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    FAQ/Walkthrough by 3791

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 04/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                   S O L U T I O N S                               
           AUTHOR: 3791
            EMAIL: sr3791@yahoo.com
          VERSION: 1.20
    LATEST UPDATE: 04/04/2005
                   COMPLETE AND READY TO SUBMIT!!!
                   This is the first version of the strategy guide posted on
                   GameFAQs. The walkthrough has been converted to .txt format and
                   revised. Also, sections for hints, solutions, and everything
                   else in this guide have been added.
    Mini Legal/Contact Info Notice
       YOU CAN: download, print, and copy this guide all you want
                distribute it FOR FREE
                LINK to this guide
                use this guide as a source provided credit is given (no need to
                 contact me)
    YOU CANNOT: sell this guide
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                 without giving me credit)
    For more detailed information and a link to GameFAQs's copyright information
    page, see the Copyright Notice subsection at the end of this guide.
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    o your question is not answered in the guide
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    If all the above requirements are met, feel free to email me. For more detailed
    information, see the Contact Info subsection at the end of this guide.
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     #######  CONTENTS
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    IV.   HINTS
          A. Temple Island
          B. Jungle Island
          C. Book Assembly Island
          D. Survey Island
          E. The Moiety
          F. Gehn and Catherine
          A. Temple Island
             1. Atrus's Request
             2. A New World
             3. The Gate Room
             4. The Gold Dome
             5. Across the Bridge
          B. Jungle Island
             1. Three Wooden Eyes
             2. The Jungle
             3. The Village
             4. Lessons Learned
          C. Book Assembly Island
             1. The Boiler
             2. Frogs, Domes, and Fans
             3. Gehn's Laboratory
             4. Return to the Dome
          D. Survey Island
             1. On the Surface
             2. Mapping Riven
             3. Below the Surface
             4. The Survey Room
          E. The Moiety
             1. Above the Jungle
             2. Prison Passages
             3. The Moiety Chamber
             4. The Moiety Age
             5. Catherine's Journal
          F. Gehn and Catherine
             1. Opening the Domes
             2. Powering the Domes
             3. A Meeting With Gehn
             4. A Meeting With Catherine
             5. Mission Accomplished!
             6. The Fissure
          A. Temple Island
          B. Jungle Island
          C. Book Assembly Island
          D. Survey Island
          E. Prison Island
          F. Gehn's Age
          G. Mistakes
          A. Copyright Notice
          B. Credits
          C. Contact Info
          D. Version History
    To jump to a specific section of the guide, use the outline levels that appear
    in brackets to get there quickly. For Windows users, go to Edit|Find (or type
    Ctrl+F), type in the outline level in brackets (including the brackets), and
    hit the Find button and you will jump straight to that section. For example, to
    jump to the hints section for Jungle Island, type [IV.B] into the Find box.
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     ########  I. INTRODUCTION                                                  [I]
     #      # =====================================================================
    Welcome to "Riven Solutions"; I hope that you will find this guide useful in
    your adventure on the Fifth Age. Before starting, however, a little background
    is in order. Riven is the sequel to the best-selling PC game ever, Myst. It was
    released in 1997 by Cyan for PC and Mac on five CD-ROMs. Yes, five. Since then,
    Riven has been re-released in various other formats: on PlayStation, Sega
    Saturn, and most recently DVD, which gets rid of the annoying disk-swapping.
    Riven's graphics were vastly improved from Myst, achieving an almost
    photo-realistic quality that is still impressive. In addition, Riven is a huge
    game, containing a vast world that dwarfs those of Myst. It also features
    improved music and video, as well as much tougher puzzles. In my opinion, it
    was and still is the best game in the Myst series.
    If you are new to the Myst games, you should be aware of what you are getting
    into. These games are different from almost all other video games: there are no
    lives, no monsters, no time limits, and very few items. The focus of Riven is
    on puzzles and exploration. You find yourself in a place, and your goal is to
    explore it and find out as much as possible about it. The game is played in
    first-person perspective, and you simply point and click where you want to go.
    The idea is to be totally intuitive and to create a totally immersive
    experience where you act as if you yourself are in Riven.
    Now, enough about the game, what about this guide? If you play Riven, there is
    a 99.9999% chance that you will get stuck at least once (probably many more
    times). Different people handle this situation different ways: some want to
    find out the answer right away and be done with it, others (such as myself)
    enjoy the satisfaction of figuring it out for themselves, and so just want a
    small hint to get them headed in the right direction. This guide is designed to
    cater to both groups, and below is a breakdown of where you can find the exact
    level of help you're looking for:
          Hello, you're reading it right now! This section gives some general
          information about Riven, and contains this breakdown of the guide.
          As if you never would have guessed, this section explains the controls
          for Riven, though if you really need help with them, you should probably
          just give up right now.
          This section contains some, what do you know?, general strategies and
          ideas to keep in mind while in Riven. This section contains no actual
          gameplay information, and will absolutely not even come close to spoiling
          anything. Everyone should read this section.
    IV.   HINTS
          This is the section for the people who just want a gentle nudge without
          giving away the answer. Each puzzle or tough spot in the game will be
          presented as a question, with an answer consisting of a series of
          statements that progress from general to specific. However, the answer to
          a puzzle will not be given.
          The section that comprises the majority of the guide, this section will
          take you through the game step-by-step in the order that I think makes
          the most sense. This section will focus on showing the thought processes
          that lead to discovering puzzle solutions and understanding the story. Be
          aware, though, that puzzle solutions will be given in this section, so
          read at your own risk.
          Just like it says, this section gives away all the answers, no ifs, ands,
          or buts. Each puzzle will be listed, with its solution explained below
          it. Don't visit this section unless you are totally stumped and just want
          the answer right now.
          Various miscellaneous things that need to be included, namely copyright
          notice, credits, contact info, and version history.
    One final note: in sections IV (Hints), V (Walkthrough), and VI (Solutions), I
    will give instructions as if you are actually on Riven. For example, the guide
    will read "Open the door" instead of "Click on the door". The reason for this
    is that the best way to play Riven is to think as if you are really there. (See
    section III, General Strategies, for more on this.)
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  II. CONTROLS                                                     [II]
     #     # ======================================================================
    This section could probably be considered unnecessary, since the controls for
    Riven are designed to be intuitive. However, for completeness, here they are:
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   A. IN-GAME NAVIGATION                                        [II.A]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    You interact with Riven through a hand-shaped cursor. The shape of the hand
    lets you know what action you will perform by clicking at that location.
      This is the standard cursor that you will see the majority of the time. Use
      this cursor to move around Riven. Simply point where you want to go, then
      click. If nothing happens, then you can't go there.
      This cursor will usually appear when you move the pointer to the left or
      right edges of the screen. Clicking will cause you to turn 90 degrees to the
      left or right.
      In some locations, it is not possible to turn 90 degrees left or right. In
      such instances, when you move the hand to the edge of the screen it will turn
      into a hand with a bent finger, like it is pointing over your shoulder. This
      will turn you 180 degrees.
      The up or down pointing hand can have two functions, depending on the
      context. For some screens, move the hand to the top or bottom of the screen
      and the up or down pointing hand will appear, meaning you can look up or
      down. If you are climbing a ladder, however, use the up or down pointing hand
      to climb up or down. The down-pointing hand will also appear sometimes if you
      are close up to an object; click it to step back.
      When the open hand appears, it means that you can push, grab, or place your
      hand on an object, such as a button or a switch. Sometimes, you will need to
      grab and hold the object (click and hold) at which point the open hand will
      turn into a grabbing hand.
      On rare occasions, you will need to pick up an item and drop it. In these
      instances, once you have picked up the item, the hand will turn into that
      item. Click again to let go of the item and return to the normal hand cursor.
      If you have Zip Mode enabled (see next subsection), the hand will turn into a
      lightning bolt over certain locations. Click the lightning bolt to "zip"
      directly to that location.
      There are an extremely limited number of items which you can pick up and
      carry with you throughout the game. When you pick up such an item, it can be
      accessed by moving the cursor to the black area at the bottom of the screen.
      Do so, and the available items will appear. Click on one to examine it, then
      click outside of the item to put it away.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   B. MENU BAR                                                  [II.B]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    If you click at the very top of the screen, the menu bar will appear. This
    subsection describes the various functions and options they provide.
    o FILE
      - New...
        This will return you to the black opening screen with the Riven symbol,
        where you can start a new game.
      - Open...
        This will open a standard Open window where you can select a saved game to
        open. Note that on the original PC version, to open a saved game you must
        first start a new game, watch the opening cut scenes, then select
      - Save
        This will save a previously saved file. If the file has not been saved yet,
        it will open the Save As window.
      - Save As...
        This will open a Save As window where you can name a new file or save a
        file under a different name.
      - Exit
        This will close Riven and return you to the desktop.
      This menu consists of four options: None, Fastest, Normal, and Best, one of
      which will be checked (the default is Fastest). This will set the speed of
      the transitions between screens. With None set, the screens will display
      instantly, but with the other options, screens will gradually fade into view,
      and when you turn, the new screen will rotate into view. Best is the slowest
      - Water Enabled (default: on)
        This will determine whether the water in certain screens is animated or
      - 640 x 480 Resolution (default: on)
        If this option is on, then Riven will automatically change your screen
        resolution to 640 x 480 when you start the game (and reset it when you
        close the game). If it is off, then Riven will run in your normal screen
        resolution. If your computer normally runs in a higher resolution, leave
        this option on. The picture may be a little bit grainy, but otherwise the
        picture will only take up part of the screen, which isn't nearly as
      - Zip Mode (default: off)
        If this option is on, then the cursor will turn into a lightning bolt when
        it is over certain spots. Click on these spots to "zip" directly there.
        This feature can be useful later in the game, but you should leave it off
        at first, since it's important to pay attention to things along your way.
        Once you know your way around, however, Zip Mode can be a real time-saver.
        Note that you can only zip to locations you have already been to.
      - Ambient Sounds (default: on)
        This option controls whether the background sounds (typically things like
        wind blowing, waves breaking, etc.) play. Leave it on unless you have a
        reason not to.
      - Setup
        This option will display the setup screens that appear when you install the
        game, which allow you to calibrate your system's brightness, contrast, and
    o HELP
      - About...
        This will display a standard About window, mainly consisting of copyrights.
      - Credits
        This will play the game credits. But why would you want to watch the
        credits in the middle of the game? Wait until you beat it, when they'll be
        much more satisfying.
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  III. GENERAL STRATEGIES                                         [III]
     #     # ======================================================================
    These are just some ideas to keep in mind as you play Riven which will help you
    to do better. This section does not give away the solutions to any specific
    puzzles, it just gives you some strategies for how to solve puzzles in general.
    Here, arranged in no particular order, are some general strategies for playing
    o THINK LIKE YOU'RE REALLY THERE. By far the biggest strategy for succeeding in
      all the Myst games. Cyan spent a long time creating a detailed, realistic
      world, so do them a favor and treat it like one. When you see a building or
      a piece of machinery, don't think in terms of, "Here's a puzzle I have to get
      past to beat the level," think in terms of, "What is this thing? Why is it
      here? How could it work? Why is this important to me?" Try to get out of the
      mindset of thinking of Riven as a video game and start thinking of it as a
      real world, and you'll do a lot better.
    o DON'T GUESS. You will never, ever in Riven have to guess the solution to a
      puzzle. If you find yourself resorting to trial and error or brute force,
      you're not doing it right; you're missing a clue.
    o THINK LOGICALLY. This ties in to the first strategy, to think like you're
      really there. This is especially important to understanding the story of
      Riven. If you learn something new, stop and think about how this affects
      other things you already know. What does it add? Does it change what you
      thought previously? Can you deduce anything else from this? You will never
      have to think, "Well, it must be this way because it's a video game."
      Remember, it's not a video game; YOU'RE REALLY THERE.
    o ASK "WHY?". This is somewhat of a corollary to the previous strategy, but it
      too is very important. If, for example, you come across a huge building with
      gigantic pipes radiating out from its center, don't think, "Wow, that looks
      really cool," then move on. It's all right to think that, in fact, you will
      probably come across several really cool-looking places on Riven, but your
      next thoughts should be "What is this for? Why would this thing be built?
      Why should I care about it?"
    o EXPLORE EVERYWHERE. This might sound obvious, but it's in your best interests
      to try to peer into every nook and cranny. There are several places in Riven
      where important clues are hidden off the beaten path, so look for any
      oppurtunity to get off the main trail. This will probably lead to many times
      when you want to go somewhere and can't, but sometimes you will uncover an
      important clue just by poking around everywhere you can. Along the same
      lines, don't forget to look up and down, not just side-to-side. You never
      know what clues could be above your head or under your feet.
    o PAY ATTENTION. Another redundant-sounding tip, but there are a number of
      hidden passages, secret rooms, and important objects that you will have to
      uncover, and you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to find them. It should be
      noted that you will never have to go "pixel-hunting" in Riven, but you will
      have to pay attention to details you might otherwise overlook. As you go down
      a tunnel, pay attention to the walls, and try turning around a few times: you
      might see something you would have missed otherwise. Also, if you see
      something that, though you can't quite tell what it is, just looks a little
      out of the ordinary, remember it; it's probably important.
    o LISTEN CAREFULLY. Sound is just important in Riven as sight. Never play Riven
      with the sound off; you will miss an awful lot by playing the game muted.
      Plus, the sound and music of Riven really helps to set the mood and draw you
      into the experience, so there's no reason not to play with the sound on.
    o MAKE MAPS. This is a very important strategy in Riven. Riven is a massive
      world with myriad branching and intersecting paths. It's important to make
      maps not only to keep from getting lost and to remember how to get somewhere,
      but also to help understand where places are in relation to each other and to
      gain an understanding of the overall geography of Riven.
    o TAKE NOTES. When you encounter a puzzle, write down any ideas you have about
      how to solve it immediately, because you will very likely forget them. When
      you discover a new building or location, write down your impressions of what
      it is and what it's for. When you find an important-looking object with
      symbols or designs on it, copy them down. Doing so will not only save you
      from having to backtrack because you forgot what that code was, it will also
      help you form a clearer picture of how everything links together, instead of
      just being a series of disconnected objects. Writing things down is
      especially important if there will be significant gaps between when you play,
      because you will forget a lot and will have to re-figure everything out if
      you don't write it down the first time. Basically, anytime you find something
      you think has a chance of being important, write it down!
    o SAVE. There are two main reasons to save your game often. The first is that 
      it would be a real shame if you were to make lots of progress, then have the
      game freeze or someone knock the power cord out. The second is that, although
      Riven does not play like a video game, it is possible to die or otherwise
      lose in Riven, so make sure to save before you make a major decision.
    o THINK LIKE YOU'RE REALLY THERE. Yes, it's really that important.
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  IV. HINTS                                                        [IV]
     #     # ======================================================================
    This section is designed for those who have run up against a puzzle and are
    stuck, but still want to figure it out for themselves. This section is divided
    into subsections for each major stage of your journey, and each puzzle in that
    stage will be presented as a question. Following the question will be a number
    of statements, questions, or suggestions designed to get you headed in the
    right direction. They do get more specific as they go down, so read them one at
    a time, and only as far down as you need. The last hint will usually bring you
    right up to the answer, leaving only a tiny connection left to be made, and
    will also serve as a bridge to the next topic, giving you a suggestion of what
    to do next. If a hint contains a work that is starred, like *this*, then the
    starred word is the hint. Once you've read a hint that gives you a new insight,
    go back and try the puzzle again. If you're still stumped, go a little further
    down the list, or check the walkthrough or solution sections of this guide.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   A. TEMPLE ISLAND                                            [III.A]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: Did you listen to what Atrus told you?
       You sort of have to read between the lines of what he said.
       When he gives you the hardback book, he says, "You'll need it, I'm afraid,
       to capture Gehn."
       Later he says, "Once you've found Catherine, signal me..."
       So, using this information, you can conclude...
       Your objectives are to capture Gehn, find Catherine, and signal Atrus.
    A: Use your common sense: what can you learn from how the people behaved when
       you arrived?
       What is your impression of the man in the white coat who finds you?
       He looks rather bored, and his clothing has an official look to it.
       He looks like he's casually patrolling the area until he sees you.
       From his language, you know that he's not human.
       He appears to be a native who's been hired as a guard of some sort.
       What about the man in black who shoots the guard? Obviously, they're not
       Does the man in black appear to be dressed normally? Is this how an average
       person would dress?
       No, so this person is not an average member of society.
       Obviously, there is conflict between the guard and the man in black. Since
       the guard appears to have some sort of official position, what does that say
       about the man in black?
       He appears to be opposed to the official establishment the guard works for.
       That is, he's a guerilla.
       The rebel set you free, although he also took your hardback book with him.
       Do you think he is on your side?
       At least somewhat, because he didn't shoot you and he did let you out.
       However, you need that book.
       That means you'll have to find the rebel, or the group he's a part of.
       Keep your eyes open for any clues regarding the existence of such a rebel
       group, and what it stands for.
    A: Atrus would have known that you would have these questions.
       So, he must have provided you with some way to find answers.
       Before you linked, he gave you something, then told you, "There is a great
       deal of history that you must know..."
       Read the journal Atrus gave you.
    A: Notice the eyepiece on the side of the device.
       When you look through the eyepiece, what do you think you are seeing? In
       other words, what is the device focused on?
       It appears to be focused on the circular hatch underneath it.
       You don't know how to open the hatch now.
       In another vein, can you find the lever and button on the end of the
       These appear to be controls of some sort, but they don't work.
       That means they're not receiving any power.
       Where could their power come from?
       There's a pipe leading to the device from the cliff wall.
       Keep this in mind as you continue to explore.
    A: The gate room is the ornate five-sided room at the top of the hill with
       large golden beetles mounted on pillars at each corner.
       Take advantage of the peepholes.
       Using the peepholes, you can see that sometimes there's a grate on the left,
       sometimes there's a grate on the right, and sometimes there's no grate at
       The light coming through the grate on the left is brighter than the light
       coming through the grate on the right.
       What exactly is it that moves when you press the button?
       When there's an open door in front of you, press the button and pay close
       attention to whichever grate is visible.
       The grate doesn't move, but the wall in front of it does.
       When you press the button, the room itself rotates, along with the two
       doorways. The grates are outside the room and do not rotate, they just
       become blocked by the walls of the room.
    A: You know that there are paths behind three of the sides of the gate room:
       the main entrance (where you are now), the grate to the gold dome, and the
       grate to the stone room.
       You can't open either of the grates from any of these three paths?
       So, could there be other paths around the gate room?
       Where would these other paths be?
       Behind the other sides of the gate room.
       So, you need to rotate the gate room so that one of the doors lines up with
       one of those sides.
       Can you rotate the room to connect your location with either of the other
       No, so you'll have to find another way to access them.
       It may be helpful to draw a map of the surrounding paths on a piece of
       paper, then use a smaller piece or other object with the doors marked on it
       to simulate the gate room. Now you can experiment with rotating the room to
       see if you can obtain a desired configuration.
       You know you can't access the other sides from the main entrance, and you
       can't reach the sides blocked by grates, so that leaves only the two other
       Can you rotate the room so that the two unexplored sides are connected?
       Now you still need to reach one of the other sides. Picture the gate room in
       relation to the surrounding landscape.
       In what direction to the two unexplored paths head? Could either of these
       paths be accessible?
       One leads in the direction of the conical device, but all that's there is a
       cliff wall. The other leads toward the other side of the hill.
       Can you find any way to get past the gate?
       There's no way you can break the lock or find the key.
       Boy, there sure is a lot of space between the bottom of the gate and the
       Once you cross the gate room and enter the cave, what do you think the steam
       valve could control?
       What would be the effect of turning the valve.
       Power will be directed to the controls of the conical device, but you still
       won't be able to do anything else.
       You should find that the yellow lever on the wall be a lot of help. It opens
       one of the grates; try rotating the room to find which one.
       You should be able to take it from here. Once you find the lever to open the
       other grate, you need to get in a position where you can rotate the room to
       connect your location with the gold dome bridge.
    A: The first thing is just to look around.
       When you get outside, look out for two steam pipes.
       Can you see where the pipes are going?
       If you ever reach any of those locations, you may want to have power to
       whatever controls are up there.
       Go ahead and turn the steam valves to direct the power to the bridges; this
       will save you time later.
       That's really all you can do here right now. Just remember everything you
       saw here in case you return.
    A: Is there anything else whose design seems similar to the chair's?
       There's a giant cage in the temple that looks like the cage around the
       One of the levers on the chair causes it to emit a humming sound. Obviously,
       it's doing something.
       There's a star-shaped device that hangs down on the cage that has what looks
       like a microphone in the center.
       There's obviously a connection between the cage chair and the cage in the
       temple. Perhaps the chair sends signals of some kind to the temple.
    A: Maybe the mechanism can be found in a control room of some sort.
       Like the room with the cage chair.
       There are two display panels on the walls of the cage chair room. One of
       them is of the temple.
       There's a lever next to it.
    A: All these buildings are large, impressive, and except for the gold dome,
       luxuriously decorated.
       Remember who is in charge on this Age.
       From Atrus's journal, you know that Gehn has attempted to rule multiple Ages
       throughout his life.
       Then these structures could be meant to establish Gehn's superiority on
       Has there been any symbol or design that has appeared prominently in all
       these structures?
       Maybe the answer is in the *stars*.
       If these buildings are meant to honor Gehn, and the same symbol appears in
       all those buildings, then...
       ...you could conclude that the star symbol represents Gehn.
    A: There are three of these daggers on Temple Island: a giant one next to the
       linking chamber, a small one jammed in the base of the lever controlling the
       bars of the linking chamber, and another small one in the base of the gate
       at the bottom of the hill.
       The dagger in the linking chamber lever was hammered in there by the rebel
       who freed you.
       The style of the dagger seems very different from the ornate star symbol.
       All this suggests that the dagger is the symbol of the rebels.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   B. JUNGLE ISLAND                                            [III.B]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: The sound it makes as it rotates sounds unusual.
       It doesn't sound like what you would expect a wooden ball rotating in a clay
       or stone socket to sound like.
       It almost sounds like some sort of animal call.
       And the symbol on the back must be significant in some way, too.
       This is a complex puzzle that will take a long time to figure out, so the
       main thing to do right now is to take notes of the sound and symbol on the
       However, sometimes you can gain new insights by looking at things from a
       The eye is situated directly across from the cave entrance.
       Try looking back at the eye from inside the cave.
       Does one particular vantage point show any sort of shape that stands out?
       The sound the eye made when it rotated sounded very much like an *animal*
       Look for a head, body, and legs in the silhouette.
       The silhouette seems like it could be of some sort of small reptile or
       mammal, or maybe even a strange type of frog.
    A: For reference, the sunners are the strange aquatic creatures you'll see
       laying on a rock at the bottom of the stairs you reach at the end of the
       cave from the mag-lev station.
       And yes, it does matter.
       Besides, they're so stange and interesting-looking, you surely want to get
       as close as you can to them.
       However, they seem to get startled every time you move.
       If you move while they're moving around, you'll scare them off.
       If you wait a few seconds, though, they'll settle back down again.
       Once you get right in front of them, though, they'll swim off regardless.
       Before they do, though, they'll sound a call.
    A: Everything on Riven is significant.
       You can take that as a yes.
       Don't be afraid to take the road less traveled.
       Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path.
       Look around the sunners' rock.
       Another eye! With a different symbol and sound!
       The sound also sounds like an animal call, and the symbol you should
       It appeared in the center of Gehn's star emblem in the gate room and temple.
       You still can't really make sense of any of this, but make sure to keep
       track of all this information and look for connections to things you know.
       If you looked at the eye in the mag-lev station from a certain spot, the
       outline of the cave formed a shape.
       This eye appears to have all the same properties as the last one: same
       design on front, symbol on back, makes animal sound when rotated. Do you
       think it may also share the property of having a silhouette nearby?
       Look at the rocks from the end of the sandbar.
       Does this shape look vaguely familiar?
       Can you identify a head, body, and tail?
       It doesn't appear to have any legs.
       That rock at the bottom could be interpreted as a fin, though.
       So, the rocks form the shape of a fish with a small head and a large body
       with a very high back.
       You haven't seen this animal personally, but you have seen a representation
       of it.
       On *Temple* Island.
       Remember the statues with offerings in front of them? They were of fish with
       high backs, just like the rock silhouette.
       Does that give you any insight into the purpose or meaning of the wooden
       Both eyes you've found so far seem to have some kind of connection to native
    A: If you've seen the shapes associated with the other eyes, you should have at
       least a general idea.
       Both of the other shapes formed the silhouettes of animals.
       However, the shape of the water doesn't appear to be of any animal you'd
       normally think of.
       The other eyes have made sounds similar to animal calls when rotated. What
       kind of animal would make a sound like what this eye makes?
       Don't forget that there are many kinds of animals: mammals, birds, fish,
       amphibians, insects, etc.
       Try not to let this *bug* you too much.
       It's an insect with three pairs of legs and a smooth, domed back.
       It's a beetle.
    A: What's it look like happened?
       The area is completely dry, is littered with tree stumps, and there's an axe
       stuck in one of the stumps.
       It seems pretty obvious that lots of trees have been chopped down here.
       Why were they chopped down, you ask? A very good question. One that you
       should try to find an answer for as you continue exploring.
       By the way, is there any wildlife in the logged area?
       It appears to consist mainly of insects.
       The majority are just swarming flies and gnats, but there's a large beetle
       on the doorpost leading into the jungle.
       Depending on how many wooden eyes you've found, the beetle may or may not be
       significant to you.
       Regardless, its gold color is certainly fascinating. You should try to get a
       closer look at it.
    A: Yes, besides the idol and the various plants, animals and fungi.
       For one, there's another giant knife.
       It sure would be nice to get close to one of those things.
       However, the path doesn't seem to lead by it.
       This is another one of those times where you have to take the road less
       Look for a dirt trail on the ground, near some glowing blue fungus.
       If you've already visited the sunners, you should recognize the sound this
       eye makes.
       Once you've both seen the sunners and found the eye, what connection do you
       find between them?
       It was given away two lines above this one.
       So, what do you think the wooden eyes represent?
       All of them have made an animal call, and several have had an animal
       silhouette associated with them.
       Now you have connected this eye with a specific animal call.
       Therefore, could this eye be associated with the sunners?
       This is by no means for sure, but it seems like a logical guess for now.
       That would mean that the other eyes are each associated with a specific
       animal. You may not know what animals those are yet, but keep an eye out for
       animals that may be associated with the other eyes.
    A: Apparently you're not very welcome in the village.
       This could be either because Gehn has ordered it, or the villagers decided
       on it.
       Either way, it looks like they're not going to interact with you one way or
       the other.
    A: If you look at the lake, you'll see that there are several patches where the
       water appears different.
       Look carefully, and you'll see that there is actually a hole in the water at
       those spots. The water just stops around these areas, forming a cylindrical
       opening down to the bottom of the lake!
       Obviously, water on Riven has some properties that are very different from
       back on Earth.
    A: If you climb in the pod, you'll find a seat with several controls, but none
       of them work.
       If you pull the lever next to the pod, it will descend down tracks on the
       side of the cliff.
       Maybe you should try to reach the pod at the bottom of the cliff.
       Obviously, you can't climb down the cliff. You'll have to find a different
       path to the bottom of the cliff.
       It's possible you've already been here.
       Make sure to completely explore every path. This is where making a map comes
       in handy.
       When you find the pod again, it will be sitting in one of the holes in the
       water, and appears ready to travel along the underwater tracks.
       If you're having trouble finding the pod, it's at the end of the path if you
       go down the stairs you reach at the end of the cave from the mag-lev.
    A: Yes, this is frustrating. Just try to stay under *control*.
       Obviously, not all the ladders are inaccessible, since you used one to get
       in the car the first time.
       Maybe at least one other one is also accessible.
       It's very useful to make a map here, because it's extremely easy to get
       completely lost under the lake.
       There is one other ladder you can reach.
       When you find it, you'll reach a control room with five levers.
       Two of the levers are up, and the rest are down. What could the levers
       How many ladders are there? How many of them are extended?
       The control room provides a view of the locations accessible from the
       underwater car, which are accessed via *ladders*. There are two *ladders*
       currently extended, out of five total. You reached this room by climbing up
       a tall *ladder*.
    A: What, besides reading, writing, and arithmetic? :)
       For one thing, there's a message from someone important in the circular cage
       at the front.
       That cage shape should look familiar.
       If you had to guess, who would you say the person in the message is?
       It's someone *very* important.
       However, there is more to learn here.
       There's a device on a table near the door that appears to be a simple game.
       Since it's in a school, this game must have more than recreational value.
       When you turn the base, a symbol appears, and one of the men is lowered a
       certain number of times.
       If the goal of the game is to keep your man alive, obviously you would want
       it to be only get lowered a small number of times.
       And there must be some way that the game tells you how many times the man
       will be lowered.
       What do you think tells the players how many times their man will be
       On Earth, things of this sort are often determined by rolling a die.
       The random symbol that appears seems to be this game's equivalent of a die.
       And on a die, each side contains a certain number of dots, which represents
       a certain number.
       So by analogy, the symbols that appear at the base of the game represent...
       ...a certain number.
       And since the symbol determines how many times the man falls, you can
       determine the value of the symbol by...
       ...counting how many times the man falls when that symbol appears.
       Since the writing on the blackboards is D'ni, it would make sense to assume
       that these are D'ni numbers. By counting the number of times the man falls
       when a particular symbol appears, you can learn the D'ni numbers 1 through
    A: Not really, except for try to figure out what it's for.
       You can pull a handle hanging from the top of the platform.
       Try and make sense of what happens when you pull the handle. What could that
       be used for?
       Based on the ornateness of the structure, it looks like this was designed by
       Gehn, not the villagers.
       So far, the evidence has not suggested that Gehn was a kind ruler.
       So you wouldn't expect this platform to be a token of kindness or
       You may feel something ram the platform from underneath. There's a creature
       in the water underneath the platform!
       If you've been to the school, this may make a little bit more sense.
       In the school game, men were lowered head-first down to a waiting wahrk.
       With that picture in mind, pull the handle again.
    A: Now would be a good time to synthesize what you've learned so far.
       Your major accomplishments on this island have been discovering the wooden
       eyes and learning D'ni numbers.
       All together, you should have found four wooden eyes.
       Do you think there may be any other eyes remaining?
       What number has figured prominently throughout Riven so far?
       Gehn has a five-pointed star emblem, he refers to Riven as "the Fifth Age",
       there were five pipes leading out of the gold dome...
       For each eye you found, they made an animal call when rotated, had a symbol
       on the back, and for all but one, had an associated animal silhouette.
       For some of the eyes, you should be able to associate the sound and/or
       shape with a specific animal.
       Do the symbols on the backs of the eye have any new meaning than they did
       when you arrived?
       Compare them with the D'ni numbers you learned in the schoolhouse.
       So, it appears that each eye has a specific Rivenese animal and D'ni number
       associated with it.
       Based on the eyes you've found, what number do you suspect will be on the
       back of the fifth eye?
       Who do you think designed these eyes?
       The design of these eyes are rather crude and some aspects of them are very
       Everything related to Gehn has been big, fancy, and obvious.
       So it appears that Gehn is not responsible for these eyes. Who does that
       Remember that there is a rebel group on Riven.
       Since they're not from Gehn, it appears that the eyes are being left by the
       rebels. However, you don't know what their purpose is in doing so.
    A: That means you're probably ready to visit another island now.
       However, the only mag-lev you've found is the one that goes back to Temple
       That means you'll have to find an alternate form of transportation.
       A less luxurious form of transportation.
       In the logged area, you probably found a cart that was on a track leading
       Since that appears to be the only way off this island, you don't have any
       other choice.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   C. BOOK ASSEMBLY ISLAND                                     [III.C]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: You started out going through a tunnel in the rock, then all of a sudden you
       were underwater.
       However, you obviously didn't drown, nor are you even wet.
       So, the water never actually touched you.
       Remember the holes in the water in the village lake?
       This is the same kind of thing. You traveled through a "tunnel" in the
       water. Of course, you still have no idea how this is even possible, but it
       apparently is.
    A: The door is locked for good reason.
       The door looks built to withstand very harsh conditions, which apparently
       occur inside the boiler.
       Take a look through the window in the side of the building and you'll see
       why the door is locked.
       It appears that the door won't open for you until conditions are safe
       There's a variety of controls around the window, so see if you can make the
       boiler safe to enter.
       You may be able to turn off the heat, but none of the other controls work.
       That's not good, because with the heat off, the door will open, but inside
       is just a pool of water.
       You'll need to get rid of the water if you want to see what's inside the
       That means you'll need to power the other controls.
       Any idea where a nearby power source could be?
       There are four pipes coming out of a bollard in the center of the lake...
       Now only one of the two remaining controls will work. The other one isn't
       getting any power, apparently.
       Try following the steam pipe from its source in the lake.
       Or, try the reverse: follow the pipe leading out of the control you want to
       You'll find that the steam pipe splits into two.
       You'll have to direct the power to the appropriate control before that
       control will work.
       You need to turn off the heat, drain the water, and raise the grate.
    A: What impression do you get of the device?
       Play around with it a little bit. What do you think is supposed to go in the
       central indentation?
       What do you think the brown pellet is?
       What happens when you touch the metal plate?
       So, you have a device that holds a small pellet of food, but snaps shut as
       soon as any pressure is put on the plate.
       It sounds like the device is a trap.
       Unfortunately, it's not in position to trap anything right now. And the
       lever that apparently lowers the trap isn't working.
       So far, what has been the main reason why something doesn't work on Riven?
       It's not usually that the device is broken, it's just not powered.
       Is there any indication of what the lever's power source might be?
       There's a metal pipe running into it.
