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    FAQ/Walkthrough by rediew

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    ARABIAN NIGHTS, by SILMARILS WALKTHROUGH - only; I wont tell about getting
    coins and other items unless they are required for gameplay advance. And I'll tell the only
    For better gameplay, I recommend you guys get ahold of a little program which search RAM
    for values and modifies them (memoryfinder). this is extremely valuable for this game (and
    also for a lot of others).  an example of it is SEAL 2; (http://sealsystem.sourceforge.net/)
    If you do not find it on the net, email me (rediew@hotmail.com) asking for the program.
    You probably wont have any problems on doing the first level:
    Just dont forget to hit the tomb just straight ahead from where you start to get the fire spell.
    I dont know what's up with the owl; if somebody does, please email me.
    Going left through the door, after you fight with the lady, the level continues through the big
    window on the left, which is reached by jumping, at the end of the corridor where you meet the lady
    you just killed.
    Once In, go to the other room to the left and push the water-bowl-pillar until it blocks the
    door to the left, and BEFORE the swordswoman breaks through it.
    Now, Search the previous room for a key (push a pillar just like the one you did) and open the
    boxes. To go foward, push the arms of the two big statues. Do not take long to go up the
    Next, you find yourself in a kind'a maze. The key is near one of the faucets, near one of the
    corners. Do not drink the orange, yellow, black, green or blue fountains.
    Then go through the locked door. Now you find yourself in an open area. Look for a
    "vegetal" ladder  (looks like a lot of  leaves going up) in one of the walls of the rightmost
    building. Climb it. Then go through the wires;
    Dont forget to push the block (in the final building) to uncover the hole you should fall into.
    Watch out for the cloaked enemies. Their spit is poisonous.
    OK, go left;
    on the dead-end, push the wall just to the right of the sarcophage straight from where you
    came; get the Architet's note; read it; kill the guys and take note of the 4 symbols in the
    thingies the guy was cleaning; get ahold of the TOMB KEY, too; now, there are two ways:
    TOMB right:
    Watch it. Do not get hit by the fan. the sequence is from DARK to BRIGHT(full moon);
    The sarcophages to be opened are the rightmost of the RIGHT wall, and the rightmost of the
    left wall; close them;
    TOMB left:
    go to the other side (climb it, watch for the arrows);
    rightmost of the LEFT wall and from the FRONT wall are the tombs you should open.
    Go back to the bong room (center room).
    put the gems on their receptacles in the center room;
    get your ring;
    now, jump back and go to the start of the stage;
    go the other way(the one you didnt come - duh!)
    keep going until you see a sarcophage with a chain above it near a illusion fountain; now that
    you got the "tomb key", open it, climb it and climb the chain.
    kill the first guard whith sneaking(dble shift); the other 2 are better dealt whith a knife each.
    To kill the big guy (to the left, after the gate), 3 nice placed bombs will do.
    To pass this part, you must have at least 2 knives; you can get some by pushing the big box to
    the side across the door you DID NOT come from (main door) and opening the vase.
    Go to the main door. (left). There is a elevated door which is raised; to get past this, cut the
    ropes that hold it up(right below).(with the knives!)
    Go foward, killing as usual. To get past the door near the bell, ring it once and hide yourself
    to the left (you will see what I mean) and wait for the guy indoors to open it.
    Once done, kill him and his buddies.
    now, you should get ahold of 5 puzzle pieces. (but you only find that out way farther in the
    stage). You should spend time exploring this place. Well, they are:
    ?	to the left of the bell door, in a vase;
    ?	in the top of the first corner (it turns to the left)(where the archer was, straight ahead of
    the bell door; you will need to climb).
    ?	in the plataform with the 2 palm trees, just after the first 'bridge';
    ?	in the plataform 30° to the right (0° is just ahead, from where you came, 90° is to the
    right) of the big palm tree in the center of the big square area
    ?	in a platform cross of the one with the first stairs(the one you climb UP), just after the
    ramp (you got here from the 'big square')
    also, in the big square (with the big palm tree), just across the illusion fountain is a vase with
    a spell ring. to get there, you will need to balance youself through the wires.  Just note: kill
    the guards first;
    Proceeding is done by climbing on the top of the plataform with the ascending stairs.
