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"The Beast First Person Shooter"

Red Faction is the newest and most hyped up first person shooter in a long time. With the brand new Geo-Mod system, you are able to completely destroy your environment, no matter what it is, glass bridges, buildings, whatever you see, you can destroy. This can be used to find new areas, create new areas, and even set up traps where all your enemies can do is fall in a hole and wait to get shot. But is Red Faction just a first person shooter with a new innovative feature, or does it offer something that many other first person shooters are missing, a good story line? Well, Red Faction has an incredible story line with great enemy AI. If there was ever a first person shooter that has lived up to its hype, then it would be Red Faction.

As a human, you Parker have become fed up with your over controlling abusive Martian corporate masters. So you do what any good human would do, you pack up your equipment and you rebel. Along you way you will come across many areas filled with strange and familiar enemies that will try to stop the rebellion before it gets out of hand. If you are good enough, not to mention lucky enough, you might be able to make it out alive.

Before you ever get a chance to experience the great story, you will be overwhelmed by the awe inspiring graphics. The first thing that you should see are the intricately designed levels, which you are about to blow up. With almost no laws or openings, the graphics are some of the best dawned upon your computer in a while. The character designs are well done to say the least. The only real problem that there might be is the gun designs. Some of the guns are just to large, it almost seems comical.

Most first person shooters only have the sounds of your gun blowing up everybody in sight, and an occasional word spoken unclearly over the painful screams of torture. Red Faction steps up once again and delivers a superb performance. Instead of just hearing screams, you will hear water falling, the terrain being destroyed, as well as many other subtle things. There are also an overwhelming amount of voice overs. A great sound system really made a difference changing this game from a good game to a great game.

Natural controls can come quite often in first person shooters games, Red Faction is no exception to the rule. In addition to having great controls, Red Faction one-ups the competition by creating a fully customizable control scheme, so you can have them set up to however you would like them.

The gameplay in Red Faction is not very unique when compared to many other first person shooters. Basically you start off with a gun, some ammo, and armor. From there you make your way throughout a level, picking up more items, killing everything in your way. You continue through the level until you either beat the level, or die trying. Yet even though it has been done before, it is still amazingly fun to do, and extremely addictive.

From the first time that you pick up the controller until the time that you get past the final stage, you will be entertained the whole time. This is not limited to the first time that you play through the game. Although the game will be easier, the entertainment does not go down. If you have somebody else that you can play Red Faction with, it makes it that much better. The only real problem with Red Faction is there is not enough levels to keep up with its potential.

In some first person shooters, the computer will have horrible AI, but for Red Faction, you actually have to do some thinking. The CPU will actually say that they are unarmed, just to get your mercy, then when you turn around, they will take you out. On top of that, if gun fire is heard, instead of coming to investigate it, they will run for cover, and even hide. Not to worry though, you infared guns will seek them out and then destroy them.

It has been my experience that most first person shooters usually have a fun two player mode. Red Faction conforms with this unwritten rule. However, there really are not enough options, or games to play. The only thing that you do is go on a one man killing spree and blow up everything that you feel is needed. Don't get me wrong, it is still fun, I just would have liked to have seen more options.

It is hard to tell how original Red Faction is. On one hand, you have the Geo-Mod system that allows you to do things that no other first person shooter has ever done before, but on the other one, there is an incredible resemblance to Unreal Tournament. I personally think that it is more original than it is not, just because of the story line.

This is defiantly a game that I would recommend having. It is defiantly worth the money in the long run. Simply put, buy this game.

Red Faction is an innovative game with innovative features. A perfect game, this is not. A great game altogether that has been plagued with some slow down and some long loading times, that can get annoying at times. You will get over it pretty quickly once you start to play. A great addition to any gamers collection.

SOUND: 8/10
BUY RENT?: Buy if you can


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/01, Updated 10/26/01

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