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    Multiplayer FAQ by Serious Worm

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Description:    Red Faction (PC) multiplayer guide FAQ
    Written by:     Serious Worm
    Date started:   23.10.2001.
    Date finished:  24.11.2001.
    Last updated:   06.06.2002.
    Version:        1.5
    File size:      40.303 bytes (39.3 KB)
    *                              Contents                                   *
       I. About this FAQ
      II. Key bindings I use
     III. Weapons
      IV. Maps
       V. Some chat acronyms
      VI. Multiplayer hints & tips
     VII. Frequently asked questions
    VIII. Author info
      IX. Copyright stuff
    *                          I. ABOUT THIS FAQ                              *
      In this FAQ you will find lots of information about the Red Faction
    multiplayer. You will find weapons info & tactics for multiplayer, some
    chat stuff that many players use for faster writing, what ping & lag are,
    a list of user-made maps etc.
      If you are a new-comer to Red Faction, then I suggest you customize your
    controls using my controls as a reference.
      If you find any errors of any kind in this FAQ, please mail me and I will
    correct them.
      The version of Red Faction when this FAQ was last updated was 1.20.
     1.0 - First version. (24.11.2001.)
     1.1 - Removed the first 3 lines; made some changes to the top info
           section; added version history & where you can find the FAQ; added
           Riot shield tactics; minor changes to other weapons; shortened the
           Author info section; minor changes to the copyright section;
           changed/added some more info to the A's in the Frequently asked
           questions section; corrected some spelling errors (29.11.2001.)
     1.2 - Added the Maps section; added dates to Version history; changed the
           Rocket launcher weapon tactics; some changes to game copyrights;
           minor changes to the Weapons section; added one Q to the Frequently
           asked questions section; updates to Author info section; minor
           changes to chat acronyms section (05.12.2001.)
     1.3 - Added more maps to the Maps section; removed map scores; minor
           changes to the Weapons section; minor additions to FAQ's copyright;
           some changes to Author info; big changes to the Frequently asked
           questions section; organized the acronyms a bit (24.12.2001.)
     1.4 - Added more maps to the Maps section; added one Q to the Frequently
           asked questions section and changed some of the A's; minor changes
           to Author info section; minor changes to Key bindings I use section;
           changes to some weapons; a few added acronyms, added a few more
           links to map sites links (22.01.2002.)
     1.5 - Changed my info; changed maps info; minor changes to a few Q's
           and A's; changed the Precision Rifle score;  (6.06.2002.)
     NOTES (6.06.2002.)
     I probably won't update the FAQ any longer, as I think it is complete, with
     all information I had in mind when I started the FAQ. Maybe the map list
     could be updated - however, I find it hard to download all maps with my
     poor 56K modem, and it's also hard to find a good maps site. Overall, the
     FAQ is complete, so unless I get a good list of maps and/or change my
     info, I won't update the FAQ.
     Currently, this FAQ is hosted on the following sites with my permission:
     http://www.gamefaqs.com  - GameFAQs©
     http://www.neoseeker.com - NeoSeeker (© Neo Era Media Inc.)
    *                       II. KEY BINDINGS I USE                            *
     This keyboard & mouse bindings should give you a start for configuring
     your own controls.
     Action            - Button / key
     Primary fire      - Left mouse button
     Secondary fire    - Right mouse button
     Reload weapon     - Middle mouse button
     Move forward      - W
     Move backward     - S
     Strafe left       - A
     Strafe right      - D
     Jump              - Space bar
     Crouch            - Left CTRL
     Use               - ENTER
     Holster weapon    - H
     Chat              - T
     Team chat         - Z (Y in-game)
     Multiplayer stats - Left SHIFT
     Close c. weapons  - 1
     Semi-auto weapons - 2
     Heavy weapons     - 3
     Explosive weapons - 4
     Control baton     - None
     Riot shield       - None
     Pistol            - TAB
     Submachine gun    - F
     Automatic shotgun - Q
     Assault rifle     - E
     Sniper rifle      - C
     Remote charge     - 5
     Grenade           - G
     Flame thrower     - CAPS LOCK
     Rocket launcher   - R
     Rail driver       - X
     Precision rifle   - Y (Z in-game)
     Heavy machine gun - V
     Fusion rocket l.  - None
    *                             III. WEAPONS                                *
     In this section the Red Faction weapons are detailed.
