Review by D0CT0R PHIL

"A ok FPS with a Great Geo-Mod"

Introduction - In the game you and a group of miners rebel are in a bloody battle against a corporation that owns the mine you work at.
Gameplay - The game is very fun and enjoyable. The controls are easy to learn and basically just like any other modern FPS with the ''W'' to walk and the mouse to aim and shoot. I mastered the controls in a few minutes. They game also had good AI and good hardest controls. The hardest thing to get used to was the strange way you changed weapons and changed weapon's settings.
Story - The story is that you are rebelling against a corporation that runs of the mine you work at because they have mistreated you and abuse you but the story doesn't really matter because, well it is a FPS.
Graphics/Sound - The graphics are now old and outdated but still tolerable. The Geo-Mod is very cool because if lets blow holes and spaces in anything which you can’t do in almost any other game. The sound is very good for the time and is even 3D.
SAY WHAT? Geo-Mod? - The Geo-Mod is a new cool tool developed for this game that lets you destroy the landscape. Some more modern games, like the Hulk, have taken off of this but none have quite captured it like Red Faction. In Red Faction you can cut through places to evade harder enemies and you can find stuff by destroying all in your path. This makes you feel more in the game and is VERY addictive. The game also added an extra were called ''The Glass Room'' were you are placed in a room with a glass greenhouse like building in the middle (the glass house) and lots of explosives and guns like a assault rifle, explosive charges, and a rocket launcher. This ''Glass Room'' lets you test out the Geo-Mod on the Glass House and the room surrounding it, which is fun.
Play Time/Replay ability - This game has a great replay value because with Geo-Mod you can find lots of new stuff and passages. Like you can find rocket launchers and passages that lead right to the end of the stage with it.
Final Recommendation - This game is a great game to buy for any FPS fan and is a must buy for any one who just likes to blow stuff up!
Cost - This game is very affordable at only ten dollars and is definitely worth that and proudly the fifty or sixty dollars most games cost today.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/04

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