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Reviewed: 09/25/01 | Updated: 09/25/01

A good game, if not more of the same

Ever since the release of Half-life, programmers have been trying to match or surpass the quality of play offered by that great title. The guys over at THQ have succeeded in doing that. In fact, they have created a near carbon-copy of the Sierra classic.
Red Faction places you in the role of a miner named Parker, a worker in the Martian Mines run by the Ultor Corporation. Because of the horrible work and living conditions and the outbreak of a disease known as The Plague, the workers - led by the underground revolution known as the ''Red Faction'' - have decided to strike back against Ultor Corporation.

The graphics in Red Faction are top-notch. Playing the game with detail and display pumped all the way up may require a good machine, but they are worth it. The lighting is fantastic, and the detail is excellent. The character models are crisp and clean as well.
The sounds are also well done, with the voiceover work being solid, and sound effects adding to the mood of the game. Nothing earth-shattering mind you, just well-done.

Red Faction introduces something called ''Geo Mod technology'' that allows you to destroy anything (well, virtually anything) in the game. It certainly opens up your options when deciding how you'd like to go through the game. Is that door locked, but you see something inside that you want? Go ahead and blow the wall away. Don't feel like going through the winding caves to get to a certain point? Just blast a path through the rocks. It adds a dimension to the gameplay that every FPS gamer has dreamed of since the early days of the FPS.
Aside from the ability to destroy everything you see, the gameplay is very much your typical FPS affair. Anyone who has played Half-Life will immediately catch on with Red Faction. The controls are, of course, all customizable, but the feel of the game mirrors Half-Life so much. It's very easy to control, and those who are new to the FPS genre' will catch on very quickly.
The weapons are your typical FPS fare. You will have your choice of a shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher, etc. One unique weapon is the riot shield that can block incoming enemy fire, or be used to bludgeon them. Overall there are 15 weapons to choose from, most of which have more than one function.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with the multiplayer aspect in this game. If this had come out 4 years ago, the multiplayer capabilities could be considered ground-breaking. However, as it stands, there is nothing especially gripping when it comes to the online game in Red Faction. The maps come in the typical styles of Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch. It's good quality multiplayer, but there's nothing special enough to convert someone from Counterstrike, Quake II, or some of the other current reigning online kings.

Replayability - 7
While you may play through it a couple of times, and play a few rounds of multiplayer every so often, Red Faction doesn't offer much in the way of replayablity. There are better online games out there to keep your internet tied up with.

Overall - 8
Red Faction is definitely worth your money. While not being a completely unique game, the ''Geo Mod Technology'' adds a much needed aspect to the gameplay. The story is solid, and the game itself is a lot of fun. I would definitely rush out and add this title to your collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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