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    Puzzles Guide by LGreenberg

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    Summoner (PS2) Puzzles Guide
    Version 1.0- First Version
    This document Copyright 2001 Leonard Greenberg
    Started on 8-30-2001
    Leonard Greenberg
    Most (not all) of the content here has been discovered
    by me playing the game.  Thank you contributors, you will be noted
    in the guide when neccessary.
    Reproduction and distribution
    This document is copyrighted and any reproduction and
    distribution of this document is prohibited to the extent allowed by 
    law.  No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any 
    form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, by any information 
    storage or retreival without permission from myself.
    I - Introduction
    II - Act I
    III - Act II
    IV - Act III
    V - Act IV
    I - Introduction
    Hello!  I hope this guide helps you get through the challenging
    puzzles of the Summoner game.  Don't consider it cheating.
    Consider it just a drop a help from another helpful gamer.
    I've played many RPG and adventure games, and Summoner is just
    about the toughest with puzzles I've played.  Thanx for visiting my
    puzzle FAQ and I hope you get the information your looking for.
    If you need help with any other aspect of the game (i.e. Boss help, 
    maps, Mini-Quests, or just stuck in a dungeon) feel absolutely free 
    to e-mail me at NiceGomamon@aol.com. I've beaten the game and can
    help a lot.  Note: This guide will not point out if you pass a quest
    or quest item.  You need to find those yourself.  Sometimes I will
    help with quest items though.
    II - Act I of Summoner (Masad to Death of Carados [Iona Catacombs])
    First puzzle - Golem Switches (Lenele Sewers)
    First thing to do is find the first set of Golem Switch Masters
    in the sewers.  Have the first golem open gate A1, then have 
    the others open A2, and then A3 on the third golem.  Press R1
    to switch to solo mode.  Take Joseph back to the room where a 
    gate was closed.  It should be open now.  Go forward and you'll pass
    through another open gate.  A gate should be closed in front of you.
    When you get there, switch back to Flece (R2) and have her talk to the 
    first golem.  Make him open B1 and close A1.  Switch back to Joseph and
    go to the next set of Golem Switches.  Have all of them open.  They
    are: C1 (Outskirts), C3 (Palace), and A1 & B1 (at the same time).
    Don't go anywhere!  Press R1 to leave solo mode.  Eventually, Flece
    will catch up to you.  When she does, decide: go to the palace, or
    replenish your supplies, then palace.  If you want to go straight to 
    the palace, skip to PALACE AQUEDUCT, below.  If you want to replenish
    your supplies, read from here.
    To return to the Old City, go down the corridor to some Medevan 
    Theives.  These guys are toughies.  Quest help: When your done with
    the theives, look around for items.  The Chunk of Salt is the answer to
    "Salt Smugglers".  BIG HELP:  Also make sure you get the Sewer Grate 
    Key in this area.  Past the theives is Cerval.  Fight and win for 
    the item to complete Cerval's Game.  Past him is the entrance to
    the Old City.  I'm about to help you with lots of quests.  If you
    collected Bacite Tails that Bacites drop in sewers, give them to 
    Merden, who is right there.  Visit Pedrog in Old City for your 
    Salt Smugglers reward.  If you found the Rag Doll in the A4 gate 
    (total secret) of the sewers, give that to the Weeping Butcher.
    If you are in Encyclopedia of Heresies go to the Marketplace.
    Buy Volume 28 from Bibrus, but don't say your getting it from Zefnat.
    Go to the Crown District and if you got the Signet Ring, give it to
    Pomporo for Pomporo's Heirloom.  If you were in Encyclopedia of 
    Heresies give Volume 28 to Zefnat and he'll tell you to get Volume 67.
    Now, upgrade all your armor and weapons with the money from quests
    and dropped from enemies.  You might want to use prizes from enemies
    and quest prizes instead of buying everything.  Just see what is best.
    Remember to sell useless items!  Now go back to the Old City and back
    to the Sewers next to Merden.  Return to the Golems where we left off 
    with the non-replenishing people.
