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"Same game, minor additions."

Cleopatra is the expansion to the city building sim, Pharaoh. If you have played through the normal game you will most likely have invested a lot of time into the game. Finished also means you are either really into the game, or just glad it's finally ended. So here come along plenty of more missions to keep you busy...

Gameplay> It's the same as Pharaoh but with a few more buildings, including monuments. You can farm more things such as henna and make paint from it. This will be used for exporting as usual, but also painting the newly added tombs. The first few set of missions will introduce you to tomb building already. If you are familiar with the gameplay then you will find yourself right at home. The game doesn't explain much more about the new features but you can read all about in the help section. The mission objectives are now more complex and can even include time limits. This was a great idea. It can be tough though, having a limit and housing requirements because getting your people to evolve their buildings in a rush is no easy are required to know your building blocks that fit to the situation even more than before. Knowing how to adapt your generic industry, normal or elite block will ease the game a little. Of course there are still difficulty settings, but very easy does not mean it really is. It just means it's the easiest they will make it for you.

Sound> Well after hours of the same sound effects going through my head I am sick and tired of more of the same. So they added some cute new effects when you click on the new buildings but why they insist on having the temple choirs singing and bells chiming all the time is beyond me. So they want to make the city sound alive, no thanks. Try out the new Scorpion sound effect, they'll make you crazy. As you don't want them in your city killing people anyway, try to avoid that but eventually they will come in and be hard to get rid of.

Graphics> Not much to say, I love the 2 1/2D view and city sims are good without 3D. You can rotate the screen but often there are still things in the way and you need to use several overlap selection to see the spot you want to work with. As with Pharaoh, the buildings, people and animals are nicely animated and the physical surroundings are ok as well. Nothing great but the map looks nice when you start populating it.

Overall> I would think this is for die-hard fans only. If you just like the game style don't bother with the expansion as it is much harder this time around. Check out Zeus or Emperor instead. In total I would give the expansion a good 7.5-8.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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