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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snowstormz

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Red Fraction Walkthrough: Version FINAL
    For PC
    Email: killer_mew@hotmail.com
    This Walkthrough is copyright (2001 Snowstormz) Reproduction of this document
    in part or whole without the author's consent is strightly forbidden. If the
    reader wishes to use the Walkthrough for his or her own personal and private
    use only, then a copy may be made. If you wish to put it on your website,
    please, ask me.
    If you see something rather similar, please, e-mail me about that so I can
    take legal action. Your name will be placed here, if it is really true.
    Revision History
    V FINAL- At last, the final version. I will not be updating anymore.
    Added the last tips that I have in my head
    V1.4- Cleaned up the (hopefully) last of the spelling mistakes. Added more
    tips and some FAQ I get in my e-mail.
    V1.3- Added some more questions into the FAQ and added the Multiplayer tips
    V1.2- Cleared all the spelling mistakes
    V1.1- Changed some part of the text
    V 1.0- completed the whole thing (at last)
    Beta 5.0- added the weapons part
    B 4.0- added the vehicles part
    B 3.0- finished the Satellite part
    B 2.0- finished the Capek part
    B 1.0- started the walkthrough
    1) General Information
    2) Weapons
    3) Vehicles
    4) Tips
    5) Walkthrough
    6) F.A.Q
    7) Credits
    1) General Information
    Nothing much to say here since the manual tells it all. If you brought the
    pirated version, here's a quick run through
    This game is from the PS2 Version. Now in PC, soon in Xbox. However, find that
    the PC is better as it has the keyboard instead of the Joypad, which will make
    things difficult.
    Below is the run through of the characters (very brief)
    This is you. You are he. He dies, game over, simple?
    This is your helper is the whole game. He will tell you routes to places.
    Other than that, he's useless
    The leader of the Red Faction rebellion. She will ask you to do this, do that.
    Just follow what she says (you have to anyway) and you should be OK
    Kill em' for a weapon, or just leave em' in peace
    They suck, just a shot in the head will do the job
    Though harder then the guards, esp. the mercs. They usually need more than a
    headshot to kill them
    Kill them, otherwise, they will alert the guards. Make sure you dump the body
    Ask them to heal you, then if you wish, give them the same fate as the
    scientist /civilians
    This freak will give you an experience of the nano-tech shield. It's quite
    useless, just kill him to average all the dead miners.
    The last boss, tough but not impossible, good luck
    2) Weapons
    Control Baton
    Primary fire-swing it
    Secondary fire- electric "therapy" mode
    Ammo/Clip size- Battery cell.
    Description-This is the first weapon you will have in the game, luckily, you
    will get a much better weapon very soon.
    Tips-Use this only as a last resort. If you managed to kill a guy, pick up
    whatever weapon he has. Its bound to be a better than this piece of junk.
    Fun Tips- Try to kill a merc with this.
    Riot Shield
    Primary fire-swing it
    Secondary fire-does nothing
    Ammo/clip size-none
    Description-This weapon is better than the control baton as it gives a degree
    of protection.
    Tips- same as above
    Fun tips- see how many shots can this thing take (how many dents can it have?)
    12mm pistol
    Primary fire-shoot the thing
    Secondary fire- Attach/detach silencer (N/A in Multiplayer mode)
    Ammo/Clip size-12mm bullets/16 rounds
    Description- The Second weapon you will have. It's like the Usp in CS. This is
    also the only other weapon other than the control baton you can use
    Tips- Use it at far ranges if you do not have the sniper rifle, use this.
    Fun Tips- Use this to do head shots to see blood on the floor
    Submachine gun
    Ammo/Clip size-12mm bullets/30 rounds; 5.56 AP rounds/20 rounds
    Primary fire-Fire it
    Secondary fire-switch between 12mm or 5.56 AP
    Description- this gun can be used against many guards by hosing them
    Tips- Use the 12mm against the guards, 5.56 AP against the Mercs
    Fun Tips- (need help on this)
    Primary fire- pump action shot
    Secondary fire- fires a shot every 0.15sec (or so they claim, I found that
    it's some where between 14.567sec-16.087sec)
    Ammo/clip size-10 shells/8rounds
    Description-this shotgun here can be used in close combat, but try not to use
    it when the enemy is on the far side
    Tips- Try to get closer if the enemy is to far to deal better damage
    Fun Tips- Give the heads a taste of the shells, messy.