    Turn to the side from the golems and you'll enter a new area called
    the palace aqueduct.  MAKE SURE YOU SAVE HERE!!!  Tough boss ahead.
    Go around the sewage to next room.  STOP HERE!  Cast Protect on the 
    party if Joseph has it.  Enter the danger.  The tentacles on the side
    will swipe at you but have Joseph concentrate on the Iron Golem and 
    Flece on the regular golems.  Remember to use Joseph's "Heal" spell
    and healing items when needed.  Go to the back of the aqueduct and 
    enter the palace, the next puzzle.  SAVE HERE!!!
    Second Puzzle - Stealth Under A Black Cape (Lenele Palace)
    Flece will give you the Amulet of Prince Yon quest, but Flece decides
    to find the amulet, and Yago, by herself.  This is difficult, because
    if any guards see you, you start from the beginning.  Go down the 
    steps and you'll see three exits from this room.  Take the exit to 
    your right.  You'll come to a dead end but if you examine with the
    X button.  A switch you find will open the door.  Go up the steps
    to Level 2 of the palace.  On top of the steps, go right.  If you go
    left, you'll get caught.  Enter the open room and enter another until 
    you go up the steps to Level 3 of the palace.  The next two levels are
    a bit tricky.  Dash down the hallway and turn into every empty room you
    see so you can hide.  Save in the rooms so if you get caught you can
    start from that room.  If you are having trouble with not getting 
    caught then see EASY SOLUTION below.  In the final area of the hallway,
    a room on the left is a stairs to level 4 (refer to map).  If you get 
    caught a lot on this floor, refer to the easy solution.  Leave this 
    room and go left.  Go forward past the first intersection.  At the next 
    intersection, turn left.  You'll hear a conversation with King Bellias
    and a woman in white, who is revealed later.  Enter the room they were
    in and examine it to find Yago's Key.  Exit the room to the right, turn
    right down the hall, and enter a room with a noblewoman.  The room 
    behind her has 1000 gold in the bookshelves.  Leave the room and turn
    right.  Turn left when you hit the wall.  At the intersection, turn 
    right.  Down the hall, you can get Yon's Amulet but examining the wall.
    Go back to the intersection and turn right.  When you crash into a 
    wall, enter the first room.  There is Yago!  You will get the Ring
    of Darkness to equip on Joseph.  When you leave the palace, visit Drego
    in the Outskirts to complete The Amulet of Prince Yon quest.
                            Level 4 Map (You need to find the doors)
                          |        |Amulet    \
                          |        |            \
                          |        ________     | \ 
                          |        |      |     |   \
                          |        |      |     |     \
                          |        |      |     |    |  
     ____________________ |        _____________|    |  
           |                                    |    |
     Yago  |     _________         ________     ______
     ______|    |         |       |        |    |    |  
           |    |         |       |Yago's  |    |Gold|  
           |    |         |       |Key     |    ______
     ______|    |  Start  |       |________|   |
           |    |         |       |        |   |
           |    |         |       |        |   |
           |    |         |       |        |   |
          /     -----------       ----------    \
         /      __________         _________     \ 
        /      /          |       |         \     \
                          |       | 
    Easy solution:  Intentionally get caught many times on levels 3 and 4.
    Eventually, coming up from level 1, the only guard on the floor (left
    from steps) will be gone.  Go into the kitchen and talk to the man with
    the "!!" over his head.  He will give you servants clothes.  Equip all
    the servant's clothes on Flece and make sure you have it all.  When
    it is all on, you can walk through the palace freely to find Yago and 
    the items scattered about.
    Third Puzzle - Into the Catacombs (Iona Monastery/Catacombs)
    Thank you Nathaniel Macher for this help.
    After getting Rosalind, speak to Brother Ovaard in the courtyard.
    Go to the minor library.  Search all the bookcases for items.
    One of them has Volume 67 for you to give to Zefnat.  The last bookcase
    in the library is the one that you examine to the catacombs.  Enter 
    and save.  Right now, decide what you want to do.  Solve the puzzle
    and get experience, or use a little AP and save time.