    Foward you find some DESCENDING stairs. look for a hole; SAVE before going down on
    it. kill the snakes whith a knife. or just run away.
    then you will find the slots for the puzzle pieces. Trial and error and you will eventually get
    you through;
    oH, MAN, this is a damn hard episode. It requires mental AND physical skills. be warned.
    Read the sign; kill everybody; beware of the bombs;
    You must now break the window near the stairs; throw an empty vial or a knife.
    SAVE then.
    Once there, make your clean up; you will need expertise to kill the reptile swordsman.
    Once done that, you will notice an apparatus in the room the reptile was.
    Beginning from the top, switch the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and then 1st lever again.
    Now go back to the main entrance (city gate), which is now open.
    After the arch, in the corner (when the street turns to the right) you will find a door up in the
    platform. Go through it; You must, then, hit 3 times the window beside the door;
    What? How to get $1731??
    well, go back to the main street and keep going past the Garden Gate. keep exploring.
    you will see, past one of the doors to the left of the end of the descending stairs, some
    ascending stairs with some boxes nearby. one of them is to be pulled to reveal a button. But
    you must be fast (dble foward) in order to get through the door. you now are at the Red Moon
    sect mosque.
    once here, kill your enemies and the two freak guys who start running around the temple.
    They have keys to it and to the door to the left of it.
    Once inside, look for a pillar with a button on it (in the room you just entered). It reveals
    another spell ring.
    Exploring the surroundings and tops of the church will ease your money thirst. Jumps and the
    like will be needed. Jump from the mosque roof to the left of it – it has a lotta money there
    (and a lotta scorpions, too). Once wealthy, go back to the smuggler (knocking 3 times again)
    and he'll let you through.
    Next, in the palace door hallway, KILL THE ARCHERS FIRST! You will see your reptile
    fiend sleeping. sneak to him and hit him. If it doesnt kill him, throw a knife or 2. Get his key
    and enter the palace.
    Go straight ahead and do not attack the guards. watch the scene. Once out, let's get another
    ring. Go left, (but do not go still to the 3rd floor) killing the guards, to the room foward. In
    of the doors is the genie. Accept his challenge. This will be tough, but i sugest to you to move
    along the door wall. Once done that, go to the 1st floor, to the right (past the pond with the
    alligators), to the execution area. fall down in the hole. go back to the main palace hall (save
    first). kill the guy. now take the other hallway in the 1st floor going to the Sultan's women's
    area (beware of the fixed guards, the ones with thin voice).
    This part now is very hard. you must be fast. There will be lots of reloads. Take a look at the
    schemes provided. In both of them, you must follow the paths from number 1 to number 2,
    stepping in the ground switches (steps) in the way:
    Once you get through with it (after the part whith the crocodiles), you reach the princesses's
    area. Save first. Kill the big faggie, and in one of the rooms, near the pillows ON THE
    GROUND, there is a letter. read it, then go back to the main hall of the palace.
    Go to the third floor, into the grand vizier's room, and get the items on the shelf. Read the
    magical parchment, and go to the music room, where you will find, to the left, a magical flute
    being protected and to the right 5 drums.
    Now is the time for mind-cracking. But i'll spare you from that. The right sequence, being 1
    the smallest drum, and 5 the biggest:
    The 1st to be played=5-4-2-1-3: the last to be played.
    Done correctly, the force field will disappear and the flute will be yours.
    Now, go back to the execution area. There is, on the left wall (where the archer is), a rope.
    play the flute next to it. ooohhhh. Climb it. Kill the guard and get his key.