     Name                - The name of the weapon.
     Description         - The weapon description.
     Ammo                - What type of ammo the weapon uses.
     Size of clip        - How much ammo can weapon hold without reloading.
     Maximum ammo        - How much ammo you can hold (max. ammo + clip ammo).
     Recommended range   - On what range(s) this weapon is recommended.
     Primary fire        - What happens if you press the primary fire button.
     Secondary fire      - What happens if you press the secondary fire button.
     Weapon tactics      - The tactics I recommend you to use while holding the
     What NOT to do when
     using this weapon   - What you should not do while holding the weapon.
     My score            - My personal score of the weapon.
    Name:              Control baton / UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton
    Description:       This weapon is basically an electrically powered stick.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Battery cells / 1 cell
    Maximum ammo:      9 + 1
    Recommended range: Point blank to short
    Primary fire:      Swing the baton
    Secondary fire:    Electrize the baton's end and try to hit someone with it
    Weapon tactics:
     ONLY use this weapon if you want to humiliate someone, because there is
     simply no reason to use it - because there are PLENTY of weapons & ammo on
     the maps. And the weapon spends battery cells quite quickly.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Simple - do not use it.
    My score: 0 / 10
     NOTE: This following weapon is not available in multiplayer in most maps.
    Name:              Riot shield / UBS-4 Ultor Riot Shield
    Description:       A big shield that you can use to attack as well.
    Ammo/Size of clip: -
    Maximum ammo:      -
    Recommended range: Point blank
    Primary fire:      Swing the shield
    Secondary fire:    -
    Weapon tactics:
     Well, this is just a big shield that prevents the enemies from hurting you
     from the direction you are pointing to. It isn't unbreakeable, though, so
     use it just temporarely, while grabbing ammo for a weapon or getting some
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Because the damage done by the shield is quite low, I don't suggest you
     use it as a attack weapon. And don't forget to switch to something else
     after you collected the ammo/health/armor.
    My score: 2/10
    Name:              12mm Pistol / USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Description:       This is what you get when you respawn.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 12mm bullets / 16 bullets
    Maximum ammo:      210 + 16
    Recommended range: Short to medium
    Primary fire:      Fire the pistol
    Secondary fire:    Attach/detach silencer (doesn't work in multiplayer)
    Weapon tactics:
     This is relatively weak weapon. On very close range you can kill someone
     with it if you press the fire button as fast as possible, but on longer
     ranges it is pretty much useless, compared with other weapons.
     Each bullet packs a moderate punch of firepower for unarmored opponents,
     so if your opponent doesn't carry armor, you can use the weapon and you
     can kill him.
     The weapon does not have much recoil.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Well, altough the weapon is good, do not use it if you have a better
     weapon. Because most better weapons are of course better ;)
     Do not use it against armored opponents.
     Also, do not use the weapon at really long ranges. Altough you can
     maybe hit someone, it simply isn't worth it.
    My score: 4 / 10
    Name:              Submachine Gun (UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun)
    Description:       A rapid firing, larger & stronger version of the pistol.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 12mm bullets / 64 bullets
    Maximum ammo:      210 + 64
    Recommended range: Short to medium
    Primary fire:      Fire the SMG
    Secondary fire:    None (in singleplayer toggles between 2 ammo types)
    Weapon tactics: 
     This is a quite good weapon, actually. Altough the damage done by each bullet
     is the same to the one that the pistol gives, it fires at a moderate firing
     rate so you can quite easily kill someone with it.