       Where do you think that pipe comes from?
       It would obviously have to come from the power source. What has been the
       power source so far on this island?
       The lever is powered by one of the pipes from the stone bollard in the
       center of the lake.
       Once the lever is powered, you just have to set the trap up correctly, then
       lower it.
       For the trap to work, it needs to be baited, and it needs to be open.
       Once it's lowered, you just have to be patient.
       Once the trap makes a catch, the frog's call should be familiar.
       Remember, on Jungle Island you deduced that each wooden eye corresponds to
       an animal.
       You weren't able to match all of the eyes with an animal, though.
       Does the frog's call correspond to the sounds made by any of the wooden
       You now know that that wooden eye corresponds to the frog.
    A: Gehn can be very sneaky about hiding his secrets.
       There is another path; in fact, you've probably walked right past it several
       On the path from the drainage pipe to the balcony, you could look down on
       the entire lake and beach, so you know there's nowhere to go there. There's
       also no other paths leading off of the cave walkway.
       However, you have probably caught a few glimpses of another path along the
       This path must begin somewhere near the balcony.
       But here is no way to reach this path from the beach, the cave, or the
       So it must be somewhere near the balcony and the cave, but not in either
       Remember that one of the best strategies on Riven is to look in every nook
       and cranny, peer into every corner, and open every *door*.
       The path can be reached from the balcony double doors.
       Sometimes things can be made clear by seeing them from a new perspective.
       It's like how reporters always try to get the *other side* of the story.
       You can look at the doors either from the balcony or from inside the cave.
       When you reached the balcony the first time, the doors were closed. Then you
       opened them. When you exited the cave, you saw the doors open from inside
       the cave.
       So you've seen the doors both open and shut from the balcony, but only open
       from inside the cave.
       From what perspective have you not yet seen the doors?
       This puzzle is really an open and *shut* case.
    A: Not from right here.
       But that doesn't mean you can't from somewhere else.
       Study the walls closely.
       There's a small lens in the wall at the end of the walkway.
       That means there's something behind the wall.
       But there doesn't seem to be any way to reach it.
       However, you know that just because it doesn't look like there's a way, that
       there isn't a way.
       Just think about how you found the dome in first place: the trick with the
       double doors.
       "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice..."
       Yes, Gehn used the same trick again.
       Now, the viewing scope seems pretty simple. There's got to be a certain time
       when you're supposed to push the button.
       Any idea which instant could be the correct one?
       The scope is focused on the symbols printed on the dome.
       The time to press the button is when a certain symbol is being displayed.
       Does one symbol stand out from the rest?
       When you hit the button at the right time, you'll get the *gold*.
       What's that behind the glass? It almost looks like a book.
       There's no way you'll be able to guess the combination. You'll have to wait
       until later.
    A: Since the door doesn't appear to be an option, you'll have to find an
       alternate route.
       And don't plan on it being a luxurious one. You've already ridden a cart
       through the ocean and crawled through a drainage pipe.
       Can you see anything that leads into the building?
       Maybe you can't see a way, but perhaps you'll hear an audio clue.
       Do you hear an out-of-the-ordinary sound on the path between the cave and
       the building?
       Can you recognize the sound?
       The sound seems to be loudest near a lever next to the path.
       Maybe the cables leading out of the lever will give a clue as to the source
       of the sound and the purpose of the lever.
       One end of the cable disappears into the rock, and the other intersects with
       a large metal shaft that enters the building.
       What could be the purpose of the metal shaft?
       Ventilation, perhaps?
       Where do you think the other end of the ventilation shaft is?
       Think about what direction the pipe is headed in, and about the sound.
       The sound comes from the fan above the frog trap.
       What do you think you're doing when you pull the lever?
       Since the sound stops, that means the fan is no longer spinning.
       The ventilation shaft leads from the frog trap to the building.
    A: If the lever to lower the walkway doesn't work, that means it's not powered.
       Can you see where its power source is?
       Do you recognize that location?
       You should have visited it some time ago.
       The power source is one of the steam pipes on the path outside the gold
       You'll have to ride the cart back to Jungle Island, then take the mag-lev to
       Temple Island.
    A: First off, turn the wheel to connect the Book Assembly and Temple Island
       There's another door leading to a walkway, but it has a gap in it.
       When you raise the missing piece, does it look familiar? What about the
       What spot are you above? Where did the missing piece come from?
       You're above part of the lower gold dome path.
       So, the missing walkway piece came from one spot on the gold dome path.
       Now that piece is up here.
       Meaning it is no longer down there.
       When you explored the lower path the first time, you may have noticed a
       button next to the walkway piece.
       The button had a similar design to the button that raised the missing piece.
       It didn't do anything before, but now the walkway piece has been raised.
       So, maybe you should see what's underneath the walkway piece.
       Finally, do you remember the lever next to the gate room side 3 entrance
       that raised the bridge?
       Before, you couldn't see where the bridge went.
       Is that possible now?
       If you could get back to the gate room, you could go up the raised bridge.
       You now have another way to reach the gate room from the gold dome.
       Use the walkway that had the gap in it.
    A: Whatever it is, it sure looks powerful.
       It should be fairly obvious how the puzzle works: the marbles must be placed
       in the correct spots on the grid.
       There's no way you could guess the solution.
       You don't know the solution to this puzzle now.
       As for what the purpose of the machine is: you know the gold dome was built
       by Gehn.
       So if anyone knows what this thing is for, it would be Gehn.
       Look for clues in Gehn's lab journal.
    A: This mag-lev is obviously designed to be easily accessible from Gehn's lab.
       So Gehn would probably put the button somewhere convenient, somewhere on the
       The call button is next to the front door.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   D. SURVEY ISLAND                                            [III.D]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: Hopefully, the shapes of the plateaus will seem at least vaguely familiar.
       If you've been making maps, this may be a little bit easier.
       What happens when you push one of the brass buttons?
       Can you make out any recognizable features in the water shapes?
       For the square in the upper-left, you should be able to recognize a tall
       ring of water in the center.
       For the irregular shape in the center-left, you should see two separate
       mounds of water.
       You could almost call them "mountains" or "hills" of water.
       As you continue for the other plateaus, you'll notice that they all have a
       somewhat... geographical feel.
       The answer is visible on the horizon.
       The plateaus approximate the shape and geography of the islands of Riven.
       Each plateau represents an island of Riven.
    A: You should have already encountered at least one spinning dome by now, so
       you should realize that something is out of the ordinary here.
       Think about how the scope works.
       The dome stops when you press the button at the same time the gold symbol
       Whether the scope is pointed at the dome or not has nothing to do with it.
       You have to push the button when the symbol appears, but you can't tell when
       that is.
       So you'll just have to push the button as fast as you can until you hit it
       at the right time.
       If you want to know the gold symbol on the dome, you'll have to determine it
       You'll have to try to figure out what it is by watching it as it spins by.
    A: Yes.
       There must be controls somewhere that would allow access to the structure.
       Such as levers, buttons, switches, etc.
       Have you found any controls on this island so far?
       There's only one set. And they're nearby.
       It may not be obvious at first that these controls control the floating
       That's because they actually control two things.
       If you figure this out, you deserve a *brass* trophy.
       Don't let this puzzle allow your progress to *plateau*.
    A: Believe it or not, this is actually one of the most significant locations on
       Riven, so it's important that you understand it well.
       To start off, think about how the process is set up.
       The map room displays highly detailed topographical maps of each island,
       with a grid system superimposed over them.
       That means the maps could be used to identify the location of something,
       utilizing the grids.
       Also, you can only view one island at a time. Is there any significance in
       If the maps are used to record the locations of specific objects, then
       perhaps it's an object that appears on each island.
       In other words, the map room is used to pinpoint the location of an object
       that appears on every island.
       Now, to determine what that object is. Think about where you have seen these
       patterns of squares before.
       It was on Temple Island...
       They appeared on a plaque in the gold dome.
       What is the purpose of the gold dome?
       You learned it in Gehn's lab journal...
       To power the fire-marbles (spinning domes).
       OK, so you're looking for something that appears on every island. Those
       islands are represented by patterns of squares, which also appeared inside
       the gold dome. The purpose of the gold dome is to power the spinning domes.
       island symbols --> gold dome --> spinning domes
       If A = B and B = C, then...
       Think about all the spinning domes you've seen.
       There's been one on every island you've visited so far.
       The purpose of the map room is to record the locations of the spinning
       A hint on the Book Assembly Island dome: the dome is directly beneath a hole
       in the ceiling.
       For the fifth island, which you haven't visited, you'll have to guess where
       you think the dome is.
    A: This room gives the locations of the spinning domes on Riven.
       The spinning domes receive their power from the gold dome.
       Think about the grid design the map room uses; is it familiar?
       Imagine that you put all the islands together, like the brass buttons
       You would have a large square made up of twenty-five smaller squares, with
       each small square further divided into twenty-five pieces.
       A dome location would be one of those smallest pieces.
       Does this sound at all familiar?
       If you've been to the top level of the gold dome, it should.
       Picture the grid underneath the machine on top of the gold dome, and compare
       it with the description just given of the mag grids.
       The locations of the spinning domes are the solutions to the grid puzzle.
    A: You may need to *sit down* and think about this one.
       Think what structures are present that you could use to cross the gap.
       A bridge would be the easiest such structure, but there isn't one. Or is
       There's only one thing between the two sides of the station.
       The mag-lev.
       But the mag-lev only has one door.
       Oh well, it looks like you'll just have to leave this island.
       If you were to do that, what steps would you follow?
       You would get in, turn the car around, then leave.
       Anything significant in that?
       You may need to *turn* this around in your mind. [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: from
       "Official Riven: The Sequel to Myst Hints and Solutions"]
    A: This display has two buttons on either side of a display screen.
       The left button shows a woman walking around inside a room.
       You've never seen this woman before; nor have you been in this room.
       Why would Gehn want to spy on this woman?
       There are several possibilities: the woman is important to Gehn and he wants
       to keep an eye on her, the room is important to Gehn, or Gehn is a peeping
       The room doesn't seem all that extraordinary, and this majestic cave seems
       like a strange place to carry out the third option, so assume the first.
       What women on Riven can you think of that Gehn would be particularly
       interested in?
       Remember, Gehn is Atrus's father.
       You were sent to rescue Atrus's wife, Catherine.
       You certainly haven't proven it, but it's possible that this woman is
       Moving to the right button, after using the tabs to rotate the display, you
       should recognize the images you're seeing.
       It's the village on Jungle Island. Perhaps you can even remember where the
       camera is located.
       Gehn apparently uses this to spy on his people, but what else can you learn
       from this display?
       Does the view from one particular direction stand out? Does anything appear
       a little bit out of the ordinary?
       In one of the views, you may see something reminiscent of the silhouettes
       you saw near the wooden eyes.
       This particular view faces the entrance to the village. Has Gehn mentioned
       this location before?
       In a note next to his lab journal, he said he found a wooden eye there.
       Every wooden eye except one has had an animal silhouette associated with it.
       Could this be another animal silhouette? If so, of what animal?
       In the village, you may have noticed fish with large triangular fins hanging
       outside some of the huts.
       This silhouette could be of those fish.
       How does this discovery help you?
       On Jungle Island, you found a total of four wooden eyes. Nothing on Riven
       has come in fours.
       The village entrance is the location of the fifth wooden eye.
    A: This display has six buttons surrounding the display, each with a different
       symbol on them.
       Some of these symbols should be familiar.
       They are the symbols that appear on the spinning domes.
       When you press the button surrounded by the pentagonal wire, a colored light
       appears in the display.
       Each symbol has a different color.
       dome --> symbol --> color
       If A = B and B = C, then...
       Each symbol represents a color. Each symbol is also associated with a
       spinning dome.
       Therefore, you can conclude that each spinning dome has a particular color
       associated with it.
       Can you think of a reason why the domes would need a color?
       Think about what you learned on the surface of this island.
       In the map room.
       You learned that the locations of the spinning domes are the solutions to
       the grid puzzle.
       But there is more to the grid puzzle than that.
       To solve the grid puzzle, you need not only the locations of each marble,
       but which *color* marble goes in each location.
       The symbols tell you which color marble to use for each dome.
       You haven't seen the symbols on all the domes yet, and one of the lights is
       broken, so you won't be able to create a complete list of colors and domes.
    A: There's no point in going back the way you came; you want to go somewhere
       Have you found another way to leave this island?
       If you followed the scribe, you saw that he ran into a mag-lev station.
       That's a different station from the one you arrived in.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   E. THE MOIETY                                               [III.E]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: Pay attention to your surroundings when you open the idol from the inside.
       Look carefully and you'll see the *light*.
       Don't worry, you're on the right *path*.
       Look at the lamps that flank the end of the path.
       There's a pin on top of one of them that you can pull up to open the idol.
    A: Make sure you try both levers.
       OK, so you closed the opening in the middle of the floating platform. So
       From this perspective, you have a good view of the top of the platform.
       You can see a plank leading from the top of the platform to a walkway on the
       Perhaps you should try to reach that walkway.
       Which means that you'll have to get to the top of the floating platform.
       That definitely wasn't possible before, but now you've changed something.
       Perhaps you should see if there's any way for you to reach the top of the
       platform now.
    A: You should have already closed the central hole, meaning you can now stand
       in the center of the platform.
       If you've been here before, remember that there's a handle you can pull.
       Think about what you need to do: get to the top of the platform.
       Can the bar help you do that?
       Hopefully, you've got a good grip...
    A: Well, he can't have gone through the door, because you were watching it the
       whole time.
       That means there must be another way out of the cell.
       Obviously, it's hidden.
       There must be some sort of switch or other mechanism to reveal the hidden
       Where could something like that be hidden?
       There's not much in the cell, but you've got to investigate anything that
       stands out.
       Remember, this is a secret exit, so the controls for it are going to be
       hidden where someone wouldn't normally think to look.
       This can be a rather *draining* experience.
       Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.
    A: More than just a dead end.
       Pay attention to details. Is there anything at all at the end of the cave?
       No matter how insignificant it may appear?
       There's a ball on the end of a stick mounted on the wall.
       What could that be for? There's only one way to find out.
       Does this *illuminate* your situation any?
       Light can reveal things you may have missed in the darkness.
       Once you've made it back to the entrance, what do you think you should do?
       You've now gone backwards through the tunnel, turning on lights as you go.
       Maybe you should see what exactly it is you've lit up.
       Go back through the tunnel, now that you can see what's in it.
    A: Just to make you feel a little bit better, this is the second-hardest puzzle
       you will encounter on Riven, so don't feel bad if you have trouble with it.
       This is obviously a rebel, or Moiety, chamber, and it contains stones marked
       with animals.
       What have you encountered in Riven that had to do with the Moiety and
       Do you recognize any of the animals?
       Picture it in your mind's *eye*.
       You should have learned that the wooden eyes are associated with animals and
       have been placed by the rebels.
       Now, how can you use the wooden eyes to solve this puzzle?
       Think about all the information associated with the wooden eyes.
       Each eye made a sound when rotated and had a D'ni number on the back. Most
       of the eyes also had an animal silhouette associated with them.
       How do these pieces of information relate to the puzzle?
       To solve the puzzle, you need to know which animal stones to push, and in
       what order.
       The sounds and silhouettes tell you which animal, and the number tells you
       what order.
       If you don't remember the information contained in each eye, you may need to
       revisit them.
       The following clues will help you determine which animal is associated with
       each wooden eye.
       o This eye made a high-pitched chirping and clicking sound.
       o Its silhouette can be viewed from partway up the stairs inside the cave.
       o The silhouette resembles a four-legged, crouching creature.
       o You saw this creature later.
       o Don't get *caught in the trap* of not being able to figure this one out.
       o This eye made a long, low, mourning call similar to a whale call.
       o Its silhouette can be viewed by standing back from the the rock.
       o The silhouette resembles a fish with a high, arched back.
       o You've seen this representations of this animal many times before.
       o It was only recently that you saw one face to face.
       o When you figure this one out, it will feel like *colored lights* are
         going off in your brain.
       DRY BASIN
       o This eye makes a buzzing, clicking sound.
       o Its silhouette can be viewed by letting water flow into the pool.
       o The silhouette resembles an insect with a high, rounded back.
       o Depending on how close attention you paid, you may or may not have seen
         this animal in person.
       o However, you've definitely seen a representation of it.
       o Don't be open up the *gates* of your mind and *rotate* things around as
         you consider them.
       o This eye makes a wheezing, snorting sound.
       o It does not have a silhouette.
       o You should have seen this creature and heard this sound, however.
       o Sometimes going to the *beach* can help you relax.
       o Make sure not to scare them off.
       GEHN'S LAB
       o This is the trickiest eye to figure out.
       o It is out of its socket, so there is no sound or silhouette immediately
         associated with it. All you know is its number.
       o Actually, there is a silhouette associated with this eye.
       o However, the silhouette cannot be viewed from Gehn's lab.
       o It can be viewed from where the eye was originally placed, before Gehn
         found it.
       o The eye was originally located in the village entrance.
       o But, the silhouette cannot be viewed from any of the paths in the village.
       o Is there anywhere else where you were able to get a different vantage
         point of the village?
       o It's not on Jungle Island.
       o Some of this seems like you're doing *surveillance*.
       o If only you had a *camera* that could take a picture of the solution.
       o The silhouette can be viewed from the survey room.
    A: You are very mysterious. All they know about you is that you linked to Riven
       with what looked like a Linking Book.
       You, meanwhile, have found their *secret* passage, reached their *secret*
       chamber, and figured out the *secret* combination to reach their *secret*
       The rebels don't know if you're on their side or not, and you just managed
       to infiltrate their secret base.
    A: You can't get out by yourself. You'll need help.
       Until help arrives, though, you might as well look around.
       You can't open the door, but you can at least look out and see what the
       inside of the hive looks like.
       Look around your cell, then look through the door. When you return to the
       room, a woman will enter your cell and leave some things for you.
       When you're done looking at them, she'll return and give you a Linking Book.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   F. GEHN AND CATHERINE                                       [III.F]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    A: This refers to the slider combination on the gold inner domes that are
       revealed after using the scope to roll away the spinning outer dome.
       Gehn built these domes.
       He would have had to write the combination down somewhere.
       The combination can be found in his lab journal on Book Assembly Island.
       Unfortunately, you don't know all of those numbers. You'll have to figure
       out what they mean.
       The only numbers you know are 1 thorugh 10.
       Maybe you can deduce some pattersn from those numbers that you can extend to
       learn the other numbers.
       Try arranging the the D'ni numbers for 1 through 5 on one row, then arrange
       6 through 10 underneath them.
       What similarities and differences do you see between 1-4 and 6-9?
       6-9 are the same as 1-4, except that they have a horizontal line through
       Or, equivalently, they are the numbers 1-4 combined with the number 5.
       So, 6-9 are formed by combining the symbol for 5 with the symbols for 1-4.
       Now look at the D'ni number 10. What other number is it most closely related
       It's most similar to the D'ni number 2. Specifically, what is the difference
       between 2 and 10?
       A 10 is a 2 rotated 90 degrees.
       Now look at the number 5 again.
       Could 5 be seen as another number rotated 90 degrees?
       A 5 is a 1 rotated 90 degrees.
       So, a 5 is a 1 rotated 90 degrees. A 10 is a 2 rotated 90 degrees. 6-9 are
       formed by combining a 5 (rotated 1) with 1-4.
       How do you think 11-14 would be found?
       Following the pattern, you would combine a 10 with 1-4.
       You now have the D'ni numbers for 1-14. What about 15?
        5 = rotated 1
       10 = rotated 2
       15 = ???
    A: What does it usually mean on Riven if something doesn't work?
       Usually, that has meant that something isn't powered.
       So, the domes are not powered. What is the power source for the spinning
       If anyone knows the answer to this, it would be Gehn.
       He explains the power source of the spinning domes, or fire-marbles, in his
       lab journal.
       What inside the gold dome could be the control to power the gold dome?
       It would need to provide a large amount of power, and be designed so that
       only Gehn would know how to turn it on.
       Inside the dome, all five pipes originate from a structure on the ceiling in
       the center of the dome.
       What is directly above that structure?
       The control to power the fire-marbles is on top of the gold dome.
    A: This is the toughest puzzle you will encounter on Riven, so don't feel bad
       if you have trouble with it.
       Look at the grid. It's divided into twenty-five large squares, but some of
       the lines between the large squares are thicker than others.
       These thick lines divide the grid into five shapes.
       Where do you recognize these shapes from?
       You should have seen them most recently on Survey Island.
       What do these shapes represent?
       These shapes were an important part of entering and using the map room.
       What did you do in the map room? What was the purpose of it?
       If you don't know or don't remember, see the hints in the Survey Island
       Now that you know where the marbles go, you need to determine which color
       goes in each spot.
       Also note that there are six marbles, but you will only use five.
       You need to determine which color is associated with each dome.
       Where did you see something that could connect colors with the domes?
       It was also on Survey Island.
       One of the displays in the survey room contained a series of buttons with
       circular symbols on them, and each button turned on a colored light.
       If you don't know or don't remember what the purpose of these lights were,
       see the hints in the Survey Island section.
       Now you have the colors associated with each symbol. All you have to do is
       associate each symbol with a specific dome.
       You should be able to learn the color for the domes on Temple, Jungle, and
       Survey Islands, since you know both the dome's symbol and that symbol's
       The light for Book Assembly Island's symbol was broken, though.
       But, you know the color associated with every other symbol.
       So you can assume the color associated with Book Assembly Island's symbol is
       the only remaining "unassigned" color.
       You should now have two remaining symbols and colors and one remaining
       island, the fifth island.
       Since you haven't been there, you have no idea what its symbol is.
       That means you'll have to guess.
       If it doesn't work the first time, switch the fifth island's marble with the
       other choice and try again.
       If it doesn't work the second time, you have something wrong.
       You'll know when it works.
    A: Well, Gehn grants you access to all five islands of Riven.
       All *five* islands.
       How many islands have you visited so far?
       It should be fairly obvious where you should go.
    A: Because you have seen her prison before.
       You saw Catherine in her prison from a distant location.
       It was in Gehn's survey room.
       *Gehn's* survey room.
       Do you think he trusts you to not visit Catherine when he knows that's what
       you were sent here to do and after he's given you free access to her?
       Gehn was watching Catherine from the survey room.
       Catherine was trying to help you without making Gehn suspicious of either of
    A: This is the reason you were sent to Riven, so it's important that you don't
       mess it up.
       However, you seem to be in a no-win situation.
       If you use the Book, you will be trapped. If you don't use the Book, Gehn
       will become suspicious of it.
       However, there doesn't appear to be a third option. You have to do one of
       those two things.
       Think through what the consequences would be of both choices.
       Not using the Book is fairly straightforward: Gehn will become convinced
       that the Book is a trap and will refuse to use it.
       Now think about what would happen if you were to use the Book.
       If you're not sure, check Atrus's journal.
       Imagine the scenario described in Atrus's journal applied to your situation.
       First, you use the Book, and become trapped.
       Now, what would Gehn think after that happens?
       Why does Gehn want you to use the Book first?
       So that he can tell whether you believe the Book to be safe or not.
       So, what would Gehn think about the Book if you used it?
       Gehn would think that the Book was safe.
       What would Gehn do then, based on that conclusion?
       You should now have enough information to make the correct decision.
    A: Catherine told you that the combination is in Gehn's office.
       That does not mean Gehn's lab on Book Assembly Island.
       You will have to trap Gehn first.
       Once you've trapped Gehn, you'll have to explore carefully.
       The combination is not in a likely location.
       Make sure to look through Gehn's personal effects.
       Don't forget to play with any gadgets you find.
       The combination plays when you open the spherical device on Gehn's
    A: As you can now see, the Fissure is covered with thick metal plating.
       It would make sense to focus your efforts of the weakest point of the
       There is one location where the covering over the Fissure is thinner than
       anywhere else.
       There's a hatch underneath the conical device.
       Do you know the combination for the hatch?
       It's in Catherine's journal.
       Now all you need to do is break the glass.
       What is a convenient device that could accomplish that job for you?
       There's a large, heavy telescope right above the glass.
       Is there any way to move the telescope?
       There's a button and a lever on the metal rail in front of the telescope.
       If nothing happens, then the telescope is not powered.
       If it's not powered, you'll need to turn the steam valve in side 2 of the
       gate room.
       The telescope won't lower any more once it is just above the glass.
       You're trying to do something Gehn wanted very much to avoid.
       He probably would have built some kind of safety features into the
       Catherine's journal provides some details about the telescope structure.
       She describes the location of a safety pin that keeps the telescope from
       being lowered too far.
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  V. WALKTHROUGH                                                    [V]
     #     # ======================================================================
    This section is just what it sounds like: it will walk you through the game
    from beginning to end. It is important to note that there is no set order in
    which to explore Riven, and the one presented here is only one of many.
    However, the order you choose will affect how and when you learn certain
    important pieces of information, so you may learn some things sooner or later
    than they are learned by following this walkthrough. Also, this section places
    particular emphasis on explaining the logic and rationale behind making your
    decisions. You may find this section useful if you want to find out why a
    particular puzzle is solved a certain way, but be aware that solutions to
    puzzles will be given in this section. If you want to get headed in the right
    direction with a puzzle, but don't want the answer, see section [IV], Hints.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   A. TEMPLE ISLAND                                              [V.A]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. Atrus's Request                                                      [V.A.1]
    It has been some time since you found Atrus's Myst Book and inadvertently
    linked to Myst, where you learned how his sons, Sirrus and Achenar, had
    destroyed most of the Ages he had created. Eventually you found Atrus, trapped
    in a chamber in the Age of D'ni. His sons had trapped him there, and you set
    him free. He was very thankful, but hardly enjoyed his freedom, since he
    continued to write in a huge Book on his desk. His wife, Catherine, had been
    tricked into linking there by Sirrus and Achenar, and was currently being held
    hostage. As a reward for freeing him, Atrus gave you free access to all of his
    remaining Ages, and you have enjoyed your explorations greatly. However, Atrus
    mentioned that he was fighting a foe "greater than Sirrus or Achenar could
    possibly imagine" and that he may need your help at some point in the future.
    As you link to D'ni and see Atrus sitting at the desk, writing in his huge
    volume, you can sense that now is the time Atrus warned you of.
    Atrus will look up from his writing and breath a sigh of relief, then say,
    "Thank God you've returned. I need your help." When you step up to him, he will
    continue, saying, "There is a great deal of history that you must know, but I
    am afraid that I must continue my writing." With that, he'll reach into the
    pocket of his coat and hand you a small book. "Here. Most of what you'll need
    to know is in there. Keep it well hidden." Next, he will reach down beneath his
    desk and pick up a thicker, hardback book, and stare at it for a moment. Then
    he'll say, "For reasons you'll discover, I can't send you to Riven with a way
    out. But I can give you this. It appears to be a Linking Book, back here to
    D'ni, but it's actually a one-man prison." As he hands you the Book, he'll tell
    you that "You'll need it, I'm afraid, to capture Gehn." After that, he'll
    instruct you, "Once you've found Catherine, signal me, and I'll come with a
    Linking Book to bring us back." With that, he will close the huge Book on his
    desk, pick it up, and open it to the first page, staring at it. Finally, he
    will tell you, "There's also a chance, if this all goes well, that I might be
    able to get you back to the place that you came from," as he turns the Book 
    around to face you, revealing a moving image on the right-hand page. However,
    this image is not clear like the other Books you have encountered, but blurry,
    so you can't tell what the Age looks like. However, you reach out your hand,
    touch the image, and link to the Age of Riven.
    2. A New World                                                          [V.A.2]
    As soon as you complete the link to Riven, iron bars will spring up in front of
    your face. You will be standing in a very small chamber, and you can only see
    directly in front of you. Your view consists of a flat space in front of you
    with rock cliffs to the left and ahead. A strange machine, like a metal cone
    with the point facing down, is visible to the left. In front of the cliff in 
    front of you, a lever is set in the ground. You only have a few seconds to take
    all this in before you will hear a sound of footsteps coming from the right.
    A man wearing a dirty white uniform coat will walk into your view, and will
    casually look around, though he won't see you yet. He has tanned skin and
    shoulder-length black hair, and appears to be some sort of guard or security
    officer, as he glances around the area. He seems very laid-back however, as if
    he's bored with his job. When he finally does see you, though, he will start,
    then attempt to speak to you in an alien language. He seems pretty impressed
    with you at first. Then he'll try to tell you something, which of course you
    don't understand. He will try again, and will make a gesture of you giving
    something to him. Next he will approach you, repeating one phrase over and over
    and gesturing for you to give him something. Finally, he will into the chamber
    and wrest the Prison Book Atrus gave you from your grasp! After taking it, he
    will open the Book and become fascinated with the moving image inside. He will
    continue to stare at the image until, all of a sudden, you'll hear a sound of
    something whizzing through the air, and the guard will slap the back of his
    neck, shot by a blow dart! He'll stagger around for a moment, dropping the
    Book, then fall face down, with only his legs visible. Soon, you'll hear
    someone else (presumably the one who fired the shot) approach the guard and
    drag him away. Finally, after dragging the guard out of your field of vision,
    the culprit will appear. He is wearing all black save a red sash across his
    chest, along with a pair of goggles and a blow gun hanging from his back. He
    will pick up the Prison Book, then pull the lever in front of the cliff, which
    will cause the bars in front of you to lower, then hammer something into the
    base of the lever before running off.
    Now, you are finally free to explore this place. First, though, you need to
    make sense of what you just witnessed. The person who took your Prison Book
    appeared to be a guard of some kind. However, the one who killed him, and who
    now has your Prison Book, acted like some sort of guerrilla or rebel. Perhaps
    the journal Atrus gave you will yield some clues as to what is going on here.
    Take it out and read through it carefully.
    So that's what Atrus had been doing all that time in D'ni: trying to save the
    Age of Riven. Apparently it was written by his father, Gehn, but the Age
    produced was unstable. Atrus has been able to hold it together for the past 30
    years, but, at the start of the journal, the "tremors" that marked its decay
    have returned. With Atrus's revisions, though, the Age has settled down, and he
    has been able to think once more of returning to Riven to rescue his wife,
    Catherine, who is originally from Riven. His concern, however, is that he won't
    be able to rescue her and evacuate the natives if Gehn is still around.
    Gehn, according to Atrus's journal, was bent on restoring the lost D'ni
    civilization, though attempts ruined the cultures of many other Ages. Gehn must
    have done some fairly horrendous things on these Ages, since Atrus became so
    convinced that Gehn must be stopped that Atrus trapped Gehn on Riven (or "the
    Fifth Age, as Gehn calls it)! The last Linking Book out of Riven was lost in
    the "Star Fissure" when Atrus escaped to Myst: the same Book that you found 30
    years later and used to free Atrus! However, Atrus did not intend to make the
    inhabitants of Riven suffer under Gehn, though apparently that is what has
    happened. Finally, Atrus comes upon a solution to deal with his father and yet
    not punish the natives: a Prison Book. You experienced these Books first-hand
    on Myst Island as the Red and Blue Books that contained Sirrus and Achenar; it
    is a Book that traps whoever uses it in the void within the link, effectively
    trapping them "between" the Ages. They can only escape if someone else uses the
    Book, trapping them and releasing the first person. Atrus feels that a Prison
    Book appearing to link to D'ni would be the perfect trap for his father.
    However, Atrus doesn't get a chance to implement his rescue plans because the
    tremors have returned, forcing him to devote all of his attention to
    stabilizing the Age. He now realizes that there is no chance of the island
    recovering; he can only hope to delay its collapse long enough to be able to
    stage a rescue operation. It is in the midst of this that, in the entry dated
    87.7.13, Atrus describes how you finally made contact with him and freed him
    from his prison on D'ni. He immediately realizes that you would allow him to
    continue to work on Riven while you, armed with a Prison Book, went in search
    of Catherine. He reasons that you would not need a real Linking Book, because
    if you could find a way to signal him, he could come with a Linking Book and
    bring you back. This would also eliminate the risk of Gehn finding the real
    Book and escaping from Riven.
    That is obviously what Atrus has done. You have been sent to Riven with a
    journal and a Prison Book to accomplish three goals: first, to trap Gehn;
    second, to rescue Catherine and evacuate the natives; and finally, to signal
    Atrus to come rescue you. Unfortunately, your Prison Book has been stolen, so
    you are already at a disadvantage. You will need to find that Book before you
    can complete any of your goals. That means you need to track down the
    mysterious person who took your Prison Book. You've got your work cut out for
    you. However, now that you know the background and how you currently stand,
    it's time to start finding out what's happening on the Age of Riven.
    3. The Gate Room                                                        [V.A.3]
    Step out of the tiny chamber you were trapped in, then turn around to look at
    it. The structure stands near the edge of a cliff which steeply descends to the
    blue ocean beyond. Next to the chamber, a huge black knife stands with its
    point buried in the ground. The knife is made of a hard, black, stone, is
    over ten feet tall, and consists of a strange circular handle with a long,
    triangular blade. You can also see that this island is part of an archipelago,
    as you can see another island in the distance, with pairs of cables weaving
    their way across the ocean from it, possibly part of a transportation system.
    There is also another, more distant island visible on the horizon to the right.