    Assault Rifle
    Primary fire- Fire it in a three round burst
    Secondary Fire- Full Auto burst
    Ammo/clip size- 5.56 AP/ 42 rounds
    Description- this gun here will be your best pick before you get better
    Tips- Use this to distract enemies if you have too
    Fun Tips- Go into a room full of mercs and just spray, how long can you
    Sniper Rifle
    Primary fire-fire
    Secondary fire-Zoom in, hold for zoom.
    Ammo/clip size-.50 calibre AP/6 rounds
    Description- this is semi-auto firing. Has a zoom function. Has a one hit kill
    on unarmored guards
    Tips-Shoot from far if possible.
    Fun tips- Shoot the enemies in the back, see them topple, not even knowing
    what hit them.
    Remote Charge
    Primary fire- Throw, press again for detonation
    Secondary Fire- Throw
    Ammo/Clip size-none
    Description-The first explosive you will encounter. They can be used
    underwater (if you can get near a sub)
    Tips- Throw it on the ground, then lure the enemy there, then blow then to
    Fun tips- Throw them at the guards, try to stick to their head. See them run.
    Primary fire-Toss Grenade with a 4sec timer
    Secondary fire- Toss as impact grenade.
    Description- this weapon can be used to thrown into corners, either killing
    the guards who decide to sit there, or making them run out, letting you pick
    them off at leisure. Beware of the delay when Parker pulls the trigger
    Tips- throwing them down stairs or places with many people (Multiplayer) is a
    great way for this weapon.
    Fun Tips- (need help on this)
    Flame Thrower
    Primary fire-Shoots a flame
    Secondary Fire- Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb
    Descriptions-This weapon will make unarmored guards to burn. Note that if they
    touch you, you will suffer damage.
    Tips- Use the secondary fire when you see ledges. If you hear screams, good
    Fun Tips- Use it while shouting" burn, baby, burn!"
    Rocket Launcher
    Primary fire- fire rockets in dumb mode
    Secondary fire- Use the heat seeking mode
    Descriptions- Use the rockets to blowholes in the walls. The heat-seeking mode
    is a great way of not wasting rockets. However, you have to have great
    footwork and it does not work in Multiplayer mode.
    Tips- Use the Dumb Rockets often, try to use the heat seekers if only you have
    Fun Tips-Use this to destroy the enemy vehicles, it's quite fun.
    Rail Driver
    Primary fire- Fire
    Secondary fire- Engages scope which allows you to see body heat.
    Descriptions- this is the most powerful weapon as it can kill in one shot.
    Sadly, it comes only in the late of the game and it cannot shoot repeatedly.
    Tips- Use this before opening door or going round corners.
    Fun tips- Shooting through two persons in Multiplayer mode. Note: the two
    persons must be of low health
    Precision Rifle
    Primary fire- fire
    Secondary fire- zoom, hold down for zoom
    Descriptions- Mercs love this weapon, and you will see why, it's a great
    weapon. It's just like the commando in CS
    Tips- Use in on close or medium range is the best.
    Fun Tips- (need help on this)
    Heavy Machine Gun A.K.A Para
    Primary Fire- Full auto
    Secondary fire- Slower firing, but more accurate
    Descriptions- A fast gun but very inaccurate. Only used if you need to
    distract the guards of need to hose down a room full of hostile
    Tips-Use these weapons to distract the guards by firing at them, keep firing,
    and, keep running
    Fun Tips- Unload a whole clip on a head to see blood splattered all over the
    Fusion Rocket Launcher
    Primary fire- Try it your self
    Secondary fire- N/A
    Descriptions- this weapon has a great blast radius. Use it at your own risk.
    Tips- Use it on vehicles is the best. In Multiplayer, use this as a kamikaze
    weapon by shooting it at the grounds. I got 6 frags one shot.
    Fun Tips- Use it at close range with the cheats on, it's fun!
    3) Vehicles
    The ATV or The Jeep
    It is the fastest ground thing you will ever have. However, if you drive, you
    cannot shoot and vise versa. Use its speed to crush people.
     The Driller
    The first vehicle you will encounter. IT can crush people very easily. It also
    let's you experience the Geo-Mod Tech without wasting Ammo
    The Aesir Fighter or the Aeroplane
    This Plane allows you to play flight simulator. The only thing is that you got
    enemies shooting you, trying to destroy your fun.
    This sub has heat-seeking torps (why not nuclear missiles?) to destroy the
    enemies. You will encounter other enemy subs in your sub. Have a nice
    dogfight! Also, the torps cannot shoot above water.
    Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
    This Big Daddy here will allow you to crush enemies. Because of the great
    armour, it can withstand more hits. Once, When I crushed a merc, I found
    myself upside down! Anyone else tried this before? Note that it has high
    armour, but it's not invincible. Also, at this point, the enemies are very
    tough on you. Try not to let them scratch the paint
    4) Tips , multiplayer tips (M) or tips which can be used on both (B)
    4.1-Always save, you will never know when you might suddenly die or lose
    something important
    4.2-Know how to use your weapons. Do not try to burn Mercs as they have amour
    and you will most likely die. Use rifles instead. When you see a enemy coming
    straight at you, do not use the rail driver or the sniper rifle.
    4.3-Keep moving. The more you move, the better your chances of surviving. If
    not, you will suddenly see yourself die because of a rail driver shot.
    4.4-Use the geo-mod technology at more use. However, try not to waste too much
    4.5-Assgin hotkeys so that you can easily change weapons.
    4.6- Destroy walls and close to everything around u, u might not know what u
    might expect. There ought to be more secrets than all those which I know of.
    4.7(M)- Know where to fusion rocket launcher is, the faster you get it, the
    easier you can get a ton of frags.
    4.8(M)-In Team DM or CTF maps, protecting the base is equal to camping, this
    is not TFC which the flag cannot be returned by touching it (Quake 3 method).
    Try your best to get the flag AND capture it so that u can get some easy
    4.9(M)-Use rapid firing weapons, although 1 hit kill weapons are cool (rail
    driver). My best bet is always the machine gun.
    4.10(M)- When using rockets don't bother with hitting the enemies with a
    rocket, as that is hard. If they like to jump, aim at their head, they will
    jump into it. If they like to move, aim at their feet, they will lap up the
    splash damage.(Thanks to Expert Gamer on this)
    4.11(M)- As time runs out (5,4,3,2,1..."happy new year!"), just shoot like
    4.12(M)- Blast holes on the floor and hope that someone drops inside. Just
    press the red button...
    4.13(M)- In some multiplayer maps, you can actually physically prevent people
    from entering your place by blowing up certain objects or blowing up a bridge.
    4.14(B)-Try to get headshots as the deals out the most damage.
    4.15(B)- When facing a fusion launcher, get as close at possible but keep
    moving sideways as you (hopefully), you will not get a direct hit nor will you
    eat the damage.
    4.16(B)-As above, keep shooting and hopefully you can kill him before he gets
    to shoot the rocket.
    4.17(B)- Place detpacks on the floor and lure enemies in. The radius and the
    amount of frags are incredible.
    There are detours at early stages. These are ways for you to pick and move in
    that direction. Usually, one is more rewarding than the other is.
    Your work shift has ended. Wait for the guard to drop his control baton. Pick
    it up and kill the nearest guard. Pick up his pistol and kill the other.
    1) Now, do not go through the door nearby, instead, walk back to the first
    left turn. Again, do not go through the door. Go into a tunnel instead. Pick
    up the charges and blow at hole at the circled X. Blow up another one in the
    hole. Inside are two red fraction members. Kill the guy with the Rocket
    Launcher (club him with the control baton). Let the other one (holding pistol)
    kill a guard for you, then send him to meet his friend as well. Go right and
    continue the Journey.
    2) Go through the main door (the one you see after killing all the guards).
    Nothing much to say kills anything that moves. You will end up the same place
    as the other.
    3) Beside the main door, there is a path leading to a miner who is attacking
    the guard. A pistol is nearby. Go back out the same way to continue
    4) The last route is beside the hole listed in 1). It is the same way as 2)
    The tunnels are many and some have more charges. If you have the time, check
    em' out.
    In this area, a guard opposite across will fire rockets at you, dodge em' use
    the pistol to return fire. Do not worry about the other pistol guard, he will
    only hit you once every 10 times. Warning: DO NOT go across to kill them. The
    rocket guard will switch to pistol and you will lose some rockets.  Continue
    for another detour.
    1) Ride the conveyor belt. At the end is a rock crusher, so prepare to jump.
    This route has fewer enemies. Go through the platform to proceed to the back
    of the driller.
    2) The second way is through the door, more enemies here, meaning more ammo.
    The driller will be facing you.
    Use the driller to run over people. Their puny little pistol is useless
    against your driller. Guards at platforms can be runned down. Drill their
    platforms, then, squash em' and proceed to the next area.
    In this area, Hendrix will make himself known to you. Don't bother shooting or
    even looking at the APC, after all, curiosity killed the cat. However, if you
    wish, blow the floor, the apc will fall through the hole.
    After the APC part, there's another detour.
    1) There's a part of the wall which is curved in, blow it and you will get to
    take a swim. It will place you near to the elevator near the exit.
    2) go normally and you will end up at the same place. The difference? Guards,
    guards and more guards. Go up on the elevator to continue.