    Pick the lock with Flece in the center of the room and enter the 
    catacombs.  Flece must be I think at Level 3 pick lock.  I could be
    wrong about that though.
    There are twelve statues in the room.  From where you enter, number 
    them starting on the left going around the room.  Number them from 
    one to twelve.  Use numbers 8 and 12 to gain access to the catacombs.
    Go down the steps and go straight to begin the next puzzle.
    Fourth Puzzle - The Magic Orbs (Iona Catacombs)
    Thanks to Prima Guides for helping with this part.
    In this puzzle, you must maneuver the catacombs to activate two magic
    orbs.  When done, don't immediately go to the boss, search for items.
    Use the map below to find orbs and the boss.  Other goodies are
    not noted.  To activate the orbs, just use X to examine them.
    If the maps are wrong, its not my fault.  They are from another guide.
    Next to the second orb is the final glass shard for Shards of the 
    Ghimaddi.  The Axe (use the indentify option and it becomes Axe of 
    Ikus) for Brother Wid is also in here.  In the big center area, the
    lines are the main paths.  The room with an S in it is a secret room 
    with items.  You'll have to explore for anything else.
             |   |
             \    \
              \    \
               \    \
           ------    ---
           |           |
           ------    ---     ________________________________________
                 \   \       |                                     |
                  \   \      |                                     |
                   \   \     |                   /\                |
                    \   \    |                  /  \               |
    _________________    ____|                 /    \               _______
    Boss                      --------------- /      --------------   Start
    _________________    ____     |                         \       _______
                 /\  / /     \    |                          \     |
                /  \/ /      /    |                           \    |
               / /\  /______/ /\  |                            \   |
               \ \/ _________/  \ Axe                         -- --| 
                \  /             \____________________________|S__||
    ____________/ /
     1st orb     /
    Boss- Carados
    Summon Blackfire Elemental with Joseph.  Have Joseph and Blackfire
    attack Carados while Flece and Rosalind attack the Bone Mages 
    behind them.  When the mages die, have Flece and Rosalind join in on
    Carados.  When your done, grab the Ring of Light from the altar and
    equip Joseph.  Find your way out of the catacombs.  Give the axe to
    Brother Wid and leave the monastery and return to Lenele.
    Beware, you will encounter a difficult boss in a world map encounter
    on your way to Lenele.  I'll meet you in the next puzzle in City
    of the Khosani, where the third summon ring is.
    III - Act II of Summoner (Death of Carados [Iona Catacombs] to
    Release of Demons [Forge of Urath])
    Fifth Puzzle - Have The Khosani Gone Mad? (Labyrinth of the Khosani)
    Thank you Prima Games for helping with this puzzle.
    The Khosani Labyrinth is a bunch of giant puzzles.  When you first
    enter, the puzzle is not to step on the circular emblem.  Move around 
    the outside of the room and go through the archway.  Puzzle #1 solved!
    In the next room, there are two rows, each with six mini-monuments.
    Press them in the following order from bottom to top.  1 & 2 on the
    left side.  3 & 4 on the right side.  5 on the left side and 6 on the
    right side.  You should make it freely to the next area.  Puzzle #2
    solved!  The third puzzle is kind of stupid.  Go to the center of the
    raised thingy.  Four Khosani Warriors will attack the party.  Beat 
    them, then inspect their entrance areas for presents.  Move to the next
    puzzle.  Puzzle #3 solved!  The next two rooms are linked.  In the 
    first room, there is a table of turned stones.  You use X to turn
    them over.  Each stone turns different ones.  Each stone that is turned
    over in the first room, makes a path over the lava in the second room.
    There are items to the side of the second room, also.  Use this table
    to turn the stones, use the exact order.
                             |  7  |
                             |     |
               |  6  ||     ||     ||     ||     |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
               |     ||  5  ||     ||     ||  4  |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
               |     ||     ||     ||  3  ||     |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
               |  2  ||     ||     ||     ||     |
               |     ||     ||     ||     ||     |  
                             |  1  |
                             |     |
    Now grab the booty and move on to the final puzzle.  Puzzle #4 solved!