    Directly across from the linking chamber is a rock wall, with the lever that
    lowered the bars on the ground in front of the wall. The person who freed you
    smashed something into the base of the lever before he left. If you examine it,
    you'll see that it is a smaller version of the knife next to the chamber, which
    prevents the lever from operating. Perhaps this rebel uses the knife as his/her
    symbol. To the right of the rock wall, a staircase climbs up to a bridge over a
    narrow ridge, leading to another part of the island. To the left, though, is
    the strange apparatus you could see from the linking chamber. Approach the
    device, and you'll notice that it appears to be some sort of viewing device,
    focused on a hatch on the ground below. If you look through the eyepiece,
    though, all you'll be able to see is a white blur. The hatch below the device
    is locked by five buttons, and obviously pressing the correct buttons in
    sequence will unlock the hatch. There is a lever and button on a pipe attached
    to the machine, but they are inoperative, suggesting that the device is
    unpowered. The pipe extruding from the wall to the right could be the source of
    the device's power, but there's nothing you can do with it now. Your only
    option appears to be to climb the stairs. Before you do, though, look over the
    edge of the cliff at the base of the stairs. You'll see the guard lying
    unconscious on the ground below. You still need to find that strange person who
    rescued you, then stole your Prison Book.
    At the top of the staircase you are presented with three choices: an ornately
    decorated room inside the rock to the left, another staircase descending to the
    other side of the hill straight ahead, and a bridge leading across to another
    rocky hill on the other end of the island to the right. Since you have no way
    of knowing which location it would be best to explore first, just work from
    left to right, meaning you should begin with the ornate room to the left.
    In order to enter the luxurious room, you must first pass through a small
    antechamber, with a red button on the wall to the right. It looks tempting, but
    you should probably explore the room before you start pushing buttons. The room
    is shaped like a pentagon, and on the floor is an intricate star design. At the
    star's center is a symbol like a square with a line cutting it in half
    horizontally; it looks like the letter H. The only other door in the room is on
    the far-left wall, but it is blocked by a grate containing the same star
    emblem. Look through the grate, however, and you will see a bridge leading to a
    huge golden dome with a thin vertical opening cut through its center. The dome
    looks very impressive, and it is obviously important, so you definitely need to
    find a way open the grate.
    Before you get to that, however, examine the pillars at the corners of the
    room. They each have a large golden model of a beetle mounted on them, with a
    ring extending from the bottom of each beetle. Pull the ring and the beetle's
    wings will open, revealing an eyehole. Looking into the eyehole will reveal an
    image similar to a stained-glass window, and they are very informative.
    Starting to the left of the entrance and moving clockwise, the first shows an
    elderly man with a halo writing in a book, while fish, insects, plants, stars,
    people, animals, suns, and moons stream out from his pen: it appears to
    represent someone writing an Age. The second depicts the same figure rising
    into the air, while below, others bow down and worship him. The third should be
    easy to decipher: the same figure, holding fire in one hand and a star in the
    other, watches as a small person and a book fall into a starry expanse. This
    must represent Atrus falling into the Fissure, along with his Myst Book, the
    one you later found. The fourth consists of five men dressed in white, like
    overseers or advisors, while beneath them others build, pass out papers to
    children, learn to fight, draw up plans with strange symbols on the wall, and
    pick up paper falling from a tree stripped of its bark. The final picture shows
    a hand with a star emblem, the same emblem as on the floor, holding a book,
    while around the hand are tree stumps, a machine grinding up the trees, a
    strange building, and five people bowing down to the book. Though most of the
    images seem rather cryptic right now, the fact that the same elderly figure
    appears in all five depictions must be significant. The figure appears to be
    worshipped as some sort of deity. Could this figure be Gehn? Is he so
    controlling that he makes the Rivenese worship him as a god? If so, it's easy
    to see why Atrus would want him trapped. By now, you are probably itching to
    press that red button, so return to the antechamber and do so.
    Whatever you may have expected to happen when you press the red button, it
    probably wasn't what will actually happen. Press the button, and with a loud
    grinding noise, the entire room will begin to rotate clockwise! When it stops,
    the doorway will have been replaced with a small stone alcove. Step into the
    alcove and look through the peephole that's placed there. You'll see that the
    grate which was on the left has moved to the right, and that it's now blocking
    a much darker passage. What is going on here? Press the button again and the
    room will rotate again, causing another alcove to appear. Looking through the
    second alcove, you'll see that the grate has now moved back to the left,
    blocking the bridge to the gold dome again! Upon pressing the button a third
    time, another door will rotate in front of you, except that now the grate is on
    the far right wall, blocking entry into a small room with another door on its
    far side. When you return and press the button for a fourth time, pay close
    attention to the grate in the far right wall. When the room rotates, the door
    in front of the grate will move, but the grate will stay in place! When the
    rotation is complete, no grates or doors will be visible through the alcove,
    and a fifth press will return the room to its original layout.
    You need to figure out what's going on here. The room has five walls, and it
    took five rotations for it to rotate a full 360 degrees, so the room rotated by
    one wall each time you pressed the red button. When the room rotated, however,
    you could see that the grate did not move, only the doorway in front of it.
    This means that the actual room only has two doors, but that there are passages
    behind at least least three of the walls (your current location, the gold dome
    behind the far-left grate,and the room behind the far-right grate). For
    example, when you pressed the button for the first time, the doorway you were
    in front of moved in front of the passage to the left, while the door that was
    in front of the golden dome's grate moved to reveal the other grate on the
    right. Since you know that there are passages behind three of the five walls,
    you can speculate that there are also passages behind the other two. That means
    that this "gate room" (since it seems to serve as a gateway to various
    locations on this island), is set up like the diagram below. In order to help
    identify which side is which, numbers have been assigned to each side.
               Gold Dome
                   3                   4
               ####  #################  ####        KEY
               #####  ######___######  #####        .  rotation button
               ######  ### /   \ ###  ######        == grate
               #######==\/       \ ==#######
               #######\  \         \ #######
               ##### / \             \ #####
               ####/                   \####
               ####\                   /####
               #####\                 /#####
               ###   \               /   ###
              2     ##\____|   |____/##     5
               ############|   |############
               #############  .#############
               #############   #############
               #############   #############
                       Main Entrance
    Unfortunately, both the sides which can be reached from the main entrance (side
    1) are blocked by grates, so you're going to need to find another entrance to
    this room from a different side, meaning sides 2 or 5. Side 2 would be to your
    left, which is where you just came from, and there wasn't anything over there.
    That leaves side 5, to your right, where a staircase leads down to the other
    side of the hill. It looks like it's time to see what's down there.
    On reaching the bottom of the stairs you'll find a small flat space that drops
    down to the ocean on two sides and has the rock wall on the left. Leading into
    the wall is a tunnel, but it is blocked by a locked wooden gate. If you look at
    the gate carefully, though, you'll notice something near its base. Stoop down
    to inspect it and you'll see that it's another small knife, like the one
    hammered into the linking chamber lever. While looking at it, you should also
    notice that there's actually quite a bit of space between the bottom of the
    gate and the ground, enough for you to crawl through! Do so, and after passing
    through the short, dimly lit tunnel, you'll be confronted with one of the gate
    room's alcoves. You've found another entrance into the room, but unfortunately
    there's no rotation button, meaning you'll have to rotate the room from the
    main entrance, then enter through the cave passage.
    Return to the main entrance, side 1, and study the diagram of the gate room.
    You need to rotate the room so that you can access side 2, the only other side
    you haven't seen, from side 5. Rotating the room twice would line up sides 5
    and 3, but that won't help, since the grate at side 3 is still down. Another
    rotation will align sides 1 and 4, and a fourth turn will connect sides 5 and
    2, which is what you want. That said, rotate the gate room four times, aligning
    the cave passage (side 5) with side 2. Return to the lower ledge and crawl
    under the gate to access side 5, and this time there should be an open door
    leading into the gate room waiting for you. The other door should be across
    from you, leading into a small cave.
    The cave ends at a small chamber in which two pipes run out of a metal
    hemisphere on the ground. It is obviously a source of hot steam, because that's
    what's shooting into the air out of one of the pipes, which is pointed straight
    up through an opening in the ceiling. The other pipe runs into the cave wall,
    and you can direct the flow of the steam using a valve mounted at the pipes'
    intersection. Above the valve is a symbol that looks a lot like the metal cone
    outside. This must be the power source for the cone, so go ahead and turn the
    valve to direct the steam through the other pipe, which should send power to
    the device. However, since you still don't have any way of opening the hatch
    underneath the cone-shaped device, there's no need to return to it immediately.
    As you return to the gate room, you'll notice two things on the wall next to
    the door. To the right is a red rotation button, and a yellow lever is mounted
    to the left of the door. Raise the lever, and you'll hear a sound of something
    else being raised in the gate room: could it be one of the grates? There's only
    one way to find out: you need to access sides 3 and 4. You can't access side 3
    from this position, but you can reach side 4, so rotate the room twice to
    connect your side with side 4. Sure enough, the grate which was blocking it has
    been lifted, and you can cross the gate room and enter the room behind it. At
    this point, the gate room will look like this:
               Gold Dome
                   3                   4
               ####  #################  ####        KEY
               #####  ######___######  #####        .  rotation button
               ######  ### /   \ ###  ######        +  grate lever
               #######==#/       \/  #######        == grate
               ####### /         /  /#######
               ##### /             / \ #####
               ####/                   \####
               ####\/                  /####
               ####/  /               /#####
               ### +./               /   ###
        Power 2     ##\_____________/##     5 Cave
     Controls  #############   #############  Passage
               #############  .#############
               #############   #############
               #############   #############
                       Main Entrance
    You'll find that side 4 consists only of a small stone chamber with a thick,
    securely locked, door at the far end and no way to open it. There is however,
    another grate lever and another rotation button. Raise the yellow lever to
    remove the grate blocking the gold dome, then rotate the room twice to allow
    yourself to return to the main entrance at side 1. Now you have a complete
    picture of the gate room and the passages it connects to. Another two
    rotations, and the main entrance will once again be connected to the gold dome,
    but this time, there is no grate to block your progress. Exit the gate room and
    step out onto the bridge leading across to the colossal dome, noting the
    rotation button on the right-hand wall as you do so. Now you have a complete
    picture of the gate room:
               Gold Dome          Locked Door
                   3                   4
               ####  #################  ####        KEY
               #####  ######___######  #####        .  rotation button
               ###### .### /   \ ###+.######        +  grate lever
               #######  \/       \#  #######        == grate
               #######\  \         \ #######
               ##### / \             \ #####
               ####/                   \####
               ####\                   /####
               #####\                 /#####
               ### +.\               /   ###
        Power 2     ##\____|   |____/##     5 Cave
     Controls  ############|   |############  Passage
               #############  .#############
               #############   #############
               #############   #############
                       Main Entrance
    4. The Gold Dome                                                        [V.A.4]
    As you approach the entrance into the huge dome, you'll be able to see that the
    dome is not actually made of gold, but is simply gold-painted bricks.
    Economical, but still impressive nonetheless. At the end of the bridge, a
    doorway leads into the dome. Inside is a single cavernous space, with hot
    boiling water at the bottom and a large machine hanging from the center of the
    flat metal ceiling. Out of this central device five huge pipes radiate, passing
    out of the dome in all directions. As you enter the dome, you will pass a lever
    on the wall to your left. If you try to pull it, though, you'll find that it is
    inoperative. The bridge connects to a catwalk inside the dome which encircles
    half of its circumference. You can also see another catwalk to the right, but
    it is not connected to yours. A wheel at the end of the second catwalk would
    appear to be able to connect the walkways, but there's no way toreach it now.
    You can see doorways leading onto the second catwalk, though, so there must be
    another way into the dome.
    When you reach the corner at which the catwalk turns to follow the curve of the
    dome, you will notice a plaque set on the railing. It is a diagram of the dome,
    showing the two catwalks and the central station with the five pipes radiating
    out of it, each pipe ending at a different arrangement of small squares. These
    square shapes are the same as the ones you saw in one of the gate room
    pictures. You can extrapolate from this diagram that the purpose of this dome
    is to transport something, probably steam power from the boiling water, to five
    different locations, represented by the squares. It must be a lot of power,
    too, judging by the size of the dome and of the pipes. Well, now it's time to
    explore the golden dome.
    Follow the catwalk as it curves to the left, and it will soon descend until it
    is just above the water level. The catwalk ends at another door, directly
    across from where you entered, though at a lower level. The door leads outside
    to a path that continues circling the dome. From this path, you can clearly see
    a fourth island across the ocean, with a long bridge extending from it,
    connecting to this island. Soon, a short path will branch off to the left, with
    a steam pipe at its end. The steam pipe is similar to the one you accessed from
    the gate room, except that the icon above the switch resembles a bridge or
    pathway being raised and lowered. The pipe leads off to the left, and if you
    follow it, you'll see that it connects to a raised portion of the bridge from
    the other island. Well, there's no point in letting that steam go to waste.
    Turn the switch to send the steam down the pipe. Now, if you ever reach that
    bridge, you won‘t have to come all the way back here to turn on the power.
    Continue down the main path again, and soon you'll see something very unusual:
    atop a small rocky hill to the left of the path, a small metal dome is
    spinning. What its purpose is you can't tell, and there doesn't seem to be any
    way to reach it from here, although you can see a staircase approaching it. A
    short distance later, the path will enter a cave, but the walkway directly in
    front of the cave looks different: there's a metal plate, with a track running
    up the rock wall to a walkway directly above, which is missing a small segment.
    There is also a metal circle on the rock wall where it looks like a button
    should be, but there isn't. Another curious location, but you will have to
    leave this mystery for later and go through the cave. The cave is fairly
    straight, and when you exit it, the path will lead onto a short, dead-end
    walkway with another steam pipe. This pipe also displays the same bridge icon
    that was on the last one, and its pipe reaches up to a bridge almost directly
    above you. Since you have made almost a full circle around the dome, half
    inside and half outside, the bridge this pipe reaches may be the one you
    entered by, in which case it may have something to do with the lever by the
    entrance. Since it certainly can't hurt anything, go ahead and turn the valve.
    Since the path ends here, why don't you backtrack and see if directing the 
    steam through the pipe had any effect on the lever by the entrance? When you
    reach the entrance, pull the black lever by the door, and  the end of the
    bridge in front of you will slowly rise above your head, transforming into a
    staircase up to another part of the dome! However, you now have no way to get
    out of the dome. Pull the lever back to lower the bridge so you can cross back
    to the gate room. From this initial visit to the gold dome, you can tell that
    there is definitely still much to be discovered here, such as the second
    catwalk, the bridge/staircase, the spinning dome, and a second entrance, not to
    mention the purpose of the gold dome. unfortunately, you can't access any of
    those areas yet. For now, though, there's still more of this island to be
    explored: you have not yet crossed the bridge across from the gate room.
    5. Across the Bridge                                                    [V.A.5]
    After exiting the gate room and returning to the four-way intersection at the
    top of the stairs, head in the only direction you haven't explored yet: the
    bridge. It leads across a ridge to a large, rocky hill, and the bridge leads
    into a cave in the side of the hill. Enter the cave, and after descending a few
    steps, you'll come to a metal door on the left. Open the door, and it will lead
    into a room containing a large chair which is surrounded by a circular cage of
    thin metal struts, like a spherical birdcage. As soon as you step into the
    room, the struts will rise, allowing access to the chair. Sit down in the
    large, imposing chair, and you'll notice two controls, one on each arm of the
    chair. First try the button on the right; it will cause the metal cage to lower
    around you. You'll also notice a star-shaped device with an instrument that
    looks like a microphone hanging in front of your face. Pull the lever on the
    left, and a small humming noise will begin to emanate from the chair.
    Obviously, something is happening, but what? Perhaps you'll be able to find
    some answers farther down the tunnel. Press the button to raise the bars, but
    before you leave, notice two circular displays on either side of the room. The
    one on the left displays a gold-colored room with a large door on one wall, and
    there's a lever next to the display. You probably should not pull the lever
    yet, having no idea what it will do. The right-hand display shows a pair of
    cables extending from a stone pillar, with a short staircase in front of the
    cables. Perhaps this is the end of one of those pairs of cables you saw in the
    ocean. This display, however, has no levers next to it.
    After seeing the display, exit the room and continue to the left down the main
    tunnel. It will eventually come to an end in front of a thick, rough-hewn stone
    door. Pull it open, and you will step into a remarkable room. The room is large
    and rectangular, with a stone-flagged floor, pillars along the walls, and a
    large, locked door set in one wall. On the opposite wall is a giant spherical
    cage, identical to the one surrounding the chair in the other room, except that
    it is much larger. The entire room is lit by a golden light shining through an
    intricate stained-glass window behind the cage. The design on the window is a
    complex star design, similar to the design on the floor of the gate room.
    As you explore the room, you'll see that on either side of the cage are statues
    of strange, fish-like creatures. The creatures resemble large, narrow fish with
    tall humps on their back and tusks extending from either side of their mouths.
    Each creature is wearing a star emblem (which you've now seen several times)
    above their heads, and offerings of fruit and flowers are laying on the floor
    around them. The creatures look rather menacing and violent, and if the
    offerings around them are any indication, are revered by someone. In fact, the
    statues appear to be idols. However, don't know if these creatures are real or
    only mythical, like the unicorn or the phoenix. One more piece of information
    about these creatures: though you will learn this later, for clarity and
    convenience, the creatures are called wahrks.
    From the wahrk idols, the richly decorated surfaces, and the solemn mood in the
    room, the room appears to be a temple, and it would make sense to name this
    island Temple Island. The main object of the temple is the huge cage at the end
    of the room, which is remarkably similar to the cage surrounding the chair down
    the passage. Perhaps you should revisit that room and see if you can deduce any
    connections between the two rooms. Besides that, there doesn't appear to be any
    way to open the huge door, so you don't have any choice but to backtrack.
    Actually finding the door you came in through is a bit of a challenge. It is
    designed to blend in with the walls, and is recessed between two of the pillars
    along the left-hand wall. This door was not meant to be visible; you came in
    through a secret entrance. Once you find the door, return to the room
    containing the cage chair. Sit back down in the chair, then press the button to
    activate the humming sound. That, along with the microphone in front of you,
    and the same cage appearing in the temple, should suggest that this chair is
    some sort of broadcast center. It is likely that right now your face is being
    projected in the huge cage in the temple. If this is Gehn's doing, it adds to
    the case that he sees himself as a god, or at least wants the Rivenese to treat
    him like one. Why else would he project his own face into a huge, elaborate
    temple? Now you are beginning to see why this man's rule of Riven needs to
    stop. The evidence also suggests that Gehn has adopted the complex star design
    as his symbol, since it has appeared all over Temple Island, every time in
    relation to him.
    Get out of the chair and examine the left display again, which you now know
    displays a bird's-eye view of the temple. Since you have no other option now,
    pull the lever next to the display, and you will see the door of the temple
    open, allowing light to flood in from outside. Go back to the temple and exit
    by way of the newly-opened door.
    After climbing down a short staircase, you will emerge on a ledge, with
    the ocean on two sides and protected by cliffs on the other two. The only thing
    here is what you saw in the other display by the cage chair: a stone pillar,
    from which extend a pair of cables a few feet apart, which continue away from
    the island, zigzagging across the ocean to another island. In front of the
    pillar is a short staircase. This must be the boarding station for some sort of
    inter-island transportation system. There is no transport waiting for you, but
    there is a metal pole with a blue button on top. Press the button, which will
    make a "clunk" sound, and you'll see a small car making its way across the
    cables from the far island, which will soon pull up in front of you, its door
    lowering to form a staircase. The car must run on some sort of magnetic
    levitation system, since no part of it, not even the engines above, actually
    touch the cables.
    Before you board the car, though, stop and think about what you've learned so
    far. You've discovered that Gehn forces the people of Riven to revere him as a
    god, and that Gehn has adopted a decorated five-pointed star as his emblem.
    You've also seen evidence that there are some who are rebelling against Ghen's
    rule, and they seem to use a dagger as their symbol. It was a member of this
    group that freed you, then stole your Prison Book. You don't know why they
    would choose to help you, but you are going to have to find them if you want to
    get your Prison Book back. Overall, you have learned a good deal about the
    situation on Riven and the personality of Gehn, but there is certainly still
    much more to be discovered.
    Now, board the mag-lev (you've got to call it something) and sit down in the
    single chair. The controls appear to be very simple. Turn the handle 180° to
    the right, and mag-lev will turn around, so that it is facing the track over
    the ocean. Once you are ready to go, push the handle forward, and hold on
    tight! The car will slowly ease itself out of the "station", but don't get
    lulled into a false sense of security, because once clear the car will rapidly
    accelerate, diving and swooping across the ocean! The mag-lev will cross the
    distance between the far island rather quickly, and will slowly pull to a stop
    at another station. You now have another island to explore.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   B. JUNGLE ISLAND                                              [V.B]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. Three Wooden Eyes                                                    [V.B.1]
    Step out of the mag-lev and examine your surroundings. This area appears to be
    a station of sorts, with an open area to the left of the car and stone cliffs
    surrounding all sides of the area except for the ocean behind you. The only way
    leading out is a cave in the far-left wall. As you approach the cave, though,
    you'll notice something unusual on the cliff wall behind the mag-lev station.
    Walk over to it, and you'll see that it is a wooden sphere embedded in the
    rock, with an ornate eye painted on it. Touch the eye and you'll find that it
    will rotate easily in its socket. As it does so, it will emit a strange
    chirping, clicking sound. You'll also notice that it has a strange symbol drawn
    on its backside, which looks like a K inside of a box. What could be the
    purpose of this eye? Hopefully you'll be able to find some clues on this
    As you pass through the cave entrance, you may note that it is irregularly
    shaped, and if you turn back to look at it after going a little way up the
    steps inside, you'll see something unusual. The walls of the cave, if you look
    carefully, appear to form the shape of a crouching animal: it could be some
    sort of frog, although it‘s impossible to tell for sure. What's more, the
    wooden eye, when viewed from this vantage point, appears in the spot the
    creature's actual eye would be! Also, now that you think about it, the sound
    the eye made could be interpreted as a kind of high-pitched croaking, like what
    a small frog might make. But even if all this conjecture and speculation is
    correct, what purpose does the symbol serve? And, perhaps most importantly,
    what's the point of it all? What is the purpose of this eye, and how is it
    related to the animal shape? It looks like more investigation will be required
    to unravel this.
    After making the discovery of the wooden eye, turn and continue up the steps as
    they ascend and bend to the right. At the top of the steps, you'll exit the
    cave and the path will intersect with a staircase, heading down to your left
    and up to your right. Also, at the top of the steps is another blue mag-lev
    button, which must be the call button for the mag-lev you just rode. The
    staircase presents you with a choice between left (down) and right (up). Since
    neither way seems obviously superior to the other, use your left-to-right
    strategy and head down the stairs, which have been built in a narrow gap
    between cliffs on either side. As you approach the bottom of the stairs, you
    will see that they lead toward a small inlet or lagoon from the ocean, and that
    on a rock in the center of this lagoon lie two creatures. They seem a bit like
    dinosaurs, with their long necks, faces, and bodies. Their flippers and baleen
    are more suggestive of whales, though. In any case, they don't look violent,
    and appear to be content to just lie on their rock and bask in the sun, so you
    may as well call them sunners. As you get near them, though, you will startle
    them, and they will lift their heads in alarm. There's no need to scare them
    off, so simply stand still until they settle back down, then take another step
    towards them. You really should try to examine these magnificent animals as
    closely as you can, so keep stepping forward, stopping when they raise their
    heads, then moving forward again once they‘ve relaxed. Once you reach the 
    bottom and the path turns to the right, leave the path and climb down the rocks
    onto the beach so you can get right up next to them. However, this will be as
    close as you can get to them, because one of the sunners will give out a deep
    wheezing, snorting sound, and when you turn to move they will both slide off
    their rock and gracefully slip into the ocean.
    Even though the sunners have gone, you can still explore their lagoon. As you
    walk around the side of their rock, you'll be able to see another wooden eye
    embedded in it! Walk up to the eye by crossing a narrow sandbar, and when you
    rotate this eye, it will make a different sound: a high-pitched moaning sound,
    like a sad whale call. Also, the symbol on the back of this eye looks like an H
    inside of a box; in fact, it's the same symbol that was in the center of Gehn's
    star emblem! These symbols on the backs of the eyes, especially this one, must
    have some special significance. Before you return to the path, check to see if
    there is an animal shape associated with this eye, like the shape of the cave
    entrance was with the first eye. Return to the beach and look at the rocks
    again, and they will seem to form the shape of a fish! Specifically, the shape
    of the rocks will be very reminiscent of the wahrks in the temple! The outline
    of the rocks form a small head, a tall back, and finally a pointed tail, with
    the eye positioned on the animal's head. Could this eye represent the wahrk, or
    is it related to the sunners that bask here? Or is it something else
    altogether? And how is this eye related to the one by the mag-lev? These wooden
    eyes are still a mystery, but hopefully you'll be able to learn more about them
    as you continue exploring the island. In the meantime, climb back onto the path
    and follow it as it hugs the cliff wall, then leads through a giant tree and
    into a short cave.
    Once you reach the exit to the cave, a siren will start wailing! You can see a
    watch tower of sorts outside, with a man inside turning a handle, which is
    causing a siren on top to sound. Apparently you've been spotted, and wherever
    it is you're headed, you are not very welcome there. Once the man stops turning
    the siren and waving for people to get away, go ahead and step out onto the
    wooden platform. It doesn't look like anyone is going to arrest you, they're
    just going to stay away from you. As you walk out on the elevated path, you'll
    see that you are on the edge of a ring of cliffs encircling a large lake. The
    strange thing about the lake, though, is that something is wrong with the
    water. It's hard to tell exactly what, since you're so far away from it, but
    something is different about several patches of water throughout the lake.
    Hopefully you'll be able to get closer to the lake so you can see exactly what
    the anomaly is. A short distance away to the left, you can see the top of a
    tall, rocky plateau. There is some sort of metal cone sitting on it, as well as
    a circular, metal contraption of some kind that is sitting on a metal platform
    hanging off the edge of the ledge. Behind this plateau, you can see a few
    spherical buildings made out of clay or dried mud, apparently, which are
    built on the side of the cliff. This area must be a Rivenese village, and the
    siren was warning the villagers to stay away from you. Unfortunately, it seems
    you've come in through the "back door," of the village, so you may not be able
    to reach the main village from here. From this vantage point, you can also
    observe an unusual structure floating on the surface of the lake some distance
    away, though you can't begin to imagine what it's for. Now that you've gotten a
    sense of your surroundings, climb down the ladder at the end of the wooden
    The ladder climbs down to a small ledge on the side of the cliff, still some
    distance above the water. On this ledge is a circular basin, except that the
    bottom of it is not smooth, but contains all kinds of ridges and valleys. Also,
    a third wooden eye is nestled in the bottom of the basin! Rolling this eye will
    produce a buzzing sound, followed by a few small "clicks." It sounds similar to
    the sound a large insect would make. The symbol on this eye's backside is
    similar to a D in a box. This is the third eye that you've found so far.
    Obviously, they must mean something. If each of these eyes has some sort of
    animal connected with them, as it seems right now, then this eye must be
    associated with some kind of buzzing insect. Before you leave the basin, turn
    the petcock located on the rim of the basin. When you turn the valve, a small
    amount of water will trickle into the basin from a small pipe on the side. Once
    all the water has run into the basin, you'll notice that the water forms a
    shape in the ridges of the basin. If you look at the shape with the mindset of
    trying to find an insect, which is your current hunch, you can make out the
    shape of a beetle with a large, rounded back, and the wooden eye at the front!
    So far, your animal theory has held up, though it is still just a theory.
    Having made this discovery, you'll see that there is another ladder on the
    other side of the ledge, which leads down even further.
    Climb down this ladder and you will land on another wooden walkway, this one
    just above the water's surface. The walkway leads into a tunnel in the base of
    the cliff that the strange metal machine was on. The tunnel is very short; it
    bends to the right, then comes to an end at the water's edge, where a short
    metal platform extends over... what in the world? Right there in front of you,
    where you can plainly see it with your own eyes, is a hole in the water. That's
    right: a hole in the water. The water just stops, leaving a roughly cylindrical
    opening in the lake, and the short platform extends over it, with a ladder
    leading down into it. Looking through the hole, you can see metal rails running
    along the bottom of the lake. Thinking about your relative position, you are
    now directly above the metal contraption at the top of the plateau. If the
    device were lowered down the side of the cliff, it would land inside the hole.
    Could the device at the top of the plateau be designed to run along the tracks
    on the bottom of the lake? Perhaps, but you're not going to be able to find out
    by following this path, because this is the end of the line. In fact, you're
    going to backtrack all the way past the sunners' lagoon to the staircase in
    order to find anywhere new to explore. Perhaps you can find another way to the
    village from there. Turn and head back the way you came, up the ladders,
    through the cave, across the lagoon, and up the stairs, and as you walk, try to
    figure out how the water can form walls and holes like the Red Sea did for
    2. The Jungle                                                           [V.B.2]
    Once you've retraced your steps through the tunnel, past the sunners' lagoon,
    and back up the steps, you'll be ready to continue your explorations. At the
    top of the steps, you'll find a wooden bridge that crosses a large canyon, and
    there is a giant blade stuck into the side of the cliff to the left. It's
    clearly different from the knife on Temple Island, and seems almost like Gehn's
    reaction to the Temple Island knife, which seems to be associated with the
    rebels. Once you reach the far side of the bridge, you'll emerge in a dry,
    sunlit area that has recently been the site of a logging operation. Dozens of
    tree stumps litter the area, and one large stump still has an ax stuck in it.
    Just ahead, on the other side of the logged area, you can see a dense forest,
    and it appears that this area used to be part of that forest. The path branches
    out here, though, into three separate paths. As always, start left and work to
    the right.
    The left-hand path passes through a wooden gate and a short cave, out onto a
    wooden walkway inside a deep cleft. Here you'll encounter another watch tower,
    identical to the first one, and another guard will sound the alarm. The path
    continues straight ahead into a cave, and a second path joins it from another
    wooden gate to the right. You can see that behind the gate is a jungle full of
    trees and foliage. This is probably the same area that the other gate in the
    dry area leads to. In fact, this gate and the one in the dry are may be at the
    ends of the same path, so you should probably go back to the dry area and
    investigate the right-hand path before leaving this area behind.
    Return to the logged area and go down the other path. Here, a third path
    branches off, but you can clearly see that it dead-ends at a square hole in the
    ground, so go ahead and investigate it. The hole contains a cart on a track
    that leads underground. A lever on the wall will apparently start the cart
    moving. Since this is obviously a form of transportation, you should probably
    save this path for last, and explore the jungle first. Climb out and approach
    the gate leading into the jungle. You can see something moving on one of the
    posts framing the gate. Look at it closely and you can see that it is a live
    version of the golden beetles you saw in the gate room! It is a large beetle
    with a high, rounded shell, and it really is gold-colored. After a second,
    though, it will open its wings and fly off with a buzz and a click. This was
    the same sound made by the wooden eye in the pool where the water formed a
    silhouette of a beetle! Perhaps the eyes really do have something to do with
    animals. You still have no idea as to the significance of the symbols on the
    eyes' backs, but you are gradually learning more about these objects. Now you
    can open the wooden gate, and head into the jungle.
    Once you pass through the gate, there will be an immediate change in your
    environment. You will go from a dead, dry area scorched by the sun to a
    shadowy, green jungle full of life. The jungle is full of immense, thick trees,
    but for some reason, their bark has been stripped starting a short distance
    above their base. The jungle also contains a number of tall plants resembling
    giant grass blades, along with a variety of other plants and ferns. Another
    giant knife blade is also visible amidst the trees. Since this jungle is rather
    large and appears to be the distinguishing feature of this island, Jungle
    Island would probably be an appropriate name for the island. Descend the stairs
    to get down to ground level, and follow the path as it winds through the
    foliage. After you pass through the trunk of a giant tree, you may notice a
    dirt trail leading off to the left, near some glowing blue fungus. If you
    follow this path, it will lead to the base of the giant knife, where the knife
    is embedded in the ground. Lodged on the blade of the knife is nothing less
    than a fourth wooden eye! Turning this one will reveal yet another symbol,
    consists of a box, just like the others, with a vertical line extending about
    three-quarters of the way to the top of the box, then bending right to the
    side, somewhat like an upside-down L. As the eye rotates, it will emit the same
    wheezing, snorting sound the sunners you saw earlier made! That makes four
    eyes, each with their own symbol, and each seemingly associated with a
    different animal. The other eyes have been situated so that their surroundings
    form an animal silhouette, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this eye.
    There may be some significance in the location of this eye, though: on one of
    the giant knives, which you believe to be associated with the rebel group.
    Might these wooden eyes be associated with the rebels somehow? They certainly
    don't seem to be associated with Gehn, since everything related to him has been
    luxurious and elaborate, while the eyes are rather crude and simple. Once
    you've found the fourth eye, return to the main path and continue on through
    the jungle.
    Up ahead the path will pass through a small, round building, and on top of the
    building you can see another spinning dome, identical to the one on Temple
    Island! Like the last one, though, it appears that you can't reach it from
    here, although you can see a catwalk leading to it from above. Inside the
    structure, you'll be faced with a Y-intersection. Take the path to the left, as
    always, and you'll find that it leads out of the jungle to the wooden catwalk
    you found earlier. You should probably wait until you've explored all you can
    of the jungle before you try that path, so turn around and take a left (which
    would be a right if you approached the intersection from your original
    direction) when you reach the intersection. This path will lead down a
    staircase to a small clearing, where a wooden idol has been erected on the
    front of a large tree trunk. The idol is bathed in orange light, and looks like
    a rather angular, colorful creature with sharp teeth and tusks. In fact, it
    could possibly be a wahrk, the creatures whose idols you found in the temple.
    From what you've seen so far, it seems like the Rivenese worship this creature.
    Well, since this appears to be the end of the path, turn around and head back.