     Just be sure to reload often, and watch out for your ammo supply - in the
     current clip, of course, because you usually have more than adequate ammo
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Well... Nothing specially ;)
     My score: 7 / 10
    Name:              Automatic Shotgun (UAS-10 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun)
    Description:       Very good short range weapon. Also somewhat usable at
                       medium range.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 10 gauge shells / 8 shells
    Maximum ammo:      48 + 8
    Recommended range: Point blank to medium
    Primary fire:      Fire two shells at once. Double firepower, reload
                       between each shot
    Secondary fire:    Fire one shell at a time. No reload, rapid-fire
    Weapon tactics:
     I prefer to use this weapon in narrow corridors and such. It isn't
     very good at open spaces. If you fire to someone at point blank
     range using primary fire, you have a 95% chance of killing him. And
     you can use the weapon as a "finish" weapon in secondary fire mode -
     if you hit someone with a sniper-type weapon, you can easily finish him
     with this weapon.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Do not (obviously) use it at long ranges. Altough one of the pellets
     MAY hit him, the damage done is miserable and you can only kill
     someone if he just survived a rail gun hit. Also, use the primary
     fire for medium range fire (and point blank range) and the secondary
     fire for short and medium ranges.
    My score: 7 / 10
    Name:              Assault Rifle (UAR-42 Ultor Military Assault Rifle)
    Description:       An excellent medium range weapon.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 5.56mm Armor Piercing bullets / 42 bullets
    Maximum ammo:      210 + 42
    Recommended range: Medium (also usable at long range)
    Primary fire:      Fire a three-round burst
    Secondary fire:    Full automatic fire
    Weapon tactics:
     Now this is a quite good weapons. It is my favorite of the "weaker"
     ones because not only each bullet is pretty damaging, it also fires
     quite quickly and you usually have lots of ammo. Use the primary fire
     on short or long range and the secondary fire on medium range because
     the primary fire will most likely kill the enemy if you are very
     close to him, and on long range you will avoid wasting ammo.
     The weapon is quite good for modem users (who have 200+ ping).
     I mostly use it at open spaces. This is a good weapon for use with
     the have the damage amp - just a click on the left button and a corpse.
     And if you are in a long corridor and there are many players on the
     server ... hehe ;)
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Most players just use the secondary fire and forget about the primary
     because they think it just slows the weapon. Well that is correct,
     but it also improves your overall accuracy because you can precisely
     aim between each burst, and if you just hold the sec. fire because of
     the recoil you will pretty quickly waste most of you clip (though
     you will probably kill your target, but whatever ;)).
    My score: 9 / 10
    Name:              Sniper Rifle (USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle)
    Description:       A good medium to very long range
    Ammo/Size of clip: .50 AP bullets / 6 bullets
    Maximum ammo:      36 + 6
    Recommended range: Medium to very long
    Primary fire:      Fire a bullet
    Secondary fire:    Activate or deactivate the scope, hold for zoom
    Weapon tactics:
     Like I said, another quite good weapon. But, if you want to make
     some use from it, you must have good aim. The weapon is most
     effective if you use it while camping, as with most sniper type
     weapons. The weapon can zoom VERY much so you can practically kill
     someone without even knowing where the bullet came from.
     By the way, the bullet usually doesn't instantly hit the target if
     fired from a distance.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     If your are sniping from long distance and your target approaches
     and it has an automatic weapon, I suggest you switch to your
     automatic or at least semi automatic because he will probably
     kill you faster that you can him.
    My score: 8 / 10
    Name:              Remote Charge (URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge)
    Description:       A powerful remote detonated mine.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Remote charges / 1 charge
    Maximum ammo:      21
    Recommended range: Short (well...)
    Primary fire:      Throw or detonate the charge
    Secondary fire:    Throw or detonate the charge
    Weapon tactics:
     This is a pretty good weapon, if you know how to use it. What
     is interesting is that, if your ping is cca. above 400, you
     can actually throw more than 1 charge. And if it is even higher,
     you can throw more than 3.
     Also, if you are playing CTF and you are the flag carrier and
     someone is pursuing you, you can throw a mine and hope he
     stumbles on it and ... POOF ;)
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Well do not detonate it when you are close to the charge - while
     the blast radius is smaller than the grenade, IMO it is a bit
     large than the rocket launcher's.
    My score: 6 / 10
    Name:              Grenade (UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Grenade)
    Description:       A simple hand granade with two modes of fire.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Grenades / 1 grenade
    Maximum ammo:      9 grenades
    Recommended range: Medium
    Primary fire:      Throw a grenade with a 3-second timer
    Secondary fire:    Throw an impact grenade (also with a timer)
    Weapon tactics:
     Altough most grenades in other FPS-es are solid weapons, this
     one isn't. And just because it has a LONG time between clicking
     the fire button and actually throwing the grenade. The only use
     I found is when you are in a room and your opponent is on the
     other side, and doors are keeping you from seeing each other.