    The final puzzle involves the runes on the floor in previous rooms.
    Each rune represents a number.  You are supposed to raise them in 
    order from 1-6.  You may not have been paying attention, so just 
    follow these directions.  From bottom to top they are: left - 5, 6,
    2.  On the right side they are - 3, 4, 1.  Raise them in order from
    1-6 and this puzzle is yours!  Puzzle #5 solved!  Run through the 
    door and battle your way to the next room.  You can save now so you
    really should.  Move around the outside of the room and reach the boss.
    He is the Giant Salamanka.
    Boss- Giant Salamanka.  You should put bows on Flece and Rosalind, 
    while equipping Jekhar and Joseph with swords or daggers.  You fight
    this freak in stages.  He has a lot of HP, but you only deplete it
    bit-by-bit.  I would take control of Rosalind, and have her cast ice
    spells if you have them and use ice magic you may have purchased.
    At 50% of his health depleted, this chump will move to another area.
    Pick up the Pyros Ring he drops and put it (as well as the Ring of
    Health) on Jekhar.  Make sure the Ring's of Fire and Light are on
    Joseph.  Find the nearby Ring of Blessings on the ground and give it
    to Rosalind.  Now face the overgrown lizard once more.  Use the same
    strategy as before.  At 75% of his HP gone, he will move once more.
    Pick up the chainmail tunic.  If you got the chainmail tunic in Iona
    Catacombs, make sure that is on Joseph and put the new one on Jekhar.
    If you didn't get the one in Iona, put this one on Joseph.  Go to the
    final stage and use the same strategy to bring an end to this ugly 
    Salamanka.  Find the exit (not the way you came in) and return to 
    City of the Khosani.  Good job completing the puzzles.  On your way
    to Ikaemos or Lenele, your choice, you will encounter the next 
    rider, the Phoenix Rider.  This rider is one tough cookie.  It
    is capable of killing your whole party, so remember to heal. 
    Sixth Puzzle - Oh Mr. Dagger, Are You Awake? (Ikaemos Palace)
    In this puzzle, you must find four daggers located in the palace,
    then insert them in the stone figure of Dagger.  In the back of the 
    Palace, upper level, in a room on the left, is the Brazen Dagger.
    Leave this room and instead of going back the way you entered this 
    room, go the other way to enter the lower chambers.  Go straight then 
    to left.  In the back of this large room is the Argent Dagger.  Go
    out this room the way you came but instead of going right to the 
    upper level, go left into another room.  Go up the stairs in here.
    At the top is a room of baddies.  After killing them, search the room
    for the Cupric Dagger.  Leave this room and go back to the  
    intersection from before.  Out of here turn left to go to main area
    of the Lower Chambers.  Turn right and go until the path leads down 
    into the lake.  If you want a new (and powerful) weapon (damage
    amount is 60) then turn left in the lake.  Go to the boat and around
    the boat is the Pole Axe.  This is a great weapon.  Go back to where
    you entered the lake.  No cross the lake straight without turning
    at all and you should see it leads off to a different area.  Upon
    getting on land turn right and enter the grass-surrounded area.
    Beat the enemies and grab the Auric Dagger inside.  Leave the grassy
    area and go around it to where you came onto this half of the chambers.
    Go straight and on the right you'll see steps.  Go up them and turn
    left.  This comes back to the Upper Chambers.  Go the main hallway
    in the middle of the upper chambers.  Go to the Dagger Statue
    at the top of the hall.  Examine it in its four places and the door
    in back of it will open.  Save now!  The boss is beyond this door.
    Boss- Ikaemos Preist King
    Before attacking go to your Status screen.  Switch Joseph's AI to
    Healer/Caster.  Have Rosalind as a healer/caster.  Flece is absolutely
    useless in this fight.  Equip Jekhar with any blunt weapon (i.e.