    Kill everyone here, make sure to grab the flame-thrower the miner drops and a
    riot shield inside the guard house. Inside the airlock is a riot guard with a
    shotgun, which is yours, if you kill him.
    Inside the barracks, go to the last door on your right to a staircase if you
    need shotgun ammo. Also, there is the on and only rocket turret in the whole
    game. Exit the way you came in. If you are shot of health, enter the rooms and
    kill the guards, the usually drop medical kits. When done, go to the door at
    the end of the room. Inside, use the sentry gun to hose down the guards.
    Inside one of the rooms is a cell with a prisoner. Pick up the keycard on the
    table and set him free. He will attract some gunfire off you while you get to
    the sentry gun again.
    When done, go through a door on the left. Walking to the left gives you access
    to a medical centre with a medic inside. The right has a shotgun guard. lay
    waste to him and move on. Inside, take cover and shoot back with a pistol.
    After that, go through the door and into the chute.
    Hendrix will inform you about the elevator shaft, which you must climb. Fell
    free to drop the guards at a high ground and hear them splat. The ladder is
    destroyed, go through into a room and if your low on health, climb down.
    Otherwise, just climb up into a room protected with guards.
    In this area, its a short detour
    1) Climb through the vent by busting open it, drop a charge inside, get back
    and blow it.
    2) Go in through the ladder. This is harder as the enemy will have a clean
    shot at you.
    Press the button located on the console. Be sure to pick up the assault rifle
    nearby. Inside is a place with a hoard of guard. Luckily, there is a medic
    nearby. Kill them all and use the medic.
    Do not go to the place in front of you, its a waste of time. Instead, go to
    the back and go into the pool of water. Kill of all the guards and use a
    rocket to kill the guard manning the sentry (careful not to destroy the gun).
    Use it to give the guards a taste of their own medicine. Continue on to the
    next area.
    At the start, you will see your friends die in a failed attempt to escape
    (escape is not going to be easy, you will soon find out). A door will open,
    head right and into a room. Press the button and head back out. Go to your
    nearest right, press the button, wait for the elevator to drop, then drop down
    (more fun). Head into the room and kill the guards if you wish, medipacks are
    around the area, so keep a look out. To proceed, just exit the elevator.
    Kill the guards that protect the craft and head in if you wish to collect
    health. Go through the door near the door you cane through. Check the rooms
    for health and armour. Go through the second left door, which has a case that
    holds a rocket launcher, which will be needed real soon. Go to the next place,
    which is at the end of the corridor. Rockets can destroy that machine, the
    guard on the platform will complicate matters, take him down with a rocket.
    When the robot id destroyed, head up, whip out the flame-thrower and go into
    the room. A riot guard will be inside, burn him, press the button, go through
    the door and the area will end.
    Here. Take the elevator. After you see a ladder, hang on to it and climb down
    instead. Otherwise...well, see for yourself.
    1) Climb slowly until you see a tunnel, inside is a sniper rifle. Get it and
    snipe the people down there.
    2) Just climb down and go head on with the guards outside the doors.
    Go left to pick up some ammo. The right has health will should be useful. Try
    opening the door, it won't open. Hendrix will tell you to blast it. Don't do
    anything. After a while, Hendrix will open the door for you, saving you some
    If you have the sniper rifle, pick off the guard at the far end. Drop into the
    water and use the flares to move up. Drop a charge down and hear people scream
    as they are blown.
    Here, it is quite straightforward, not much, just go up and move on.
    Here, kill everyone and jump to the rocks that blocked you just now. Jump to
    the tube like thing. Move to reach the ventilation vent.
    This is quite confusing. Kill all the guards first (dump their body down to
    the bottom to hear a pleasing sound. Press the button, go higher, jump to the
    other side, if the sign is labelled "rock crusher', you are golden, just move
    Kill everyone here. Walk past the ladder for a rocket launcher. Pick up a
    sniper rifle at the edge of the crusher. Then move on( if you have time,
    observe how dead bodies cannot be crushed by the rock crusher(there's a switch
    here to on it.))
    At the bridge, shoot the switch to make the bridge appear or just wait for
    Hendrix to make it for you. Enter to airlock to exit.
    Here just kill everyone.
    1) Just move on normally.
    2) At the first sandbag, look for a sign that says "service tunnel". Blow a
    hole there and enter. If you need health, go lower, otherwise go up. Taking
    this route allows you to backstab the people using the sentry gun. The other
    has more fun as you go head on.
    Head through the door to continue.
    Here, immediately get behind the table or the wall (get some cover) gun the
    guards. Continue on
    This detour has 4 ways, however, all must be done.