     Then you can just press the fire button, wait until your
     character arms the grenade, open the door and
     throw the grenade, and finnaly go back in the room.
     But another flaw is that the 3-second timer is quite a long
     time for advanced players - the moment they see it, the will
     probably run away.
     BTW Use the remote charges instead of this "weapon" ;)
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Another flaw is that the weapon's explosion radius is VERY
     large, so you must retreat quickly if you want to get away
     undamaged. Of course, this can be an advantage...
    My score: 3 / 10
    Name:              Flame Thrower (UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower)
    Description:       A small flame thrower.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Fuel canisters / 1 canister
    Maximum ammo:      5 + 1
    Recommended range: Short
    Primary fire:      Fire the flame
    Secondary fire:    Dispatch the fuel canister and throw it
    Weapon tactics:
     An interesting weapon. Altough some people say it is one of the best
     weapons, I don't think so. Not just because it has a small canister,
     but also because it requires some time to actually put someone on
     fire. That is a quite big flaw. And the flame it fires isn't
     very long. But if many people are in the same room, you can probably
     get in and burn most of them ;)
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     If you are using the weapon, try to NOT accidentally click the
     secondary fire button. Because you throw the canister altogether.
     And it even doesn't do much damage.
    My score: 5 / 10
    Name:              Rocket Launcher (URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher)
    Description:       A standard rocket launcher like in many other games.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 15cm HE rockets / 6 rockets
    Maximum ammo:      18 + 6
    Recommended range: Medium-short to long
    Primary fire:      Fire a rocket
    Secondary fire:    None (fires a homing rocket in singleplayer)
    Weapon tactics:
     This is a good explosive weapon. I use it when playing against predictable
     opponents, and opponents which do not move around very much. Then I simply
     fire a rocket in the place I think he will be when he gets there, and it
     usually hits him. By the way, if you are new to Red Faction or FPS's at all,
     you should know that if you try to hit someone directly with this weapon
     (ie. in the torso), he will probably kill you faster than you will him.
     Because this weapon isn't an instant-hit weapon, but the rocket explodes
     when she hits something so you must aim to the floor or the wall near
     your target instead of the target itself.
     Also, the secondary (homing) fire doesn't work in multiplayer, so bye-bye
     homing rockets :(
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Like I said, do not try to hit someone directly, in the torso or even in
     the head. It is what most beginners do.
    My score: 7 / 10
    Name:              Rail Driver (FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver)
    Description:       A deadly instant-hit weapon.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Rail driver slugs / 1 slug
    Maximum ammo:      6 + 1
    Recommended range: Medium to long
    Primary fire:      Fire a slug
    Secondary fire:    Engage / disengage the infrared scope
    Weapon tactics:
     This is an instant-hit weapon. The best use for this weapon is to use it
     while hiding somewhere while looking through the scope. Also you can use
     it if you are trying to kill someone by constantly running and finding
     some cover and looking trough the scope. By the way, it IS possible to
     survive a hit with this weapon. But if you survive it, you have very
     little health remaining so even if you survive, you are probably ending
     up killed. This is the only weapon that can fire trough walls.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Unless you have REALLY good aim, I don't suggest you use it while walking
     down the hallways or similar. Also, because of the weapon's LONG reload
     time, DEFINITELY do not use it in 1 on 1 combat in a small room/corridor.
     Or at least if you aren't a FPS veteran ;)
    My score: 8 / 10
    Name:              Precision Rifle (MK/SG-1 Defender Precision Rifle)
    Description:       A semi-automatic sniper-type weapon.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Precision rifle rounds / 20 rounds
    Maximum ammo:      80 + 20
    Recommended range: Medium to very long
    Primary fire:      Fire a round
    Secondary fire:    Activate or deactivate the scope, hold down for zoom.
