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"Years later and the game still rules"

I just recently dug out my old copy of this for kicks, I now realise how much I missed this great game. It is one of the most original games I have played before and also one of the hardest but more on that later.

The concept is: You are a Mudoken (Think Gollum with a sewn shut mouth and slightly warped hands) named Abe who works at Rupture Farms (a giant slaughterhouse). One day he overhears management making the decision to turn Mudokens into the new food sensation. Needless to say Abe wants to get out of there pretty quick, so he makes a break for it trying to free as many Mudokens as he can.

The game starts in Rupture Farms but then proceeds to several other areas all across the planet Oddworld. Your path may change but the objective remains the same: try to free as many of the 99 Mudoken slaves as you can. Depending how many you rescued the ending will be different.

Now compared to other game protagonists Abe isn't exactly the strongest. He is easily killed and his only offensive move is a chant that takes some time to work. The chant is pretty cool in the sense that you can possess guards (known as Sligs) which brings a whole different side of the game. Abe has a fair variety of moves, most of them centered around running away. He can jump, roll, fart, and talk to other Mudokens. In order to free the Mudokens you need to talk to them then tell them to follow you to one of the "bird portals" which when you chant next too, opens up a gateway for the Mudokens to escape.

This game features quite a large dose of humor and throughout the game I found myself laughing at a great many things. Hell even some of the ways that Abe dies are pretty funny (until you respawn and have to re-rescue some slaves).

As stated before this game is extremely difficult for a number of reasons. For one thing you cant beat ANY enemy in a straight up fight so you have to find other means to get by them. Also Abe is extremely easy to kill by just about anything (hell he dies if he gets hit with a bat) so he really has to be careful. Another thing is that it is quite the challenge to beat the game AND free all the Mudoken slaves (I haven't even been able to do it yet). If it weren't for the fact that Abe has unlimited lives I dont think anyone would get through the game.

Overall this is a terrific, funny, entertaining game and one of the most addictive platformers I have ever played. Anyone who wants to have a little old fashioned game fun should dig out this game and play it right away!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/10/06

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