    Head into that room, turn that switch to continue.
    Just press the button on the console, simple. Boring, to add more fun, throw
    the guards who will come in against the big white thing. Hear that great sound
    of splat whan their body drops into the water
    Turn the valve. DO NOT GO into the room near by, there's a guard inside who
    will make your life shorter.
    Use the control baton to destroy the two yellow things.
    When all are done, go to main control room. Follow his instructions and all
    will be well. Observe what happens to bodies that are thrown at the side (aim
    at the white strip at the upper level) if nothing happens, pick up the body
    and move closer.
    When you finished throwing bodies, just go out of the room and go to a room,
    which WAS locked.
    Here kill the guard
    1) Blow a hole in the room to access the sniper rifle and get the sub.
    2) Climb the gliders to the sub, press the button for the submarine.
    3) Swim (good luck!)
    Drive the sub around and destroy the other sub.
    Continue on to see that research centre. If you are bored, just take on the
    sub, otherwise, just go into the tunnel.
    Head out, kill everyone (too bad the torps cannot work above water). Go up for
    life and a machine gun. Go down to a tramway. Take the rocket launcher out,
    wipe the dust and prepare for two guards who will come in a tram (sniper rifle
    will also work). Listen to Eos and take out an automatic weapon to prepare for
    that guard. Go down to meet the miner.
    Go right, head straight. Go up, enter a coloured door to see a room full of
    cubicles. Head towards the elevator to continue. Tips: keep your face away
    from the guards, never look at them
    Here, follow Hendrix instructions and you might be able to meet him in person.
    Go to the elevator to continue.
    Go to a door, which has Gryphon name on the wall. It's near the toilets. Look
    at the clip. Go to a place near the elevator (not the one you came by). A
    funny looking door will be there. Go in and pick up the suit, shotgun. Kill an
    elite guard for a free submachine gun. Do not worry if Gryphon does not follow
    you. He will reappear later.
    Move forward until the clip starts, move forward, kill everyone (use Gryphon
    as a shield, they will not shoot him) and look around. There's a switch, press
    it and go up. Press the two switches on the console panels. Continue left to
    the bot repair area. Continue on, killing everyone whom dares stands in your
    way. Press the button you see in the room after the next, whip out your
    strongest weapon to welcome the guards who will be on the elevator. Go up the
    elevator and press both buttons. Forcefields will be deactivated. Continue on.
    Continue on, going up the ladder to open the door. Use the Machine gun to
    distract the guards, follow Gryphon to the secret door. Save here. The clip
    here will tell you that the guards will not trust Gryphon anymore. Use the
    rocket launcher to destroy the sentry guns. Use the newly acquired grenades to
    blow a hole at the guardhouse. Go down the elevator. Two choices: If you kill
    the guards BEFORE you enter the fighter, you will have more ammo. If you use
    the fighter to kill the guards, you will lose some health on the fighter and
    ammo, but your life will be higher.
    Here, ignore all the target boards set up, ammo is important here. Destroy
    every fighter and continue on. Kill everyone to get out of the fighter. When
    inside, go back out and pick the ammo the guards have left. There will be a
    lot of rifle rounds and some rockets for grabbing
    Find the big robot at the main room. Lure him to the incinerator. Press both
    buttons to drop him into the pit of death. Here's the main problem, the bot
    will not follow you to the pit. If that's the case, you have to activate the
    cheat codes (god mode only). Two ways to make him follow you, keep shooting
    him until Hendrix tells you that it cannot be destroyed (Duh!). It will
    usually follow you. The other way is to blast everything around here. It will
    eventually move. Once it's on top of the pit. Go up to second level where that
    weasel is hiding, press both buttons, and destroy it. Once done, check out the
    ceiling of the place, which you found the robot. Once done go down the pit and
    in the vent to continue.
    Here, crawl to the end. You can both get a suit which is nearby (and lose all
    your weapons) or just remain like what you are. You will attract more
    attention, however....  chose wisely. Make your way to the bottom of the area
    to exit.
    Make your way to the administration area. Go to the top most catwalk and go in
    to the administrator's room. Kill him and pick up the keycard. Get out of the
    admin area and go to the door beside the place which you enter the admin area.
    Get to the elevator.
    Find Capek and you will experience the nano-tech shield, first-hand. Follow
    Capek and enter the air-lock door. Get he miner suit if you have changed.
    Mutants will be around, scratching your ass off. Kill the guards if you wish
    to pick up better weapons. Make it to the other side of the area.