    Weapon tactics:
     This is an excellent weapon. It fires like the pistol and each round has
     similar hit-power like the pistol bullets, but it has a zoom so you can
     say this weapon is a cross between the pistol and the sniper. The zoom
     is like rail driver's - everything is green, just you don't have the infra
     red view. You can calmly walk around with the weapon - unloading a clip
     on a target will probably kill the target before it harms you greatly.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Altough it is a solid weapon, it's mainly, besides sniping (camping), for 1on1
     fights because of the small clip. So, when (if) you kill your target, you will
     probably have an empty clip and if someone enters the fight just after you
     killed your first opponent ... you are probably dead while reloading.
    My score: 8 / 10
    Name:              Heavy Machine Gun (JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun)
    Description:       A big 'n' heavy slow-firing machine gun.
    Ammo/Size of clip: 7.62mm bullets / 99 bullets
    Maximum ammo:      297 + 99
    Recommended range: Short to long
    Primary fire:      Fire the weapon in a faster firing mode
    Secondary fire:    Fire the weapon in a slower firing mode
    Weapon tactics:
     This is a "father" of all weapons. When a bullet hits your opponent, it
     damages him severely. Also, you have lots of bullets so don't reload
     often because the reload time is VERY long, and when you do be sure that
     you are in a safe place. Altough the weapon isn't very accurate while
     using the primary fire, secondary fire ensures you hit your target even
     at longer ranges without wasting too much ammo. If you see someone with
     this weapon, try to hide somewhere and suprise him because a direct
     conflict will probably kill you. This is also a very good weapon for
     using with damage amplifier. By the way, in the primary fire mode the
     weapon shoots bullets at a rate of about 6-8 bullets per second, and in
     the secondary at about 3-4 bullets per second.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     My advice is to reload only when you have some 15-20 bullets or less.
     Also, do not use the primary fire at long ranges, because you will be
     just wasting ammo, and that specially applies when you do not have much
     ammo left. If you want to score headshots, I suggest you use the secondary
     fire and aim carefully.
    My score: 10 / 10
    Name:              Fusion Rocket Launcher (F-1 TL Fusion Rocket Launcher)
    Description:       An improved version of the rocket launcher.
    Ammo/Size of clip: Fusion rocket / 1 rocket
    Maximum ammo:      1 + 1
    Recommended range: Long
    Primary fire:      Fire a fusion rocket
    Secondary fire:    None
    Weapon tactics:
     This is a "mother" of all weapons. It is the most powerful weapon with a
     quite big blast radius. It may pretty easily kill you if you are using it
     unproperly. But, when you spot a group of people, just go back an fire the
     weapon and run like hell ;)
     Also, amount of time the rocket spends in the air (the amount of "fuel")
     is the same as a normal rocket launcher's.
    What NOT to do when using this weapon:
     Do NOT fire it at narrow corridors and such. Because you may hit a near
     wall or floor or ceiling... and you are finished. Use it at large, open
     spaces where you have enough room to run away.
    My score: 9 / 10
    *                                 V. MAPS                                 *
     You can find here some info about the Red Faction maps, as well as those
     that are made by other mappers (some of the RF map info is taken from the
     Readme file). I haven't listed all of the user-made maps, and I probably
     won't add them any longer, so this is a list of the older maps. If I
     didn't list the version for a user-made map, that means it is version 1.0.
     If you want me to add your maps to the list, just drop me a mail.
     If you see something incorrect, also send me a mail and I'll correct it
     in the future version.
     The custom map list is sorted by author.