    You've now explored all of the jungle, and so it's time to return to the wooden
    walkway in the cleft. To leave the jungle, walk back to the Y-intersection and
    take a right. This will lead you to the wooden gate you found earlier, which
    exits onto the catwalk inside the cleft. The catwalk leads into a blue-lit
    cave; on the left-hand wall of the cave you'll find a crude drawing, depicting
    a man with a five-pointed star over his head (most likely Gehn) holding two
    smaller men upside down, one in each hand, over two open-mouthed wahrks. It
    doesn't paint a pretty picture in your mind. Once you've seen the drawing,
    continue out of the cave, and you will emerge on another wooden walkway just a
    few feet above the surface of the lake.
    3. The Village                                                          [V.B.3]
    Take a few steps onto the catwalk to get out from under the cliffs, and you'll
    see that you've found another way into the village. You'll also see that there
    are actually people in this village! Though distant, you can see the villagers
    standing on wooden platforms, as well as a child playing on a small dock or
    pier ahead. After a few moments, though, the villagers will see you, and will
    all disappear into their huts. Why are these people so scared of strangers? Do
    they think that you are one of Gehn's agents, or have they been ordered by Gehn
    to avoid any strangers? Well, it doesn't seem like they're going to try to run
    you out of the village, so you might as well have a look around. Walk along the
    catwalk as it follows the cliff surrounding the lake, and you'll be able to
    observe more of those mysterious holes in the water. What property does
    Rivenese water have that allows it to do that? You'll soon reach the small
    pentagonal dock the boy was playing on. Extending from one side of the dock is
    a short metal platform, similar to the one you encountered below the beetle
    pool; this platform also extends over a hole in the water, with metal rails
    visible beneath, though it does not extend as far as the first one did. Another
    object of interest is a tiny rock sticking just out of the water in front of
    the dock. It seems to have a camera mounted on it, and it is pointing at you!
    Does Gehn like to spy on the villagers, or does this camera have some other
    purpose? And is he watching you now? Continue along the wooden catwalk, and it
    will soon come to an end underneath the huts, leaving you no option but to
    climb a tall, wooden ladder standing against the cliff. It's a long way up, but
    don't look down, and you'll make it safely to the top. Once you reach the top,
    you'll be standing on another wooden platform in front of the clay huts.
    There's a wooden plank extending from the hut to your platform, so you can walk
    up to the front door of the hut. The door is locked, but you can knock if you
    want; maybe you can convince one of the Rivenese to talk to you. After you
    knock five times, one of the door panels will open and a face will glance at
    you for just a second, and then the panel will slam shut again. The villagers
    definitely don't want to meet you, even though you are here to help them.
    Anyway, another walkway extends around the side of the hut, past some fishing
    nets where fish with triangular fins are hanging. The catwalk will wind
    around, over, under, and through more huts, before it finally reaches the high
    plateau you could see from the beetle pool, where the strange metal machine is
    Before you examine the machine, though, see what else is on this platform. To
    the right is what appears to be an altar. It has two wooden idols on either
    side, with a golden wahrk sculpture in the center. Beside the altar is a
    triangular oven, where a piece of fish or some sort of meat is cooking. This
    spot appears to be some sort of shrine for the villagers. Now, examine the
    curious metal construction sitting on its platform just off the side of the
    cliff. It appears to be made of iron, and consists of a spherical pod with a
    hatch on top and two wheels on either side. It seems to be some kind of
    crude transportation device. There are rungs leading up the side of the craft,
    so you can climb up to the hatch and lower yourself in. Inside is a seat facing
    a circular window, with a number of controls in front of it. However, none of
    them work: the craft obviously has no power. Climb back out of the craft and
    try the only other object there: a lever standing next to the metal pod. When
    you pull the lever, the metal platform, with the craft sitting on it, will
    suddenly drop down the side of the cliff! Look over the edge and you'll see
    that the platform is connected to a track on the cliff face, and you can see
    the pod resting in the water far below.
    If you remember from your first excursion in the village, after the beetle pool
    the path passed through the base of this ledge. It dead-ended at a metal
    platform extending out over a hole in the water, which should be directly below
    where you now stand. That means that the metal pod should be sitting in the
    water at the end of the beetle pool path! Now all you have to do is get back
    there, and you should be able to ride the pod along the tracks you've seen on
    the bottom of the lake! Unfortunately, it's a long walk. Turn around and pass
    back through the huts, down the ladder, out of the village, through the blue
    cave, across the catwalk, through the logged area, across the bridge, down the
    steps, past the sunners, past the beetle pool, and finally through the cave
    underneath the ledge. There, you should find the metal pod waiting for you, and
    you'll be ready to do some underwater exploring!
    Once you enter the underwater car, you'll have to learn its controls. First,
    underneath the window is a handle extending from a round dome. Turning this to
    the right will turn the craft around 180 degrees, so that controls the craft's
    direction. Turn it back to the left, so that you are in your original
    orientation. Below that is a handle on a slider bar, currently set to the left.
    Turning it to the right doesn't seem to do anything, so it apparently doesn't
    work right now. Finally, there's a large lever on the right, and you can
    probably guess what it does. Pull it, and the underwater car will slowly slide
    along the tracks, turning a corner to the right as you do so. When it comes to
    a stop, there is still only one path open to you, so continue on, as the track
    again turns to the right. This device must not have a lot of power, since it
    seems to only be able to move in short spurts.
    When you come to a stop the second time, though, you will be inside another one
    of those holes in the water, so you can climb out of the craft and see where
    you are. Open the hatch and stick your head outside. You'll be next to the
    large, circular platform floating in the lake. You can see the ladder that
    would allow you to climb onto the platform, but it's not extended far enough.
    There must be someplace where you can extend these ladders, but until you find
    it you'll just have to keep exploring, and hope that at least some of the
    ladders are extended. Climb back in and move forward again. You'll make a third
    turn to the right and will now be faced with a choice: the track splits to the
    left and to the right. As always, work from left to right, so you want to take
    the left-hand path. But how do you tell that to the car? That must be what the
    slider is for! Slide the handle to the left, then pull the lever and go
    forward. You will take the left-hand path, which will come to a dead-end at
    another hole in the water. Again, open the hatch and look out. You'll see that
    you're now close to the cliffs that ring the lake, and there's a small building
    on the ledge in front of you. However, this one doesn't have a ladder extended
    either. You'll have to pass this place up for now, too. Climb back in the car,
    turn around, and return to the intersection.
    Once you get back to the junction, you'll see that it's actually a four-way
    intersection! Not only are there two paths on this side, but also on the side
    that you originally came from! The left-hand track is the one you were on the
    first time you approached this intersection, so move the slider to the right
    and try the right-hand path. It, too, dead-ends at a hole in the water. Climb
    out of your transport, and this time... there's a ladder! The ladder is
    extended, so you can climb out of the car and onto a tiny ledge at the base of
    the cliffs. The only thing on this ledge is a ladder consisting of metal rungs
    hammered into the side of the cliff, so take a deep breath, hold on tight,
    don't look down, and climb up the ladder. After a long climb you'll emerge
    through a hatch into a small room high above the lake. From its small window
    you will have an excellent view of the lake and its surroundings, and you'll be
    able to see all of the various locations you've discovered. On the opposite
    wall is a row of five levers: the second and fifth up, the others down. What
    could be the purpose of these levers? Flipping a few will have no obvious
    effect, but the window looking out on the lake may be a clue. Could this
    perhaps be the ladder control room you've been looking for? If you feel up to
    it, you can conduct a simple experiment to find out. Flip all of the levers
    down, then climb back down the cliff and approach the underwater car. You'll
    find that you won't be able to get in because the ladder isn't extended! This
    is the ladder control room! Climb back up to and flip all of the levers up,
    which will extend all the ladders. Now you should be able to access all the
    places you couldn't reach before! Climb back into the car, turn around, and
    return to the four-way intersection.
    When you return to the four-way intersection, take the right-hand track, which
    is the only one you haven't taken yet. It will curve to the right, and come to
    a stop at the base of the cliff where you originally boarded the craft; you
    have now traveled a full loop around the lake. Now you just need to return to
    those locations that you found the first time around, but couldn't investigate
    because their ladders weren't extended. To do this, turn the car around and
    return to the four-way intersection. Turn it around again, so that you're in
    the same position you were when you first approached this intersection. Take
    left-hand track to return to the low building against the cliff. Climb out of
    the sub using the now-extended ladder, and you can enter the rather small, low,
    and shabby building.
    4. Lessons Learned                                                      [V.B.4]
    Once inside the building, it shouldn't take you long to discover that it is a
    schoolroom. Rows of benches are set up in the middle of the room, with
    blackboards on the walls at the front. Also at the front of the room is a small
    spherical cage on a platform, like a smaller model of the giant cage in the
    temple. By turning a crank on the side of the cage, you will cause an image to
    appear inside! The image is of a man, and though you cannot understand his
    speech, it is obvious that he is trying to motivate and encourage the students.
    He seems to have an air of authority and respect about him. In fact, the man
    could even be Gehn himself! At least now you know for sure that the cage chair
    and cage on Temple Island are used to broadcast sounds and images. Looking at
    the blackboards, you'll see that they are covered in D'ni writing. Also, around
    the walls of the room are small wooden boards with D'ni letters written on
    them, much like classrooms on Earth have the letters of the alphabet on the
    walls. Apparently the Rivenese have adopted the D'ni writing system under
    Gehn's rule.
    Although there doesn't seem to be much more to learn here, there is actually
    something very important. On a small table at the back of the room, you will
    find a game: two wooden men hang upside down over a circular base, where some
    sort of creature, probably a wahrk, waits with its mouth open wide. Turning the
    base using a ring on the side will cause a symbol to be displayed on the front
    of the base, and one of the men will be lowered a few notches down towards the
    wahrk. Eventually, one of the men will be eaten, and the game will reset. It
    seems a tad gruesome for little kids to be playing, but this game must teach
    something, since it is in a school, after all. Play the game again, and pay
    careful attention to the symbols that appear before each man is lowered. If you
    pay close attention, you'll notice that the men will fall different distances
    for each different symbol. That means that... the symbols must be numbers! This
    game teaches D'ni numbers! Keep playing the game, and for each symbol, record
    the number of notches the men are lowered. (Just remember not to count if the
    man gets eaten, since he may have still had farther to go.) Eventually, you
    should have learned the D'ni numbers one through ten:
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |  |  |  1    |\    |  2    |/    |  3    |   --|  4    |_____|  5
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |     |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |__|__|  6    |\____|  7    |/____|  8    |___--|  9    | ___ | 10
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |/   \|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    Now, looking at those symbols, several of them should seem familiar. They are
    the same symbols that are on the backs of the wooden eyes you've discovered! If
    you remember, the first eye, by the mag-lev, had the symbol resembling a K,
    which you now know stands for the number 3. The eye on the sunners' rock  was
    the symbol like an H, meaning has a 5 on its back. The one in the beetle pool
    resembled it a D, making it a 2, and the one in the jungle looked like an
    upside-down L, so it bears the number 4. So far, here's everything you know
    about the wooden eyes you've found:
    LOCATION          SHAPE    SOUND                D'NI NUMBER   ARABIC NUMBER
    mag-lev station   frog     chirping, clicks     ] K[          3
    sunners' lagoon   wahrk    sad whale call       ] H[          5
    beetle pool       beetle   buzzing, clicking    ] D[          2
    knife in jungle   none     wheezing, snorting   ] L[          4
    Note the special notation being used for the D'ni numbers. This notation will
    be used whenever D'ni numbers are referred to in the main body of the text or
    in tables, such as this one. The symbol ] L[ was chosen for the D'ni number 4
    because the symbol resembles an upside-down L inside a box.
    It appears that each of these wooden eyes have a number associated with them,
    and also, it seems, an animal, although exactly what animals is still unclear.
    Unfortunately, you still have no clue as to what these eyes are for. Also, with
    everything in this world seeming to come in fives so far, your intuition
    suggests that there must be a fifth wooden eye, probably with the number 1 on
    its back, since the eyes you've found have the numbers 2 through 5. You'll have
    to keep an "eye" out for it as you continue. For now though, it is time to
    return to the underwater car and investigate the floating platform in the lake.
    Once back in the car, turn around and return to the intersection. Then, take
    the left-hand path, and you will come to a stop at the floating circular
    structure. Climb out of the pod onto the edge of the platform, which is
    basically a ring sitting just above the surface of the water. A series of
    cables extends from the edge of the platform up to an ornately decorated peak.
    There doesn't seem to be anything of interest here, save for a handle hanging
    down from the top of the structure. When you pull the handle, a metal bar will
    descend from the peak of the platform, then stop a few feet above the surface
    of the water. After a little while, the bar will automatically return to the
    top of the structure. What is this floating ring for? Pull the handle again,
    and think about what possible use the bar might have. It has two circular rings
    at each end, about the size for an arm or leg to fit in. Also, as you stand on
    the edge of the platform, you may feel something ram it from underneath! And
    weren't those bars you saw underwater when you stopped here in the pod? There
    is a creature in the water underneath you. Think about it: a bar being lowered
    over the water where a hungry creature waits. Now think about the game in the
    schoolhouse: men are slowly lowered, head first, into the mouth of a hungry
    wahrk. That game didn't just teach numbers, it also taught children the penalty
    for disobedience under Gehn's rule. And this platform is where those penalties
    are carried out. The more you learn about Gehn, the more incentive you find for
    putting him in that Prison Book. Not only does he treat himself as a god, he
    makes games out of gruesome public executions!
    By now you're probably eager to leave this execution platform and return to the
    underwater car. Now that you seem to have fully explored the lake, there is
    nothing else you can do here on Jungle Island, so your only remaining option is
    to ride the cart you found in the logged area. Once in the car, move forward to
    the next stop. Here, you'll find that there's actually one more path to
    explore. To the left, the track returns to the original dock at the base of the
    plateau. However, there is another path to the right that you hadn't noticed
    before, since you were coming from the other direction. Follow the new track,
    and after curving to the right, it will deposit you at the dock on the path to
    the village. This is a much more convenient place to get off, so go ahead and
    bid the underwater car goodbye. Now you need to return to the logged area, so
    follow the path to the right, through the blue-lit cave, straight across the
    watchtower area, and into the logged area. Once there, climb into the cart
    leading underground.
    Once you think you're ready, get a good grip on the cart and pull the handle.
    You'll begin slowly at first, but once you start going downhill, you'll soon be
    racing through the tunnel. Soon, the tunnel will become ringed with hot, orange
    lights, and then, all of a sudden,  the rock walls will give way to water! You
    will now be underwater, and yet you will not have so much as a drop of water on
    you! You are traveling through a tunnel in the water, similar to the holes in
    the lake! After a high-speed, heart-stopping journey, your cart will emerge
    from the water and onto a bridge leading to a new island, one ringed by cliffs.
    Here you'll have a chance to calm down a bit, at least until you enter a cave
    in the side of this new island‘s cliffs, upon which everything will go pitch
    black. Eventually, you'll be able to see a little, and you'll see that you will
    ome to a stop inside the cave. Just as you're about to climb out, though, the
    floor will drop out of the cart and you'll fall into a metal ramp, then slide
    out of the cave and into the sunlight, coming to a sudden stop sitting in a
    metal tray.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   C. BOOK ASSEMBLY ISLAND                                       [V.C]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. The Boiler                                                           [V.C.1]
    You'll probably need a few seconds to let your heart resume beating after your
    traumatic ride in the cart. Once you are functioning normally again, stand up
    and take in your surroundings. You are standing in a metal tray on top of a
    machine. Behind you, you can see the hatch and ramp you slid through when you
    dropped out of the cart. In front of you, a ladder leads down to the ground.
    Use it, and you can easily discover the purpose of the machine you landed in,
    if the huge pile of sawdust is any indication. Obviously, the cart you rode
    over in was not designed for people, but for pieces of the trees that were
    chopped down on Jungle Island. Upon arriving, it seems they were promptly
    ground into sawdust. You're lucky the machine wasn't running when you landed,
    or your explorations on Riven would have been brought to a premature end.
    Perhaps now you should take a glance at the rest of this island. It appears to
    consist mainly of a ring of cliffs surrounding a large, blue-green lake. The
    stretch of beach you are standing on appears to be the only substantial area of
    flat ground on this island. The island also does not appear to be inhabited,
    but seems to be used mainly for industrial purposes, perhaps relating to the
    logs being shipped from Jungle Island. Next to the log chipper, a ladder climbs
    up to a hatchway in the cliff. If you climb through it, you'll find that it
    leads back to the log cart you arrived in, although you probably aren't eager
    to repeat that harrowing ride. A short distance down the beach is a large,
    circular building, and near it a catwalk extends to the center of the lake,
    where a stone bollard sits. Before you examine the building or bollard, though,
    first find out how far this beach extends.
    If you walk to the right, you can go around the circular building. As you do
    so, you should notice that there are blue flames flickering around its edge.
    You'll also have to step over a large, thick pipe that extends from underneath
    the building and climbs up the side of the cliff. At the end of the beach is a
    ladder that climbs up to a balcony on the side of the cliff. If you feel up to
    it, you can try to climb the ladder, but you can't climb onto the balcony
    because it's blocked by a locked hatch. You'll have to find some other way if
    you want to get up there. That, by the way, appears to be your eventual goal on
    this island, since there doesn't seem to be much on the ground besides the
    circular building. You can also see a walkway along the cliffs to the left of
    the balcony. Now that you have an idea of the lay of the land, you can return
    back to where you started and begin investigating the structures on this
    The first thing you should do is examine the stone bollard in the center of the
    lake. Follow the catwalk out to it, and from the hiss of steam, you'll know
    that it is a power source. Four pipes radiate out of a metal cap, and a valve
    on top can be set to three of the four pipes, which will presumably send steam
    power through that pipe. The valve cannot be set to the fourth pipe, however,
    from which you can assume that it receives constant power. The first pipe on
    the left leads to the log chipper, and if you turn the valve so that the power
    is directed there, you can pull the lever on top of the log chipper and see
    what happens to the logs when they arrive (and what could have happened to
    you). The second pipe is directed towards the large circular building, and the
    third disappears into the side of the cliffs left of the balcony. The fourth
    pipe, which you have no control over, leads off far to the right, and you can't
    make out its destination. Since you're about to investigate the circular
    building, you should probably not direct the power to it yet. That way you can
    take a look at the building first, then decide whether or not you want the
    power directed there. Follow the catwalk back to the beach, and approach the
    circular building.
    As you climb the stairs and approach the door of the building, you'll find that
    it is securely locked. The thick metal door is bolted shut, and a red light
    next to the door indicates that it is dangerous to enter. That would make
    sense, considering the blue flames you saw underneath the building. If you
    could turn off the flames, you might be able to get inside and see what this
    building is for. A metal walkway leads around to the side of the building, and
    following it, you'll find several levers, switches, and other controls, whose
    purposes you will have to deduce in order to gain access to the building. A
    long, narrow window has been cut in the brick wall of the building, allowing
    you to see a narrow sliver of the interior. Through the slit, you can see that
    the building is full of boiling water; it's some kind of industrial boiler. But
    what is it for? Perhaps if you can get inside it, you'll find some answers.
    In order to get inside, however, you're going to have to turn off the heat, but
    you don't know how to do that, so you might as well just experiment with the
    controls. First, try the large wheel on the left. When you turn it, a large
    accordion section of pipe will disconnect and rotate away. However, nothing
    will change inside the boiler. From the size of the pipe, it would appear to be
    a water pipe, but disconnecting it didn't do anything. Rotate the pipe back
    into place, and try the handle on the wall to the right. It too, will not have
    any effect. Obviously, these controls are not powered. Look at them closely,
    and you will see that they have pipes running into them. Both these pipes
    originate to the left, below the wheel, where they split off from the second
    pipe leading out from the stone bollard in the lake. Since you don't have the
    power directed to the boiler, none of the controls work. However, the lever
    in front of you on the right doesn't seem to be connected to either of the
    pipes. If you turn it, you will hear the sound of the heat shutting off, and
    the water will stop boiling. Now it should be safe to enter the boiler! Return
    to the door, and the bolts will unscrew, allowing the door to slide open.
    However, you won't be able to get very far. The boiler is still full of water,
    and there is no floor for you to walk on; all you can do is look in through the
    doorway. In the center of the boiler, though, you can see the top of a ladder.
    If you could drain the water and find something to walk on, you could go down
    that ladder. In order to do that, though, it looks like you're going to need
    some power.
    Return to the steam valve in the center of the lake and direct the power
    through the second pipe, the one leading to the boiler. When you return to the
    boiler controls, find the pipe from the lake. You'll see that it divides in
    two, creating a Y-junction. A valve allows you to control which pipe the power
    flows through. Turn the valve to the left, and follow the left-hand pipe as it
    climbs up to the top of the thick pipe that looks like it could control the
    water. With power directed to it, turn the wheel again. This time, when the
    section of pipe separates, you should see and hear the water in the boiler
    being drained out. Now all you need is some kind of platform to connect the
    door to the ladder. The only control that hasn't worked yet is the lever on the
    wall, and it is powered by the right-hand pipe. Turn the valve to the right,
    then raise the lever. You will be rewarded by seeing a metal platform rise from
    the bottom of the boiler. Now, the heat is off, the water is drained, and there
    is a platform for you to walk on, so you should be able to use the ladder in
    the center of the boiler.
    Reenter the boiler, and you'll see that you can now walk on a metal grating in
    order to reach the ladder, which leads down into a large pipe, probably the
    same one that you had to climb over to get to the blocked ladder. Since you saw
    that pipe ascend up the cliffs, this pipe may help you reach new areas of the
    island. Also, you don't have anywhere else to go, so lower yourself down into
    the metal pipe. Once inside, everything will go pitch black, and you'll just
    have to crawl along on your hands and knees through the darkness. Eventually
    you should be able to see a lessening of the darkness ahead, along with metal
    rungs that you can use to continue up the pipe as it ascends. Keep crawling,
    and finally you will reach, literally, the light at the end of the tunnel. When
    you reach the end of the pipe, you will be looking down onto a narrow ledge,
    with cliffs and ocean below. The pipe is several feet above the ground, so you
    will have to drop out of it. Once you've emerged into the sunlight, take a look
    back at the pipe: you'll see that it is too high for you to climb back in, so
    you won't be able to return to the lake that way (as if you‘d want to). The
    pipe must have been used for draining the water in the boiler. Now, take a look
    around. You are on the outside of the cliffs, near their summit, looking out
    over the ocean. A rough track leads off to the left, which leads back through
    the cliffs, until you are looking down over the lake. Continue following the
    path to the left, and it will terminate at the balcony you saw from below, the
    one the ladder led up to. With that last fact in mind, the first thing you
    should do is to unlock the hatch you couldn't open from below; now you have a
    way down, should you need it, as well as a much better way up than the drainage
    pipe. Once you've done that, open the double doors, which will open onto a
    metal walkway leading deep inside the cliffs.
    2. Frogs, Domes, and Fans                                               [V.C.2]
    The balcony doors form the entrance to a large, dark cavern, with a metal
    walkway leading inside. The floors and walls are all far away, and there is
    just enough light to see by. The path leads straight, then curves to the left,
    coming to an end at a stand containing a metal ball, beneath a clattering
    ventilation fan. There is a pipe leading into the device from the left. Take a
    look at the spherical mechanism. It has a handle on top, and touching it will
    cause the top of the sphere to open, revealing a metal plate inside. In the
    center of the plate is a small depression. If you touch the plate, pull your
    hand back quickly, because the ball will snap shut again in an instant! It
    seems to be a trap of some kind, probably for something down below, judging by
    the cables and pulleys the ball is connected to. Perhaps you can use the trap
    and find out what it catches. On the right side of the trap is a small
    container with brown pellets inside; they must be the trap's bait. Pick up one
    of the pellets and, very gently, drop it in the depression in the center of the
    trap. Once the trap is baited, pulling the lever on the left should lower it.
    However, when you do so, nothing will happen. Perhaps the trap does not have
    any power. There is a pipe connecting to the lever from the left, though...
    could this be the third pipe from the lake? It did enter the cliffs to the left
    of the balcony, about the same location as the trap. It certainly is worth a
    Follow the walkway back to the balcony and carefully climb back down to the
    ground using the ladder. Walk out to the steam controls and move the valve to
    the third pipe. Then, climb back up the ladder and walk back through the cave
    to the trap. Make sure the trap is set, then pull the lever. This time, the
    trap should descend straight down; a considerable distance, too, based on the
    time it takes for the trap to reach the bottom. Now you just have to wait.
    After about a minute, your efforts will be rewarded. You'll hear a snap as the
    trap shuts, so pull the lever again to raise the trap. The ball will be shut,
    and when you open it, it will not be empty. Inside the trap is a beautiful red
    and black frog, which will hop around the trap some. After a few seconds, it
    will give out a high-pitched, chirping call, then will hop out of the trap and
    back down into the pit below. That call should sound somewhat familiar. It is
    the same sound made by the first wooden eye you found on Jungle Island, the one
    at the mag-lev station. Also, when you looked back at this eye from inside the
    cave, the cave entrance formed the shape of an animal, which you thought could
    have been a frog. Now you recognize that shape as belonging to the frog you
    just found! Another piece of the wooden eye puzzle has fallen into place; you
    now have four eyes with a number and an animal call associated with it.
    However, you still have no idea what to do with all this information, or even
    what it all means.
    While that was a great achievement, you seem to have reached a dead-end. You
    have no other paths to explore on this island, but there must more here. When
    you were by the steam valve, you could see a path in the cliffs to the left of
    the balcony, but you haven't found any way to reach it. You must be able to
    reach it from someplace near the entrance to this cave, but where? Return to
    the double doors at the entrance and take a careful look around. There is no
    hint of another path, but it must be there somewhere. Could it be... it's not
    possible... could the open double doors be blocking a path? You have nothing to
    lose, and no other options, so close the double doors. It's true! The doors
    were blocking two hallways to the left and right! The left hallway leads to a
    descending staircase, while to the right is the previously inaccessible path
    you saw! As always, explore left to right, so walk down the staircase to the
    The staircase will end at a metal door. Open it, and you'll be face-to-face
    with one of the mysterious spinning domes! Walk up to it and study it.
    Fortunately, the room is well-lit by an opening in the roof, so you can get a
    good look at the dome. The dome is spinning at a rapid speed, and there appear
    to be symbols marked on it. One symbol is printed in gold, so perhaps it has a
    special significance. The dome is spinning so fast, though, that you can't make
    out what the symbols are. A walkway leads around to the left side of the dome,
    and from there you can see a small peephole embedded in the rock. There must be
    another room behind that wall, but there's no apparent way to reach it. Look
    along the wall the window is embedded in. There's no hint of an entry or device
    of any sort, except for... the door. Could Gehn have used the same trick he
    used at the double doors? Close the door and find out. He did! Another
    passageway is hidden behind the door!
    The tunnel curves around to a small chamber on the left side of the dome. The
    room contains nothing but a metal device mounted on a stand, exactly where the
    peephole was on the opposite side. Approach the device, and you'll see that it
    consists of an eyepiece in front and a spinning wheel behind it. Put your eye
    to the device and you'll see that it is focused on the symbols on the side of
    the dome. The spinning wheel acts as a shutter, only allowing an image through
    when the symbols are directly in front of the lens. Looking through the lens,
    you can clearly see the symbols printed on the spinning dome, and you can see
    that they are all based on a circle. Each symbol is slightly different from the
    others, so that the effect is a continuous transition from one symbol to the
    next. As you watch the symbols spin by, you should also notice that there is a
    button on top of the eyepiece. Pushing the button seems to have no effect, but
    perhaps if it were pressed when a certain symbol was in the eyepiece, something
    would happen. That special symbol must be the one that is printed in gold.
    Carefully watch the symbols, and try to learn when the gold symbol is about to
    appear. When it flashes by, press the button. It may take you several tries,
    but when you manage to catch the gold symbol, the result will probably take you
    by surprise. The symbols, and the dome, will slow their rotation, then stop
    altogether, giving you a clear view of the gold symbol: a circle with a
    vertical line through its center. Now, step back from the scope and look
    through the window: you'll see the gray metal of the dome rotate away,
    revealing another dome underneath, this one a brilliant gold!
    Exit the scope chamber and return to the dome, which now shines brilliantly
    from the sunlight overhead. If you walk back around the walkway, you'll see
    that this inner dome is split down the center, and the gap between the two
    halves is just wide enough for you to step inside. In the center of the dome is
    a round window, and behind the window is what appears to be a book! The glass
    is smudged, so you can't make it out for sure, but it certainly appears to be a
    book. Could it be a Linking Book? If so, how did it get here, and why is this
    dome needed to protect it? Beneath the window is a lock preventing access to
    the book. It consists of five sliders, which can be set to twenty-five
    positions. The sliders apparently must be placed in the correct positions in
    order to open the inner dome. However, you have no idea as to what that
    combination could be. The secrets of this spinning dome will just have to wait.
    Now, climb back up the stairs and explore the other passage that was hidden
    behind the double doors.
    Climb back up the stairs and continue straight past the double doors to follow
    the other path, which soon exits the cliff and meets a metal walkway leading
    through the cliffs. Follow the walkway amid the cliffs, and you'll see that it
    is leading to another building built amidst the cliffs. Almost as soon as you
    leave the cliff, however, a silver cable will drop from over the cliff to the
    right and begin running alongside the path. Keep moving along the walkway,
    following the cable. About halfway between the balcony and the unexplored
    building, the cable will run into a lever on the ground next to the walkway,
    and you'll be able to hear a rattling, humming sound. The cable comes back out
    on the other side, though. Before you try the lever, find out where the cable
    ends up. Keep following it, and it will run right up to the building. Just
    before it reaches the building, though, the cable will run back up the cliff
    and intersect with a large metal pipe entering the side of the building. The
    building, which you have now reached, has large, glass windows, accompanied by
    a solidly locked metal door. This building appears to be important, and you
    should make every effort to get inside. However, it's not going to be through
    the front door. Now would be a good time to go back and investigate the lever
    by the path.
    Once you've backtracked to the lever, try pulling it. The rattling, humming
    sound will immediately stop. This lever obviously controls the power for
    something. In fact, if you look back down at the lake, you'll see that the
    fourth pipe from the steam power source, the one uncontrolled by the valve,
    heads in this direction, so it must provide the power for whatever this lever
    controls. As to what that is, the lever must be connected with the large pipe
    the cable runs into. Also, the sound emanating from near the lever should sound
    slightly familiar. Think back through everything you've heard on this island,
    and you'll realize that it's the noise coming from the ventilator fan above the
    frog trap. If this lever controls the ventilator fan, and the ventilator pipe
    runs from the frog trap to the glass building, then it could be your ticket
    inside! Certainly not glamorous, but then again, you just climbed through a
    pitch-dark drainage pipe. Make sure the lever is turned off, then walk back
    into the cavern and return to the frog trap.
    When you get back to the trap, the humming from the fan should be gone, and,
    looking up at it, you'll see that the fan has indeed stopped. Luckily the grate
    is hanging down, so you can climb on top of the frog trap, then hoist yourself
    up into the ventilator shaft. Hopefully you're not claustrophobic, because
    the shaft is just wide enough for you to crawl through. When you reach the
    other end, you'll be looking down on a wooden desk through the opposite grate.
    It doesn't sound like anybody's in the room, so push down the grate and jump
    down into the room.
    3. Gehn's Laboratory                                                    [V.C.3]
    The room you land in has a wooden floor, with glass and metal walls; it is the
    building you attempted to enter from the outside walkway. There are three large
    wooden desks set against various walls, and there is a black spherical object
    in the center of the room. To start off, focus on the desk you landed on. The
    central object of the desk is a large book or binder with a wooden cover and
    emblazoned with Gehn's seal. It won't take you long to realize that this is
    Gehn's journal, and this room must be his laboratory or workroom! Carefully
    read through the entire journal, because everything in it contains valuable
    information about Gehn himself, what he has been up to, and the state of the
    Age of Riven. As you read through the journal, you will discover that several
    entries contain dramatic and revelatory information.
    In the first entry, Gehn states that he is now able to create Books! This is
    important information, because Atrus's plan was to trap Gehn on Riven forever.
    Now, however, he may be able to escape to another Age, though at least not to
    D'ni. Gehn also reports the failure of his attempts to chart the stars in the
    Fissure, which, as you recall from Atrus‘s journal, is somewhere on Riven. A
    little later, Gehn discusses the D'ni's fascination with the number five, and
    how he thinks that the buildings he has designed based on Five are the best and
    most sound. No wonder everything you've seen on Riven has been based on five.
    He also expresses his belief that the D'ni color symbology, which is based on
    six, must have a deeper connection to five. The entry ends with a series of six
    circular symbols, similar to those printed on the spinning dome. In fact, one
    of the symbols is the same as the one you saw on the spinning dome. What could
    these symbols represent?
    Soon after that, though, Gehn will reveal that he has been able to link to
    another Age, which he has named a D'ni number followed by "rd". This must be
    something like "seventy-third", but you don't know exactly because the numbers
    were not ones that you learned in the school. Apparently Gehn prefers to only
    give his Ages numbers, rather than actual names. Closely following this
    revelation, though, Gehn describes his plans to place a linking site to his
    Age on every island. From the descriptions and illustrations he provides, it is
    clear that these linking sites are the spinning domes you've seen! These domes
    are meant to power his Linking Books! That was a book that you saw in the dome
    earlier, not just any book, it was a Linking Book! Also, it appears that the
    domes, or "fire-marbles," as Gehn refers to them, probably for the bright
    golden shine of the inner domes, are powered by the gold dome on Temple Island!
