switch into solo mode, please believe me I 
    know what I am talking about, The get him to follow you and run back up to where 
    the Jade Temple knights where if you do this right the jade temple soldiers 
    should kill him while you get all the experience.
    #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*Serpent and Phoenix Riders*#*#*#*#*#*
    **Set all your characters to melee and have at least 15 health tonics on hand.==
    If you set your characters to melee they will go attack the serpent rider so 
    just run up and start smacking the Phoenix rider. I summoned a celestial Samurai 
    the first time but it is all your preference. Just make sure not to stand to 
    close for the last blow. The blow up into fire.
    !)!)!)!)!)!)!)!)General Wentao!)!)!)!)!)!)!)!)!)
    This fight is very simple just bash every thing that comes at you!! problems? 
    @!@!@!@!@@!!@!@@Undead and Tiger Riders@@!@!@!@!@!@!@@!!@
     ** Just like the last two your only problem is one rider that damn Tiger 
    By default your characters attack the undead rider. So just wax the tiger riders 
    little Hiny. But they do blow up into fire so watch out, and watch out for both 
    of there paralyze attacks.
    This is just obnoxious because he has two forms and the first one he teleports 
    everywhere so do what you can to him in a limited time.
    When he starts to teleport around, Summon the celestial samurai. If you have a 
    dragon summon don't bother with it, it doesn't hurt him that much any way. Make 
    sure to have a celestial samurai summoned for the second half because all he 
    does is try to kill Joseph and if you have it summoned it and Jehkar will just 
    kill him while you run away from Murod the oni.
    **Have about 100 Health tonics or 50 Healing elixirs==
    Pyrul is one of the hardest demons because you cannot use fireball, meteor 
    storm, or any fire attack so summon the jade golem and repeatedly jade beam him 
    if you do this and use Rosalind to cast blizzard. And just bash him while using 
    the elixirs.
    Luminar compared to Pyrul is easy just run up and kick his ass. It is so easy 
    that if you have problem you can again e-mail me superbeasty77@hotmail.com
    He is easy if you have Jehkar equipped with a blunt weapon and the onslaught 
    ring. Just bash him with Jehkar and Flece.
    Use Joseph as a caster and Rosalind as a caster.
    ()()()()()(      The Demon of Darkness          ()()()()()(
    ** Have as many health tonics/healing elixirs as you can afford. And remember 
    each one of his parts has 6,000 H.P.==
    Part 1. Evil Urath... Use spells like meteor storm to start bringing his power 
    down. Also stop to kill all his little summons remember that takes down his 
    power as well although this may be tedious it is important to beating his first 
    Part 2. Evil Joseph... Evil Joseph is weak to whatever you are and also has any 
    summon you have. So start whooping him but kill anything he summons as well it 
    just might be your savior. Use health tonics/ Elixirs to refuel yourself.
    Part 3. The Demon of Darkness... he is pretty easy as the Demon of Darkness. He 
    is big and bulky and as long as you have the summoners sword and the Winterlong 
    equipped you should be okay. Again kill all his summons and welcome to the world 
    of people who have beaten the game.
    ********************************************************************I would like 
    to thank anyone who publishes or reads this guide they have made writing it 
    1 Talk to Crazy Ivan in Lenele outskirts then examine the big fish to complete 
    this quest.
    2 This is the boss for the Sword Of Jarl quest Jarl is in the Lenele 
    3 Complete the Sword Of Jarl Quest
    4 Obtained by collectin the shards in Temple of Urath, Iona Catacombs, and In 
    Lenele sewers. (Cannot be completed after you get the ring of Stone)

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