     Deathmatch and Team deathmatch
    No.  - Map name              - No. of players
    DM01   The Lobby               4-6
    DM02   Installation XJ15       4-6
    DM03   Waste Treatment Plant   4-6
    DM04   Badlands                8-16
    DM05   Hangar18                6-10
    DM06   High and Dry            8-12
    DM07   Mine Warfare            8-12
    DM08   Relentless              4-6
    DM09   Office Space            8-12
    DM10   Any Way                 4-8
    DM11   Watch Your Step         4-6
    DM12   Killbox                 4-6
    DM13   Mazeway                 4-6
    DM14   Coffee Break            4-6
    DM15   One to the Dome         8-12
    DM16   S.R.O.                  4-8
    DM17   Grey Matter             12-16
    DM18   Zig                     4-6
    DM19   High Rise               8-12
    DM20   Hermis                  2-6
     Capture the flag
    No.   - Map name             - No. of players
    CTF01   Blasted Canyon         8-12
    CTF02   Warlords               6-10
    CTF03   Score                  12-16
    CTF04   Nemesis                8-12
    CTF05   Checkmate              6-8
    CTF06   The Art of War         24-32
    CTF07   En Masse               24-32
      CUSTOM MAPS (total: 69)
     Deathmatch and Team deathmatch (total: 25)
    Map name            - Author                     - No. of players
    Sniper City           Brad Johnson                 8-12
    Sniperfest            Carlos Aleman                4-6
    Frozen Keep           Chris McMullen               8-12
    Storage Facility      Daniel "RunicPagan" Kendrick 6-8
    Skull (v1.5)          "Deadsmith"                  12-16
    Orbital III (v-F)     "Deadsmith"                  6-12
    Vertigo               "Deadsmith"                  4-8
    Warehouse of Pain     Dennis "Pagangod" Kendrick   4-8
    Killbox (?)           "Eagle"                      2-4
    Two Houses            Eric "Daedalus" Stassen      8-12
    High Pressure         Göran "Black Seer" Viking    2-4
    Jungle                "Lear"                       6-8
    The Beach             "Lear"                       12-24
    Oblivion              Lee "Hades" Colin            2-6
    Techno World          "MatCat"                     6-12
    Water Lab             "MatCat"                     8-12
    Dockland              Paul "Pablo" Davidson        8-12
    Stack (v0.6) (G.007)  Ronny "CoRnHodE" Scholz      2-6
    Tech Arena            Sam "Samdman" Geater         8-12
    Darkest Death         Steve "Litnin" Pulis         8-12
    Phantoms              Steve "Litnin" Pulis         12-16
    Rogue Runner          Steve "Litnin" Pulis         12-16
    Carnage               William Hart                 6-8
    Red Castle            William Hart                 6-8
    Underground ("No Level Name") | Unknown            8-12
     Capture the flag (total: 44)
    Map name            - Author                     - No. of players
    Wing Shius Neighbour  Andreas Jirenius             8-12
    Mining Facility KY50  Andrew "Spand" Walker        12-24
    Spherical Terror (v?) Andrew "Spand" Walker        8-10
    Shallow Abyss (v1.5)  Andrew "Spand" Walker        8-12
    Urban Warfare (v0.1)  Andrew "Spand" Walker        8-12
    Sprawl                "Beer_God"                   12-16
    The Beach             "BobTheMasher"               12-24
    Bunkers (v2)          Chris "Boxatoys" Weeks       6-8
    Sign Up Today (v1.10) "Dabu"                       8-16
    Broken Arrow          Daniel "RunicPagan" Kendrick 8-16
    Red Fort              David "CoffeDotBean" Cross   6-10
    Deadcapture           "Deadsmith"                  12-24
    Iron Maiden (v2)      "Deadsmith"                  12-24
    Orbital (v2)          "Deadsmith"                  10-16
    Digitaldrone City     "Digitaldrone.com" (?)       12-24
    NegativLand           "Freedumb"                   12-24
    Rig War               "Freedumb"                   12-24
    Arena                 "Gizmo"                      2-8
    Forgotten Tomb        Göran "Black Seer" Viking    4-8
    The Tunnel            Göran "Black Seer" Viking    6-8
    Acrophobia            "ILLxxx"                     8-10
    Pipe Dream            "Jaggy"                      6-8
    Sentinels             "Jaggy"                      8-12
    Paintball CTF         James Hayden                 4-8
    Power Plant           Jeremy Marchy                12-24
    2fort Joe             Joe                          6-8
    2Fort Red Faction     Joe                          6-8
    Fortress CTF          "Killakow"                   8-16
    The Base (v1&2)       "Kryss187"                   8-12
    Castlevania           "MatCat"                     8-12
    LavaWorld             "MatCat"                     8-10
    Eternal Depth         "Nick"                       16-32
    Team Dockland         Paul "Pablo" Davidson        12-16
    Turned Tables         "pop2pop"                    8-12
    Glass Walk-Way        "Straitface"                 8-16
    Crazyforts            "Swie"                       8-10
    ConTek                Tobi Cook                    12-16
    Sniper Alley          "Ushipo"                     4-6
    The Vally             William Hart                 6-8
    Compounds             "ZiGgY113"                   8-12
    Crossfire (v2)        "ZiGgY113"                   12-24
    Crossfire Alt.Ed.     "ZiGgY113"                   12-24
    Hydro Arena           "ZiGgY113"                   16-32
    Outpost               "ZiGgY113"                   6-8
     MAP SITES (total: 2)
    http://www.rfmappers.cjb.net (news)
    http://www.rfmods.com/maps.html (links)
    *                          V. SOME CHAT ACRONYMS                          *
     I will explain here some chat "words" the are commonly used when playing
     Red Faction, and many other games, and some are used in Internet overall.