    Frozen Club, Pole Axe, etc.).  My strategy is to have Flece attack
    the Preist King from the front.  She can't do damage but it will
    distract the king from the other characters.  Have Rosalind and Joseph
    cast spells.  Have Jekhar attack from behind the king with any blunt
    weapon.  This battle should end soon.  Pick up the items he drops.
    The Ring of Stone is one of them.  If your Ring of Light has over
    60,000 experience (check be selecting info on it in the inventory
    list) then replace it for the Ring of Stone.  If not then leave the 
    Ring of Light on.  Now leave the palace and the swamp.  On your way
    to Lenele you will encounter the third of four riders.  The Serpent
    Rider is not very fun at all.  He is a tough cookie that can inflict
    just about every status effect.  I wouldn't summon because if Joseph
    dies the summon turns against you and you have another enemy to fight.   
    This ends Act II puzzles.  
    Summary of the rest of Act II-
    Maneuver through Lenele Sewers to the former
    Old City exit.  It leads to Tancred's house.  Talk to everyone then go
    through the sewers to the Market.  From there turn right into the Crown
    District.  Move along to where the Temple Plaza was.  It leads to the
    Temple of Urath where you face the Tiger Rider.  For a rider, he isn't
    particularly tough.  He just moves a lot.  Summon Wraith if you have
    him or Red Minotaur if you don't.  When done, a whole mess of the 
    story is revealed!!!
    IV - Act III of Summoner (Tower of Eleh to Defeat of Murod [Jade 
    Seventh Puzzle - Oh, One Hand!  Where Are You? (Tower of Eleh)
    The base of this puzzle is to free Joseph and escape The Tower of Eleh.
    Go straight until you reach a very long hallway.  There are doors to
    the side where some items are located so you can explore those for 
    goodies.  Straight down the hall is a Lift Golem.  Take it to the 
    Upper Level.  Go straight down the hallway until you are outside.  Turn
    right immediately and go up.  Out from a building, an Oreninan Samurai
    will come out.  Fight him and anyone that comes to help him.  Go inside
    the building he was guarding.  Inside, you will find the Tomb Key.  
    Return to the Lift Golem, and go to the Lower Level.  Look at your 
    in-game map and go north (up).  In the hall to the north, go into
    the first room on the right.  Go to the other end of the room and 
    turn left at the intersection right there.  Go straight and fight 
    your way into the last room on the right.  Inside you'll find your
    good friend Joseph.  Talk to him and he will join your party again!
    What stinks is that Joseph only has one hand, meaning he can't hold 
    two-handed weapons.  Don't fret, though.  You get his hand back later.
    Save now!  A Shadow Haramaki is on this floor, if you want to find it.
    That is all the goodies on this floor.  When your done, go to the Lift
    Golem and go the Upper Level.  On the Upper Level, just go straight
    until you reach the Front Gate.  Follow the steps and it will lead 
    down to the ground level.  Close to where you began the Tower of Eleh,
    is the exit.  You can't miss it.  You'll get into some fights, but they
    should be no match for your party of two!  I would save on the World 
    Map.  Head south and wrap around the mountains to find the village
    of Wolong, where our next puzzle begins.
    Eighth Puzzle - Sizhe's Healing Ritual (City of Wolong [night])
    Upon entering Wolong, go right into the trees.  Search the trees in
    the west of the map and eventually you'll find Rosalind and Sizhe.
    Talk to them and you'll regain Rosalind and receive the information
    on how to heal Joseph's hand.  Back at the docks around where you 
    entered, you will find Zhimin the Fisherman.  He says he will catch
    an Onyx Carp for you, but you need to buy the carp-catching bird
    a Mangosteen before he'll catch the Onyx Carp for you.  We'll take care
    of him later.  If you start from the docks and walk toward the center
    of the city on the main path, you'll pass Minhe the Traitor.  The good
    news is, Minhe has rice bowl.  You need that for the ritual.  The bad
    news, zippo!  He's humble to give you his bowl at no cost.  In the
    far, right-hand corner of the Wolong courtyard, is Gulan the Mourner.