    Go back  to the music room. Look for a painting with a bird (the left one), and knife its eye. A
    passage will open. Then, Dance whith Muscade and go to the 4th episode. (you must follow
    Note that "left" is YOUR left, not hers! Same for "right"
    EPISODE 4:
    Go straight ahead, in the direction of the guard. Across him, climb the buildings up and put
    yourself parallel to the 'bridge' where the crows stop. make some distance or they will not
    land there. Kill 5 crows and get them (check that you aim higher to compensate gravity, if
    you are using knives). Go ahead on the city, past the Garden gate. When going down the
    stairs, go straight ahead through the door. watch for enemies. Find the serpent enchanter and
    talk to him twice so on the second time you hand him the crows and the 50 coins. Explore the
    area if you want. everything is climbable. Find the two stores and get yourself something if
    you want. Now, go to the RedMoon sect mosque (this scenario is the same you played, only
    it's day).
    Enter the temple, and press "action" (CTRL) in front of the red moon. fall into the hole.
    go down to the right first. You must get 3 statues and a parchment. go exploring:
    ?	the first is after the bridge. the second is in the hall with the trap-rooms; and the third is
    through the middle trap-room (go sneaking through it-it has a false wall).
    in this room, push the wheel to open the tomb. the parchment (which you havent got yet, if
    following this manual) just gives you the order of the statues: SEE(left), hear(middle),
    say(right). Anyways, if you want it, it is with a guy way down in the temple. now go through
    the passage; there is an eye behind the teleporter which might be a button. I don't know
    what's up to it. You may try to push it BEFORE pushing the 3 eye-shaped buttons.
    Now go through the portal.
    keep going. talk to the crying lady. get past this garden, and right after, go to the left until an
    area with a skull door, full of enemies. kill them, and go through the only way open. watch
    out, in your way after the enemies, for a hidden cave entrance to the left. push the rock and go
    foward. make your way until the swamp with the gators (kill another reptile again). In the end
    of it, you will see some reeds (plants). One of them is different (has a lot of legs), and you
    hear a little music once you get near. Get this different plant, its the singin' reed.
    Go back to the garden road and foward from there. you will fall on that skull-door area again,
    but now it is open. get into it, and in the last room there will be a button which will open the
    yellow gate. Now go through it. you will reach an area where the chief garderner is. talk to
    him. now, go to the cactus garden and pick up the bucket.
    Only now go to the fruit garden (the one the password is asked). Kill the guard AND the
    monkey. now, fill with water the 4 bowls on the gate wall. guess who waits you on the other
    Prepare yourself. This is a very long Episode.
    Killin this Tiger is a piece of cake. just keep attacking;
    Now, get the Tasty fruit on the tree, and the PEAR between the gate and the fountain, on the
    ground. Eat it. Now, you have your PEAR PIP to take to the chief gardener. he now is on the
    botanical lab. (to the left of the exit from the fruit garden, you have to clib a ladder.)
    Now he gives you a key; go back to the main area, and walk through the door as if going back
    to the garden where the weeping lady is. Open the chest, and then take its contents to your
    boss. He is now on the cactus garden. he dismisses you. but you need still the other items for
    the 5-senses bouquet. Let's get to it now, since this will be a damn long task, and will require
    thecnical mastering of the game controls and a reat deal of brain.
    ?	by the way, FIND THE WATERING CAN in the main area. it is not hard to find, it is
    near one of the corners (but on the outermost central square).
    1000-scent flower:
    in the Main area, going through the other gate (where there are some soldiers), you will find
    the seed parchment in a vase near the boxes to the right. Read it. Another mind-twisting
    puzzle. To solve it, you must write the sentences and make them mathematical statements,
    which results on a multivariable math equation system.
    Now go to the botanical lab (where the funny music plays), and step onto the small wooden
    step, (just where the chief gardener was when you handed the pear pip to him) across the
    shelves. The sequence for the seeds are:
    4 Jasmine Seeds
    2 Pear Pips
    4 Patchouli seeds
    3 Rose seeds
    8 Jujubee seeds
    wow! let's see next...
    Cactus: oh, this is hard…
    keep going the hall from the botanical lab, and uncover the door behind the boxes (hello,
    past this, get the metal cranck on the wooden platform near the chained wheels and go right
    (opposite of the yellow gate). You see 2 sets of Hidraulic Valvules, where the wooden thing
    which is down stops the water flow through that pipe.
    The left one is #1, and the right one is #2. turn each one once. you see the gate opening.