     They are sorted in alphabetical order.
     Acronym                Explanation
     afaik                  As far as I know
     ap                     Armor piercing (bullets)
     ar                     Assault rifle
     bbiaf                  Be back in a flash
     brb                    Be right back
     btw                    By the way                            
     c u                    See you
     cm                     Centimeter (1/100 of a meter)
     ctf                    Capture the flag (play-mode)
     dm                     Deathmatch (play-mode)
     frl                    Fusion rocket launcher
     gg                     Good game
     hmg                    Heavy machine gun
     imho                   In my humble opinion
     imo                    In my opinion
     irc                    Internet Relay Chat
     lmao                   Laugh my ass off
     lol                    Laughing out loud
     mm                     Millimeter (1/1000 of a meter)
     ms                     Millisecond (1/1000 of a second)
     plrs                   Players
     r                      Are
     rf                     Red Faction (usually)
     rl                     Rocket launcher
     rotfl                  Rolling on the floor laughing
     rtfm                   Read the f*ing manual
     sg                     Automatic shotgun
     smg                    Submachine gun
     tdm                    Team deatmatch (play-mode)
     u                      You
     ur                     Our/Your
     v[num or letter], ver  Version
     wassup                 What's new, what's going on (slang)
     wtf                    What the f*ck
     ya                     You (slang)
     yrs                    Years, yours
     1                      "One" (ie. nice1, this 1)
     2                      "To" (ie. 2 you)
     4                      "For" (ie. 4 you)
     8                      "Ate" (ie. H8, Sk8)
    *                     VI. MULTIPLAYER HINTS & TIPS                        *
     Here are some general hints and tips that you should now.
     I         5 SHORT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS:             I
     I 1. NEVER STAND STILL                            I
     I 2. AIM AT THE HEAD                              I
     I 5. JUMPING CAN BE A LIFE-SAVER                  I
     This simply means that you never stand on the same spot. Even if you are
     aiming with the rail gun on a open spot at the enemy, never stand still.
     Of course, if you are camping, you will probably be standing still, but
     even that once in a while move a bit so railers won't find you at the
     same spot.
     You probably already know that headshots cause the most damage. So,
     if you have a HMG and the enemy a simple SMG, and you are trying to kill
     the enemy for 4-5 seconds and he then turns around and kill you with
     5 bullets, that probably means he shot you in the head. Of course, it
     is not required that you score headshots with all weapons. With sniper-type
     weapons, and most importantly the rail driver, I suggest that you do not
     try to hit the head, because the torso is a lot easier to hit and you
     will not score much less damage.
     The tip mostly applies at the semi-automatics and automatics.
     This is important. Strafing is actually walking sideways. It has an
     big advantage to turning around and shooting, because you won't be
     a "rubber duck" and taking hits while firing at the enemy.
     Circle strafing is a term used when you are strafing around the enemy
     and shooting at him. He will probably have difficulty aiming at you, and
     you will have an easy target.
     Always keep an eye at your HUD display. It can save your life. Because you
     probably don't want to rush in a room with a player when you have 20-30
     health and no armor, no matter do you have the HMG or whatever. And ALWAYS
     keep an eye on the ammo display; you especially don't want to bump into
     someone with 2 rounds remaining in your precision rifle.
     When you jump, you are harder to hit. So, if you are ie. evading
     rail-gun fire, just jump like mad. It greatly increases your "life span".
     Also, if you are in a hallway and you think noone is near you, still jump.