    She's in mourning, but has no trouble giving away her knife.  Behind
    Sizhe, you'll find a container lying on the ground.  It is Anzhi's box.
    On the other side of the courtyard, a long walk with bring you to
    Anzhi.  Give him his box and he'll give you a charcoal stick for the
    healing.  Now, don't forget about lil' ol' Zhimin.  Peizhi is happy
    to give away a Mangosteen.  Just ask him.  He is between buildings 
    near the docks. Bring it to Zhimin and get the Onyx Carp.  Bring
    all four items to Sizhe and receive your next assignments.  You must
    now eat a Tail of Rokhul, located in Wolong Caverns, then stick the
    hand in the Pool of Wonders in the Caverns.  What Sizhe doesn't
    tell you is one of the Dragon Rings Rosalind mentioned is in the 
    caverns.  On the south (bottom) side of the courtyard (refer to map)
    is the path to the caverns.  A good distance from the steps, so the
    enemies can't see you, use Sizhe's invisibilty potion on everyone.
    This should last until about when you reach the caverns.  The only
    confusing part on the way is at the white buildings, turn right.
    Save in front of the caverns.
    Ninth Puzzle - Sizhe's Healing Ritual Pt. 2 And Get The Ring Of
    Water (Caverns of Wolong)
    Just down the path is Caris the Damned.  One of his brothers is up
    ahead.  From Drazin, turn left unless you want to fall into a horrible
    trap.  The party will be affected by curse, but it's better than dying.
    Just remember to heal.  There is a camp of knights ahead.  Over the
    bridge is one of the hardest areas here.  I hope you have some Tome
    of Revive or the Resurrect spell.  Your gonna need it.  Once your done,
    you'll find four paths leading out of the room.  The far left path has
    some goodies in it.  Either of the middle paths lead to the same place.
    They lead to a brown switch.  Past that is Azha the Archlich, another
    of the skeleton brothers.  Don't talk to him yet.  Ahead is Balis
    the Demilich.  He says if you can kill Azha and prove it, he'll lead
    you to next area.  Go to the brown switch and save.  Switch into solo
    mode and take Flece and Joseph up to Azha.  Choose to fight Azha.  What
    you need to do is lure him down to the shadowy area near the switch,
    since you can't beat Azha the normal way.  When he's there, switch
    to Rosalind and throw the switch.  Stakes should pop up and go through 
    Azha.  This may take a few tries and you may lose a character or two,
    but lucky you, you saved before doing it, so you can try again.  When
    you've done it, pick up Azha's Femur, which he drops.  Take it to Balis
    and save.  He'll take you to a new area.  You have two choices.  Go
    left (down).  You've seen many strange-looking blue plants around.
    You'll eventually find this plant in yellow.  On your in-game map,
    it is located close to the path where you started.  When you find it,
    examine it.  That is how you eat it.  Now find another skeleton thingy.
    This is Ngaru.  Talk to him for the Ring of Water and save.  To the 
    left of Ngaru is The Pool of Wonders.  Walk up to it and you can have
    two-handed weapons again!  When leaving the Pool of Wonders, take the
    path to your left.  Pick up the Bow of Piercing and keep going.  Use
    the switch to open up a shortcut to the entrance.  Exit to the right
    and leave the way you came in.  That was one tough puzzle!  Our
    next puzzle begins immediately.
    Tenth Puzzle - Rebellion Of The Jade (City of Wolong [daytime])
    You are greeted up ahead by a large group of Jade Temple Soldiers.
    They will come with you to fight your way into the city.  Do not
    summon!  You don't need it and you want to save it for the boss.
    The soldiers will help you fight, but by the time you get down the 
    path, you'll probably be just Rosalind, Joseph, and Flece.  Go
    around the outside of the city and save.  Back at the docks, you'll 
    face the boss: General Pijian.
    Boss- General Pijian
    Keep Rosalind as a Healer/Caster and have her out of the danger area.
    Summon Blue Imp and have him cast his wide variety of spells on Pijian.