    You will see Capek floating on a ledge near you. Swim around. Use the pistol,
    as that's the only weapon, which can work underwater. Kill the underwater fish
    and continue (do not worry about drowning, your suit is the best :)). You will
    soon be on the ledge. If you wish for a sniper rifle, drop from the ledge and
    kill the guards. Then go back up and continue on.
    1) Just move along until you see the mutants down there.(they are a waste of
    time and they are not rewarding as they drop nothing.)Remove them. Here, be
    extra careful of the geysers, which shoots out steam, which can damage you a
    lot. Continue on
    2) Drop off the ledge (you will take damage), kill the mutants and go into the
    Inside is a flame-thrower, which is handy for frying mutants.
    Continue on. When in the water, kill the brainless things and go into the
    tunnel. Destroy another no-rewarding things: the robot guards. Continue on.
    Here, quickly use the jeep and run over the mutants and the guards. You can
    also use the weapon, it's more effective, but less fun. Go through the place
    which the pipes will block your jeep. Go in and you will know more about the
    missing miners. Break the glass and kill them. go left and open the gate. Use
    the jeep and run over anything that stands in your way. The guards will
    usually just run away, but they cannot run forever. When you reach a bigger
    area, you can run over them, or use the gun to delete them. The gun is better
    here as the guards are placed at corners. Once the house is cleaned, move on.
    Here is a single road. Be careful of that rocket guard who will try to ruin
    your day by destroying your jeep.
    Guards across the bridge are very annoying, just ignore them and drop into the
    water. (Driving the jeep into the water is very fun). Just swim to exit the
    Remember: only the pistol works here. Move about and kill the electrical fish
    by always being on the move. Move early, move fast as when you are in the
    water, you move much slower. Go up and clean the house. Press the button on
    the console to get the submarine. Climb in and exit through the tunnel if
    Hendrix tells you about the hidden research centre, you are on the right
    tunnel. Otherwise, get out! Beware of the electrical fish in the next tunnel,
    get out and destroy it, using the sub as a shield.
    Get out of the sub and arm yourself with the submachine gun or grenades. Kill
    everyone (be sure to drop their body into the water). Continue into the
    tunnel. Just up head is a tunnel made of ice. Go in. Kill the worm, moving on.
    1) Press the button and go down the tunnel to fight another worm. Spray it
    with a clip of assault rifle into its mouth and it will drop. This route has
    fewer guards and you get a rocket launcher.
    2) This route is very straightforward, more guards, more fun
    Go down the elevator to meet guards, which needs to eat a few bullets. Go
    through that big door.
    Welcome to Capek's zoo, here, you will find a great number of mutants, today's
    special, extra guards. Go into a purple room, if you wish, go up and go into a
    door which overlooks the area which overlooks the area which you can see the
    mutants. Open the door and have a first-hand experience with them. If you are
    wounded, Medics are around here, which can heal your wound. Make your way to
    the elevator at the end of the lab (guarded by elite guards in the main room,
    two guards in the room, which has the elevator).
    just go down the stairs and kill everyone in your way. Go up the catwalk,
    killing everyone to meet Capek. Use the assault rifle to bring his nano
    shield. Once he lands on the platform finish him off. Look at the clip and get
    out the way Eos came in. Go through the airlock door.
    Man the gun of the jeep. Use the gun to distract everyone on high grounds. Big
    rocks are perfect position for guards to hide and ambush you. Watch out for
    airships who will add misery to your day. After a while, he will leave the
    jeep. Kill the guards. One of them drops a precision rifle.  Go up and into
    the tunnel.
    Jump across to a land. Blow a hole near the vent to enter. Just continue from
    Go into the cable car. Use the sniper rifle or the precision rifle to remove
    the guards at the other end. When you reach the otherside, turn right to the
    air-lock door.
    Here, there are many guards kill them all. Continue to another room like the
    one before. Enter the brown door, not the green one. If you see sand bags, you
    are in the correct room. The guards are using precision rifle. Inside another
    room, you will meet your new "friends": mercenaries or mercs in short. Room
    here gives you access to almost unlimited amount of assault rifle bullets. Get
    in here for resupply. Go into the only other door to a dirty corridor. It's
    very straightforward, just move on to a door at the end of the second
    Move up the elevator and up a long staircase to a console panel. Watch the
    clip and, don't let your hand off the mouse. Once the mercs shows up, kill
    them and go down to a airlock door, one merc there uses a rail driver and will
    drop it for your own use.
    Here, just run, using the machine gun to distract the mercs. Go inside the
    door, use the rail driver to kill any heat. As you go near the airlock, beware
    of backstabbers.
    Here, move on the tracks to a door. Quickly go into the tram, distracting the
    guards.(they are infinite in number, so don't bother). Once the tram stops at
    the second station, step out, then step back in. Use any weapon to kill the
    guards who will follow you.
