Review by Myk3ll

Reviewed: 09/20/04

What's that green thing on Lara's nose?!

Tomb Raider: Chronicles is definitely one of the more enjoyable Tomb Raider games available today. I have owned all the Tomb Raider games and I must certainly say, this one is my favorite.

Gameplay: You simply cannot tell the difference from this game from Tomb Raider: TLR or Tomb Raider: III. Core just didn't add any new ingredients. Lara still jumps, runs, sprints, flips, shoots, screams and dives the same like in all of the previous games. The weapon elements isn't like the previous title, Lara doesn't have all her blazing guns. In fact, the weapons consist of Pistols, Uzis, Shotguns, and one big gigantic machine gun Lara uses in the last set of levels.

But Core tried to make variety in the gameplay, but it was futile. For instance, you can use a 2X4, crowbar, or chloroform cloths to subdue guards. These things are only used once though; they aren't regular weapons. You can use the crowbar to get Lara out of sticky situations, or bash in a guard's brains.

The levels are the only thing fresh about this game. There are four sets, each set consisting of 5 or 6 levels. The first level design is the true, traditional tomb raider level. Well, if you consider the Colosseum a tomb. The next design reminds me of Area 51 from Tomb Raider: III, but not as impossible to finish. The third shakes up the bag and uses the adolescent Lara, from TR:TLR. Once again, she is unable to use weapons of any sort except a torch, goo luck with this one, it's CREEPY! And for the last one, well you guessed it, it is a rip-off from The Matrix. I'll let you use your imagination from here.

Gameplay: 6/10

Graphics: Well, just play Tomb Raider: TLR and you'll have the same graphic quality... What's that green thing on Lara's nose?! ; )

Graphics: 7/10

Sound: The sound is obviously quite the same from the second Tomb Raider. In fact, I really don't think Core every really changed anything from Tomb Raider: II. Heck, the only things that change in games are the storylines!

Sound: 6/10

Story: Since Core has used Lara up like a tube of toothpaste, and then killed her, they are left with the diary of Lara Croft. The story is told by four close of friends of Lara. Each tells the story and the setting. It is very cheesy, but gives gamers more of Lara.

Story: 7/10

Well there you have it, Tomb Raider: Chronicles. This game is more fun than TR: III, TR: I, and TR: II, but rivals the Tomb Raider: TLR. If you like any of the other games, I recommend you buy this game off of for $.99 or even one cent (which I have seen!). I hope this review helped, it is very blunt because TR series have really lost any type of gentleness that is able to be received... But it still deserves some credit...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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