    Ignore the other soldiers because if you destroy just Pijian and not
    anyone else, you'll still win the fight.  You'll learn some interesting
    information about Flece and Aoqi, then you must head down toward the 
    docks.  Between some buildings is none other than Jekhar.  He has the
    Ring of Four Winds to give you, and he'll rehoin the party after 
    dispensing some information.  Now go to Liangshan Forest, northeast
    of Wolong.
    Summary of Liangshan Forest-
    You will be poisoned with a nasty poison near the beginning that can't
    be cured.  Move through on an easy path.  You'll face Phoenix and 
    Serpent Riders across the second bridge.  Use the same strategy as 
    before, but summon Celestial Samurai.  Move toward the shrine and 
    talk to the man.  Make sure the 
    first thing you do is ask him to cure the poison.  Heal, and then,
    after finishing talking to the man, General Wentao and his soldiers
    will attack in stages.  This isn't too tough.  When you're done,
    the man will will give you the Ring of the Forest.  Circle around the 
    shrine and exit through the back.  Return to Wolong since you'll want
    to upgrade your weapons and armor before going to the Jade Temple.
    Head toward where the Tower of Eleh was and you'll come to the Jade 
    Summary of Jade Temple-
    Go straight to fight Ghost and Tiger Riders.  This should be cake for
    you.  Just go straight into the temple.  Inside, circle the outside
    of the room and kill some mages so they don't bug you during the fight.
    Now walk toward Murod to start the fight.  
    Boss- Emperor Murod
    Summon Celestial Samurai and just use the normal stuff.  Joseph and
    Jekhar should have Warhammers and Flece should have whatever is best.
    After beating Murod's first form, he'll drop a 100-fold Katana.  Give
    it to Flece and take down the second form easy.  Jospeh will get the
    Ring of Jade.  Go outside toward the exit and save.  Talk to Qifeng
    and the Four Winds Dragon will take you to City of the Khosani.
    This ends Act III.  See you in Act IV.
    V - Act IV of Summoner (Death of Murod [Jade Temple] to defeat of
    Machival [Temple of Urath])
    Summary of Saanavarh and Iona-
    Talk to Ulsadana and leave.  Go to Iona Monastery.  Work your way to
    the back and in front of the Great Library is Yago.  Talk to him and
    head to Lenele.
    Eleventh Puzzle - Down With "King" Sornehan!  (Lenele)
    Go down to the docks area and enter the sewers.  Work your way to the
    Marketplace like you did in Act II.  Follow your way up to the high
    ground and take an immediate right to the Crown District.  Go to where
    you'd usually enter the Temple Plaza.  It will instead bring you to the
    Palace.  Go through the room but don't approach Sornehan and Galliene.
    Go around them and clear the room of monsters so they don't harm you
    in the boss fight.  Prepare for the most strategic boss fight in the
    Boss- Sornehan and Galienne
    This boss fight isn't tough if you have the correct strategy and follow
    it exactly.  Have Jekhar attract the attention of Sornehan and Galienne
    and keep them occupied but have him actually attacking Galienne with a
    Warhammer if you have it.  Remember to heal.  Have Rosalind blast 
    Sornehan with magic while Jekhar still keeping the attention of both
    the enemies.  Galienne should fall soon.  Have Sornehan chase Jekhar 
    around a few feet to pick up goodies near you.  Then, keep Sornehan's
    attention on Jekhar while Rosalind blasts him with magic from behind.
    This is the only good strategy because since Sornehan is immune to
    physical attacks and Galienne is immune to magic.  Never let them 
    attack Rosalind or she won't be able to cast on Sornehan.  E-mail
    me if you need more tips on this fight.  Pick up all the goodies in
    the palace and SAVE!!!  Then leave.  Return to City of the Khosani.
    Twelvth Puzzle - Capture Pyrul (Khosani Labyrinth)
    Talk to the Ulsadana who will give you the Ring of Fire.  Go to the
    Labyrinth.  Work your way through.  Luckilly, you don't need to solve
    the puzzles again.  Go to where you fought Giant Salamanka and you will
    find Pyrul, The Demon of Fire.