    Go through it.
    you will reach an area with the sultan statue. get rid of the enemies.
    Now what you have to do is to get to the room on the top of the wall behind the sultan.
    You will find a snake 'chest' too, which has a rope in it. (you only see it if you look down
    near the 'container').
    you will have to drag the container on the edge near the red roof to the border of the left
    plataform on the wall which is to the RIGHT of the sultan's statue.
    then, use the flute and climb the rope and jump to the platform.
    Then, you will jump to the other platform and jump ON TOP of the platform which holds the
    cage in the corner.
    Then, jump UP and hang yourself to the ceiling. Now, move yourself to the right, releasing
    when over the table. Get the items there, over the table.
    Now you cant just jump down.
    You will have to run around the table and jump to outside of the platform, going 'against' the
    wall, so you hang on the little spaces of the windows. Inspect the area and you will see what
    I mean. If you cant visualize it, you can try to jump to the red roof, which is infinitely harder.
    Well, I only made it once.
    Once hung, you may release yourself down, but you may lose energy. Have a life vial ready.
    Now, flute down the rope and drag the 'vase' to the other side and once in position, flute it up
    again so you can get out through where you came.
    Whew! now to the
    Rainbow Flower:
    Now, back to the hidraulic valvules. to the left of them, there is more (an area with a
    BROKEN sultan statue - you can use the base stone block to help you climb to high places).
    There you will find another pair of hidraulic valvules. The left one is #3 and the right one is
    #4. Still, there are 2 exits (besides the one you came down), to the left and to the right of the
    yellow gate. To the left is the hidraulic valvule #5; to the right, the continuation.
    Well, do not touch any of the valves. and go through the right of the yellow gate (use the
    statue base). There is a pool there on the left.
    Note that the little pool IS DRY, and there is something shining there.
    Hang yourself on the edge of the wall before falling, and have a life vial ready. (you should
    have full energy before falling). Now go get your precious ring on the pool. It will be put to
    use just ahead. You will need to use the hang-and-move-sideways move again to reach the
    cave. Once there, just BEFORE you get out of the little cave, summon the LEVEL 2
    Protection spell. Now go on and face your enemy. Once killed, go up through the wooden
    boards and pipes and through the yellow gate. You may use the stone block to help reaching
    the platform on the way back to the first set of hidraulic valves (#1 and #2).
    Now we will go to the flower itself. The right combination of the valvules is the following:
    From near where you insert the crank to away of the crank side: the status of the wooden
    crank goes on this side   <<<<---[]----[]----	far away from the crank
    D = DOWN; U = UP
    #1:				 D - U
    #2: 				U - D - U
    #3: 				U - U - D
    #4: 				 U - D
    #5: 				 U - D
    if done correctly, you will see the flower blossomming...
    Now, go all the way to the main area, and then go back to where the crying lady was.
    Now, back to the city, you must find what the black moon sect is. Go foward to the area with
    the central big palm tree and go though the door across where you came from until an area
    with a fountain. Look for a door and enter it. Save before accepting the challenge. Once
    winning, go to the LEFT of the hallway you get out from. Just keep going until you find a
    Then go back and talk to the whore lady you came by a while ago. You must run FAST
    ALWAYS now.
    First, to the tower (go across the fountain area, and then to the right).
    Now, go back to the fountain area you came across and talk to the faggie tambourine
    Now, go to the right way of him and across the palm tree, go up the ramp, the ascending
    stairs, (just like you did when it was night), the descending stairs, and look for a guy similar
    to the spitting priests from the 2nd episode.
    Maybe, if you are fast enough, there will also be a lady there, which is who we want.
    If not, hurry to where you met the fat whore. Herma will probably be there. If not, things will
    repeat. (guard, drummmer, leprous brother, whore friend)
    Now go to the fag drummer near the fountain and talk to him.
    Just kill the black sect guy and enter the secret passage to...
    Have plenty of antidotes ready.
    Go down the door and to the left, past the wall, and through the door, to the right.
    After the door, go to the left, to an area where the river is drained (you see a central 'cage'),
    and some enemies.
    To the left, Jump through the platforms and get your magic turbant.
