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Reviewed: 05/10/01 | Updated: 05/10/01

Easily the graphical superior to its predecessors, much added, more gory, more explosions, fun weapons. You shouldn't get bored too far into this....

Guess what? Aliens are threating all mankind! Again! From another Dimension! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well here we are, another X-Com, a different threat. But this time we get some fun toys to play with! Apocalypse is to me, the Civ 2 ToT of the X-Com series. Whilst it has better graphics, better sounds, the whole plot is either too boring, or you really could care less about it, all you want to do is create your army of 24 Captains to rule the city with an iron fist! Where do you get the entertainment from the game? I can tell you not from the aliens (they merely provide the technology to become a dictator), it's from your fellow ''friendly'' corporations.

Yep, this time around, if someone stops ''funding'' you with products, you can beat them into submission! Best thing about it is, if you just hate the damn corp, then destroy it beyond any possibly retaliation (they need funding too, and if you destroy their buildings & raid them... well ya get the picture). As your playing the game, you find out that aliens are coming to your city via trans-dimensional gates, blah blah blah, blah. Who cares?? I'm sure the designers spent quite alot of time putting together a nice story/plot for the game, but really, even TFTD had a better story-line! Jeez you'd think the sectoid's would at least tell you their at war with a alien race from another dimension that uses them as a source of food! *oops thats a partial spoiler*

Now, to be nice to the plot (can't give away too many spoilers...), it helps alot ( I mean ALOT), if you follow along with it. Though the ability to buy things from fellow corporations & receive almost instantaneously. The feel of self-support is too much for most X-Com gamers, and there is no real way to support yourself in this game, unless you shoot down all the ufo's you can. Research all the tech you can, and you'll have a blast (no seriously, 2 words ''Vortex Mine'').

Well off to the whole grading point thingy.....

Gameplay : 9/10 , Well... I just love destroying buildings form inside & out, then laugh histerically as the opposing forces try to muster enough vehicles/gaurds to stop me! I do believe you'll be able to play this game quite a bit without boring (if you stay away from the alien-dimension plot....)

Sound : 8/10 , Nice weapon sounds, nice screams, nice timing on them, but coulda used music, well better music at least....

Control (of game) : 9/10 , So many options controlling messages, you'll be able to tell if your Sergeant got laid the night before & in what position! :P

Graphics : 8/10 , Well their a step up from X-Com UFO & TFTD, even nice compaired some of the games today. Though the game is harddrive dependent, too many smoke & stun grenades, with about a trillion explosions going on, & you'll see what I mean!

Overall : 8½

I do believe this is worth buying (They got the X-Com Collectors Edition out with the first 3! go get it, only 15 bucks!), so grab it if ya see it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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