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Reviewed: 07/01/01 | Updated: 08/29/01


What sets this game apart from other alien encounters? The interactivity and the in-your-face action.

STORY You start out as a leader of a group of people known as X-COM, or Extra-terrestrial Combat Unit. There has been an alien sighting. You must bring your troops to the building where it was sighted and eliminate all hostile forces. But when you finish researching Dimension Gates( where the aliens come from), you realize that there is something more important to be done.

CHALLENGE Ever wonder why the hardest difficulty is called 'Superhuman'? Because you have to be to beat that!!

GAMEPLAY As with the last two X-COMs, your job is to defend against the aliens. But instead of defending the planet, you defend a city. You must choose and purchase the armaments of your troops and vehicles to prepare them for the job. You must capture and research aliens to progress. You must forge alliances with companies to ensure that they will supply you with goods. Like in real life, morale is a factor which will affect the outcome of battles. If a higher ranking officer dies, all the stats of people ranking lower than his/hers will drop. There is also the market. it is based on supply and demand. So in addition to playing carefully, you have to buy carefully. But all of that is easier said than done. There is only one thing to remember- the future of this city is in your hands; every decision you make will affect the game; no two games are alike.

GRAPHICS The graphics are just out of this world. Explosions, falling buildings, missile and laser fire, just plain nice. The aliens look as real as if they were in real life. On the cityscape, if you look on a vehicle, you can see almost every detail on the vehicle.

SOUND The background music is nothing to be proud of. It is just plain mediocre, although some music is just plain creepy. But the sound effects are wild. You can hear a missile go across the screen, listen to fires burn, hear grunts from your men; all as if you were on the battlefield.

CONTROL Not so good. You absolutely need a good mouse to play this game. There are some hotkeys, but most of the game is played with the mouse. But on the other hand, you can change the game speed to slow it down, so you may be able to survive with a faulty mouse.

REPLAYABILITY After finishing the game, you may or may not want to play it again. I would say that the game takes about 50 to 60 hours to play and the only things you would want to do when you finish are getting all the research topics researched, or obtain the highest rank. You may also opt to 'max out' all of your stats. And those are not really large factors to consider when you think about starting a new game, but the five difficulty levels may be.

STORY 10/10
SOUND 9/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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