     Someone may be at a room next to you with the rail driver - and if you are
     jumping, you will be a difficult target.
    *                   VII. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                       *
     You will find here some often asked questions and of course, their
    Q: What is the "Red Faction"?
    A: The Red Faction term (in game) is the name of an athletic group whose
       leader is Eos, the leader of the rebellion. Red signifies the planet
       (Mars), and Faction ... well you probably read the story in your Red
       Faction manual ^_^.
    Q: What is considered "cheating"?
    A: One of the definitions of "cheating" is altering the game in any way,
       internally or externally. It includes altering the game's files. I.E.,
       firing 6 rail gun slugs in 1 second is cheating, while hitting someone
       with 1 slug and seeing he walks away isn't (usually, hehe). Note that
       from version 1.20, it isn't possible to cheat, at least not via mods.
       The only possible way, AFAIK, is trough !"#$%& trainers.
    Q: I saw one player cheat and he told me how to do it. Is it OK to cheat?
    A: Of course not! Cheating, in any form, will probably get you banned off
       the server and probably no players will want to play a game with you
       on any server in the future if they see you cheating. It even isn't OK
       to use mods on the server while saying that you are cheating because
       you are annoying people with that act. Cheating is simply immorale and
       VERY stupid. When you come to a server with one or more player/s that
       noticed you cheating before, they will probably mean/say "Oh here comes
       the cheating loser/lamer/faggot/a*hole/sucker/etc." or something.
    Q: I saw one player fire rockets/sniper bullets much faster than normal and
       I am using version 1.20. He says he isn't cheating. Is he?
    A: Maybe not. You see, there is a glitch in the weapon selection that
       allows some semi automatic weapons (Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher,
       Automatic Shotgun in primary fire, ...) to fire faster simply by
       pressing 1,2,3 or 4 keys (or whatever your weapon selection keys are)
       while holding down the "Fire" button. This can only be accomplished
       if the weapon is on top of that weapon group (obviously). Some people
       think this is cheating, some do not.
    Q: What player is considered a "real" player?
    A: IMO, a player that never cheats, doesn't change his nick often,
       doesn't leave in the middle of a round because he is losing, in CTF that
       he obeys to whatever the team leader is (if one exists), is a real
    Q: What is ping?
    A: Ping is the amount of time in milliseconds (ms) in which an internet
       packet travels to the server and then back to your computer.
       The lower the ping, the better.
    Q: What is lag?
    A: Lag is a verb used when some packets are missing so your game
       temporarely freezes. When you experience lag the computers icon in the
       upper left corner appears, and you can't move/aim/shoot, so you are a
       VERY easy to kill. On non-dedicated (and some dedicated) servers where
       the host has a slower computer, lag can appear when players deform the
       terrain, using explosive weapons of course.
    Q: Where can I download maps or mods?
    A: Go to the bottom subsection of the Maps section.
    Q: Why is the sky red?
    A: Stop smoking that weird cigarettes :)
    *                         VIII. AUTHOR INFO                               *
     You can find some information about me, though you will probably find most
     of the info boring :-)
             Nickname: [EF]SeriousWorm
            Real name: Find it on your own :)
              Country: Croatia
            Continent: Europe
               Planet: Earth :)
               E-mail: sworm007@hotmail.com
    Has MSN Messenger: Yes
                  ICQ: #128695048
     Person. web site: Top Secret
    [EF] clan website: http://extreme-force.cjb.net
    *                        IX. COPYRIGHT STUFF                              *
     Red Faction copyrights:
     Red Faction(TM) - © 2001 THQ Inc.  Developed by Volition, Inc.
     Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997-2001 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
     Red Faction, Geo-Mod(TM) Technology, Volition, THQ and their respective
     logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc.
     This FAQ's copyright:
     This FAQ may be freely distrubuted over the Internet for free, as long as
     it is not modified in ANY way, including modification of the text itself
     and converting it to another format. If you want to put it on a CD or
     other medium, you must first contact me for permission. If you want to put
     it on your site, you must also contact me for permission. If you want
     to put it anywhere, you must also contact me for permission. ;-)
     (recommended by e-mail)
     © Copyright Serious Worm (Croatia) 2001-2002.
    *                                THE END                                  *

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