    A diagram is included, similar to the one in the gold dome, showing pipes
    radiating from the dome to five different shapes made out of small squares. Now
    you know that the squares must represent the various fire-marbles. Another very
    important piece of information is found at the end of this entry: he says that
    he has added a coded access system to all the domes, and following that is a
    string of five D'ni numbers, which may look something like this:
    -------    -------    -------    -------    -------
    |___--|    | __--|    |\    |    | |___|    |/|___|
    |   | |    |/  |\|    |/\  /|    |     |    |\    |
    -------    -------    -------    -------    -------
    [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: Several of the codes in Riven, such as this one, are
    randomly generated by the game for each different file. So, the code you see
    will almost certainly not be this one. This code is just presented as an
    example. Other such randomly generated codes will be noted when they appear.]
    This must be the combination to the slider lock on the inner dome! The only
    problem is that you don't recognize many of these numbers, because they weren't
    included in the game in the schoolhouse. You'll have to try to deduce what
    numbers they represent, but not now. There's not much point in visiting Gehn
    until you've found your Prison Book, and it's been stolen.
    Speaking of that, later on in his journal Gehn confirms what you have long
    suspected: there is a rebellion on Riven. It seems that they are under the
    leadership of Catherine, and that they are called the Black Moiety, at least by
    the villagers. So that's what Catherine has been doing on Riven: leading the
    rebellion! Since you now know that the rebel who freed you and took your Prison
    Book is a member of the Moiety, that means that if you find the Moiety, you
    will find both your Prison Book and Catherine as well! Gehn describes the
    Moiety's activities as staging raids on various locations in Riven. The
    villagers are afraid of them, and Gehn has been trying to find them and their
    hideout. He also includes a drawing of one of their knives, which they have
    taken as their symbol. In another interesting entry, Gehn details his theories
    and research on Riven's water and its strange properties. He believes that the
    water contains a bacteria that can be killed by boiling, and so has a strong
    aversion to heat. Whenever a significant heat source is placed near the water,
    the bacteria moves away from it, pulling the water with it, creating the
    bizarre phenomena you've observed on Riven. The last entry in Gehn's journal
    describes how a rebel scout was captured, and it was discovered that he was
    carrying a strange crystal. These crystals apparently have the effect of
    powering Gehn's weak Linking Books, but they are much easier to use than the
    So, to sum up the major insights from Gehn's journal:
    o Gehn has found a way to produce Books, and has written a new Age. However,
      these Books apparently are fragile, and must be powered by the spinning
      domes, which are all powered by the gold dome on Temple Island. Also, Gehn
      has moved his office and living quarters to this new Age.
    o The code to open the domes, or fire-marbles, is included in the journal, but
      at present, you cannot decipher the D'ni numbers.
    o Some of the Rivenese are rebelling against Gehn. They call themselves the
      Moiety, are led by Catherine, and use the knife as their symbol. Thus, it is
      the Moiety that has your Prison Book, and finding the Moiety should lead you
      to Catherine as well.
    Now it's time to see what else is on this desk. If you look to the left of the
    journal, you'll see a fifth wooden eye laying on the desk! Roll it over, and it
    will have the D'ni number one on its back, meaning that this is the fifth
    wooden eye you have found, but it won't make any sounds since it's out of its
    socket. Reading Gehn's note by it will provide some additional information. He
    first noticed it when he was monitoring the villagers from his "survey room,"
    and noticed a villager swimming out to it in the water near the entrance to the
    lake. He had it removed, but it reappeared within a few days. It is nice to
    have your suspicions confirmed that Gehn did not create these eyes, causing the
    evidence to lean more and more in favor of the rebels, or the Moiety. Also on
    the desk are what looks like a star chart, a device on the top shelf that may
    be a strange type of pipe, and, to the right of the journal, a mechanism that
    resembles a bayonet, although instead of the traditional trigger, it has a
    pump-style handle at the end. That appears to be everything on this desk, so
    now turn your attention to the rest of the laboratory.
    To start off, take a look at the metal sphere in the center of the room. It has
    a door on one side, and upon opening it you'll see that it is an oven. Inside
    lay the charred remains of one of Gehn's failed Linking Books. It's nice to
    know he wasn't always successful. To the left of the journal desk is the
    doorway to the path outside, which was locked. Go ahead and open it, thereby
    unlocking the door, so that you can enter the lab without having to crawl
    through the ventilation shaft. It is also nice to know, from Gehn's journal,
    that he is probably not on Riven now, since he says he has moved his living
    quarters and office to his new Age. That means you won't have to worry about
    him finding you trespassing in his lab. There is another desk past the door,
    and on it you can understand what has been happening on this island. On the
    desk is a tree stump under a magnifying glass, a stack of pages being bound, a
    press, and a collection of blank books. Now what you've been seeing on Jungle
    Island and this island begins to make sense. First, trees are felled and logged
    on Jungle Island, then shipped here via the cart. Upon arrival, they are ground
    up by the log chipper. The chips are placed in the boiler to form a paste, then
    raised on the grate to dry. Then the dried paper is taken here, where it is
    bound and pressed. This island is nothing but a factory for making Books!
    Perhaps Book Assembly Island would be an appropriate name for it.
    To the right of this desk is another doorway leading to another part of the
    island, but save that for now. There is still one more desk in the lab. On the
    far left side of the desk is an experiment concerning Riven's water. A flask of
    water is sitting over a heater. Turn on the heat, and the water will defy
    gravity by rising to the top of the flask in order to avoid the heat! Gehn
    believes the water does this because of a bacteria in the water that tends to
    avoid heat, pulling the water along with it. There is also a small set of
    drawers. All but the top drawer are locked, and it contains a collection of
    eggs, of various colors and sizes. The other objects on the desk are slightly
    more morbid. On the desk sit a number of surgical tools, as well as part of a
    frog trap like the one in the cave. On the top shelf are several frogs,
    preserved in bottles, and several bottles containing a mysterious liquid. This
    must be the explanation to Gehn's journal entry about the "ytrams," and how he
    prepared an extract from them, which he smoked. What a disgusting habit! He
    also mentioned that the rebels use the frogs, or ytrams, for their poison
    darts. At this point, it appears that you have finished searching Gehn's lab.
    Now that you're finished with Gehn's lab, see where the other door out of the
    lab leads. You'll discover that the other door leads to a mag-lev station,
    though there is neither a mag-lev car nor a call button there. It doesn't
    really matter, though, because there is still more of Book Assembly Island to
    explore: the rest of the cliff walkway. So, return to the lab and exit out the
    other door (where, by the way, you'll find the mag-lev call button), then
    follow the walkway through the cliffs and into a short cave.
    4. Return to the Dome                                                   [V.C.4]
    When you exit the cave, you'll be standing on a huge bridge over the ocean,
    leading back to Temple Island. You have a magnificent view of Temple Island
    ahead of you, Jungle Island to the left, and a fourth island to the right.
    Follow the bridge across the ocean, and when it approaches the gold dome, the
    bridge will form a staircase. The bridge appears to lead all the way to the
    gold dome, but will end just before reaching the dome. The last portion of the
    bridge is raised, blocking your way into the dome. However, there is a lever,
    and this is the bridge you saw when you explored the dome the first time, so
    one of the steam pipes you passed should provide power to the lever. In fact,
    you can look down and follow the pipe to its source down below, outside the
    gold dome. If you didn't turn the valve on the steam pipe to direct the power
    here, though, you've got a long trip ahead of you. You'll have to ride the log
    cart back to Jungle Island, then take the mag-lev to Temple Island, get back
    inside the gold dome, and finally turn the valve on the steam pipe. Then you'll
    have to come all the way back. If the power is directed, though, pull the
    lever, and the final bridge section should lower, allowing you to reenter the
    gold dome, this time on the second, previously inaccessible catwalk.
    This entrance to the dome is directly opposite the entrance from the gate room,
    and this is the section that was disconnected from the first catwalk. Follow
    the catwalk around the curve of the dome, and you'll come to another doorway
    leading back out. Before you go through it, though, keep following the catwalk
    until you reach the gap separating it from the first catwalk, where you'll find
    a large metal wheel. Turn it, and the missing section of catwalk will extend,
    linking the two paths. Now you have a quick shortcut between Temple and Book
    Assembly Islands. Once you've done that, you can go back and explore the other
    door leading outside.
    Before you can get more than a step outside, though, you'll encounter a gap in
    the walkway. It's not a large gap, but just big enough to preclude jumping
    across. Turn around, and you'll see a button against the wall. Push it, and
    the missing walkway section will quickly ascend from below to fill the gap. If
    you recall, on your first exploration of the gold dome you found one section of
    the path looked different, and there was a button on the wall next to it that
    looked similar to the one you just pushed. That must have been the floor
    that you just raised. Now that the gap has been bridged, you can follow the
    walkway as it curves to the right, back towards the rocky hill of Temple
    Island. This path gives you a better view of the spinning dome, er,
    fire-marble, but still does not provide you with a way to reach it. The path
    will end at a large door in the cliff face, with a lever next to it on the
    doorpost. Raise the lever, and the door will open, giving you access to side 4
    of the gate room! You have just opened the mysterious locked door in side 4!
    Use the rotation button to rotate the room until you can cross to the main
    entrance (side 1), then rotate the room until you can reach side 3, allowing
    you to return to the gold dome. Now, you should return to the path around the
    gold dome to see if there is anything underneath the floor section you raised
    just a little while ago.
    Return to the lower, outdoor path,and follow it around the curve of the dome
    until you reach the spot where the walkway piece was, directly in front of the
    cave entrance. It turns out there is another metal platform underneath it!
    Stand on the platform, and press the button on the wall again. This time, the
    platform will quickly descend down to a lower level! This crude elevator will
    deposit you in a stone passageway, with a metal staircase at the far end.
    Climb up the stairs, and you'll find yourself in front of the Temple Island
    fire-marble! You finally reached it! This time, the viewing scope is placed in
    plain sight on the walkway. Use it to capture the gold symbol, which is
    different for this dome: a circle with a dot in the center. The result will be
    the same as on Book Assembly Island, though: the spinning outer shell will stop
    and roll away, then the gleaming gold inner dome will replace it, looking like
    a miniature of the huge gold dome behind you. This dome, like the first one,
    will also be equipped with a slider lock underneath the thick glass window. You
    still can't unlock the domes, but you have found and opened two so far. Now
    return to the elevator and follow the path back inside the dome. Climb the
    stairs and return to the original entrance, the one that leads to side 3 of the
    gate room.
    Recall that there is a lever on the wall next to that entrance, and pulling it
    will cause the bridge outside to raise, forming a staircase. The first time you
    did this, you were trapped in the gold dome and had to lower the bridge to get
    out, but now that is not the case. Pull the lever, and the bridge will ascend
    to a point above your head. Now exit the dome following the path that leads to
    the formerly locked door, into side 4 of the gate room. Now all you have to do
    is go to side 1 (the main entrance), rotate the room so you can access side 3,
    and you will be able to climb the staircase to the top of the gold dome! Once
    you have done that, you will find that the staircase leads to a passageway in
    the split down the dome's center. In the center of this "hallway" stands a
    large black machine. It is raised above the floor, and on the ground beneath it
    is a grid. Study the grid and you'll see that it is divided into twenty-five
    large squares, with each large square containing twenty-five small holes. To
    the right of the grid are six colored marbles, which apparently must be placed
    in the correct spots on the grid for the machine to work. If you want, place
    the marbles on the grid, then go back down the hall, where there's a switch on
    the wall. Pull the switch down, and the large machine, with a series of loud,
    mechanical noises, will lower itself onto
    the grid. Lowering the switch will reveal a white button, but nothing will
    happen when you press it. The idea, though, is that something will happen when
    the correct arrangement of marbles is placed in the grid, but you haven't seen
    anything to suggest a combination to this puzzle, and the odds of guessing it
    are astronomical. This puzzle will have to wait for later. Now that you have
    completed your second exploration of the gold dome, it's time to return to Book
    Assembly Island.
    Walk back down the staircase to the gate room, then reenter the gold dome by
    using the side 4 walkway. Leave the side 3 bridge up so that when you are ready
    to solve this puzzle, you can easily return to it. Follow the catwalk to the
    right and exit back onto the bridge to Book Assembly Island, then return to
    Gehn's lab. You have now explored the entire island, so it's time to take the
    mag-lev to the fourth island. Press the call button next to the cliff walkway
    door, then leave through the other door and climb down the steps to the
    station. By the time you get to the bottom, the mag-lev will have arrived at
    the station. Climb in, then get ready for another breathtaking ride across the
    ocean. At the end of the journey, you will pass through an opening in the side
    of the unexplored fourth island, and come to a stop inside a stone-hewn
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   D. SURVEY ISLAND                                              [V.D]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. On the Surface                                                       [V.D.1]
    When the mag-lev stops, climb out onto the stone platform. You're in a small
    cave containing only the mag-lev station. The strange thing, though, is that on
    the opposite side of the station is a door, but there doesn't appear to be any
    way to reach it. Very curious. However, there is also a door on this side of
    the station, so you can save the seemingly inaccessible door for later. The
    passageway leads to a flight of metal stairs which lead up onto the surface of
    the island. When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll be in for a sight.
    Right in front of you, huge jagged rocks shoot out from the ground at angles,
    as if they had been thrust out of the ground. Actually, it's like there had
    been an explosion, and these rocks were frozen as they were being blown apart.
    All around you is a shallow pool of blue water, filled with green algae. It is
    a spectacular and eerie sight. The surface is perfectly flat, and you can't
    help wondering whether this is natural or manmade. A metal walkway just above
    the surface of the water leads through the jutting rocks, and right in the
    center of them it passes over a circular well. Looking down, you can see that
    it is orange inside the well, and there is also a black pentagonal shape. After
    you walk through the magnificent spikes, you'll approach a low wall,
    approximately six to seven feet high, with a staircase cut into it. Climb up
    the stairs, and you'll be in a narrow passage about waist high. This passage is
    like a crack down the center of the island, with constant irregular turns and
    varying width. Blue-green water fills the area on either side of the crack, and
    huge stone plateaus rise out of the water on either side. These structures are
    very tall, and all around their rims are small knobs. Even iff the actual rock
    formations are natural, the knobs certainly aren't. Make your way through the
    plateaus, and on the far side you will reach a huge wall, towering upwards for
    at least a few hundred feet and spanning the width of the entire island. As you
    take in all these magnificent sights, it will become clear to you that this
    could not possibly be entirely natural. This island has more of the feel of a
    museum or art gallery than of the real world. Could all of this be Gehn's work,
    perhaps made to reinforce his godliness to the people of Riven?
    A crack runs through the center of the wall, in line with the crack you've been
    walking through. However, the crack does not lead through the wall, only
    partway into it. When you enter the crack you‘ll find an elevator platform on
    the floor. Press the button on the left wall and the elevator will ascend most
    of the way up the wall, stopping in front of a short walkway which hangs out
    over the island, supported by chains hanging from something stuck through the
    wall. Could the object supporting the walkway be another giant rebel dagger?
    It's difficult to tell for certain, but it certainly does appear to be
    possible. Step out of the elevator and walk out to the end of the platform. You
    will have a magnificent, though dizzying, view of Riven. You can see all three
    of the other islands, as well as seeing this island below you. Now you can see
    the shapes of the five huge plateaus below you. Their surfaces are all flat,
    and are perforated with lots of small holes. Attached to the railing of the
    platform is a square-shaped panel, divided into five brass sections. The
    sections are shaped and arranged the same as the plateaus down below, and all
    the shapes fit together to form a square. In the upper-left is a medium-size
    square, the shape next to it is a square with a small attachment on the lower
    right, the third is a tiny square in the top-right corner, the fourth is shaped
    like an L, and the final, largest shape fills up the rest of the space. What's
    more, you should recognize the shapes of the panels. They are the same as the
    patterns of small squares you've seen on the plaque in the gold dome and in
    Gehn's lab!
    Now, see what happens when you press one of the brass panels, starting with the
    square shape in the upper-left. Soon after you press the panel, the surface of
    the corresponding plateau will start to ripple! Water is being pushed up
    through the holes on the surface! Due to the water's unusual properties, it
    piles up above the surface, creating a mound of water on top of the plateau!
    It's a little difficult to tell because the water is clear, but you should be
    able to make out a ring of water in the center of the rock. What could this
    mean? Try again with the next panel, the center top one. This time, the water
    will pile up into two mounds: a large one on the left side and a smaller one on
    the outer spur. The way the water is pushed up, it's similar to the surface of
    Temple Island, with the gold dome on the left and the smaller hill containing
    the temple on the right. And now that you think about it, the first plateau was
    like Book Assembly Island: a ring of cliffs with a lake in the center! These
    rock formations are miniatures of the islands of Riven, and the water forced up
    through the holes on the top form crude topographical maps of the islands! Try
    the other islands, and you'll discover that the L-shaped one is the island
    you're currently on, while the largest one is Jungle Island, with the large
    hole in the center representing the village lake. Since there are five
    plateaus, then, that must mean that there are five islands. However, you
    haven't seen any trace of a fifth island. You can't even see another island on
    the horizon. If it exists, the fifth island must be far away. Now, the question
    becomes: what is the point of this? There must be a point to it, besides sheer
    beauty or showcasing technological ability. However, there's still a lot to
    explore on this island, so after you've seen the water mimic the surfaces of
    all five islands, make sure that all the water is drained out, then turn and
    head back to the elevator.
    When you reach the elevator, you'll see that it's open in the back as well, and
    that you can go through the crack into another area! Passing through the wall
    will take you to a lake ringed by cliffs, with a wooden walkway built over the
    lake's surface. Directly in front of you in the center of the lake is a dark
    red structure sitting on a white, doughnut-shaped float. You can clearly see a
    staircase leading inside the structure, but the walkway does not lead to it.
    You'll have to find some way to get inside it, but you can't right now. For
    now, follow the path to the left. As you walk along, you'll notice that there
    are several wooden statues or idols sticking out of the surface of the water,
    with tusks and colored backs; they look like yet more representations of the
    wahrk. The path will lead into a corner of the lake protected by the cliffs,
    and in this secluded space spins another fire-marble dome. There is no viewing
    scope in sight, though, so you'll have to backtrack and follow the path to the
    other side of the lake. The other half of the path curves around the right side
    of the lake, and at its end is the viewing scope, pointing across the lake to
    the spinning fire-marble. Unfortunately, its stand has been knocked to the left
    somehow, so that it is not focused on the dome's symbols. There doesn't appear
    to be any way to fix it, so the only way to learn the dome's symbol will be to
    try to make it out as it spins by.
    Return to the dome, and you should be able to make out the gold symbol as a
    circle with a horizontal line through its center. If you still want to stop the
    dome anyway, there are two methods you can use. One way is to carefully watch
    through the viewing scope. All of the scopes pause for just a moment when the
    gold symbol flashes by. Since this one is broken, you can try to press the
    button at the moment that it pauses, indicating that the gold symbol is at the
    spot where the lens should be focused. If that is too tricky, you can simply
    press the button as fast as you can and try to catch it randomly. When you do
    catch it, the spinning will stop and the gold inner dome will be revealed, just
    like the other ones.
    Now you just need to find a way into the floating structure in the middle of
    the lake. Besides the fire-marble, the only object of any practical
    significance has been the brass plate controlling the island plateaus. Perhaps
    the floating structure is somehow related to that. If that's the case, it may
    only be accessible when the watery topographical maps are being used. It's
    worth a shot, at least. Walk back out onto the walkway over the islands and
    press one of the brass panels, say the one for this island (the L-shaped one).
    After the water has bubbled up to form the surface of this island, turn and
    walk back through the crack in the wall. Sure enough, a ramp will have extended
    from the rusty, floating structure, and you can walk inside it!
    2. Mapping Riven                                                        [V.D.2]
    When you enter the floating structure, you'll see that it was apparently built
    solely to house a large 5 x 5 grid in its center, since that's inside. Climb up
    the steps so you can look over the grid, and you'll see that there's a small
    display panel in front of the grid. It is currently showing four squares lit
    in the lower-left hand corner, in the shape of an L, obviously representing the
    island you selected. The top-most square is orange, so press it. All of a
    sudden thousands of metal pins will shoot up from the grid in front of you with
    a loud squeaking sound! What's more, the pins will create an exact
    representation of the jutting spikes at the far end of the island! The pins
    have risen to various heights, creating a detailed picture of the surface of
    the island. By pulling a handle on the left side of the display panel, you can
    rotate the grid 90 degrees counterclockwise. Red lines painted on the pins
    divide the map into twenty-five sections. By pressing the other lit squares,
    the pins in the grid will change, displaying a map of another section of the
    island. This facility provides much more detail on the topography of the
    islands than the strange watery plateaus outside. By selecting different
    islands on the brass plate outside, you can view detailed topographical maps of
    all five islands in here. The question, though, is why?
    To answer that question, think about it logically. This map room allows you to
    view highly detailed maps of the surfaces of the islands. And since the map is
    divided into a grid, it allows you to pinpoint something‘s exact location, so
    you could use these maps to identify and record the coordinates of a specific
    location or object. Also, since only one island can be viewed at a time,
    perhaps the maps are used to locate the position of something on each island,
    something that all the islands share in common. But what? Is there anything
    that you have seen on all the islands you have visited so far? To answer that
    question, think back to where you've seen these patterns of squares before: on
    the plaque in the gold dome. It showed five pipes radiating out from the gold
    dome towards each of the symbols, which you now know represent the islands of
    Riven. Also, from Gehn's lab journal you know that the purpose of the gold dome
    is to power the fire-marble domes. Could it be the fire-marble domes? Think
    back, and you'll realize that you have seen a dome on each and every island.
    Therefore, it would be logical to conclude that the purpose of this facility is
    to record the positions of the fire-marble domes on each island of Riven.
    That still leaves the question: why would you want to map the locations of the
    fire-marbles? Again, remember that all the fire-marbles receive their power
    from the gold dome. Where else have you seen any kind of grid similar to this?
    On the upper level of the gold dome, where a huge black machine stood over a
    twenty-five by twenty-five grid. If you took all the small five-by-five grids
    for each island here and combined them to form one large square, it would be a
    twenty-five by twenty-five grid. The solution to the grid puzzle must be the
    locations of the fire-marble domes! All you have to do is use the map to find
    and record the location of the fire-marble dome on each island! Study the
    islands in the order you visited them, starting with Temple Island. Return to
    the water maps and select Temple Island, then come back to the mapping chamber
    to find its fire-marble dome. Remember, Temple Island's dome is on a small
    rocky tower next to the gold dome. You'll find it in the top-left corner of the
    north-east square on the map, like this:
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __
    |__|##|__       |##|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|__|      |__|__|__|__|__|
    If you have rotated the maps to get a better view, make sure to record the
    dome's location with the map rotated back to the original orientation. Now
    simply return to the brass plaque and select the next island, then go back to
    the map room to find and note its spinning dome. Jungle Island's dome is on top
    of a large platform in the jungle. Book Assembly Island could be tricky, since
    its dome is underground, but remember that it was directly below an opening in
    the ceiling; therefore, simply look for the opening and record that as the
    dome's location. The current island's dome is not far from where you are now,
    on the edge of the lake. For the unexplored fifth island, well, it must have a
    fire-marble dome, too. Luckily, it is tiny, consisting of only one square. When
    you examine it on the map, you'll see that is nothing more than a large, flat
    rock. Off to the side, though, on a smaller rock, is the dome. When you're
    finished mapping all of the domes, their locations should look like this:
    Temple Island                      Jungle Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __
    |__|##|__       |##|__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|__|      |__|__|__|__|__|   |##|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|##|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|      |__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    Book Assembly Island               Fourth Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|            |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|__          |##|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|##|         |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|##|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    Fifth Island
     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|            |__|##|__|__|__|
    3. Below the Surface                                                    [V.D.3]
    Well, now that you've found the locations for all of the fire-marble domes, you
    have learned half of the solution to the grid puzzle at the top of the gold
    dome! You know where to place the marbles, you just need to know which color
    marble goes in each place. It doesn't look like you're going to find out that
    part of the puzzle here, though. Actually, you've now explored all that you can
    on the surface of this island. All that's left is to backtrack and try to
    figure out a way to get to the door on the other side of the mag-lev station.
    Return to the elevator in the wall, descend, and walk back through the island
    plateaus and the jutting rocks until you reach the mag-lev station. If you
    could only get across to that other door! There must be a way: there's another
    call button over there. You can't jump the gap, crawl through the mag-lev
    tunnel, or walk across a bridge or platform, though. It's time to think about
    this logically: what is there that can connect the two parts of the platform?
    There's only one thing: the mag-lev. How can you use the mag-lev to get to the
    other side? Well, think about how the mag-lev works. If you were going to leave
    right now, you would get in, turn the car around, and then leave the island.
    Wait a minute... turn the car around! Get in the mag-lev and turn it around so
    that you are facing the exit, as if you were going to go back to Book Assembly
    Island. Once you do, the door will open again, on the other side! Exit the
    mag-lev on the opposite platform. A task that at first seemed impossible turned
    out to be deceptively simple. Now you can go through the door at the far end
    and explore underneath the surface of this island.
    The door leads to a hallway leading straight. Follow it, and it will soon end
    at an orange-lit pool of water; this must be the spot you looked down on from
    the center of the jutting rocks above. You're going in the same direction as
    on the surface, you're just underground this time. Since the path dead-ends at
    the pool, pull the lever on the left. Chains hanging down into the water will
    start to move, and suddenly an elevator car will emerge from underneath the
    water, coming to a stop in the center of the pool. The car is elaborately
    decorated and has a luxurious appearance, very different from other elevators
    you've encountered. Once the elevator is above the surface of the water, the
    front wall of the elevator will lower, creating a bridge inside. Walk into the
    car and press the button on the left. The door will close and the elevator will
    descend into the orange water, rotating 180 degrees as it does so. Once the
    elevator comes to a stop, the elevator will not be underwater, but inside a
    tunnel. Before the door to the elevator opens, a grate in front of it will
    raise, allowing the door to open and you to exit.
    The elevator deposits you in a hallway with glass walls, and through them you
    can see a bright orange glow all around the tunnel. It's hard to tell what
    exactly it is that is outside the hallway, whether it is magma, super-hot
    water, or something else altogether. At the end of the hallway, you'll pass
    through a gateway and into a cave. Follow the stone path as it winds through
    the narrow tunnels, and eventually you'll emerge in a slightly larger tunnel.
    There, standing on the path up ahead, you'll see a man! He's wearing a white
    robe and will be reading a book he's holding; this man must be one of Gehn's
    servants! After a second, though, he'll look up and see you. He'll immediately
    run through a passage to the left. Quickly, follow him through the passage, and
    you'll see that it leads to another mag-lev station. You'll get there just in
    time to see the man inside the mag-lev car, turning it around, and then zooming
    This is the first time you've seen anyone since Jungle Island, and the only
    time before that was when you arrived on Riven. The man obviously was surprised
    to see you, and did not want to stick around to introduce himself. He is
    probably off to notify Gehn of the stranger on the island. However, there's no
    use in going after him; he's gotten too big of a head start. This mag-lev
    station, though, is different from the one that you arrived in; you'll have to
    see where this track leads after you're finished exploring this island. Once
    the man has gone, return to the main passage and continue following it. It ends
    at a narrow staircase carved into the rock wall. Climb the staircase, and
    you'll be in for another incredible sight.
    4. The Survey Room                                                      [V.D.4]
    The staircase leads into a huge cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites, and
    at the far end of the cavern is an enormous window, looking out at deep blue
    water. The window must be looking out into the the lake that the map room was
    floating on. A metal walkway leads across the cavern, then climbs up to a chair
    perched atop a huge rock pillar. It truly is an awesome view. Walk across the
    metal platform and up the stairs to the large chair on top. On either side of
    the chair are two poles with metal spheres on top. Sit down in the chair, and
    you'll see that there is a lever on each armrest, with a button in the center
    of the right lever. Press the button, and the chair will rotate, so that you
    will be looking out into the lake.
    Since you've been working from left to right, pull the left-hand lever first.
    The pole on the left side will drop down, depositing the large metal ball in
    your lap. Looking down at it, you'll see that it is a display console of some
    sort. There are two buttons on either side of the circular screen, along with
    six tabs around the edge of the display, but they won't move. Press the button
    on the left, and the screen will light up. It will display a small room with a
    woman inside. It's difficult to make out many details of the room or the woman,
    but you will see her walking around the room, playing with her dress, or
    walking out to a small balcony. Who is this woman? Why would Gehn want to spy
    on her? Does she know she's being spied on? You know that Catherine is on Riven
    somewhere; Atrus sent you here to rescue her. Could this woman be Catherine?
    It's impossible to tell, but it certainly is a possibility. On the other hand,
    it could be Gehn's wife or simply some Rivenese girl, and this is his sick way
    of expressing his affection. Another thing you don't know is where this woman
    is. You certainly haven't been in this room before, although it's possible that
    it could be on some unexplored part of one of the islands. It could also be on
    the mysterious fifth island, but for now there's no way to tell. Hopefully,
    you'll be able to identify this woman later.
    Now it's time to try the other button. When you push it, the view in the screen
    will change, and the rotating tabs will unlock as well. The image in the
    display will be dark and graing, and it will be difficult to tell what you're
    looking at. By rotating the tabs around the display, though, you can rotate the
    view as well. Pull the tab at the bottom right to rotate the camera one sixth
    of the way around to the right. Keep rotating the display, and it won't take
    you long to discover that the images are from the village lake! You can see the
    school, the execution platform, and the dock. Do you remember the camera
    sticking out of a small rock near the village dock? This must be where that
    camera sends its images! Gehn can use this camera to monitor the movements of
    the entire village. Apparently there is no privacy under Gehn's rule. As you
    rotate the camera around the lake, though, do you notice any particular view
    that seems a bit peculiar? Do you see anything that stands out at all?
    The view which focuses on the entrance to the lake from the blue cave is a
    little bit odd. The outline of the cave and its reflection in the water almost
    look like a fish, one with large triangular fins. It must just be a
    coincidence, though... or is it? Look closely, and you'll see a brown dot
    sitting on the surface of the water, in the same spot as the fish's eye would
    be! This is the same trick that many of the wooden eyes have used: placing the
    eye so that when seen from a certain viewpoint, the surroundings formed the
    shape of an animal, with the wooden eye in the place of the actual animal's
    eye. But this obviously can't be the same thing, since you've already found
    five wooden eyes, and that seems to be all that there are. However, the fifth
    wooden eye, the one you found in Gehn's lab, was not in its normal place. What
    did the note Gehn left say about it? It said that he had found it "floating,
    but anchored, near the entrance to the bay," while observing the villagers from
    the scope in his "survey room"! So it is a wooden eye, and it forms the
    silhouette of a fish! You now have an animal and a number associated with each
    of the wooden eyes! The only thing you don't have is a place to use all this
    data. Hopefully that will come soon. Well, you've certainly learned a lot from
    Gehn's "survey room," and you still have another display to examine! Perhaps
    "Survey Island" would be a good name for this island, considering that it's
    used to survey the terrain of Riven and "survey" the activities of the
    villagers. Now it's time to investigate the other display console.
    Move the left-hand lever back up to remove the spherical console, then pull the
    right-hand lever, and another round display screen will fall in front of you.
    This one, though, is different. It has six buttons around the display screen,
    as well as six tabs. The screen automatically came on when you pulled the
    lever, and it will display a metal pole mounted underwater. The buttons are
    marked with six circular symbols, several of which you will recognize as being
    printed on the spinning domes. The bottom button, a circle with two curved
    vertical lines and a dot in the center, is framed in a pentagonal
    wire. Press the button, and a blue light will shine out from the base of the
    pole! You can use the tabs to rotate different buttons into the wire frame,
    which will rotate the display so that it is showing a different metal pole.
    Once a button is inside the wire frame, then you can press it, and a colored
    light on the pole will turn on. The next button is simply a circle with a dot
    in the center, and pressing it will turn on a green light at the base of the
    pole. Since these poles are underwater, they could be in this lake. In that
    case, they are probably connected to the wooden idols you saw above the
    surface, which had different colored stripes on their backs. As you continue to
    press the buttons, you'll discover that the next two turn on yellow and orange
    lights, respectively. The fifth button's symbol resembles a cat eye, but before
    you press it, take a careful look at the view from the display.
    In the background you'll see a large golden ring, with blackness inside. The
    camera is pointed at the window in front of you! That definitely proves that
    the lights are in this lake. When you press the button, look up from the
    display screen. You'll see a red light glowing through the large window in
    front of you, and what's more, you'll hear something, too. A long, high,
    mournful sound will pierce through the water, much like a whale call. Then,
    after a few seconds, a wahrk will swim in front of the window! With its high,
    arched back, narrow fins, large tail, and deadly tusks, it is unmistakable. It
    certainly is large, probably measuring eight to ten feet in length, and it has
    a menacing gaze. Once it swims up to the window, though, it will pause and
    stare at you with a look of curiosity for a few seconds, almost expectant, and
    then swim off, sending out another mournful wail as it does. So, the wahrks are
    definitely not mythical. Also, its call should be familiar. The wooden eye in
    the sunners' lagoon, the one which formed a crude silhouette of a wahrk, made
    the same sound. That seems to confirm that the animal connected with the
    sunners' lagoon eye is the wahrk, especially now that you know it's real. Gehn
    must keep this one as a pet, and it has apparently been trained to come when
    the red light is lit, perhaps as a feeding signal. If you want to be mean, you
    can keep turning the red light on. The wahrk will keep appearing, but he will
    get testier each time when no food appears. The fourth time you call him he
    will be really mad, and will ram the glass in front of you! After that he won't
    come back for a long time.
    Well, you still have one more button to try, this one a circle with a vertical
    line through the center. When you press this button, though, nothing happens;
    the light must be broken. Now, what is the connection between these symbols and
    the colored lights? Have you seen anything else that might give you a clue? If
    you recall, these symbols appeared in Gehn's journal when he was discussing the
    D'ni's use of a six-color system. There are six symbols, and pressing the
    buttons causes a colored light to turn on. These symbols must represent colors!