    Just move forward, get into the security station to open the door, beware of
    the sentry gun. Health is guarded by mercs, so unless you are really in need,
    don't go into the room. Once you reach the command centre, press the button
    and watch the fast clip. then RRRRUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! Get back to the tram.
    Quickly get out by the back window. Run to the warehouse and go into the
    security area and open the door to the Apc. Unless you are
    1) Not going for fun,
    2) The god of all first-person shooters
    3) Want to lose the game,
    Use the Apc.
    Use the Apc to run over the mercs or use the weapons to kill the mercs, it's
    that simple! (NOT!)
    Head to the loading docks by the conveyor belt. Watch out for the guards and
    the rocket launcher guard at the end. Continue until you find a elevator to
    take you up. Continue until you see another elevator. Head right (face the
    guards that are below you) There is a grey door, get in and watch the short
    Go forward. If you are in need of health, go forward and through the door.
    Otherwise, go into the glass tunnel above to get some health.  Go into the
    door labelled reactor, move forward, climb up to exit the area.
    You need to destroy the security consoles. First, you need to open the doors.
    Head up all the way and search the rooms. One of the rooms has a button, which
    you must press. Killing scientist will sometimes make them drop medipacks. Go
    down one level and head into the door labelled security. Destroy the eight
    consoles. Try to destroy as fast as possible as the mercs are everywhere,
    making your life miserable (killing them first is a much better idea). Head
    back to the pervious area.
    Simple, go straight down to the living area
    There is a robot at the starting, send it to the trash pile. Explore the rooms
    here and kill EVERYONE,I mean it. Save often. In the medical area, the
    scientist will drop a few medical packs. When done, go back to the pervious
    Go into the reactor area that you visited before. Go down two levels to press
    the button. Go up three levels to press the button. Now you got
    1) 1:30-easy
    2) 1:00-medium
    3) 0:45-hard
    4) 0:30-impossible
    To escape. Just run to the escape pods. If the screen is fading but you are at
    the escape pod area, keep press your use button and try to make it to the
    right escape pods. Good luck.
    Follow the miner. Take the rail driver out. When inside the cave, scope in to
    kill the mercs hiding. The next area has mercs holding rail drivers, use any
    way to take them down. Next area is the toughest area you have encountered so
    far. Use any sniping weapon to kill the mercs on top. You could also to blow a
    hole in the bridge. Or, just simply RUN!!!!
    This area has a place which has a small strip of land for you to move across
    at the starting, a merc holding a fusion rocket is there, so, run like h3!!.
    The miners will cover you while you go through the cave to your left.
    Run across the bridge to make it to the entrance of the mercs barracks. Go in
    and into the airlock, you will be gassed and knocked out.
    Grab the Precision rifle when the miner drops it, man the turret and dust the
    area. Move around to pick up additional ammo. Go into the elevator the exit
    the area.
    Here, you can either search the rooms and pick a fight, or just run and
    continue. Get to the end of the corridor to exit the area.
    At the command centre (the place which the miners are guarding), speak to
    Hendrix and get into the elevator (use the rail driver to kill the guards
    inside first)
    Shut down the power by pressing the button labelled power close to the ladder.
    Kill everyone outside. Wait for Hendrix to open the door. Kill the all the
    mercs so that Hendrix will help you open another door. Do the same for the
    next two areas.
    Go on to the fighter docking bay. There is nothing you can do to save Hendrix,
    so don't bother. Press the button in the room to get a fighter. Leave the
    other two so that if anything happens, run back to get them.
    Fly to then end of the area. There are many fusion rocket guards, so be very
    careful. Because of the fast speed, try to crush the mercs.
    Masako is quite tough. One Fusion rocket will bring down the fighter. Use the
    precision rifle to wear down her shield and once she's one the ground, finish
    her. When she died, take the elevator (one works, the other does not.). Go
    down and Eos will tell you to defuse the bomb, good luck doing that.
    Especially in the impossible mode which gives you only thirty seconds to
    defuse it. Save before defusing as you can always come back later for more
    After defusing the bomb, kick back and watch the movie.
    ==========THE END==============
    6) FAQ
    Q-Help I cannot destroy the robot
    A-Read the walkthrough above. You need to try to lure him by blasting him
    until Hendrix tells you the trick, or blast the nearby stuff. For this special
    case, you can use cheats. Other than that, don't. Cheats are for lamers.
    Q-Can you tell me any cheats?
    A- No, use the net. Like I've said, cheaters are lamers.
    Q-Can I use your FAQ/walkthrough on my webpage?