    To the right, you find a rock inside the left door and past the wall. Go through the right door
    to proceed (watch for the enemies).
    No, foward to the maze. For now, You should have 2 rocks.
    The third rock is in the maze room. Do not fall on the dark green water.
    •	Push the button near the door, and put a rock over the platform which rises.
    •	Put the second rock in the platform left of the one you just stepped (in the first row).
    •	Now, jump to the block that rises(in the second row), in front of the first platform.
    •	Jump to the small platform which rises (third row) once you step on the central  platform
    of the 2nd row. Leave the third rock over it and go get the 4th rock over the platform which
    just appeared. (in the 4th row, to the right)
    •	After you got your rock, go back to the central platform of the 2nd row (collect the one
    which was on the platform on the third row) and leaving one here on the 2nd row.
    •	go to the left platform of the 2nd row, collecting the rock which was on the left platform of
    the 1st row, and leave a rock in this platform.
    •	Go to the RIGHT platform of the 2nd row, and leave a rock there.
    So, if you got right, the following platforms should have a rock:
    •	Central of 1st row.
    •	left, central and right of the 2nd row.
    Move on.
    You will reach a part where you are in a corridor, just after you go up some stairs.
    You need to collect some relics, which you get from tough guys.
    DOOR, where you will have to fight a wizard! Do not do that until you've got your ring
    from the astronomy room.
    You need 8 relics, which are distributed to tough guys. Go exploring and you will find them.
    In the 'library' (it is past the astronomy room), you will find a lot of tough guys. Once you got
    rid of them, check one of the shelfs. It has a book out of place (it is way in the middle).
    Push it, and there will open a secret passage near the black moon.
    Go back to the astronomy room. Go upstairs so you can place the relics in their respective star
    constellation slot.
    Once you got your MAGIC Protection ring, go now to the wizard. SAVE first. he IS tough.
    Use your magic protection spell, and try to knife him if you got knives spare. else, try to hit
    him from sideways (this way, he cant shock you). when he disappears, hide yourself
    behind the collumns and wait  for him to come.
    Also, abuse of life items (phials, apples, etc).
    Once done with him, go back to the 'library', and enter the secret passage near the black
    moon, which you opened before. Go past the door. There will be switches, and I'll number
    So, press the switches #1, #2, #3, and #4. at this point, you will only have access to the
    switches #3, #4, and #5, which will be available once you push #4.
    #4 will make appear #5, which when pressed will re-open the passage which #4 just closed.
    Go back and press #3 again, then #4 again, and then proceed to press the last switch (#6,
    which is at going left of #5), revealing the exit door.
    Proceed killin everybody. it depends on your skills, now. You may have to use the protect
    spell. Don't forget to free the girl.
    Once you teleport back to the city, go right first, and talk to the guard on the gate of the 4
    Go back all the way, and go to the 'left' of where the teleporter was, in direction of the
    'military area'.
    SAVE after KILLING THE REPTILE in front of the gate. now, help yourself with magic:
    To beat Capt. Burbank, just after you regain control, backflip tree times (alt+backwards), and
    use your BLIND spell (F2), so that when you summon it, he is already in the tunnel. Get
    past him and hit him hard (bombs, knives, etc.).
    When you see he recovered his sight (he comes toward to you), backflip again (to make
    room) and use the BLIND spell on him again.
    Repeat. Reload your magic whenever needed.
    Once done with him, get your pass and head to the gate. Shit! you need a camel, and the only
    one available costs 5000 bucks! Well, in the 4-pillar area, talk to the tour guide - TWICE.
    Now go to the camel owner and reclaim your reward.
    Now, on to the
    EPISODE 7:
    here, things may seem confusing, but if you wander around some while, you will find out that
    the magic cave is not a 'maze', in the confusing sense of the word (WELL, NOT TOO
    mainly, your fighting skills will be required.
    Go foward until you see some platforms on the laterals of the cave. Climb them and go on the
    first left.
    You will end up in a huge area with a Big Rock blocking one of the exits. Go on foward, to
    the real maze. Check the map provided and you can get a better idea.