    But that brings up something else: these symbols are the same as those used to
    open the fire-marble domes. What is the connection between the colors and the
    domes? Why would each dome need a specific color associated with it? The reason
    is the same as why you needed to record the location of each dome in the map
    room: the gold dome‘s grid puzzle. You discovered the placement of the marbles
    in the map room, and the symbols tell you which color marble is used for each
    dome! Now you need to go through each of the symbols again to discover which
    fire-marble dome they correspond to.
    The first, the one that emits a blue light, is unfamiliar; it hasn't been the
    symbol for any of the domes you've encountered. The next one though, the circle
    with a dot, is the same symbol as the one on the dome on Temple Island, so its
    dome will be marked by a green marble. The third symbol, the yellow one, is
    also unfamiliar. The fourth, the horizontal line, is the symbol for the dome
    here on Survey Island. The red cat-eye symbol is also unassociated as yet, but
    the final, vertical line symbol is that from the dome on Book Assembly Island.
    Unfortunately, its lamp is broken, so you still don't know what color is
    associated with it. This table will summarize all the information you now have:
    ((.))    blue     ?
    ( . )    green    Temple Island
    (<.>)    yellow   ?
    (---)    orange   Survey Island
    (<|>)    red      ?
    ( | )    ?        Book Assembly Island
    Note the way the color symbols have been represented. They are designed to
    resemble the central portion of the symbols, chopping off the top and bottom
    parts. The color symbols will be represented this way whenever they are
    referred to.
    You still haven't been able to reach the dome on Jungle Island, though, and you
    have no idea which symbol is on the dome for the fifth island, so you still
    don't have a complete picture, but you've made a good start. The only catch,
    though, is that if each symbol is associated with a different dome, then one
    symbol will be left out, since there are six colors but only five domes.
    However, you must remember that in the journal entry in which Gehn discussed
    the six colors, he expressed his belief that there must be a deeper connection
    to Five. It will probably turn out that only five of the colors will be used,
    You have certainly learned a lot on this island. You have gathered all the
    missing information connected with the wooden eyes and have found most of the
    solution to the gold dome grid puzzle. You've been gathering lots of pieces,
    and now it's time to start putting them together. You've now explored
    everything there is on Survey Island; it's time to leave. Return the display to
    its upright position, rotate the chair back around, and leave the survey room.
    When you emerge on the path again, take the side passage to the second mag-lev
    station, the one Gehn's servant escaped from. Press the blue call button to
    summon the car, and climb in when it arrives. Turn it around to face the exit
    tunnel, then push the switch forward and hang on for another high-speed ride
    over the ocean as the mag-lev travels back toward Jungle Island. The car will
    come to a stop in a small cave, and hopefully this will allow you to access
    some new, unexplored regions of Jungle Island.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   E. THE MOIETY                                                 [V.E]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. Above the Jungle                                                     [V.E.1]
    The mag-lev will come to a stop in another underground station beneath Jungle
    Island. Climb out of the car onto the platform, and you'll see that the only
    exit is a passage through the rock. Follow the passage, and it will terminate
    at an elevator platform. Step into the elevator, and when you raise the lever
    by the door the elevator will ascend, first through rock, then through wood.
    When the elevator stops, you will be facing a wooden passage that leads
    nowhere. The car stops in front of a short, narrow, cramped passage that
    extends for a few feet and then stops. The only things there are a black lever
    and a mag-lev call button. Before you pull the lever, though, notice something
    about the elevator control lever. When you moved the lever up to ride the
    elevator, the lever only went up halfway. This elevator must travel to another,
    higher level as well. You'll have to remember to ride the rest of the way up
    after you pull the lever.
    Now, go ahead and pull the black lever in front of the elevator. Slowly, with a
    deep, creaking sound, the floor in front of you will lower, forming a staircase
    onto the ground outside! The edges of the staircase, though, are not straight,
    but jagged, almost like teeth. Climb down the stairs, and you'll find yourself
    back in the jungle. Turn around, and you'll see that you just climbed out of
    the mouth of the giant wahrk idol! The jagged edges were the wahrk's teeth, and
    the lever simply opened the idol's mouth! Also, when you turn back around to
    face the path, you should notice something about one of the lamps flanking the
    walkway: the left-hand lamp has an orange pin sticking out from the top of it.
    This must be a secret control to open the wahrk's mouth from outside, rather
    than from the elevator. If you want to, follow the path up a little ways from
    the wooden wahrk, and as you approach the Y-intersection beneath the spinning
    dome, you'll run into a small girl standing on the path. The girl will stare up
    at you with a smile for a few seconds, then turn and run back towards the
    intersection, tripping as she does so. Since you haven't passed any of the
    watch towers, the villagers haven't been warned of your presence yet, so they
    aren't hiding from you for the moment, which is why you saw the girl.
    Since the first level of the elevator turned out simply to be a shortcut, you
    should go ahead and see where the upper level leads. If you left the idol's
    area, then the mouth will have automatically shut. Return to the idol and find
    the secret pin, which will be on top of the right-hand lamp as you face the
    idol. Pull the pin up, and the wahrk's mouth will open. Climb back up the
    stairs into the elevator, then move the lever up again. The wahrk's mouth will
    shut, the lever will reset, and the car will turn about 45 degrees to the left
    before ascending again. When it comes to a stop, you will be facing a metal
    walkway high amidst the trees. Follow the walkway as it leads straight ahead,
    giving you an excellent view of the jungle. After a little while another path
    will branch off to the right, but stay on the main path for now. It will soon
    become apparent that this walkway leads to the Jungle Island fire-marble
    spinning atop its high platform! You have finally found a way to reach it!
    Unfortunately, there is no scope in sight. Before you follow the walkway past
    the dome, perhaps you should go back and investigate the path that branched off
    a little ways back.
    Return to the intersection and follow the second walkway, which will be on your
    left this time. Eventually the walkway will curve to the left, and there you
    will find the viewing scope, pointing across the jungle towards the dome. Look
    through the scope and watch carefully as the symbols spin by. When you're able
    to catch the gold symbol, you'll see that it's the one that resembles a
    cat-eye. From the colored lights in Gehn's survey room, you know that this
    symbol represents the color red. Once you catch the symbol, the dome will stop
    spinning and the gold inner dome will roll into place. Return to the
    fire-marble and you'll see that it is exactly the same as all the others,
    complete with the slider lock. Soon you're going to have to figure out the
    combination to these domes, but that can wait for a little bit longer. Now
    follow the walkway as it continues past the dome.
    2. Prison Passages                                                      [V.E.2]
    As soon as you climb a short staircase over the lip of a ridge, you'll see the
    top of one of the watch towers and will hear the alarm sounding. You're back,
    and the villagers don't want (or aren't allowed) to have any contact with you.
    After the siren subsides, go ahead and continue along the walkway. You are
    crossing over the cleft which connects the logged area, the jungle, and the
    village. Once you reach the other side of the ridge, you will see a tiny
    chamber surrounded by a number of large boulders. The chamber is barely large
    enough for a person to enter, and has a tiny door facing the path. Climb
    inside, and you'll discover that the chamber's sole purpose is to house a large
    chair, which is more like a throne, in the center. The chair is flanked by
    large skulls on either side with curved tusks. Could they be wahrk skulls?
    Whatever they are, it's somewhat disturbing that Gehn would choose to decorate
    his throne with bones. Sit down in the chair, and there will be two levers in
    front of you. Go ahead and pull the left lever, and the chair, with you in it,
    will begin to ascend! As the ceiling overhead opens up, the chair will rotate,
    so that you will be sitting on top of the chamber with an excellent view of the
    village. Hold on tightly to the chair, and look down. Directly in front of you
    is the execution platform. Could this be where Gehn oversees the killings? He
    must appear powerful and menacing to the villagers below as he looks down on
    them from high above, which is probably his intention. Now try the right lever,
    and five panels around the rim of the execution platform will come together in
    the center, creating a floor over the water in the center of the execution
    platform. Since prisoners are executed by being lowered into the water, the new
    surface would prevent them from reaching the lake. Gehn must get a sadistic
    pleasure out of watching some poor person being lowered down, then opening the
    panels at the last instant, sending the native down into the water, where a
    hungry wahrk awaits.
    The question now, though, is can this help you? With the panels in place, it
    would be possible for you to stand in the center of the platform, not just on
    the rim. Is that significant at all? Think back to the first time you were on
    the platform. There was a handle, and pulling it lowered down the metal stocks
    that the prisoners hang from. After a few seconds, the bar returned back to the
    top of the structure. From your viewpoint above the village, you can clearly
    see a gangplank leading from the apex of the execution platform to a walkway
    along the cliff wall. Is there any way you can reach that walkway? There is, if
    you use the metal bar as an elevator to lift you up to the top of the platform!
    Now that the panels are in place, you could grab the metal bar and let it pull
    you up to the top of the execution platform! Now that you have a plan, you need
    to get back to the platform.
    Pull the left lever again to lower the chair, then exit the tiny chamber.
    Follow the walkway back to the tree elevator, and take the elevator down to the
    wahrk idol. Walk out of the idol and follow the path to the Y-intersection,
    underneath the newly opened fire-marble. Take the right-hand path to leave the
    jungle, and take a right in the cleft to enter the blue cave leading to the
    village. Walk along the catwalk to the village dock, where the underwater car
    should be waiting, right where you left it. Climb inside and turn the car
    around, so that it is facing back towards the execution platform. Moving
    forward twice should bring you to the platform, and with the panel in the
    center, you can now stand in the center of the structure. Find the handle
    hanging down from the apex and pull it. The metal bar with the ankle holes at
    either end will lower, stopping a few feet above the ground. Now, walk out onto
    the center of the platform and grab onto the bar. Hold on tight, though,
    because after a few seconds the bar will begin to climb back up, carrying you
    with it!
    When the bar finishes its upward journey, you can step onto the narrow
    gangplank connecting the top of the execution platform to a metal walkway that
    hugs the side of the cliff. Across from the gangplank, a large circular grate
    or hatch has been set in the face of the cliff. Carefully cross the gangplank
    onto the walkway and look through the bars of the grate, which are arranged in
    a pentagonal shape. Through the grate you'll see a man slumped in the corner of
    a small room carved in the cliff! He appears to be asleep, but after a moment
    he will look up at you for a moment, with a sad, hopeless look upon his face,
    then drop his head down again. The prisoner, for that is obviously what he is,
    is a Rivenese native wearing a dirty white coat, along with a red headband,
    just like the rebel who freed you wore. This man must be a member of the
    Moiety who has been caught by Gehn! Since his cell is directly across from the
    execution platform, it would seem that this man does not have much longer to
    live. If only you could help him somehow! Look around, and you'll see something
    set into the cliff to the right of the cell, at the end of the walkway. Walk up
    to it and you'll see that it is a wheel decorated with Gehn's star emblem. Turn
    the wheel, then look back at the prison cell. The hatch will slowly open! When
    you run back to the prison, though, the prisoner will be gone!
    What? How is this possible? You were watching the door the entire time it was
    opening! There was no way he could have gotten out without you seeing him. The
    only explanation is that there is another, secret exit from the cell! You'll
    have to search the cell to find it. Step inside, and you'll see that the cell
    is quite bare, nothing more than a small square room carved into the rock. The
    only things in the cell are a metal plate and a small drainage grate. Well,
    there's nothing for it; you'll have to see what's underneath that grate. Grab
    the grate, and you'll find that it will swing open easily. Now you have no
    choice: stick your hand down in the grimy water, and you'll find something!
    There's a handle hidden underneath the grate! Pull the handle up, and a section
    of the back wall will slowly slide back with a deep, rumbling sound! You've
    found the prisoner's escape route! Step through the opening into a small cave.
    There's another handle on the floor, so you will be able to get out. Go ahead
    and shut the door behind you, then head off into the cave.
    It will soon be pitch dark, just like when you had to crawl through the
    boiler's drainage pipe on Book Assembly Island. Keep moving forward and put
    your hand on the wall to feel the way. Finally you'll see some light ahead, and
    you'll be looking out onto the ocean. The tunnel just stops and runs into the
    ocean, a dead-end. Did the rebel swim off to some other part of the coast, or
    did you miss something in the darkness? There's definitely not anything worth
    mentioning here; except, that is, for a short wooden stick attached to the
    wall. There's a small sphere attached to the stick, and you might as see what
    it is. Touch the sphere, and a bright white light will shine out from it! This
    should allow you to see a little bit of the way back up the passage. Turn and
    head back, and after a few steps, just as the light is failing, you'll find
    another light ball! Touch it to light it up, too, and continue back along the
    cave; there's another one! You should be able to make your way all the way back
    to the entrance by using the strange lights. Once you've made it back to the
    entrance, you can go down the tunnel a second time, looking out for anything
    you missed in the darkness.
    About halfway down the tunnel on your second pass, you'll find something! The
    cave forks into two tunnels: the passageway you followed passes through an open
    doorway to the left, but there is another door on the right, one you couldn't
    see in the dark! Pull the door to open the right-hand passage, and it will
    block the left-hand passage. The new tunnel is lit, fortunately, and after
    following it for a while, it will end at an open doorway.
    3. The Moiety Chamber                                                   [V.E.3]
    Through the narrow stone entryway lies a remarkable room. The room is circular,
    and arranged in a large circle in the center of the room are stones about two
    feet high, standing vertically. The effect is rather like a large gear in the
    center of the room. At the far end of the room is a large, concave circle,
    almost like a gateway, and in the center is a flat, square stone with a Moiety
    knife painted on it. This room is obviously of some importance to the Moiety;
    perhaps it serves as a gateway to their hideout or their resources. It must
    lead somewhere else, though, since this is where the rebel prisoner went, and
    he's not here anymore, so you need to find another way out of this room.
    Examine the circle of stones in the center of the room. There are twenty-five
    of them, and they all have a picture of an animal on them. All of the animals
    must be Rivenese, but you have not seen most of them. There are a few familiar
    ones though: the golden beetle, the sunner, and the wahrk for example. If you
    touch one of the stones, it will lower several inches into the ground. After
    you have lowered five stones, they will all rise back up when you try to touch
    a sixth. These stones must serve as some sort of combination. When the five
    correct stones are pressed in the right order, it should trigger something,
    hopefully another exit. The question now is: what sort of information do you
    have relating to animals and connected to the rebels? The answer, of course, is
    the wooden eyes! You have been slowly and gradually collecting lots of
    information associated with these eyes all over Riven, but you have never been
    able to find out what to do with it! This is it: this room is the reason for
    the wooden eyes. The rebels have left the solution to this puzzle on the wooden
    eyes all over Jungle Island! Before you begin to try to solve this puzzle,
    first put together everything you know about each of the eyes.
    Now that you‘ve visited four of Riven‘s islands, your information is more
    complete than the first time you assembled this information, whereas there were
    many gaps in the data after your first exploration of Jungle Island. The first
    three eyes that you found both made a sound when rotated and had some sort of
    silhouette associated with them. The silhouette formed the shape of an animal,
    with the wooden eye in the same spot as the animal's real eye would be. The
    sound made by the eye is the call made by that animal. The fourth eye, the one
    in the jungle, did not have an animal shape connected with it, but the sound it
    made was the call made by the sunners. The fifth eye was tricky. You first
    found it in Gehn's lab, where he had removed it from its socket at the entrance
    to the village. Then, while you were studying the village spy camera, you
    noticed that the outline of the cave at the entrance along with its reflection
    in the water form the shape of a fish with triangular fins, like ones you may
    have seen hanging up in the village. There was a brown dot at the spot the
    fish's eye would be, and since that was the location where Gehn found the eye,
    you deduced that that was the location of the fifth eye. Given that everything
    in Riven has come in fives, that seems to be all of the wooden eyes. You have
    to admire the rebel's ingenuity: they access their secret chamber from Gehn's
    own prison and placed the solution of its puzzle all over Jungle Island, yet
    Gehn never even noticed! All of your information about the wooden eyes can be
    summarized in the following table:
    LOCATION            SHAPE    SOUND                D'NI NUMBER   ARABIC NUMBER
    mag-lev station     ytram    chirping, clicks     ] K[          3
    sunners' lagoon     wahrk    sad whale call       ] H[          5
    beetle pool         beetle   buzzing, clicking    ] D[          2
    knife in jungle     none     wheezing, snorting   ] L[          4
    village entrance*   fish**   none                 ] I[          1
    *  found in Gehn's lab
    ** viewed from survey room
    Now you need to figure out how this information relates to the animal stones.
    Basically, you need to know which stones to push down and in which order. The
    animal must be determined by the eye's sound or the shape that is formed around
    it, and the order must come from the D'ni number printed on each eye's back.
    Since you've deduced the D'ni numbers one through ten from the game in the
    school, you have determined that each eye bears a number from one to five. So,
    the information in the table above can be simplified down to this:
    mag-lev station    ytram    3
    sunners' lagoon    wahrk    5
    beetle pool        beetle   2
    knife in jungle    sunner   4
    village entrance   fish     1
    These are the animals whose stones you should press, in the order specified by
    the number on their eye's backs! This information will give you the following
    1. triangular fish
    2. golden beetle
    3. ytram (frog)
    4. sunner
    5. wahrk
    You shouldn't have much trouble finding the correct stones, since most are easy
    to identify, but a few of the images are a little tricky. Just remember that
    the pictures are not meant to be scientifically and anatomically correct. The
    first stone should be the one bearing the image of the fish with large,
    triangular fins. Once you've found it, touch it to lower it into the ground.
    Next is the golden beetle you saw crawling on the post of the gate into the
    jungle. Third is the beautiful ytram, the frog you were able to trap on Book
    Assembly Island. After that is the sunner, the odd but docile animals who seem
    to do nothing bask in the sun on their rock. Last comes the wahrk, the huge,
    powerful, and dangerous animal you were able to see eye-to-eye in Gehn's survey
    room. Its stone is at the front and center of the ring, so take a deep breath,
    press it, and step back.
    For a few seconds, nothing will happen. Then, the large concave stone circle in
    front of you will begin to ripple! Water is clinging to the wall, and now it is
    rippling. Soon, the water will start flowing through channels along the sides
    to the other circle behind you, the one that contains the doorway. Once all the
    water has flowed away, the wall will be glistening wet. The flat panel with the
    Moiety knife on it will roll back, and a small rock shelf will slowly move
    forward through the opening. Approach the shelf and you'll see that on it is a
    Linking Book! This room serves as the gateway to a rebel Age! The Book is
    charred around the edges and has a rectangular crystal placed over the linking
    panel. Looking through the crystal at the linking panel will give you a glimpse
    of the Age this Book links to. A huge, tree-like structure stands on an island
    in the center of a flat lake ringed by dark cliffs. The world appears to
    consist of two colors: blue and gray. Once you've watched the fast-moving
    flyby, press your hand to the linking panel. You will feel yourself being
    sucked into the Book, and then reappear a moment later in a different Age.
    4. The Moiety Age                                                       [V.E.4]
    You will materialize on a tiny wooden pier at the edge of a lake. The surface
    of the lake is smooth, with only the slightest of waves moving across it. On an
    island in the center of the lake is what looks like a giant tree. However,
    instead of separating into limbs and branches, the tree's trunk appears to
    support an enormous sphere sitting on top of it. You can see lights from inside
    the sphere; it must be the rebel hideout. The lake is surrounded by colossal
    cliffs, much higher than any you've encountered on Riven. The whole world is
    very dark and muted: the water is a grayish blue, the tree and giant sphere are
    gray, the cliffs are dark, and there are gray clouds overhead, though you can
    see a blue sky behind them. All in all, the place has a very mysterious, almost
    ominous mood. Also, though you are standing on a pier, there is no sign of a
    boat or any other means of reaching the tree. There is, however, a tunnel into
    the cliff behind you.
    Turn and walk down the short tunnel. It leads to a small chamber containing
    nothing but a strange statue:a figure, stabbed with Moiety daggers all over its
    body, holds another Linking Book in its open hands, probably back to Riven. It
    is impossible to tell whether the figure represents Catherine, Gehn, or some
    other person. As you enter the chamber, though, you'll hear voices behind you!
    Turn around, and you'll see the prisoner you tried to free along with another
    rebel on either side of the doorway! The prisoner will point at you as the
    other rebel, who is in the same black outfit the one who freed you wore, raises
    a blow gun to his mouth. You'll feel a sharp pain as the dart hits you, and
    then you'll feel nothing as you fall unconscious.
    After several minutes, you will partly wake up, and will find yourself lying in
    a boat sailing towards the giant tree, with the rebel prisoner looking at you
    and trying to talk to you. After a few seconds, though, you will drift back
    into the blackness. Finally, you will regain consciousness, and will find
    yourself lying on a flat, narrow rock, looking up at a rock ceiling. Get up and
    you'll see that you are in a small room. There's a window to the left of the
    rock slab that served as your bed, and looking through it will confirm that you
    are inside the giant sphere. This place is bigger than it seems, too, since you
    are very high up, with the pier you linked onto only a tiny brown spot against
    the gray of the insurmountable cliffs. Looking around your room, you'll see
    that it's certainly not luxurious. It is made of rock, and the only
    "furnishing" is a rock ledge that serves as a counter, on which sits an empty
    bowl. Walk through the passage past the table and you'll find the door to your
    room: a locked, wooden gate. You can definitely understand the Moiety's need
    for security. You would probably react the same way if a stranger made his way
    into your secret headquarters. If only you could convince them of your good
    intentions! Looking through the window in the gate will give you a fascinating
    view. Inside the giant sphere are lots of smaller structures, probably
    individual dwellings, connected by bridges and stairs. You can hear voices and
    see people walking about inside. The whole place is rather like an enormous
    hive consisting of many smaller sections. The rebels definitely have a
    fascinating place for their home.
    Unfortunately, you're stuck in this cell. You can't get through the gate, and
    trying to escape through the window would be suicide. You'll simply have to
    wait for someone to come to you. Luckily, you won't have to wait long. Almost
    as soon as you go back down the short passage to your room, you'll hear a
    rattle as the chains are unlocked and a squeak as the gate opens, and a woman
    will walk into your room. She is dressed in the black Moiety garb, but she is
    not wearing goggles or a mask. She has a look of fear, almost desperation on
    her face, and those same emotions come through in her voice. She will speak
    softly and calmly to you, and though you can't understand her language, the
    first word she says sounds something like "Catherine". From inside a red cloth
    she holds, she will reveal two books and set them on the shelf. She is
    obviously asking you to do something as she pleads and points at the books, and
    then she will leave, locking the gate behind her.
    Once the woman has left, pick up the two books she left you. One is a journal,
    and the other is your Prison Book! The rebel who freed you when you first
    arrived took this Book with him, and it has finally been returned to you! Now
    you have the means to trap Gehn, per Atrus's instructions. If you want, you can
    open the Book and look through the linking window at what appears to be D'ni,
    but which you know is really a trap. Just be very careful not to touch the
    panel, or you would trap yourself! Now that you know you have the Prison Book
    back, you need to read the journal the woman gave you; it must be important.
    5. Catherine's Journal                                                  [V.E.5]
    The journal is written in a woman's hand, and begins describing the writer
    linking to Riven. She arrived in the same cage that you did, but she too was
    rescued by Moiety scouts. Just a few pages into the journal, though, is a note
    from Catherine which has been stuck inside the journal! It reads:
        I write quickly from my prison... Nelah will return your book which the
        Moiety intercepted upon your arrival. After questioning her, I've concluded
        that it was written by Atrus for a very specific purpose.
        Gehn will desire to use it... although he may have suspicions.
        If you can find my prison, you will still need the combination to release
        me; Gehn keeps it in his office. Then, I assume, we're to signal Atrus... I
        think I know how it might be done. But don't signal him before I am
    So... things have gotten interesting. It looks like your hope has not been
    realized: Catherine is not with the rebels, she is in prison. That means that
    the woman you saw from Gehn's survey room probably was Catherine, whom you can
    imagine Gehn would want to keep a close eye on. Also, you now know that the
    woman who visited you is named Nelah. Most importantly, Catherine knows that
    you've been sent by Atrus to trap Gehn and rescue her, and she knows your Book
    is a trap. She tells you where to find the combination for her prison, although
    she must be referring to a different "office" than Gehn's lab on Book Assembly
    Island, and that she knows how to signal Atrus! Great! If you can find
    Catherine, it appears that she will be able to help you out a lot!
    Unfortunately, she has been captured by Gehn, and so is definitely not on this
    Age. Now you know why Nelah was so passionate when she delivered the books:
    she wants you to free Catherine. Also, now you know that the journal belongs to
    Catherine, and it is describing what happened to her after she was tricked into
    returning to Riven.
    Returning to the journal, you'll learn that Catherine was found by the Moiety
    and taken back with them. She has learned a lot about their beliefs and
    history, which she explains in the journal. Catherine and Atrus apparently had
    a confrontation with Gehn at the Fissure when Gehn became trapped on Riven.
    Many of the Rivenese saw this confrontation, and two actually witnessed
    Catherine linking to Myst and Atrus falling into the Fissure, an act which
    trapped Gehn on Riven and sent the Myst Book to Earth, where you would
    eventually find it. The Rivenese could tell that Gehn had been proven a weak
    imposter, not the god that he would have them believe. Over the years
    Catherine has been gone, their beliefs have grown to the point that they
    believe Atrus to be a true god and that Catherine, as his wife, is becoming a
    god, and will rule Riven forever. Catherine has a hard time dealing with the
    fact that she is believed to be a goddess, and the Moiety have a hard time
    knowing how to interact with her.
    The next few entries describe how the Moiety have totally separated themselves
    from the other villagers and live in a complex cave network underground. (This
    entry was obviously written the Moiety had access to this Age.) She also
    describes the Moiety's small efforts to hurt Gehn and scare the villagers, as
    well as the elaborate costumes and masks they wear when they go on these raids.
    You will also read with sadness how Catherine realizes that she has been
    tricked here by her sons, Sirrus and Achenar, but is grateful that Atrus is not
    here, because he would be in danger from Gehn. Atrus's family is truly a sad
    In the following entry Catherine describes her first visit to the surface of
    Riven, and her shock upon finding it totally different from what it was when
    she lived here. According to Catherine, Riven used to be one large island, but
    as it has decayed it has broken up into five islands. That is why all the
    island shapes fit together to form one large square! She also writes that Gehn
    has claimed all but Jungle Island, which the natives call Riven (though they
    also call the entire world Riven), for his personal property; that's why Jungle
    Island is the only one where you have found Rivenese natives. She also explains
    that the fifth island has moved very far away, and little is known about it
    except that it is where the "Great Tree" was. She says that the reason for the
    Age's decay is because Gehn wrote it, and all of his Ages eventually decay. A
    few entries later, Catherine expresses her surprise when she finds out that
    Gehn is making Books, although he still hasn't gotten them to work yet. He is
    using all of Riven's people and resources to try to escape and pursue his
    godlike dreams of restoring D'ni.
    The next entry contains lots of information about the Star Fissure, as
    Catherine has found its location on Riven! It is on the island called "Allapo",
    which doesn't help you much, but she goes on to describe how Gehn has covered
    it with heavy iron and placed a telescope over it. The journal then contains a
    picture of the conical structure just outside the cage where you arrived on
    Riven! That telescope is on top of the Fissure! Catherine feels that it is good
    that it has been sealed, and that opening it now would be catastrophic to Riven
    due to its decay. She also relates the story that Gehn tried to determine where
    the Fissure led by throwing people into it, but he was unable to learn
    anything. You, of course, know where it leads: to Earth, since the Myst Book
    fell into the Fissure, and you ended up finding it. Catherine also recalls
    Atrus's observations on the Fissure: that it has a very safe, life-sustaining
    atmosphere, and recalls the words from his journal, "I realized the moment I
    fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It
    continued falling into that starry expanse..." However, the origin of the
    Fissure is a mystery to her, and she and Atrus have come to accept that it was
    created by "the will of the Maker". After that, Catherine describes the
    reverence with which the Moiety treat their symbol: the daggers that appeared
    on Riven when Catherine wrote them in. She also describes how Gehn exploits
    their belief in the power of symbols, and how they are afraid of Gehn's symbol
    and of the wahrk.
    The next entry reveals Catherine's shock when she discovers that Gehn has
    created a working Linking Book. She describes how he built the spinning domes
    to correct the flaws in his Books and the enormous amounts of power they
    require. She also explains that apparently he had made this breakthrough some
    time ago, but had kept it so secret that the Moiety have only just found out.
    She also tells how the Moiety were able to steal a partially burned Book that
    Gehn had started writing and then discarded. In the next entries, Catherine
    begins her plans to write a new Age for the Moiety from the stolen Book. She
    explains how if they can get access to one of the domes, they can use it to
    power the Book.
    A couple entries later, Catherine lists what has happened since her last entry.
    They have stolen another Linking Book, allowing Catherine to return to Riven
    after she links to the new Age. However, she is worried that Gehn will miss the
    Book. They have also found out the combination to open the domes, but don't
    know how they're powered. Catherine realizes that they're going to have to find
    another way to get the Books to work, since they'd only be able to link using
    the domes once, and for a short amount of time. She plans to write a substance
    into the Moiety Age that will correct this problem. The next entry explains her
    plans: they will wait for Gehn to power and use the domes, then use the domes
    to power the Moiety Age Book just once. Catherine will link there, and
    apparently she has written a substance into the Age that stabilizes Gehn's
    Books. That must be the crystal Gehn described in his journal, and which was
    placed on top of the Linking Book to this Age. She will return with several of
    the crystals, so that they won't have to use the domes anymore. The final entry
    proclaims the plan a success: all of the Moiety have transferred to the new
    Age, the one you are on, which they have named "Tay". They are free, happy, and
    finally have peace. Catherine plans to return to Riven to see Gehn's reaction,
    but the journal ends there. That must have been when she was captured and
    imprisoned by Gehn.
    A very informative and revealing journal, to say the least. Through this
    journal, Catherine has been able to teach you much about Riven's history and
    current condition. As soon as you finish reading Catherine's journal, you'll
    hear the gate being opened a second time. Nelah will appear again, and with
    another desperate, unintelligible speech, will place a Linking Book on the rock
    ledge, then set a linking crystal over the window. Now you can understand why
    Nelah is so desperate for you to help Catherine; the journal reveals that they
    are close friends. Well, it seems that you have done all you can in the Age of
    Tay, but you have made a lot of progress. You have recovered your Prison Book,
    learned a lot about the Moiety and Catherine's situation, and received a
    helpful letter from Catherine. It's now time to return to Riven. Use the
    Linking Book, and you will reappear in the secret Moiety gateway.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   F. GEHN AND CATHERINE                                         [V.F]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    1. Opening the Domes                                                    [V.F.1]
    When the link is complete, you'll be back in the Moiety gateway, which will
    have reset itself; that is, the stones will have moved back up and the water
    will have returned in front of the Moiety dagger. Leave the chamber and follow
    the tunnels back to the secret exit. Use the handle on the floor to open the
    door, then exit the prison cell. Follow the metal walkway to the right and
    you'll find a ladder. Lower it so you can climb down onto the village path. Now
    you need to figure out what to do next. First, remember what you've been sent
    here to do. Your three objectives on Riven are to:
    1. Trap Gehn
    2. Find Catherine
    3. Signal Atrus to come and bring you back 
    You couldn't proceed with these goals until you had recovered your Prison Book.
    Now that you have it back and have explored most of Riven, it's time to start
    working towards these goals. In order to accomplish your first objective,
    you'll have to find Gehn. All the evidence you've found suggests that Gehn is
    not on Riven, but instead on another Age he has written. You've also learned
    that the fire-marble domes protect and power the Linking Books to that Age.
    Therefore, your next step should be to open the domes.
    Since you're on Jungle Island, head for the Jungle Island dome. Exit the
    village through the blue cave and enter the jungle. Go to the wahrk idol and
    pull the pin on the right-hand lamp to open its mouth, then ride the elevator
    to the upper level and follow the walkway to the dome. You have already opened
    the spinning, outer dome using the viewing scope. Now you just have to figure
    out the correct combination for the slider lock to gain access to the Book
    inside. You actually found the combination in Gehn's journal, but the numbers
    were in D'ni, and most were different from those you learned in the school.
    You've put it off long enough; now you need to figure out the combination to
    the fire-marble domes.
    Start out by looking at the numbers you know, one through ten. From those
    numbers, perhaps you can deduce some patterns that will allow you to figure out
    the numbers up to twenty-five. Here are the D'ni numbers one through ten, which
    you learned by playing the game in the school:
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |  |  |  1    |\    |  2    |/    |  3    |   --|  4    |_____|  5
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |     |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |__|__|  6    |\____|  7    |/____|  8    |___--|  9    | ___ | 10
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |/   \|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    Now, compare the numbers 1-5 to the numbers 6-10. You'll notice that 6, 7, 8,
    and 9 are the same as 1, 2, 3, and 4 except that 6-9 have a horizontal line
    through their centers. If you look at just the horizontal line, you'll see it's
    the same as the D'ni symbol for 5. So, the symbol for six is just a combination
    of the symbols for five and one, since 6 = 5 + 1. Similarly, 7 is 5 plus 2, 8
    is 5 plus 3, and 9 is 5 plus 4. That seems simple enough. Now look at the
    symbol for ten. It has a curved line on the bottom of its box. How does that
    relate to any of the other numbers? The number it looks most similar to is the
    number two, which also consists of a curved line, but on the left side of the
    box. Really, the symbol for ten is the same as the symbol for two rotated 90
    degrees counterclockwise! If ten is just a rotated two, wouldn't it hold that
    five should be a rotated one? Test it to see if your theory holds, and you'll
    see that it does! The symbol for one is a vertical line, so rotating it 90
    degrees yields a vertical line; the symbol for five! And if you can form the
    numbers 6-9 by adding the symbols for 1-4 to the symbol for 5, you should be
    able to form 11-14 by adding 1-4 to 10! Try it, and you'll end up with this:
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    | ___ | 10    | _|_ | 11    |\___ | 12    |/ __ | 13    | __--| 14
    |/   \|       |/ | \|       |/   \|       |\/  \|       |/  |\|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    Be aware that this method of representing the D'ni symbols is not exact: some
    of the actual symbols have overlaps that cannot be completely represented in
    this method. Hopefully this method will be good enough to give you a good idea
    of what the D'ni symbols look like; however, keep in mind that the actual
    symbols will look a little bit different from these representations.