    A-Sure, provided that you do not edit anything and it remains in a *.txt or
    *.doc format. Also, make sure you inform me first
    Q-How can I report any new secrets or errors to you?
    A-You can send e-mail to killer_mew@hotmail.com
    Q-Help, my APC/jeep/whatever toppled, can u help?
    A-	[V] is currently trying to fix this problem, just wait.
    Q- Why can't I topple a building (big one) in Multiplayer and get a ton of
    A-	Only buildings, which stand-alone can be toppled, maps such as office
    cannot be destroyed.
    Q- Help, I blew the station to bits, got into a train. I'm stuck and times
    ticking, help me, FAST!!!!!!
    A-	Move out by the rear window. Make sure you use the APC.
    Q-I heard that there are cheats in Multiplayer, is this true? If so, can you
    tell me some?
    A-	NEVER. It's true that there are cheats/hacks on Multiplayer that allows you
    to shoot the rail driver repeatedly and autoaim. However, This spoils the
    fun and I strongly discourage that.
    Q- Hey, I found your FAQ on a website which is not listed below
    A-	Tell me and be much rewarded in the credits ON THE FIRST PAGE.
    Q- I'm stuck at this (satellite/getting to the satellite/defuse bomb) stage.
    Time always run out. I wish I could my (insert $$ here) (Intel whatever
    processor) or break up that red faction disk to bits. Are there any tips?
    A-	I know how you feel. I only defused the bomb thrice when I played the game
    (impossible mode). Got out of that satellite station more than 6 times.
    Here's a tip-
    1) Get out of the train fast, use the APC.
    2) Kill everyone in the escape pod/living areas first before you press the
    button. If you are really near the pod area, move fast to the one on the
    right. Keep pressing your use button, hopefully, you can make it.
    3) Defusing the bomb requires good fingers, not butter fingers. Keep
    guessing. Impossible mode has only: 30 to defuse it, usually the buttons
    are just repeats, move fast. Remember that nothing is impossible
    (especially when you have got up to this far.
    4) Save before you attempt these feats.
    Q- All right, I finished the game. Now what?
    A-	Play again or play online. Don't cheat!
    Q- I found that this (insert your most foul word you can think of) person who
    is cheating. He can (shoot his rail driver 100 times/min, Cannot die, Seems to
    know where I am, etc.) What can I do?
    A-	Tell the server admin or if the admin does not do anything, change server,
    simple? (NOTE: When a person is good, people say they cheat. If he's poor,
    they say he's a newbie. So what can people do?)
    Q- Hey, I got gassed even when my environment suit armour is full! Why can't
    Parker just breathe through his suit?
    A-	Good question, Mike has explained to us at www.gamefaqs.com that it's just a
    flaw. There's supposed to be a message at the start or before the gas out
    part. However, someone deleted that but not many people realised this.
    He's the original message from Mike of [V]
    It is completely unexplained in the game, as it turns out. Actually, it was *originally* going to be explained,
    but someone changed something that messed it up. What happens is that, when you get into a
    pressurized area (when you go through an airlock from a natural area to a man-made one), your envirosuit
    air recycling system shuts down (to conserve energy) and you just breathe the indoors air.
    I had put a message into the first airlock you encountered (this was just before the barracks, you came up
    out of the mines at the start of the game, saw some guy on fire, then went into an airlock). It was an
    automatic, system-kinda message, to the effect of "Chamber Pressurized. Envirosuit air system shut
    down." This was supposed to let players know that they were now breathing the air around them, not
    through the suit's system. Since these areas all had people wandering around outside of envirosuits, there
    was obviously breathable air here. This message was also supposed to set up the event in the merc base
    where you got gassed. You just stepped into an airlock and it pressurized, so your suit's system shut down
    and you started breathing the air in the airlock. That's when the gas hit you.
    But someone else in the company decided that this message wasn't necessary, so it was taken out and
    (IMO) made the later gassing pretty confusing. Fortunately, most people didn't think about it. Only a few
    people have noticed and commented/asked about it. :)
    I would like to thank:
     My brother: C@|2+0on^DuCk!3 for helping me out with the game while I typed.
    THQ and Voltion for making this great game.
    You, who survived all the crap I typed
    CjayC for putting it up on Gamefaqs.com
    Morten Repshus for putting it on cheatportal.com, 911cheats.com, 911codes.com, fastcheater.com and
    Bert Jamin for www.gamesover.com
    Chris O'Rorke for placing it at www.cheathappens.com
    Expert Gamer (XG) for that Q3 multiplayer tip (PS2). I just switched that to rockets from Red Faction

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