    Once you leave the huge area, take the right. You get to a 4-way.
    On the 4-way, take the left, then the right, then left again, then right again, and you will end
    up in a 2nd 4-way.
    You want to go to the left, where some archers attack from after a pit, and there are some
    platforms. Climb them. On the last one, summon your MAGIC Protection (F3-level 3) and
    go on to fight some guys. Once dead, get the ring from the magician, also the letter he
    drops. Get your money.
    Now, go all the way back to the huge area, where the rock is now NOT blocking the way.
    You should explore the maze area for some bonus items.
    SAVE. You get to another poisonous water area, and jumping here is hard. save after each
    jump. When you get to the lowest rock, SAVE on a SEPARATE SLOT.
    Now, the platforms start to sink just as you step on them. After the last step, you arrive on a
    semi-ring, in which center shows up the biggest freaking frightening beast in the game.
    Unbelievably, it dies with 3 or 4 knives. Watch for its attack.
    Keep going. You will arrive where the snake-head beast is. Before confronting it, summon
    your Magic Protection spell again (so it does not turns you on rock when you directly look
    at it), and run like mad to slice it with your sword. Have an antidote ready in case it hits
    you with the arrow, but just use it after you kill it. You must be stupidly agressive and does
    not give time for it to think.
    Shopping time!(now it is time to waste your money, It is the last shop)
    Buy lots of knives (40 total knives is good, so you have how to beat the last boss and pass
    reasonably easily this last part of the stage), and also, life and magic vials. (magic is more
    Now, it is time to beat the Gran wizier. hide yourself behind the curtain and summon Magic
    Defense spell. Now, that he cannot touch you, use your knives on him. Once killed, get out
    of the room and go to the right door, to kill a reptile and get its key.
    Also kill the enemies on the main hall.
    Now go to the other door on the 2nd floor, and go straight ahead to kill some other guards and
    another reptile. Now, go to the third floor. Enter the gran wizier's room, and push the shelf
    outta the way. Crush the skeleton to get another ring, and give the parrot seed to the parrot
    (it's not a parrot, it's an "arara", a brazilian bird worth big bucks).
    Travel Time!
    This part is pretty straight. kill people, get keys. You can use some knives or bombs where
    things are difficult, you will not need them (the bombs on the final boss).When you get to
    a big room with a semicircular wall, DO NOT STEP on the RED STAINS, THEY ARE
    TRAPS! after cleaning this room, save!.
    Talk to your chief gardener. just when you get control back, summon a protection spell (it
    may be level 1 or level 2), because it is hard to hit the oncoming vases. You may have to
    summon it twice.
    Once done this part, go on foward. YOu will arrive to one of the most difficult puzzles of the
    game (just like the drum playing and the seed mixing).
    You see a square, divided in 9 smaller, moveable parts.
    naming each smaller square a number, in ascending order, from left to right and up to down
    (just like reading):
    The right sequence is:
    ____________ start-> ----------------------------------------------------------------|End
    | 1 | 2 | 3 |	6-5-2; 1-4-5-2; 3-6-5; 8-9-6-5-8-9-6-5; 2-3-6-5; 2-1-4-5-2-1-4-5; 6-3;
    | 4 | 5 | 6 |
    | 7 | 8 | 9 |
    Now, get that damn key and open the door!
    Whew! SAVE!!!
    some more fighting (save after each enemy), and you will reach the last boss. have some 5 or
    6 magic ready and some life vials too.
    Just when you get control back, summon protection spell level 2. defend yourself from the
    metal disks he launches, and when he comes towards to you, be nice and whack him a
    knife. He will bounce. load another knife and follow him with the mouse. wait till he
    comes to a stop. Then, throw another knife on him. The objective is to NOT GIVE ANY
    TIME for him to cast spells.
    Note that depending on the distance, you will have to aim HIGHER to compensate gravity
    (you probably figured it out when killing the crows in episode 5).
    After some 10 or 15 knives, he will be dead. if you are out of knives, you may use fire spell,
    and , lacking that, whack your sword on him when he comes towards to you (but that's
    hard to do) and defend yourself from the spells (press defend button).

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