    So if a rotated one makes five, and a rotated two makes ten, then a rotated
    three should make fifteen! And by adding the symbols for 1-4 to it, you should
    be able to make 16-19, like this:
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |     | 15    |  |  | 16    |\    | 17    |/    | 18    |   --| 19
    |\   /|       |\ | /|       |/\  /|       |\   /|       |\  |/|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    Continuing the pattern, rotating the symbol for four 90 degrees should create
    the symbol for twenty, and combining the symbols for 1-4 to it should create
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    | |___| 20    | ||__| 21    |\|___| 22    |/|___| 23    | |_--| 24
    |     |       |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    That still leaves twenty-five. If you try to rotate the symbol for five,
    though, you just end up with another one. The symbol for twenty-five must be
    different from the others; it resembles an X. Now that you have figured out the
    numbers 1-25, here they are all together:
              1 ] I[   2 ] D[   3 ] K[   4 ] L[
     5 ] H[   6 ]HI[   7 ]HD[   8 ]HK[   9 ]HL[
    10 ]D [  11 ]DI[  12 ]DD[  13 ]DK[  14 ]DL[
    15 ]K [  16 ]KI[  17 ]KD[  18 ]KK[  19 ]KL[
    20 ]L [  21 ]LI[  22 ]LD[  23 ]LK[  24 ]LL[
    25 ] X[
    Note that this chart uses the shorthand notation for the D'ni numbers
    introduced previously. The D'ni number is represented by the two letters inside
    the backwards brackets, with the letters representing the strokes that most
    closely resemble that letter's shape. The first letter inside the bracket
    represents the symbol that is rotated, and the second letter represents the
    symbol that is in its normal orientation. So, the shorthand for 17, ]KD[, means
    that the D'ni symbol for 17 consists of a rotated K, with a D in normal
    position. (Here "K" and "D" mean the D'ni symbols which resemble the letters K
    and D.) The only exception to this rule is the use of H to represent 5, and
    that for the numbers 5-9, neither letter is rotated. This is simply because the
    rotated I is more easily recognized as an upright H. But enough technical
    gibberish, it's time to get back to opening the dome.
    You've done it! You found the patterns and now know the D'ni numbers one
    through twenty-four! You should now be able to decipher the fire-marble dome
    code from Gehn's journal. Here is the example code, similar to the one you
    found in Gehn's journal, along with its translation into Arabic numerals:
    -------      -------       -------       -------       -------
    |___--| 9    | __--| 14    |\    | 17    | |___| 20    |/|___| 23
    |   | |      |/  |\|       |/\  /|       |     |       |\    |
    -------      -------       -------       -------       -------
    You have cracked the code for Gehn's fire-marbles! Now, step up to the window
    in the center of the dome and examine the sliders beneath it. Obviously, you'll
    have to set the sliders from right to left, since they can't move past each
    other. So, for the example code, you would take the first slider and move it to
    the twenty-third, or third-to-last, spot. You would then move the next one to
    the twentieth spot, and so on. Once you have moved all of the sliders to the
    correct positions, press the white button. All the sliders will quickly move
    back to the edge, and if you entered the correct code, you'll hear a scraping
    of metal bolts. The gold inner dome will rotate away, and the gray outer dome
    will roll back into place over your head, leaving you inside the dome with the
    Book sitting on a stand in front of you. As the dome around you starts spinning
    again, the stand will slowly rise, and you can approach it.
    Examining the Book, you'll see that it has a metal emblem on the cover, which
    is embossed with the D'ni number ]HL|HK[. What could this number mean? If you
    simply translate the individual numbers you get 98, but that can't be how the
    D'ni system works. However, you should be able to figure this out. In the
    decimal system, there are ten different symbols for the digits zero through
    nine, and each successive place represents a higher power of ten. Thus, the
    decimal number 98 means (9 * 10) + (8 * 1) = 90 + 8 = 98. However, the D'ni
    don't use the decimal system. They can form all the numbers up to 25 with one
    symbol. Therefore, they must use a base twenty-five system. So in D'ni, each
    place represents successive powers of twenty-five, not ten. Thus, the number on
    the Book would mean (9 * 25) + (8 * 1) = 225 + 8 = 233. This Book links to
    Gehn's 233rd Age! Think of all the work Gehn must have done if he couldn't get
    a working Book until his 233rd Age! Well, now you'd better open up the Book.
    Open the Book to the linking panel, and it will be blank! What? You don't
    suppose Gehn's Age is totally black, do you? No, the Book is not working. Why
    not? These domes are supposed to power the Books. Is the dome broken, or could
    the power simply be turned off? If the dome is broken, then there's not much
    you can do. If, on the other hand, there is simply no power being sent to the
    dome, which seems to be the more likely scenario, then you need to find out how
    to turn it on. Where do the domes get their power from? You already know that:
    the domes' power comes from the gold dome on Temple Island. So now the question
    is, how can you use the gold dome to turn on the power? There must be some
    device there that will allow you to power the fire-marbles. Can you think of
    anything that might serve that purpose? Hopefully the huge black machine on the
    top of the gold dome will spring to mind. Remember, that machine is situated
    directly above the central hemisphere in the lower level that the five pipes
    radiate out from. That must be it! The black machine must be the switch to turn
    on the power to the fire-marble domes! Now, proceed with all due haste to the
    top of the gold dome.
    2. Powering the Domes                                                   [V.F.2]
    In order to do that, however, you first have to get out of this dome. The outer
    dome is spinning around you, and there doesn't appear to be an exit. There is,
    however, a white button on the floor by the Linking Book. Upon pressing it, the
    Book stand will lower, the outer dome will stop spinning, rotate away, and the
    gold inner dome will roll back over the Book, leaving you standing in the
    jungle again. Now, to get back to the gold dome. Return to the tree elevator
    and ride down to the wahrk idol, then exit through its mouth. Now follow the
    jungle path to the Y-intersection and take a right to reach the cleft, then
    turn left to return to the logged area. Cross the wooden bridge and follow the
    stairs back to the cave leading to the mag-lev station. Don't forget to push
    the blue call button at the entrance to the cave, just in case the car has
    left the station. Once you reach the station, climb in the mag-lev and ride
    back to Temple Island. When you arrive, exit the car and climb the stairs
    leading back up to the temple. However, the door will be closed! It will open
    automatically, though, and as you enter you'll see a huge orange face in the
    air inside the giant cage! It will disappear after a few seconds, and you'll
    realize that it must have been an image of Gehn that plays any time someone
    enters the temple. At least, you hope so: surely he's not down the hall in the
    cage chair waiting for you! Find the hidden door between the pillars and follow
    the cave back to the gate room. (Nope, Gehn's not waiting to jump you.) Now,
    just rotate the gate room so that you can access side 3, which should lead to
    the upper level of the gold dome. If you didn't leave the stairs up when you
    last visited the dome, you'll need to enter the dome, pull the lever to raise
    the bridge, reenter the gate room through side 4, then rotate the room so that
    you can enter side 3. Climb the stairs and walk up to the black machine with
    the grid below it. It's time to solve the grid puzzle.
    All right. You know that on the grid, the colored marbles represent the
    fire-marble domes on each island. That makes sense if this device is supposed
    to provide power to the domes. You found the locations of the domes in the map
    room on Survey Island. You also know that each dome's color is determined by
    the symbol that appears on its spinning outer dome. You learned the meaning of
    all but one of those symbols from the colored lights in Gehn's survey room. So,
    the only remaining task is to determine which color is associated with each
    You were already able to match two of the islands with a color because you knew
    both the dome's symbol and the color associated with that symbol. You know that
    Temple Island's color is green and that Survey Island's is orange. Now that you
    have seen the dome on Jungle Island, you know that its symbol corresponds to
    red. That still leaves Book Assembly Island and the fifth island. Start with
    Book Assembly Island. You know that its symbol is a circle with a vertical line
    through the center, but you don't know what color that symbol corresponds to
    since its light was broken. Perhaps, though, you can determine it by process of
    elimination. You know what colors all of the other symbols represent, so the
    marble that is a color different from those you already know must correspond to
    Book Assembly Island's symbol. If you look at the colored marbles next to the
    grid, you'll see that they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
    You know the symbols associated with all of those colors except for purple.
    Thus, the circle with the vertical line must represent purple, and purple must
    be the color for Book Assembly Island's dome. That leaves the fifth island. The
    two remaining colors are blue and yellow. However, since you haven't seen the
    fifth island's dome, there's no way to know which symbol it has and what color
    is associated with it. You'll just have to guess; start with yellow, just
    because it‘s slot next to the grid is higher than blue's.
    Once you've determined what colors to use for each dome, all that remains is to
    place the marbles on the grid. Remember, the marbles are to be placed at the
    locations of the fire-marble domes, so use the notes you took in the map room
    to determine the location for each dome. You can tell which parts of the grid
    correspond to each island by noticing that some of the lines separating the
    large squares on the grid are thicker than others, forming the outlines of the
    islands. Here are the notes of the dome locations from the map room, along with
    the color associated with each dome:
    Temple Island                      Jungle Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __
    |__|##|__       |##|__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|__|      |__|__|__|__|__|   |##|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|##|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|      |__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    ( . ) green     |__|__|__|__|__|    (<|>) red      |__|__|__|__|__|
    Book Assembly Island               Fourth Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|            |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|__          |##|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|##|         |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|##|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    ( | ) purple    |__|__|__|__|__|   (---) orange    |__|__|__|__|__|
    Fifth Island
     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|            |__|##|__|__|__|
    ((.)) blue OR   |__|__|__|__|__|
    (<.>) yellow    |__|__|__|__|__|
    Now for the moment of truth. Once all the marbles are in place, go back down
    the hallway to the switch on the wall. Pull it down and the large black machine
    will loudly lower itself onto the grid. Then, push the white button. Nothing
    will happen; you made a mistake. Well, you were guessing the color for the
    fifth island, so hope remains. There is still one other choice for the fifth
    island's color: blue. Go back to the grid and replace the yellow marble with
    the blue one, giving the marbles this final position:
    ###################################################  G: green
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|G . . . .#. B . . .#  R: red
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  P: purple
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  O: orange
    #. P . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  B: blue
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . R .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|O . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    This is your last shot, though. If it doesn't work this time, then you've made
    a major mistake: you'll have to go back to Survey Island and recheck the dome
    positions and colors, or perhaps your entire line of reasoning has been wrong.
    Again, pull the handle to lower the machine, take a deep breath, then press the
    white button. This time, there will be a deafening blast and an enormous surge
    of power will course through the entire dome, rattling the cables and pipes on
    the machine! You obviously got it right, and the domes should now be powered!
    To find out, you need to get to a fire-marble dome. Since Temple Island's is
    the nearest, you might as well use it.
    To get to the Temple Island dome, return to the gate room and use the rotation
    button at the main entrance (side 1) to access side 4. Exit the gate room
    through side 4 and follow the walkway into the gold dome. Inside, you'll hear a
    humming, throbbing sound, as power pulses through the dome and into the five
    huge pipes leading to the fire-marble domes. Follow the catwalk all the way
    around to the lower exit, which leads to the ground-level path encircling the
    gold dome. Follow this path to the metal elevator and take the elevator down to
    the stairs leading to the fire-marble.
    You should have already opened the outer dome, but if not, use the viewing
    scope to do so. Once that's done, approach the dome and reenter the same slider
    code you used for the dome on Jungle Island. The inner dome will open, the
    outer dome will close around you, and you'll be inside watching the Linking
    Book stand rise before you. This time, though, the metal hemisphere surrounding
    the back half of the Book stand will have orange lights all around its rim,
    which weren't lit before. Open the Book, and instead of a blank rectangle,
    through the linking panel you will see a strange world that seems to consist of
    giant stone formations shaped like trees rising out from a red ocean. The world
    appears very harsh, with the giant rock trees a bright orange and the sky an
    intense reddish pink. The image in the window will eventually come to focus on
    a gray building built on top of one of the rock formations, a building with a
    large dish pointing straight up on its roof. Press your hand onto the image to
    link to Gehn's 233rd Age.
    3. A Meeting With Gehn                                                  [V.F.3]
    Once the link is complete, you'll be behind bars again! You will be standing in
    the center of a circular room with windows looking out on this inhospitable
    Age, inside a cylindrical cage of metal bars. You are obviously inside the
    building you saw from the Linking Book, and you are the only one inside. Around
    your cage you'll find five Linking Books arranged within easy reach. If you
    examine them, you'll see that they all bear the D'ni number five on their
    covers, along with the symbols for the different Rivenese islands. These Books
    must link back to Riven. However, they aren‘t powered, and their linking panels
    are blank. You will also find a square panel set between two of the bars of
    your prison. The panel contains a single button in the center of Gehn's star
    symbol. Since there is nothing else you can do, go ahead and push the button.
    A few moments later, you'll see someone climbing up towards the door from
    outside, and then Gehn will enter the room. Gehn will be wearing thick goggles,
    heavy gloves, and a white coat similar to that worn by the guard who first
    found you on your arrival, though cleaner and more elaborate. He is also
    carrying the same bayonet-like device you saw in his lab on Book Assembly
    Island. Gehn appears to be somewhat elderly, yet still strong and powerful, and
    he has a stern countenance that demands respect and authority. Upon entering,
    he will say, "I apologize for the cage. I'm afraid this situation has often
    required of me a more primitive code of conduct that I might otherwise have
    chosen," as he sets down his goggles, gloves, and bayonet on an elaborate desk.
    Then, he will introduce himself: "I am Gehn. I assume you're heard of me. Yes.
    Well, I expect you have acquired some false information of who I am now. Not
    that my son would have lied to you about me. No, not Atrus. It's just that...
    well, I'm sure he believes me to still be the depraved father I once was. Yes.
    I even tried to kill him once. God, if I had accomplished that, who knows what
    I would have become. A great father indeed who tries to murder his own son.
    Thankfully, he trapped me on Age Five, a prison of my own creation. No Books,
    no precious inks, no Ages to link to. Nothing but my own foolish ambitions.
    That was thirty years ago. Thirty years, thirty lifetimes, what does it matter?
    No sentence could be too harsh for the man I was. But I
     have changed." Gehn
    will state this last sentence emphatically, staring straight into your eyes as
    he does so. He will then continue, as he picks up a strangely-shaped pipe from
    his desk and begins to smoke it, "To be sure, the deeds of my past can never be
    completely atoned for, but my mission was an honorable one."
    "I'm sorry, this is all a bit awkward, I... it's been a long time since I've
    attempted to persuade anyone of my intentions; most of the people here have
    already made their minds up about me one way or another. I myself do not trust
    the words of most men so I don't expect you to believe me. In the end, though,
    you may discover that I do have more than mere words to offer. Atrus' choice of
    punishment has been hard on the people of Riven; many have suffered because of
    it. The island has been steadily decaying for years, but according to my most
    recent measurements it appears that the Fifth Age has entered its final days.
    Unless the villagers can be relocated soon, the island will collapse entirely
    and everyone will perish. It has taken me a long time to do it, but it appears
    that finally I'll be able to make substantial amends to my past transgressions.
    Especially... well..."
    "I'm afraid I've had some... trouble with Catherine, and the Moiety. In any
    society there will always be a small percentage of the population with
    rebellious tendencies. Before Catherine appeared, the Moiety, as they call
    themselves, had been relatively harmless. I mean, the natives here are a fairly
    violent people by nature, but I'd almost come to accept their presence. It
    seemed inevitable under the circumstances. Upon Catherine's return, however,
    their violence intensified considerably. It seems she's become some sort of
    religious savior to them. And as far as I can tell, she's come to believe this
    herself. So, I've had no alternative. I had to separate her from her people."
    Gehn will also place emphasis on this statement, staring at you with a stern
    look on his face. "I must admit, though, that my concerns were not entirely for
    her safety alone. The actions of Catherine and the Moiety have put my own life
    at risk, on numerous occasions. Consequently, the lives of all the people here.
    Therefore, I must ask you to refrain from any attempt to free her. Although I'm
    sure Atrus desires it. Indeed, he must desire it with all his heart. But he is
    completely unaware of her recent state."
    At this point, Gehn will walk around to your right and continue, "Which brings
    me to the point of all this: the Linking Book you brought with you; you're very
    fortunate to have recovered it. If I may," and will reach out for your Prison
    Book, which you gladly hand to him. Gehn will reply, "Thank you," then set his
    pipe down on the rim of a metal spherical device next to the window and turn to
    look at the Book. You can tell that he is scrutinizing it carefully, slowly
    flipping through the pages, leaving you in incredible suspense, willing him to
    link. He is obviously unsure what to do, having just been presented with what
    looks like an escape from the Age that has been his prison for thirty years.
    Eventually he will return to the linking panel and raise his hand up as if to
    place it on the linking panel, at which your heart may skip a beat. However,
    instead of placing his hand on the panel, you will see an idea pop into his
    head, and with a sly cunning, he will hold the open Book in front of you and
    say, "Perhaps it would be best if you went through first."
    Oh no! You can't use the Book, because then you would become trapped. However,
    if you don't use it, Gehn may become suspicious. Hopefully Gehn won't notice
    the nervous, indecisive state you are in as you wrestle with whether to link or
    not. Before you can make up your mind, though, Gehn will pull the Book back.
    "You may need some time to decide. That is reasonable," he'll say as he pulls a
    handle on the spherical machine. The machine will come to life with a dull
    roar, and an orange glow will appear inside. At the same time, the Linking
    Book stands around your cage will come to life. The spherical machine must
    provide power to the Books just like the gold dome on Riven. "Until then, as a
    token of my good intentions, I will allow you free access to my Linking Books,
    crude though they may be, and to the rest of the Fifth Age," Gehn will say,
    gesturing towards the Books.
    Then he will walk back over to the desk and begin putting his protective gear
    back on, explaining, "Please understand there is nothing I want more than a
    chance to resolve matters between Atrus and myself, especially in light of what
    has become of Catherine, but unless you are willing to demonstrate to me that
    your intentions are honorable, I cannot risk it. The sanctuary I've been
    writing for the islanders is nearly complete. After all these years it would be
    a shame if I were unable to finish it." Now in full protective garb, Gehn will
    impart one final instruction before leaving: "The work I am doing is quite
    demanding. Please don't signal me unless you've decided to use the Book. The
    switch will reset itself once you link from here," and he will head out the
    door and down the steps outside.
    After Gehn has gone, reflect on what he has told you. He actually is quite
    polite, and seems like a very nice gentleman. You could almost believe his
    claim that he has changed if you had not seen so much evidence to the contrary
    on Riven. He publicly feeds villagers to wahrks in the lake. He spies on his
    people and on Catherine. He uses the people and resources of Riven as if they
    belong to him, with no consideration for the needs of the Rivenese. He forces
    the Rivenese to treat him as a god, and apparently believes this himself. And
    from Catherine's journal, you know that she does not view herself as the savior
    of the Moiety. All in all, Gehn's arguments fall flat. Gehn has not changed at
    all, and needs to be stopped. The problem, though, is how to do it. The Prison
    Book is sitting on Gehn's desk, and he won't use the Book until you do. Before
    you worry about that, though, think about what Gehn did for you before leaving.
    He has given you access to all five of Riven's islands, including the one you
    haven't been able to reach: the fifth island! Find its Linking Book, which is
    marked by a single square, and link to it after seeing the image of a lonely
    fire-marble spinning in the ocean through the linking panel.
    4. A Meeting With Catherine                                             [V.F.4]
    You will link into the interior of the dome, so press the white button on the
    floor to exit. Turn around, and you'll find yourself standing on a metal
    walkway that leads to the fifth island of Riven. The island is nothing but a
    bare rock surrounded by the stump of a colossal tree. The roots of the tree
    surround the island and extend down into the ocean, and the smooth, flat stump
    covers the entire surface of the island. This tree must have been hundreds, if
    not thousands, of feet tall before it was felled, a task which must have taken
    weeks in itself. Now you understand the entry in Catherine's journal in which
    she mentions that the fifth island is where the "Great Tree" used to be. And
    standing in the center of that stump is a small building. Looking out on the
    horizon, you won't be able to see any trace of the other islands; this one is
    so far away it's totally separate from the rest of the Age. Follow the walkway
    across the ocean and up a staircase. Then, a passage will lead straight into
    the center of the island, ending in a tiny circular chamber. There is a handle
    hanging down to the right, and metal bars in front of the curved wall. On the
    wall behind the bars is a sound input device. It consists of three buttons
    connected to a lever by metal wires. Pressing each button will create a
    different sound: a dull "tink", a metallic rattle, and a high-pitched "ding".
    Obviously this is some sort of combination lock, perhaps related to the bars.
    However, right now the only thing you can do is pull the handle.
    The platform you are standing on will ascend up through the heart of the
    massive stump, coming to a stop inside a room you have seen before: the same
    one you saw from Gehn's survey room, a room you now know to be Catherine's
    prison. After a moment, Catherine will walk into the room from an outside
    balcony, saying something in Rivenese. When she sees you, however, she will
    stop dead. Catherine is very tall and very beautiful, with dark hair and pale
    skin. She has a calm, almost queenly air about her. After staring at you for
    just a moment, she'll exclaim, "You made it! But how'd you get past Gehn?"
    Then, quietly, almost as if she is talking to herself, she'll say, "He must
    really believe I've gone mad. I know what he's doing. He's watching you. He's
    waiting for you to make a mistake. He's hoping you'll lead him back to D'ni!
    You can't let Gehn...," and then she'll stop, obviously trying to find the
    right words. "Atrus sent you to save me, but if Gehn gets back to D'ni, he'll
    kill him!" Then, walking right up to the bars of the elevator and leaning in
    close, she'll whisper, "I think I know how to signal Atrus, but it's going to
    take both of us. You'll have to trap Gehn before you can get the combination.
    Be careful." After that, she'll step back and in a louder voice say, "Go then.
    If you won't help me, then I have nothing more to say," then walk back out onto
    the balcony.
    Now that you've spoken with Catherine, pull the handle and take the elevator
    back down. The reason for the bars is now plain: they keep Catherine from
    escaping and you from entering her prison. Once you've returned to the lower
    level, think back over Catherine's strange behavior. The reason she acted as
    she did should be obvious to you: she knows that Gehn is watching her from the
    survey room, hence her carefully chosen, whispered words. Catherine was trying
    to help you without giving it away to Gehn. By walking right up to the elevator
    and whispering to you, she made sure that Gehn could neither see her nor hear
    what she told you. Catherine's final command to leave was simply a bluff to
    make Gehn think you aren't trying to free her. The information she gave you,
    though, is very important: she knows how to signal Atrus, but you'll have to
    trap Gehn before you can get the combination to her prison. Of course, that
    means that you have only one course of action ahead of you: you must trap Gehn.
    Go ahead and return to the fire-marble dome, input the code, and link back to
    Gehn's Age. Before you press the button to call Gehn back, though, you need to
    figure out how you can convince Gehn to use your Prison Book.
    5. Mission Accompished!                                                 [V.F.5]
    There appears to be no solution. Gehn won't use the Book until you do. But, if
    you use the Book, you will be trapped instead of Gehn, and if you don't use it,
    Gehn will become suspicious of you and the Book. The situation appears to be
    impossible, but there must be a way! Perhaps if you knew more about how the
    Prison Book works, you could find something that would help you. For that, you
    need to read through Atrus's journal again, the one he gave you before you
    linked to Riven. Scan through the journal until you reach the entry dated
        I think I have the solution. Why it did not occur to me sooner, I do not
        know unless the idea of it had been pushed out with the thought of my sons.
        A Prison Book -
        Many years ago, during a hunting expedition through the ruins of D'ni, I
        chanced upon a formula for a most unusual type of Book. Unfortunately, due
        to the fact that my father was then in the habit of confiscating my
        discoveries, I was forced to leave it behind. Years later, however, as part
        of my efforts to protect the vulnerable worlds linked to the Books in my
        library, I was pleased to find that I could still recall most of the
        formula, and with little experimentation quickly succeeded in creating one
        of these devices myself.
        The procedure is actually quite simple: by altering key lines of text but
        slightly, a normal Linking Book's connection can be partially severed, such
        that anyone who attempts to use the Book will be permanently trapped in the
        dark void of the Link--that is, unless someone else then uses the Book, at
        which point that person would become trapped, and the first person
        displaced back into the world.
        The technique can be applied to Books that have already been written,
        changes to the original text being so slight that anyone who is unfamiliar
        with the code will be unable to detect them.
        If indeed my father has not changed, what better bait could there be, than
        a Book that appeared to be a Link back here to D'ni?
    This is the entry in which Atrus first came up with the idea of using a Prison
    Book to trap Gehn, and he explains how one is created. What you are most
    interested in, however, is how the Book actually works: "The procedure is
    actually quite simple: by altering key lines of text but slightly, a normal
    Linking Book's connection can be partially severed, such that anyone who
    attempts to use the Book will be permanently trapped in the dark void of the
    Link--that is, unless someone else then uses the Book, at which point that
    person would become trapped, and the first person displaced back into the
    world." This is mostly information you already knew, but look at the last part
    of that sentence one more time: "...unless someone else then uses the Book, at
    which point that person would become trapped, and the first person displaced
    back into the world." Hmmmmm. So the Prison Book can only hold one person at a
    time. If someone uses a Prison Booka when there's already someone in it, the
    first person is freed and the second person escapes. Can you use this fact to
    your advantage? You have to trap Gehn in the Book, but Gehn won't use the Book
    until you do, so try and imagine what would happen if you were to use the Book.
    First, you link into the Prison Book and become trapped. Now, what would Gehn
    do after you link? Since you were willing to use the Book, he would believe it
    to be genuine, and would think that you had linked through to D'ni! That means
    that he would then use the Book, thinking that it lead to D'ni! According to
    Atrus's journal, when Gehn links, you would be released and Gehn would be
    trapped! That's it! The way to trap Gehn is to trap yourself! Now that you know
    what to do, press the call button and wait for Gehn to return.
    After a moment, you'll again see Gehn climb up towards the door and come
    inside. As he walks over to his desk, removes his goggles and gloves, and picks
    up the Prison Book, he'll tell you, "I'm relieved you've returned. I thought
    perhaps you had decided against it." Then, he will hold the Book open in front
    of your cage. Press your hand against the false image of D'ni, and you'll feel
    the usual sensation of being sucked into the Book. However, you won't reemerge
    anywhere; you'll be stuck in the blackness of the link. A few seconds later, a
    rectangular window will appear in the nothingness in front of you. You are
    looking through the linking window at Gehn, who is looking back down at you. He
    obviously still sees the image of D'ni in the window and is trying to decide
    what to do. You can see he looks worried and hesitant, but finally he will make
    up his mind and his hand will come down, blocking out the light from the
    linking window.
    A moment later you will reappear in Gehn's office, outside the cage! You did
    it! Gehn is trapped inside the Prison Book and you are free to explore his
    office! Now you need to find the code to unlock Catherine's prison. Start by
    walking around the room. You'll find a lever on one windowsill which will lower
    the cage in the center of the room, giving you easy access to the Riven Linking
    Books. You may also notice a tall brass pole with a button on top. Press it and
    it will start playing music. If you care to have some background music, leave
    the button down while you look around. Unfortunately, the door is locked, so
    you can't leave the building and see what Gehn was doing on this Age. You may
    not want to, though: the atmosphere appears to be rather harsh. The most
    noticeable thing in the room is Gehn's desk, which is elaborately decorated
    with Gehn's emblem and D'ni writing. On it you'll find an unfinished Book with
    no number emblem placed on it yet; it must be the sanctuary Age Gehn was
    writing to relocate the Rivenese to. He didn't seem to mind abandoning them to
    their fate, though, as soon as he was offered an escape to D'ni. On the desk
    are also his pipe, inkpots, a clear liquid (perhaps extra frog extract?), and a
    strange model of the golden beetle. There is also a ladder leading down to
    another level below. Climb down into what were obviously Gehn's living
    Gehn lived rather modestly, actually. The room is fairly small and has bare
    stone walls and floors, except for a wall hanging containing an elaborate
    version of his pentagonal emblem. He really liked that five-sided symbol, even
    placing it on his twin-size bed. The room also contains a metal sink, albeit
    with an unusual faucet, and two photographs. One is of a very serious-looking
    man, perhaps Gehn's father, and the other is of a beautiful young woman. The
    woman's picture has writing on it, and though it is difficult to make out, it
    appears to be of a romantic nature; perhaps this woman was Gehn's wife. There
    is also another image like the one in the school building. Turn the crank and
    the same woman from the picture will appear inside the cage, laughing, singing,
    and speaking in a foreign language. You almost feel sorry for Gehn being stuck
    here with only these memories of his wife. On his nightstand, though, are some
    interesting objects.
    The first thing on Gehn's nightstand is a journal. Reading through it, you'll
    see that this is a personal journal, more like a diary, much different from his
    lab journal on Book Assembly Island. This journal reveals a lot about Gehn's
    mind and personality. The journal begins with Catherine arriving on Riven.
    Apparently her experience was much the same as yours: a guard found her, but
    was overpowered by the rebels, who carried her away. Gehn's first thought,
    though, is to whether she brought a Linking Book to D'ni with her, allowing him
    to pursue his dreams of restoring the D'ni culture. The next two entries
    clearly demonstrate Gehn's prejudices against the Rivenese natives. He relates
    how his use of "the Great Whark" is all that has kept the villagers in line,
    and that there is no fear of his pets dying of malnutrition. He also writes how
    he feels that the villagers are much too primitive and stupid to be able to
    understand the principles of the Art, and that the D'ni are vastly superior to
    In the next paragraph he proclaims Atrus as "one of the greatest
    disappointments of my life." Apparently Gehn left Atrus with his mother to be
    raised, and she "poisoned" his mind to the D'ni culture, according to Gehn. A
    couple entries later Gehn reports that he has captured Catherine and again
    demonstrates his callous attitude towards the Rivenese by remarking, "I lost
    two good men in the process, but I would have paid a hundred times that number
    for such a prize." He tells how he has taken her to Prison Island and is
    infuriated at how she only answers his questions in Rivenese. He has been able
    to determine, though, that she did not bring a Linking Book with her and that
    her coming here was an accident. You can see his cold, heartless mind working
    as he writes that he knows Atrus will come to rescue her, and he must bring a
    D'ni Linking Book with him, so all he has to do is wait. The final entry, dated
    87.7.30, describes your arrival on Riven! Gehn is infuriated at his "useless
    minion" who was again overpowered by the rebels, but who reported that you had
    a D'ni Linking Book with you. He is surprised that Atrus would do this, but is
    content to simply wait and observe. And here you are now, in Gehn's office on
    his 233rd Age, with Gehn himself trapped in the Book you carry with you.
    The other object on the nightstand is a silver sphere. It is made up of two
    halves, and if you try to pull it apart, it will emit five sounds before doing
    so. The sounds it gives out are the same as the sounds on Catherine's prison
    lock! This is the combination to Catherine's prison! After making the sounds,
    the sphere will open, revealing a black cylinder inside with D'ni numbers
    written around it. From the ticking sound it makes, it appears to be some sort
    of clock. However, the important thing is the combination. Listen to it several
    times to make sure you know it, then climb back upstairs and link to Prison
    [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: This is another combination that is randomly generated by
    the game for each file.]
    Once you've linked and exited the fire-marble dome, head up the walkway to the
    elevator and the code input device. Remember, the first button makes the "tink"
    sound, the middle button makes the rattle, and the last button creates a
    "ding." If you make a mistake while entering the code, pull the top lever to
    clear the code and start over. Once you've entered the code correctly, pull the
    lever and step back. The bars in front of the elevator will rotate around to
    the back, leaving nothing to prevent Catherine from entering the elevator with
    you! Once the bars have rotated, the car will automatically ascend to
    Catherine's prison.
    Catherine will walk into the room, and seeing you there, will quickly realize
    what you have done. Then, almost hesitantly, she will get in the elevator with
    you and pull the handle to send it back down. As soon as she is in the car,
    she'll tell you, "We have to move quickly. Gehn's people may already know
    what's happened. Once we're back with the Moiety, we'll have time to regroup."
    She doesn't seem to be expressing much emotion over being freed, although
    perhaps the situation just hasn't sunk in yet. Next, though, she'll ask, "Can I
    see the Book?" which you gladly give her. When she opens it and looks at the
    panel, she'll realize that you have succeeded, and a smile will appear on her
    face as she says, "You did it. We're all free. You captured Gehn!" Then the
    smile will fade and she'll tell you, "But there's still his followers. I'm not
    sure what they'll do once they realize he's gone. We'll have to get the
    villagers to safety as soon as possible." As the elevator returns to the ground
    and the bars return to their original location, she'll give you these
    instructions: "You go back to the Temple Island and reopen the Fissure. I know
    it's risky, but it's the only way to signal Atrus. I'll try to make it back
    there as soon as I can, but don't wait for me. Don't forget. The portal
    combination's in my journal. Good luck," As she tells you this, she'll break
    the wires on the prison lock, and then run down the passage towards the
    fire-marble dome, still carrying the Prison Book.