    Boss- Pyrul
    Use all your ice magic and inventory magic.  You can get more from 
    Khosani merchants later.  Keep girls in back with magic and bows.
    I would give Joseph the Sornehan Dagger and Guardian Kite Shield.
    Have Jekhar with the Warhammer and Flece with the Heavy Crossbow.
    Blast away.  This is one of the harder demons so expect the next two 
    to be cake.  Go out the exit you did last time.  Talk to Guardian of
    the Stone Portal.  He'll give you the rings of Light and Stone.
    You come back later for Ring of Darkness.  Go to Iona Monastery.
    Thirteenth Puzzle - Capture Luminar (Iona Monastery)
    Work your way through to where Yago was in front of the Great Library.
    If you are in The Tome of Ghanis quest, then instead of going up the
    steps to the Great Library, turn left and find Iodir the Heretic.  He
    has an interesting story and will take the Tome of Ghanis off your
    hands!!!  Save in front of the Great Library.  Summon Celestial Samurai
    and enter.  
    Boss- Luminar
    This boss is pretty simple.  Use the same strategy as Pyrul.  This 
    isn't too tough.  Just keep in mind he's strong to Energy based spells
    and this battle should end shortly.  Leave the Monastery and go to
    Ikaemos Swamp.
    Fourteenth Puzzle - Capture Titus (Ikaemos Swamp/Palace)
    Work your way through the swamp like last time.  The front entrance to
    the Palace is blocked off so go through the entrance on the left side
    of the palace.  Here you'll meet Titus, Demon of Stone.  
    Boss- Titus
    Give Joseph and Jekhar Warhammers or blunt weapons.  Once again Flece 
    is useless except to distract him.  Summon Wraith and have fun.  If
    you don't have Wraith then use Blue Imp.  When its over, explore the
    room for goodies and leave.  Exit the swamp and return to City of the
    Khosani.  I'd save.  Talk to Ulsadana and learn the Summoner's Destiny.
    Then talk to Guardian of the Stone Portal for the Ring of Darkness.
    Head to Lenele for the Final Puzzle... and the Final Battle.
    Fifteenth Puzzle - Capture Machival (Lenele)
    Go to the docks and into the sewers.  Go to the marketplace like you
    did last time.  Turn right into the Crown District.  Work your way
    to where the Temple Plaza entrance one stood.  It leads to the Temple
    of Urath.  Don't go in!  Save right here.  Walk into the field of
    Boss- Evil Urath
    This is the first form of Machival.  Attack him with anything (Joseph-
    Sornehan Dagger and Guardian Kite Shield, Jekhar- Warhammer, Flece-
    Heavy Crossbow, Rosalind- Have her cast spells).  When he flies to the
    balcony, have Flece and Jekhar chase him up there.  Keep Joseph and 
    Rosalind where they are.  When Evil Urath comes back down, just attack
    him with magic and attack until that form is defeated.
    Boss- Evil Joseph
    This guy is actually pretty easy.  He summons, but nothing major.  You
    can knock them out easy.  Summon Celestial Samurai and have the party
    chase him around the room since he runs around a lot.  He's not too 
    tough.  He should die shortly.
    Boss- Machival
    First of all, right in front of Machival should be a container that
    Evil Joseph dropped.  PICK UP THAT CONTAINER!!!!!  It contains the best
    weapon in the game... The Sword of Summoners.  Immediately equip it to
    Joseph.  Machival has an evil swipe attack, but if you heal regularly,
    Machival should fall in no time.  Talk to the party after the fight.
    Then it's time for your big decision...
    Do you want to become a God, or help the people of Orenia and Medeva
    rebuild the world.  If you want to be a God, walk toward the back of
    The Temple of Urath.  If you want to stay normal, then walk toward
    the entrance of the temple.  Now sit back and enjoy the well-deserved
    ending!!!  You've beaten the game!!!  When the credits begin, press X
    to see a funny scene.  It's even better if you know about Dungeons and
    Dragons.  After that is a small blooper section.  Then its officially

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