    Congratulations! You have trapped Gehn and freed Catherine! Now you just need
    to signal Atrus to let him know to come and rescue you and Catherine. From what
    Catherine told you, she'll go get the villagers to safety, probably by taking
    them to the Moiety Age. She told you to reopen the Fissure. What? Gehn and
    Catherine's journals both said that reopening the Fissure now would be
    disastrous to Riven. However, Catherine said that it's the only way to signal
    Atrus, so you'll just have to trust her. As you know from her journal, the
    Fissure is on Temple Island and the strange conical telescope, which was one of
    the first things you investigated, sits on top of it. To begin your final
    journey in Riven, head back down the stairs to the fire-marble dome.
    6. The Fissure                                                          [V.F.6]
    When you reach the dome, you'll see that the outer dome is spinning, indicating
    that Catherine has already opened it and linked through to Gehn's Age. Use the
    viewing scope to catch the symbol and reveal the inner dome, then enter the
    slider code to access the Book, and use it to link back to Gehn's Age. When you
    return, the bars will be back up; Catherine must have re-raised them. Also, if
    you look in any of the Books besides the one for Temple Island, you'll see that
    Catherine has torn out the linking window pages in them. She obviously wants to
    make sure you stay on track, since there isn‘t much time. Since you have no
    intention of delaying, link to Temple Island and return to Riven for the last
    Once you appear inside the dome, exit and follow the walkway back to the
    elevator. Press the button on the wall to lower the platform from above, then
    step on and push the button again to ride up to the pathway around the gold
    dome. Follow it back inside the gold dome and up the stairs to the main
    entrance, where the staircase climbs overhead to the black machine. Pull the
    lever on the wall to lower the staircase down, allowing you to cross over to
    side 3 of the gate room. Walk out through the main entrance and follow the
    stairs down to the right, returning you to the same place where you began your
    explorations. After all that you've gone through on Riven, you end up at the
    same place where you started. Now you just have to figure out a way to open the
    Fissure, which you can clearly see covered in iron plating, now that you know
    to look for it.
    Obviously, the way to open it must be through the hatch on the ground and the
    telescope standing over it. You need to open the hatch beneath the telescope,
    which is locked by five buttons on its face. Catherine told you that the
    combination for it is in her journal, so open it and scan through it. You
    should eventually find an entry in which Catherine discusses finding the
    Fissure and which contains detailed information about the telescope. Next to a
    picture of the telescope is a five-digit D'ni code, consisting only of the
    numbers one through five. For example, the code may be something like ]L[ ]D[
    ]L[ ]I[ ]H[, or 4 2 4 1 5. So, with this example code, you would press the
    fourth button, then the second button, then the fourth again, followed by the
    first, and finally the last button.
    [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: This code is also randomly generated by the game; the code
    presented here is just an example.]
    Once you enter the code correctly, the hatch should open when you pull the
    handle. Beneath the hatch is a glass window, and it is dark beneath the glass.
    Look through the eyepiece of the telescope, which is focused on the window, and
    you will see stars! You are looking through a hole in the ground, and yet are
    seeing stars! No wonder it's called the Star Fissure; it's magnificent. Now all
    you have to do is find a way to open the Fissure.
    The smartest thing to focus on should be the weakest point in the Fissure's
    covering, which is the glass window underneath the telescope. If you could find
    some way to break that glass, then that should do it. And what better tool to
    use then the telescope sitting right above it! When you examined the telescope
    after first arriving on Riven, it wasn't powered and the button on the metal
    rail to the right didn't do anything. When you explored the gate room, though,
    you should have turned a steam valve in side 2 that sent power to the
    telescope. If you didn't do that, then return to the gate room and rotate it so
    that sides 2 and 5 are open. Then crawl underneath the gate on the other side
    of the hill and cross the room to side 2. Turn the lever to direct the steam to
    the telescope, then return. You should hear the hiss of the steam from the
    pipe which runs into the telescope from the cliff wall. Now you can see what
    these controls do.
    On the metal rail surrounding the telescope is a lever, which is currently
    pointed up, and a button. Try pressing the button and the telescope will make a
    loud groaning sound, but nothing will happen. Try turning the lever so that it
    is pointed down, then push the button again. This time, the telescope will
    lower a few inches towards the ground. Aha! All you have to do is lower the
    telescope until it breaks the glass underneath! The reason it wouldn't move
    when the lever was pointed up was because it was as high as it can go. Keep
    pushing the button to lower the telescope. When it is just a few inches from
    the glass, though, it will give the same straining, groaning sound and won't
    move. Its descent is being blocked by something. Perhaps Catherine's journal
    says something about this. In the same entry that the code was in, Catherine
    mentions a small mechanical stop designed to prevent the telescope from doing
    exactly what you're trying to do. There is a picture of the telescope with an
    arrow pointing to the base of the left support. Look there and you'll find a
    small metal bar preventing the telescope from going any further, which you can
    easily move out of the way. Now, lower the telescope one more time.
    The telescope will hit the glass, which will shatter and fall into the Fissure.
    Immediately you'll feel a strong wind like a vacuum coming from the Fissure. In
    a matter of seconds the telescope will fall into the abyss, leaving the power
    hose spewing steam into the air, followed by most of the iron plating. Turn and
    you'll see the giant Moiety dagger fall headlong into the Fissure, taking the
    rest of the iron plating with it, leaving you on a narrow ledge between the
    Fissure and the cliff wall. Already the sky, which was bright blue just minutes
    before, is now dark and filled with black, fast-moving clouds. A few seconds
    later Atrus will link into the same chamber you did, and will run up to you,
    the wind whipping in his hair. When he reaches you he'll say loudly, to be
    heard over the wind, "There isn't much time. Where's Catherine? Where's the
    Book? I don't..." Just then, Catherine will come down the stairs behind and
    call out, "Atrus!" Atrus will turn, run up to her, and they will embrace,
    reunited for the first time in months; Catherine will also give Atrus the
    Prison Book, which he will glance at. Then Catherine will walk up to you, with
    Atrus behind her. "The villagers are safely in the Rebel Age. I thank you,"
    she'll tell you, with Atrus adding, "As do I. You've accomplished more than I
    could have hoped for. You've given me back my life. The path home is now clear
    for all of us." With that he will take out a real D'ni Linking Book from his
    pack and hold it open for Catherine, who will link through. Then Atrus will
    turn and tell you, "This is where our paths must part. Perhaps we'll meet again
    someday. You know where to find me." As he steps up to the edge of the Fissure
    and holds out the Book he'll call out, "Goodbye, my friend," and link, causing
    the D'ni Book to fall into the Fissure.
    What? Has Atrus left you to die here? Then, all of a sudden, the ledge you are
    standing on will collapse, and you'll fall headfirst into the Star Fissure! As
    you fall into the stars, though, everything will become clear. As you are
    immersed in the calm of the Fissure, while the jagged opening fades into the
    distance, you realize that you will soon be home again. These stars sent the
    Myst Book safely to Earth, where you found it and embarked upon this amazing
    adventure, first on Myst and now on Riven. And as you watch the stars slowly
    spin around you, you can be sure that these same stars will also return you
    safely home.
        "Now I understand. Endings and beginnings are within the Fissure, that
        Riven cleft of stars that serves as both wall and a bridge. And though I am
        unable to understand how, the very flow of stars that brought my Myst Book
        into worthy hands I am sure served as a safe passage home for my friend.
        The Age of Riven is closed forever, but the people of Riven are free. And
        now I am at rest, understanding that in Books, and in Ages, and in life,
        the ending can never truly be written."
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  VI. SOLUTIONS                                                    [VI]
     #     # ======================================================================
    Warning! This section gives away the solutions to every puzzle in the game,
    with no attempt to let you figure anything out on your own. Don't consult this
    section unless you are totally stuck and want the answer immediately. Note that
    all puzzle solutions on an island will be listed under that island's
    subsection, even though some puzzles will not be encountered until that island
    is revisited. The only exception to this is the fire-marble domes: to learn how
    to open them, see the subsection on Gehn's Age.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   A. TEMPLE ISLAND                                             [VI.A]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    You are on Riven, an Age written by Atrus's father Gehn. Gehn was trapped on
    Riven many years ago by Atrus and Catherine because he was destroying the
    cultures of many Ages in an attempt to recreate the lost D'ni civilization.
    Sirrus and Achenar tricked Catherine into linking to Riven, and she is now
    being held hostage by Gehn. Your mission is to trap Gehn in the Prison Book
    Atrus gave you, free Catherine, then signal Atrus to rescue you. The man who
    found you when you linked is one of Gehn's guards. He was attacked by a member
    of a rebel group, who then took the Prison Book before freeing you. Therefore,
    you need to find this rebel group in order to recover your Prison Book.
    The gate room is a pentagonal room with two doors. Pressing the red button next
    to the door will cause the room to rotate one-fifth of a revolution, or by one
    wall. There are five passages outside the gate room which can be accessed by
    rotating the room so that the doors align with the passages. This is a map of
    the gate room and the surrounding passages, which have been numbered in order
    to refer to them easily:
               Gold Dome          Locked Door
                   3                   4
               ####  #################  ####        KEY
               #####  ######___######  #####        .  rotation button
               ###### .### /   \ ###+.######        +  grate lever
               #######  \/       \#  #######        == grate
               #######\  \         \ #######
               ##### / \             \ #####
               ####/                   \####
               ####\                   /####
               #####\                 /#####
               ### +.\               /   ###
        Power 2     ##\____|   |____/##     5 Cave
     Controls  ############|   |############  Passage
               #############  .#############
               #############   #############
               #############   #############
                       Main Entrance
    On your first visit to the gate room, your goal is to access the walkway to the
    gold dome. To do this, rotate the room four times from its original orientation
    using the button at the main entrance. Then go down the stairs to the bottom of
    the hill, crawl under the gate, and walk through the cave into the gate room.
    Go through the other door in the room to side 2. Turn the steam valve at the
    end of the tunnel to direct power to the device outside (you'll need it later),
    then raise the gold lever next to the door. Now, rotate the room twice, which
    will allow you to cross to side 4; raise the lever there to raise the grate
    blocking access to the gold dome. Rotate the room twice to return to the main
    entrance, then rotate two more times to access the gold dome walkway.
    To open the door in the temple, return to the room with the cage chair in the
    tunnel. There is an orange display of the temple next on the wall with a lever
    next to it. Pull the lever to open the door in the temple.
    On your first visit to the gold dome, follow the walkway along the outside of
    the gold dome and direct power through both of the steam pipes along the way.
    The first powers the bridge from Book Assembly Island, and the second powers
    the bridge from the gate room.
    When you return to the gate room from Book Assembly Island, turn the wheel at
    the end of the walkway to connect the two sections, then go through the other
    door. Press the button on the wall to raise the missing walkway section and
    follow the walkway to side 4 of the gate room. Now you can return to the lower,
    outside path and ride the platform in front of the cave to the spinning dome.
    Also, you can pull the lever next to the entrance from side 3 to raise the
    bridge, then return to the gate room using the side 4 walkway and climb the
    staircase up to the grid puzzle.
    The grid is a map of Riven, and the marbles must be placed at the locations of
    the fire-marble domes. The colors of the marbles are determined by the color
    symbol on that island's dome. This is the correct arrangement:
    ###################################################  G: green
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|G . . . .#. B . . .#  R: red
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  P: purple
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  O: orange
    #. P . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#  B: blue
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . R .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|O . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    #. . . . .|. . . . .#. . . . .|. . . . .|. . . . .#
    Once the marbles are in place, return down the hall to the switch, lower the
    lever, then press the white button. If the combination is correct, there will
    be a loud noise and a rush of wind, indicating that the fire-marble domes are
    now powered.
    Do not attempt this unless you have already trapped Gehn and freed Catherine!
    First, turn on the power to the telescope by turning the steam valve in side 2
    of the gate room.  Next, use the code in Catherine's journal to open the hatch
    beneath the telescope. [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: This code is randomly generated for
    each game file, so it cannot be given here.] The code shows which button to
    push, NOT how many times you should push each button. For example, if the code
    is 4 3 5 2 1, press the fourth button, then the third, then the fifth, etc.
    Once the hatch is open, look on the base of the left support strut for a small
    metal rod, and swing it away. Now, turn the handle next to the button (at the
    end of the circular pipe surrounding the telescope) so it is pointing down,
    then press the button, which will lower the telescope a few inches. Keep
    pressing the button until the telescope breaks the glass.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   B. JUNGLE ISLAND                                             [VI.B]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    As you explore Jungle Island, you will find four wooden eyes which each have a
    symbol on their backs and make a unique sound when rotated. Also, all but one
    of them has an animal silhouette which can be seen by viewing the eye from a
    specific location. These are the locations of the eyes:
      This eye is behind the mag-lev station, to the right of the cave. Enter the
      cave and go partway up the stairs, then turn and look back. If you are at the
      right location, the cave mouth will form the shape of a frog, with the wooden
      eye in the location of the frog's eye.
      As you approach the lagoon, one of the sunners will look up. When it does so,
      stop, and do not move again until the sunner stops moving. If you make it
      onto the beach without scaring the sunners away, they will give out a call
      before swimming away. On the side of their rock is a wooden eye, step back
      from the eye to see that the rocks form the shape of a wahrk.
      This can be found by entering the village via the sunner's lagoon. A wooden
      eye is embedded in the irregularly shaped basin, and turning the petcock will
      cause a small amount of water to flow into the basin, forming the shape of a
      There is a dirt trail leading off the main path in the jungle; it is just
      before the main path goes through a large tree trunk, and there is some
      glowing blue fungus at the spot. The dirt trail leads to the base of a rebel
      knife, with an eye embedded in the knife.
    There's a secret control hidden in the right-hand lamp at the end of the path
    as you face the idol. Pull the pin at the top of the lamp up and the mouth of
    the idol will open. Inside is an elevator; down leads to a mag-lev to Survey
    Island, and up leads to a walkway that will take you to the spinning dome and
    Gehn's throne.
    When you enter the village via the blue cave, you will eventually end up on a
    plateau with a metal car. Pull the lever next to it to lower the car down the
    side of the cliff. Now leave and reenter the village via the sunner's lagoon,
    and you will find the car waiting in a hole in the water at the end of the
    This map provides a basic layout of the tracks underneath the village lake.
              Control                        KEY
              Room            School         X ladder
              X               X              O intersection
              |               |
               /             \
              |               |
    Execution X               X Original
    Platform  |               | Dock
                     \_X Village Dock
    This room contains five levers that control whether the ladders at each stop of
    the underwater car are extended or not. You want all the ladders extended, so
    flip all the levers up.
    There's a game in the schoolroom in which you pull a handle, which causes one
    of two men to lower towards a hungry wahrk. The number of times the man lowers
    is determined by the symbol that appears, meaning that the symbols are numbers.
    Using the game you can learn the D'ni numbers one through ten:
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |  |  |  1    |\    |  2    |/    |  3    |   --|  4    |_____|  5
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |     |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |__|__|  6    |\____|  7    |/____|  8    |___--|  9    | ___ | 10
    |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |       |/   \|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    This is the conical structure floating in the lake. There is a handle hanging
    down from the top of the structure, and it will cause a metal bar to lower and
    hang over the water for a few seconds. Prisoners would be hung from the bar,
    then lowered down into the water, where a wahrk awaits. Once you have covered
    the central opening using Gehn's throne, you can ride the bar up to the top of
    the structure, where you can reach the jail.
    Turn the wheel to the right of the door to open the door to the cell. When you
    return, the cell will be empty, meaning the prisoner has left by some other
    method. Open the grate on the floor and reach inside to find a handle that will
    cause part of the wall to slide back, revealing a secret passage. Follow the
    pitch-black passage until it dead-ends into the ocean. Touch the sphere that is
    attached to the wall and it will light up. Turn around and use the light to
    find another sphere. Continue back to the beginning, then go back down the
    tunnel again. About halfway down you'll find a door that leads to the Moiety
    To access the Moiety Age, you must press down five particular stones in a
    particular order. The correct stones and order are determined by the wooden
    eyes you have found on Jungle Island. Each eye has an animal sound and/or
    shape associated with it, and the number on the back gives its order. The
    correct order is:
    1. triangular fish
    2. golden beetle
    3. ytram (frog)
    4. sunner
    5. wahrk
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   C. BOOK ASSEMBLY ISLAND                                      [VI.C]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    This is the stone bollard in the center of the lake with four pipes radiating
    out of it. By moving the handle on top, you can direct power to one of the
    first three pipes, while the fourth pipe receives constant power. The pipes,
    from left to right, lead to: the log chipper, the boiler, the frog trap, and
    the fan controls.
    To enter the boiler and climb down the ladder in its center, the heat must be
    off, the water must be drained, and the grate must be raised. For most of the
    controls to work, power must be directed to the boiler from the steam valve. To
    turn off the heat, turn the lever on the right. To drain the water, first look
    down and to the left, and you'll see that the pipe from the boiler splits in
    two, creating a Y-junction. Direct the power to the left, then turn the wheel
    to drain the water. To raise the grate, direct the power to the right at the
    Y-junction, then raise the handle on the wall.
    To operate the frog trap at the end of the cave walkway, you must first direct
    power to it by directing the power at the steam valve through the third pipe.
    Now climb the ladder back up to the balcony and return to the trap. Open the
    trap, place a piece of bait in the center, then pull the lever to lower the
    trap. Wait a few minutes until you hear the trap shut, then pull the lever
    again to raise the trap. Open the trap and you'll see a small frog inside,
    which will make a chirping call before jumping off of the trap.
    If you can't find anywhere else to go after investigating the cave walkway and
    the frog trap, return to the double doors at the entrance to the cave. Close
    the double doors from the inside, and two paths will be revealed that were
    being blocked by the doors.
    To find the viewing scope for the spinning dome, close the door leading into
    the dome chamber from the inside. A hidden passage leading to the scope will be
    To enter Gehn's lab (the building with large windows), look for a lever along
    the cliff walkway between the cave and the lab. Pull the lever to turn off the
    ventilation fan over the frog trap. Return to the frog trap, climb on top of
    it, and hoist yourself into the ventilation shaft. At the other end, open the
    grate and drop down into Gehn's lab.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   D. SURVEY ISLAND                                             [VI.D]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    The plateaus are models of the islands of Riven. Pressing the corresponding
    button on the railing will cause water to flow up onto the plateau, forming a
    topographic map of that island. Also, pressing the button will extend the ramp
    from the map room and load that island into the map.
    The viewing scope for the spinning dome has been knocked out of alignment, so
    the dome can be opened either by pressing the button as fast as possible until
    you hit it by chance, or by watching for the small catch in the image that
    occurs when the correct moment goes by.
    Once a button on the balcony over the plateaus has been pressed, the ramp from
    the map room will extend and that island will be loaded into the map. Press one
    of the small squares in the circle to display a detailed topographical map of
    that section of the selected island. Use the handle next to the circle to
    rotate the display 90 degrees counterclockwise. The purpose of the map room is
    to find the locations of the fire-marble domes on each island:
    Temple Island                      Jungle Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __
    |__|##|__       |##|__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|__|      |__|__|__|__|__|   |##|__|__|__|   |__|__|__|##|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|      |__|__|__|   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    Book Assembly Island               Survey Island
     __ __           __ __ __ __ __     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|            |__|__|__|__|__|
    |__|__|         |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|__          |##|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|   |__|##|         |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|##|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
                    |__|__|__|__|__|                   |__|__|__|__|__|
    Prison Island
     __              __ __ __ __ __
    |##|            |__|##|__|__|__|
    Get in the mag-lev, turn it around, then get out on the other side.
    The button on the left gives a view of Catherine's prison. The button on the
    right shows the view from Gehn's spy camera in the village lake. Use the tabs
    around the perimeter of the display to rotate the camera. When looking at the
    entrance to the village, the shape of the cave and its reflection in the water
    forms the shape of a fish with triangular fins. This is the animal associated
    with the wooden eye found in Gehn's lab.
    The right display shows the view from the center of the lake. Use the tabs to
    rotate one of the buttons so that it is under the pentagonal wire, then press
    that button. The color of the light that comes on is the color associated with
    that symbol, which corresponds to the island whose fire-marble dome bears that
    symbol. The colors and symbols are:
    ((.))    blue     Prison Island
    ( . )    green    Temple Island
    (<.>)    yellow   none
    (---)    orange   Survey Island
    (<|>)    red      Jungle Island
    ( | )    purple   Book Assembly Island
    When you light the red light, a wahrk will appear and give out a long, mournful
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   E. PRISON ISLAND                                             [VI.E]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    To reach Prison Island, use the Linking Book in Gehn's Age that has the symbol
    for Prison Island on it (a single square).
    To free Catherine, you must enter the correct combination into the device at
    the bottom of the elevator, just behind the bars. The combination can be found
    by opening the spherical device on Gehn's nightstand. [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: This
    code is randomly generated for each game file, so it cannot be given here.]
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   F. GEHN'S AGE                                                [VI.F]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    The D'ni numbers 1 through 10 can be learned from the game in the schoolroom,
    and the numbers up to 25 can then be deduced by studying the patterns in 1
    through 10. The D'ni numbers for 1 through 25 are:
                  -------       -------       -------       -------
                  |  |  |  1    |\    |  2    |/    |  3    |   --|  4
                  |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |
                  -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |_____|  5    |__|__|  6    |\____|  7    |/____|  8    |___--|  9
    |     |       |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    | ___ | 10    | _|_ | 11    |\___ | 12    |/ __ | 13    | __--| 14
    |/   \|       |/ | \|       |/   \|       |\/  \|       |/  |\|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    |     | 15    |  |  | 16    |\    | 17    |/    | 18    |   --| 19
    |\   /|       |\ | /|       |/\  /|       |\   /|       |\  |/|
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    | |___| 20    | ||__| 21    |\|___| 22    |/|___| 23    | |_--| 24
    |     |       |  |  |       |/    |       |\    |       |   | |
    -------       -------       -------       -------       -------
    | \ / | 25
    | / \ |
    To open a fire-marble dome, there are two steps: first, you must remove the
    spinning outer dome, then open the golden inner dome. To remove the spinning
    outer dome, find a nearby viewing scope and press the button as the gold symbol
    goes by. To open the inner dome, you must enter the code found in Gehn's lab
    journal. [OUT-OF-RIVEN NOTE: This code is randomly generated for each game
    file, so it cannot be given here.] To enter the code, set each slider to the
    positions given by the code, then press the white button. If the domes are
    powered (you have solved the grid puzzle), then you can use the Linking Book
    inside to link to Gehn's Age.
    When Gehn asks you to use the Prison Book, do so. You will be trapped in the
    Book, but Gehn will think that you have linked to D'ni, so he will use the Book
    after you. You will be released from the Book, and Gehn will be trapped in it.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   G. MISTAKES                                                  [VI.G]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    On Riven, there are several courses of action that will result in you failing
    to complete your mission, some of them fatal. This subsection will list all of
    these scenarios, along with their consequences. Note that none of these actions
    are recommended.
    If you use the Prison Book on Riven prior to trapping Gehn, you will become
    trapped in the Book and the cover will close over the linking window, leaving
    you in empty blackness. When the Book is opened again, you can see that you are
    inside Gehn's office, and you can hear Gehn order the guard who found you when
    you arrived to use the Book. This will trap the guard and release you into
    Gehn's Age, and you can see him standing in front of you. Gehn will promptly
    pick up his gun and shoot you, and as you slowly succumb to the pain, he'll say
    this to you:
       "Forgive me. I don't believe we've met. I am Gehn. And you must be the one
       whom Atrus sent to trap me. I don't know where you got the brilliant idea to
       trap yourself in the Book, but I must tell you that I am quite disappointed
       that it is you and not Atrus who muct now pay the price for this
       foolishness. My one wish before I die would be to see him finally assume
       some responsibility for his actions. Perhaps it will happen one day. In the
       meantime, you have my sympathies."
    These will be the last words you hear before you collapse.
    If you trap yourself in the Prison Book as soon as it is returned to you, while
    you are still in the Moiety Age, you will be discovered by a pair of rebels.
    One of them, obviously less experienced, will reach out as if to touch the
    panel, but he will be reprimanded by the other. A short while later, they will
    close the Book, leaving you an eternity to regret your foolhardy decision.
    If you foolishly decide to use the Prison Book again after having already
    trapped Gehn, you will become trapped again and Gehn will be released back into
    Riven. Looking at you through the Book, Gehn will have this to say:
       "I don't know exactly why you released me, but you realize, of course, that
       this must be the end for you. I can't take the chance that you will change
       your mind again. It may provide you with some solace, however, to know that
       with this act of self-sacrifice, you have secured your place in history. The
       D'ni culture will be reborn. The lives of millions will be purified. Thanks
       to you. Farewell.
    Gehn will then close the Book, leaving you in an empty void while he returns to
    his vain attempts to recreate D'ni.
    If for some reason you have a change of heart after trapping Gehn and decide to
    use the Prison Book in the Moiety Age, you will trap yourself and release Gehn
    into the Moiety Age. As he looks around and realizes where he is, he will have
    these words of appreciation for you:
       "It appears that the Moiety and I will finally be able to discuss our
       differences face to face. I don't know exactly why you released me, but you
       realize, of course, that this must be the end for you. I can't take the
       chance that you will change your mind again. It may provide you with some
       solace, however, to know that with this act of self-sacrifice, you have
       secured your place in history. The D'ni culture will be reborn, and the
       lives of millions will be purified. Thanks to you. Farewell.
    Then Gehn will close the Book, abandoning you while he goes to put a permanent
    end to the only group that resisted his tyrannical rule.
    If you visit Gehn's Age three times and refuse to use the Prison Book each
    time, Gehn will lose patience in you and become convinced that the Book is a
    trap. He will prompty set down the Book, pick up his gun, and shoot you. As the
    life gradually ebbs from your body, Gehn will have this final comment for you:
       "See. I have changed. There was a time when I might have let you live. I
       made that mistake with Atrus once. It's a pity you decided not to give me a
       second chance, but there's still time."
    Those are the last words you'll hear before leaving this world, the result of
    your own stupidity in attempting to test Gehn's patience.
    If you use the code in Catherine's journal to open the Fissure before you trap
    Gehn or release Catherine, you will create an utter catastrophe. As Riven
    begins to disintegrate, Atrus will link to Riven and run up to you, asking,
    "There isn't much time. Where's Catherine?" He'll then take the Prison Book
    from you and look in it, and when he realizes that it has not been used, will
    say, "The Book is empty. I don't understand." Meanwhile, Gehn, with his guard,
    will run down the stairs behind Atrus and respond, "You never did!" causing
    Atrus to exclaim, "Father!" Gehn will retort, "Father? I am no longer your
    father, because you are no longer my son." With that, he will shoot Atrus,
    killing him instantly. Gehn will take the D'ni Linking Book from Atrus's pack,
    then turn to you and say, "I don't know what you thought you were doing, but
    thank you. I am finally free." Gehn will then signal the guard to shoot you,
    and you will die along with Atrus, Catherine, the natives, and the Age of Riven
    If you successfully trap Gehn, but proceed to open the Fissure prior to
    releasing Catherine from her prison, you will prove yourself no friend to
    Atrus. As Riven crumbles, Atrus will link and run up to you, asking, "Where's
    Catherine?" When he reaches you, he'll take the Prison Book and examine it,
    responding, "I don't understand. You captured Gehn, but why did you signal me?
    There's no time left, the Age is collapsing. I've got to get back before it's
    too late." Knowing that there is no chance for him to save his wife, he will
    take his Linking Book out and hold it over the Fissure, saying, "Your way is
    clear. You're free to go home. Farewell, my friend," though the last word will
    be especially strained. Atrus will then link to D'ni, causing the Book to fall
    into the Fissure. Then, the ledge you're standing on will collapse, and you
    will fall into the Fissure as well. As you slowly fall among the stars, you can
    imagine Atrus's dejected, heartbroken words: "So much work. Gehn is at last
    defeated, but the price of this defeat is dear. The people of Riven must try to
    hang on in a world that is dying, and I am sentenced to a futile task of
    nursing Riven's fatal wounds. Of Catherine, I will never know her fate." You
    will then continue falling through the stars which you know will return you
    safely home. Your conscience, however, will be forever burdened by the fact
    that you have rendered years of Atrus's work worthless and have, in all
    likelihood, killed his beloved wife, along with all the inhabitants of Riven.
     #     # ======================================================================
     #######  VII. NECESSARY ODDS AND ENDS                                    [VII]
     #     # ======================================================================
    I know nobody reads this stuff, but I have to put it in here. If you're
    considering downloading, printing, selling, or posting this guide, though, I
    *strongly* advise you read the copyright notice below.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   A. COPYRIGHT NOTICE                                         [VII.A]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    Copyright 2005 Steven Reeves
    This guide may be reproduced for personal, private, non-commercial use only. It
    may not be hosted on any web site other than GameFAQs.com and its affiliates.
    Posting this guide on any other web site or using it as a part of any public
    display without explicit permission is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    copyright law.
    Basically, feel free to download and print this guide to your heart's content;
    you can even make copies for your friends. The key word, however, is "give". I
    didn't get paid anything for writing this guide, so you shouldn't get anything
    either for merely printing it off and passing it out to your friends. Also,
    this guide may not be hosted on any web site other than GameFAQs.com without
    explicit permission, and I wouldn't count on getting permission. To ensure that
    my copyrights are respected and that updates are posted, I prefer that only
    GameFAQs.com host my guides. However, feel free to *link* to this guide to your
    heart's content.
    Feel free to use the information in this guide for whatever you want, including
    as a source for your own guide. All I ask is that you give me credit. (You
    don't need to ask me for permission). You may NOT copy any part of this guide
    and treat it as your own work. That is plagiarism, and if you do it in college,
    it can get you expelled. By "copy", I mean not only a word-for-word
    copy-and-paste, but also taking my guide and slightly rewording or rephrasing
    it. Basically, the legalese boils down to this: the actual INFORMATION
    (e.g. where a certain item is, what weapon works on a certain boss) contained
    in the guide is not copyrighted, but my creative PRESENTATION of that
    information is copyrighted. I hope that makes sense.
    If you want to quote a small section of this guide (i.e. less than a
    paragraph), that's fine, provided you give me credit. If you want to quote a
    larger section, email me explaining what you want to quote and why.
    If you're still confused regarding some of these copyright issues, check out
    GameFAQs's copyright information page, which outlines what exactly is legal and
    not legal, protected and not protected:
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   B. CREDITS                                                  [VII.B]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    o GameFAQs for being an awesome site.
    o CJayC and all the GameFAQs moderators for creating and maintaining an awesome
    o Cyan Worlds, for creating, er, linking to, such immersive, engaging worlds.
      Keep it up!
    o Riven, MYST, and Cyan are registered trademarks of Cyan Worlds, Inc.
    o The Riven manual, for the controls, since otherwise I would have forgotten
      some of them.
    o "Official Riven: The Sequel to Myst Hints and Solutions" for some logical
      explanations (not solutions) and for inspiration on the format of the Hints
      section, as well as being used for reference purposes.
    o Universal Hints System, http://www.uhs-hints.com, for inspiration on the
      format of the Hints section.
    o Admiral's Myst FAQ, http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/myst_b.txt,
      for inspiration of the overall structure for the FAQ.
    o The D'ni Desk Reference, http://www.dnidesk.com, for being an invaluable
      reference source for speech and journal transcripts.
    o Riven Unofficial Home Page, http://www.members.aol.com/mystsequel, for making
      sure I didn't forget any of the alternate endings. This site, by the way, is
      also an excellent site for all the latest Myst-related news, though it is
      updated rather sporadically at times.
    o GameFAQs, for listing the formats Riven has been released in.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   C. CONTACT INFO                                             [VII.C]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    Questions? Comments? Complaints? Call toll-free at sr3791@yahoo.com!
    Qualified representatives are standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, 365
    days a year!
    I am happy to answer all intelligent, legible questions and would be glad to
    receive comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism. I will not reply to
    questions or comments that are irrelevant, illegible, or rude. Also, check the
    guide first before asking gameplay questions. I'm pretty sure I've covered
    everything gameplay-related somewhere in this guide, so check before you email.
    If, after checking, you find that I have overlooked something or have not made
    something clear enough, please email me with your problem and I will be happy
    to help you and update the appropriate section of the guide.
    I would be especially interested to receive comments regarding the hints
    section. Was it helpful? Could you find your question easily? I would
    appreciate any suggestions to improve the hints section.
    Also, I am not a tech support center. Do not email me asking why your game
    freezes, refuses to install, crashes, etc.
    I also do not like spam. I have yet to meet one person who does. Do not send
    any to me.
      |    \   ********************************************************************
     _|     \   D. VERSION HISTORY                                          [VII.D]
    |._______| ********************************************************************
       --|    \
    I don't know why anyone else would be interested in this, so I stuck it at the
    very bottom where nobody will see it. If you've taken the time to read all the
    way down to here, way to go. You get a gold star. By the way, as you'll notice,
    this strategy guide has already existed in various incarnations on my computer
    long before being hosted on GameFAQs.
    1.00 2003
         This first version of the walkthrough is a Microsoft Works file.
    1.10 September 2004
         This is the walkthrough revised and converted into HTML format, though
         never placed on the Internet.
    1.20 04/04/2005
         This is the first version of the strategy guide posted on GameFAQs. The
         walkthrough has been converted to .txt format and revised. Also, sections
         for hints, solutions, and everything else in this guide have been added.
    Congratulations, you've reached the end of the guide. I thought I'd put
    something enriching down here for you people who made it all the way to the
    very end: it's the definition of the limit. Enjoy!
    Let f be a function defined on an open interval containing c (except possibly
    at c) and let L be a real number. The statement
    lim f(x) = L
    means that for each e > 0 there exists a d > 0 such that
    |f(x)-L| < e whenever 0 < |x-c| < d,
    where d and e are small real numbers.

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